PegasYs & BlueBrony – Jujubees and Jubilee (feat. Heather Feathersong) | Jazz / Electronic

From the dynamic duo of PegasYs and BlueBrony comes this gorgeous winter tribute. A fascinating fusion of Christmas-y instrumentation with 60’s club jazz, Jujubees and Jubilee is a beautiful, chilled-out track, which is great to listen to anytime! Heather Featherstrong‘s fitting and very well-performed vocals are reminiscent of the old-school, Sinatra style of performance and really deliver on an already fantastic instrumental!



FlutterDash Records – Shed | Showtune

Aaaaah man, this song is so upbeat and spooky at the same time. I love it. ❀ It reminds me a lot of Friendship is Witchcraft! The Mary Poppins vibe is always welcome music to my ears. I like how the duet is playing out here with the very creative piano vibe and the melody. Its very spooky and cute and its mixed together very well. πŸ™‚ I think FlutterDash Records is a really cool duo and they deserve some love for their work. πŸ˜€ You guys rock!<3


[LDB] Hay Tea – Tales of the Sickly (feat. N. Hollow) | Boom Bap / Jazz Rap

Coming from the third compilation album of Lycan Dese Beats. Hay Tea collabs with the rapper N. Hollow in this sick Kendrick Lamar/A Tribe Called Quest look like jazz rap song.

The song that talks about Princess Luna and Starlight Glimmer is one of the best songs that is on this album. The guitar riffs, the really catchy synths in the bridge of the song, and the great vocal capacity of the MC N. Hollow contributes to make this song very awesome!

Download or buy Lycan Dese Beats 3 for get this beauty and more!


Hay Tea – Waiting Room | Drum & Bass / Jazzstep

Hay Tea, one of the first artists that I think when someone asks me to name a Drum & Bass brony musician.

β€œWaiting Room” isn’t just another drum & bass experiment, this time I can see that Hay Tea used Jazz elements in the track, reminding of the smooth jazz tracks that are played in the stations while we are waiting for the metropolitan arrives.

I love the track, this is pretty good, be sure to check out more of Hay Tea, Hay Tea is a DnB genious!


Ponies That Yawn – JUXTAPOSITION DEFENDERS | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The collective that started parodying P@D since the finals of 2016 – Ponies That Yawn – released another album that parodies the newest P@D album: Guardians and also parodies the newest Pinkamena Party album: INCOHESIVE HORSE ADESIVE. The result is JUXTAPOSITION DEFENDERS.

This album is full of very good tunes and includes the NightVapor remix of an ExplodingPonyToast song done by EPT himself! Grab the album, it’s worth to listen!

The album is available as Name Your Price on a bandcamp near you!


Totalspark – Downstairs | Jazz / Glitch Hop

This innovative track pairs glitch hop with jazz in a groovy, swingy and absolutely superb way. The hoofstep intro leads into a well-produced and very fun track. The beeps, growls, and bzzts are organized like a classic jazz piece, and the saxophone-esque synth halfway really drives the point home. Anyone who likes either glitch hop or jazz should give this a listen – or 5!


BlueBrony – Roomies | Electro Swing

We don’t often get Electro Swing in the community, and it’s such a shame considering the bliss of the genre! BlueBrony got us covered though, and here’s one elegant and cool piece delivering the musician’s take on the genre with all the jazzy instruments and melodies! Imagining that this could be the result of Vinyl and Octavia’s combined efforts and passion, feels awesome too!


LuRhythmic – Awoken (Covering Glaze & H8_Seed) | Piano Solo / Jazz

Now here’s something that I love to see and that is so very lovely. With expert hands, LuRhythmic did a Piano improv using chords from the famous Awoken by Glaze aka WoodenToaster and H8_Seed, resulting in a blissful Jazz-y track that would fit so well as a BGM in some chill night bar. Also check out the Piano improv of Nightmare Night, the Bebop Jazz cover of Bats, and the Big Band Jazz cover of Rainbow Factory! They are all awesome and rare gems!