Crimes Against Sound – Lyra Heartstrings (Peggy Lee ponified) | Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 3 June 2018.

This is the first music release from Korneev (that I’m aware of at least), and it’s a good one too! A fantastic parody of Johnny Guitar (a song which some may have heard from the Fallout New Vegas soundtrack) all about Lyra, it has some absolutely gorgeous hand-drawn animation as well of Lyra jamming along.


SDreamExplorerS feat. Imit4tor – My Little Ponies Jingle (Dethklok parody) | Metal

And now for something completely different: What happens when you parodise a parody?

I’m not much of a metalhead, and not familiar with Dethklok and Metalocalypse, so going into this blind was…an odd experience, but at least I can say Imit4tor’s voice acting is on point! Oh, and Soul’s instrumentation is great as always too, so check it out if you’re into weird metal jingles.


Steel Chords – Sweet Apple Acres (feat. EVBP & Djohn Mema) (Bowling For Soup ponified) | Pop Punk

Steel Chords is back and this time he brought friends! Parodying Bowling For Soup’s hit song Ohio (Come Back to Texas), Steel sings about Applejack’s trip to Manehatten as a filly to live with her Aunt and Uncle Orange. He describes how the Apple’s back at the orchard miss their beloved sister while she is gone. EVBP provides the guitars and bass, while Djohn Mema rocks the drums. With funny and clever references to other episodes, creative harmonies, and a gritty, punk feel, Sweet Apple Acres is a great take on the original track!


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Love Is In Our Cutie Marks (Can You Feel The Love Tonight) | Pop Ballad

Taking inspiration from his two biggest inspirations, Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra combines the music from the Lion King and gives it a loving, pony twist. You can really feel the passion in this recomposed piece, as EESO’s singing pays tribute to the timeless caring in the friendship of the show. It doesn’t take long listening to Love Is In Our Cutie Marks to be a at least a little bit touched by the emotion in the track!


4everfreebrony – Celestia (Reptilia ponified) | Alt Rock

Ponified The Strokes? Ponified The Strokes! The thing that impresses me the most about this is how closely it resembles the original Reptilia. From the guitar tone to the vocal performance (and the touch of overdrive), it just FEELS like a Strokes song! And of course 4everfree’s talent for lyrics shines through in this song, and how he manages to bring the story behind to life in a new light.


The Ponytones – Poison Joke | Classic Rock

The highly-awaited new release of our beloved pony band The Ponytones is finally here! This time it’s a ponification of Jimi Hendrix, and the Classic Rock vibes are as strong as ever. While Zecora’s warning voice from S01E09 Bridle Gossip resonates throughout the song, lovely and clever pony lyrics sung by our own zebra Wootmaster are paying much tribute to the episode. At the same time, Jame’s incredible guitar play is paying much tribute to Hendrix and the crazy solos he’s known for! Top-notch bass by Sky and drums by Wootmaster are completing the frame for a stunning result that will forever remain gold. Check out The Ponytones’ official Discord server for behind-the-scenes and a wonderful place full of passionate people!


4everfreebrony – Little Show (Real World Ponified) | Alternative Rock

In a lively re-imagining of Matchbox 20’s Real World, 4everfreebrony questions what it would be like to work on the show in real life. This track works beautifully as both a tribute to a well-known song and band as well as a tribute to all of the staff that works so hard to produce a cartoon and culture that we all love. Utilizing his own style a bit in this ponification of the original track, it is easy to feel 4everfreebrony’s appreciation to everyone involved with MLP:FiM!


Pinkamena Party – A STICKY SITUATION AT FLANKSGIVING DINNER| Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Editor’s note: Listener discretion is advised, but not obligatory if you’re hardcore enough.

Hey kids, do you like hardcore music?! Do you like earraping fun?! Do you like celebrating Thanksgiving in a different way?! (And a week late too, oops!) Do you like to support awesome charities?! If so you are in the right place!

Let’s celebrate Flanksgiving, where you instead of thanks everything and everyone, you do naughty things! That’s right! At Flanksgiving we do the craziest things in the world! So yeah, listen to this album for celebrate! The Pinkamena Party Crew gave to birth another crazy compilation full of awesome and hard songs mostly about celebrating the Flanksgiving or stupid situations at Flanksgiving! And you better buy it, because the money will go to support an association that helps children with cancer. Download or buy at the Pinkamena Party bandcamp page.