The Wilders – All for the Love of Trash (NYMUND9 Remix) | House

That didn’t take long… No more than a day after “Dumpster Diving” premiered for MLP: Tell your Tale, this fun little remix of this song was dropped by NYMUND9. The topic is a tad strange, but if you have seen the episode, you will get it. The song’s composition is given a bouncy makeover to give some vibrancy to Izzy’s search for that ring she needs for Sunny. The phrase “one pony’s trash is another pony’s treasure” is taken to another level with loud and blaring bass, and echo changes to the tone of Izzy’s lyrics that amps the type of optimistic melodies you get from the mood of this song. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Aiky – 2022 | House

Fandom newcomer Aiky is off to a promising start with this pleasant house jam! The chords make up fun, punchy melodies while Aiky throws in some more orchestral sections to keep things fresh and add a flavor of emotion to the dance track. A fun template of uplifting composition with plenty of energy, don’t sleep on this new fandom producer!


The Wilders – Let’s All Unite (Everypony Everywhere) [Voltex Pixel Remix] | Melodic House

Get your hands up for some Make Your Mark remixes! Voltex Pixel captures the energy and bright, fun times of “Let’s All Unite” with moving melodies behind Pipp’s original vocals. Voltex also adds in several chops from the special for added flavor and drops so fun you won’t be able to help but bounce around!

[P@D] L-Train, 4EverfreeBrony & Koa – Battle Royale | Electro Swing

Day and Night meet in an epic showdown! This culmination of “Daybreaker Boogie” and “Paint the Moon Red” is featured as track 7 on the new Ponies at Dawn album Zenith and boasts sassy, cleverly-written lyrics, funky instrumentals by L-Train, powerful vocals from 4EverfreeBrony and Koa (reprising their roles as Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon, respectively), and a groovy swing that you can’t help but dance (or at least bop your head along) to. Keep your ears open for a melodic callback to “Paint the Moon Red”, namedrops of the two previous P@D albums on which the aforementioned predecessor tracks were featured (Ignite and Eclipse), and even a SpongeBob SquarePants reference.

What happens when these two celestial rivals butt heads? Take a listen!


Voltex Pixel – Hang In There (Remastered) | House

Need a little boost for your spirits? Voltex Pixel’s got your back with this cheery, danceable bop. Bright, verby melodies combine delightfully with a tasty bass synth and a classic progressive house beat. Turn that frown upside down and follow the advice of the title – hang in there!


Various Artists – trīgintā [EP] | Electronic

“Trīgintā” is a word in Latin that means “Thirty”. This EP is a mix of old and new from Brilliant Venture and friends that reflects on the past thirty years of his life and this fandom, with optimism for what the future holds. Its a wonderful mixed bag of goods including an original piece, remix, and a mashup!

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[P@D] John Kenza & loophoof – Ask Me | House

The Ponies at Dawn: Zenith hype continues with a track from returning fandom favorites John Kenza and loophoof. With a combo like this collaborating on a house song, you know it’s going to be top tier, and “Ask Me” certainly doesn’t disappoint – it’s a vibe and a half! Jazzy electric keys and a driving, warm bassline support some funky vocal chops (as we can always expect from loophoof) with a groove that’ll get your head bobbing in no time!


Daniel Ingram – Friendship Always Wins (JTH Remix) | House

If you thought “Friendship Always Wins” couldn’t feel any more uplifting, just wait until you hear JoinedTheHerd’s remix! Warm plucked chords lay the foundation for top-notch vocal chops and a synth lead melody full of heart, both of which are absolute earworms! If you’ve been looking for a positivity boost, look no further – crank up this tune and feel the magic blossom.


PSFMer – Pontextual | Techno

I’ve been reliably informed that this is actually techno, not just an outdated label for EDM! It feels close to a trancey beat, but there’s something about the way the arrangement slow progresses and how the bass repeats the same pattern that makes it feel very eerie and unnerving. The image used probably helps to convey that feeling too! Check it out for something a bit different to normal from PSFMer.


loopy x Koa – Pull Over (Siren Song) | Remix Album

A big hit off Ponies at Dawn’s Oceansong from a year ago was the single Pull Over (Siren Song). While popular in its own right, the collaboration between Koa and loopyy really took off after the duo pair launched a remix contest with the prize including admission to this remix album.

I spoke with Koa recently who said the album was conceived because it sounded like a fun idea. She told me that she really enjoys the diversity in creative elements that come about from such a contest. The number of directions different people can take with the same source is astounding! With 26 initial remix submissions, this winter was certainly full of unique interpretations of the same project!

AnNy Tr3e Remix – You wouldn’t know you are listening to Siren Song at first with this remix. Perhaps the best at subverting expectations, AnNy Tr3e brings a very big room feel to the album.

Payyn Remix – A big buildup at the very beginning lets you know something big is coming! The mix lulls you in with soft space-y vibes right up until it punches you in the face with heavy bass and crazy wubs.