Toby Macarony – Glitchy Vitchy | Jazz / Glitch-Hop

Toby’s got a bit of a reputation with his unique approach to music; transcending and blending genres is what he’s best known for in some circles and this song is no exception! What starts off sounding like a solemn bluesy jazz number quickly transforms into something energetic and spooky. It turns out shuffled walking basslines and punch “tombstone” drums make a great combination – who knew?


Voodoo Pup – Parasite | Pop

Making a big splash onto the scene, Voodoo Pup unveils Parasite, an incredible Chrysalis-themed album! Each track brings something fun and new to the overall compilation with a style not often heard in the modern fandom. The vocal performances throughout are top-notch, and the compositions are dark and edgy, perfectly complimenting the villainess for whom they are written.

Face Value – The first song on the album easily hooks in listeners with catchy pop synths and Dangerous Moonlight’s incredible vocal performance. A haunting metal guitar lead perfectly accents the overbearingly evil soundscape while the lyrics showoff several clever plays on words with the changeling queen and how her “face value ain’t worth a dime”.

Be My Only (feat. Michael Picher) – this jazzy, old-timey lounge singer song once again features Dangerous Moonlight’s smooth and tempting vocals. Adding influence from notable fandom composer Michael Picher, “Be My Only” is driven by a great piano composition, accompanying band, and features a crazy instrumental that will have you moving!


Voodoo Pup – Be My Only | Blues / Jazz

The most recent pre-release from Voodoo Pup’s Chrysalis concept album is abundant with sneaky, sleazy vibes, perfectly descriptive of the changeling queen herself. The track’s tone is set by a scheming, sassy bassline and carried by Dangerous Moonlight’s honeyed voice. Listeners beware – this track is sure to “trace its claws over your heart!”


Nyancat380 – Beyond the Eyeball | Uptempo / Jazz

Nyancat is always someone who brings surprises to the table! In this case they introduced me to a new genre I have never heard of before! Uptempo is certainly new for me, but it’s loads of fun! Nyancat perfectly combines the very different elements of Uptempo and Jazz to create fun melodies and fire drops in a way I just love!


[VibePoniez] BlueBrony & Drummershy – Insomnia (Sprout’s Friday Night) | Jazz

Have you ever had one of those nights where you can’t sleep? And it seems that the only thing you can do is to reflect on your past, your future, and everything around you? Sometimes it’s fatiguing and annoying; some other times are just empty and apparently useless. Well, BlueBrony and Drummershy know that feeling, and deliver to us this fascinating jazz piece, with charming keys, some groovy drums, and a flute melody that is just stunning. The track opens with vocals telling us about a man who fails to fall asleep every night. Then all the instruments come together and enhance the atmosphere, like you were visiting all your memories and ambitions, while trying to get a moment of sleep. Everything cuts out, leaving only the Rhodes, a warm guitar, and a filtered drum kit that slowly and delightfully add more color to the track. By the end of the song, you have gained more experience and are finally ready to get sleep. The whole tune is a vibe, holding true to the compilation album!


BlueBrony – The Magic of Hearth’s Warming (feat. Agatan, Flitterkriz & Sakairi Melodious) | Funk / Orchestral / Jazz

Hearth’s Warming songs are always one of my favorite parts of the season and this one hits it out of the park! I’ve known about the making of this song for a while but everything I heard massively understated how awesome this is! Before the song itself starts we get a quick holiday skit, involving all the musicians, I won’t touch on that too much because this is about promoting the song, but let me tell you it’s hilarious and provides a good transition to the song itself.

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Steryotype – Study Tapes Vol​.​1 | Album | Lo-fi

Here’s something different and vibe-y! Study Tapes Vol.1 is Steryotype’s brand new beat tape – full of creative productions and samples that show off the innovative possibilities of the lo-fi genre. Most of the tracks last just long enough to set the tone and get some solid samples, while a few of the tracks on this tape are fleshed out and meant to stand on their own.

One of the standout demos is called Bleu and combines a more lively jazz beat with a trumpet carrying the melody. Combined with the lo-fi soundscape and a couple of charismatic chops, this sample really grabs your attention and is super fun to nod along to.

The longest track on the 19 track tape is UnVerguenza which utilizes the marimba for the melody and a subtle piano to fill out the background. This chill song is the quintessential lo-fi beat – chill, not too complicated, stands on its own, and is perfect to get lost in.

Study Tapes Vol.1 shows off a lot of what lo-fi fandom music can be, and hopefully we will get to see some of these tracks put to great use. Steryotype represents the genre well and has a great commitment to his craft. Lookout for more from this talented creator and hopefully we will get a Volume 2 in the future!


Wandering Artist – Baker’s Shuffle | Soundtrack

Game developers for the popular game, “Pony Town,” have just released a new place to explore: the bakery!  And, of course, with this tasty location comes new music by talented composer, Wandering Artist. Aptly named, “Baker’s Shuffle” recalls the relaxed, old-world pace and ambience of a traditional French bakery.  Accordions and light jazz elements mingle invitingly and encourage the listener to sit back, relax, and enjoy the culinary delights, friendly conversation, and hustle and bustle of a real bakery.  So, whether you’re a long-time resident of Pony Town or a new arrival, a trip to the bakery will bring a musical treat!
This is part of the Pony Town OST update on Bandcamp Pony Town Bakery Update.


Optimistic Neighsayer – Potion Nova Boogie | Boogie-Woogie

(Listen to the Pony Life theme song here)
If you want to hear some “Pony Life” love and get your fix in for some handy piano work? Released by Optimistic Neighsayer backs in 2020, The track featured in the very first race of the revived Dustcar Comp! I may take you a few listens; however, you will find nine different variations of the theme song. No interpretation sounds the same and flows smoothly into one! With some crazy dance-happy jazzy melodies, that honesty will give you a real sense of the type of skills Mr. Neighsayer brings. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Eurobeat Brony – Discord (SeriousDamir Remix) | Lounge

So, everypony, today we’ve got something….. new. Today I bring to you the SeriousDamir elevator remix of Discord. So, let’s get to this one-of-a-kind track! It starts out with classical elevator music that doesn’t even sound similar to the original; it’s only a bit later on that you can hear the original a bit, but the track still keeps the elevator sound to it, and for the drop it sounds very similar to the original but still keeps the new sound. After the drop is finished it once again starts to sound completely different. As we continue on through the song it slowly gets closer to the original again until it returns to the very similar drop, and that’s also where the song ends.

Thanks to thecanderson for proofreading this article.