Vylet Pony – Whisper of Her Soul | Synthpop / Breaks

Now this is special. The energy and emotions Vylet conveys is absolutely stunning and the syncopated rhythm and retro-esque feel really brings some life to this story. It opens on a very soothing note and boy, does it ever grow on you in an unexpected way! This song in particular  is actually one that was commissioned by Draco Schaeffer, and tells a story of Brash and Golden’s relationship “in an age and universe where Equestria’s sewers are just as colourful as the streets” which personally I think is a very interesting concept for a story and its world. I’m really impressed in how this commission turned out and am very curious to see what else is brought to the table!


Ponytronic – Tundra Cheer | Breakbeat

One of my all-times favorites from Ponytronic for sure, Tundra Cheer is a masterpiece of sound and emotion, creating a magical and cuddly atmosphere, delivering gorgeous melodies, and crafting an amazing progression with each part being even more emotional than the other. Not to mention that this almighty track also got an incredible concept about Pinkamena and her character depth, detailled in the description on YouTube! As someone who certainly understands the richness and scale of Pinkie’s chara depth, I can appreciate Ponytronic’s thoughts so much, and how he imbued them in this somptuous tune along that equally breathtaking artwork from MirroredSea. Dive deep in pure musical bliss, as emotion from both the sound and the thoughts about Pinkie is flowing in…


[MARVELOUS TRACKS] Agents of Discord – Horse GameZ | Breaks

Along Marvelous, a remix of Manticore in collab with Olly Hancock, and the collab with Reverbrony that was featured on Cider Party, Chimera, Horse GameZ is one of the comeback releases from Agents of Discord released through that marvelous new compilation album! This track is inspired by Button Mash and Gamer Luna, and showcases the musician’s proficiency at Breakbeat while laying out lovely melodies! You can bet Agents of Discord is gonna have loads more in store for us in the future so do stick around on the channel!


[P@D] Seventh Element – Remaining Ichor | Orchestral / IDM

The mix between the orchestral/classical and the IDM/modern sounds make this Seventh Element track one of the best coming from the Enigma album, reminding me of other 7th songs like Shadows and Tetrahedral Memoir, Remaining Ichor looks like a continuation of this song, because in my head and with the amazing capacity of Seventh doing amazing concept albums, I think that more songs, and 7th would release a concept album full of orchestral idm! Remaining Ichor is one of the many proofs that the brony community has talented musicians and are able to experiment with various sounds and textures, creating sound landscapes, waves of pure abstractism! The way the classical sounds change into an electronic sound  it’s simply amazing. If I could say, Seventh Element is like the Boards of Canada and Venetian Snares son, with Godspeed You! Black Emperor beeing the close uncle. Result? Pretty good music.
Download Enigma on the bandcamp near you or something.


[MARVELOUS TRACKS] Agents of Discord & Reverbrony – Chimera | Breaks

Stylish breaks and epic guitar play, for a battle theme reflecting the showdown between Applejack and that chimera from S04E17 Somepony to Watch Over Me! And it’s but one of the new comeback releases from Agents of Discord who collabed with Reverbrony here, among other tracks from other awesome musicians in’s anniversary album, MARVELOUS TRACKS! Go grab it and join the party!

Aside – MARVELOUS TRACKS: Two Years of noise​.​horse | Compilation Album | Experimental crew is back on track everypony! With an album that celebrates everything! Come and celebrate the 2 year anniversary of, the life and legacy of the great Stan Lee and celebrate Makenshi amazingness and coolness!

The album features not only the normal crew of Kako, ours truly, r_chase, PeKaNo, flankƨy and Drixale, but also features the comeback of Agents of Discord, an amazing musician! And some new faces: Reverbrony, Olly Hancock, Frøst​Fyre and the album even features the experimental breakcore God from Japan, CDR!!!

Go grab the album, not only for celebrating 2 years of experimental music, not only for remember Stan Lee and his legacy, but to help Makenshi to go to Bronycon next year!

Aside – More Music For the Headless Horse | Compilation Album | Experimental

The sequel to the highly experimental Music for the Headless Horse. More Music for the Headless Horse comes as an amazing show of spooky/funny/experimental songs with the habitual faces of like Kakofonous A. Dischord (the owner), Shuffle Horse (formerlly known as VecodeX), Drixaleflankƨy, CloudbeatSampleMousse and yours truly (yes me). But we also have new faces like Cynifree, RezKue!, Dynamite Grizzly, DEFORMED STUUFYSH, DAϟH & Ponut Pulse and Lois Cook! All of this album is amazing and you should check out! Artwork done by the amazing Cosmic Latte (aka PhonicBoom).


Zizkil – Crimson Elegance | Glitch-Hop

Music visionary Zizkil treats us with a special track for this spooky month, delivering Vampire Rarity vibes along a sick instrumental of refined scares! An incredible soundscape is laying out sharp beats, moist sounds and carousel-like melodies reminding of Rarity’s character, as the atmosphere overall conveys the spooky-ness of the theme so well. A new Zizkil masterpiece to savor over and over again!


[P@D] Exiark – Through Time And Space | Complextro

I always have high expectations for an Exiark track but Through Time And Space is something all its own! Easily one of my favourite tracks from the latest Ponies @ Dawn Album; Enigma this one will definitely take you for a journey and you can feel the tension and chaos that a thousand years on the moon would bring about and the way the tempos and rhythms shuffle and morph, it’s truly awe-inspiring!


Dynamite Grizzly – TAKEOFF (feat. fractilx) [DASH VER.] | Big Beat

The dream collab, Dynamite Grizzly teamed up with fractilx aka InklingBear to pay tribute to both Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust’s points of views and personalities in TWO tracks that feel very distinct! In this one dedicated to Dashie, you can feel her resolve to be the best and fly high, all while hearing the tenderness and loyalty that makes her Element. A real delight! Check out the DUST VER. as well, that reflects Lightning’s character and affinity with danger through masterful guitar work that is so perfectly integrated to the beat! Much emotion to be felt in that one as well!