[NSN] Hoofy – Sleeping Pills | Deathstep

One of the founders of the Never Say Neigh label, Hoofy contributed to the collection of mad wubs in Black Stable Vol. 1 with his own Deathstep banger! It’s inspired by sleeping problems reflected in his OC, and this wicked tune certainly depicts well the sleepless-ness through these hot drops keeping you awake!


[P@D] Hay Tea & Faulty – Chasing Sunlight | Liquid Drum & Bass

Coming at you with a fast and tense piece; Hay Tea and Faulty bring us ‘Chasing Sunlight’ from Ponies at Dawn: Enigma and its a very good piece to get the adrenaline going while keeping a smooth flavour all around and makes wonderful use of sampling and instrumentation to give off that old-school DnB vibe. If you’re looking for something carries a lot of tension and suspense, this is the track for you!


Cynifree – Winter Wonderland | Happy Hardcore

Chilled out Happy Hardcore to follow up on the Hearth’s Warming spirit, that’s what you’re in for with Cynifree’s lovely new tune! Painting both the snowy Equestrian landscapes of the season and the joy of the times spent together in musical ways, cute melodies and energetic beats are filling the frame along the falling snow, and listening to this treat is just as delightful as sipping on a hot chocolate with marshmallow on a winter night!


Jastrian – Everfree Life | Chillout

A track a bit lusher than you’d expect from the name, this tune from chill extraordinaire Jastrian is quite eclectic. Featuring some awesome staccato piano (likely video-game soundtrack-inspired), a very creative use of Oriental-style strings, and an overall entrancing atmosphere, this track goes through several emotional movements despite its short runtime. Always a pleasure when a new Jastrian upload appears in the subscription feed!


[P@D] ILLUMNATION – Good Night | Dark Folk

Folk music is something that I don’t often see from the fandom, but its always something to cherish when it surfaces. ‘Good Night’ evokes a haunting melancholic mood and tells a tale of the two sisters, from Luna’s perspective as she waits out her isolation on the moon. Its a very soothing piece with Velvet R. Wings‘ signature vocals and some stellar and crisp instrumentation and if you have the time, you should really lend them your ear.
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma!


[MARVELOUS TRACKS] Agents of Discord & Reverbrony – Chimera | Breaks

Stylish breaks and epic guitar play, for a battle theme reflecting the showdown between Applejack and that chimera from S04E17 Somepony to Watch Over Me! And it’s but one of the new comeback releases from Agents of Discord who collabed with Reverbrony here, among other tracks from other awesome musicians in’s anniversary album, MARVELOUS TRACKS! Go grab it and join the party!


PrinceWhateverer – Not Letting Go (Redux) (feat. Poni1Kenobi, MantaTsubasa & Scrambles) | Metal

Another classic from PrinceWhateverer, this time he and the crew are singing about Fluttershy! Not Letting Go is a group collaboration dealing with the concepts of low self-esteem and self-idealization from the point of view of the beloved yellow pegasus. MantaTsubasa takes over vocals for a verse, using her talents to tell Fluttershy’s feelings from the first person point of view, and P1K and CGScrambles fill in beautifully on vocal harmonies.


Never Say Neigh – Black Stable Vol. 1 | Compilation Album | Dubstep

Heavy basses coming up right now, pony artists joined forces to make the most heaviest album ever featuring genres such Riddim, Brostep, Drumstep and Hybrid Trap! Featuring some big names as Wootmaster, Hoofy, L.M. and VooDoo!
I recommend you give a big listen to this album, because it showcases what the fandom can provide with heavy wubs and aggressive drumming style. Never Say Neigh is here to stay, and the ones who probably say that are the owners of the label -> Hoofy and VooDoo, that with love and dedication created the next big thing along with A State of Sugar and Go grab the album! And, for suprise suprise, the album is free to download on Bandcamp so go grab it you lazy!


VoodooG & ShalMusicFX – Rise Of Luna’s Throne (feat. BriLizy T) | Orchestral Electronic

A labor of love, this masterpiece was crafted from the lovely collaboration of VoodooG, ShalMusicFX and BriLizy T, for a stunning result. Telling the rise of the power of Luna’s Night, the multi-genre song takes us through an epic road of gorgeous vocals, enthralling beats, beautiful strings, mad bells, and emotional choirs. It all works together so well and makes for such an intense experience! Go give lots of love and praise to the musicians everypony, because they sure deserve it with all of their hard work! For the Night!