[LDB] SeyN AQ – Paris By Night (feat. Metajoker) | Progressive House

SeyN AQ (formally Neon Lights) re-makes his classic Paris By Night for the compilation album: Lycan Dese Beats 3. That re-make is the adding of the amazing vocals by Metajoker.

Everyone knows that Metajoker is a great singer (and pianist), and when he sings the “You are a star, See me, aime-moi, Lonely in France, Watching you dance” part, it really gave me chills down my spine. Basically, when Metajoker started singing it gave me chills, his vocals are really awesome and really housy for this track! Also the drop, I love it!

Also about the instrumental, it’s the same as the original Paris By Night, the awesome drops and that summer feeling to the lead and the pianos before the leads are also awesome. This song is a summer anthem and I’m thinking right now about this song being played at a bar in Paris.

You can download or buy Lycan Dese Beats 3 on bandcamp or if you are interested in SeyN AQ works you can buy this song and other 3 in SeyN’s bandcamp in the PbN Project EP.


[ASoS] Violin Melody – Raindrop | Progressive House / Trance

Violin Melody’s submission to the A State of Sugar’s album: Lollipop is pretty uplifting and sweet! The House elements are perfectly mixed with the trance elements. This track really represents the cold feeling of the raindrops in the winter. Really experimental and in an album full of uplifting, chilling and sweet songs, Raindrop is certainly one of the most avant-garde from the group!

Download or buy Lollipop at A State of Sugar’s bandcamp.


Daniel Ingram – Dance Magic (Delta Brony Remix) | Electro House / Big Room House

Delta Brony returns with a remix of one of the songs from one of the recents Equestria Girls shorts. This remix is pretty good, I loved the drop mostly, reminding me of the modern House acts like David Guetta or Calvin Harris (Motion era). This drops also have Big Room elements that reminds artists like Nicky Romero and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. This song is really danceable and uplifting. You should really check out.


[LDB] Mantlegen – Clear Out | Electro House

Mantlegen tries out some electro house in this awesome track. It’s upbeat, energetic, and a little tropical too. The Pinkie samples are perfect, and those plucks are just divine. Mantlegen is always a pleasure to listen to, and I definitely hope to hear more electro house from him in the future!

You can get this track as part of Mantlegen’s new I Wanna Be EP that just dropped, or alternatively as part of the recent Lycan Dese Beats Beats Me 3 compilation album!


Viricide Filly – These Bitter Wings | UK Garage / House

Second Back From Reality song that got featured on Cider Party! Congratulations Viricide Filly! Finally she is deserving her award for her 3 years of hard work.

The vocal chops are so well performed that make a beautiful synth! The mix between the robotic vocals of Viricide and the synth work and the drum work is amazing! Perfectly the best track from Viricide’s latest album. Also, I loved that sample of Rainbow Dash’s LOUDERRRR!

Also, just for saying this, Viricide is very good in writing lyrics and giving the real meaning to the song. Basically this song is about a breakdown of Viricide’s OC, Eleanor, also because this album is a concept album about her OC.  Not moving an inch, these bitter wings want me dead – this song has really some meaningful and deep messages inside of it. Basically the “bitter wings” are the every single crack of her troubled pasts. Loved the “solo” done with the synths at the end of the song, it was very awesome!

Download or buy Back From Reality in Viricide’s bandcamp. Support a 3 years producing work in you have money.


[LDB] NeverLastStanding – Forever & Always | Happy House

What a fantastic song by NeverLastStanding! Electric pony samples plus happy sounds equals a truly spectacular song. From the description, it seems that this is NeverLastStanding’s love letter to the fandom. And that’s something I absolutely support. Truth be told, I feel exactly the same way. I love this fandom, I love its music, I love ponies, and I love seeing other people feel the same way. /)