Various Artists – trīgintā [EP] | Electronic

“Trīgintā” is a word in Latin that means “Thirty”. This EP is a mix of old and new from Brilliant Venture and friends that reflects on the past thirty years of his life and this fandom, with optimism for what the future holds. Its a wonderful mixed bag of goods including an original piece, remix, and a mashup!

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PumpkinZ – Lakeside | Liquid Drum and Bass

Take a stroll with your favorite ponies! No, it doesn’t matter if it’s just the Twilight gang or Sunny’s gang. To a rhythm like this, courtesy of PumpkinZ, it’s the perfect evening to take a walk by the lake with a cold cider and one of your best friends under the dancing stars of Luna’s night. As you look up, the heartbeat of this track gives off this charming scene. The D&B with the sparking and enchanting allure to it set the mood of this track to a dreamy summer night. Oh, and the vocal chops; well, you and your friends are having a good time, as you should when hearing this. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] John Kenza & loophoof – Ask Me | House

The Ponies at Dawn: Zenith hype continues with a track from returning fandom favorites John Kenza and loophoof. With a combo like this collaborating on a house song, you know it’s going to be top tier, and “Ask Me” certainly doesn’t disappoint – it’s a vibe and a half! Jazzy electric keys and a driving, warm bassline support some funky vocal chops (as we can always expect from loophoof) with a groove that’ll get your head bobbing in no time!


[P@D] Canvas & Evr! – Find Me (feat. Kleyna & Liefsong) | Melodic Dubstep

It’s that time again, pony folks – another Ponies at Dawn compilation is soon to be released, which means pre-releases are dropping in anticipation, and hiking up our anticipation in turn! The first to be released from Ponies at Dawn’s 25th compilation record, Zenith, is this sweet, atmospheric track from Canvas and Evr!. Perhaps the song is titled as it is because it’s all too easy to get lost in Kleyna and Liefsong’s soft, wistful vocals and the driving melodies of the drop. Crisp percussion and tasteful chops polish the track to perfection and only leave you wanting more!


[P@D] Tw3Lv3 & Doodled – Peak Vibes | Drum & Bass/Hip Hop

Another exciting pre-release for the big Ponies at Dawn release for Zenith, Tw3Lv3 and Doodled went all-out combining their specialties! Peak Vibes combines the chaotic, fast-paced percussion of DnB while Doodled’s chilled vocals and flow provide a soothing atmosphere. The back-and-forth transitions range from wild and uptempo to relaxing on a hot afternoon – truly “Peak Vibes”!

[P@D] 4EverfreeBrony & Drummershy – Angels In Disguise | Progressive Metal

There’s always something that blows me away on each Ponies At Dawn album, and I’ve found what Zenith has brought to the table. 4EverfreeBrony is no stranger to prog rock, having previously taken inspiration from Rush, but bringing Drummershy’s influence from Dream Theater into the mix has resulted in this masterpiece! You experience a full range of dynamics, from atmospheric guitars with precisely detailed percussion, to full punchy riffs with synths and string orchestration. Go take a listen for an epic 6 minutes of prog goodness!


[P@D] TCB – Above (feat. Kozzy) | Color Bass/Hip Hop

TCB continues to amaze with his fun, wonky sound design and subtle melodies. His latest funky creation, “Above” is yet another awesome pre-release from Ponies at Dawn’s upcoming compilation album, “Zenith.”  Muted, yet powerfully delivered rap vocals from Kozzy are supported by a bouncy color bass beat, with some oriental-sounding instrumentation providing extra flavor throughout. With its stellar rap vocals and energetic sound design, this track will make you want to get up and dance!

[P@D] Ethan Toavs – Sol’s Journey | Orchestral

“Sol’s Journey”, Ethan Toavs’ latest orchestral masterpiece, demonstrates this artist’s proven ability to paint epic pictures using a musical canvas. Featuring a colorful medley of majestic horns and drums, and punctuated by airy woodwinds and dreamy string segments, this track offers the listener an emotionally uplifting journey from start to finish, accurately reflecting the song title. “Sol’s Journey” is a pre-release from the upcoming Ponies at Dawn album, “Zenith,” so be sure to listen to this and other amazing tracks on P@D’s next album!

MelodyBrony – F.I.N. | Metal

Melody returns with an anthem based on the season 9 finale of MLP:FiM and full of determination, displaying a wonderful fusion of metal and pop elements. Dramatic strings, an infectious hook, and Melody’s bright voice pleading for reassurance and strength are sure to get your head banging. Turn that volume up and raise your hooves high – the only way to play this song is at full blast!


Frozen Night – The Light and Its Shadows | Orchestral

Frozen Night’s latest release shows us a piece written a few years ago for the fan game Ambient.White! This piece seems to narrate the aftermath of a battle, and builds some tension while maintaining a sense of determination. It’s as if, despite the hardships of battle, there’s a way through at the end. Check it out for a short but sweet piece of OST!