Captive Unicorns x Somasis – Starsailor | Ambient Pop / Post Breakcore

The fruit of an amazing collaboration, Captive Unicorns and Somasis envelop us in the nocturnal atmosphere of their song, like a blues in the light of the moon, the sweet piano and synthesizer chords guide us through the piece, the beautiful voices of Captive Unicorns becomes present, singing about the maternal love of the moon, after a melodic segment, a wonderful part appears where the amen break harmonizes with the voice giving an amazing atmosphere to the song, simply beautiful …
Consider purchasing this song, all proceeds will be donated in support of the black lives matter movement.

Lord Sunfyre – Dear Sister | Pop Punk / Alternative Rock

If you want to create epic songs about pivotal themes in MLP, where do you start? On this rockin’ track, Lord Sunfyre takes us back to the first episode of G4 and explores Celestia’s psyche on the 1000 year anniversary of Luna’s banishment to the moon. How does Celestia feel about her time serving as Equestria’s sole ruler? Why weren’t we treated to an epic Celestia vs Nightmare Moon showdown? The artist offers an answer through some great lyrics and guitar work. Accompanied by a nice lyric video to help transport the listener to that moment, it’s a great first offering from a new horse rocker!


[ASOS] Replacer – Swim | Alternative Pop

When you hear this track, you may find yourself thinking this track may be just a bit on the repetitive side. However, on a deeper meaning, the lyrics tell how we all feel really cooped up these days from this pandemic. The dreamy vibes of losing yourself in something you enjoy to better put this. This song is like a very cooped up animal that just wants to run and be free! The smooth wavy and dreamy melodies and soft bass really hit home with all of us. Another gem as the 49th track on ASOS: Chocolate. A song with a wanting to just get lost in the waves of normality again. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


FritzyBeat & Steven, A.D. – The Day the Sun Dies | Electropop

We are going to be a little less serious here with the next track. There is something really wholesome to this track. Fritzy promised Steven he would finish this track, and 4 years later, that promise was fulfilled ( The whole story is in description of the video)! The song is really catchy with surprisingly swell melodies and gives it to Fritzy to throw down some bars with some rhymes! The song itself is about Celestia retiring and funnily enough, how Steven predicted the outcome of FiM. The song is quite humorous. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. I’d like to add that old style fandom music doesn’t always mean outdated though.


[P@D] Francis Vace & Koa – Pegasissy | Pop Punk

“Pegasissy” is one of the many Koa collabs from Ponies at Dawn Ignite. Here, she teamed up with Francis Vace and together they retold Fluttershy’s struggle to gain self-confidence. The assertiveness in Koa’s voice could not be more fitting and the layering with Francis’ backing vocals works like a charm. The guitar, the bassline and the drum fills are on point and responsible for half of what makes the track so catchy, the other one being the vocal melodies. The fact that Koa draws the background art for nearly all her Ponies at Dawn tracks is also a really nice touch.


[P@D] PegasYs & Koa – Hinterland (Rabbit Hole) | Electro Pop

Everyone knows PegasYs is such a good producer and vocalist. So how about a taste of some vocals that have just a tad of reggae vibe to them? It’s a style that is well-suited to the lyrics. PegasYs shows off his vocal range with this one, and the lovely Koa then comes in with her own sweet vocals to add some love to this “ship” of Twilight and Sunburst. As track 8 onP@D: Ignite, the song features a wonderland-style pop melody that is so catchy, and the vocals lend a worldly feel to the musical Moombah style (as it’s stated). You can relax in wonder with this one! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.