[P@D] Jyc Row & Francis Vace – More Cider! | Folk Metal

A prime example of a perfect time to drink the most popular drink down in Equestria. Jyc Row and Francis Vace show exactly how you should do it, with good and strong vocals to guide you through. This absolutely rocks! (no pun intended) Not only that, it’s also the perfect quality of good taste. In other words, it’s also worth giving your ears a listen as they are being drenched in such awesomeness!

This track is available as part of the Ponies at Dawn album Guardians!


VooDoo – Times To Come | Electro / Trance

Enchanted with a very interesting story/concept, VooDoo’s newest tune has got an ethereal vibe backed up with slick melodies arranged through various beautiful synths, and that makes it a piece of choice to convey an exploration into the unknown. Nopony can stop time… and Times To Come does an awesome job at reflecting the many mysteries and paradoxes that wake from the study of journeying through time.


[LDB] SeyN AQ – Paris By Night (feat. Metajoker) | Progressive House

SeyN AQ (formally Neon Lights) re-makes his classic Paris By Night for the compilation album: Lycan Dese Beats 3. That re-make is the adding of the amazing vocals by Metajoker.

Everyone knows that Metajoker is a great singer (and pianist), and when he sings the “You are a star, See me, aime-moi, Lonely in France, Watching you dance” part, it really gave me chills down my spine. Basically, when Metajoker started singing it gave me chills, his vocals are really awesome and really housy for this track! Also the drop, I love it!

Also about the instrumental, it’s the same as the original Paris By Night, the awesome drops and that summer feeling to the lead and the pianos before the leads are also awesome. This song is a summer anthem and I’m thinking right now about this song being played at a bar in Paris.

You can download or buy Lycan Dese Beats 3 on bandcamp or if you are interested in SeyN AQ works you can buy this song and other 3 in SeyN’s bandcamp in the PbN Project EP.


Lunar Drift – Waiting for the Spark | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Lunar Drift’s Soundtrack vibes are always a delight for me, and it works so well in this new progressive track that is inspired from the fanfic A Silent House! Displaying pony-like and amazing melodic parts paying much tribute to Octavia and definitely reminiscing of some OST tracks, the masterpiece takes us on an emotional journey in two parts, as powerful progressive piano, electronic elements, and Octavia dialog lines are all re-enacting the story in blissful musical ways.


[ASoS] SkyAudioPony – Rainstorm | Complextro

SkyAudioPony blends pads and very sweet plucks to wonderful effect. Introspective, a little sad, and hopeful all at once, it’s a superb song. Much like a rainy day, it invites you to consider many things that you hadn’t been before. Fluttershy watches the clouds drift by, as a ray of light shines down and makes a rainbow.

The song is available as part of A State of Sugar’s compilation album Lollipop.