[P@D] BlueBrony – Imperfection | Orchestral Pop

BlueBrony has always excelled at making songs in ways no one else could think, while maintaining a very high quality to the track – in any genre! Featured on the most recent Ponies at Dawn release, Enigma, BlueBrony manages to standout among the fandom’s best of the best with Imperfection. The chord progression and choices are perfect, controlling emotion as it swings between anguish, confused, and hopeful. The song is a narrative from Sweetie Bot’s point of view and despite being about a robot, is perhaps one of the most relatable songs this fandom has produced. The vocals sings of how Sweetie Bot wants her programming reset and memories flushed because it does not work correctly; her circuits and functionality creating limitations she feels the need to exceed. This masterpiece is beautiful, touching, and guaranteed to move you – just try to listen without tearing up!


AstralAmity – For Harmony (feat. Sable Symphony) | Indie Pop

Another track from AstralAmity’s upcoming magnum opus album, For Harmony is a beautiful collab with Sable Symphony that not only has his unique vocals adding much personality to the track, but also has electric guitars and makes for a very creative fusion of electronic, rock, and orchestral elements. The choruses in particular are very emotional for me, and with Sable’s vocals it makes it even more powerful.


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Pinkie Pie (Be Sincere) | Classic Pop

New release from Moon Flame, new cuddly tribute to one of our beloved ponies, and this one is about my favorite Pinkie Pie! Making a very lovely use of show samples and Pinkie’s laughter, the musician delights with the sweetest vocals once again, paying heartfelt tribute to the pony who just wants to make everypony smile. The instrumental is very cute and sugary as well and I’m sure it’s something that would make Pinkie smile in turn!


[P@D] StealingShad3z – Red Spinach | Pop-Punk

This Green Day-inspired tune from the versatile StealingShad3z is definitely one to bang your head to! With some tight instrumentation and lyrics about the lonesome Wallflower Blush, it’s no wonder Shad3z went with this sound for the track, as the theme is absolutely perfect for it. Any fans of ’90s punk should definitely get a kick out of this one!
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma.


[P@D] 4EverfreeBrony – My Favorite Mystery | Indie Pop / Power Pop

Rock in Enigma had bring us amazing features and memorable songs! The opening track done by one of the greatest brony musicians of this recent years of the fandom, 4EverfreeBrony, it’s an amazing indie pop anthem with power pop influences. The mix between the acoustic with the electronic is a harmony of colours, the chorus is soo powerfull and the interesting bridge is soo on top! All the instrumentalization is simply divine and the vocals are as always perfect, singing some sweet and nice lyrics about our favorite Pink Pony 😉
Download Enigma on a Bandcamp near you!


MathematicPony – Alright | Pop Rock

It’s so awesome to have MathematicPony come back and pay her own tribute to the show for the occasion of this 8th anniversary! Singing about the wonderful times spent as well as about a future empowered with gold memories (and new ones to make!), our beloved musician shines once again with gorgeous and cute vocals as well as an upbeat instrumental complementing the vocals so well. This is just making me melt!


Vylet Pony – The Magic of Mischief (feat. Chi-Chi) | Pop Rock

An incredible collaboration between Vylet and Chi-Chi, the danceable groove on this song is incredible! A Discord-themed song, both vocalist’s performances (and that instrumental!) are fiery, especially a rare reach into the lower range from Chi-Chi! With plentiful references to the lord of chaos in the lyrics, a tightly-edited music video, and an impossibly catchy chorus, this is one of the standouts from Glitter, which you can purchase here!


Luck Rock – Crowd Pleaser (feat. The Cuyahoga Foals) | Pop Punk

New song by Luck Rock guys!! You know what that means! Awesome rock and pony spirit! Going all-out and gathering the help of many local brony friends, Luck created a wondeful tribute to Trixie and her character development with the power of rock music. Joyful guitar riffs are completing the very lovely vocals for an uplifting blend that represents Trixie’s spirit so well as she goes to perform her shows. Can’t wait to hear this one live and contribute! Let’s cheer for Luck Rock and Trixie everypony! Wooooo!!