4EverfreeBrony – Chant of Immortality (Concert Version) | Soft Rock

Chant of Immortality is such a classic from 4EverfreeBrony and it sounds relevant or even obligatory that a live version should see the light of day! The talented musician and singer does us the honor with this “Concert Version” designed to be played by a full band on stage, interpreting the original and its deep meaning anew along the gorgeous vocals. Hearing this live would be just so grand and epic, for an already epic song!


4everfreebrony – Working On The Farm (Ponification of “Waiting In The Weeds” by The Eagles) | Soft Rock

4everfreebrony is tugging at the heartstrings again, this time from Applejack’s point of view. In a tribute to an underappreciated Eagles hit, the longtime fandom alum sings a song to AJ’s parents letting them know what is happening with their family and how she has been feeling. As usual, everything from the guitar-work to the harmonies, to the production is spot on and you can’t help but get a bit emotional listening to the hardworking farm pony tell her mom and dad they could never be replaced.Touching and with the perfect amount of slice-of-life feel, Working on the Farm is another fantastic number in 4everfreebrony’s always impressive repertoire.


Turquoise Splash – So Much Left To See | Soft Rock

What an amazing surprise to have a new release from the long-time fandom great, Turquoise Splash! So Much Left to See is exactly as amazing as you would expect from someone who has been a big part of so many fandom hits over the years, featuring incredibly beautiful vocals and a gorgeous acoustic guitar. The track is a love song between Derpy and Doctor Whooves with Splash singing of how much better things are for the ponies to be together. It is difficult to listen to just once and that’s a fantastic quality to have in a song.


Osoch – Pleasant Chill | New Age / Chill Out

Even when he’s working on something completely different from his usual metal styles, everything Osoch touches is gold! Pleasant Chill is everything the title claims and more. The song begins with a captivating intro and great bass line with mood setting pianos.
Then the strings come in breathing life into this track as it becomes an adventure and a superior meditation experience at the same time. I could say so many amazing things about this track – but you deserve to experience it yourself!


The Shake Ups – I’m the Draconequus | Rock Ballad

The Shake-Ups are still going strong with their latest song, I’m the Draconequus. This track is a nod to the Beatles’ hit “I Am the Walrus” and depicts the master of chaos as he is now. Featuring excellent acoustic guitar work throughout, I’m the Draconequus is a mellow rock track, but not without group vocals and an accompanying violin that add the necessary chaos into the song.If you like some southern rock, country pop, or just some general chaos, then make sure to click on this video!


[P@D] Spectra – Falter (covering Crystal Slave) | Soft Rock

Spectra is back and as good as ever with his beautifully touching contribution to the newest Ponies at Dawn compilation album, Rebirth. A pleasant, acoustic tone with a somber electric guitar lead set the emotion of Falter. Spectra’s singing compliments the song perfectly with passionate desperation, yearning not to be left alone. The reminiscence and emotion in his voice combined with the gorgeous acoustic elements mix intensely to create an incredible, solastalgic track – perfect for a rainy day!


AndNoOneDriving – In The Magical Land | Rock

The landscape begins rushing by seemingly never-ending and full of vistas each more epic than the last. In the Magical Land takes you on a grand journey through the fantastical land of Equestria by gently inviting your gaze toward a simple landscape, gradually guiding you into increasingly epic sights and experiences, and finally allowing you to settle down in a peaceful field to take it all in. This piece by AndNoOneDriving is a wonderful musical portrait that may even enhance one’s personal image of just how beautiful Equestria could be. If you enjoyed this song be sure to check out more of AndNoOneDrving’s incredibly inspired music such as For Queen Chrysalis.

Edit: The song appears to have been deleted from the channel for unknown reasons, so in the meantime you can listen to it from here.


Osoch – Heal the Soul | Alternative Rock

As a wonderful surprise, Osoch deviates from his heavier material and brings us a very beautiful track of hope and inspiration. Inspired by the Fallout Equestria universe, Heal the Soul is a prime example of how to make a song build up with energy – starting with soft, emptiness and ambiance, growing to a very satisfying, moving chorus, and then expertly switching back to build again. Osoch sings of the many difficult trials ahead and the better days to follow, utilizing brilliant harmonies and epic backing instrumentals along the way.