MrMehster & Tw3Lv3 – Work in Progress (TheTaZe Remix) (Feat. Doodled) | Trap

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Doodled continues to be very consistent in this fandom as a brony rapper with a unique style of rhyme delivery that only he can do. TheTaZe sure does know how to remix a track to give a flow that compliments Doodled’s talent, transforming a prolific hardstyle track (originally from the album Equinity02), to a very smooth and vibing Trap flavor. Doodled delivers a rhythm of rhymes full of inside jokes, gamer humor, references and general trash-talking about originality and the fandom. The lyrics are courtesy of ideas from his goofy friends, TaZe, MrMehster and Tw3Lv3. Leave it to Doodled to try not to laugh while he’s trying to rhyme. You’ve gotta love that charisma. TaZe delivers on another treat that should make you click. As always, this Qilin asked you to judge for yourself. OH and do enjoy the smooth and silky main melody of the the original track. It’s like butter oh yeah!


Never Say Neigh – Black Stable: Vol 3 | Compilation Album | EDM

Never Say Neigh just unveiled their newest album and as with the previous two compilations, this one hits hard and with fantastic quality! The eight-track album has a nice variety of producers and collaborations who all combine to show that NSN is a stand-out project within the fandom to continue paying attention to! Do not be afraid to turn NSN3 up and make it loud – that’s how it is meant to be played!

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SP1TF1R3 – The Sphinx Awakens – Hybrid Trap

We hear so much about Somnambila’s tale with her encounter with the Sphinx. But does anyone just focus on the Sphinx itself? You’re in luck. I give you SP1TF1R3, This track has more of the focus on how evil and nasty the Sphinx is. The melodies here are a mix of some Egyptians themes with some strong synthing of dramatic melodies to create tension of dealing with this evil presence. Its a real shame that this track did not make it on P@D. It really does create an image of dealing with this monster first hand. Presentation is wonderful here. Keep working hard and working to get better good sir. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

(P.S: for those that what wonder why I end my articles with that. I am encouraging you the reader to listen to the track and think for yourself, Don’t take my word for it as reading rainbow would say)


Seventh Element – The B Word (VIP) | Trap

Seventh Element has been a blessing on this fandom for what seems like forever. This remake is a giant, wonderful meme glorifying a couple of moments in brony music history. The B Word is a catchy trap piece using Silva Hound’s infamous “You are such a brony” line as well as a few other memes as chops. The instrumental work is well-composed and bizarre in a way that only Seventh can make it, featuring an eerie synth, battle horns, and interspersed pony chops as well. The visuals are silly and entertaining – do yourself a favor and watch this video!


SCRATON – Veni Vidi Vici (Magic) | Future Bass

And so, we’ve come to the 6th and final piece of SCRATON’s mane 6-themed tracks. For those keeping watch, the last one we’ve been expecting is the element of magic, and it’s finally here. Veni Vidi Vici is a lovely future bass track with a smooth set of vocals and infectious trap elements. When the drop hits, we’re privy to a wonderful melody primarily driven by vocal chops and synths that you’ll never get enough of. The description notes that no king or queen rules forever, but their legacy will never die, which is a fitting analogy for MLP’s 4th generation as well as this series of songs. Such a beautiful way to send off this series of tracks!

Below is an additional review from guest writer DrakeEmberHeart.

Drake’s writeup:
SCRATON has saved Twilight for last. For the final track of his Mane 6 series, we get a track that feels and sound like what BOOKHORSE has been through. It’s some epic future bass that gets you picture the evolution of her character. The lyrics. The vocal chops, the spell binding meleody of her journey. When I hear this I picture her walking past moment of her greatness done in the show. From a student unicorn to big alicorn BOOKHORSE! This song is a celebration of princess Twilight Sparkle. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself


SCRATON – Gemshard (Generosity) | Future Bass

NOTE: This post was written by both Blackened and Drake.

I got to hand it to SCRATON for his 5th track of mane six tributes. I don’t think a song has captured Rarity’s personality as well as this one has before! Right off the bat, this song hits you with a generous dose of classy style, starting off with a brief samba-inspired section before jumping into SCRATON’s usual electronic flair. Like the element of generosity herself, this song gives off an aura of beautiful showmanship and funk which honestly fits her character super well. The beat switches it up to where you can picture Rarity having a wonderfully good time dancing it up with fabulous style, but then we’re thrust into another change; an absolutely gorgeous drop with vocal samples that feel like they were meant for Rarity. Overall, this song does well to capture Rarity’s personality, even without words. Time for a party at the Carousel Boutique!


SCRATON – Powerhorse (Honesty) | Future Bass

NOTE: This was written by DrakeEmberHeart in conjunction with Blackened.

SCRATON is back again with the 4th track of this series of tunes themed to the the mane 6! Welcome to Honesty. Centred around Applejack, Powerhorse is fitting name for this track, seeing as she’s Equestria’s strongest earth pony. This song does something different with her character. The melody and beats seem to celebrate Applejack’s spirit, utilising an upbeat melody that is fitting of AJ’s strength and hard work. But there is something else. The soft female vocals which are a common theme in these tracks almost seem like Rarity sang them, particularly when “oh darling, please don’t go” pops up in the middle; reminding Applejack to not work so hard, to relax and come with her. The production is fantastic on how good and powerful this song’s honesty is.


Omnipony – I FLARE U STARE | Drum & Bass

In a surprise twist, Omnipony has recently returned to the MLP scene with their first song under the Omnipony alias in quite a long, long time! I FLARE U STARE is a unique banger that showcases their style by mixing DnB with elements of trap, wonky as well as some kooky samples! The second half of the song showcases the latter two elements more prominently, using a disjointed beat in front of some heavy synths and bass before eventually transitioning into a melodic ambient section. What a way to return, eh? I’m sure we can expect great things from Omni in the future.