iRhymeTheSongs – Oh, Little Dragon (Oh, Pretty Woman Parody) | Classic Pop

A new release from iRhymeTheSongs is a fresh breath of Equestrian air in this world… For the musician always makes such lovely ponifications! It feels like this could be the equivalent of our famous Oh, Pretty Woman song, in Equestria. Just imagining Rarity listening to this like the kind of Classic Pop/Rock songs she’d appreciate… wonderful! The vocals are definitely very fitting for the genre, and the whole ponification is a dream coming true for the fan of oldie-goldies like these!


Koron Korak – YayYayYay (NomNomNom Parody) | Rock

Our friend Koron definitely has the cutest pony ideas! Ponifying Parry Gripp’s song NomNomNom with Flutteryays, the dedicated musician echoes similar pony vocal chops-centered fan works, making cute melodies out of Fluttershy’s cuteness! And check out that blissful rock arrangement! Definitely a very fluffy and nostalgic release, that is so welcome!


PrinceWhateverer – Absolute Territory (Covering Ken Ashcorp) | Rock

(Listen to Ken’s suggestive original if you have not done so Here)
(Ok disclaimer: This song is not for everyone, there are VERY suggestive adult themes clearly talked about in this song or done. fair warning)
I don’t have to be a brony to even understand the topic of this very hot and sweaty tune. But if you going to be talking about ponies when comes to this song. Then I guess this honesty describes what Shining Armor felt like when he first saw Cadance in high school. The cute mare that has picked up on the fact your into her. SO it’s your lucky day because she is into you as well. My Cadance is not so proper when she gets away from Canterlot castle LOL. Prince, however, has put this naughty cover into his own style of rock and roll. The way he sings this song kinda reminds of all people, Marilyn Manson. In the style if delivering the lyrics. It adds to the spice if this song. The guitars are sexy and hard to fit the theme of the song, The melodies mimic the original nicely with extra hard rock flavor to the zest of this lewd track. So if it’s your kind of music. Check it out. This Qilin will not judge you for it.


J. Free – Big Mac (AJ Young Remix) (Parody of Boss by Lil Pump) | Hip-Hop

(Warning: Adult Language in lyrics) (Listen to the original here if you so wish)
When it comes to hip-hop. I like my rap to have some kind of a style to it. Listening to my colleague J.Free for the first time. He fits the bill. The delivery of his rhymes is hard, fast and powerful. The newly remixed beat really backs this up with a boost of aggression. The lyrics themselves are full of all kinds of pony puns. His OC daring every creature in the evergreen forest to mess with him, and all Tartarus breaking loose when he shows up a party. This Parody of Lil’ Pump’s boss is kinda wild thanks in part of AJ’s remix of’s original. Fun. smack-talking hip-hop, pony style!  As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


PrinceWhateverer – What’s New Apple Bloom? (Parody of What’s New Scooby-Doo) | Rock

I like just simple fun music. I may not be the biggest fan of Scooby Doo, but I know that catchy theme song from one of its newer series. Prince Whateverer should knows it enough to turn this into a ponifide rock and roll themed of Applebooms obsession for the Great Seedling. I think this was very awesome and catchy spin that makes a lot of sense. Prince has his trademark guitar work and fast pace. His pardoy of the lyrics of the real theme is cute and falls right into the theme of mystery of the great seedling. Its nice to see Princes Whateverer do something this fun and creative. There’s not much more to say here. Give it a listen.


Luck Rock – Fandom (Africa Parody) | Soft Rock / Jazz Fusion

Definitely among my top favorite releases of the year, Luck’s new song is a shining example of a heartfelt and passionate rendition of a classic, turned into an expression of community love and dedication. The timeless Africa by Toto get a whole new meaning, and Luck’s tender vocals are making us melt as we experience such an emotional ponification. As someone who loves the original, and who can relate to so many of those feelings, I was so very moved by this, and I will keep supporting Luck, and all of you in the community, for all of my life. Thank you all for everything you do..!!


PrinceWhateverer & Djohn Mema – I’m Not Gay (feat. Sable Symphony) | Metal

There’s not only serious and deep songs that get made in the community, but also light-hearted and hilarious pieces like this awesome collab from PrinceWhateverer, Djohn Mema and Sable Symphony! Still showcasing much quality, the track brings some rocking spirit along the hilariously questionable lyrics, and it’s so lovely seeing the three lads gathering for such shenanigans, along a cover art by Dino Horse and typography by MokeDoesThings!


The Melody Bros – Equestrian Roads (Take Me Home, Country Roads Parody) (feat. Roundtrip) | Country

MelodyBrony, Tyler Peace and Roundtrip teamed up for a very lovely ponification of the famous song Take Me Home, Country Roads from John Denver, and the result is so cute and blissful as we can just imagine ponies singing this in Equestria while traveling back home! It certainly feels like Equestria is our home, for us bronies stuck on Earth, and maybe we can still get there in some way!