Totalspark – R.A.V.E. | Future Funk

I’m confident that the Pony Party Palace from S06E09 The Saddle Row Review will keep inspiring musicians forever, what with such huge nods to community musicians and remixers, and I’m so happy to see a brand new pony tune extending the party. Totalspark’s try at Future Funk is a shining success and shows just how many different genres the amazing musician can pull off. Groovy, uplifting, pumping out some solid Future vibes and displaying a masterful use of vocal samples, R.A.V.E. is also quite emotional as we imagine ourselves partying to this tune inside the Pony Party Palace with Pinkie Pie and Pacific Glow.


[P@D] Twiggy, Pandela & PVNK – We’ve Been Here a Long Time, Haven’t We?| Nu-Disco / Future House

From Ponies At Dawn latest album Guardians we have a wonderful collaboration work done by Twiggy (another Phoxi alias), Pandela and PVNK. The vocals, the samples and the white noise used in the final part, the bass line and the synth line, the drums. All was on the point. It reminds me of the latest songs that Calvin Harris did for his new album: Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1.

  You didn’t downloaded Guardians yet? Shame on you! Download it now or buy it if you want.


Seeds of Kindness – A Change of Heart | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

hsg7qvwNB: The following a press release from Bronies For Good. The full release can also be read at this link.

Today is Hearts and Hooves Day / Valentines Day.  It is traditionally speaking, a day for lovers, but it has the potential to be more. On Saturday, Bronies for Good’s seventh charity album, A Change of Heart, was released. The project was the result of months of work from talented musicians artists and organizers, and the release party raised over a thousand dollars in just a few hours!

The release party was just the beginning. It’s an ongoing fundraising effort. When you donate, you can download A Change of Heart, and all of Bronies for Good’s previous albums! Donate here, and you’ll be able to download this album, (and all past albums as well). Continue reading


Technickel Pony – Beats and Pieces | Album | Multi-Genre

Firstly, please forgive the rushed nature of this writeup; there are reasons for that but I shan’t go into detail, this is a place for music. So if you’re in the mood for some funky, hip-hop beats, then grab a seat and let’s listen to Technickel Pony’s new album, aptly named Beats and Pieces. Full writeup after the break.

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[P@D] Replacer – Some Dumb Ideas | Jazz Fusion

Replacer has brought us another track that I can only describe as…”a Replacer track”. Seriously, his stuff is always really unique and different from anything else on the Ponies At Dawn albums, and they’re always outstanding (and I hope that genre tag is somewhat accurate)! There seems to be a nice little reference to his previous song In Defence of Madness in there too. See if you can spot it! 😉


Ponies At Dawn – Awakening | Album | Multi-Genre

After weeks, no, months of anticipation, it’s finally here. The new Ponies At Dawn Album, Awakening, has finally been released. A compilation of 54 amazing tracks from just as many artists, this album brings together – in my opinion – one of the best selections of music the brony fandom has to offer. And the best thing is, you can download it for free, or pay whatever you want for it! Here’s to everyone involved for their hard work in putting this together!

♫ We’ll find awakening my friend ♪
♪ We’ll find salvation at the end ♫
♫ Of the world we’ll start again ♪


Throwback Thursday | Kreühn Pöny | Artist Spotlight


You may or may not have heard of this musician, they were one of the more, shall we say, elusive members of the fandom. Kreühn Pöny specialised in jazzy stuff; songs with odd time signatures and irregular beat patterns. You know, a similar feel that of SoGreatandPowerful’s music (which is a completely different kettle of fish that we’ll revisit another time!). So without further ado, let’s get to his small yet brilliant discography! Catch it all after the break…

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