Dynamite Grizzly – Trickery (Hyper Mystic Mix) | Hardcore Techno

After the original and the Faith Mix, now comes a Trixie-themed high-speed mix of Trickery! Pushing the original melodies in a brand new direction, the great and powerful mix chants Trixie’s almighty-ness along samples from the show, and delivers Dynamite Grizzly’s Hardcore Techno magic with stunning style and uplifting speed!


R3CTIFIER – Break the Silence (Cynifree Remix) | Chill House

R3CTIFIER‘s Break the Silence is one of my favorite releases of the last few months, and it’s so cool to get a remix of it from Cynifree! Going the chill route, the musician takes the original vocal chops on a new soothing House journey that provides such a comfy atmosphere that Fluttershy would probably approve of. Let the many wonders flow once again with this remix!


Tridashie feat. IMShadow007 & Brittney Ackerman – Pony Girl (174UDSI Remix) | House

174UDSI gives Tridashie’s amazing Pony Girl a house-y trance-y twist in this remix! The bassline is absolutely stunning, as are the crisp, precise claps. Brittney Ackerman’s and IMShadow007’s vocals are delightfully tweaked and filtered, and the whole song is packed with energy. If you liked the original, be sure and listen to this wonderful remix!


One Track Mind – Happy Warming Hearth | Experimental

Courtesy of, here’s One Track Mind‘s musical take at Hearth’s Warming. The story behind this track is just as mad as what the music suggests, and it is with great delight that we experience an alternative ending of S06E08 A Hearth’s Warming Tale, with Castlevania-ish melodies and chiptune sounds in pure One Track Mind style, and of course vocal samples from the episode!


DJT – Waking Up Alone (feat. Metajoker) | Electro House

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 28 December 2017.

I always love to hear everything that DJT comes up with, and a collaboration with vocalist Metajoker is most welcome. The vocals are top notch, and fit in excellently with the instrumental. The instrumental itself also holds itself high with some terrific energy during a high energy chord-filled house-y drop, plus some fantastic lead synth composition towards the end.