Francis Vace – Legend You Were Meant To Be (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Rock

Off the Everfree EP, Francis Vace’s cover of the closing song from Legend of Everfree pays much tribute to the Rainbooms’ live performance of the song, in the unique musical style that we love to hear from the talented Ska-Punk musician. Not lacking of enjoyable Ska vibes in some of the vocal parts, the cover also lays out powerful guitar play as we rediscover the Rainbooms’ latest record in newfound rock spirit.


Francis Vace – Cold Feet Pt. II | Ska Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 25 March 2017.

Francis Vace has been uncharacteristically quiet recently, but that’s because he has a new album coming out very soon, called The Old Mare And The Sea! This is the first release from the album, and is a follow up of sorts to a track he wrote some time ago called Cold Feet. His voice shines here, with some great vocal melodies especially in the chorus, which is super catchy. There’s also some classic ska horns as well for those who dig that stuff as much as I do.


[P@D] Francis Vace – Walls (covering Flak & NewPatrol) | Rock

This totally not confusingly-titled song by Francis Vace is…well, as it says in the thumbnail, a cover of NewPatrol’s remix of Flak’s song Walls. So kinda hitting 2 birds with one stone in terms of the specifications of the latest Ponies At Dawn album. Not only that, but it combines Vace’s 3 main styles of punk, ska and, more recently, metal. Really hitting all those birds, poor things…


Francis Vace – Everfree EP | Rock

Not for the first time, Francis Vace has made a nice little EP of cover songs, in a variety of his favourite styles. Last year he performed his favourites from the 3rd Equestria Girls movie, and now he’s taken on the 4th – Legend of Everfree. 4 songs from the film ranging in genre from punk to reggae, and of course with a bit of his signature ska sound twisted in here and there. If you’re a fan of his original work, you’re sure to enjoy his take on these songs too. And best of all, you can download it entirely for free from his bandcamp page!


The L-Train – Party Cannon Overdrive (feat. Francis Vace & TheMusicReborn) | Skacore

This is my jam!! An amazing fusion made possible by a most lovely collaboration, this Skacore track blends Francis Vace‘s Ska-Punk style and vocals with The L-Train’s signature Metal sound for a combination of vocal styles and an instrumental of much originality and force, sublimated by a masterful trumpet play from TheMusicReborn. While it looks like our friend Anon is in trouble, we sure are getting the special treatment from Pinkie as she inspired such a wonderful collab. Among the delightful Ska vibes, the heavy guitar riffs, and both the softer and harsher vocals from Francis, this impressive song will take any party to its peak, perhaps triggering an Overdrive!


Ponies At Dawn – Awakening | Album | Multi-Genre

After weeks, no, months of anticipation, it’s finally here. The new Ponies At Dawn Album, Awakening, has finally been released. A compilation of 54 amazing tracks from just as many artists, this album brings together – in my opinion – one of the best selections of music the brony fandom has to offer. And the best thing is, you can download it for free, or pay whatever you want for it! Here’s to everyone involved for their hard work in putting this together!

♫ We’ll find awakening my friend ♪
♪ We’ll find salvation at the end ♫
♫ Of the world we’ll start again ♪