BlueBrony – Extra Sprinkles | Jazz / Chillhop

This new track from BlueBrony centered around Spike’s character depth is truly a gem! Making for a blissful unusual fusion of genres, melancholic piano gives way to a Chillhop part with hints of the FF Prelude in the background, reflecting Rarity’s dreams that give such a bitter aftertaste to Spike considering how far away from him they are. The next part lays out a masterful Jazz mood, reflecting Spike’s feelings as he eats his sorrow away with donuts and Extra Sprinkles, and perhaps also matching the kind of music that some 3-pony Jazz band would play in bars such as Donut Joe’s. An utter masterpiece of a concept track, with much of a story to tell through music!


Morgsch – Let The Sun Rise (Neighsayer Remix) | Chillout / Lounge

Here’s one if you’re in the mood for super chill stuff. Neighsayer has appeared plenty of times on previous P@D albums with fantastic live instrument production from jazz to blues and alt rock which my ears just melt into. Now they bring something even more smooth and mellow than usual with this remix of Mogsch and Itchigotchi’s Let The Sun Rise (albeit minus the vocals).


Ponies At Dawn – Voyager | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Here it is, what’s bound to be the best Ponies At Dawn album yet. With each new album comes both a new selection of artists as well as some of the great ones who have been around for a while – something that is in my opinion the best balance when compiling brony music.

The album is available completely for free on Bandcamp, or you pay whatever amount you wish for it. You can expect to see many of the songs from it posted on the site in the coming days and weeks!


Vylet Pony – Love Letters | Album | Electronic

Making a seemingly very speedy turnaround from the release of Super Pony World this summer, Vylet’s back with another album, this one about Rarity. Not quite as monumental as SPW, however Love Letters still contains 12 tracks, more than qualifying it for a full album status. Read on for a look at each track one-by-one as it transitions through many phases of electronic music with hints of jaaazzzz.

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