Skelter – Nightmare | Hybrid Trap

You have to love some Nightmare Moon hybrid trap here, brought to you by Skelter this time!  The basses are creatively made, ominous, and in your face, and the track goes well with the famous “what” sample.  This definitely is its own kind of hybrid trap, and it is something dance-worthy!  Nicely done, Skelter!


TPressleyJ – The Dawn of Boi | Trap

Sampling a funny and memey video done by UndreamedPanic, Flittzy and GROskAr about a love story between NeverLastStanding and Ponies At (What in tarnation, this is really weird and funnie), TPressleyJ delivers a mechanical and wild Trap track with a lot of classic Trap elements such the Lex Lugers up and the hey, hey hey with big 808’s and really trippy drops! TPressleyJ surprised me with this track, finally I could dance to a meme track!? (I don’t know, TPressleyJ did really a remix of a P@D meme xD). So yes, The Dawn of Boi, good drops, good sampling work, good synths and drum work. Wild, aggressive and mechanical feelings that this track gave me. Just listen to it, first listen to the story and then listen to the remix for better understanding of context and memes. Just listen!


N. Hollow – Crystal Shards | Rap / Trap

Hollow’s done a pretty good job here! Back at it again with the good stuff. I love it dude! A dope trap beat with some nice flows throughout the rap. Crystal Empire Records definitely made a very good choice by getting Hollow on board. I personally just really appreciate his style of rap, and whilst I’m honestly not that much into trap, I can appreciate it if it’s done right. Show some love to my man Hollow. This the good stuff we need nowadays!


Chang31ing & Einarx – Scourge | Hybrid Trap

From Magnus Record’s brand new compilation album series, Chang31ing and Einarx bring us this amazing hybrid trap song. The intro brings us this dark haunting atmosphere complemented by the Chrysalis samples that leads us into both drops. In the drops we’re greeted by some amazing bass designs and some excellent minimalist percussion. The straight rhythm sections complement the trap rhythms nicely in this song. Great work you two, this is one amazing collaboration.


Swagberg – Pony Swag (feat. Maros) (Drixale Remix) | Moombahton / Trap / Hip-Hop

Drixale returns with his hot and exotic beats, with a remix of the Brony Hip Hop classic – Pony Swag. The drum beats are one of my favorite parts and the vocal preparation with the Rainbow Dash Oh My Gosh samples is also pretty good! The breakdown, the transition from the Moombahton part to a Trap Rap part and the transition to the Moombahton again is one of my favorite parts of the song! And the end with the My Little Pony theme song with the Moombahton / Reggaeton beat in a lo-fi mode was really clever! The mixing, the synth work, the vocal preparation, all pretty good! One of my favorite Drixale remixes! Keep up the good work! Aah, what a nostalgia that Drixale brought us today!


Dj Shadow Music – Undecryptable Mind | Bass House

Dj Shadow Music is back on Horse Music Herald once again, giving us some more fresh beats, with this one having three different genres played in it! The dubstep, hybrid trap, and bass house sections really give the song a different kind perspective for each, but they all reflect the main idea in the end. The type of drums that come in early on give the idea that this work will be a thriller; and especially with the main bass and sub bass pairing together during the drops really hold the aforementioned statement to be true. Then, Dj Shadow decided to throw in a curveball with a subtle tempo change and completely modify the groove of the song to a bass house style, which was well-put together!

Follow Dj Shadow Music here!


Segments Of Life – Cube | Trancecore / Hybrid Trap

Segments of Life is one that projects that always surprise me, because of the genres that the project brings, this case, Trancecore. Trancecore is a really rare genre on brony fandom, probably you may have hear some Melodic Metalcore with Trance influences on some PrinceWhateverer or Sable Symphony songs. But Segments of Life is a different way of using the Trancecore elements, in Segments’ songs we have more Trance elements that Melodic Metalcore ones, so that’s why I say that Trancecore is a rare genre in brony fandom.

After this introduction, let’s talk about the song, Cube has really amazing guitar riffs, look like some really Djenty or Progressive Metalcore guitar riff. The symphonic pads used are also really atmospheric and give to the song an ethereal aspect. The synths and the drums joint the song and make the song really awesome. And then that Hybrid Trap drop at the end it’s really amazing, I felt chills when I first listened to it! Really amazing mixing of genres.

This song and more other 7 are featured in Segments’ newest album, The Vivid Dream, where the main genre is Trancecore, but it’s mixed with a lot of genres. (Segments even created a track called Don’t Care About Genres.) All the 8 songs are available on youtube or you can listen to the whole thing on bandcamp.


Various Artists – Horse Music Central Vol. 4 | Compilation Album | Electronic

You might have seen a couple of songs from this out already, but in case you missed it, Horse Music Central released their 4th edition of their seasonal compilation albums. The general theme of summer covers the album, but as per usual each artist gets to showcase their own style. With a mix of long-time staple artists and some slightly newer faces, it’s a great chance to check out some new artists.