Toby Macarony – Shenanigans | Album | Electronic

Toby Macarony makes incredible and unique music that only Toby Macarony can make! For years now, they have been pushing the boundaries of conventional dance music and thrilling those paying attention with a hybrid electro swing/horror style while occasionally dabbing into other genres as well.

Shenanigans puts the full array of talent front and center with a variety of amazing tracks! The vocal chop work is out of this world, with the timing, tuning, and modulation.

The first track The Starlight Glimmer Express has a powerful and very jazzy feel. The beat bounces to a train-like cadence and sets the stage for a crazy album.

Songs like Sunset at the Farm, and AJ’s Muscles utilize some country instrumentation and get a very homely, Applejack feel with the twang from a banjo among other stylized instrumentation.

One of the biggest standout tracks on this album is Forever which is a sound bath of incredible vocal chops, expertly panned. It uses only a little bit on piano, focusing almost entirely on the layering of familiar tidbits from several show songs. The track amazes from very early on and only gets better and better throughout the 6 minute run-time! You do not want to miss out hearing this song and it follows that you should do yourself the favor of listening to the full album. There is absolutely no musician in this fandom (or probably outside of it either!) who does what Toby Macarony accomplishes!


TheMusicReborn – She’s Got That Magic! | Blues

Trixie on stage singing a Blues song about Twilight? Yes please! TheMusicReborn’s tasteful musical inspirations always make for the most delightful pony treats, and this time is no different, with incredible vocals completing an all-out instrumental, along an awesome cover art by DoodlebugDoge!


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Lilac Sky | Blues

Every time Moon Flame from Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra releases a new song, we get a new chance to partake in cuddly times with one of our beloved ponies. Lilac Sky is dedicated to Starlight and expresses much love, with tender vocals and lyrics, as well as a cute and refined instrumental giving off fitting romantic vibes. Isn’t it great when we can relate to what other fans are expressing with their fan songs? Never stop showing your love to ponies… and to lovely musicians like Moon Flame!


DoTheDaringDew – DoTheDaringDew EP | Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 11 July 2018.

DoTheDaringDew’s been steadily improving as a musician lately, and another step on that path is this new EP of 5 new tracks, each showcasing what he can do fairly well. His instrumental abilities are certainly a bit more advanced than his vocals, but it’s still a great package of fun with tracks about Daring Do, Starlight Glimmer and more.


Crimes Against Sound – Lyra Heartstrings (Peggy Lee ponified) | Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 3 June 2018.

This is the first music release from Korneev (that I’m aware of at least), and it’s a good one too! A fantastic parody of Johnny Guitar (a song which some may have heard from the Fallout New Vegas soundtrack) all about Lyra, it has some absolutely gorgeous hand-drawn animation as well of Lyra jamming along.


[P@D] Replacer & P1K – Sky Blues | Blues Rock

Coming from the newest P@D album, Rebirth, here we have a 6-minute track featuring the amazing talents of Replacer and P1K. Both being old schoolers in the fandom music scene, both playing an amazing blues rock track, full of cool guitar riffs and amazing drumming work! P1K’s vocals are really on point and the sweet and almost robotic vocals of Replacer melted my heart like the amazing guitar riffs that are featured in here. An incredible track, incredible artists, an incredible album! I loved this track sooo much!

Download Rebirth at P@D’s bandcamp that you won’t regret it! If you are rich, buy it for supporting the artists!


Rockin’Brony feat. Friends – A Long Way From Equestria (Covering MandoPony & AcousticBrony) | Blues

Sharing and spreading the positive messages and values from MLP is what I think defines us the most as Bronies, and it’s precisely what the original song A Long Way From Equestria is about. Here wonderfully covered by Rockin’Brony & Friends, it lives on through our hearts and the newer generations of pony musicians, to shine and spread the word once more, that we Bronies are changing the world. Enjoy this spectacular, heartfelt, and emotional rendition of the song by Rockin’Brony with the help and the shared magic of Friendship of 4EverfreeBrony, Cyril The Wolf, Luck Rock, Sable Symphony, Strumpet, and StealingShad3z! Wonderful job, y’all! Much love! Let’s keep making this world more like Equestria!