[ASOS] Zythiria – Fallen From Grace | Alternate Electronic

Today I bring you this awesome piece by Zythria straight from A State of Sugar’s newest album, “Biscuit“. Zythria bring us this amazing song that combines a ton of fun elements while keeping a very orchestral sound to it, a combination that’s difficult to pull off, but Zythria blew it out of the water! You’ve got your awesome intro, a subtle progression and changes, and an outro that catches you a bit of guard while simultaneously being exactly what you expected. This song is among the best of the entire album and perfect to just put on in the background while you work. Definitely check it out for yourself.

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[ASOS] Skyshard – One Last Stand | Orchestral

Let me be the guy to open our coverage on an album that is totally taking bronies’ breath away with ASOS: Biscuit! There is such an impressive display of talent in the 8th album of the organization’s history! What highlights this album is a fresh talent. One such brony musician is Skyshard, who has made such a hot push for themselves for three consecutive compilation albums (VibePoniez: Overcast, Equinity 04: Immersion, and now A State of Sugar: Biscuit). It was an astonishing feat for someone who just came into the music scene not too long ago, plus all on their first try!

If you listen to this track, you will understand why and it will take your breath away! The composition done by Skyshard, you’re swept to the moment to where it becomes do or die. At track 54, Sky told me that this track is about their OC at their breaking point and on the verge of unleashing pure hell on a villain or rival. The melody puts you in the hooves of their OC or, let’s say, Twilight or Cadence in a very decisive moment of an extensive choice. Words can not fix the problem; as this score shapes the mood, you can picture a big fight going down. In terms of Sky’s OC or any of alicorn princesses, it’s unleashing your true power when others or your kingdom needs you the most. The drama of this moment fits the elements used in this score, and you get into it and picture this scene in your head. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Noizzer – Catacombs EP | Ambient / Experimental

There’s something to be said for musicians that embrace their musical past and acknowledge it for what it is rather than deleting everything, and Noizzer’s re-release of this very early work admirably embraces that ethos with aplomb. As the album description says, the premise of the album is that Discord has imprisoned Twilight in a catacomb, and she must now find her way out. It’s some of Noizzer’s earliest work, so he cautions the listener about the quality, but I thought that it was a really cool concept that actually resulted in some interesting and enjoyable music. Let’s dive into what Nozzier came up with!

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Songbird Choir – Appleoosa Rag – Piano Solo

Ahhh, more season one-inspired music! It really takes you back to the days of just how charming FiM really was becoming! This delightful piano solo takes you back to the episode “Over A Barrel.” Songbird Choir grabs you in the flavor of classic old west charm as you could very well hear this coming from the salt saloon as you take your tour of APPLEOOOOOSA! Please support and check out Songbird Choir’s other charming works. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Koron Korak – Octavia Dead and Unforgiven (Covering AaRD) | Orchestral

(Listen to the original Here!)

The power you find even in the darkness. Why, the emotion behind this track is very personal to Koron Korak. (In all seriousness, give the guy some love and encouragement or a hug!) This cover of AaRD’s score is just breathtakingly pretty. The melodies are very lush and plentiful. Taking the original and beefing it up with his skill with the Violin and Cello. They are some major Russian/German influences within this cover that gives the track a rich favor and pulls you into the emotion; as Dionte George told me, “It kinda also sounds like opera seria (serious opera) in a way. Please support Koron, my friends, and send him some kind words of support. As always, this qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Elias Frost – Equallektiv | Hybrid Orchestral

I’ve always found Starlight to be one of the most interesting characters in the latter half of the show. This track, I think, reflects that interesting character of hers really well. Much like Starlight’s character arc, this song has (for lack of a better term) phases. At the start of the track, the listener is greeted with a dark opening. The music starts out quiet, and as the first half of the track progresses, the music picks up in speed and volume. After this dark tone-setter, the track shifts into its next phase: with a quick vocal segment reciting Starlight’s cutie mark propaganda, the track takes on a quicker, orchestral sound. Complete with guitar, and more glim vocal segments, you’ve got yourself a great piece of music!


Altius Volantis – Pinkie’s Morning | Orchestral

A Pinkie Pie track that isn’t about her being hyperactive and zany? Alright, I’m game. Nothing over the top here, just the sweet noise of Celestia bringing in the morning. The birds sounding off and Pinkie with Gummy in their bed just wanting just a tad more shuteye. The arrangement is this serene piano, along with these harmonizing cords of violins and cellos. It’s almost like this is what Pinkie’s mind is like when resting before it’s time to get up and start trying to make some pony’s day! A lovely gift from Altius Volantis to Makenshi for his birthday. Something different about Pinkie Pie, this will do. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


GLIMM – CADENZA | Hyperpop

Oh, man, this one is such a delight! Part of GLIMM’s upcoming 4-track EP called “(PRINCESSES)” (along with the Princess Luna-themed “Illuminate My Night”), the track opens with a gentle piano melody that gains a sweet, reverby airiness as the volume increases. Then the hyperpop synth melody and distorted percussion sliiiiide into the mix, and suddenly we have a bouncy, uplifting song befitting the Princess of Love! The chiptune-like melody shift is a really nice touch when it kicks in, and the further incorporation of reverb-drenched piano is just bliss. The splicing of the melody together with the percussion throughout is done deftly and creates a pleasing glitchiness to the arrangement, and the backing synth scales fill out the mix really nicely. Give it a listen and get a little taste of what Princess Cadence’s subjects feel when they gaze upon their fair ruler!


RedSpark – Battle, Fallen and Epilogue | Orchestral / Soundtrack

In this finale to his concept series, A Tale of Starlight, RedSpark introduces Battle, Fallen and Epilogue – a stirring musical rendering of Starlight Glimmer’s epic battle with evil forces after Twilight became ruler of Equestria.  Each movement of the piece corresponds to a scene in the story.  First, a gentle piano accompanied by strings sets the stage of the calm before the storm of battle.  Next, we hear the sound of war drums, choirs, and horns with a “Pirates of the Caribbean” feel, marking the breakout of an epic confrontation.  After this, the music transitions into solemn strings and choirs, and we feel that the enemy has struck our hero to the ground.  A grand orchestral section eventually whittles down to a few keys on the piano, conveying uncertainty and the possibility that the hero has suffered defeat.  Gradually, however, with resolute strings and horns, the music builds and crescendos into strength and hopefulness.  We can hear that our hero has risen to launch one last attack against the enemy – an attack that vanquishes the darkness once and for all!  A victorious anthem plays to signify the heroes reveling in triumph!  To convey the journey of the exhausted but triumphant warriors as they head homeward, a soothing piano melody wafts over the listener like a lullaby.  Don’t miss this inspiring orchestral piece that beautifully concludes this inspiring saga following Starlight Glimmer in her epic battle against evil, and also be sure to check out RedSpark’s full story behind the music, A Tale of Starlight, on Fimfiction, as well!