StealingShad3z – Battlegrounds | Alternative Rock

A song with a wonderful concept and message, StealingShad3z’s new release tells about the Battlegrounds of life and how we can count on our true friends to be our “party members”, fighting alongside us and giving us strength, much like how the Mane 6 can always count on each other. And with the soft Alternative Rock instrumental and vocals that are equally amazing, the message is told with a perfect tenderness matching its intent.


CainbowRrash – Relaxing Sunny Day | Soundtrack

CainbowRrash always creates such unique tracks full of sweet ideas, and this new release blends in both acoustic and electric guitars, trumpet, and even piano for a wonderful result that is as soothing as it is delivering a very enjoyable OST vibe. This sounds straight from the OST of a J-RPG, and that is big for me to say considering how much I’m a fan! The progression of the track and the addition of all those instruments and melodies are truly making for a delightful treat, and it is perfect for a Relaxing Sunny Day.


PrinceWhateverer – Between Fairytales & Happy Endings (feat. Kaspuuh & Senra) | Soft Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 24 February 2017.

Prince is back with a new track from his Reinvent album. Unlike a lot of the high energy available on the album, this redux of a piece from yesteryear is a lot more relaxed and acoustically-oriented. Prince’s vocals still shine in this kind of setting, and it’s nice to see one his more emotional tracks done up in his much more professional recent sound. It gets a bit heavier towards the end, which is also a pretty nice payoff.


4everfreebrony & Luna Jax – Back To You | Soft Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 15 January 2017.

Luna Jax and 4everfreebrony teaming up is a pretty awesome combination! With Jax’s strong vocals and a really nice instrumental it starts up brilliantly. 4everfreebrony’s vocals come in later on, and work just as well. A pretty soft and relaxing track, it wonderfully tells the story of Celestia and Luna’s reunion after Luna’s banishment to the moon ended.


[P@D] Francis Vace – Still Waiting | Soft Rock

Francis Vace’s beautiful solo contribution to the Voyager P@D album gets the YouTube video release it deserves, featuring a much inspired and passionate animation from Hackd that really contributes to the depth and the feelings evoked by this much emotional song. Taking on the theme of the headcanon of Twilight’s immortality, it brings all the depth with Francis’ amazing heartfelt vocals along a tender and reflective Soft Rock instrumental, as Twilight shares her inner thoughts and feelings to the moon, wishing that Luna would still be here at her side.


Fire Frets – Chasing Fate (Covering 4everfreebrony & Relative1Pitch) | Country

Fire Frets serves us with an incredible cover here at the apple orchard for Applejack day, delivering an honest and masterful performance of 4everfreebrony’s original song Chasing Fate featuring Relative1Pitch. Every instrument played with much passion, the musical ride takes us through the emotional piano melodies, the beautiful violin performance from Relative1Pitch, wonderful new vocals, and blissful guitar play, to retell the moving story. The Apple family truly would be proud.


Lightning Collector & Melody Sky – Who I Am | Soft Rock

A lovely collaboration full of honesty, this mellow yet rocking track born from the union of the talents of Lightning Collector and Melody Sky delights with a tender rock part that feels so genuine and blissful, then some electric guitars come in to bring some more awesome along both rap and rock vocals. A much orginal and enjoyable song, and we certainly hope to hear more from such a successful duo! From Lightning Collector, I also recommend Rainbow Trash and Metal Slave and its music video full of cool rock performance… with ponies!


Ponies At Dawn – Voyager | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Here it is, what’s bound to be the best Ponies At Dawn album yet. With each new album comes both a new selection of artists as well as some of the great ones who have been around for a while – something that is in my opinion the best balance when compiling brony music.

The album is available completely for free on Bandcamp, or you pay whatever amount you wish for it. You can expect to see many of the songs from it posted on the site in the coming days and weeks!