StrachAttack – Black Magic VIP ft. NekoWolf (Silver Fenix Remix) | Trap

We’re a little late with this one, but it’s still great to see some new faces in the music scene. Having been a brony for several years and now with a couple of years practice in production under his belt, Silver Fenix is beginning to release his own pony music, starting with this remix of Strach’s Black Magic VIP. I’m sure it would have found its way onto Strach’s remix EP from a while back had it been released sooner, but there’ll be plenty more opportunities for us to see Silver Fenix’s work featured in the future. Go subscribe to him if you like this sort of thing, he’s already released a fair few other tracks!


Kawaii Dash – Vape Hors | Future Trap

Xavi’s latest masterpiece is here everypony, and this one is especially crazy. In all the good ways. What originally was a Future Bass experiment turned into a much Vapor-inspired Future Trap banger of many wonders, where blissful whomps, divine vocal chops, sick sound design, and far-out distortions are all creating an incredible experience to replay and replay again. The second vapor-ey part is really hitting hard and is very powerful along that amazing soundscape Xavi-chi is known for. The heavier vocal chops parts featuring Giggly Maria‘s vocals are also very intense and I can’t get over how incredible that bass synth is. As for the Vapor cover art from RacoonKun, it is completing the experience very nicely (I recommend his artworks by the way, tons of sexy great stuff).


Skelter – Sombra | Trap

With each release, I’ve always loved to see what kind of new piece Skelter had in store for us, and it is an honor for me to finally be able to write up their debut feature on HMH. The first of many I hope! This solid Trap tune reflecting the villainous ways of King Sombra certainly is a very fine piece, and it hits hard and fiercely while bringing all the sick synths and beats!


Einarx – Nightwatcher EP | Electronic

It’s been a good few months since Einarx’s last EP but his latest one, Nightwatcher, sees a real step up in production for one of Magnus Records’ most prominent contributors. We’ve already featured 3 of the 5 tracks on this EP here on the site, so I won’t go into full depth on this post. The songs range from melody-based dubstep and dnb, to some more hard hitting trap and electro house – a good reflection of the range of styles he has to offer. So if your tastes in music include the EDM umbrella, I can definitely recommend this EP to you.

You can download this EP on the Magnus Records bandcamp for absolutely free.

And that art by Marenlicious is pretty awesome too!


Einarx – The Bats (feat. Zompony) | Trap

Another release from Einarx’s upcoming Nightwatcher EP, this Trap treat gathers the help of Zompony and plays out in both cool and sick fashion, as the fear of vampire ponies arises again in the dankest musical ways. If there was a club in Equestria for bat ponies, I’m pretty sure the manager would be a vampire pony… and I can imagine very well this track playing there as many bat ponies jam to the beat and the Trap vibes!


Vylet Pony & Silva Hound – Bang Out | Hybrid Trap

We can count on Vylet Pony to musically bring to life the dankest ideas, and this concept co-created by Tsukii and explained in the description certainly pays much tribute to Queen Chrysalis in the coolest ways. Made in collaboration with Silva Hound, this delightful dirty banger unleashes rad bass, cool drums, sick Trap beats, amazing synth melodies, and definitely very enjoyable samples to prove once and for all that Chrysalis is best villain. The melodic part playing at 1:23 is my favorite aspect of the track, it’s so cool and villainous, sounding like it’s straight from a movie!