[P@D] BroniKoni — Autumn (Осень) | Latin Ballad

You don’t have to understand the words to feel the emotion in BroniKoni tracks. From the hit, new compilation album Ponies at Dawn: Skyward, comes this snazzy, fall anthem. The instrumental uses somber overtones with soft, jazzy melodies on top. The lyrics tell of the sad reality of the summer making its transition back towards winter with the cold winds of the Crystal Empire breaking through. BroniKoni give us a fantastic track for a chilled out, lazy day (or any time you want to listen to a great piece!)


Daniel Ingram – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (Cyan Lightning Remix) | House

Cyan Lightning’s classy remixes are always such a delight, and this time the musician pays due tribute to the momentous show song You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song, sublimating Buttercup’s vocals along a new instrumental featuring many orchestral instruments and a catchy House beat!


SDreamExplorerS – Ephemeral II: Parallels | Album | Prog Rock / Prog Metal

SDreamExplorerS’ newest album is here, and boy does it deliver! Always sparked from deep experiences and pony inspirations, and calling the listener to reflect, this one takes us on quite the unique journey as it features such a wide array of genres! And you can tell how much love has been poured into each of the tracks, ranging from Progressive Metal to Ambient to Samba to Jazz and even to crazy bass play! (Perhaps there needs to be a new genre to fit to Soul’s unique musical endeavors in these!) An impressive compilation of reflections and meticulously crafted masterpieces that is just a must-have! Grab your copy from a Bandcamp near you!


[P@D] L-Train & TheMusicReborn – Once And Future Heroes | Metal/Jazz Fusion

If you haven’t downloaded Ponies at Dawn: Skyward yet, you really should. The album is filled with great quality music from such diverse producers, and Once And Future Heroes may be the best example of just that! L-Train teams up with TheMusicReborn to bring a powerhouse combination of epic metal with a big-toned trumpet to create a heroic anthem for our main protagonists. The pacing is incredible as the track contains so much energy, and never gets sloppy with the flow. The controlled tempo builds beautifully as the trumpet lets loose a powerful leading tone, complimenting the rest of the mix in a very moving, unique piece!


Yanamosuda – Think Of Fluttershy | Jazz / Lounge

Every new release by Yanamosuda is a breath of Equestrian air! And love is certainly in the air with how the talented Jazz musician is expressing his tender feelings for Fluttershy with every new piece! This smooth Lounge beauty is no exception, and is actually designed as a BGM to play when he thinks of her! That concept is just so lovely and wholesome! With the music being such a bliss for the ears, this whole release is just so commendable and I can’t praise Yanamosuda enough for what he does!


Andy Feelin & The Stone Pit – Granny Take Me Home | Russian Chanson

If you thought you had heard everything in this musical community, think again! Andy Feelin (from Przewalskis Ponies) and The Stone Pit bring us this very creative Russian jazz/ballad fusion telling the story of Big Mac getting put on the wrong side of the law after defending the farm from thieves. The instrumentation follows a very well-composed jazz pattern with syncopated brass and saxophones playing around a sweet, smooth percussion beat. Following a Russian theme of songs about criminals, this community once again shows its creative brilliance!



Luck Rock – Fandom (Africa Parody) | Soft Rock / Jazz Fusion

Definitely among my top favorite releases of the year, Luck’s new song is a shining example of a heartfelt and passionate rendition of a classic, turned into an expression of community love and dedication. The timeless Africa by Toto get a whole new meaning, and Luck’s tender vocals are making us melt as we experience such an emotional ponification. As someone who loves the original, and who can relate to so many of those feelings, I was so very moved by this, and I will keep supporting Luck, and all of you in the community, for all of my life. Thank you all for everything you do..!!