[P@D] Nevermourn & TCB – Ever | Drum n’ Bass

It wouldn’t be a P@D album without a collab now, would it? Track 25 from Eternal, we have a track with contributions from Nevermourn and TCB, who came together to create an amazing DnB piece filled to the brim with deep synths and infectious vocal chops from the CMCs. The midway point sees a transition to the brilliant DnB atmosphere to a brooding orchestral one seamlessly before eventually going back to the familiar CMC territory. Easily one of the album’s highlights!


Vylet Pony – Jealousy (ft. Nontree11) | Pop

80s vibes for days. Track 20 from Vylet’s Love Letters: Colourless – as well as the closing track – this one showcases some of her most powerful vocal work to date, which works well given the subject matter. As is tradition with most of the songs from the album, it’s accompanied with a diary note from Rainbow Dash, this one detailing her frustration with friendship and how she feels now that she can no longer stay in contact with Rarity. All this, alongside Nontree‘s contributions, make for a cathartic yet satisfying song to jam out to.


[P@D] Wandering Artist – The End of Seasons (ft. Velvet R. Wings) | Soundtrack

Wandering Artist was born to make beautiful soundtrack pieces like this one. Track 70 from Ponies at Dawn: Eternal, we have a beautifully relaxing piece that could easily be a fitting soundtrack to a long trek through a massive landscape. The beautiful orchestral instruments coupled with the talented Velvet R. Wings‘ voice as the song takes on various phases all mesh together well to create a brilliant tribute to the show that brought us all together, as well as yet another brilliant addition to the P@D family.


Sertrixy – Everlight | Progressive House

If there’s one thing progressive house musicians are great at, it’s creating intense atmosphere, and this beautiful piece is an example of why. This track has a handful of different phases, starting off with a brilliant plucked melody alongside vocal samples from the show before quickly building up to an uplifting chorus with a synth line that just oozes positivity. Half-way through, the song winds down for a bit with a soft bassline and more vocal chops, giving the whole thing a heavenly vibe. It’s almost as if their voices were made for this kind of music. Don’t miss out on this one, folks!


Night Blaze – Unknown Heroes | Orchestral

Night Blaze is on a roll with their tributes focusing on MLP lore! This time, some love is sent to the unsung heroes such as Canterlot’s Royal Guard who always do their best to protect the land and the princesses. A short yet rich and progressive Orchestral composition is doing wonders at depicting the intensity of the moment painted in that artwork, and I’m excited to hear what other treats Night Blaze will have in store for us in the future!


Vylet Pony – Familiar Feelings (feat. Chi Chi) | Chill Hop

I’m sure everyone of us have been there at least once. Feeling the sense of déjà vu,  or the feeling that you’ve lost something precious to you that you can’t ever get back. Vylet Pony’s new track, Familiar Feelings captures those feelings all too well. Without spoiling the story of song too much, here is a rhetorical question: Have you lost a good friend before, due to any disagreements and only find out after the fact that it’s too late to make amends?
Chi Chi’s voice acting and vocals goes perfectly with the overall emotional undertones of the song. It’s almost as if you are experiencing the drama unfold right beside the familiar characters you’ve known and loved. Go give this a listen, and have some paper towels nearby. Excellent work from Vylet Pony and Chi Chi yet again!


Steryotype & Ditherer – Community Service | Album | Hip-Hop

New album full of pony tributes and brony thoughts everypony!! With Steryotype on the beat, Ditherer raps about various lovely topics and character depth of ponies, including Sunburst, Maud Pie, Twilight, LyraBon, Jasmine Leaf, kirins, and more! Always so delightful to see, along a traditional new remix by Steryotype, and this time even some cute freestyle! Check it all out with the individual uploads on YouTube from Ditherer’s channel, and download the album from Ditherer’s Bandcamp!