Vylet Pony – In My Head | Pop

Done as a commission, Vylet’s switched up his recent style a bit more to swing this track more into a rock/pop direction. As the name suggests, it plays along the same theme as the song from The Perfect Pear with a smoother feel to it.


Vylet Pony – Twinkle (feat. Namii) | Indie Pop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 14 April 2018.

Vylet certainly knows how to create some grogeous and cosy atmospheres, which is definitely the case here in this piece about Starlight and Trixie. With a mixture of his own and Namii’s vocals melding together beautifully, the combination of acoustic and electronic instrumental elements also work to create a really enjoyable piece.


Velvet R. Wings – Cutie-H Equestria | New Wave / Synthpop

With the instrumental produced by the amazing Andy Feelin, Velvet brings the 80’s Pop vibes with this song. The lyrics were amazing and Velvet vocals were on point. A true example of how brony music evolves! Good job Velvet! Keep up the good work!

PS: If you comment on this video and give to Velvet your postal code via private message, you will recive a postcard! The example is shown in the thumbnail of the video!


4EverfreeBrony – Kindness (covering AcoustiMandoBrony) | Pop Rock

Kindness. A song that has always touched me on such a very powerful and inspirational level. I instantly want to write music each time I am reminded of this song. Coming from a huge Fluttershy fan myself, I can relate to sooo many people who share their stories with this song. Its legendary, Truly. 4Everfreebrony did an AMAZING cover of this Song. I hope Re:Make and Andy Stein see this because they really need to! They created a song with so much power and it’s beautiful to see that it still lives on through so many! Thank you soo much for reminding so many people why being a fan of Fluttershy is so awesome. Keep up the good work man. ^^ everybody, show some love! ❤


Vylet Pony – Ember | Indie Pop / Chillout

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 2 April 2018.

A new track from Vylet’s recently released EP Our Light And Ever After, this is certainly one of Vylet’s most beautiful tracks yet in my opinion. The vocals through the track are excellently performed and come across really heartfelt, whilst the minimalist instrumental manages to combine a chilled out feel with some wonderful depth and emotion.


The Shake Ups – I’m the Draconequus | Rock Ballad

The Shake-Ups are still going strong with their latest song, I’m the Draconequus. This track is a nod to the Beatles’ hit “I Am the Walrus” and depicts the master of chaos as he is now. Featuring excellent acoustic guitar work throughout, I’m the Draconequus is a mellow rock track, but not without group vocals and an accompanying violin that add the necessary chaos into the song.If you like some southern rock, country pop, or just some general chaos, then make sure to click on this video!


[P@D] Seapony Olympic Committee – Underwater Basket Weaving Bowl | Synthwave / Synthpop

Coming from Rebirth, Francis Vace and PegasYs join to make an amazing track for the pleasure of our ears! A Synthwave track with Synthpop influences that left me speechless! The instrumental with that smooth synths and with the funny high-snare made my day! Also the robotic vocals of PegasYs were on point! Even if I couldn’t understand the meaning of the song, this will surely take you to places that you never walked through! Maybe to the depths of a lake or an ocean! Normally Synthwave makes your imagination flourish! So listen to it!

Ah! Don’t forget to download Rebirth at Ponies At Dawn’s bandcamp and if you are rich buy the album for support amazing artists! What you are waiting for? What can go wrong? It’s not like that the world will end if you click on the download button!


[P@D] The Wasteland Wailers – On Our Own (feat. Brittany Church) | Jazz / Pop

Featured on the new Ponies at Dawn album, this brilliant track is a tribute to The Wasteland Wailers’ late bass player and songwriter, Yondy. Brittany Church sings passionately with crystal clear tone to carry the 60s-style club tone over top an expert instrumental provided by the Wailers. It is easy to tell the group put a lot of effort and emotion into this song for their fallen friend. The tempo and instrumentation is perfect for such a rare genre among fandom music, and the transition and guitar-work on the chorus is top notch. Absolutely make sure you listen to this splendid work of art!