JoshSaysStuff & FritzyBeat – Not A Second Late (Acoustic) | Acoustic Pop

FritzyBeat comes back with an acoustic cover of Not A Second Late performed by JoshSaysStuff! And what is greater than have the original artist helping in the instrumental?! The guitar melodies together with the ukulele and the magnificent vocals of Fritzy makes this version a sweet and catchier version than the original! Thank you Fritzy for this version and for being awesome! And thank you Josh for creating such an amazing song!


The Shake Ups In Ponyville – Little Flurry | Power Pop

A new upload from Equestria’s number one Power Pop band is a feast everytime, and this one from the Ponymania album is about Flurry Heart! The lovely PMV is making us melt at the same time as the song and its tender vocals, making it sound like something you would sing to Flurry Heart herself. A soothing release, and tribute to a character that doesn’t get songs that often!


Daniel Ingram – Pinkie’s Present (Vinny Schway Remix) | Electro Swing

We don’t often get pony Electro Swing and this time Vinny Schway got us covered, with a tasteful remix of Pinkie’s Present from S06E08 A Hearth’s Warming Tail! Pinkie is leading the way around town and all the happiness around with her vocals, as punchy beats and jazzy piano are paving the road to a heart-warming time with the ponies.


Vylet Pony & Sylver – Earnest (feat. Namii) | Indie Pop

Between the classy instrumental, the vocals making you melt, and the very cute video, there’s much to marvel at in Earnest, the result of both hard work and lovely times from Vylet, Sylver and Namii. Showcasing the spa sisters Aloe and Lotus, the song and video take the listener to a happy ride along the musicians’ feelings, Namii’s ever-impressive vocal range, and the creative musical vision of Vylet and Sylver, that are always a delight to experience.


St. Pinkie – Ombak Singapura! (Fiesta SEAPonyCon Theme) | Pop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 1 July 2018.

SEAPonyCon is coming back for another year, and this time it’s being held in Singapore over the last weekend of October. To celebrate this, St. Pinkie has put together an awesome upbeat pop rock anthem for the convention, with lyrics in both English and Malay. It comes together with an awesome lyric video that shows a bunch of pictures from the last SEAPonyCon during the instrumental parts of the track, so check all that out below as well as some extra info about the convention!


4EverfreeBrony feat. Koron Korak – Shining Star (covering Woodlore) | Acoustic Pop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 27 May 2018.

WoodLore may be pretty much done with producing music for the fandom, but 4Everfree is keeping the spirit of his music alive with this beautiful interpretation of one of his old classics, Shining Star. Featuring some lovely violin from Koron Korak, 4Everfree’s vocals are a lovely new take on the lyrics with a soft and sweet instrumental.


Lycan Dese Beats – Beats 4 Everfree | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Three years ago, after running a successful radio show about brony music for several months, Lycan got a bunch of musicians to pitch in some songs to make a compilation album featuring them. Fast forward to now, and this annual album is now in its 4th edition with the release of Beats 4 Everfree. The primary difference this time round is that the album is dedicated to Everfree Northwest, for which Lycan is the musical coordinator this year, and the funds raised from the album sales will go to EFNW’s chosen charity, the Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy. 14 tracks from a group of consistently solid musicians and producers take this album through all sorts of genres – electronic to orchestral – so there’s something in here for everyone’s tastes!

Beats 4 Everfree is available to download for any given price from the Lycan Dese Beats Bandcamp.


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Love’s My Cutie Mark | Classic Pop

Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra always keeps it interesting and catchy! This moving, late 60s style track has a lot of great elements to it including a jazzy bass, fun pop beat, and some rock thrown in to boot! EESO sings about the trials and self-doubt that come with the struggle to get a cutie mark before ultimately realizing that his special talent is love. The lyrics are very clever and the track as a whole is dangerously addicting. Love’s My Cutie Mark is an incredibly creative track that will get you dancing and singing along in no time!


[P@D] BroniKoni – Runaway Princess | Pop Rock

BroniKoni are without a doubt one of the best actual bands I’ve seen in the brony fandom, and I’m so happy to see them contribute to a Ponies At Dawn album! Runaway Princess starts with wonderful synth arps, fast-paced riffs and as it progresses, each instrument takes its turn at the forefront. From guitars to flute to piano (including a neat little 7/4 breakdown; odd time signatures are always appreciated) we get the whole band taking turns to shine, ending with a beautiful piano solo. This is one of three of their songs about the banishment of Luna, there’s more info in the video description. This song is available on Rebirth and also their debut album, Friendship Express!