VibePoniez – Downtown | Compilation Album

It’s here! The latest edition of lofi smol hors beats to relax/study to! Following their release party at the weekend, VibePoniez’ new album Downtown is available to download now. Featuring 30 songs, mostly oriented towards a chill / relaxed feel, the album showcases a variety of musicians from the fandom. And best of all? It’s free! You can get Downtown from VibePoniez’ Bandcamp and name your own price.


[P@D] Michael Picher – Windigos | Orchestral

Among the many songs from Zenith being released, we’ve also got this track from last year’s Aurora from Michael Picher. Like a lot of his work, his approach to this seems to be that of scoring a narrative, moving through different acts and striking up different emotions. There’s a clever bit of circular narrative with the voices and motifs too – a very nice little touch!


Nyanakaru – Oneiromancy | Polka / Trap

Editor’s note: mild content warning

Naynakaru, over the past eleven months, has been creating something special on his channel. A series of music videos called “Methodic Ways To Break a Mind”. To put it best, it’s some of his best work to date with the magic of mixing genres that he’s got a natural talent for, paired with some engaging animated videos. A mystery surrounding this strange book comes to a head with AJ integrating a perplexed Sweetie Belle! The significant part is that Polka has been paired with Trap and works so well with the scene you are watching unfold here! It adds drama, insanity, and intrigue to this ongoing series of events! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


[P@D] Jyc Row & Sofia Session Choir – Praise Nerath (voc. Samantha Minor, vln. Maria Grigoryeva) | Orchestral / Choral

Do you want a composition score that is beautiful but gives you such a sinister chill down your spine, with such foreboding and haunting emotions? Yet given how epic and downright evil this sounds, the music provides you pure goosebumps of terror. Armed with a full choir (35 singers strong in the Sofia Session Choir!), this track on P@D: Zenith is a prime example of how to do a villain song. The overwhelming feeling of dread and nightmares seep into your very being as you listen to all the basses, strings, and chilling violin. The vocals bring it together with one message: “Praise the nightmare queen or else!” This track is another feather in the cap of the orchestral brony community on this album! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


[VibePoniez] GhostXb – Midnight Bliss | Downtempo

I love GhostXb’s chilled out hip-hop songs like this one. He manages to create pieces with full, punch drums, but the rest of the instrumentation still brings a sense of calm a relaxation. But this also has a bit of a twist as it gorgeously transitions halfway through into a more ambient section. It feels like a sonic representation of breaking through the clouds to a clear night sky… Fitting choice of background art then, isn’t it?


[P@D] Kyradeen – Incertitude | Ambient / Chillout

Kyradeen has, this time around on P@D: Zenith, crafted a tale that brings together the joys of life and its conflicts. In her own words the structure of the music, the elements of pianos, sine synths, and other features in the flow of this track, convey her fears and anxieties. But then there’s the image of Fluttershy, the counterbalance of those things – comfort, warmth, and peace. It’s a mindful piece of music to listen to, a well-composed one fitting for one of many talented orchestral bronies on this album. Beautiful stuff here. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Frozen Night – Laniakea’s Curse (feat. Holly Frances Royle) | Orchestral

Suppose there is one obvious thing you can say about P@D: Zenith. It’s that orchestral bronies have clearly stated the fandom’s depth of talent. P@D celebrates its 25th album, MY GOODNESS. Frozen Night’s beautiful fantasy epic. Loaded with all the goodies. Mightly orchestra melodies, symphonic metal guitar for an added punch! Lastly, Ms. HollyRoyle’s vocals tell the tale of the Kirin Goddess. (You are welcome to read the lore of Time’s arrow with the link in the description!) A morsel of how this genre shines on Zenith! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Frozen Night – Ambient.White (Original Soundtrack Vol. 1) | Orchestral

If you’re familiar with the fanmade MLP game, “Ambient.White,” you’ve probably enjoyed the beautiful orchestral soundtrack created by fandom maestro, Frozen Night. While the game awaits its official release, Frozen Night has whetted our appetite for more by posting individual tracks from the OST on his YouTube channel. Now, however, the full collection of tracks has officially been released for all to enjoy! The album features all tracks that were previously released, as well as brand new ones. In this article, I briefly mention a few of my favorite tracks from the album and give a recommendation or two, as well. Of course, I don’t want to spoil the whole album for you, so you’ll have to check out the rest for yourselves. Let’s jump in!

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Voodoo Pup – Parasite | Pop

Making a big splash onto the scene, Voodoo Pup unveils Parasite, an incredible Chrysalis-themed album! Each track brings something fun and new to the overall compilation with a style not often heard in the modern fandom. The vocal performances throughout are top-notch, and the compositions are dark and edgy, perfectly complimenting the villainess for whom they are written.

Face Value – The first song on the album easily hooks in listeners with catchy pop synths and Dangerous Moonlight’s incredible vocal performance. A haunting metal guitar lead perfectly accents the overbearingly evil soundscape while the lyrics showoff several clever plays on words with the changeling queen and how her “face value ain’t worth a dime”.

Be My Only (feat. Michael Picher) – this jazzy, old-timey lounge singer song once again features Dangerous Moonlight’s smooth and tempting vocals. Adding influence from notable fandom composer Michael Picher, “Be My Only” is driven by a great piano composition, accompanying band, and features a crazy instrumental that will have you moving!


vul – Flutterbutter | Trap/Hip-hop

Content Warning: profanity!

vul might be new to the fandom music scene, but with a full album and active release schedule, they are definitely a talent to watch! “Flutterbutter” comes at you quick with a mountain of hard-hitting lyrics, all performed through AI voicing. The track is impressive both for the writing, trap beat, and the extensive work in coordinating all the AI chops with hip-hop flow! vul announced a hip-hop album is in the works so be sure to watch out for that!