Daniel Ingram – The Magic of Friendship Grows (Notion Remix) | Electro Pop

The variations of the final song of the series finale keeps rolling in and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The Brony Notion comes in with a remix with wonderfully done editing the show strong feelings visually. Showing  just how the mane six really means to all of us. The remix itself, has the flavor of electro-pop with just a dash 80’s pop music, if you know what to listen for. His main course is still part of the analysis community. But he can still make a good tune here and there. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[ASOS] Chasing Dawn – Let You Go | Electropop

Oh man. Track 39 of ASOS: BrownieASOS: Brownie is a wholesome one. Chasing dawn goes deep with this one. He experiments with something new to his creativity. A heartfelt electropop song that vibes with tones and feeling of MLP itself. The lyrics could be about finding the show, the fandom. A close friend, a lover or a beloved family member. The music and melody itself has this underlying soft techno feels, that gets you into the loving soft tones of the track. The echo’s are a nice touch in the emotion of telling someone that made a difference in someone’s life and getting them past the rocky storms. Brownie is an album showing a little bit of everything this year so check it out!. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself



Direct Current – Blue Moon | Indietronica

Comebacks are abound in times like these. Direct Current has just put out Blue Moon, his first original track in almost a year. This one oozes pure cuteness from the processed vocals to the catchy electronic beat that accentuates the sweet tone. The lyrics tell a story of Starlight and Trixie’s cute relationship and how their love for each other keeps them together. Doesn’t that make your heart bounce?


Daniel Ingram – Legend You Were Meant To Be (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

Eurobeat still lives, and no, it is just not one well known musician that can do it. Rod Steven comes at us with a rush of dance magic. Taking the heavily uplifting sound of Mr. Ingram’s song, “Legend You Were Meant To Be” and supercharges the sound of fast and fun eurobeat remix. The song we all know from EQG about finding your true self and inspire to be better. Rod just injects the mood a bit more, throwing in rad and fast melodies to a already positive song. You will be dancing back into a great mood. It’s a really fun and great effort of Rod’s work. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. Also catch Rod making his main stage debut at Whinny City ponycon 2020!



LuckyDragon – To The Sky | Synthwave

For those of you not in the PMV know, LuckyDragon once went by the name TheLightLeavesThee and is best known for making PMVs, but he also makes music, such as The Power of a Queen under the name Hero Pony! His newest song, To The Sky, is an emotional synthwave piece that revolves around Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. The lyrics have an innocent quality to them, with Scootaloo looking up to her mentor and wanting to fly with her once more, for old time’s sake. The backing music matches this emotional scenario as well as Lucky’s processed and soft voice. Gotta hand it to this guy for making something so beautiful!


VocalScorePony – Pinkie Sense! | Acoustic

VocalScorePony wears his name quite fittingly, as his singing skills are admirable. Not only is the upfront singing amazing, but the vocal harmonies are awesome as well. The instrumental does not trail behind and the ukulele adds an additional dose of fun to the lyrics, perfect for a Pinkie song. The bassline is neat too and lots of little details have been added, such as a little bit of piano when it is mentioned that one should lookout for falling pianos. Also congratulations to him for his song Thank You For The Fun! that was recently awarded best pony song of 2019 by Top Pony Music!


MelodyBrony – Origins (feat. CadetRedShirt) | Pop Punk

We’ve got ourselves the first and title track from MelodyBrony’s debut album, Origins. This track is a speedy rock piece about Starlight Glimmer, with CadetRedShirt providing vocals. The drums hit hard and the overall tone of the guitars suits Cadet’s voice well, like an early Paramore song. MB keeps proving to be one of the fandom’s upcoming heavy stars.


Koa – To The Nines | Album | Pop / Electronic

Buckle up kids because this album is a must-have and has a little bit of everything! Koa started making a big splash on the scene last year with her hit single To The Nines and the full album follow-up named after the track packs all of the flashy and catchy tunes you would hope! The nine-song set contains several fantastic originals with a couple of excellent choice covers in the mix. Several popular fandom musicians appear over the course of the album including General Mumble, PegasYs, ShobieShy, and Luck Rock. While each song on this album is great and memorable in its own, here are just a few highlights:

Talk to Me – the light, ukulele-centered opening track has a very warm and welcoming message. With hints of pop-bass, a bit of chip-tune, and some humor, this song sets the stage for the personality that grows throughout the rest of the album.

Take Off – This electropop hit takes inspiration and impressively-mixed vocal chops from Hurricane Fluttershy. The theme is Rainbow Dash getting the pegasi in shape, and is set to a very catchy workout beat.

JFJF – This sassy track takes aim at people see a pair together and make blanket assumptions about the nature of the relationship. An interesting take on the concept of friendship, PegasYs lends his void to this upbeat bop and explains sarcastically and humorously how two people can be Just Friends, Just Fine.

Second Best – A very emotional and deep piece centered around a gorgeous, melodic piano riff, Koa explores the deep emotions of a dejected Great and Powerful Trixie. With supporting vocals from Luck Rock and ShobieShy (who provides a sick rap as well!), Koa really hits hard to anyone who has ever suspected others just want them to disappear.


Captive Unicorns – Moonsnow | Indie Pop

The fact that that Captive Unicorns, the artist formerly known as SoGreatandPowerful has released another song this year shows that Scrimshawl wasn’t just a one-off release, and that he’s really back! Moonsnow is an atmospheric ambient pop track that feels like a relaxing journey across a night sky lit by stars, represented perfectly by Captive’s voice and those glitzy synth sounds joined by minimal percussion! On another note, all of his songs this year have been uploaded just about on the 10th. Is this an intentional pattern of releases? Guess we’ll have to find out!


Maressey – This Night Has Opened My Eyes | Indie Pop

Maressey proves that you don’t need to change much to make a great ponification! Track 4 from the Twiluna album is This Night Has Opened My Eyes, a ponified version of the Smiths track. Maressey’s interpretation depicts Maud going through a lonely time while living without her younger sister, Pinkie. FritzyBeat takes lead vocals here, and fits the tone of the music like it was meant for him!