Rockin’Brony – For the New Lunar Republic (Covering NotACleverPony) | Symphonic Metal

Rockin’Brony’s cover of this fandom classic is truly spectacular. The original was already a powerful, moving composition, but this cover applied a certain extra energy to it. Rockin’Brony, as his name implies, excels at this sort of music.


Elias Frost – You’re In My Head Like A Catchy Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Symphonic Metal

Orchestral elements, a lot of deep emotions and Till Lindemann-like vocals, this is how I describe Elias Frost’s most recent cover! One of the best artists that the brony fandom has gave us this days.

When I listen to this song, the only thing I think is RAMMSTEIN! Oh my, this is really like one of Rammstein’s ballads like Mutter,Mein Herz Brennt or Ohne Dich, the symphonic elements, the drum work and the rough and kickass vocals give big Rammstein vibes! I really love how Elias re-imagined the song and how he give to the song the feels of loss, sadness and mourning. A really emotional and headbanging surprise!

Looking forward to see Elias ponifying Rammstein or doing a Rammstein cover! Because Elias gave us signs (1st and 2nd) that he is the Till Lindemann of the brony fandom.


SDreamExplorerS – Sun Worshipper | Metal

Instrumental metal, now that’s a genre I’m not well acquainted with! But SDreamExplorerS definitely makes a case for me to get to know it better. An eerie, foreboding intro leads into an energetic and dark song. SDreamExplorS’s skill on guitar is amazing, as is the overall composition. This piece is a vision into a world scarred by flame and light. Come along and see the devastation!


The L-Train – Twi’s Light (feat. FenPony) | Symphonic Metal

Rejoice everypony, The L-Train is back with a new collaboration shining with the power of Friendship, and this one is about none other than our beloved Princess of Friendship herself! As we are graced by an amazing intrumental of many Metal and Orchestral progressive wonders the L-Train way, FenPony unleashes incredible vocals that are as great-sounding as they are catchy and cool. Choir vocals from The L-Train are also adding extra epicness to the song, which is definitely a masterpiece to come back to!


Ponies At Dawn – Voyager | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Here it is, what’s bound to be the best Ponies At Dawn album yet. With each new album comes both a new selection of artists as well as some of the great ones who have been around for a while – something that is in my opinion the best balance when compiling brony music.

The album is available completely for free on Bandcamp, or you pay whatever amount you wish for it. You can expect to see many of the songs from it posted on the site in the coming days and weeks!


Reverbrony – In the Presence of Kings | Orchestral

Something a little different than the usual stuff we get from Reverbrony, more orchestral with additional metal than metal with additional orchestral, but great nonetheless. I’m always amazed how he is able to consistently release new music every 2 weeks! If you want metal on a regular basis, then Reverbrony is definitely needed in your YouTube subscriptions.


Ponysphere & Friends – The Land Of Harmony Part 1: Through the Frost And Ice | Metal

Brace yourselves everypony, masterpiece ahoy! Here we’ve got a quite stunning Progressive/Symphonic/Folk metal beauty from Ponysphere, putting a beautiful and passionate vision to reality with the help of the amazing BriLizy T providing utterly gorgeous vocals, Shurrikane‘s orchestral talents, DivinumX rocking a guest solo, and Secret Metal helping with mixing and mastering. The 8-minutes song has got everything to stand as a timeless gem, from the delightful progression to the masterful instrumentations of both heavy parts empowered by powerful vocals and soft parts sublimated by choruses and piano play. As for the cover art by Flarescale, it completes the whole and adds to the “concept” feel while reminding of cover arts from Folk Metal bands such as Korpiklaani (or from some Prog Rock bands of old).