[P@D] Thrasher & Velvet R. Wings – The Forgotten Reality Of A Hero’s Ascension (feat. SDreamExplorerS) | Symphonic Metal

(Before you listen to this. Please listen to Thrashers A Hero’s Ascension and Velvet R. Wings/SDreamExplorerS The Forgotten Reality.)
I’ve heard a lot of music made for our beloved princess of the night, but none has given me goosebumps quite like this. Thrasher, Velvet R. Wings, and SDreamExplorerS collab their past works to make this into a Symphonic Metal track on P@D. Yes, all its melodies and genres sound just right together. The tells the story of Princess Luna’s work in the dream realm. Velvet’s adapted vocals make you swear it is luna singing this harmony right too you. The message that she is your protector in your dream’s and not to forget that. I really like the lyrics. It really does talk about Luna’s work protecting her subjects from the horror’s of nightmare’s. The hard and symphonic metal guitars, help drive home the fact that Princess Luna is a hero to the ponies she protects. A metalhead like myself gives this song high praise.


Rockin’Brony – Open Up Your Eyes (2018 Redux) (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Symphonic Metal

Here we go for another up-to-date cover from Rockin’Brony, showcasing such vocal talent as well as a complete Symphonic Metal rearrangement of the epic and emotional Open Up Your Eyes! Much emotion to be had once more in this splendid cover, amping up the power of the chorus with blissful guitars, strings, and vocals from Rockin’Brony!


Rockin’Brony – For The New Lunar Republic (Covering Not A Clever Pony) | Symphonic Metal

Bronycon’s master shredder goes old school in this intense tribute to a legendary fandom classic! Keeping close to iamnotacleverpony’s dramatic, orchestral opening, Rockin’ introduces his own intense flavor of metal guitar riffs about a minute into the track. While staying true to the original For the New Lunar Republic, this cover is very much its own style and take, utilizing an 80s synth and refreshing bass nicely throughout the track. Of course, no Rockin’Brony track is complete without a mind-blowing guitar solo and ever-intensifying drums! Make sure to check this song out for a powerful trip down memory lane!


[P@D] SDreamExplorerS – The Empathy Herself | Symphonic Black Metal / Progressive Metal

Enigma has bring us soo many awesome tunes, The Empathy Herself it’s one of them! The mix between symphonic elements, amazing progressions and black metal typical screaming vocals and drum usage, makes this track an amazing Symphonic Black Metal experience with Progressive Metal influence. Soul Strings did an amazing job on this track, with the massive instrumentation and production plus with the vocal performance, mixing screaming with clean vocals, sometimes with effects. The lyrics tell a story, that what I love in Soul Strings’ tracks, they have something to tell.
Download Enigma on P@D bandcamp.


[P@D] PrinceWhateverer – Shrouded Integrity (feat. IMShadow007) | Metal

PrinceWhateverer continues to show why he is the king of brony metal in this tag team collaboration featured on Ponies at Dawn: Enigma. Utilizing some epic vocals from IMShadow007, this track has all the intensity and refined sound design that we know PW for. A great feature of Shrouded Integrity is the dramatic strings that carry the melody through the track and add a beautiful and almost tragic sense of desperation while the singers call out the subject character for the choices she makes. Another very well-structured composition, be sure to check out this track and the album it is from!



Elias Frost – Banished | Symphonic Gothic Metal

A gorgeous ode to Luna and the fateful events around her banishment to the moon that we are all familiar with, Banished is full of Elias’ mighty talent at strong and emotional vocals, all while carrying a powerful progression including choruses and an epic guitar solo part. Icing on the cake, the track also fittingly covers William Anderson’s Luna’s Theme from the show, that you can hear in BGMs such as Your Own Shadow from the episode Bloom and Gloom.


[P@D] Velvet R. Wings & SDreamExplorerS – Freedom Reclaimed | Symphonic Power Metal

Epic metal coming from the latest P@D album, Rebirth! This time the amazing trio Soul Strings, Velvet and Andy Feelin (on the production) made an epic track about how to deal with our hardships and how to not let them make us suffer. Amazing vocals, amazing instrumentation and inspiring lyrical work. This song is definitely one of the best of the album!

Download Rebirth in a bandcamp near you or you can buy it if you are rich as buck.


Frozen Night – Cosmic Dream | Symphonic Metal

Frozen Night is back with another one of his masterpieces! Cosmic Dream evokes visions of soaring through the aether on wings of starlight. He perfectly blends atmospheric effects and burning guitars into a distilled draught of energy. Throughout the song, it’s easy to picture Celestia flying through the ionosphere, casting her mighty spell to raise the sun once more.


Rockin’Brony – Winter Wrap Up (covering SHAICO / Daniel Ingram) | Symphonic Metal

Inspired by an old cover of the show’s first big hit (originally produced by SHAICO), Rockin’Brony re-creates Winter Wrap Up as a brilliant, symphonic instrumental. RB’s always top notch guitar soloing ability is really on display here, with several layers of great guitar work and shredding interspersed through the track. The drums are on point for the upbeat style and the bells really ring out the top-end of the mix for an extremely fun take on the beloved classic!