Vylet Pony – Sugar Belle | Dream Pop

Love is in the air man. This track is dope. I’m seriously going to Bump this 24/7 now. Seriously dude this stuff is awesome! the vibe in this is delivered perfect with the Mellow and smooth vocals. the Beat is sick and delivers alot of Love into the Flow and Drops. I love it man, truly. This is a track you need to play when you’re on that Netflix n’ chill shit. The look will be a special one after turning this one on. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
Keep up the good work man, love. ❤


Damien & Tina – Tourments (Luna’s Version) | Soundtrack

Tina’s rendition of the original OST track Tourments by Damien is a shining display of vocal talent, as the gorgeous vocals are paying much tribute to Luna. Soothing vibes from the instrumental are adding to the mix for a masterful “Luna’s version”! Tourments is an OST track for the French MP3 saga “Erebys” by Damien, listen to the first episode here!


Modern Bard – Friendship Anthem | Folk-Pop

Gather around the campfire and let this track soothe a smile onto your face! Modern Bard‘s soft, folk tune is a culmination of perfect instrumentation and brilliant chord progressions that suck you into the calm, nighttime company of your best friends. Remastered from the artist’s much earlier work, Friendship Anthem is very satisfying to just listen to and an excellent piece of fandom music!



Vylet Pony – In A Rush | Indie Pop

Certainly another token of Vylet’s talent and progress as a musician, In A Rush is a meaningful tune with quite the backstory (read the description). The song brings forward blissful and gorgeous vocals, with an equally beautiful instrumental of many influences. The clean and indie percussions are reminding of Two Door Cinema Club’s take at Indie Rock, while Electronic flavors are definitely present as well. An all-around masterpiece!


A State of Sugar – Candy | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Sugar, Spice, and everything nice! That’s a close enough reference and it’s time for a new ASoS album! Since the release of Lollipop this summer, the compilation album side of this project has grown alongside the promo channel that they run – this album features 36 brand new songs, and a good 2 hours or so of music for you to enjoy. The album covers a lot of the more melodic side of electronic music, as the ASoS label tends to do. There’s plenty of future bass, trance and chill stuff, but also the fair share of dubstep and bass house, and everything inbetween!

Also dat artwork, amirite?

Candy is available to download from A State of Sugar’s bandcamp page, completely for free (but you can donate if you’re feeling generous).


Przewalski’s Ponies – Lunar Song ii | Alt. Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 17 November 2017.

Russian-based band Przewalski’s Ponies have another new collaborative work out, and it’s pretty epic! A pop-y rock track that features some epic guitar solo work and some solid vocals throughout, it’s a fun piece for sure. Songs about Luna are always great to see, and this is definitely one of the cooler ones in recent times.


BroniKoni – M. M. D. W. | Alternative Rock

This is my jam!! Pony band BroniKoni presents us the first track from their upcoming album “Friendship Express”, and it’s about the hero-in-the-night figure of Mare Do Well! Fitting to the theme so well with very thieves-y, blissful and catchy flute melodies, the track also features delightful aggressive guitar riffs and tasty drums play, as well as eloquent vocals and cool lyrics, making this track an all-time masterpiece and an almighty tribute to Mare Do Well! The awesome visuals are further contributing to blow us away with an utterly cool Mare Do Well with a flowing cape in the night, and well-executed searchlights, to give the perfect visual accompaniment to the song! Mad props to everypony involved!!


[P@D] Flittzy & Faulty – Chase The World | Pop Rock

The FF team went all-out for Ponies at Dawn Anthology (Flittzy and Faulty, not Final Fantasy…) and the result is a breathtaking and amazing Pop Rock track combining catchy and epic guitar riffs with the delightful and charismatic vocals Flittzy is known for. The overall happy and adventurous mood conveys an awesome dash of pony spirit that is so welcome, and the whole track is quite a masterpiece gracing the album!