Seventh Element – PONI GRL | UK Garage

Remixing Tridashie’s Pony Girl, Seventh Element delivers a weird experiment that is really awesome and danceable! The drums are really well performed, the sampling of the vocals and the distortion of the same of the same is also really clever! Along with some really awesome wubs making this has some Dubstep elements mixed with the dominant Garage/House element! It also features the visuals with the weird dancing Twilight from Ponies: The Anthology VI created by DeadlyComics! This song is really funny, danceable and amazing! You should really check it out!


Narokath – Their Blackest Day | Thrash Metal

From the upcoming album Dead Wings of Grace that is about an alternate universe Spike, Narokath releases this 12 minutes long track that has two parts. Laura that is the most chill part with great guitar riffs and with a lot of progression, reminding me of …And Justice For All by Metallica, with some main melody from the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack, it gives to the track the atmospheric feeling. Then comes the second part aka Annihilate that is a ponification of The Blackest Day by Annihilator. It starts with a lot of noise, a thing that I like in Thrash Metal, then the aggressive riffs of the guitar and the drums are played very well. And the rough vocals are the element that gives the headbanging and aggressive look to the track. All joined by an incredible mixing and mastering.

Brony Thrash Metal with Progressive elements that parodies Silent Hill 2 and Annihilator in the same track is a treasure. Listen to this song, the transition from Laura to Annihilate is very awesome.


The Ponytones – I Want to Hold Your Hoof | Classic Rock

The Ponytones is a collaboration of pony music lovers to ponify famous and classic songs. I’ve got a vested interest in the project from the get-go, as I’m good friends with one of the contributors. But even if you’ve never heard of any of these people, their first song will get you interested in the rest of the rest of their respective works.

It’s a truly stellar parody of Beatles classic “I Want To Hold Your Hand.” With genius lyrics, amazing vocals and vocal editing, beautiful instrumentation, this is simultaneously a very fresh and a very nostalgic piece. The mixdown is raw, bleeding, and perfectly oldschool. Rock isn’t my thing, but I Want to Hold Your Hoof has seized a position in my heart alongside my favorite songs of my favorite genres. What a song!


Throwback Thursday | ShadyVox – Pony Rock Anthem (feat. Nowacking & BreeFaithVA) | Electro House

Editor’s note: hey look remember TBTs haha we didn’t for a long time

If there’s a single song that truly captures the zeitgeist of 2012, this might well be it. ShadyVox‘s lead vocals as Neon Lights are excellent, Nowacking does a flawless Vinyl as usual, and BreeFaithVA‘s at home as Pinkie. The pumping beat, soaring leads, and ecstatic vocals all combine to form a perfect hype-up tune. If you’ve heard this before, you’re in for some serious nostalgia. And if you haven’t, you’re in for a wonderful surprise.


Mane In Green – Eat Your Soup | Orchestral

An interlude in the story of Mane In Green’s series “The Quest of the Lost Sapphire” (latest episode here), this orchestration of the second movement of Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata brings the perfect regal and tender atmosphere to depict this side part of the story happening to the backup party members (or eidolons, depending on the headcanon) in Canterlot while the main party is traveling to Saddle Arabia (and experiencing an unfortunate shipwreck). Isn’t Luna just the sweetest? Also, this orchestration was led on piano by our beloved Octavia with an additional performance by the Royal Canterlot Philharmonic Orchestra. Yes, you can always count on Mane In Green for extra immersion and pony spirit!


Forest Rain – Dashie’s Mom (Button’s Mom Parody) (feat. ZetaPony & Rosie Posie) | Alternative Rock

I’ve been wishing for this to happen ever since I fell in love with Dashie’s mom, and Forest Rain & Friends made it happen. It was truly only a matter of time until Pony1Kenobi’s classic got adapted to Windy Whistles’ charm and especially in light of her rocketing popularity among the community. Now it’s finally time to rock out to our new anthem definitely full of talent and awesome rocking vibes, as we passionately browse Derpibooru or other image boards in search of more Windy Whistles material and fine art.


ShalMusicFX – Starlight’s Demons (Glitch Mob Parody) | Electronic

One of my favorite releases of the month for sure, this new track and ponification by ShalMusicFX is the kind of deep tribute to our beloved characters that I love to see the most. Covering The Glitch Mob’s Our Demons, ShalMusicFX brings a brand new instrumental of many wonders and of much emotion, along gorgeous and epic vocals, to pay tribute to Starlight’s character depth in a wonderful way. Thoughtful pony lyrics are delightfully conveying much relatable feelings, as we marvel at the sheer beauty and intensity of the vocals and the instrumental that even features an awesome guitar solo. As for the part starting at 3:40, it is just giving me shivers everytime I listen to it. That dark, deep twist in the instrumental instilling an emotional mood, and those chopped vocals with that effect on them… Along the mention of Starlight and what are probably Twilight’s words, the Passion I feel for the show and the characters is surfacing, and combined with the music, it creates very powerful emotions. That, is to me the greatest magic in life. Thank you, life! And thank you MLP staff, and ShalMusicFX!


4EverfreeBrony – Even More Awesome Than Me (Death Cab for Cutie ponified) | Acoustic

Here’s a very sweet ponification from 4EverfreeBrony, as it wonderfully deals with the relationship between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo and the feelings they have for each other! Covering the original song I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie with brand new pony lyrics, this soft Acoustic graced by 4EverfreeBrony’s amazing vocals is a much welcome tribute to the characters and their depth!


Maressey – I Want the One I Can’t Have | Indie

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 8 January 2017.

A new track from Maressey, I Want The One I Can’t Have features vocals from Zatslol and a strong instrumental from Johnny Mare. Whilst this kind of thing is always a bit of a touchy subject, I feel like this track approaches the subject matter pretty tastefully and with great production value, Zatslol’s vocals especially shine strongly in this track.