Crystal Slave – Our Flaws | Drum & Bass

A gorgeous swan song of sorts for the brony community, Crystal Slave’s final present is sampling the famous Flawless and showcases much creativity in this instrumental that seems to blend several Electronic genres! You can read this letter from the musician to know more about his feelings, and get an explanation about some things that happened in the past with his music. Let’s wish him the best for the future!


Spikey Wikey – H.O.R.S.E. (The Word Is) [Rokii Remix] | Tech House

A more minimal and techno take on Spikey Wikey‘s bizarre song, H.O.R.S.E; Rokii has taken this song off the deep end. Literally. A very pronounced progression with a powerful deep rolling bassline with little sprinklings of various elements and ominous design, this remix gives off a tense energy and kept me interested till the very end. But most importantly,
Have you heard, the word?


[P@D] John Kenza – Nightlife |Melodic House/Trance

John Kenza is easily one of the best at fun, catchy house melodies! His upbeat tempos combined with perfectly crafted synths and song progressions are consistently incredible! Nightlife brings the party right to you with the rave build ups, drops, and even some vocal chops from Spike! A hit track off the new Ponies at Dawn: Eternal album you don’t want to miss – so make sure to go grab the entire compilation right away!


Viricide Filly – Yet Sightless | Album | Experimental / Dream House

In tandem with This Place Will Never Let Me Leave, Yet Sightless is the mane album and showcase of what Viricde has been up to, that we’ve been excited about for a while. And oh boy, was it worth the wait! Such incredible compositions are blowing us away and that from the start, as Eleanor’s story unfolds in musical form. Check out the full story from the description on Bandcamp! Experimental, refined, creative, and harmonious, the masterpieces are bringing such melodic bliss along the amazing basslines and vocals in pure Viricide Filly style, as we dive in atmospheres from unseen realms!


Viricide Filly – This Place Will Never Let Me Leave | Album | Experimental / House

Viricide Filly brings around a brand new and brilliantly experimental album named This Place Will Never Let Me Leave. Introduce yourself with the title track, a melodic exposition that shows to you the noisy ambitions and grainy invasions of the album. Stick around for the trance-like air and eerie vocal samples of Face Your Fears, You’ll Disappear and All As Small As You, the sinister, silent, and uncannily ambient finisher On the Other Side of the City, and the crunch of the melodies in Glacia Maxima. Eleanor’s Elegy, acting as my personal favorite on the album, incorporates intricate rhythms and piercingly melodic chords. Industrial influences run strong with this one, especially with the track climbingclimbingclimbingCLIMBING. Such influences make it very reminiscent of witch house. This album also includes a consistent narrative to it, shown by the artist’s description and naming. If you wish for a refreshing interpretation of house music, I’ve no doubt this album will satisfy any of those yearnings.

Editor’s note: Also check out the mane album Yet Sightless!


UndreamedPanic – Stratosphere VIP (feat. Metajoker) | Progressive House

Remember this one? Well, it’s back, and this time with a brand new coat of paint with a little help from Metajoker. While it contains all the familiar elements from the original such as the bouncy house melodies and MLP vocal chops, it also adds new vocals and lyrics from Metajoker that suit the music perfectly. Amazing work from this duo!