Nyanakaru – Oneiromancy | Polka / Trap

Editor’s note: mild content warning

Naynakaru, over the past eleven months, has been creating something special on his channel. A series of music videos called “Methodic Ways To Break a Mind”. To put it best, it’s some of his best work to date with the magic of mixing genres that he’s got a natural talent for, paired with some engaging animated videos. A mystery surrounding this strange book comes to a head with AJ integrating a perplexed Sweetie Belle! The significant part is that Polka has been paired with Trap and works so well with the scene you are watching unfold here! It adds drama, insanity, and intrigue to this ongoing series of events! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


vul – Flutterbutter | Trap/Hip-hop

Content Warning: profanity!

vul might be new to the fandom music scene, but with a full album and active release schedule, they are definitely a talent to watch! “Flutterbutter” comes at you quick with a mountain of hard-hitting lyrics, all performed through AI voicing. The track is impressive both for the writing, trap beat, and the extensive work in coordinating all the AI chops with hip-hop flow! vul announced a hip-hop album is in the works so be sure to watch out for that!


[P@D] TCB – Above (feat. Kozzy) | Color Bass/Hip Hop

TCB continues to amaze with his fun, wonky sound design and subtle melodies. His latest funky creation, “Above” is yet another awesome pre-release from Ponies at Dawn’s upcoming compilation album, “Zenith.”  Muted, yet powerfully delivered rap vocals from Kozzy are supported by a bouncy color bass beat, with some oriental-sounding instrumentation providing extra flavor throughout. With its stellar rap vocals and energetic sound design, this track will make you want to get up and dance!


SOUND BANDIT never ceases to amaze me with their production and visuals. A slower, heavier tune, this one has a powerful trap influenced feeling and the occasional heavily processed MLP sample. The vocals have a lot going on. From distorted melodic riffs to the rhythmic pitch glides, ‘DIMENSIONAL’ is a short, yet powerful song.


Sound Bandit – The Ride (TCB Remix) | Trap / Future Bass

Sitting somewhere between genres that I can’t quite classify, we have a new remix from TCB! This take on a track from Sound Bandit’s recent debut album keeps some of the hyperpop flavor of the original but showcases TCB’s signature hard-hitting, ultramodern production style. Check it out for a short but sweet fusion of bouncy bass sounds.


Nyancat380 – Falling Apart | Phonk

I always picture Nyancat380 working on these songs in a room full of classic horror movie props with a bunch of electricity zapping around, because they are an absolute mad genius. Opening with some vocal chops from “Sisterhooves Social”, the video tells a story through a series of pictures that the artist made themself set over live video footage (in the same vein as the fantastic “Clear My Head“). The melody is dark with a great hip-hop beat, the bass is exquisite, and the overall vibe is delightfully ominous and atmospheric. I love how perfectly the music matches the story as it progresses, and I can’t wait for the next installment!


Glimm – PRINCESSES | Album | Electronic

MAGIC!, inspired by and representing every princess in this princess-themed album, is the opener to PRINCESSES by IAmGlimm. Glitch-hop inspired drums and basses accompanied by slap bass guitars ready your ears for this joyous album! The track that follows that swing-y piece is CADENZA, glittered with saw stabs, trap-inspired drums and a lush, reverberant piano that gives this track its sense of wonderous melody. With melodies, basses, and drums that are reminiscent of 90’s era trance, ILLUMINATE MY NIGHT represents Princess Luna in this album, and also acts as my personal favorite track. Last but not least, the sounds from the finishing track ENLIGHTEN emit pure euphoria. With vocal chops, sine sub-basses, and a lively second drop, ENLIGHTEN represents Princess Celestia. Although it’s a relatively small release, PRINCESSES is energetic, bouncy, and fleshed-out enough to gratify a listen or two!


Nyancat380 – Ponies on Acid | Hybrid Trap

Nyancat380’s newest creative banger presented through Cider Party is here, and it takes a fun and wonky route! If anything, I’ll agree that for example Pony Life episodes have totally been written on acid! This Hybrid Trap beauty is defying expectations once again and proves to be another solid and tasteful experience of sounds! I tried to match it with fitting visuals in the video!


[P@D] Glimm, Khaliber & DJ Skystorm – Izzy Pop | Future Bass / Trap

They just had to do that awesome pun and reference with that title!! Glimm & Friends delivered such a fun treat for P@D Oceansong, hyping the upcoming G5 some more with cool vocals and a dank instrumental working together so well! These ponies are now 20% cooler! (Rainbow Dash sunglasses on)


Tw3Lv3 – One Small Thing | Album | Multi-Genre

When this song hit the fandom back in late 2020, nobody had any idea just how dire we needed this. Yes, you have your fandom anthems about how great and fun the fandom is. But this track that Tw3Lv3, Drummershy, Koa, and MC-Arch did. It spoke a message we needed to hear. The “friendship” part of all of this. The core of it for being a true brony. With how bad 2020 was. The lyrics and energy that rained down from this fandom were a breath of fresh air. This song inspired others again. A song about having that one spark or moment of friendship, support, love, or kindness is all you may need to start turning things around. The message was inspiring and one of the biggest bangers of 2020. How inspiring? Enough of some of the fandom’s best talents today to recreate the power of this track in a list of different genres and styles of expression on how this song inspired them. Suppose you listen to each of these tracks. They will speak to you about how each of them inspired them as it brings out the different strengths of the track. Let’s check them out!

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