Frozen Night – Hope Eternal | Orchestral / Soundtrack

My fellow bronies, lend me your attention for just a moment. We have a real honest to Celestia pony inspired video game with a seriously awesome OST! It’s called Ambient.White, check it out Here. The music however is full of exciting energy. The same energy that good video game music, does to get you to feel invested into the game itself. Frozen Night composes the main theme of this game about two alicorn sisters (Astrum and Krinita) on a dangerous journey for their lives hiding in enemy lands. This Orchestral theme sets that tone very well. from the start. The music pulls you in with a sense of wonder, danger and excitement. This music gives me a Dust: An Elysian Tail vibe seriously. As always, This Qilin asks you judge for yourself.


YeahButThenDragons – Find the Music In You (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Acapella

This catchy song made famous by the PonyTones has been reimagined by YeahButThenDragons and her brother with just their voices alone! Their arrangement makes it seem like a fully live rendition done by a full acapella ensemble, just from the addition of body percussion and plentiful harmonies. Daniel Ingram would be proud.


Maressey – The Twiluna Album | Album | Jangle Pop

After a long 3 year wait, Maressey have delivered their fourth and final album, The Twiluna Album! As we’ve come to expect, Maressey is a tribute act that focuses on ponified versions of songs performed by The Smiths, a British indie pop/rock band that were around in the 80s. Freewave leads the Maressey project and has brought a large amount of guests on board to help with the music and vocals, such as FritzyBeat, Faux Snyder, Fire Frets and Sylverlining. Snyder’s vocal talents in particular are to be noted, and can be heard across songs such as Bigmouth Strikes Again, Luna in a Coma and Well I Wonder; her higher voice makes for a nice contrast in place of Morrissey’s deeper baritone range. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want showcases Zatslol‘s vocal work, which is also noteworthy for featuring a striking resemblance to Morrissey’s own voice. Standout tracks include Some Mares…, Luna in a Coma and Back to the Old House, which stand as very faithful renditions to their original tracks.


Ardeleiz – Moonchild (feat. Koron Korak and Arabesque Sympony) | Progressive Rock/Acoustic

Ardeleiz is back with a brand new tune, a ponified cover of Moonchild by legendary prog rock band King Crimson! A good chunk of the lyrics have been rewritten to revolve around Luna, and it makes for a good fit. Alongside Ardeleiz is Koron Korak on violin and Arabesque Sympony on vocals, and it definitely wouldn’t be complete without these two backing up this relaxing and emotional piece about the princess of the night!


Captive Unicorns – Scrimshawl | Ambient

Out of all the recently-returning musicians in the fandom, this one might be the most special. Captive Unicorns is actually SoGreatandPowerful! His first release since September 2013 (!!!), Scrimshawl is an amazing comeback track that showcases his unique style. His soft voice and harmonies fit perfectly with the music, which, while minimal, absolutely shine bright. It’s clear that after all this time, the artist formerly known as SoGreatandPowerful hasn’t lost his touch. Welcome back, Captive! Safe to say we can expect great things from you.


New Reverian – Journies | Electropop

In yet another case of a musician returning to the fandom after a few moments of silence, New Reverian’s back with his first new track in just about a year, as well as his first track under the New Reverian pseudonym since late 2018. Journies is an optimistic ambient pop piece with lovely atmospheric synths along with pony vocal chops soaked in reverb. The beautiful mood never lets up throughout the remainder of the track, and makes for a cozy listening experience!


Vylet Pony – Sorceress | Indie Pop

You’d better believe that Vylet’s got tricks up her sleeve. Track 10 from Queen of Misfits is some pop goodness about Equestria’s most misunderstood magician, Trixie. Starting off with some vocal chops from Tricks Up My Sleeve, we’re led into Vylet’s smooth voice in front of a punchy drum pattern and a realistic sounding bassline. Vylet sings with conviction through the chorus with lyrics about how great and powerful her self-appointed sorcery is. Can’t get much better than this!