Radiarc – Sweet Dreams | Breakcore / Orchestral

Close Your Eyes

Control Your Inner self

Have Sweet Dreams

Rest Well

Radiarc delivers some really atmospheric and ethereal Breakcore for this Nightmare Night track. The song, with a spooky image as visual art done by dadio46, Finaglerific and Lopoddity, has a lot of orchestral and industrial elements, mixing the aggression and wildness of breakcore with the mechanical feelings of industrial and with the atmospheric and ethereal elements of orchestral! Radiarc did really an amazing work on this, do more Breakcore please! This turn out amazing, keep up the rad work!


Flyghtning – Loud Wonderbolts |Breakbeat/Dubstep

YOOOO my first post man, happy to do this for you guys. 🙂 My name is MC-Arch and you’ve probably seen me Before on this Page, but I thought it was nice to do something back for you guys for once and here I am! LETS DO THIS!

Get your headphones up and ready and blast this beat on Max Volume because THIS is some pretty good stuff if you ask me, coming from a Hiphop lover Myself. I Really love the DJ scratches that are remixed with Pinkie Pie. The drop itself and the Drums are really enjoyable. And as far as I’m concerned, I’d happily lay some bars on this awesome piece. (that is, if I could work with this guy. I’d happily do that Man. SERIOUSLY, REACH OUT TO ME BRO THIS IS DOPE!) It reminds alot of Doctor P – Flying Spaghetti Monster, but with Pinkie Pie. I say it’s perfect. 🙂 Give this guy some love man, he deserves it for his awesome work.


Ponies That Yawn – JUXTAPOSITION DEFENDERS | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The collective that started parodying P@D since the finals of 2016 – Ponies That Yawn – released another album that parodies the newest P@D album: Guardians and also parodies the newest Pinkamena Party album: INCOHESIVE HORSE ADESIVE. The result is JUXTAPOSITION DEFENDERS.

This album is full of very good tunes and includes the NightVapor remix of an ExplodingPonyToast song done by EPT himself! Grab the album, it’s worth to listen!

The album is available as Name Your Price on a bandcamp near you!


Viricide Filly – Back From Reality | Album | Electronic

FINALLY! After 3 years of hard work and production, British musician Viricide Filly releases her 5th album. Bringing us a mix of incredible textures and melodies that are really inspiring and incredible, making the album worth more than just 1 listen! Really, listen to this album more than 5 times! Because this is really amazing!

Now, what I can say about this amazing masterpiece? First, Viricide’s robotic vocals in songs like “Stuck In The Sky” (available on video) are very well mix with the instrumental and the lyrics of the songs are also quite awesome! Second, I love a lot Viricide’s experiments at each track, the intro track is well performed, and also the experiments at “Vanishing Point” (available on Cider Party) are really incredible and gives an atmospheric look to the track. Third, this album actually tells a story about Viricide’s OC, Eleanor, making a great and inspiring concept album.

I recommend this album to everyone, without exceptions! Also, listen to this more than 5 times, please! Give Viricide the feedback that she deserves for her 3 years hard work!

You can download the album from Viricide’s Bandcamp or stream the whole thing on YouTube.


Seventh Element – Ponies On Acid | Album | Electronic

Despite being a well-established musician in the fandom (his channel goes all the way back to 2012!), it’s difficult to pin Seventh Element to any particular style of music. From Trap, to Disco, to Dark Ambient, and now a collection of Acid House and Techno beats. Time to break out the old Roland synthesizers and drum machines, we’re going back to the 80s today, kids!

I’ve said on a previously featured song from this album that Interior Design For Horses is a particular favourite of mine (the video for it is an experience like no other). Check it out along with the rest of the album, and if it’s not your cup of tea, don’t worry, 7th’s bound to be working on yet another new style of music that might be your thing.

Ponies On Acid is available to purchase from Seventh Element’s Bandcamp Page


[PP] Dynamite Grizzly – Moondancing All Alone | Breakcore

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 8 February 2017.

Dynamite Grizzly has made a bunch of cool new music recently, and you can find a bunch of it, along with this track, on their new album The Horses Really Like Techno. This is possibly one of the zanier tracks on the album, and features an interesting and diverse range of sounds with some quieter sections interspersed with crazy breakcore drum sections and some great vocal sampling throughout.


Ponytronic – Phantasm | Breaks

Emotional masterpiece incoming! I don’t need to introduce Ponytronic anymore, and his impressive streak of unique tunes with a signature mellow twist has come to what is in my opinion an emotional pinnacle, with this new release being just as unique and amazing as it is powerful to the soul. An original start gives way to an instrumental of indescribable beauty, progressing with much sensitivity, and synthesizing emotional melodies with a beat and sounds that are as clear as water. As for the ending, it is simply bringing me to tears every single time I relisten to it. And I swear those emotions are SO powerful that they seem like they’re coming from another world. That, is the true power of music, and I feel blessed to experience it thanks to tracks like these. That masterpiece of an outro, bringing untold emotions and probably coming from divine inspiration, is a blessing to have in the track, and I can’t thank Ponytronic enough for that. Music is magic, for real!