Ponies at Dawn: Wanderlust open for submissions

It’s already been 3 months since their last album, Zenith, was released, so it’s time for Ponies At Dawn to gear up for another one! You can read the full announcement with all the details in their official press release, but below you’ll find the highlights.

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Top 10 Brony Songs of July 2022

Top Brony Music has released The Top 10 Brony Songs of July as voted on by the community! July was slammed with all kinds of great fandom songs, including more YouTube releases from Ponies at Dawn’s Zenith, the return of Balloon Party, the soundtrack to Minty Root’s new Missing Out film, and so many great individual releases! As usual, the hits span all kinds of musical genres – so take a look at what the community decided!

Rave for the House of Belles 2022 Charity Concert Announcement

Hello, I’m DrakeEmberHeart. SimonTheMadhatterbrony and I both write for this platform. We’re also the organizers again this year of the Rave for the House of Belles – a charity concert for our dear friend MezairPlush’s father’s fight against stage 4 Lymphoma cancer. He’s been fighting to stay alive since 2020, and it’s only because of efforts like this to help Mezair and her mother pay for his treatments and medical bills that he is still alive. Mezair is a brave and wonderful young lady that put her life on hold, and everything she made from her plushie commissions and donations has gone towards keeping her father alive.

You, the beautiful fans of brony music community, can help again. 20 brony musicians have stepped forward to perform in a charity concert to raise money for this cause, with 20 sets spanning over 2 nights of Music!

How you can help: Every donation to Mezair’s Ko-fi, every new tier membership or plushie commission goes towards her father’s cancer fight. The donation link will be in the concert stream description, or you can click on Mezair’s name to give now if you wish.

When: August 13th and 14th, 3pm EST / 9pm CEST both nights

How to Watch: Simon will be streaming on his YouTube channel and Tw3Lv3 will be streaming from her Minecraft server! Click here to join her Club Moonlight discord for details on how!

Who is Performing: PrinceWhateverer, Drummershy, Nevermourn, Tw3Lv3, BlueBrony, MC-Arch, BoltTheSuperPony, Chang31ing, RockFox, Burning Gryphon, Prowox, Valoria Winterblade, Echo Breeze, Khaliber, FORSAKE, Dionte George, Korroki_Aternak, BlueIntellect, DJ Dashy, And Simon Himself!

Join The Rave’s discord server here to enjoy the event while you watch; say hello to us, the musicians, and Mezair herself!

See you there! This Qilin very much invites you to join us!

Voting open for Top Ten Brony Songs of July 2022

It’s nice of Celestia to officially declare the opening of the voting herself, it makes a real difference…

Once again, the voting for the community favourites of the last month is open! The form is available to fill in here and, in case you need a reminder of what songs were released this month, Luck’s monthly YT playlist is available here.


Top 10 Brony Songs of June 2022

Top Brony Music has released The Top 10 Brony Songs of June as voted on by the community. June was a very exciting month – packed with many wonderful new tunes as well as some close votes for making the list! Check out what the fandom landed on for the prime 10 picks!

Top 10 Brony Songs of June 2022 voting opens

It’s that time again! There’s plenty of songs to choose that were released in June, with offers from the latest Ponies At Dawn and VibePoniez albums making their way to YouTube. And if you need a general roundup to choose songs from, check out Luck’s complete June 2022 playlist!

It’s VibePoniez Day!

Remember, kids: time zones are magic! The above times are in CEST (EDT+6).

VibePoniez, the fandom’s premier collective dedicated to chill music, are releasing their newest album “Downtown” today. And to celebrate the occasion they’ve arranged a Pony Town event! The party kicks off at 3pm Eastern with the album release itself, followed by a good few hours of DJ sets. But before that begins, we’ll be bringing you posts on the 3 pre-releases in the run-up to the event, to bring you a little taste of the album!

To join in, you can log onto the Pony Town events server or tune into the livestream on YouTube. We hope to see you there!

Top 10 Brony Songs of May 2022 voting opens

New month, new chance to vote on horse music. With a new Ponies At Dawn album thrown into the mix as well, there’s bound to be a sizeable number of songs to choose from! You can check Luck’s May playlist of all songs released to help jog your memory of this month’s songs and then vote in this form here.

It’s P@D Day!

Today’s the day: Ponies At Dawn are releasing their latest album, Zenith, this evening and have the usual day full of events scheduled to cover it! The fun kicks off at 1pm EDT with 5 different DJ sets before the album showcase at 6pm, followed by a couple more DJs performing afterwards.

But that’s not all – we’ll be bringing all of the pre-releases from P@D’s YouTube channel throughout the day leading up to the mane event this evening, so watch this space for some previews of what’s in store for the rest of the album!