Etherium Apex – Angel of the Day | Progressive House

Etherium returns for a mighty tribute to our princess of the sun, in the form of a classy and bright Prog House masterpiece that features both gorgeous and rocking vocals! As usual, the 3D artwork used as the cover art was made by Etherium as well!


TheBluishPony – Vinyl Rave | Future House

Woo!! What a boppin’ track from TheBluishPony! This is a seriously powerful dance track that really gives off those classic Vinyl Scratch vibes. The half-time switch in the drop adds some absolutely stunning variety to this already stellar track! What a fantastic addition to my playlist, and hopefully yours, too!


Viricide Filly – Vividddd | Downtempo / Experimental Garage

Viricide is no stranger to obscure and unique vibes and this is no exception! There is a very bright and airy atmosphere with those signature processed vocals with which the song opens, but once you get to the meat of the mix that is where she truly shines! A very gritty yet mellow mood with an exceptionally groovy bassline, there is something for everyone here as we follow Eleanor on her journey throughout the soon-to-be-released album “Yet Sightless”.


TCB – Part Of Your Day | Future House

This lovey Yona tribute is a short and sweet pleaser to best yak. Why not a full song, it sure makes its point by being an uplifting song with just the right yak stomping energy. Taking a little bit of “fit right in” from she’s all yak. The message of the episode with some melodies of future house EDM will hopefully remind you to be like best yak and let her help you in your day. Yona is the best yak for a good reason. TCB, well done good sir!


UndreamedPanic – Friends | Progressive House

The insanely versatile UndreamedPanic returns with a cut centered around the themes of friendship and, of course, the student six! Clearly, Panic has put a much love in the creation of this tune, if the description is to be believed, and it’s evident in the chill-inducingly catchy melodies featured throughout the song.  The vocal chops in the song are subtle and soft yet perfectly befitting, and each section in the song feels fresh. I personally also appreciate his ability to put the “progress” in “progressive house,” as the progression in this song is simple but effective. Here’s to UndreamedPanic, learning, and friendship in whatever form it may take!


Daniel Ingram – Better Way to Be Bad (NYMUND9 Remix) | Electro

The first remixes of Better Way to Be Bad from the latest episode are out!! NYMUND9 is definitely knocking it out of the park with an amazing Electro remix empowering the dark and villainous vibes with certain effects on the vocals, for pure bliss and emotion as we get a new experience of our beloved villains’ song. The intricate and refined melodies on those synths are working so well for the genre and providing a much cohesive electronic arrangement, and NYMUND9 even went all-out with crazy vocal chops out of Cozy’s voice!! So awesome! And it’s actually not the first early remix of that song to have come out in the community! Check out Toby Macarony’s Remix and Evgeniy Doctor’s Remix!