Violin Melody – Hush | Progressive Trance

New release from Violin Melody, and you know what that means! A sweet and refined experience of sound for the soul! This time focusing on Fluttershy’s character depth and development over the show, the talented musician goes for the Progressive Trance route while blending in Acid elements and showcasing so many wonders overall in this gorgeous track.


Evgeniy Doctor – Hush. Now. Quiet. Now. | Electronic

A new favorite of mine from Evgeniy Doctor, this dark take on Hush Now Lullaby sets such a blissful atmosphere and the original Fluttervocals are so very skillfully integrated in the mix as soon as the track starts, for a splendid result. Reminiscent of Aoshi’s remix of Bats, this awesome initiative from Evgeniy is such a delightful treat!


M_Pallante – Wings (If You Can Use Them) | Rock

M_Pallante is back with another pony track, and this one is sung in the perspective of Celestia during the long years of Nightmare Moon’s banishment to the moon! The talented rock musician is giving his own lovely interpretation of Tia’s feelings, through thoughtful lyrics reminiscent of Lullaby for a Princess, awesome vocals and a blissful rock instrumental that will never get old, much like the theme of this track!


Dynamite Grizzly – TECHNOPONE VOL.3 | Album | Electronic

Dynamite Grizzly has been dropping hot albums in this fandom for almost 6 years now and still going! TECHNOPONE VOL.3 is the culmination of lots of time and hard work throughout 2018, and the final result is a great reflection of that effort!

This album features a healthy collection of originals based off season 8 as well as a couple hot remixes from HACKD and Spikey Wikey tracks. There is a good mix of genres from acid to techno to drum and bass all the way to hardcore which keeps the flow of tracks interesting and fun.

Dynamite Grizzly is a big fan of brony music and even gives a nod of appreciation on the bandcamp page for this album! TECHNOPONE VOL.3 is listed as name your own price, and with all the love Griz gives us, certainly we can all give a download back!


Suskii – Uncertain (Limbo) | Dubstep

Suskii’s highly-awaited new EP is out! This banger from it is about the S7 finale and samples dialog lines from it! As always it feels so great to get a musical re-enactment of an episode along a tasty and heavy electronic instrumental signed Suskii! Grab it individually or along all of Uncertain EP! Also it’s Suskii’s birthday today, go give him a hug and join the celebration in the hive!