Night Symphony – Shadow Spade [Jazz]

A character theme for Shadow Spade and Rarity’s passion for the Equestrian novels as seen in S05E15 Rarity Investigates, this gem from Night Symphony is a real bliss, and fits so well to the mood of a detective story!


GhostXb – Reclamation | Jazz / Hip-Hop

Smooth, progressive, emotional all the way, GhostXb’s newest piece is a magnificent display of creativity and skill, as many different instruments and even choruses are making for a soft yet intense experience of sound. 5 minutes of pure bliss for the soul!


Arabesque Sympony – Jolly Ol Saint Nick (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Big Band

Arabesque Sympony shows off his clever musical skills in this track covering Spike’s feature from the MLP Holiday Album. The jazzy, swingin’ piece is recomposed brilliantly, allowing the bright brass tones to shine through, but not so much that it distracts from Sympony’s wonderful vocals. He even subtly adds Spike’s original vocals in at the end as a great accent to the track!


Radiarc – Here we are | Chillout / Hybrid Orchestral

“And here we’ll be, until life brings us elsewhere.”
Polishing up this elegant and laid back piece, Radiarc gives us a soothing perspective of life through song. I’ve always been amazed at what comes from this artist, the fine details and atmosphere painted; melding together ethnic, jazz, orchestral, and electronic elements to create something organic, alive. I find myself lost and thinking back on the hardships faced in life up until this point. Yet I’m still here. We’re still here. Through joy, through sadness, reminiscence, and hope we carry on. As our stories continue, just beyond the horizon.


Reverbrony – Summer Kiss | Latin Jazz

Now here’s the perfect Sunset Shimmer theme to listen to while chilling in some latino bar. You sit there at the terrace, sipping on some sweet and refreshing cocktail… And then a sexy girl giving off massive cool vibes as well walks from the busy main street in your direction, with a short skirt and eyes burning with desire, and that girl is Sunset! Yep, this is the sort of scene that this song and visuals could evoke, with the blissful acoustic guitars soothing your mind, and the flirty sax bringing in that fragrant sensation from a Summer Kiss!


Yanamosuda – Little Energy | Album | Multi-Genre

Here is the perfect set of tracks for when you need to just unwind, or maybe want to have something on in the background while you are getting stuff done! Yanamosuda has compiled quite an interesting array of tracks blending the right amount of peacefulness and groove to both relax and keep you interested.

There are a healthy variety of genres inspiring the album that all touch on the chill theme. One thing you can be sure of is that each track will have it’s own compelling, jazzy bass that blends almost too well with an exciting drum beat.

The album is comprised of original mixes like the titularĀ Little Energy and Dusk Song (which has an amazing funk rhythm!), remixes from show songs like the theme and Evil Enchantress, and finally remixes of fan music like Dawn Song from Kitsuneyu and Get Lady by eksoka (featured on Cider Party!) It is plain to hear from the album that Yanamosuda put a lot of time, thought, and effort into this tremendously unique album.

Little Energy is available on Yanamosuda’s Bandcamp website as a free download, so there is absolutely no excuse not to have these 13 tracks in your library right now!


Arabesque Sympony – Tricks up My Sleeve (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Funk Rock

It’s not just Nightmare Night, it’s also Trixie Day! And Arabesque Sympony made such a lovely cover of Trixie’s Tricks up My Sleeve from EQG2, in the spirit of the spooky night! Getting on stage to play along with Trixie, the pony musician not only covered the instrumental delightfully using the power of rock (including an amazing bass solo), but is also covering the song with his own vocals that are so cute and beautiful. Overall a very addictive cover that will make you want to sing along and raise your hooves, and cheer for Arabesque Sympony and Trixie!


[P@D] Zephysonas – The Stylish Sleuth (feat. Osoch, TheMusicReborn & Mane In Green) | Jazz

We need more Jazz in the community, and these ponies answered the call (just like a detective would in their office) and provided the sweetest collab for Ponies at Dawn Enigma, themed around Detective Rarity! Osoch on Bass, Mane In Green on keyboards, TheMusicReborn on trumpet, and Zephysonas on sax, that makes a full-fledged Jazz band! The Stylish Sleuth is a real bliss for the ears and I can only thank all these pony musicians for gathering and creating something this wonderful. One More!