[P@D] Quicksilver – Growing Up | Punk Rock

It’s refreshing to get an instrumental piece from Quicksilver, and no I’m not saying that because of that pool artwork picked by P@D as the cover art for it! The joy and lighthearted-ness of the moment sure does fit the music, with our beloved ska-punk musician doing wonders with those Surf Rock-like guitar melodies and the upbeat atmosphere all around! But of course the track still expresses loudly that heavy power of rock music with some energetic riffs! And if you know the musician, you can bet it has some lovely pony theme behind it! A tasty gem, from Ponies at Dawn Skyward!


Francis Vace – I’ll Show You My Loyalty (Covering PhonyBrony & Feather) | Ska

Covering classics will never get old, and Francis Vace already showed us his affection for such classics in the past with notably the album Souvenirs! One more leap in the past to bring forth a creative cover, this new take on PhonyBrony and Feather‘s famous track I’ll Show You My Loyalty is as lovely as it gets, with our beloved Ska musician acing his signature style once more and singing amazing vocals to melt the heart.


[P@D] Francis Vace – Breathing Space (Covering DJT & Rusyd Rosman) | Ska Punk

The original Breathing Space from DJT and Rusyd Rosman might be a contestant for most remixed and covered song of the last few years in the community, and it’s so good to get our beloved Francis Vace‘s own spin on it! Along with delightful Ska elements as well as tasty aggressive guitar riffs to bring those Punk vibes, Francis graces the cover with his amazing vocals, bringing in much power in pure rock spirit as well as much emotion. Available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma!


Francis Vace & PrinceWhateverer – Time To Be Awesome (Covering Daniel Ingram) (feat. Quicksilver, Sable Symphony & Kiba) | Ska

Francis Vace has been on a roll right lately and this time he brought quite the crew aboard his ship! Re-imagining the hit song from the movie in a creative way, Vace utilizes his stylistic horn section to create an upbeat ska style. Each of the singers add a fun, enthusiasm to the track, and make it impossible not to bounce along while listening!



Francis Vace – The Spectacle (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Ska

The Spectacle never ends! Francis Vace enters the stage and performs a lovely and refined Ska cover of Rara’s hit under the Countess Coloratura name. Full of the musician’s signature musical style, the cover is also a wonderful playground to showcase the extent of his vocal talent, featuring incredibly sincere and strong vocals in more ways than one. The “two-thirds time” part near the end is very creative as well and contributes to the many wonders of this perfect cover. One More!


Quicksilver – Caught Up! | Ska Punk

Quicksilver is back and rocking just as awesomely as ever! This time he brings us a great ska punk instrumental which trades off between high-octane punk sections and more mellowed out ska progressions. After being busy with college for the last year, the Luna Ticks veteran let’s us know that he is finally getting Caught Up! One of the rare ska musicians around, Quicksilver quickly reminds us why he is one of the best songwriters with a guitar in hand!


Francis Vace – Rainbow (Covering Sia) | Ska

The movie’s Rainbow is reaching far and wide among community musicians, and as beautifully as a sonic rainboom, with now Francis Vace’s gorgeous and inspired Ska cover adding to the many shades of colors. The vocals are just making me melt, while the tasteful instrumental shines bright with the musician’s signature style, and it all delivers such a magnificent and high-energy Ska rendition of the movie’s finale song!


Francis Vace – The Old Mare And The Sea | Album | Rock


Shortly before we started the Horse Music Herald, Francis Vace released his first full album (of his current discography that hopefully won’t be deleted from Bandcamp any time soon) – Lost In A Pastel Hue. Now (okay, a couple of months ago) the time has come for a second full-length release. In a similar vein, The Old Mare And The Sea contains a variety of styles, draws from a few different influences, and contains solo work, collabs, and covers. We start off with upbeat pop-punk and ska solo pieces, followed by a long string of collaborative works and covers, with a couple more solo originals bookending the end of the album. In essence, the album works as a showcase for most of the different kind of styles, formats and types of song that you can find on Francis’s YouTube channel. So whether you follow his music for one particular style or for all of them, this album has something to offer everyone.

The Old Mare And The Sea is available to download on Francis Vace’s Bandcamp.