[PF] Avery – Avery Mare-ry Medley | Acoustic / Acapella

Okay, everypony, I’m so happy that I can finally say this: I present to you the first song of the Pony Family album, “Busy Having Fun“! This absolute beauty is by the amazing Avery, and yes, this is a six and a half minute song about ponies and the fandom!

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Kallo Skull – Sands of Somnambula | Orchestral

OH, OH! Check this piece out, my bronies. Something very, very different for your tastes. A track with more of a worldly and cultural feel. Yes, yes, come on in and listen to this wonderous tale from the Sands of Somnambula! Yes, you know the name. The pony of hope became a legend and pillar of Equestria. But what about her home, its culture. This is a taste of it! Would you please sit down and listen to these melodies that let you feel the energy of ancient land. It is filled with themes and elements that are sure to please it with its exotic percussion, mythic choirs, and mindbending composition. It’s a real pleasure that Kallo Skull has put together! As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Wandering Artist – Happy Memories (feat. Pony Town musicians) | Soundtrack

Who would have thought than an animated show featuring colorful ponies could and would give rise to a gifted and inspiring community that thrives on love, creativity, and the magic of friendship?  Well, to quote my fellow writer, DrakeEmberHeart, once again, “art inspires art,” and MLP has indeed inspired countless artists across the globe to create a bottomless well of artistic creativity that includes visual art and animation, short stories and full-fledged novels, fun games, and amazing musical compositions.

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Steryotype – Study Tapes Vol​.​1 | Album | Lo-fi

Here’s something different and vibe-y! Study Tapes Vol.1 is Steryotype’s brand new beat tape – full of creative productions and samples that show off the innovative possibilities of the lo-fi genre. Most of the tracks last just long enough to set the tone and get some solid samples, while a few of the tracks on this tape are fleshed out and meant to stand on their own.

One of the standout demos is called Bleu and combines a more lively jazz beat with a trumpet carrying the melody. Combined with the lo-fi soundscape and a couple of charismatic chops, this sample really grabs your attention and is super fun to nod along to.

The longest track on the 19 track tape is UnVerguenza which utilizes the marimba for the melody and a subtle piano to fill out the background. This chill song is the quintessential lo-fi beat – chill, not too complicated, stands on its own, and is perfect to get lost in.

Study Tapes Vol.1 shows off a lot of what lo-fi fandom music can be, and hopefully we will get to see some of these tracks put to great use. Steryotype represents the genre well and has a great commitment to his craft. Lookout for more from this talented creator and hopefully we will get a Volume 2 in the future!


Pipetka – Calamity Theme | Country Rock

Fans of Fallout Equestria. I really should get a kick out of this one! The gun-slinging Mr fix it pony pegasus gets a very character-driven theme that if you never read anything Fallout: Equestria wise raises hoove, you get an idea of the character itself. You listen along to a very sly and hard acoustic guitar that sets the tone for Calamity coming into taking care of business. Then you get a feeling how much an outlaw and formidable guy Calamity is when you get this bass and drum combo with the taste of Harmonical and Tambourine for that “business is about to pick up the flavor.” Calamity character has had it rough by reading the backstory, and this theme sure gives you that impression. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Wandering Artist – Baker’s Shuffle | Soundtrack

Game developers for the popular game, “Pony Town,” have just released a new place to explore: the bakery!  And, of course, with this tasty location comes new music by talented composer, Wandering Artist. Aptly named, “Baker’s Shuffle” recalls the relaxed, old-world pace and ambience of a traditional French bakery.  Accordions and light jazz elements mingle invitingly and encourage the listener to sit back, relax, and enjoy the culinary delights, friendly conversation, and hustle and bustle of a real bakery.  So, whether you’re a long-time resident of Pony Town or a new arrival, a trip to the bakery will bring a musical treat!
This is part of the Pony Town OST update on Bandcamp Pony Town Bakery Update.