Derek Spear – This Day Aria (Covering Daniel Ingram) (feat. MIKITANII) | Symphonic Metal

Man, it’s been a hot minute since something covered this song! Brand new to the brony music community, mind you! But, I must be honest, you can not tell that Derek is new at all. Not when You have the mood changing as it does in the transitions between Cadance and Queen Chrysalis! A classic note for note composition of pure pony orchestra for Cadance switches to this brutal, epic metal, and nasty mood for Chrissy! It brings so much the perspective of this song, And I would not be remiss if I did not say that the singing vocals of MIKITANII brings the emotional face-first and on point for both Cadance and Chrysalis with their voice! Just WOW. Listen to this track and a new spin on a classic! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[ASOS] SlightlyAmiss & Sakairi – Days Infernal (feat. Acouste Wholenote) | Symphonic Metal

My friends, I’ve been looking forward to coving this track even since Sakairi and Amiss gave me a preview of it why working on it for ASOS: Biscuit months before the release. It is one of the most explosive, and better yet, one of the MUST listens on the album.

The track centers around Daybreaker. Celestia slowly being driven insane, inching closer to Daybreaker, calling out to her to be unleashed by the lyrics. Starlight Glimmer’s dream in “a royal problem.” only planted the seeds into Celestia’s mind. Until the day comes when she snaps, letting Daybreaker take hold of her, The lyrics tell the story of Celestia wanting to feel more than she is and not feel weak anymore; her words ring out as she targets her sister luna and her past, then turns to twilight with rage. She tells them both that Celestia’s limits will no longer bind her. The song gets intense with the minds of Daybreaker and Celestia clashing for control before Daybreaker sends Equestria into an age of hellfire and death, with Princess Luna and Twilight being her first victims.

You have to listen for yourself, but the song is only as good as say it is if not for the talent behind it. SlightlyAmiss on this album alone has stepped up his game to a whole new level. The entire package of how hardcore the metal is in this track fits the inner spirit of the story. The guitars and drums channel the brutal power of Daybreaker with the tempo on an overdrive.  There are very harmonious Orchestra elements composed by Amiss, which I didn’t know he had in him! The lyrics so well fit this story. You can step right into Celestia’s head and understand and get into this song. Well-written lyrics bring life to songs such as these, But the vocals bring that story to life. I got to tell you that if you don’t know who Sakairi is? You know now. Her singing gives the emotional energy and fire of Daybreaker telling her story. You feel the anger, rage, and lust for power through the powerful harmonies of Sakairi’s impressive singing voice. Oh and just make that sweeter? Amiss lends his rage scream vocals to harmonize with her vocals so you know Daybreakers firey rage behind Sakairi’s vocals

Didn’t I mention that she made it onto her first significant compilation album on her first try! He can feel Celestia trying to fight back and take control back and Daybreaker laughing at her just by the passion and tone of Sakairi’s voice. She has put this fandom on notice by her break-out performance, and to sweeten this more, Amiss and his pal Acouste Wholenote throw in some epic, and emotional guitar solo’s to amp the drama of this fantastic track! This track is what Symphonic Metal sounds like when done right! This track alone is worth supporting the album. Ya’ll need to keep your eyes on this group, I can promise you. It’s only the start! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself, but enjoy one of the best Daybreaker songs ever made in my book.


[P@D] Frozen Night & PrinceWhateverer – Lunar Eclipse III (feat. Holly Frances Royle & Andra Stefan) | Symphonic Metal

Track 11 on the freshly released Ponies at Dawn: Eclipse is Lunar Eclipse III, the third in Frozen Night’s series and coincidentally his third collaboration with PrinceWhateverer! Lunar Eclipse III is a 7 minute long orchestral metal epic and some of the two’s best work to date. A minute long string build up opens the song (featuring violins courtesy of Andra Stefan), followed by the inclusion of drums before the heaviness really kicks in. Strings and crushing guitars really dominate the mix here, as if a metal band suddenly just showed up to ambush an orchestral show. Halfway in sees the inclusion of Holly Royle’s beautiful and harmonious voice, really helping this piece shine amongst everything else. Towards the end, things pick up in pace with a brilliant guitar solo and blazing fast drums, before all the other guests join in with the two musical titans to create a powerful climax. Can’t get over how awesome this one is! Easily one of the album’s highlights.


Radial Rainbow – Insight | Metalcore

After a nearly 3 year hiatus, Russian metal band Radial Rainbow returns with a new song! Insight interpolates Open Up Your Eyes from the MLP movie and turns it into an epic and unique metalcore piece! The familiar vocal hook is played by a flute and the music is filled with heavy guitar riffs and even some keyboard sounds! Some of the finest metal production in the fandom to date.


