Tina & Damien – Mon Éclat ~ My Cadence (Covering Matthew Mosier) | Acoustic Pop

We don’t often get a quality French Cover of a brony song that’s for sure, so this right here is an awesome surprise! Damien, who was once known as the very promising pony musician Selenys, is back and teamed up with Tina to bring us an amazing French Cover of My Cadence from Matthew Mosier and originally having Megaphoric and ismBoF providing the duet. This new duet not only shines with beautiful vocal work from both singers, but it also features brand new lyrics to fit with the love song in French, and not just a literal translation of the original lyrics! It’s definitely adding a much enjoyable creative aspect to the cover for me. Here’s hoping for more releases from them!


FritzyBeat – Polychromatic (covering Turquoise Splash) | Pop Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 19 February 2017.

Originally a piece by Turquoise Splash released all the way back in 2012, Polychromatic has been done up in a new coat of paint by FritzyBeat with some help from Jastrian and a very cute animation made by Yudhaikeledai. Fritzy’s vocals fit the track really well, with a similar feel to the original ones, and the mixing provided by Jastrian helps to make sure the instrumental doesn’t feel aged much at all.


Silver Note – Stars | Orchestral Pop Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 15 February 2017.

Silver Note is one of my favourite vocalists in the fandom, and the fact that he always manages to supplement his terrific clean vocals with compelling instrumentals is a definite bonus. Here the instrumental steadily swells to a crescendo with multiple different orchestral and acoustic elements complementing some beautiful lyricism about one of the classic ships of the fandom, TaviScratch. A thoroughly professional sounding piece, make sure to check it out!


Seeds of Kindness – A Change of Heart | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

hsg7qvwNB: The following a press release from Bronies For Good. The full release can also be read at this link.

Today is Hearts and Hooves Day / Valentines Day.  It is traditionally speaking, a day for lovers, but it has the potential to be more. On Saturday, Bronies for Good’s seventh charity album, A Change of Heart, was released. The project was the result of months of work from talented musicians artists and organizers, and the release party raised over a thousand dollars in just a few hours!

The release party was just the beginning. It’s an ongoing fundraising effort. When you donate, you can download A Change of Heart, and all of Bronies for Good’s previous albums! Donate here, and you’ll be able to download this album, (and all past albums as well). Continue reading


The Shake Ups In Ponyville – All Aboard the Friend-ship! | Power Pop

Time for another YouTube release of a song from The Shake Ups’ latest album Rock Candy! (Which I would like to remind you is available as a physical CD on their cdbaby page, and in import, too! And it’s pretty slick, I grabbed it myself.) A Twilight-themed track and a favorite of the band, All Aboard the Friend-ship! conveys so well the unique traits of the signature pony Power Pop genre that the band is known for. The sweet and very MLP-ish lead vocals from “Twi-Fi Sparklecaster” Patrick O’Connor are melting the heart, while the friendly and just as Equestria-worthy instrumental contributes even further to make this track such a sugary condensed of pony-powered happiness in musical format. It just makes you smile so wide as the song unfolds. See this page for more details about the band, and let your cheering be heard everypony!


Flittzy – Peppermint Ponies | Pop

It is Flittzy’s time to shine again as bright as a life-changing sonic rainboom, bringing smiles to the audience with an uplifting instrumental and much lovely vocals, in a similar way of what the show is doing to us. Happy acoustic guitar play, positive strings, Equestria-like synth melodies that may subtly remind you of some OST tracks from Legends of Equestria, much welcomed Pinkie-ish lyrics, and vocals as sweet as candy, all make this track a wonderful experience and additionally make you want to give Flittzy a big loving hug. I say everyone in the comments section all pounce-hug Flittzy at the same time!