Crusader! – A Summer in the Stars (covering Forest Rain) | Pop Punk

(You can listen to the classic tune here!)

Crusader! Every time I hear new music from you, you sound better and better. If you listen to this cover of the classic Forest Rain song, you’ll notice that some machismo has been injected into this track. The song is about two friends or two lovers enjoying hot summer nights exploring the world of Equestria. It might also remind some of us of the many fun summer nights at pony con or a brony meetup enjoying those times that we have together. The fun factor is boosted by the catchy and hard punk rock goodness on those guitars and drums. Boy oh boy, does Crusader send some serious Green Day vibes with the vocal performance of this track. The cute little melodies of the classic are intact with his own flair to them. Tell me you can’t listen to this track and think about having pizza at a parlor with a group of bronies, taking a break from the con and just enjoying the moment! The fun factor of Crusader’s energy sends the vibes right into your ears! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Avery – Here and Now and so much more | Baroque Pop / Alternative Electronic

The winner of DustCar’s 14th race, this utterly lovely tribute to Pinkie from Avery will make you melt, with those Equestrian lyrics, tender vocals, and creative instrumental switching to Jungle and Psychedelic Ambient! More wonderful songs from the compo like these here or in the Discord server of DustCar!


Crusader! – Giggles & Gumdrops (Covering 4EverfreeBrony) | Pop Rock

Seven years ago, 4EverfreeBrony released a signature song about a certain bubbly, quirkily unpredictable party pony with the ability to always lift everyone’s spirits. Crusader! has breathed new life into this fun piece with his cover of this vibrant song. Winning first place in 4EverfreeBrony’s recent cover competition, Crusader!’s cover stays true to the upbeat, lighthearted nature of the original song while adding his own unique elements. Some heavier electric guitar in the background is enhanced with upbeat plucky chords on the ukulele, perfectly suited to Pinkie’s ebullient personality. Relaxed vocals coupled with a ukulele and electric guitar create an energetic party atmosphere, as if Pinkie herself were in the room! Even better, as if this track isn’t bright or joyful enough, a lively electric piano solo adds even more enthusiasm to this well-deserving winner of 4Everfreebrony’s competition!


MC-Arch – You got me, I got us II: Our Brave New World! | Album | Multi-Genre / Audio Drama

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(If you have not checked out the first YGMIGU album, you can do that here. I strongly suggest it for story reasons)

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Sawtooth Waves – Flurry’s Part (feat. Vylet Pony) | Alternate Electronic

Today we’ve got ourselves another great song by Sawtooth Waves which is once again paired with an amazing PMV by daspacepony. For this track they got the help of Vylet Pony, who provides the awesome lyrics. The track starts out with a lovely melody and then adds a drum loop with a background buildup that comprises the entire track buildup even though it’s just one sound and the rest stays the same. And for the drop we get treated to a little reference; the start is essentially an extended version of Sawtooth’s intro with some pitched background vocals by Vylet Pony. After that we return back to the normal melody and more lyrics by Vylet Pony, but this time it’s not pitched vocals anymore, and Vylet gives us more or less a partial cover of the show’s “You’ll Play Your Part” while the PMV changes the meaning from Twilight’s Part to Flurry’s Part. While all this happens we once more get the build up to another drop along with a more extended intro and the pitched background vocals, and we end on the last part of the original “You’ll play your part” show song. As I mentioned before this song has an entire PMV attached to it; daspacepony once again went all out on the visuals incorporating different things along with his animation including visualizers and lyrics being displayed throughout.
This article was proofread by my good friend thecanderson, so big thanks to him.


Replacer – A Sorceress Girl (Covering SoGreatandPowerful) | Indie Pop

SoGreatandPowerful is an icon in this fandom. There’s no question about it. As such it can be pretty challenging to cover one of their songs and still elicit similar emotions. replacer has delivered once again with their cover of SGaP’s ‘Sorceress Girl’. Breathy calm vocals over that wonderfully soothing atmosphere. This is the pop I live for and the lines “a kind voice, a gentle face a friend who vanished without a trace” are delivered so, so well and just sells the vibe. Take a listen, trust me, this is a treat!


Direct Current – TS ♡ FS | Alternate Electronic / Indie Pop

Drawing in an abundant and infinite source of inspiration, Direct Current is paying tribute to SGaP’s music all while expressing his lovely musical take at the concept stated in the description. The mellow instrumental, bright vocals and emotional pony vocal chops are all completing a frame filled with love! Also check out my comment on the song to find more love ♥


SlightlyAmiss – I Write Songs Not Fanfics (I Write Sins Not Tragedies Parody) | Pop Punk

A friend sending you fun lyrics, sometimes it’s all you need to have that spark of inspiration leading to great things. And in this case a tasteful parody of Panic At The Disco’s song, featuring Sakairi’s lyrics, SlightlyAmiss’ rocking vocals, and a blissful rock instrumental that will make you feel good to be a brony!
Somewhat explicit lyrics warning!