The multi-skilled and multi-alias musician DAϟH contributed to new compilation album
Instant Welcøme with a SHED.MOV-inspired track, and such thematic flavor is always so good to see! Or to hear, as vocal samples are tastefully included in this crazy and fast Breakcore treat, and it all sounds so refreshing!


Toby Macarony – Sometimes I’m Scared | Alternate Electronic / Dark Ambient

What might just be my new favorite dark experiment from Toby, Sometimes I’m Scared is named after an aptly chosen lyric from A Changeling Can Change, sampling that song and turning its vocals into mysterious, spooky yet emotional sounds. The very Ambient-like instrumental, amazingly completed by a Funk-like backup, is doing wonders at creating a stunning experience, and I wish more dark experiments like these were being made in the community because it sure sounds so unique and emotional. A real masterpiece and culmination among Toby’s dark musical experiments, in my opinion!


[P@D] Zizkil – I Am | Glitch Hop / Fidget House

Deep, gorgeous, and with a dark concept, this new masterpiece by Zizkil shows the extent of the power of darkness, and of mad EDM skill too, with a stunning experience of sound that will make you wander in the mind of the Pony of Shadows. With heavenly melodies and hard-hitting drops, this unique gem (one more to Zizkil’s streak) is part of Ponies at Dawn Skyward, available on Bandcamp now!


Agents of Discord – Odds & Ends | Album | Breakbeat

Full of many tasty pony Breakbeat bangers, this new album from Agents of Discord will surprise you in many ways, with a wide diversity of themes and lots of musical wonders all around! Many tracks exhibit such a creative musical vision and very cool endeavors in sound design, and the ideas behind the themes are just so lovely. To name a few, the opener Chrysalis’ Take Over is bringing an onslaught by our beloved Queen, Crystal Cave Rave (in 3 parts + a VIP) is kicking off a gig inside the crystal caves beneath Canterlot’s castle that we saw in the S2 finale, Ultimate Sweetie Belle and Ultimate Scootaloo are definitely living up to their names, and Saddle GameZ is such a excellent mashup! Lots of fun to experience while partying hard to these treats! And if you missed the live release party, you can watch the recording of it here! I was lucky to be able to attent it, and it was amazing!! I definitely recommend‘s live release parties to anypony who hasn’t experienced it yet!


NeoN & Xavi – Penumbra (Agents of Discord Remix) | Breakbeat

Now this is cool! Agents of Discord took a bangin track by NeoN and Xavi and flipped it on its head giving us a shuffled and underground take on the original. The flow and energy in this is incredibly smooth, yet crisp and evolves and progresses very well over its decisively short length. Another thing to note, I absolutely adore remixes that take the time to reconstruct and expand on the original song while using very few, if any stems from the original itself, lots of love and time were poured into this and it shows!

Aside – Lunar New Year: Trash3D | Compilation Album | Experimental

The collective is back with a new compilation album, this time for celebrate the Chinese New Year. And the music is more experimental than ever! Full of music mostly using chinese/japanese scales – Featuring music from a lot of artists including Agents of Discord, Cynifree, FrostFyre, Kakofonous A. Dischord, Shuffle Horse, DEFORMED STUUFYSH, Crashie Tunez, Enuna, r_chase and flankƨy!
A mixture of aggressive, calm and experimental! You should grab the album and help the label!


Corpulent Cartel – Pinkie’s Epic Lie (Feat. Olly Hancock) (​Remaster) | Breakbeat


Corpulent Cartel (AKA Agents of Discord) teams up with Olly Hancock to bring us this very inspired Pinkie Pie breakbeat track! Based very loosely off WoodenToater’s Pinkie’s Lie, Corpulent and Olly utilize a solid beat with various elements of different genres to create a song all their own. Pinkie’s Epic Lie includes a moving piano riff, spacious feel to several instruments, cool effects on Pinkie chops, and a wild synth to bring together a mesmerizing track!


Vylet Pony – Whisper of Her Soul | Synthpop / Breaks

Now this is special. The energy and emotions Vylet conveys is absolutely stunning and the syncopated rhythm and retro-esque feel really brings some life to this story. It opens on a very soothing note and boy, does it ever grow on you in an unexpected way! This song in particular  is actually one that was commissioned by Draco Schaeffer, and tells a story of Brash and Golden’s relationship “in an age and universe where Equestria’s sewers are just as colourful as the streets” which personally I think is a very interesting concept for a story and its world. I’m really impressed in how this commission turned out and am very curious to see what else is brought to the table!


Ponytronic – Tundra Cheer | Breakbeat

One of my all-times favorites from Ponytronic for sure, Tundra Cheer is a masterpiece of sound and emotion, creating a magical and cuddly atmosphere, delivering gorgeous melodies, and crafting an amazing progression with each part being even more emotional than the other. Not to mention that this almighty track also got an incredible concept about Pinkamena and her character depth, detailled in the description on YouTube! As someone who certainly understands the richness and scale of Pinkie’s chara depth, I can appreciate Ponytronic’s thoughts so much, and how he imbued them in this somptuous tune along that equally breathtaking artwork from MirroredSea. Dive deep in pure musical bliss, as emotion from both the sound and the thoughts about Pinkie is flowing in…