Daniel Ingram – Becoming Popular (mikuma Remix) | Future House

Mikuma’s back with a new show song remix showcasing his unique style! Using the whole extent of his experience, the musician crafted tasty whomps to go along Rarity’s vocals from Becoming Popular. It all makes for a very bouncy and danceable treat, making you feel like you’re in some popular disco club in Equestria! As a bonus, Photo Finish drawn by the awesome Marenlicious is here to grace us with the beautiful -and rare- sight of her eyes…


ertrii – Serenity | Progressive House

Ertrii’s been on a roll lately, releasing new tunes almost by the day! Seems like he had many unfinished projects, and perhaps the community played a part in giving him the motivation to finish them… Either way it’s all a wonderful blessing, as we get entranced by the musician’s signature soothing melodies and gorgeous sounds! Serenity is no exception, accompanying the incredible scenery from the cover art with a heavenly atmosphere and incredible sound design. Also check out the other recent songs Strangers On The Road, Have Fun, and Dance With Me, each depicting a particular scene and mood, and always with Ertrii’s talent and unique musical style!


Daniel Ingram – A True True Friend (NeverLastStanding Remix) | House

Part-time Pinkie Pie and Hype Horse NeverLastStanding is back in the Electronic game, and presents us a brand new show song remix, that is as meaningful as it is uplifting! Always with much emotion brought forth by both the bright melodies and the musician’s feelings (explained in the description and comment), this remix of Daniel Ingram’s memorable A True, True Friend sets itself in a lineage of happy and lovely show song remixes from NeverLastStanding, and overwhelms us once again as memories of special times and feelings for the ponies all gather in one divine moment of passion and love…


Daniel Ingram – The Spectacle (UndreamedPanic & mikuma Remix) | Bass House

NB: This was originally poste on Equestria Daily on 6 July 2018.

It’s been a long time coming, but Panic and mikuma have now released this awesome remix of The Spectacle that combines both of their styles in an interesting way. Smooth bass house vibes permeate through the first half of the track, with great use of the vocals, before the second half gets a bit bouncier.


Daniel Ingram – Love Is In Bloom (loophoof Remix) | House

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 28 June 2018.

I’ve really been loving loophoof’s music lately, and another show song remix from him is great to see! This time he tackles the old classic party song Love Is In Bloom, making excellent use of the vocals throughout. Some high energy supersaws combine with awesome vocal manipulation to create something pretty great!


Notion – Who Walks In Your Dreams? (feat. Vylet Pony) | House

You know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! And it looks like Notion has created something that definitely isn’t broken. Almost a year ago Notion wrote a song, had someone with an amazing voice sing for it, and then had an excellent videographer make a video for it; and it was a great success!  And he has done it again! This time he has once again enlisted the extremely talented Vylet Pony to perform the vocals. Vylet’s style fits the theme of the piece perfectly and goes well with the synths. This song explores an interesting concept, who protects the protector? Luna protects many dreams from nightmares, but who protects her dreams? It is all tied together by another great PMV created by none other than Jack DC 93. This is a change from Jacks normal style, but it integrates perfectly with the song and its theme. All in all an excellent piece, hopefully we see more in the future!


[LDB] BlueBrony – Reborn | Orchestral Electronic

BlueBrony always delivers with something that only he could, and Reborn is incredibly well put together and performed. The track takes the perspective of Sunset Shimmer and tackles the difficult concept of forgiveness from her own point of view. After a tense, paranoia-inducing intro, the song transitions into a beautiful and delicate piano piece and continues to expertly meld other musical styles throughout the piece. BlueBrony does a top-notch job at conveying the joy and almost relief that comes from e forgiveness and acceptance of her friends.



[P@D] EM120X & SDreamExplorerS – Æthereality (feat. Daria Intoxicated) | House / Metal

Here is another exciting collaboration featured in the most recent chart topping Ponies at Dawn album, Rebirth. Æthereality combines the amazing housestyle music of EM120X with the phenomenal guitar shredding of SDreamExplorerS, featuring both SDream and Daria Intoxicated as vocalists. The track immediately catches your attention with the excellent synth and drums before making the bold and creative choice to introduce dueling metal guitars.A rare mashup of styles and great performance for all, be sure to check out this amazing addition to the Rebirth album!