Vylet Pony – A Dime a Dozen | Jazz

So Vylet does jazz now. To be honest, that shouldn’t be too surprising. Not only is he a man of many talents, but this song seems to have a similar mood and timbre to his chillout indie pop stuff, but just on a different set of instruments.


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Love’s My Cutie Mark | Classic Pop

Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra always keeps it interesting and catchy! This moving, late 60s style track has a lot of great elements to it including a jazzy bass, fun pop beat, and some rock thrown in to boot! EESO sings about the trials and self-doubt that come with the struggle to get a cutie mark before ultimately realizing that his special talent is love. The lyrics are very clever and the track as a whole is dangerously addicting. Love’s My Cutie Mark is an incredibly creative track that will get you dancing and singing along in no time!


[P@D] The Wasteland Wailers ā€“ On Our Own (feat. Brittany Church) | Jazz / Pop

Featured on the new Ponies at Dawn album, this brilliant track is a tribute to The Wasteland Wailers’ late bass player and songwriter, Yondy. Brittany Church sings passionately with crystal clear tone to carry the 60s-style club tone over top an expert instrumental provided by the Wailers. It is easy to tell the group put a lot of effort and emotion into this song for their fallen friend. The tempo and instrumentation is perfect for such a rare genre among fandom music, and the transition and guitar-work on the chorus is top notch. Absolutely make sure you listen to this splendid work of art!


AlicornAcension – Blue (ft. 4everfreebrony) | Jazz

The bar. It just got raised. This song alone is already incredible, but the fact that it’s AlicornAcension’sĀ debut release? I don’t know how they managed to hide away all this time! Getting some new lounge / jazz in the fandom is also a huge plus; songs of this kind are so few and far between, but if time is the key to making something sounds as good as this, I’m happy to wait so it’s worth it. Welcome AlicornAcension, I’m really looking forward to more music from you!


The L-Train – Theme from “Ponyville Noire” | Jazz

We don’t get enough of these! A smooth and cozy Jazz piece unfolds, courtesy of The L-Train who composed this theme for the fanfiction Ponyville Noire. After meeting with an old partner in a dim-lit backstreet on a moonless night, you go on to talk about the old times when you were working for the family… and you hear this song being played on the sax by a pony sitting on a window pane. This is the kind of scene and musical bliss that this theme is giving to us!


PegasYs & BlueBrony – Jujubees and Jubilee (feat. Heather Feathersong) | Jazz / Electronic

From the dynamic duo of PegasYs and BlueBrony comes this gorgeous winter tribute. A fascinating fusion of Christmas-y instrumentation with 60’s club jazz, Jujubees and Jubilee is a beautiful, chilled-out track, which is great to listen to anytime! Heather Featherstrong‘s fitting and very well-performed vocals are reminiscent of the old-school, Sinatra style of performance and really deliver on an already fantastic instrumental!



FlutterDash Records – Shed | Showtune

Aaaaah man, this song is so upbeat and spooky at the same time. I love it. ā¤ It reminds me a lot of Friendship is Witchcraft! The Mary Poppins vibe is always welcome music to my ears. I like how the duet is playing out here with the very creative piano vibe and the melody. Its very spooky and cute and its mixed together very well. šŸ™‚ I think FlutterDash Records is a really cool duo and they deserve some love for their work. šŸ˜€ You guys rock!<3


[LDB] Hay Tea – Tales of the Sickly (feat. N. Hollow) | Boom Bap / Jazz Rap

Coming from the third compilation album of Lycan Dese Beats. Hay Tea collabs with the rapper N. Hollow in this sick Kendrick Lamar/A Tribe Called Quest look like jazz rap song.

The song that talks about Princess Luna and Starlight Glimmer is one of the best songs that is on this album. The guitar riffs, the really catchy synths in the bridge of the song, and the great vocal capacity of the MC N. Hollow contributes to make this song very awesome!

Download or buy Lycan Dese Beats 3 for get this beauty and more!