Koa & loopyy – Siren Song (Valoria Remix) | Future Bounce

After releasing the shorter radio edit, Valoria has dropped the original, full-length version of their remix for Pull Over (Siren Song), showing off a special brand of future bounce! The track features a quick beat and introduces fun, robotic effects to ease us into the vocals. This combination works well for a fantastic build supporting a beautiful vocal harmony. In addition to a top-tier drop, the second loop of the track continually introduces new elements and sections! Between Koa’s awesome vocals, different beat changes, ever-evolving vocal chops, the extended track time, unexpected twists, and upbeat fun, Valoria makes sure this remix is never boring and always a top tier hit!

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Kimiko Glenn – I’m Looking Out For You (Yellow Tune Remix) | Hands Up

Yellow Tune (one of the musicians I most look forward to hearing) has a very special sound to his production, and it makes me love everything makes! We start with Izzy’s amazing vocals, supported by the I’m Looking Out For You melody. An amazing instrumental slowly builds around the original track, leading to a very unexpected first drop. To my surprise, Yellow Tune skips the build up and goes straight into the drop without a warning. Normally this is a difficult move to pull off, but is very powerful in the context of this remix! We flow smoothly into the next verse, and get a section supported by the vocals where the instrumental parts are given space to shine. The next drop include drum hits and maintain that steady flow, which sets this song apart from traditional remixes, and is perfectly executed. After the drop we quickly fade out for a fitting ending to this wonderful track.


Koa & loopyy – Pull Over (Siren Song) (MelodyBrony Remix) | House

Today we got ourselves another amazing remix of loopyy and Koa’s masterpiece Siren Song, but this time around it’s from someone who you wouldn’t really expect to make EDM! In his first foray into the genre, MelodyBrony brings us this awesome remix, so let’s get straight into the amazingness!

We start out with the original Koa vocals and slowly get into the awesome rhythm, accenting Koa’s voice very well and introducing a subtle build. We get an unexpected beat switch which plays very well into the siren theme. Melody gives us his own take on the classical drum build up, and takes us into the stunning drop. There’s a taste of the original melody, with a stop beat to subvert expectations again, before the full front of the amazing drop. This drop is made wonderfully with an upbeat melody, drums on point, fun chopping of the vocals, and it is all supported by a constant loop of “Hey!”s that keep the whole section hyped-up.

After the drop Melody dares to jump straight back into a calm beat – executed to music perfection! But we don’t keep calm for long as claps set in and start edging us to the next drop, making for a wonderful mix of an interlude and build up section. Just when you think you know what’s coming, the instrumental drops out leaving just the vocals before the actual build up (just as amazing as before), hyping us into the drop. After the drop, there’s another sharp and sudden cut to only the instrumental which slowly builds up into one of the most amazing outro’s I have ever heard. Melody not only shows off some great guitar skills, but he goes crazy on the vocal chops! We get a few last synth notes before this masterpiece comes to an end. If you only enjoy EDM half as much as I do I can tell you you will love this song, so go ahead and take a listen.


[VibePoniez] PumpkinZ & Butterflight – Hindsight | UK Garage

PumpkinZ has been on a roll lately, and teamed up with long-time producer Butterflight for this big-sounding contribution to the most recent VibePoniez compilation album, New Leaf. Hindsight greatly utilizes a wide sound-design with its backing synths and somehow manages to keep getting bigger – surrounding you in the chill atmosphere. The percussion keeps driving without ever being too much or too little, but perfect for the energy of the track. Some lead synth-work is added at times to keep things fun and introduce more melodic tones to what is already an incredible vibe!


[P@D] AnNy Tr3e – Spread Your Wings | Progressive House

Hope and freedom, anyone?  This is the uplifting message of AnNy Tr3e’s new track, “Spread Your Wings.”  Inspired by the epic story of the hippogriffs’ imprisonment under the harsh reign of the Storm King, the music and lyrics of this piece convey the exhilarating moment when the Storm King’s rule is overthrown, and the hippogriffs leave their watery prison to spread their wings and fly free at last.  My imagination soared as I listened.  I could almost hear the hippogriffs exclaiming, “What’s that, you say? The king has fallen?  Hooray! We’re free at last!  In fear and solitude, we need no longer hide. Come now, let us rise up, spread our wings, and fly again!”

True to the story that inspired “Spread Your Wings,” AnNy Tr3e has done a masterful job of creating an instrumental that features both majestic and energetic sound design coupled with Agatan’s inspired lyrics and skilled vocal performance.  This makes for a truly awesome track.  Be sure to check out this, as well as a vast array of tracks from other talented artists from Ponies at Dawn’s newest compilation album, Aurora!


Vanessa Hudgens – Gonna Be My Day (TheMogul Remix) | House

Well. It seems that remixes of “Gonna Be My Day” are now kinda like a trend in the community lately, and this time being no exception. TheMogul delivers us this simple but fascinating remix of this song. The song starts with that characteristic guitar from the original tune. But then, all of a sudden, a deep bass, along with some punchy drum sounds accompanying the vocal by (in words of TheMogul) the best new pony, Sunny Starscout! After that, the track buildups for the drop, which is very cute and amazing. I love the high-sounding mallets in the drop, accompanying the hook, a neat detail for the track! And last but not least, I contacted TheMogul himself, and he told me that he is preparing a remix for every song in the movie! So, please stay tuned and give some support to him.


