Assertive Fluttershy – Boooring! (Algo at All Remix) | Drumstep / Drum and Bass

Algo at All has remixed a cult classic, and quite the remix it truly is! Opening with an upbeat piano chord run and breakbeats we are lulled into a particularly cheery and bouncy mood, however the build up breaks that up into a tease of higher energy before dropping heavily into a very nostalgic two-step drop harkening back to a lot of the classic sounds with a twist and don’t get me started on the rising pitch bent chords that add such an epic feeling to the entire thing!

What truly sets this remix apart is the segue into an emotional outtake from Twilight before bringing together ALL of the Mane Six singing back the melody in their own chopped flair followed again by a very clean AI vocal singing original and wonderfully themed lyrics!

An absolute gem of a piece and can’t wait to see what else Algo brings to the table!


It’s P@D Day: Album Party, Pre-releases and More!

Once again, the team at Ponies at Dawn have arranged a day of festivities to mark the release of the collective’s latest album: Wanderlust. As shown in the schedule above, the party kicks off at 3pm Eastern with an hour-long DJ set each from Thunder_Kick and Keitus before the mane event – the album showcase presented by Lycan Dese Beats – at 5pm Eastern. Join in for 7 hours of brand new tunes before Bolt and Rock Fox start the afterparty with their own DJ sets. The whole thing is being broadcast live on Ponyville FM and there’s a party happening on the Pony Town event server too!

But if that’s still not enough, P@D pre-released a bunch of songs from the album – check them out below!

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DJSleepyHooves – Bedtime Story | Plunderphonics

Time for bed, but first let me tell you a story; once upon a time a very special unicorn made lots of friends and together they showed the magic of friendship. Now a very special musician shows us their musicality of harmony. Based on the movie A New Generation, DJSleepyHooves stirs 2 soundtracks and a diversity of vocal sampling from the movie with their glittering creativity. A clever and silky intro with retro sounds playing from a cassette tape having Argyle as the storyteller abruptly glows up with the energetic drums as the ponies’ vocalization joins in like pinballs propelling to this musical gem. A priceless banger full of magic….bing bong!


MagicMakesItAllComplete – Unfix It Quick | Plunderphonics

I ADORE how OG MLP goes along with this. The nostalgia and the times of now get combined here to create a wonderful piece of music. This track itself is an EXPERIENCE. So many smooth, lovely, and chill vibes with BOTH top tier electronic sounds and yet the acoustic instruments mixed within add a touch of class. The vocal chops as well add unto making this track just… perfect, cute and wholesome. Let this track showcase that IT DOESN’T MATTER what generation of MLP the samples are from; they will remain TIMELESS, just like this track right here!


DJSleepyHooves – SL O P NATION_-_Side A | Plunderphonics

Editor’s note: video contains flashing lights

Izzy Moonbow, her sparkling energy and artistic unicycling lesson has splashed into the hearts of the music community. DJSleepyHooves did a dive into the song “All For The Love of Trash” from Tell Your Tale episode 13 and did a inventive spin sampling it and a luminous video edit from the original. An easygoing intro that’ll get you off the ground to nippy drums to breakdance, dexterous crackly vocal sampling for your ears to nurture and a diversity of flamboyant synth sounds, this is a banger for your MLP G5 playlist!


Synthis – All My Fears | Pop

Synthis is back again with another absolute banger. It’s good to know the homie is still out there and I hope all goes well with him! Here we have a nice song with lovely synths and funky ambient melodies expressed through both instruments and vocals that grasp you. Just the entire vibe of the track and the words sung out can definitely resonate with people. I won’t sugarcoat it; life can indeed be a frightening experience, and you’ll only see who really has your back when EVERYTHING goes wrong… But believe in the hope that this song alludes to, that things WILL get better. I hope this song reaches the people who need to hear it and know what Synthis is singing about. HMH is therefore, at your service. Happy listening!


Silva Hound – The Siren Song (feat. Wubcake, Namii & Brittney Ackerman) [Aventrix Bootleg] | Dubstep / Breakbeat

Here we have a short but solid take on Silva’s siren song, in the form of a bootleg remix from Aventrix. It sits at a tempo somewhere between dubstep and drum and bass, and has a couple of nice switch-ups between drum patterns to keep things interesting!


GLIMM, Khaliber & DJSkystorm – Izzy Pop (Dijit Remix) | Midtempo

Originally made for the ‘Izzy Pop remix competition’ hosted by GLIMM and Khaliber; Dijit delivers with a heavy hitting remix that absolutely nails the midtempo nit and grit! Drawn out drones and crisp, glitched one shots adorn this track and accompany the vocal flow in a rather tasty way. Add the nice sprinkling of fast paced breakbeats in the breakdown and you’ve got good fun all around with this one!


SOUND BANDIT – break the cycle / sleepless nights ft. Fetlocked | Hyperpop / Breakcore

Sound Bandit and Fetlocked have teamed up to create a masterpiece! The signature hyperpop-esque vocals with a fast and chaotic breakbeat rhythm while still reigning in that energy with a soothing, beautiful melody leads to an interesting melancholic experience! Break the Cycle / Sleepless Nights somehow gets the blood pumping while managing an atmosphere where the listener can just lean back on a rooftop in retrospect. The Fluttershy vocal chops in the breakdown just add to the overall ambience of this relaxed, yet restless piece. Perfect for a sleepless night.


Nicolas Dominique – Kites | Chillout / Progressive Breaks

Nicolas is back with a remaster of Kites, and its the first track in their upcoming album LANTERNS due next month! You can always pick out Nicolas’s atmospheres and progressions, and this is no exception! A constant yet mellow pulsing bassline is the backbone for a stunning soundscape and snappy drum breaks that never gets boring. I can very easily see a scene play out of “No thoughts, just kites”, and can’t wait to see what the album brings!