Rarity Advocate – When We Meet Again | Orchestral / Alternate Electronic

Expressing his feelings on this Twitter thread, Rarity Advocate also made a heartfelt tribute to the show and the emotions had. Imbued with pony feelings, When We Meet Again is a powerful token of love for the show and you just know that some things will never be forgotten no matter what happens. And once again, we’ll be able to look forward to yesterday, as he has it in the inspiring description!


[P@D] Mane In Green – Journey Through the Unknown Wonders of Equestria | Orchestral

Mane In Green’s masterpiece from Ponies at Dawn Enigma is a real delight bringing much emotion as you imagine the ponies’ journey and all the sights they behold and the adventures they’re having! Our beloved musician’s talent shines so much in this, with a stunning progression and many parts each having their own mood and fitting to a certain part of the journey. A magical experience!


Scraton – Dodge This 2019 (feat. Genesis Wave, Blitz, TheWanderingKit & Kozmos) | Electronic / Hip-Hop

Classics will never be forgotten, and here’s an amazing renewal of Dodge This that uses a banging instrumental from the one and only Scraton! Kozmos gathered the vocal talents and passion of Genesis Wave, Blitz and TheWanderingKit as well as TCB on the mixing to make a sequel and spiritual successor to the original, and it shows the love with cool new verses!


MYCUTIEMARKISAGUN – The Pones We Play (Wootmaster x Pusha T) | Hip Hop / Mashup

Pretty incredible how great such a simple mashup can sound! Taking the instrumental from Pusha T’s The Games We Play off his stellar Daytona album and Wootmaster’s vocals from his Drake parody The Ride Ain’t OverMCMIAG shows off how well Woot’s flow (and slightly comical lyrics) complements the grittiness of the original beat. As a sucker for mashup, MCMIAG has been pumping out some pretty great ones recently and this is just one of many!


Ataraxia – Anaphora | Electropop / Ambient Pop

Ataraxia brings a 7 minutes progressive and ethreal ambient electropop track with distint relations with some Linkin Park songs from Living Things or A Thousand Suns. The song about King Sombra is an absolutly banger. The deep theme behind the lyrics and the vocal performance of Ataraxia adds more awesomness to the electronic backlash of sounds, a mix of industrial with ambient with even some house elements? I don’t know, I would say that Ataraxia always has a Linkin Park feeling, idk if are the instrumentals or that if his vocals are quite similar to Chester. The powerfull synths at the “chorus” are also pretty deep and emotional.
Anaphora. Greek: ἀναφορά, “carrying back”. Is a rhetorical device that consists of repeating a sequence of words at the beginnings of neighboring clauses, thereby lending them emphasis.
It really reflects on some verses of this specific song! The ones with “I’ll be a path inside your mind”. Good job Ataraxia, you always suprise me!


Eurobeat Brony – Luna (ROKII Remix) | Future

A true Classic being Remixed once again this time by ROKII! Eurobeat’s Luna has always been a favourite track to bump on the speakers. Witnessing it LIVE at HarmonyCon this year was most definitly a magnificent experience! ROKII re-evamping that Experience with this awesome remix is a great enjoyment! I really like every variant of how you can listen to this song, and I say with full pride that this one is no exception! The bass drops are marvelous, and the mixdown is great!

Well done Rok! This remix is great, and I look forward to adding this one into my music collection! ❤


4everfreebrony – Who Knows (feat. Milkymomo, EileMonty, & MemJ0123) | Showtunes


4everfreebrony has teamed up with quite an array of talent to bring us a narrative song so good that you would think it came right out of the show! Milkymomo, EileMonty, and MemJ0123 take the roles of Twilight, Luna, and Celestia and try to solve the issue of getting the sun to rise after Celestia refuses to get out of bed. Very lighthearted in style and tone, Who Knows bounces to a soft, tambourine beat carried by a high synth and the singers’ jovial attitude.


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Bind Us Together | Classic Pop

A new heartfelt pony song from Moon Flame, this one is inspired by a poem from Lyra on Equestria Amino about Cadance and Shining’s love! Quite the perfect topic for the musician who we know is writing his pony songs and lyrics with love, and the result is a much tender song that does wonders to bring that concept to life, and convey all the love!