[P@D] Idyllia – Mare Cognitum (feat. Velvet R. Wings) | Symphonic Metal


Ever wonder what the sounds of Princess Luna’s dream duties are like? This may be a good indication. The sounds of hard and swift guitars. Quick as night drums in the sounds of nightmares. Serene cords and brass of an orchestra for more pleasant and bliss dreams. The sound of a singing Alicorn princess coming to aid you in your troubles.

The Mare Cognitum, could not be a better name for a song about the Lunar Princess. The sound of mythical heavy metal with blissful vocals that sound from the realm of dreams. That is track 57 on P@D Ignite. Newcomer Idyllia seems to know the power of Symphonic Metal. The layering of how the composition flows, seems to tell different parts of Luna’s dream duties. Intense yet phantasmal metal. Flowing into this mythical score of orchestral. Luna does have a voice and it belongs to one Velvet R. Wings as she sermonizes the sound of Luna spreading peace into your mind, fighting the horrors of your nightmares. One of the better Princess Luna songs I’ve heard recently and another fine track for this album. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Jyc Row & PrinceWhateverer – Together, Against the Sisters | Symphonic Metal

This might be one of the best orchestral metal songs the fandom may ever see. Track 6 on the freshly-released Ponies at Dawn: Ignite is Together, Against the Sisters, a collaboration between Jyc Row and PrinceWhateverer along with Spanish singer Celica Soldream, and the result is insane. Lyrically, the song paints a picture of a battle between an army and the evils that lurk Equestria through Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon. PW and Celica’s harmonies go very well together, perfectly complimenting the optimistic melodies brought by the heavy guitars and brooding strings. That solo, though!


[PVCF] PrinceWhateverer & Jyc Row – Nightmare Night (Covering Glaze & Mic The Microphone) (2019) | Symphonic Metal

This brings a smile to my face. Prince & Jyc came together for this redux of the cult classic Nightmare Night and has vastly improved from the original cover back in 2011! Jyc’s orchestral and choir elements intertwined with Prince’s vocals and skill on the guitar go hand and hand for this piece with powerful chords, ominous bravado and that sweet, sweet melody, this one is quite a treat!
(even if its over a month late but you didn’t hear that from me)
This song is available as part of Ponyville Ciderfest’s 2019 Official Convention Album.


Frozen Night – Thorn of The Frozen Star | Album | Orchestral / Metal

Breathtaking, astonishing, mesmerizing. The superlatives are lacking to describe this majestic album.
If you decide to embark on this journey Frozen Night has crafted for us, you will be hearing the incredible fusion of orchestral and metal we know and love him for. Half of the tracks include gorgeous lyrics sung by the equally gorgeous voice of Velvet R. Wings.
Each piece is a chapter of a well thought-out story which you will be able to discover in the document that comes with the album, along artwork accompanying every track and detailed explanations. It tells the tale of a kirin trying to save her kin from a looming threat of olden times. Zenith is about an epic fight between the protagonist and her nemesis, told with creative sound design exploring different electronic elements, all while empowering Velvet’s extraordinary operatic singing. Thorn of The Frozen Star creates spellbinding soundscapes throughout the track which has multiple phases including ones of respite with heartbreaking melodic percussion and the absolutely stunning climax with the guitars and strings working in unison to create a memorable experience. The album closes on a beautifully emotional ethereal piece centered around a piano and strings.
Together with Radiarc they coordinated their respective album releases to be simultaneous, and you should check out Radiarc’s album too, and remember physical copies of Thorn of The Frozen Star are available!


[P@D] Frozen Night – Glaciation | Symphonic Metal

Another can’t miss track from the brand new compilation album Ponies at Dawn: Eternal comes Frozen Night’s Glaciation. The orchestral elements set the stage with a light, wintry beginning before diving full force into a metal power theme. Frozen Night is a master at creating vivid imagery of nature with instruments and this composition will take you back and forth between the peaceful ambiance of a cool winter scene and the intensity of a full blizzard. The orchestral strings mixed with heavy drumming and electric guitar make for a piece that is sure to get you pumped!


Frozen Night – Crescentiform (feat. Velvet R. Wings) | Orchestral / Symphonic Metal


Epic battle theme time? I think it’s epic battle theme time. 

Just imagine, you’re just a Kirin, walking a lonesome path along the outer boundaries of the forest surrounding your village in the dwindling twilight. Suddenly, you are attacked by some strange creatures as they come at you from the forest, blasting you with magic bursts. You leap to evade their attacks and fires back, blinding them with your own magic. The battle won’t end until either you fall in battle, or when you’ve defeated them all in defense of your village. 

This track gives me a very “Child of Light”-ish vibe, in a good way, of course. The soft but intense orchestral instruments blends with the strong electric guitar riffs to become one amazing treat for the listener with an adventurous ear. Kudos for Frozen Night and Velvet R. Wings for delivering this amazing track!