Brilliant Venture Presents NeighGative_ – A Place In A Different Time | Trance

Sometimes an album comes along that resonates with my musical soul and forces me to really soak it in. This is one such album, and it takes me back to my early days of finding personally meaningful music on the internet. A big genre for me at that time was trance. There’s something uniquely emotional and energizing about the genre, and it’s so wonderful to be reconnected with it as I have been here. Regardless of whether you think of yourself as a trance fan or whether you continue reading this article or not, YOU ABSOLUTELY OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM. The songs are ridiculously amazing and are chock full of pony goodness. Seriously, go get it now, and if you want to hang out with me in the rundown below, then come on back, but at the very least GET THIS MUSIC and then give the amazing creator behind it a big ol’ hoof bump, because they deserve it. Thank you from the bottom of my musical heart. ❤

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Ice Angel – Still United (Reunify pt. III) | Hardstyle

Ice Angel continues their “Reunify Series” and celebrates the 11-year anniversary of MLP:FiM by creating some delightful musical intensity with this fantastic Hardstyle take on their “Reunify” theme. I’m so thankful that Ice Angel fought through some pandemic blues to see this song through to completion! The track opens with some lovely ambience and synths that set a positive tone, and then the beat kicks in and begins a great progression into the drop. The synth melodies play off of each other-m before the drop hits, and the full arrangement, driven by that fantastic kick, is a super satisfying listening experience. A key change towards the end sends this song soaring even higher, a fitting way to end to a song that is a testament to the enduring spirit of the fandom and its values!


One Track Mind – Nostalgia, Vol. 1 EP | Electronic

One Track Mind is an artist who is continually focused on improving and evolving their music (they recently remastered all of their previous releases!), and this EP is a wonderful example of that. The artist celebrates an oft-revisited motif in its original form and variations, and each one is a full-fledged attempt at something new. It’s honestly no wonder they keep coming back: the original is packed with great melodies and progressions which it continually morph and distort in interesting ways, creating an engrossing soundscape that glitches and buzzes with insistent energy before echoing to a close. The “Repetitive Remix” opens with contemplative keys and drifts through the motif before a fantastic bassline and skittery percussion give the song a futuristic groove. It sounds like something that would play over the opening credits of a sci-fi thriller! “Reprise” bubbles to life over synths and percussion with a nice retro vibe that gets more distorted before a heavy bassline kicks in, creating a nice juxtaposition with the lighter melody. “Ends” starts heavily distorted and drenched with reverb but still feels light; it fades out but then bubbles back to life with a dark groove punctuated with distorted keys. The arrangement lightens at the end and gives the track a more triumphant feeling before it echoes and fades out. “Sunday” has an ethereal quality courtesy of its keys and choir, adding a distorted bassline and light, snappy percussion before building into a fuller arrangement. When it does, it positively springs to life: the melody swirls and builds, and then the now-familiar motif returns in awesome, chippy, scratchy fashion, creating an uplifting, atmospheric progression. It feels triumphant, like reaching the plateau on a long climb, knowing that there’s more to come but being satisfied with the journey so far. Then, just to remind you that this is the artist’s party and they’ll do what they want, the track switches things up at the end, careening to a close like a twist ending in a movie. Kudos to the artist for their inventiveness and for putting this fantastic EP together. To the continuing journey, my fellow musical adventures!


Sparklight Productions – Aurora | Lo-fi

This track represents the culmination of Sparklight Production’s debut EP, “Ethereal“, and what a great way to close out this effort! The song was created with the hope that it could be a comforting reminder to not get caught up in our anxieties and make the most of every day. I can definitely appreciate that sentiment, and the soothing piano melody floating over a chill beat is some good medicine for the frazzled mind. A choir melody adds some nice dimension, and there’s a delightful progression through the piece with a nicely filled out arrangement at the end before the piano carries the song back into the ether. Hopefully it takes some of your worries with it and leave you feeling a little more ready take on the world!


EveryDayDashie – The My Little Pony Symphony | Orchestral

EveryDayDashie heralds the 40th anniversary of My Little Pony with this glorious orchestral piece! The artist makes frequent references to the show’s theme while splitting the song into different sections and varying the arrangement in each one in wonderful ways. The track opens with Overture, which has a classic, cinematic feel; the arrangement then takes on a more acoustic angle before becoming more brass-driven in Beginning of Friendship. A small piano interlude gives way to a marching drum section which ramps up into a full band arrangement in Marching Into Ponyville. Another piano guides the listener into a sparkling field of joyous instruments and urges them to Smile. Friendship Feud carries a delightful tension and intensity featuring some awesome electric guitar. A True True Friend is a blissful return to harmonious friendship, and the Finale is the sweet icing on this musical cake. Taken as a whole, it’s a wonderfully constructed tribute to the show that delights at every turn. Take a bow, EveryDayDashie!


Kaida – Celestia | Drum & Bass

I’m going to put this one down as “Regal Drum & Bass” in my book, because this is pure class. Delightful progressions and melodies fueled by percussive and acoustic instruments pair with sweet synths and a sick DnB groove to create a song that sounds like it’s playing out of a club in the basement of Canterlot Castle (or maybe off of the terrace so that all of Tia’s royal subjects can be uplifted). The soaring second half is guaranteed to put some pep in your pantaloons, so turn it on, crank it up, and bask in the glory of this wonderful tribute to fair Celestia!


CAPT – YOUR FRIEND! | Alternative Electronic

What a vibe! CAPT has composed a groovy, upbeat, tropical piece with a world music flare that will whisk you away to your favorite chillout spot! The instrumental melody pairs so beautifully with the bouncy bass and punchy rhythm, and you can feel the joy of Sunny and Izzy’s instantly amazing friendship shining through as the song perfectly matches the art that inspired it. It’s such a wonderful little capsule of musical positivity. Listen to this song and then message a friend and tell them they rock!


Thunder Dash – Together In Unity | Piano Solo

In a beautiful call for a unified, loving Equestria and Earth, Thunder Dash, one of the fandom’s absolute champions of positivity, has composed this wonderful piano piece. It’s a touching tribute to the spirit of G5 and the MLP values, and I got some nice Bill Withers vibes while listening, recalling for me another great song about love and solidarity. This song is definitely its own thing, though, and Thunder Dash’s piano work has some really nice melodic progressions that seem to acknowledge the complexities of the world and the difficulty of unifying it even if it would create an obviously better world. In the end, the beautiful hope and heart of this song shines through, urging the listener to work towards a better future no matter the difficulties.


SpinScissor – No More Apologies | Midtempo / Alternate Electronic

SpinScissor is honing the unique emotion in his songs even more through practice of the magic that is music, and this new release might just be a new peak! The emotional melodies throughout that incredible progression certainly resonated with me, while the heartfelt vocals are telling the commitment to newfound meanings explained in the description. Ethereal and magical, the piece will take you to higher planes!


char – Any Fuss | Alternate Electronic

Indubitably among the best and most emotional pony songs ever written in my eyes, char’s tribute released on the 10th anniversary of SGaP’s music is a commitment to the cultural preservation of such pony vocal chops-powered pieces of magic that call upon our Passion. With a progression reflecting Starlight’s character depth and a masterful composition that evokes emotion so well, the song is nothing short of breathtaking, and a gem you don’t want to sleep on!