[The Rest of Our Lives] Replacer – season infinity | Indie Pop

The series finale feels continue with a melancholy-themed track from the new collaborative album, The Rest of Our Lives”. Replacer has put on an interesting and unique performance to try to express some of the fandom’s struggles of the “Friendship is Magic” book being closed. The lyrics and vocals are eerie, and they reflect the struggles of many bronies after watching the finale (with the use of a vocoder) to give the message of bronies feeling lost with no more gen 4. The calm piano is so effective and gorgeous in telling this story. You really need to hear this for yourself. It may not be for everyone. Regardless, its message is powerful. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Cantersoft – Pony Pony Pony Pony | Electro Pop

pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony pony

Not much else really needs to be said, but this is a nice fun and short song about… Pony. A catchy beat and melody followed by, you guessed it, many different iterations of the word “pony” (how many times do I have to say pony in this writeup whew) What can I say except ponies?


[The Rest of Our Lives] Le Soldat Pony – Reunion [Artemis Epilogue] :: Coming Out | Progressive Pop

The 12th track on The Rest of Our Lives is Reunion, the first brand new track from Le Soldat Pony in 5 years. Reunion is a unique piece and also stands as the album’s longest track, clocking in at 12 minutes long. It opens up with a minute long intro with glitchy beepy synths before adding a reverberant beat with 80s-inspired synth lines. Soldat’s voice is ethereal and haunting yet perfectly fitting for this kind of music. Halfway in, the song completely changes course, leaving us with some faint ambient background noise before a raw recording of an acoustic guitar fades in. This, combined with him singing sounds truly beautiful and haunting. As much as I’d love to see him return fully, it’s unlikely that he ever will, so let us cherish this moment while we still have it. Either way, it’s definitely a big highlight from the album!


Evershade – The World Above | Synthpop

Evershade takes us to The World Above with this very cuddly song starring their cute vocals! Very Equestrian for sure, the mellow track feels like a warm hug, or like rolling in the fluffy clouds in the sky. With friends in our heart it’s even better, I’m sure thinking about everypony I love so much while listening to this song and escaping in that comfy place!


[P@D] Luck Rock & Friends – Do You Know | Pop Rock

Before I start this article, I want to say something very personal about Luck Rock. This song hits such a deep personal chord with me, as well as with the man with whom I am co-writing this, Makenshi. I have had the honor to know and watch Luck for the past four years in our local meetup group, watching him grow and achieve so much. As I write this, I would like the whole fandom to know something. I would not be writing for Horse Music Herald, or doing anything meaningful in this fandom if it were not for Luck Rock. He has inspired me, given me courage, sparked my creativity, and has been so incredibly kind by helping a guy who was lost in 2017 until I found this fandom. None of this would be possible without him just being the guy he is. And this song is his greatest achievement to date. So, let’s talk about that.

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Sawtooth Waves – To The Skies (feat. Chi-Chi) | Electropop

Sawtooth Waves, formerly known as Notion, returns with their first original in nearly 2 years! To The Skies is a cute and bouncy pop track featuring the adorable vocals of Chi-Chi as the part of Scootaloo, singing about the all-too familiar concept of her being unable to fly with her tiny wings and coping with her emotions all the while. Along with this banger comes a brilliant PMV, made by a talented group! Perfection in one single package.


[The Rest of Our Lives] Direct Current – Redshift (feat. Evdog) | Indie Electronica

Hot off the new compilation album The Rest of Our Lives, Direct Current and Evdog really plant one in the feels with Redshift. The sound design and ambiance in this track are incredible. The depth of the instrumental feels like it is coming from another dimension and time. The vocals are heavily processed to really give it a feel that feeling of being something beyond this world. Lyrically the vocals sing about great friendships and memories past and how that time lives on to strengthen us as we venture into the unknown of the future. Slowly paced to really savor the nostalgic emotion, you really get the opportunity to feel all the warm, uplifting, and even somber melodies that come from an incredibly well-crafted song.

All proceeds from The Rest of Our Lives album will go towards the Brony Thank You Fund, which is currently providing supplies to mask makers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Any contribution helps and the album is packed-full with incredible tunes and talent!


[The Rest of Our Lives] Space Horse Manifesto – [Chapter I] Remembering (Origin & Depth) – A Tribute to AndTheRainfall | Alternative Rock

The opener track of the new tribute compilation album The Rest of Our Lives is itself a tribute to And the Rainfall and works as a spiritual successor to the song Tulips! There’s just so much heart poured in this breathtaking piece of more than 7 minutes and you can feel the love from all of the musicians who contributed, in both the music and the video that I recommend watching along the song! With deep quotes and Background Pony inspiration, sweet feelings giving birth to creative musical endeavors, and meaningful visuals, this masterpiece and joint effort is certainly a timeless gem!