YouTube Playlists


If you want to keep up with everything we post without having to leave YouTube, you can simply check out our playlists. These playlists are automatically updated daily, so you can feast on the freshest pony tunes. All playlists are organised in reverse chronological order of when the songs were posted on the website.

Master Playlist – Horse Music

All the music we post on the website. Every. Single. Track.

Electronic Horse Music

All the Electronic music we post in all its different forms.

Rock Horse Music

As the name implies, all the Rock music we post on the site

Misc Horse Music

And, as you probably guessed, all the other music we post, ranging from Orchestral to Hip-Hop. We know it’s not ideal to group these all together, but it keeps the website tidy for now. We may change it in the future, watch this space…