MC-Arch & PrinceWhateverer – Yay on! (feat. Drummershy, BlackenedBlue, SnugBugVA & Namii) | Rock / Hip Hop

MC-Arch and PrinceWhateverer’s first track of the new year is a collaboration powerhouse featuring not only these two legends, but also Drummershy, BlackenedBlue, SnugBugVa, and Namii! The track begins with mellow e-piano vibes and the incredible rapping talent of MC-Arch. Then a minute in, the electric guitars kick in, along with a couple of chiptune-esque synths and a drum feature, creating an incredible cross-genre texture unique to this song. My favorite bit though is the duet between MC-Arch and PrinceWhateverer singing, “You deserve love.” It’s simply gorgeous and a fantastic message to everypony listening!

This track will be featured on the third installment of “You got me, I go us”, so make sure to check that out when it drops later this year.



Wandering Artist – The smell of books | Orchestral

Wandering Artist is back again with another track made specifically for one of Pony Town’s newest updates: The Library Update. In a similar fashion to their previous Pony Town tracks, this song aims to bring the idea and atmosphere of a quiet library with its soft instrumentation selection and slower tempo. Right out of the gate, the simple melody of woodwind & acoustic guitar fills you with a sense of calm and security, which is only heightened as the track progresses. This song is perfect for anyone who wants to cozy up by the fire with a good book or write the final three pages of their university thesis.


TM – Still Pone | Drum & Bass

TM, is still pony baybee… (just like how Dre is still D.R.E.) after 12 years of this fandom going on. I think that by itself, is a beautiful statement; and with that statement, Toby brings us a epic D&B track featuring Rainbow Dash to celebrate! The energy just keeps flowing doesn’t it? Whether you want it to or not, whether you KNOW it or not, hell, whether you feel it or not. Let this track through its festive synths, electronics and power-boosting beat, show you that even if you feel down, or sad, or whatever, the pone will ALWAYS be with you, always.


rawrity – PINKIE | Synthpop

rawrity’s first release of 2023 is a nostalgic tale of an interaction with a certain somepony who left a lasting impression, yet whose name the speaker cannot recall (I wonder who that pony could be xD). The track is laced with Pinkie Pie vocal chops, and when the instrumentation drops out to just piano and vocals near the end, it’ll leave you breathless. Throughout, rawrity’s vocal performance captures the longing to be reunited; perhaps you can help them out?


EveryDayDashie – A Special Tune: 2022 Epic Orchestral Collaboration (ft. brambleshadow4 & Bolt) | Epic Orchestral

This track, is truly a journey – and not just a journey, an MLP journey! EveryDayDashie has united with Bramble and Bolt to bring forward this track and in EVERY, SINGLE, DIRECTION IT GOES, there’s something burning BRIGHTLY throughout the music. Something beautiful… something warm… something, magical! Vocally the harmonics guide each other to bring forward a wondrous symphony, which is than also covered by phenomenal violins and bramble’s legendary clarinet work. It all compliments each other so well, I can’t bring myself to write for this tune without having the words for it. You did it guys, you are the VERY first individuals who I write an article for and than have no words to say for it… it’s THAT good! Well done! Thank you for this… special tune.


SDreamExplorerS – Neversleep | Black Metal

Soul’s back again! Similar to another release from 2022, Neversleep sees her revisiting an older composition, reviving it with new life and the added expertise of nearly another decade of musicianship! The slow-burning atmospheric introduction brings in new elements and harmonies one by one, like a descent into a sleepless night where further, heavier riffs await you…


Ethan Toavs – Rarity | Orchestral

It is always wonderful to write for orchestral songs, and here we are with another great orchestral piece from none other than the absolute orchestra unit; Ethan Toavs! And this time he didn’t just provide us with a tribute track to a Rarity, it’s a G3 Rarity track. And I think that is epic! Rarity’s character has through the ages always been splendid and as wondrous as her colour pallet. You can be sure, that the same goes for G3! And through this wholesome and joyful orchestral piece you get a nice input of how majestic this pony truly is!


Sparklight Productions – Paradox | Electronic EP

8 months in the making, Sparklight Productions presents their debut EP! This collection of 7 songs flows together with a unifying soundscape blending chillout, trap and lo-fi elements. Each one of the songs also represents a different aspect of mental health, and Sparklight’s goal with this project has been not only to document and express their own progression and stages of their journey, but also to break the stigma that still surrounds mental illness for many people.

You can find our previous articles on some of these songs here: Eclipse, Find Yourself, Opening My Wounds and Through The Night all feature.


ALostCarolean – The Last Survivor | Darksynth / Industrial

Flying out of the gate at full throttle, this track won’t even give you a second before it hits you with everything it has! ALostCarolean as been drip feeding their darksynth EP “The Hive” over the past couple months and The Last Survivor is no slouch of a song. Nailing the retro feel, high octane energy, and dark atmosphere of the genre this track has everything from icy pads to metal-esque saw chords and all the sounds you love to hear in a high speed cyberpunk genre! Definitely give this a listen if you’re just finding out about it now as well as the other two tracks in the playlist.


Ethan Toavs – Rainbow Dash | Orchestral

Ethan Toavs has brought us another upbeat, light-hearted orchestral track by the name of “Rainbow Dash”. Inspired by the G3 rainbow pony, his sparkling orchestration definitely gives me a vibe of wandering around in a magical adventure in Equestria. You’ll certainly feel a passion to explore the bigger world as brass instruments make their debut with a lively, triumphant sound. Be sure to give it a listen if you are in the mood for a fun and joyful excursion!