Ponies At Dawn – Guardians | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

I wish I could sum up how awesome the songs on this album in a short concise review. Buuut not only are there too many songs to even scratch the surface of this album, but I think the album stream is still going on!

To be honest, there are even some names on here that I don’t recognise myself – and of course some names that everyone will recognise. That’s one of the best things about these albums: not only do you get some of everyone’s favourites, but you can find a chance to discover brand new musicians doing all kinds of different genres, with more than enough creativity to go around.

Guardians is available to download from the P@D Bandcamp for any given price.


Throwback Thursday | ShadyVox – Pony Rock Anthem (feat. Nowacking & BreeFaithVA) | Electro House

Editor’s note: hey look remember TBTs haha we didn’t for a long time

If there’s a single song that truly captures the zeitgeist of 2012, this might well be it. ShadyVox‘s lead vocals as Neon Lights are excellent, Nowacking does a flawless Vinyl as usual, and BreeFaithVA‘s at home as Pinkie. The pumping beat, soaring leads, and ecstatic vocals all combine to form a perfect hype-up tune. If you’ve heard this before, you’re in for some serious nostalgia. And if you haven’t, you’re in for a wonderful surprise.


A Symphony of Two – Living Nightmares | Dark Ambient / Orchestral

The French duo A Symphony of Two, comes back with this spooky, chilling and ethereal tune about Princess Luna and her fears of becoming Nightmare Moon again. A nocturnal and ominous texture with some Spoken Word samples and orchestral arrangements that makes this song one of the many repertories that represent the creativity behind Blue Note’s and Cainbow’s minds.

This masterpiece reminds me of some really somber and mysterious horror videogame soundtrack like Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill soundtracks. You really need to check out this song and the album where it’s featured.


Night Blaze – It Was Thousands Years Ago | Orchestral

This beautiful orchestral piece by Russian composer Night Blaze calls to mind the events of ancient Equestria. It opens with gentle strings, and progresses into darker strings, pianos, and brass. The sheer emotion of this song throughout is breathtaking. But nowhere is it more breathtaking than at its climax. I heard the arrival of the twin sisters, their war against Sombra, their time in the Castle of the Two Sisters, and finally Luna’s banishment to the moon. Truly a majestic composition.


Various Artists – Horse Music Central Vol. 3 | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

You may remember the two previous albums released by the crew over at Horse Music Central, their last one being released at Christmas with a distinct wintry theme. Now the regulars of the big musicians’ Discord server have another release to offer. Although no specific theme this time, it features some of the more underground artists, as well as a few classic long-running musicians.

I swear I’m getting slowly worse and worse at these writeups

MC-Arch – Ave Cadenza (Power Of Love) | Hip-Hop

A new powerful and meaningful song from genuine rapper MC-Arch, this one truly lives up to its theme, with a beautiful and heartfelt message about love and its emotions expressed through amazing and mellow vocals. The correlation with the Princess of Love, Cadance, was definitely well thought and well put, and the love expressed through the tender vocals is certainly a wonderful homage to her. The whole song is just making me melt, with the vocal melodies and repetitions being very heartwarming and impactful, just like the lyrics. And personally I couldn’t agree more with the message of this song, since as someone who genuinely feels so much love for many people and the whole brony community, I certainly know very well the Power Of Love, the powerful feelings of love in my heart, the happiness it grants me, the powerful emotions I feel that often make me tear up when I think about you all or daydream about meeting you… It truly is wonderful. Let us open the gate


Aurelleah – Lunar Whispers | Orchestral

Ah yes! It seems like Aurelleah is back at it again with yet another beautiful composition. The sweet, soft piano offers you listeners an array of soothing sounds as you let the cool air brush off your skin into the night sky. The symphonic choirs are also an amazing touch to the course throughout the rest of this piece. While it was commissioned, based on a FimFiction story out there called A Whispered Lullaby, it is definitely one of the most relaxing orchestrated song out there in this fandom to date. It’s also perfect for dreaming too!


Modern Bard – The Magistral Crystal Empire | Orchestral

French musician Modern Bard comes back with a remake of an older track about the Crystal Empire. The progression and instrumentation of the track bounce together to form one great track! The flute melodies are so well performed in this track, reminding me of Celtic music.

An incredible tribute to Crystal Empire, very philosophical and reflecting masterpiece. You will love it!