[Equinity] FilledSilhouette – Enough of the Magic BS | French House

Never mind the BS, here’s FilledSilhouette! Track 5 from Equinity 02: Catalyst is a groovy French House piece that feels like a throwback to the late 90s. A sample which fades in before being joined by a beat makes up for the bulk of the song and you’re definitely not gonna get this out of your head any time soon. It’s also a track from Filled’s upcoming album, Rarity’s Fashion Playlist, so keep an eye out for when that sees a release!


[P@D] SDreamExplorerS – Funk, I’m Late! (feat. L-Train) | Funk Metal

Oh funk, we’ve got another Ponies at Dawn: Echoes release! The compilation’s 39th track (as well as the 9th track on Ephemeral II: Parallels) sees a collab between SDreamExplorerS and L-Train that combines elements of funk rock and death metal; this track has it all. Groovy and technical basslines, atmospheric leads, brutal drums; just pure funky heaviness. An unstoppable dream team, these two!


FilledSilhoutte – B.Y.B.B | Future Funk



I believe Funk as a genre is not used nearly enough in our fandom after hearing this track by FilledSilhoutte. Vignette Valencia from EQG’s Rollercoaster of Friendship was a nasty character. She pretty much was Rarity without Rarity’s good quality. When I hear this funky melody it does scream the arrogance and ego of her character. Funk as the music itself can be used to emote or highlight a theme. The music itself was used to give Vignette a sense of style and the right amount of her annoying self-centered ego. Funk as a genre has always been about style, class, and smoothness. This track uses that to a fine key. Well done by FilledSilhoutte who must have done his homework about this genre. As always, please judge for yourself, as this Qilin will tell you.

P.S: This guy only has 142 subs on his channel. That is a crime. Please show some love to him.


Hay Tea – Finally | French House / Nu-Disco

Hay Tea doing French House? Well, this is new for me! An incredible and amazing surprise! The sampling work was really well done, like every time Hay Tea does, the artist always delivers top tier quality sampling work. And the design of the sound is also amazing, the groove makes me want to go a 80’s rave and jam with everyone there or go to a Daft Punk concert hehe!

Hay Tea, keep doing great music, I’m loving it!


Vylet Pony & Sylver – Roses / Overrun / The Prince of Sorrow | Indie Pop / Progressive Rock

The last tracks off Homeward to be uploaded to YouTube, these 3 definitely show the extent of Vylet’s musical skills and inspirations. All while calling back to the story in musical ways, the tracks exhibit atmospheric bliss, Funk craziness, and Prog Rock reawakening, all in style! Listen to all 3 in this single video for a gorgeous and stunning experience featuring art by GloomyNyan!


Vylet Pony – Square One (feat. Slyleaf & FlyoverRob) | Indie Pop

Suuuuup fam Arch is back in da business to bring forward new and dope af horsetracks for ya’ll! It is a huge honor to let my first HMH post in this generation be about a Specific Golden-Age Musician I look up too ALOT. I bring you; VYLET
You see, I love Space. I love Adventure. I love the feeling of starting something new and Exploring the Unexplored. It’s a Beautifull and Extrodinary feeling that always feels Refreshing and Heartwarming. No matter how much you go a new way, you can feel it. And aslong as you can Feel it, you know you Can do Everything! For that is what Life is about in my Honest Opinion; That you do it because Can. And You Can Because you want too, And you want too because others say you Can’t. It’s not about showcasing it with the thought “I Hope they will like me.” It’s about showcasing that you’ll be fine if they Don’t. It’s a long Universal Journey with alot of Unexplored experiences yet to be discovered and Witnissed. It all offcourse, starts at Square one. And VYLET, Slyleaf, and FlyoverRob most definitly did a marvelous job of bringing that into this Track.
The Instrumentals, the Vocals, The composition as a whole, this whole Album in general… It’s a Wonderfull adventure! and the fact this alone is Square one, really shows that what else is out there, is something worth strifing, exploring, learning, and going for! (And it’s worth it!) Legit, peep Vylet’s album! Link to it can be found here.
It’s great to be back ya’ll, hopefully I’ll be able to do more posts like these! Love to the Pony fandom and to all the amazing Artists out there!