Francis Vace – Bright Pink Horse | Ska Punk

And so, we’ve come to the sixth and final track from Francis Vace’s Horses In Real Life EP. With Pinkie being as hyperactive as she is, a pony like her deserves a fast track, and that’s exactly what Bright Pink Horse is. Pinkie’s brought her rambunctious party animal attitude to the real world and can’t seem to stop dancing! The music is fast paced and full of crunchy guitars and trumpets that fit her hyperactivity perfectly. An exciting end to an equally exciting EP!


Francis Vace – A Horse Chained To A Tree | Ska Punk

She’d like to be a tree. Track 5 on Horses In Real Life is A Horse Chained To A Tree, a crunchy ska punk song about a very determined Fluttershy who absolutely refuses to let it be turned into land by way of cutting down the trees. For such a shy pony, the verses are very fast-paced as well as having a loud chorus! This song does a great job at showing her assertive side.


Francis Vace – Interview With A Fashion Icon | Ska

More horses are finding their way into the real world. Track 4 from Horses In Real Life is Interview With A Fashion Icon, which details exactly that. Rarity’s interviewed by someone who’s intrigued by her arrival in the world as well as how she’s accommodated her fashion skills to fit the humans; she goes on to note that she likes the women around there! Musically, the track showcases the EP’s usual ska style, but the guitar and drums take a backseat to Francis’ strong vocals, which cut right through the mix. As usual, try and count the amount of heels that fall to the ground and pile up!


Francis Vace – AJ’s Honest Apples | Ska Punk

Let’s take a moment of silence for the people who ate apples in 1982… Alright, now that that’s over, let’s listen to the third track from Horses In Real Life by Francis Vace. This nearly 3 minute long song is full of tasty ska goodness, just like the apples AJ sells. She’s fallen through the TV and made her way into human civilisation, where she makes a living through selling her signature honest apples. At least she’s doing well for herself, unlike another certain pony… For a challenge, try and count how many apples fall to the ground in the video. Good luck!


Francis Vace – Horses In Real Life EP | Ska Punk

It’s never too late to release an album on our favourite sextuplet of pastel coloured horses, which is exactly what Francis Vace recently decided to do. Horses In Real Life is a 6 track EP of all original catchy ska punk songs based on the concept of the Mane 6 living in the real world. Track 1 is My Rainbow Horse and Me, first released on Ponies at Dawn: Eternal, and depicts a scenario where Rainbow Dash is living in someone’s house after popping through a TV. She’s said to be a messy freeloader, living with no job and using the character’s utilities for herself. AJ’s Honest Apples tells the story of a new brand of apples reaching town, with the chorus being sung from her point of view. These apples are free of pesticides and taste like no other apples you’ve ever had! Interview With A Fashion Icon tells the story of Rarity being interviewed about her time in the human world as well as her fashion endeavours. While keeping the familiar ska elements, it’s a slower number that feels like something Rarity would have no problem singing. The fastest track on this album, Bright Pink Horse, is about Pinkie simply dancing in the street, with the fast pace capturing Pinkie’s hyperactive personality with flying colours. Overall, with six fast tracks about our six favourite ponies in six unique scenarios, this is an EP you can’t pass up. If you’ve enjoyed Francis’ work over the years, this will be a great addition to your collection!


Francis Vace – The New Librarian | Ska

A world without Francis Vace’s joyful music would be a much different place. Track 2 from his new EP Horses In Real Life, it depicts a scenario in which Twilight has entered the real world and works as a librarian as well as a teacher, giving friendship lessons to any kids who pay attention. Oh, and naturally, she has a thing for you, the listener. Fun times! Vace has a knack for creating incredibly catchy ska tunes with hilarious lyrics, and this is no exception. Go pick up Horses In Real Life today!


[P@D] Francis Vace – My Rainbow Horse And Me | Ska Punk

The king of pony ska punk is back at it with this standout track from the newest Ponies at Dawn: Eternal compilation album. My Rainbow Horse And Me is a comedic narrative about Rainbow Dash appearing out of the tv and living as a lazy roommate. The song is super catchy, boasting expertly crafted horns, top-notch guitar work, and a silly, romantic theme that only Francis could craft!


[P@D] Francis Vace – Silent (feat. PegasYs) | Ska Punk

The last of the Eternal pre-releases, and it’s a good one! Francis Vace teams up with his usual ska punk fare, with PegasYs joining him on vocals this time. While all the familiar elements of ska punk are recognisable in his sound, the track is laced with 8-bit sounding synths to complete the piece. With great references to Autumn Blaze and her all too familiar song that needs no introduction, this is a piece you can’t pass up. Eternal releases on October 6th!


Shal Music FX – Fizzlepop ‘Til You Drop (feat. Magpiepony & Truesailorcomet) | Latin Ska

Just the kind of pony songs that I love, this new masterpiece from Shal Music FX is enacting such a lovely story and Equestrian message, courtesy of Pinkie who cheers Fizzlepop up! Magpiepony and Truesailorcomet are doing wonders at voicing these characters, and a lot of gang singers contributed through a background choir as well! The upbeat and very show-like musical genre is so cute, and this collab is just perfect! We’re sending you all of our love, Fizzlepop!


Evdog – Open Skies (feat. Francis Vace) (Covering EnsionD) | Alternative Rock

(You can hear classic Open Skies Here, and the Francis Wide Skies cover Here, This cover is a combo of both songs.)
My Celestia, how could I have missed such an inspiring song in this fandom! Shame on this dragon pony. If you liked how uplifting the original was. The kind of fandom song that makes tears form in your eyes. Then Evdog adds just bit more to the mix. The lyrics are still there, but its the added Hip-Hop that makes it much more special. The new lyrics now speak for Scoots as she learned how to fly. How she never look back. However, my friends listen to those words. Those words can be used in all walks of life itself. Just picture yourself overcoming your own odds in life. The music itself has this reggae vibe to it. Delightly it fits pretty well with the uplifting mood. Hip-Hop has always been a form of music that is best when it’s done with meaning, and songs such as this are proof. Judge for yourself as always.