[P@D] Wandering Artist – Prance, Think, Prance Again | Orchestral

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 22 April 2018.

Wandering Artist (or John Doe) is back with some more deer-y pony music! Originally intended for the Pony Town soundtrack, this piece evidently evolved into something a bit more than that, with some gorgeous complexity and dynamics throughout the piece. The composition is soft and playful, making great use of piano, strings and more.


Rusty – Duality | “Experimental-ish”

Rusty’s already a very experimental musician, but this song goes a little deeper and a little weirder into that sort of production technique. The general feel of the song makes me think it could fit in to some kind of horror musical, but it’s Rusty’s sampling techniques that bring out the experimentation. The middle section of the song also breaks down a lot of convention and adds another different, eerier sound to the song.


Jyc Row – Beauty | Orchestral

Continuing his theme of orchestral tunes for the six legendary pillars, Jyc Row introduces us to his tribute for Mistmane. Learning some new tricks in instrumentation and composition, Jyc Row gives us a nice change of pace with an Asian-themed score, using several instruments indigenous to the continent. The track begins with a very full sound, despite only using a few instruments, then builds into a grandiose, epic soundtrack for the most generous of the pillars. All of the characteristics of a typical JR score are there too, reminding us all why he is one of the premier producers in our music fandom!


Ataraxia – Talisman | Piano

I never thought a simple piano movement could be so moving, yet Ataraxia’s abstract concept mixed with a phenomenal composition makes Talisman a piece of perfection. Written as a score to the inner fascinations of a mare’s mind, the tune is whimsical and light, like her dreams. As her reverie becomes volatile, so too does the score, before finally resolving to the soft beauty of the protagonist standing face-to-face with the crystal heart. Be sure to follow the poetic description of the song as you lose yourself in the aural embrace, and check out Ataraxia’s full EP, skies which includes this track!


[P@D] J. Free & N. Hollow – Kanterlot Killas (prod. VooDoo) | Trap / Hip Hop

Yoooooooo my man this is the stuff you NEED to hear! My homeys Hollow & J. Free collabed for this dope track. Dope bars, awesome beat. VooDoo did awesome on this track and it truly completes the circle man. Outstanding work, I am truly amazed. You guys truly earned the title “Kantalot Killas” ‘cuz you guys killed it man. Keep up the awesome work! From one MC to another two, thank you for doing Hip-Hop right with this bros. And VooDoo, stay dope with the beats man you ROCK! everybody, show some love!