Vylet Pony – Little Hugs (feat. Namii & GalaxySquid) | Indie Pop

Focusing on Starlight Glimmer’s character depth this time, Vylet sings a beautiful tribute to our beloved unicorn with the assistance of Namii and GalaxySquid. A unique kind of Indie Pop song with mellow vocals and heart-warming instrumental unfolds, completing the cute and cuddly artwork by Sheepiu to perfection.


eksoka – Lachryphagy (Acoustic Mix) | Progressive Rock / Acoustic

An incredible new version of the original Lachryphagy, this Acoustic Mix focuses on expressing the mixed feelings you have when you realize the changeling’s right to simply feed themselves and follow their nature. Originally seen as villains, you start accepting them and feeling for them, thus offering them comfort and understanding, a warm lapse of solace in all the antagonism. And this track reflects that blissful time and those heart-warming feelings to perfection. Soft drums, bittersweet acoustic guitars, pure-hearted synths, and a switch to a divine part including an electric guitar solo, all convey so much emotion and match the concept in incredible beauty, proving once again eksoka’s incredible talent and vision like none other.


Jyc Row – Strength | Orchestral

Jyc Row sure knows how to deliver the goods when it comes to orchestral music, and “Strength” is no exception!  Inspired from Rockhoof’s story in Season 7, Episode 16, “Campfire Tales,” this work has instrumentation fit for Rockhoof’s time and composition fit for a typical superhero.  It definitely feels like you’re in the village when you listen to it!  Great composition, Jyc!
The rest of the Jyc Row’s EP will be coming soon, as this is Song #1.


MC-Arch – You Can Tell Me Everything | Hip-Hop

Warning: Content includes strong language.
MC-Arch is back at it with an emotional rap piece about society and issue that plague us all. Discussing anger, persistence, and his hope for the future, Arch turns to Princess Celestia as a role model for leadership and knowledge in trying times. With a simple, ambient backing track, solid beat, and steady flow, You Can Tell Me Everything is a great, hard-hitting track!



Rarity Advocate – The Stolen Dream (Wind Quintet) | Orchestral

An instrumental story told in five movements, Rarity Advocate uses a great ensemble of instruments to describe a tale of an artist who puts their heart into making an amazing creation and the beautiful, pure notion of the art that exists after going through many unintended, dishonest changes by others. The Stolen Dream features a quintet of awesome lead parts, greatly utilizing the flute, clarinet, oboe, horn, and bassoon. With a fantastic, classical ambience, well thought-out stop beats, and powerfully shifting emotions, this track makes for an excellent orchestral tune!


[ASOS] RoomVR – Looking For Solitude | Orchestral

Next to being an Asos release, a platform full of Awesome and Lovely people… RoomVR gave us this beautifull Orchestral song. Man the atmhosphere, the compassion and heartwarmingness in this track are astounding. absolutely Beautifull. I honestly still need to fill this thing up with more words but I honestly just can’t. I think its just too beautifull. You want to look for solitude but I can gaurantee you that after listening to this, you’ll find more. I promise you. I can feel it Room, I definitly can. keep up the good work man. ❤ Love… the thing that you deserve for this.


Elias Frost – Jyc Row | Celtic Orchestral

A tribute to the eponymous and renowned Celtic Orchestral musician Jyc Row, this new song by Elias Frost is also a challenge to try and compose something in Jyc’s style, and I think it definitely succeeded in both aspects! Rich progression of various Orchestral and Celtic instruments, epic vibes and melodies, it’s a breathtaking composition overall paying much tribute to Jyc and his style! Such a wonderful initiative!