Stealing Shad3z – [MLP: The Movie SPOILERS] | Soft Rock

hmh spoilers

It was bound to happen at some point. Overall it doesn’t spoil the movie that much, but better safe than sorry, eh? Check out the song after the break.

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Luck Rock – Orchard in the Sky | Soft Rock

Inspired by The Perfect Pear, Luck Rock sings an amazing ballad about Big Mac and Sugar Belle. With some outstanding acoustic guitar and strings backing up his amazing singing, one can really feel the love being shown in Luck Rock’s song. I especially love the choruses, the lyrics are just so beautiful that it’s chilling, and the backing vocals in the final chorus are superb. Well done Luck Rock!


Soul Strings ft. Chi-Chi – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Soft Rock

Here’s another cover of Daniel Ingram’s “You’re in my Head like a Catchy Song!”  This one throws a bit of a curveball with the interestingly sweet chord progression!  The vocals are very well done; they’re clean, have good intonation, and they sound relaxed.  The bass guitar complements the accompaniment of the acoustic guitar, to point out as well.  Lastly, the post processing of this cover is quite satisfactory for the average listener to hear; it really enhances the instrumentation, especially with the reverb effect on the vocals!


Soren Ember – Dust (feat. Protocat) | Soft Rock / Piano Rock

The pony rock / metal songs promotion channel, Rock Farm, releases their first exclusive! A really soft and chill rock track performed by Soren Ember with a piano arrangement done by Protocat!

This collaboration is one of that unexpected and still amazing unions! Because we know Soren Ember (formally OBSCURA) by his amazing classic & soft rock tracks that remind us of the good old days and Protocat is known for his amazing chill Drum N Bass and amazing vocal chops! And oh boy, this collaboration worked! I really loved the piano performance, it was really amazing! Soren’s vocals are really cool and I love his vocals, I really appreciate the classic rock approach on the vocals that Soren uses for take us in a time travel, this time Soren brought me to the 90’s UK, where the Piano Alternative Rock was the main genre aka Britpop where bands such The Verve, Oasis, Blur, Suede, Pulp and Maniac Street Preacher were the most popular! The acoustic guitar riffs performed by Soren are also amazing, the guitar is one of the most important elements in a Soren Ember track, and I really appreciate this guitar riffs! The thing I really loved on this song is how all parts flow together and create a beautiful and amazing harmony! A piece that Rock Farm probably is proud on having on their channel! The song that talks about Lighting Dust’s feeling feelings toward Rainbow Dash following the events of S03E07 “Wonderbolts Academy“. I also loved that pleasuring solo at the middle of the song! Also the visuals, Makenshi is really good at this videos!


Totalspark – Friendship (covering Aviators) | Soft Rock

Aviator’s classic Friendship is still one of my favorite songs by him. Seeing Totalspark do a cover instantly put a big silly smile on my face. And boy oh boy, is it good. Totalspark’s classic sound design introduces an almost ambient feel. His slightly sad, sleepy, almost hypnotic vocals are at once emotional and relaxing. Truly a wonderful take on Friendship.


Francis Vace – So Long (Covering PrinceWhateverer) (feat. 4EverfreeBrony) | Soft Rock

When two talented musicians team up to cover a meaningful and already amazing song from another talented musician, it can only result in something awesomazing! Turning the original Metal track into a Soft Rock version and featuring 4EverfreeBrony‘s vocals, this cover does a mighty job at conveying the depth of the theme through emotional vocals from both singers, and a top-notch instrumental courtesy of Francis Vace. A wonderful cover indeed, from the album The Old Mare And The Sea that is out now!


StealingShad3z – Battlegrounds | Alternative Rock

A song with a wonderful concept and message, StealingShad3z’s new release tells about the Battlegrounds of life and how we can count on our true friends to be our “party members”, fighting alongside us and giving us strength, much like how the Mane 6 can always count on each other. And with the soft Alternative Rock instrumental and vocals that are equally amazing, the message is told with a perfect tenderness matching its intent.


CainbowRrash – Relaxing Sunny Day | Soundtrack

CainbowRrash always creates such unique tracks full of sweet ideas, and this new release blends in both acoustic and electric guitars, trumpet, and even piano for a wonderful result that is as soothing as it is delivering a very enjoyable OST vibe. This sounds straight from the OST of a J-RPG, and that is big for me to say considering how much I’m a fan! The progression of the track and the addition of all those instruments and melodies are truly making for a delightful treat, and it is perfect for a Relaxing Sunny Day.


PrinceWhateverer – Between Fairytales & Happy Endings (feat. Kaspuuh & Senra) | Soft Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 24 February 2017.

Prince is back with a new track from his Reinvent album. Unlike a lot of the high energy available on the album, this redux of a piece from yesteryear is a lot more relaxed and acoustically-oriented. Prince’s vocals still shine in this kind of setting, and it’s nice to see one his more emotional tracks done up in his much more professional recent sound. It gets a bit heavier towards the end, which is also a pretty nice payoff.