MrMehster & Tw3Lv3 – Work in Progress (TheTaZe Remix) (Feat. Doodled) | Trap

(Listen to the orginal Here)

Doodled continues to be very consistent in this fandom as a brony rapper with a unique style of rhyme delivery that only he can do. TheTaZe sure does know how to remix a track to give a flow that compliments Doodled’s talent, transforming a prolific hardstyle track (originally from the album Equinity02), to a very smooth and vibing Trap flavor. Doodled delivers a rhythm of rhymes full of inside jokes, gamer humor, references and general trash-talking about originality and the fandom. The lyrics are courtesy of ideas from his goofy friends, TaZe, MrMehster and Tw3Lv3. Leave it to Doodled to try not to laugh while he’s trying to rhyme. You’ve gotta love that charisma. TaZe delivers on another treat that should make you click. As always, this Qilin asked you to judge for yourself. OH and do enjoy the smooth and silky main melody of the the original track. It’s like butter oh yeah!


Silva Hound & GrazySmash – Ponies In Flames (feat. Forest Rain) [Dropper Vampire Bootleg] – Big Room House


My article on the original:  []

A remix of this already? If you read everything I said about the original, all of that still applies. Dropper, however, changes the complexity of this song by amping up the intensity. It’s a big fight confrontation, and feels like walking out in front of a hundred thousand ponies to fight for a big prize. The melodies are big and powerful, and it sets you into a mood that makes you feel as if something is about to go down between foes. You will be out of your seat, jumping to how raucous this is The more intense melody and the bass makes Forest Rain’s lyrics about confrontation even more serious. You be the judge. This Qilin highly recommends this one if you want to get into that big fight feel!


[ETC] DAϟH – GIGA STORM OVER PONYVILLE! | Splittercore/Extratone

It’s not mayhem until natural disasters, right? For one of the closing acts on COREQUESTRIA Vol 1:PonyVille, DASH has composed the musical equivalent of tyrannical downpore. They synthetically use a deep, booming bass, as well as scratching and screeching effects to create a melody of a raging monsoon, and a certain Pegasus sleeping at the worst possible time. The sounds of doom add to this with a haunting gong. The pace of the track gets more intense as things go on and you wonder if Ponyville can survive, effectively simulating more chaos! Splittercore is a genre that is particularly present in tracks of pure horror and mayhem! Hold on for dear life and check this track out. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] UndreamedPanic – The Storm Is Coming VIP (feat. Metajoker) (Single Purpose Remix) | Drum & Bass

This song has come a long way from its original release on UndreamedPanics last EP The Outdoors, to the release of the VIP on Ponies at Dawn Eternal, to Single Purpose’s remix of the VIP on P@D Ignite. They cranked up the bpm by 233% but kept the atmosphere set by UndreamedPanic’s mellow synths and Metajokers gorgeous vocals and powerful lyrics. In the first half the roomy drum pattern doesn’t feel empty at all thanks to the longer snare and the soothing yet gloomy reese. What was the interlude before, where Metajoker repeats “there’s a storm coming,” is now a hype machine of a buildup culminating with an exhilarating drum fill introducing the second half. From now on until the end it is more or less as perfect as it gets, from the drums to the synth work, working in unison to lead this track right into the list of the most solid DnB the fandom has seen.


[ETC] PeKaNo – The Castle Grows | Tribecore

COREQUESTRIA‘s 20th track is quite possibly the album’s softest track, The Castle Grows! This is PeKaNo’s second attempt at tribecore (a form of free tekno), and a good one at that. This song has a fast-paced drum line and an uplifting synth melody, with a magical feeling permeating throughout the whole track thanks to the arpeggiated synth. Can’t get enough of this chill vibe!


PumpkinZ – Through an Alternate Dimension of Chaos | Industrial / Hardcore

PumpkinZ has been improving fast since they started out last year and worked their way up to be featured on Equestrian Terror Corps. The song can be roughly divided into two distinct parts. First, an ambient intro section with beautiful piano. Then, a strongly melodic hardcore part with a wild lead and a heavily distorted kick. Here’s to hoping they keep having fun writing music and improving.


voodoopony – Siege of the Lunar Empire (Nevermourn Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

Nevermourn had slowed down music production and instead focused on DJing, but they’re back with a remix of an old fandom song. The original by [voodoopony] has been taken down by its author along with most of their music, but the vast majority of it can be found on the pony music archive. [voodoopony] was a pioneer of dnb in the fandom and it only made sense that someone from today’s flourishing scene like Nevermourn provided their take on a piece of their discography, here with a banging liquid flip of a track from 2012. The first part is made up of amen breaks on top of heavy interferences, later the drums and the bass take their place while a lot is happenning in the background as well.


[ETC] DAϟH – Discorded Ponyville | Speedcore

Dark starts this sick and speedy new tune from DAϟH. Spick and span from the fairly recent compilation album Corequestria Vol 1: Ponyville is this speedcore tune, containing mind-bending fast rhythms and voice samples from Discord that truly connects this piece with its title. This collage of chaos, this frenzied assembly, this hoard of discord, will surely set ablaze any rave floor you play it for! Also, I’m extremely excited to see the future of Corequestria Vol 1: Ponyville!


[ETC] Spikey Wikey – Facts and Figures VIP | Hardcore

A V.I.P. so clean you could eat off of it! There’s nothing more intriguing in a piece like Facts and Figures than a traditional techno kick and the “Think Break.” And the curiosity gradually pays off with the filtered introduction of a smooth legato synth playing melodies in minor. The saw bass and vocal samples combine to create a truly beautiful and ominous atmosphere. And what better follow-up to that atmosphere is there than heavy gabber kicks, an industrial snare, and the sweet varnish of glitches? Then there exists an awesome implementation of vocals from The Failure Song to take you back to the goosebump-giving atmosphere of the introduction. This is honestly one of the best tracks I’ve heard from Spikey Wikey, and who could expect any less from a track included in the great compilation album Corequestria Vol 1: Ponyville?


BeatSpark – Hooves Upon Tartarus | Dubstep


In the midst of the nonexistent EDM festival season, BeatSpark decided to take a few pages out of Disciple’s playbook and make this nasty beast of a track. Seriously the distorted sub at the beginning, the build with those nice punchy (to the point my subs in my 4 inch monitors were producing so much power that I could feel it across my studio) kicks, that nasty predrop to the drop was just pure festival vibes. When it hits to that breakdown after that first drop and that soft saw wave melody came in, I audibly said, “Is it ending already? No way!” especially when everything faded out with the reverb tail. The second 8 bar predrop to the drop was surprising and seriously threw me off which I enjoyed quite well! BeatSpark is definitely one of the dubstep producers to keep an eye on for more bangers in the future!!