Daniel Ingram – Rainbow Roadtrip (JoinedTheHerd Remix) | House

JoinedTheHerd keeps up his trend of remixing MLP songs with this remix of the opening track from Rainbow Roadtrip! I don’t know how he did it, but he successfully managed to extend a 30 second song into a 3 minute house banger without making it sound repetitive. The production on this track is as good as it’s ever been, with all the house elements coming together to give the song a new, bouncy breath of life.


Eniix – Flutter Rage (Pony Killerz Remix) | Electro House

The elusive Pony Killerz returns with a remix of Eniix‘s old tune Flutter Rage! Their version basically takes the original track and modernises it with clean production and dynamics while also using the original sample, that being Fluttershy raging in a different language. The powerful distorted bass really brings out those feelings you hear in her voice!


Daniel Ingram – We’ve Come So Far (Ardhy Remix) | Progressive House

Ok so I get to write about BaconHair now, Sweet!. Ardhy says he doesn’t think he can come up with his own ideas. Well until then. Keep making these remixes that you put your own swing too, so you’re sorta giving your own idea to it. Back to the song, Mr Ingrams song about Sunset Shimmer coming a very long way is frankly lovely.  Sooooo let’s make it more uplifting. Ardhy put somw progressive house magic on it, The result is this song becomes powerful uplifting to Sunsets lyrics with this dreamily and epic melody to it. Well done sir. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Mogul Dash – 5M1L3 (SMILE) | House

Let’s just keep this comeback streak going, shall we? 5M1L3 is Mogul Dash’s first full MLP-related release in well over 5 years! This crazy track utilises Pinkie’s vocals from the Smile Song and chops them up, creating a brand new, bass-heavy and bouncy instrumental! There’s a lot of wild sounds and chopped effects in this, especially towards the end, where Pinkie’s voice is left alone with the music. Welcome back, Mogul!


A State of Sugar – Brownie | Compilation Album | Electronic

It is time again for another incredible ASoS album, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, then get on it! There are so many incredible tracks on this 43 song compilation album that there’s no way to highlight all the greatness in one article! Luckily there will be plenty of individual posts in the coming days on Horse Music Herald!

Brownie is another masterpiece in a collection of A State of Sugar albums which are dedicated to “sweet” themed tracks. Perhaps the most diverse of ASoS albums to date, this one features everything you could want and more!

There’s powerhouse collaborations, bright and uplifting songs, crazy and complex dance tracks, creative and catchy hip-hop, metal-EDM collaborations, and everything in-between! Brownie is high quality and a mega album like this will keep you boppin’ along for hours!



Toby Macarony – AJ’s Muscles | Alternative Electronic

Pony prodigy Toby Macarony is back with a saxxy piece featured around Applejack. The piece includes vocal samples from Applejack, supersaws providing the main harmonic content, a four-on-the-floor drumbeat, and an epic slide guitar solo. An upright piano appropriately ends the song with an endlessly bluesy solo. And even better, the ominous stares of Applejack’s eyes accompany you through this song as it provides you with all your daily soloing needs.


Starmedy – Remain | Electro House

Ready to dance? Maybe cry? This one might make you do both. Remain is an electro house song released under Basshoof Records. The song starts off with a beautiful ambient intro that builds up to a powerful and bass-heavy drop before breaking down again with just some strings and vocal samples from the very last episode, making for a truly emotional experience. As time goes on, hard-hitting tribal percussion breaks the small moment before eventually restating the intro and dropping hard again. This track just goes to show that even though the show may have ended, our creativity and passion has yet to run dry.


[ASOS] Suskii and Rokii – SMART PONY UNIT SO. CONN-D33Z | Complextro


Harmony by definition: A consistent, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity

That would best sum up the opening track of ASOS: Brownie. Suskii and Rokii have baked up something really pleasing here in their collab. A tag team of sorts, is how this complextro of a track has been presented. The song opens up to wonder and mystery then Suskii comes in first with this harsh, robotic dubstep style beat that gives off this notion of a robotic pony trying to move and groove, very hardcore in nature. The song goes into this amazing and chilling drop that builds and builds up to the tag in of Rokii’s part. Who comes in with his signature epic future bass style. As if the robot pony has found paradise. The melody is frankly one of biggest reasons why I love Rokii’s style and sound so much. Him and Suskii work VERY well together to make great harmony of this track. One of many good ones on ASOS brownie. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[ASOS] BassPon3 – Soarin’ Through Cloudsdale | Trance

BassPon3’s music always has a nostalgic charm to it. Track 29 from A State of Sugar: Brownie is his contribution Soarin’ Through Cloudsdale, which features his signature electronic style pulled straight from the 2000s. The song contains an etherial-sounding pad at the beginning with some faux wind instrument synths which contain the main melody before slowly pushing into a massive bouncy drop where the song truly takes flight. The sky and flying are common themes in his music lately, and it’s no wonder, since this one will definitely make you feel like you’re up in the clouds!