StealingShad3z – Pretty Penny Betting Her Last Dime | Pop Punk

Today we return to StealingShad3z with a Friendship with Benefits Song! The song starts out with a bit of instrumental giving it some time to build up before the vocals begin (as I did with the article for Vylet Pony’s “LESBIAN PONIES WITH WEAPONS”, I’m gonna tackle the lyrics for this one in a separate part later on). While the vocals are going on the song builds up in the background preparing for the chorus. For the chorus Shad3z delivers some lovely vocals while the background music is still building up, culminating in a short but sweet Instrumental part before we go on to the next verse. In the next verse the background music maintains the awesome level of the chorus to keep you rockin’ along, and as the chorus returns the instrumental just keeps ramping up!  Even after we start the next verse the music keeps building and building! The music only calms down for a little pre-chorus before immediately returning to the upbeat final form of the instrumental before ending on a sharp note, which is a really great touch.

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Cantersoft & Friends – Extended Theme Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Rock

What better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of FiM than with an awesome megacollab? Featuring some great vocal work and punchy instrumentals, this is a fantastic tribute to the show and is sure to evoke a pleasant feeling of nostalgia. It’s clear that a lot of love went into this song, and the effort was well-worth it! As a giant bonus, the accompanying video is a wonderful companion to the song and combines fan art and animation with great clips from the show. Please check it out and give these guys some love!


Zephysonas – Windport | Orchestral

Today we’ve got ourselves a shorter song by Zephysonas. “Windport” is a lovely Orchestral piece that gives you this feeling of summer and of freedom. The song starts out with a happy, upbeat, summer-y melody using lovely instruments that you immediately associate with going away on holidays. Later more instruments join in and give the whole song this vibe that made me think of Venice, which makes for a great theme. Closer to the end the instruments evoke a chill day on the beach. Overall, this sunny piece with vacation vibes is a welcome change to all the cold and snowy weather outside.

Thanks to thecanderson for proofreading this article!


Wandering Artist – Lullaby | Soundtrack

Today we’ve got ourselves a fantastic piece by the talented Wandering Artist. As part of the holiday OST for Ponytown we get a lovely combination of an alto glockenspiel and a piano. The track is really calming and perfect as a background track for just trotting around while waiting for Hearth’s Warming Eve.

This article, even if it’s short, has been proofread by my friend thecanderson. Thanks for keeping my rambling readable!


char – Trixien’t | Alternate Electronic

In a very nostalgic way, char managed to bring forth emotions of the past with this blissful treat from the latest completed DustCar race, filled with Trixie’s greatness and powerfulness! The wonderful use of vocal samples and chops is doing a splendid job at taking us back through time, at the same time as the creative instrumental blows us away with its progression and SGaP-ness. And it has visuals made with love to go alongside it too! Trixiiiiiie!! Pony fan works will never stop!


Noc – Main Theme (Sunken Horizons OST) | Soundtrack

‘Empty Horizons’ is a breakneck adventure, its sequel, ‘Sunken Horizons’.
If you are a fan of Goldenwing’s work and have been itching for the next in this series, you are in luck–you can listen to it here! BUT! You can also enjoy this beautiful track by Noc with some outstanding composition featuring epic Spanish style guitar work and breathtaking use of bass and strings in this opening theme of this pony fanfiction series’ next installment! The cello solo really is a real standout in this track, and the music is put together so well that it makes me want to read both stories! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


StealingShad3z – Cross State Letters | Acoustic Pop

So everypony today we’ve got a song that had me honestly up for days trying to think of a way to write about it. In conclusion: I can’t really do this song justice, so you should definitely listen to it yourself. The song is a love letter to Shad3z’ girlfriend, and the combination of acoustic pop and the sweet and lovely lyrics make for a romantic combination that has yet to be topped. Shad3z acknowledges how difficult life can be when it seems like the world is burning and society is collapsing, but having a special somepony can help you keep perspective and realize that it is all temporary. Over all those clouds is a rainbow, and together you’ll make it through.

As always this article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!


Sound Bandit & Friends (My Band) – The Song | Indie Pop / Alternate Electronic

A collab of no less than 34 musicians, this band’s new song was organized by Sound Bandit for the latest DustCar race calling for collabs, and boy did it deliver! The emotional vibes from both the instrumental and the vocals are palpable, and everypony felt that during the stream party of the race. Find the credits and links to all of the contributing musicians as well as the lyrics here!


Koron Korak – A Light Among Despair | Orchestral

Finding the light back at the end of the tunnel can be tough and can take a lot of time, but Koron seems to be off to a great new start after that difficult experience! Vent art is definitely good to help you cope with it too, and if it can be of any indication, the sheer magnificence of this track using violin and choirs is showing the might of creativity under such circumstances.