A State of Sugar – Candy | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Sugar, Spice, and everything nice! That’s a close enough reference and it’s time for a new ASoS album! Since the release of Lollipop this summer, the compilation album side of this project has grown alongside the promo channel that they run – this album features 36 brand new songs, and a good 2 hours or so of music for you to enjoy. The album covers a lot of the more melodic side of electronic music, as the ASoS label tends to do. There’s plenty of future bass, trance and chill stuff, but also the fair share of dubstep and bass house, and everything inbetween!

Also dat artwork, amirite?

Candy is available to download from A State of Sugar’s bandcamp page, completely for free (but you can donate if you’re feeling generous).


APPL3JVCK – I Dream Of Pinkamena | Trap

Not save for fillies this time! Dark vibes coming from one of the awesome trap producers in the fandom, APPL3JVCK, with awesome sampling and very well produced beats that sounds like an instrumental of $uicidalboy$. Mostly inspired by comic dubs of Pinkamena and Lil Miss Rarity relationship, APPL3 delivers a ethereal, lo-fi and dark vibe that makes me want to rap about my anger and my dark thoughts. Good job APPL3JVCK, keep up the gorgeous work! Nice choice of artwork too



TPressleyJ – Polar Opposition VIP | Hybrid Trap

Ooooh wow! My boy TPressleyJ on Cider Party! I’m so proud of him! Seriously, check him out! This awesome guy deserves it for his Awesome work! ❤ The beat is Smooth, Lovely, soothing, and very Hyperactive! The sratches and drops are very well done and I love the Samples used Here. A Royal Problem was a very cool Episode and I love how that Episode inspired this Track. It truly seems like the Sun and Moon are coming together for this awesome song! Show some love everybody! Our guy Pressley deserves it! ❤ (And Pressley, Seriously I really Respect you Bro. keep up the amazing work ❤ )


Vylet Pony – BEAUTYSLEEP (feat. R3CTIFIER & NAMII) | Hybrid Dubstep

After last year’s Scaremaster, Vylet Pony unveils a brand new surprise for this Nightmare Night and it features the talents of R3CTIFIER and Namii, formerly Cadie! Expect (or better, get delightfully surprised by) dark Trap vibes, quality back-alley rapping, and hard-hitting wubs! Happy Nightmare Night, and don’t forget to get your beauty sleep!


Skelter – Defeat | Trap

Skelter makes an appearance on promotional channel A State of Sugar and delights with the Trap mastery he’s known for. Dark underground vibes are complementing shady melodies for a very tasty and enjoyable result, and those of you who might find the cover art tasty as well have certainly been Defeat-ed by the strong arguments of these mares. More socks and absolute territories please! This new “Naughty” series on ASoS is definitely much promising. Shoutout to channel manager Violin Melody!


Virus Ponies – Split (feat. N. Hollow) | Trap

Hollow and Virus have been pretty busy I see, I like it Man. 🙂 Dope beat, dope flows, I love it. I think the delivery is very well done. That one punchline though… “Fill up Pinkie’s cannon with them boulders” lmfao. N. Hollow kinda reminds me of Tyler the Creator at the beginning. Its a style that’s pretty underrated if you ask me. As for Virus, what a dope beat. Yes, this is good work guys, love man love. ❤


[P@D] John Kenza – Wonderbolt | Future Trap

John Kenza is an amazing producer in our fandom and his 2 features in Anthology plus 2 entrances in the oldies goldies part! I think that we’re talking about a great producer!

Wonderbolt, nice vocal sampling and chops, nice drumming work, nice synth and bass. The drops are the most exciting and emotional part, I love them soo much! John Kenza delivered a bunch of happy feelings, this one is for blast at your school party with your friends!

Like I said, if you are rich buy the CD, but the digital version, BUY BUY BUY, but if you are poor like me you can download the digital version or listen to the fresh horse tunes on Spotify! Yes, a new featured on music apps for you with your little telephony thing play the hottest horse tunes right now! Have fun!


Prey – Black Magic | Hip-Hop / Trap

Yes yes yes niiiiiice this is a good Trap beat man. dope drums With some a nice vibe to it. Nice techno pieces in there too, I honestly find it abit hard to say how this is MLP related though, but its always Lovely and cool to see people getting into the Brony Vibe. Welcome Prey! good stuff my man, keep up the good Work. Just as the Magic definitly works. 🙂 and for all the (T)Rappers out there; I definitly reccomend check this out. 😉 Show some love everybody! ❤