Ersillus – My Friends | Progressive House

Ersillus makes their debut in the pony music scene with a beautiful Progressive House track that brings much “feel good” vibes along that emotional artwork! A very promising start and we’re excited to hear more from the musician!


The Rainbooms – All Good (Pinkie Brayn Remix) | Electro House

A tasty surprise from a musician I didn’t know before, Pinkie Brayn’s Electro House remix of The Rainbooms’ song is quite punchy with clean percussions, uplifting synths, and the original vocals that contribute to bring so much renewed joy in this brand new electronic arrangement!


Daniel Ingram – The Pony I Want to Be (Etherium Apex Remix) | Progressive House

Etherium Apex’s Electronic songs always have a notable vibe to them, and this one is no exception! The chord progression is spot on, and the melody is catchy and fitting! Its reflects Diamond Tiara’s emotions remarkably well and its always nice seeing her getting some much deserved love and I hope we get to see more of her eventually.


Zizkil – The Vogue | House

Zizkil is back with a very clean Rarity track, The Vogue. This one is chock full of bouncy house beats juxtaposed against raw hip hop rhythms, all while accompanied by brilliant Rarity vocal chops. Moods clash and are mixed throughout the track. At some points, it is colourful and glamorous before becoming submerged in bits of deep resonance; the dichotomy between these vibes establish movement and context to the song as a whole, creating a genuinely interesting listening experience. The song is accompanied with fitting artwork from ObscureDragone.


ROKII – SmartPony™ | Album | Electronic

ROKII recently released their SmartPony™ Album and I have to say its a real treat! Introduced with an eerie yet mystical ambiance that relays a sense of discovery and the unknown. From here things progressively ramp up and AI Heartbeat really caught my attention here. Its very mechanical yet melodic and everything feels like clockwork from here as elements are brought in and out breathing life to the machine and is a very solid track that blends the mysticism of the opening with the rest of the album’s inner workings.

After a short interlude we get into the dark and gritty of Internet Protocol Address. After the AI comes alive it than needs an identifier. That is where this track comes into play with some industrial minimalist vibes it really feels like a driving force for whats to come.

This album has quite a lot of diversity ranging from ambient, to progressive house, tech house, dubstep, complextro, and more and its just such a fun experience to explore the mind of the SmartPony™. I especially love its ending. The raw emotion it exudes is awe-inspiring and the world it shapes before we even get into the first few notes really sets us up to let us know that it is indeed getting dark, and their batteries have run out; at least for now…