Yuru – Risen VIP | Progressive House

(Listen to the Original here!)
You know, my friends, I’ve noticed a trend this year of musicians going back and giving their early works an excellent polish and remixing! This track was done in 2017 by Yuru the Redstone Brony. It shows a musician’s desire to use improved skills and give old music the right feeling!
This song now has more boom to it! We’ve always been behind Twilight’s growth as a character to the end of the series. The more upbeat vibe and that sweet keyboard, The vibe that grows of twilight sparkle maturing more and more as elements get more profound as the song goes along. Yeah, this VIP does the message justice! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Acid Applejack x Valoria – 20% Louder | Bass House / Future House

Who’s up for a nostalgic song making use of classic pony vocal samples, all while feeling so fresh? Check out Acid Applejack’s new collab with Valoria and how they’re calling back to the early days, or rather, keep those special days happening in the present!!


Japkozjad & Virus Ponies – PegasiHouse | Slap House

Well, after delivering one hell of a banger collab with Altius Volantis, Japkozjad has now picked up Virus Ponies (also known as DEAD Virus) for this awesome Slap House track, and…well, slap it does! This track starts out with some awesome vocal chops which are quickly joined by the awesome beat. After a bit we get a sick synth build up and a drop that’ll slap you right out of your chair. Afterwards the song continues as before, but it gets a bit more quiet and switches to a clapping rhythm before going completely silent only to return for yet another beautiful build up and drop. For the ending it slowly fades out.
Proofread by theCANderson, so big thanks to him!


RUL – The Dragon And The Griffon | House

Well, today I bring to you this fantastic House piece made by RUL! This awesome track is on the longer side and clocks in at around seven and a half minutes… but that is seven and a half minutes of pure positiv vibes! The most awesome part about this track is it never becomes monotonous and always stays awesome! The most notable thing is the hard change of melody around the middle, making this feel like two songs in one!
Proofread as always by the awesome theCANderson. Big thanks to him!


Lexie – Cosmos Love | Future House

Lexie, a pony artist on DeviantArt and Pixiv, went on to make musical tributes to the ponies we love so much as well! And it sounds just as cute as the art looks! This amazing debut release is themed about Twilight and Dashie’s ever-lasting Friendship, as stated by the musician and quoted in the description of the Cider Party upload of the song! It’s just so sweet and lovely, all while being punchy and energetic with that Future House instrumental! Also check out Lexie’s other recent release, 星空リフレクション (Remastered)!


Vylet Pony – I Was Afraid (feat. Chi Chi & Briakitten) (SpinScissor Bootleg Remix) | Nu-Disco

(Listen to Vylet’s original here!)
So it has been established that Vylet Ponys stuff is unique in mixing and composes her music. It is one of the most significant factors in why she stands out besides making a complete package story that runs with albums.
I have to imagine that got to be a real task to remix her music into something that fits. Enter SpinScissors a-go at this. Now I never knew about the electronic genre of disco, but it got some style with the vocal chops mixture of Vylets lyrics with this groovy bumping bass and rhythm that pays just the right sound to compliment Vylets track. It’s pretty neat, and it stands out. Please have a listen. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!

A State of Sugar – Biscuit | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Here we go! We’re back with A State of Sugar! This time around Simon aka TheMadhatterbrony, DrakeEmberHeart, GameNotOver, and TheCANderson are going to tackle their newest compilation album “Biscuit”. Find the All-Out-Attack Article down below!

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