Never Say Neigh – Black Stable Vol. 1 | Compilation Album | Dubstep

Heavy basses coming up right now, pony artists joined forces to make the most heaviest album ever featuring genres such Riddim, Brostep, Drumstep and Hybrid Trap! Featuring some big names as Wootmaster, Hoofy, L.M. and VooDoo!
I recommend you give a big listen to this album, because it showcases what the fandom can provide with heavy wubs and aggressive drumming style. Never Say Neigh is here to stay, and the ones who probably say that are the owners of the label -> Hoofy and VooDoo, that with love and dedication created the next big thing along with A State of Sugar and Go grab the album! And, for suprise suprise, the album is free to download on Bandcamp so go grab it you lazy!


[P@D] J. Free, TheWanderingKit & Synthis – Fallen Kind | Chill Hop / Trap

To see Synthis taking part in Ponies at Dawn albums is so wonderful as he’s known for very emotional pieces and unique vocals that are always so emotional too! For Enigma he gathered the vocal talents of J. Free and TheWanderingKit to perform with him, and it results in a very cool Chill Hop piece that’s to die for, with Synthis’ signature dreamy melodies and deep bass making for much emotion once more and carrying all vocals in such an epic way.


TCB – Discord Trouble | Hybrid Trap

TCB back at it again with the Memery and Machinery for a Beautifull Track. Bringing in some Chaotic flavour too this time. Discord tunes are always enjoyable tunes. This one taking the cake in my honest opinion! this Remix of Odysey’s while adding in Doodled’s & Ditherers Track really brings out the energy and hype. A Classic I hope to hear next year at Ciderfest! hope to see ya’ll and TCB there! ❤


Phoxi – everfree coven | Experimental Trap

Editor’s note: idfk how to label phoxi’s music, it’s like trap but halftime…quartertime?

Damn this was SPOOPY, Phoxi delivers an amazing audio design in this track, with the drums really well made, the wubs are really distorted and the whispers CELESTIA! The whispers!!!!!! It was an amazing experience, and SPOOPY, incredible, incredible! I love it!!!! Phoxi always delivers really cool songs!!

Aside – More Music For the Headless Horse | Compilation Album | Experimental

The sequel to the highly experimental Music for the Headless Horse. More Music for the Headless Horse comes as an amazing show of spooky/funny/experimental songs with the habitual faces of like Kakofonous A. Dischord (the owner), Shuffle Horse (formerlly known as VecodeX), Drixaleflankƨy, CloudbeatSampleMousse and yours truly (yes me). But we also have new faces like Cynifree, RezKue!, Dynamite Grizzly, DEFORMED STUUFYSH, DAϟH & Ponut Pulse and Lois Cook! All of this album is amazing and you should check out! Artwork done by the amazing Cosmic Latte (aka PhonicBoom).


[P@D] UndreamedPanic & Doodled – Style | Trap Rap / Hardcore Hip-Hop

Enigma  was full of incredible Hip Hop, but Style performed by a hyped Doodle with a beat done by UndreamedPanic, it’s certanily the best track on the album! The hook is soo catchy, the fast flows are amazing, the autotune usage is funny and good, sometimes it gives me Pink Guy vibes (REEEEEEE). Damn, this lyrics also some were savage, some were just puns that were soo amazing!
Download or buy Enigma on P@D bandcamp.



Zizkil – Crimson Elegance | Glitch-Hop

Music visionary Zizkil treats us with a special track for this spooky month, delivering Vampire Rarity vibes along a sick instrumental of refined scares! An incredible soundscape is laying out sharp beats, moist sounds and carousel-like melodies reminding of Rarity’s character, as the atmosphere overall conveys the spooky-ness of the theme so well. A new Zizkil masterpiece to savor over and over again!


[P@D] AJ Young – Go Hard (feat. ShobieShy & TheWanderingKit) | Trap Rap / Hybrid Trap

Whoa whoa. we got some badasses over here! AJ Young aggressive style of wubbing with the fast flows of Shobie and Wandering makes this urban hip hop track one of the best from the Enigma catalog, probably one of the best raps done in the entire P@D music! The beat is absolute fire and the energy of the beat is recived and transmited by both rappers. Certified good music!
Download Enigma on P@D bandcamp!


[P@D] John Kenza – Looking At The Stars (feat. Agatan) | Future Bass / Trap

I am still emotional from hearing this. Legit, John Kenza & Agatan bring us Looking At The Stars, a Beautiful song about Flurry Heart all grown up. Despite having faced many obstacles, still standing strong and doing what she loves. Shining brighter than ALL the stars! It’s like, watching Agatan. Me and Him have been through and we both keep growing and learning. I am so proud of him making all these steps and to see him Grow, getting the recognition he deserves. And I love him for it. Legit, I will always have your back bro! I gotchu. ❤
As for John; Thank you for letting my bro do this with you man. Legit, this is dope and you did amazing.
Everybody, show some love!
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma.