Voodoo Pup – Parasite | Pop

Making a big splash onto the scene, Voodoo Pup unveils Parasite, an incredible Chrysalis-themed album! Each track brings something fun and new to the overall compilation with a style not often heard in the modern fandom. The vocal performances throughout are top-notch, and the compositions are dark and edgy, perfectly complimenting the villainess for whom they are written.

Face Value – The first song on the album easily hooks in listeners with catchy pop synths and Dangerous Moonlight’s incredible vocal performance. A haunting metal guitar lead perfectly accents the overbearingly evil soundscape while the lyrics showoff several clever plays on words with the changeling queen and how her “face value ain’t worth a dime”.

Be My Only (feat. Michael Picher) – this jazzy, old-timey lounge singer song once again features Dangerous Moonlight’s smooth and tempting vocals. Adding influence from notable fandom composer Michael Picher, “Be My Only” is driven by a great piano composition, accompanying band, and features a crazy instrumental that will have you moving!


Voodoo Pup – Be My Only | Blues / Jazz

The most recent pre-release from Voodoo Pup’s Chrysalis concept album is abundant with sneaky, sleazy vibes, perfectly descriptive of the changeling queen herself. The track’s tone is set by a scheming, sassy bassline and carried by Dangerous Moonlight’s honeyed voice. Listeners beware – this track is sure to “trace its claws over your heart!”


Captive Unicorns x Somasis – Starsailor | Ambient Pop / Post Breakcore

The fruit of an amazing collaboration, Captive Unicorns and Somasis envelop us in the nocturnal atmosphere of their song, like a blues in the light of the moon, the sweet piano and synthesizer chords guide us through the piece, the beautiful voices of Captive Unicorns becomes present, singing about the maternal love of the moon, after a melodic segment, a wonderful part appears where the amen break harmonizes with the voice giving an amazing atmosphere to the song, simply beautiful …
Consider purchasing this song, all proceeds will be donated in support of the black lives matter movement.


DoTheDaringDew – Reflections | Album | Rock

DoTheDaringDew has been a notable musician in the fandom for quite some time. To commemorate everything he has achieved in the past decade, DTDD reworked every single song he made in that span in the new, jam-packed, 40-song album: Reflections.

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4everfreebrony – Friends Up Above | Blues Rock

4everfreebrony turns up the feels with this ponification of Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits. Using the all-too familiar theme of Twilight coping with the loss of her friends before her, he sings softly yet with such conviction, backed by an emotional set of pianos and keyboards while practically having a duet with the lead guitar. This also marks the release of his latest album Poni, consisting of ponified versions of popular songs!


Toby Macarony – Shenanigans | Album | Electronic

Toby Macarony makes incredible and unique music that only Toby Macarony can make! For years now, they have been pushing the boundaries of conventional dance music and thrilling those paying attention with a hybrid electro swing/horror style while occasionally dabbing into other genres as well.

Shenanigans puts the full array of talent front and center with a variety of amazing tracks! The vocal chop work is out of this world, with the timing, tuning, and modulation.

The first track The Starlight Glimmer Express has a powerful and very jazzy feel. The beat bounces to a train-like cadence and sets the stage for a crazy album.

Songs like Sunset at the Farm, and AJ’s Muscles utilize some country instrumentation and get a very homely, Applejack feel with the twang from a banjo among other stylized instrumentation.

One of the biggest standout tracks on this album is Forever which is a sound bath of incredible vocal chops, expertly panned. It uses only a little bit on piano, focusing almost entirely on the layering of familiar tidbits from several show songs. The track amazes from very early on and only gets better and better throughout the 6 minute run-time! You do not want to miss out hearing this song and it follows that you should do yourself the favor of listening to the full album. There is absolutely no musician in this fandom (or probably outside of it either!) who does what Toby Macarony accomplishes!


TheMusicReborn – She’s Got That Magic! | Blues

Trixie on stage singing a Blues song about Twilight? Yes please! TheMusicReborn’s tasteful musical inspirations always make for the most delightful pony treats, and this time is no different, with incredible vocals completing an all-out instrumental, along an awesome cover art by DoodlebugDoge!


Prey – Manehattan Boulevard | Blues

To our greatest delight, Prey crafted such a delightful Blues-like instrumental! It’s got such an enthralling rhythm and all the instruments were played perfectly. And if you imagine it being performed by a band on the terrace of some cafe or pub in Manehattan, it feels even greater!


[P@D] Haymaker – Six Friends | Country / Blues

Enigma got released and it was amazing! Now the artists are uploading their tracks for we keep the party going up! Haymer brings the country vibes mixed with a Replacer kind of textures in this funny track about the 6 friends. The guitar solo is amazing and the keyboard is also kickass!
Download Enigma on P@D bandcamp for support amazing artists!


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Lilac Sky | Blues

Every time Moon Flame from Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra releases a new song, we get a new chance to partake in cuddly times with one of our beloved ponies. Lilac Sky is dedicated to Starlight and expresses much love, with tender vocals and lyrics, as well as a cute and refined instrumental giving off fitting romantic vibes. Isn’t it great when we can relate to what other fans are expressing with their fan songs? Never stop showing your love to ponies… and to lovely musicians like Moon Flame!