SpinScissor – No More Apologies | Midtempo / Alternate Electronic

SpinScissor is honing the unique emotion in his songs even more through practice of the magic that is music, and this new release might just be a new peak! The emotional melodies throughout that incredible progression certainly resonated with me, while the heartfelt vocals are telling the commitment to newfound meanings explained in the description. Ethereal and magical, the piece will take you to higher planes!


Luck Rock – We’re Meant to be Friends | Power Pop

Luck Rock has combined awesome, riffy guitar goodness and the positive messages of the MLP G5 movie to create this fantastic, uplifting song! Opening with an awesome sounding classic power pop arrangement, the song becomes strataspherically fantastic when Luck Rock’s amazing vocals join in. The lyrics encapsulate the premise of the movie and the artist’s love for it so well, and the whole song is unbelievably full of goodness. The end got me right in the feels by drawing out the word friends and echoing a song that we all hold near and dear. We’re not worthy!


SpinScissor & Nyancat380 – BRUSH ADDICT | Hyperpop

A dream collab that was meant to happen, two of our regulars teamed up for a magical result. Colgate aka Minuette got a new song, and a pretty dank one at that. Not only the cool and light-hearted lyrics are making for an awesome reminder of brony spirit, but the vocals come in all shapes and sizes, with a cuteness overload happening several times during the track. As for the instrumental, it’s sparking from the fusion of the two musicians’ skills! Give it up for SpinScissor and Nyancat380 everypony!


Cantersoft – Six Ponies Flying in a Pink Hot Air Balloon | Synthpop

Cantersoft was right when he said that he achieved something very catchy… Writing this song up a second time right now after I posted it on EQD, I have its vocals stuck in my head even without re-listening to it..! Aside from the catchy-ness, the song is brimming with pony cuteness, and in the video as well since it has got such a fun and delightfully light-hearted PMV/animation to go along with it. You can breathe pony while watching this..!


BGM Pony Degeneracy – Fluttersad | Synthpop

(That title comes from the filename of the downloaded song from the description)
This song might make you cry! With the help of TalkNet, one of the musicians from 4chan made such a wonderful and emotional song where Fluttershy is singing to anon about the regrets she has. “I just wanted to be your mare.” That line alone is just taking me straight to where I want to belong in this community!! Thank you to the musician for this, and shout-out to all the passionate bronies on /mlp/! (If you read this, consider submitting a song to Pony Family, made precisely to showcase pony initiatives like these! Wink!)
Love, love everywhere!


lunar_amity – New Generation (feat. Seyden & SnowShovel96) | Pop Punk

Three musicians gathered as a band to play a song for the upcoming G5 ponies and spread some more hype! You can tell the community is ready to explode at the release of the movie and the show, all around the world! This kind of indie rock song is so lovely, with friends having fun making fan works together! Rock out to these lyrics and this instrumental, and get ready for some more incoming Equestrian spirit!


KaraJam – Plastic Horse (feat. Sound Bandit & Amy Bestevez) | Hyperpop

Hyperpop seems like the perfect genre for celebrating the joys of getting lost in imagination while playing with plastic horses. The amped up, super sweet instrumental zips the song along through pastel landscapes of bubbly synths and bouncy beats. The lyrics are fantastic, delivered perfectly by the collaborating artists, and the whole package pairs so well with the visualizer. Would life be better as a plastic horse? There no way of knowing, but at least we have this song to help us get there in imagination land!


My Little Remix – Brony vs. Brony Remix War X: 10th Anniversary Invitational | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Welcome one and all to a truly auspicious event: The latest installment in the My Little Remix series! For those that don’t know (which included me before this album), MLR began in 2011 when the pony music scene was absolutely exploding as a way of pulling artists together into a more cohesive community. There have been nine albums featuring some of the best talent of their respective times, and though the creative mayhem of the early days has come and gone, the songs that those artists and others who took up the horse music banner produced left an indelible impression on the fandom music landscape. What a wonderful delight, then, that the time-honored tradition of remixing has returned for yet another glorious compilation of fandom talent! This album is a really fantastic musical journey full of lovingly produced music, and it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to its track along with my co-conspirator, Simon. So go download the album, kick back, and join us in this beautiful appreciation of horse music achievement! Also, how great is it that the tracks are labeled “befriends”? Whomever came up with that deserves a hearty huzzah! Alright, let’s get into it!

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MathematicPony – Just Waiting (Redux) | Piano Pop

(Listen to the original here!)
Today seems to be a day of me being a brony that is finding new artists. Yes, Mathematicpony is known in the fandom, but hearing something like this redux is perfect for those like me that have not! Hearing a musician’s growth in remakes or redux gives your honest perspective on their talent and passion. MathematicPony sings from Twilights perspective on that faithful first train ride in the season five premiere heading to Starlight’s village, as the princess of friendship for the first time.
The lyrics do set the tone for the rest of the series of looking back. Many fans wondered what would next after the season 4 finale! It where you hear a much more improved composition that adds to the wonder of what’s to come. More drum and orchestra elements that amp of the emotion of excitement that we all felt back then as bronies. Like Twilight, we all did not know where things would take us back in 2015. Improved vocals and mixing along with the core of this song, those smooth keyboard melodies. The song talks about growth and still learning, always looking forward to better days and wonders. What’s fitting is the new vibe of this song plays into things the come, and we all know what Twilights destiny was when it was all said and done at the season 9 finale! MathematicPony well done with the treat of redux and showing how much you have grown in six years. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.