Vanessa Hudgens – Gonna Be My Day (loophoof Remix) | Complextro

Well, let’s address the blatantly obvious: every note and beat of this song is amazing, so half of this article is going to be me gushing, and it’ll need theCANderson’s touch to make it sound coherent, so this might sound slightly different then my normal writing. The song is just too amazing!
We start this absolute masterpiece with the amazing vocals by Vanessa Hudgens and just a small melody, but as Sunny skates through the town of Maretime Bay the melody slowly builds up. Then we approach one of my favourite parts of the song: as Sunny skates through the streets we get this really stunning bit where only every few words or so we get an amazing beat, and the rest of the time it’s just Miss Hudgens’s stunning vocals. Then the beats and melody slowly ramp up to a build up that was sent from the heavens. And just as heavenly is the absolutely gorgeous drop where we keep our beat from before as the melody and other synths ramp up to 300 percent, resulting in a wonderful drop that words fail to describe! There’s also some awesome vocal chop work in there! We jump straight out of the chorus in the next verse, and the beat first starts out like in the beginning of the song–rather calm and really highlighting the vocals–but soon it ramps up again, into a funky, more disco sounding beat, something I didn’t quite expect but love to hear! We quickly get back into the lovely, beat-vocals-interplay, and then before you know it we’re back to the absolutely fire build up before jumping right into the even more fire drop! This is so unbelievably much fun; I promise you that even if you hate EDM you will love this! This time as we jump out of the drop we get some more amazing vocal chop work that’ll make every EDM-addict’s heart beat faster! Next we get this small, more quiet beat that is reminiscent of the intro beat but isn’t the same. Along with the vocal build from the original we also get an amazing build up in the beat: Now the beat from the earlier interplay joins a riser as they form one of the best EDM buildups I’ve ever heard! The drop is amazing as always, and for the ending we get this amazingly done bit where the beat just suddenly cuts out and we only get a slight bit of melody to accent the final lines of vocals.
All the thanks to theCANderson for proofreading through my incoherent gushing!


Alan Schmuckler – Danger, Danger (Pagan Pegasus Remix) | Future House

Today we’ve got ourselves a newcomer to the brony music scene! Pagan Pegasus brings us this amazing remix of the MLP: A New Generation movie song “Danger, Danger”, and, sweet Celestia, it’s awesome, so let’s gets straight into it! We start straight into the EDM vibes with a crash joining the lyrics, but in the beginning Pagan Pegasus still keeps mostly to the original rock instrumental, which is a welcome bit of variety when you compare it to other remixes. The build up in this song is also refreshingly simple–we just get a little vocal loop and an audible cue for “stuff’s about to go down”. And then we get to the drop! I love the drop–it’s unapologetic Future House fun and works perfectly with Alan Schmuckler’s amazing vocals. We then get a background beat after we get out of the drop, but we can still hear the original instrumental shining through. This is something you don’t see very often, and it really works well to make this remix stand out. Next we come to my favourite part of this remix–we get a classical build up, then the build up does a fake out and brings us not into the drop but instead out of EDM territory and into the clap rhythm of the original, and then we get the drop. To quickly talk about the build up to the drop–there isn’t any! We get the “My name’s Rob” line and then just jump straight into the drop, which is a gamble strategically because it might not always work, but Pagan Pegasus pulls it off expertly! This amazing second drop is where we end this wonderful masterpiece!
Proofread by theCANderson, give some love to him!


Evgeniy Doctor – Hibernation | Electro House

It’s pretty funny that Evgeniy Doctor based this song on Benny Benasi’s “Satisfaction” (don’t follow that link if you’re at work!) considering how different the subject matter is, but it works! The track opens with cymbals and a buzzy synth line and quickly gets into some great house percussion. Some excellent vocal chops set up the track’s story, and the insistent vibe of the track is explained as Rainbow Dash stresses out about Tank’s need to hibernate. I love the “hibernation” Flutterchop that is used for a bit of vocal melody–it’s a hilarious parallel to the “satisfaction” lyric from the inspiring track. There is some nice depth to the mix and satisfying synth design throughout the song, and the arrangement keeps the energy high and dynamic. I was expecting this song to be a lot more chill when I saw the background art, but I didn’t mind being surprised! Add this track to the holiday playlist!


Sylvver – The Wingpony | Big Room House

Based on the competition that Rainbow Dash had with Lightning Dust in the classic episode 7 of the 3rd season, Sylvver set the fire up with this banger! including that cool rave vibes, and an energetic super saw melody, Sylvver imagines the intensity of those two big friends that fought to see who is better, and to see who can be the best… The track starts with a strong beat set by a kick, and some percussive synths that make you know the whole feeling of the song. Succeeding that energetic and punchy intro, we land into a breakdown, where we can hear how the main melody (made of a gritty and rough lead) grows, and a deep and potent sub-bass, accompanied by the robust chords, makes the way along. After that gorgeous breakdown, a buildup is preparing us for the drop, and I have to admit, the drop hits harder than I thought! Showing the melody in all its glory and epicness, all together into a full symphony of cool synths. This banger is perfect for those crazy rave parties and festivals full of energy and power! It even makes you wanna jump at the rhythm of the beat. Undoubtedly, Sylvver has made a great track, so please, go and listen to this song and be sure to support her, she is a very great an underrated producer!