[The Rest of Our Lives] Evdog – Through the Veil | Atmospheric Rock

Originally pre-released on VibePoniez, this beauty part of The Rest of Our Lives is starring Evdog’s charismatic vocals, singing about the impact that the Magic of Friendship had on our lives. With loving references to ponies in the lyrics, and such an emotional instrumental completing the vocals so well, it is one of the many tributes included in the compilation album!


Ocean Melody – Fire and Flames | Orchestral

Going for the “Ignite” theme in their own way, Ocean Melody presents us an epic and emotional Orchestral piece originally intended for P@D Ignite! You can hear hints of tragedy and a longing to fight for freedom in the vibes of the grand composition, that is definitely a success!


[The Rest of Our Lives] Space Horse Manifesto – [Chapter I] Remembering (Origin & Depth) – A Tribute to AndTheRainfall | Alternative Rock

The opener track of the new tribute compilation album The Rest of Our Lives is itself a tribute to And the Rainfall and works as a spiritual successor to the song Tulips! There’s just so much heart poured in this breathtaking piece of more than 7 minutes and you can feel the love from all of the musicians who contributed, in both the music and the video that I recommend watching along the song! With deep quotes and Background Pony inspiration, sweet feelings giving birth to creative musical endeavors, and meaningful visuals, this masterpiece and joint effort is certainly a timeless gem!


Various Artists – The Rest of Our Lives | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Another compilation makes its way into the fandom in the form of The Rest of Our Lives, a tribute to the show and fandom. The album contains 13 diverse tracks from various musicians across various genres such as Tw3Lv3, Replacer, Ditherer and Evdog just to name a few. The opening track, Remembering (Origin & Depth) by Space Horse Manifesto is an atmospheric rock song that stretches across 7 minutes and goes from being a spacey, ambient rock piece to having full-on funky electronic pop influences halfway through. The very next track is River of Dismay, Tw3Lv3’s first of four appearances on the album and an emotional drum n’ bass track that utilizes a piano to create beautiful soundscapes, making it one of the album’s highlights. Stand-out tracks are the previously mentioned Remembering and River of Dismay, loophoof and Tw3Lv3’s remix of the SoGreatandPowerful classic On My Own, Evdog‘s Through the Veil, an uplifting rock track with soaring vocals and lyrics with references to the show and its characters, and Freewave‘s Twilight Sleeps Loudly, an ambient piece that feels like the soundtrack to Twilight taking a much deserved rest after earning her title as the ruler of Equestria. Overall, this compilation serves as a lovely sendoff to the show and while it’s not as diverse or prolific as fellow compilations Ponies At Dawn or VibePoniez, there’s enough unique songs that anyone can find enjoyment in. All donations made towards the album will be put towards the Brony Thank You Fund, a charity which is currently providing supplies to mask makers during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Drummershy – Everfree Flower | Synth Rock

Drummershy is someone that needs zero introduction in this fandom. Drumming is his game. He has however bought something new to the table. With Everfree Flower, Drummershy brings the skill of his drums with a lesser known talent of his, Electronic Music. Synthesizing a mesmerizing rhythm to a theme of the mystery of the Everfree Forest. The pulsing effects of the beats create a feeling of a tension filled atmosphere. Mixing in some mysterious vocal chops for more effect. The track breaks into a full on gallop of pace with the combo of his rhythmic drumming. It feels like you are running through the forest looking for Zecora hut in desperation. He has a degree as an Audio Engineer. He utilizes the skill for his first ever original track of music. This fandom wants some new flavor that is dynamic. Drummershy is happy to bring it for this unique experimental piece of music. Something I’m pretty sure he can run with, and keep being more creative with this combo of percussions and electronic music. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Ardeleiz – Chant of Selflessness (Guitar Duet & Vocal Cover) (Covering 4EverfreeBrony) | Acoustic

(Listen to the original Here )

There’s a charm to every style of vocals in music. This cover of 4everfreebrony’s Chant of Selflessness by Ardeleiz. Exhibits the art of medieval era style vocals, that really bring out the feeling of Rarity’s character. The song is pretty and charming with lovely acoustic guitar melodies with a flow that is just so pleasant to listen to. The cover itself speaks so well of Rarities character, A lovely woman with goddess beauty and grace. A willingness to give to those around her to simply make those around her happy. Ardeleiz well done. As always. This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Zephysonas – Chaostaker | Soundtrack

Inspired by the game Helltaker, Zephysonas made his own crossover work seeing as one of the characters is pretty much a rule 63 version of Discord! Even if you haven’t played the game, you’ll appreciate how this distinct musical style is depicting chaos in such a unique and refined way, and even an artwork of Discord in the visual style of Helltaker is here as the cover art to add to the immersion!


Heartsong – Synthesis | Orchestral

A “Mega Crossover” track for sure, Heartsong’s newest Orchestral composition borrows the motifs of songs from various works listed in the description, and of course you’ll recognize the Theme Song from MLP! It’s all part of the musical enactment of this fanfic by G.M. Blackjack, and such joint efforts to bring tributes to life are always so appreciated! Now this is some S-grade, 120-quality Synthesis straight from Heartsong’s cauldron!


[P@D] Idyllia – Mare Cognitum (feat. Velvet R. Wings) | Symphonic Metal


Ever wonder what the sounds of Princess Luna’s dream duties are like? This may be a good indication. The sounds of hard and swift guitars. Quick as night drums in the sounds of nightmares. Serene cords and brass of an orchestra for more pleasant and bliss dreams. The sound of a singing Alicorn princess coming to aid you in your troubles.

The Mare Cognitum, could not be a better name for a song about the Lunar Princess. The sound of mythical heavy metal with blissful vocals that sound from the realm of dreams. That is track 57 on P@D Ignite. Newcomer Idyllia seems to know the power of Symphonic Metal. The layering of how the composition flows, seems to tell different parts of Luna’s dream duties. Intense yet phantasmal metal. Flowing into this mythical score of orchestral. Luna does have a voice and it belongs to one Velvet R. Wings as she sermonizes the sound of Luna spreading peace into your mind, fighting the horrors of your nightmares. One of the better Princess Luna songs I’ve heard recently and another fine track for this album. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Frozen Night & Michael Picher – In The Everfree Torch Light | Ambient/Orchestral

In a clash of the titans, track 70 from Ponies at Dawn: Ignite sees orchestral musicians Frozen Night and Michael Picher unite to create something worth marvelling. In The Everfree Torch Light is an ambient orchestral piece with lots of mysterious and adventurous vibes all around, featuring those signature Frozen Night ambient quirks. The phases this track goes through are spectacular, showcasing a dark vibe as if the weather’s taking a turn for the worse but then adding a brief build up 3 minutes in with some optimistic percussion additions. Overall, this track goes to show that two heads are better than one, and Frozen Night’s collabs never disappoint!