Algo at All – Lullaby for a Lost Soul | Acoustic

Algo’s latest musical offering certainly lives up to its name! Like many common lullabies, it’s incredibly relaxing yet the lyrics are twinged with sadness. It’s a beautifully simple piece of music made up of just 4 components – guitar, voice, drum and strings – but sometimes that’s all you need to tell a compelling story.


Nyanakaru – Methodic Ways To Break A Mind | Electronic Album

After at least a year in the making, Nyanakaru has finally completed his newest album. As it happens, we’ve actually covered each one of these single releases so far (some under his former alias). You can check those out below. The last addition to this is True Colors, an intensely dark and heavy glitchy drumstep-like song – I’m not entirely sure how to describe it, so I recommend taking a listen yourself!

See our previous posts for; Clear My Head, Falling Apart, Sixty Twenty Twelve, The Brightness and Oneiromancy.


The_snake_skin蛇皮 – The Pony with a Hundred Faces | Rap / Hip-Hop

I can’t say I’d ever heard Chinese rap before I came across one of The_snake_skin蛇皮’s songs – the horse fandom once again fosters cultural exchange! Snake’s flow is fantastic in this rap about Pinkie flexing her many, many talents. And don’t worry if you don’t speak Chinese – the uploader provides full English subtitles!


Nugget – Midnight Sonata | Orchestral

Trying something very different to their debut release, Nugget brings us this gentle piano-led orchestral piece. It’s very harmonically interesting and seems to make use of a couple of different modes and scales! Its bittersweet sound and backstory is a reflection of its inspiration, as it serves as a lovely tribute to Nugget’s late great-grandmother.


Algo at All – Scrimshawl (covering Captive Unicorns) | Art Pop

Today I’m happy to bring you this lovely cover by Algo at All, breathing new life into an amazing song with his lovely voice and a completely new new instrumental, especially said vocals and the guitar make for a wonderfully captivating song that makes you nod your head along.


Ethan Toavs – Catching A Star | Orchestral

It’s not often that you see Generation 3 fan content nowadays, but today I’m delighted to bring you this wonderful piece by Ethan Toavs, a wonderful bit of orchestral that gets you in an adventurous mood with it’s booming, deep horns and melodic strings, a definite must listen even if you have never seen G3!


Jeff Burgess – Before These Mighty Skies | Alternative Cover Album

Once upon a time in the magical time of 2013, Le Soldat Pony released “Before These Mighty Skies” as an innovative, indie/alternative sound that was quite new and distinctive to the fandom. Le Soldat may not be a common name nowadays, but another longtime fandom musician certainly hasn’t forgotten. Jeff Burgess revived the ideas of the songs from the original album and transformed them into his own form of covers, even continuing to add bonus alternatives to the bandcamp album following the initial release!

Burgess’ sound mixes elements of indie, alternative, ambient, progressive, and folk to capture a full, distinctive sound that manages to come across as both somber and nostalgic – almost as if the songs themselves are thinking of Le Soldat and wondering where they are now.

A Train Between Canterlot and the Great Divide features a gorgeous acoustic guitar quickly picking single notes of chords and driving the song forward. Jeff sings of a pony who – like the guitar – aims to move forward, leaving the past behind and hopping off a train to something new.

A Wide Eyed Cabin in the Woods has a very old-timey, homely vibe through a strumming banjo and layered, group vocal deliverance – all performed by Burgess. It is eerie and comforting in a way only Jeff could make so satisfying.

A gorgeous blend of genres, styles, originality and cover tribute, “Before These Mighty Skies” is a brilliant revival of what once was, in a way that now is.


The_snake_skin蛇皮 – The New Star of Wasteland | Hip-Hop / Rap

Littlepip considers herself as an ordinary pony, but due to her actions and sense of justice during adventures throughout the Equestrian Wasteland, it earned her word around to be known as a heroine, a role model and the new star of wasteland as titled by a rapper all the way from China! Rapping the distressed point of view of Littlepip over a disheartened type beat with a booming emotion and its 808s, this storytelling musical will grapple your heart with its on-point lyrics of survival and battle of hope. English lyrics are available in the closed captions of the video, shout out to Cosmia for the translation.


EveryDayDashie – Fit Right In (Violin cover) | Pop

EM ELL PEE GEE FIVE VIOLIN COVER BAYBEEEEEEE! LESGO! EveryDayDashie is bringing those EveryDayViolins to work. To complete a wholesome and joyful cover of “Fit Right In” with, you guessed it, the violin. Even containing the Rap vocals and the build up going a long! It’s a joyful rendition of this song and I take every moment I can as I write this article to swing a long with it. Well done Dashie! Here’s hoping you do more covers like these!


[P@D] 4everfreebrony – Save Me | Pop

If I had a dollar for every time 4everfreebrony surprised me with a excellent take on an unexpected style of music, I could probably buy his whole Bandcamp discography! Save Me, featured on the latest P@D album, explores Starlight’s self-doubts and troubles in an ironically upbeat 80s pop style. Not only is it incredibly catchy, but touches on the ever-important topic of mental health as well.