[P@D] SeyN AQ – Satellites (feat. Metajoker) | Progressive House

Anthology! The most recent effort of Ponies At Dawn! A bunch of fresh horse tunes mixed with some really awesome oldies! This time we are here listening to, I say, the best track from this album! SeyN and Meta did an awesome job together!

The lyrics have really amazing meanings and who wrote the lyrics is a poetic genius! Metajoker with his amazing vocals gave life to this amazing lyrics and put me chills down my spine, like how the heck Metajoker manages to do that to me every time! Metajoker, your vocals are pretty damn amazing and I really like them!

Now, SeyN! This instrumental is on point, the amazing drops with the amazing synth work and the feeling of bridge that gave in the middle of the song plus how SeyN edited the amazing vocals of Metajoker for fit in the amazing instrumental that have everything on point and everything was really uplifting and awesome! Dance until its night!

Time for the publicity announcements! Don’t forget to download Anthology on a bandcamp near you (if you are rich, just buy the album). Like Pinkie Pie said: Enough chitchat, time is candy! So, have fun listening to this amazing song and to this amazing album, you won’t regret it!


[P@D] SeyN AQ – Motions of Time (feat. Flittzy) | Progressive House

Amazing and danceable track full of emotions bring to life by SeyN AQ and with vocal abilities performed by Flittzy!

Featured on Anthology, this track has a lot of pretty awesome vocal chopping work! The mix between Flittzy vocals and the vocals chops is perfect and the drops are my favorite part! Really catchy and awesome song for the Autumn! Get your hooves ready, because it’s time to party and dance through all night!

Download or buy Anthology on an anthological bandcamp near you! The tunes are waiting!


[P@D] Zizkil – Playin’ Games With You | Future House

It’s so good to see Zizkil being featured on Ponies at Dawn Anthology, as the musician has been gracing us with masterful and unique pieces for quite some time now. Going all-out for this release, Zizkil brings his electronic music expertise and goes for a mellow, pony-like atmosphere delivering sweet vibes fitting to the concept, all while displaying quality sound design and beautiful melodies. The hooves clopping sounds are the icing on the cake and make the song even cuter along the utterly cute cover art by TeaCupPuppi!


ertrii – The Reason | Chill House

An amazing and minimal track composed by the awesome ertrii! Really chill and deep vibes coming from this sweet and charming track! Inspired the by kind Fluttershy, ertrii did an uplifting yet minimal and chill track, listen to it while you study or while drawing your favorite horses! What ertrii did here was a sweet surprise for all of us, listen to it and dance through all night!


[P@D] Silva Hound & UndreamedPanic – New King (feat. Chi-Chi) | Electro House

We would now like to recognize the collaboration between UndreamedPanic and Silva Hound, which has been talked about before, but if any of you have wanted to know what they worked on, here’s the final result, a Thorax-themed track, reminiscent to the Season 6 finale!  The synth patches used are beautiful, especially when they’re paired with Chi-Chi’s vocal part.  The drops have a unique style to them, but the occasional bass hits put the cherry on top.  It’s pretty short and sweet, and it puts a nice touch to this community’s music library.  Nicely done!

Go check out the rest of P@D’s Anthology album here!


Notion – A New Pair of Wings (feat. Vylet Pony) (Metapony Remix) | Electro House

I fell in love with Metapony’s absolutely fantastic remix of Notion’s already awesome track in the first five seconds. It starts off packing energy, joy, and vibrance. But then the lyrics kick in about Starlight (who’s still best pony) and her new ascension to alicornhood. And that’s when the song switches from “awesome” to “absolutely fantastic”!


Hirosashii – Journey | Electro House

Time for a huge comeback from this guy; three years since his previous video on his YouTube channel!  Boy, did he deliver the goods!  “Journey” will take you down a nostalgia trip, a journey through the MLP memory lane.  From the “Cupcakes” song to “We’re Not Flawless,” Hirosashii gives us nearly every iconic MLP song in the book!  And to top it off, he puts up a sweet electro house beat, which gives the vocals the background they need!  Quite creative and lighthearted there!

If you want to take a trip down MLP memory lane, click on the video above!