Voting opens for the Top 10 Brony Songs of February 2023

Right off the back of the annual Top 25, the Top Brony Music team is ready for another monthly roundup of fan faves, this time from February! There are at least 130 songs to choose from this month, going by Luck’s playlist which you can use for some inspiration. Voting is only open for another 3 and a bit days at the time of this post, so get to it and use your Celestia-given right to cast your ballot at the voting form here!


Ponies At Dawn: Dreamwalkers charity album release party happening today!

The fine horses at P@D recently announced a surprise new charity album! As with their previous charity albums, this is a compilation of previously released music by some of the collective’s regular musicians – this time also featuring songs from past A State of Sugar, Equinity and VibePoniez albums – and is raising money in aid of Save The Children Australia.

The release party is taking place on PonyvilleFM and the Pony Town event server, starting at 2pm EST with some DJ sets from Thunder_Kick and Nicolas Dominique, with the album premiere starting at 4pm, and Bolt closing things off with DJ set afterwards.

You can check out the tracklist and pre-order the album from P@D’s Bandcamp page. To join in the party, listen live on PonyvilleFM, join the PVFM discord server, or hop on to the Pony Town Event Server!

Top 25 Brony Songs of 2022

It’s finally here! The cream of the crop; the abosolutest of bangers; the bestest of horses; the music community’s favourite brony songs from the whole of 2022! Over 280 songs were in the running this year, which just goes to show how many amazing songs from 2022 became people’s favourites. I can’t say much else without giving anything away, so go check out the final results for yourself!

Top 10 Brony Songs of January 2023

The results are IN from the vote for last month! We’ve still got a short while to go before we find out the results for the entire 2022 vote, so in the meantime why not check out some of the faves from last month? There’s a little nostalgia trip for the 2013 bronies of the popular songs from days of yore too…

The Equestrian Selection presents: The Equestrian Showcase

The Equestrian Selection, the curated fandom music playlist project managed by Skyshard, has a new side to it. The Equestrian Showcase is the first of a planned annual event giving a snapshot of the music created by brony musicians in the past year. The idea is that every artist who submitted to take part each gets one song features in a, well, showcase of brony music, making it a great opportunity for anyone new or unfamiliar with the music scene to experience a range of songs from 2022! The showcase will also feature 3 guest DJ sets from Emma (TheMadhatterbrony), Dashy and Bolt.

The showcase, like many concerts and album releases, will be hosted on Pony Town’s event server, and Dashy will stream it on their Twitch channel. Join in the fun tomorrow (11 February) from 2pm CST (3pm Eastern / 8pm UTC)!

Voting Opens for the Top Ten Brony Songs of January 2023

With the Top 25 Brony Songs of 2022 polls closed and the video due to be premiered at HarmonyCon later this month, we’ve got a bit of a wait before we find out those results. In the meantime, why not consider voting for January’s songs? The form is available here for you to fill – back to the usual monthly rules this time – and if you need a reminder of the songs released, Luck’s monthly playlist has you covered!

7 Years of the Horse Music Herald

This looks like the same cake as last year…

I was a little late to realise, but we recently reached the 7th anniversary of our launch date! We turned 7 on 27 January, and we’re still waiting on that pony we asked for last year

I’ve been reflecting on the past year – my first back at HMH after a few years of reduced involvement – and am just amazed at the incredible resilience and continued creativity of the people in and around the music community of this fandom. In 2022, we have:

  • Posted around 360 individual songs, meaning someone wrote a nice article promoting brony music roughly once a day. And we’re well aware this is only a fraction of all the music created by the fandom!
  • Posted 30 albums, both compilation albums and releases from individual artists.
  • Covered the monthly Top Tens, several compilation album release parties and multiple charity concerts.
  • Reworked parts of the website, including a new way to submit music to us and an updated staff page that honours the work of everyone who’s ever been on our team.
  • Brought several new writers onto the team to help share the love for horse music.

Thank you so much to everyone in the fandom producers and musicians for giving us wonderful music to enjoy, to everyone on the HMH staff for helping keep this passion project alive, and to all our followers for all the moral support. Here’s to another 7 years 🥂

Voting opens for the Top 25 Brony Songs of 2022

Hey, I was just talking about this yesterday! It’s here – the big vote is upon us! The rules are slightly different this time in that you must for between 5 and 25 songs this time round, but everything else remains the same. Only songs released in the year 2022 will count, and you can use any of Luck Rock’s monthly playlists from 2022 to search for potential selections. You can also look through our archives to get an idea of what to vote for (we’re almost caught up with 2022 songs!). You can find the voting form here, which is open for 2 weeks instead of the usual 1 (closes 29 Jan at 3pm Eastern). Happy voting and see you in a couple of weeks for the results! 👀

Top 10 Brony Songs of December 2022

Such honse. The final monthly Top 10 for 2022 is here! I’m sure nobody would be surprised to hear that plenty of P@D: Wanderlust releases made the cut, but you gotta check it out to see which ones came out on top…

And keep an eye out for the Top 25 of 2022, the voting for that should be opening up any day now 👀