Metapony – Moonlight | Progressive House

There’s something truly special about Metapony’s Progressive House, and perhaps it is the wonderful Night feel that a lot of the tracks have, reminding of Night Trance and making for a lot of emotion. This new piece fittingly centered around Luna’s Moonlight certainly has that powerful vibe going and provides a blissful experience with a wonderful progression of warm synths, reflecting so well the comfort of the Night.


Dynamite Grizzly – Greater Dawn | Hard-Tech

Starting off with a rather holy sounding melodic vocal hook and jungle-style drum roll you’d expect this track to be a delicious foray into Drum & Bass. However, the track quickly opens up into a much more decadent mix of hardcore meets hard-tech. The further addition of Arabic inspired instruments and Heavy Rock guitars makes this track a very unique listening experience. The seemingly incompatible sounds work very well together making the track just as pleasant to listen to as it is uncommon.


Faulty – Be With You | Progressive House

Heartfelt songs are the best, and isn’t it wonderful when it holds a personal meaning too? Faulty’s first original track certainly shines bright from the power of passion and gratitude, and it is with a happy and meaningful Archie-like Progressive House vibe that many feelings are shared in an upbeat and positive way. Amazing both musically and in its message, Be With You makes you feel right at home in this wonderful community.


NeverLastStanding – Your Friend | Happy Hardcore / House

We can always count on NeverLastStanding to spread further the wonderful messages of the show and the amazing values of this community, and that’s why I recommend to always check his descriptions! But it’s not just through words. In the heartfelt music that NeverLastStanding is composing, the messages are stronger than words, and the emotions are conveyed through music. This original track is no exception, with Happy Hardcore melodies that seem to shout positive meanings wide and loud, pony vocal chops evoking our feelings for the ponies, and a strong but sweet beat that also just seems to call for emotions. As we get reminded of many “important things”, and as powerful emotions arise from the beauty of both the music and the meanings behind it, we share in joy, united by ponies, what makes us unique as a community. I love you all! And you heard the pony! We need your help!


Thyrai – Praise The Moon VIP | Progressive House

After their much welcomed return For Old Times’ Sake, Thyrai is now gracing us with a VIP of Praise the Moon (the original version is available for download in the description for those interested), and it is in a happy Progressive House instrumental that we partake in showing our appreciation to Luna and her beautiful Night once more, elated by uplifting synth melodies and beats. Here’s to Thyrai’s return!


NeoN – Bring The House Down | Bass House

Much to our delight, NeoN has released another very lovely album, and this one is more on the heavy side. Tackling on the powerful Bass House genre after getting inspired from personal musical passion, the awesome musician unleashes a crazy dark bouncy mood along amazing sound design, with even Rainbow Dash keeping it loud. The rest of the album is sick as well, with every track proving to be quite the party material in its own way. I highly recommend grabbing it here! And you definitely want to sub to NeoN if you haven’t already, because you’re in for a wonderful ride!


Einarx – Nightwatcher EP | Electronic

It’s been a good few months since Einarx’s last EP but his latest one, Nightwatcher, sees a real step up in production for one of Magnus Records’ most prominent contributors. We’ve already featured 3 of the 5 tracks on this EP here on the site, so I won’t go into full depth on this post. The songs range from melody-based dubstep and dnb, to some more hard hitting trap and electro house – a good reflection of the range of styles he has to offer. So if your tastes in music include the EDM umbrella, I can definitely recommend this EP to you.

You can download this EP on the Magnus Records bandcamp for absolutely free.

And that art by Marenlicious is pretty awesome too!


Henni – Beautiful Smile | House

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 28 February 2017.

Sometimes it’s nice to have music that seems to have one purpose – and that’s to convey joy and happiness. Henni’s recent Wonderful Friends EP sets out exactly with that goal in mind and to me, Beautiful Smile accomplishes it fantastically. Upbeat synths playfully dance around some really upbeat progressions, and it definitely leaves me with a smile.