[P@D] Silva Hound & VooDoo – Blindsided | Hybrid Trap

Silva Hound teams up with the bass beast himself, VooDoo for a new, hard-hitting trap hit! Featured on the newest Ponies at Dawn: Skyward, Blindsided is an awesome homage to the dazzlings and even features some vocal chops from Wubcake! The track has a little bit of everything form soft ambient sections to full on crazy breakdowns – a great demonstration of versatility from such a talented crew!


ShobieShy – The Sho (Full Album) | Rap/HipHop / Trap

ShobieShy is a lad I’ve been following for sometime now. A great guy, a very talented rapper, and a person I am proud to call my friend. I hereby welcome all ladies and gentlemen to The Sho. Shobie’s first album featuring the talent of many producers! Shobie really outperformed himself with this Album and gives us a wonderful performance of his skills. Massive shoutout to Doodled and Drixale for their awesome contributions to The Sho!

Keep rockin’ it bro. Keep flexin’ your might.


Remember Falling – Going Down (pt. 2) | Alternative / Trap

It’s like Remember Falling heard all of our subconscious calls for a continuation to the original Going Down that was so epic!! Equally epic and badapple, this part 2 about the MLP villains is kicking flank so much once again with incredible lyrics fitting to the villains’ personalities and stories, very cool vocals, and an enthralling electronic instrumental of much emotion!


loophoof & NeverLastStanding – Have Here (Silva Hound Remix) | Trap

Silva Hound is starting 2019 strong with a great remix from loophoof and NeverLastStanding as featured on Cider Party last year! The track features Pinkie vocal chops throughout, starting with a light melody before building into an upbeat jam with the kind of energy and immersion that Silva has thrived upon. The energy is well-managed throughout, knowing just when to calm down before exploding back into the song that has you clapping along at home. The song ends with a neat guitar riff provided by Sylver Stripe to echo the soft synth from the original.