Freewave – Freewave in Equestria | Indie Pop

Pony music scene figure Freewave has been delighting us with inspired and tasteful pony tracks for eons and I’m happy to present you this very meaningful new upload from the passionate musician that reflects his tender feelings towards the road travelled and the lessons learned. Another message of love to the community and to ponies, it also acts as a tribute to his daughter and brings all the mellow and happy vibes, with equally lovely vocals and instrumental. Heartfelt songs are always the best! Keep up being yourself Freewave, we love you, and stay Free!


EnergyTone – BBBFF (Russian Cover) | Pop Rock

I’m glad EnergyTone is back and able to regularly upload songs again, even if they’re in a language I don’t understand! This Russian cover of BBBFF takes much more of a poppy approach than his past works, but the guitars are still on point – I still maintain that EnergyTone does some of the best mixing in the fandom. Go check it out, y’all know what the lyrics mean anyway 😉


Strigidae – Silhouette (Covering 4EverfreeBrony feat. BlackGryph0n) | Pop / Electronic

Strigidae is back to grace us with his unique style of vocals, and he decided to cover the mighty song Silhouette by 4EverfreeBrony originally featuring the ever-amazing vocals of BlackGryph0n! Making this cover in a different genre and giving it a unique mood born from his mastery of the magic of music, Strigidae delivers once again with style and emotion, and gorgeous vocals complement a surprising instrumental with beautiful piano and electronic parts!


UndreamedPanic & Bank Pain – Night Light (ThatMusicBrony Remix) | Chillout / Electro-Pop

It’s so awesome to get a remix of the collaboration of many wonders Night Light, and by none other than the talented ThatMusicBrony! Taking a resolutely more Chillout direction, this remix reawakens the original Flutterchops in a brand new mood, with heavenly piano, soft and soothing vocals, and a progression filled with so many nighttime wonders! Truly a wonderful remix to listen to on a night stroll, gazing at the beauty of Nature around you, and letting yourself get entranced by the amazing vocals and sounds all around.


[P@D] Replacer – Paper Lady | Indie Pop / Hip-Hop

One of my top favorites from P@D Anthology, this new very unique track from Replacer has got quite an intricate and elaborate story set in the past Equestria, and it’s told through poetic lyrics and blissful vocals through an instrumental of many wonders. Acoustic guitar, synths that will remind you of some Classic Rock and Prog Rock goldies from the 70s, and even an Ambient part, this masterpiece of a track is quite the unique gem. Replacer even drew the cover art himself, representing the character from the story!


[P@D] John Kenza – Love (ft. 4everfreebrony) | Future Bass

Album opener? Album opener! One of the best things about the Ponies At Dawn albums is that they continue to bring about collaborations that I never would have expected otherwise. This is definitely one of those cases, and it works so well too, and I don’t think I would have even recognised 4everfree’s voice if it wasn’t mentioned – he sounds so different! Go take a listen for a great upbeat start to Anthology.


[P@D] 4everfreebrony – Silhouette (feat. Black Gryph0n) | Pop Rock

Did someone say big collab time? Even though my tastes primarily lie in electronic and alt rock, this kind of guitar-based pop stuff is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I’m particularly loving the little legato synths that fill in some of the background of the song. And it represents a great blend of both 4everfree and Black Gryph0n’s ‘signature’ styles of music too!

This is another pre-release from the upcoming Ponies At Dawn album, Anthology – we’ll bring more details soon but for keep your diary free next Friday (29th) for the release party!


Blue Note – In The End (feat. Ecilia Amaj) | Art Pop / Orchestral

Dedicated to her A Symphony of Two partner, her family and friends that help her through difficult times in life! With vocal help coming from Ecilia Amaj, who also helped Blue on The Daughter of The Winds! Blue Note delivers a big feeling of emotions! This vocal track written by Blue Note inspired by How To Disappear Completely done by Radiohead, this track according to Blue can have multiple interpretations, mostly inspired by Blue’ own experiences and probably has some The Perfect Pear inspired stuff. The lyrics are really well written, some really deep emotions!

Now let’s talk about the music itself, the vocals are really well performed and sometimes some of the vocal mixes of Blue and Ecilia created harmonies that gave me chills down my spine, these harmonies with the piano chords and the saxophone and trumpet solo duet done by Blue and Cainbow (this composition was supposed to be a A Symphony of Two instrumental). The duo solo is the most amazing thing on the track along with the vocal harmonies!

This track is really beautiful and emotional, I cried listening for the 5th time and I had chills down my spine every time I heard the track! Listen to the song just not once but a lot of times! Listen to this song with passion and emotion! This is the song that defines that Brony Music and music in general are special things in our lives! This track remind me of A Moon Shaped Pool tracks, the most recent album of Radiohead!


St.Pinkie – Landing Gear | Piano / R&B

Coming from the fundraising compilation album realized by Crystal Empire Records for SEAPonyCon – Altitude. St.Pinkie sings with emotion to everyone who lost a friend. The instrumental is really emotional with the piano and the drums mixed with the orchestral elements, makes this song a true R&B sound that reminds me of some of the popular acts of this years that mixed this genre with the Pop genre. The lyrics are really emotional and really fit to the theme that the description of the video says and St. Pinkie sing this with passion and emotion! It almost brought up me to tears because of recent passings of Kavi, Woody (Malaysian cosplayer), MelodicPony, Beebarb and Pinkus Pone. May they souls rest in peace and what St.Pinkie did was really emotional, thank you for this dedication to this people that contributed soo much to the fandom! Buy Altitude in Crystal Empire Records bandcamp! (This song is free to download because of the cause).


[P@D] Homage – Free (feat. FritzyBeat) | Electro Pop

With inspiration from Wooden Toaster’s music, Homage and FritzyBeat have put something short and sweet together that definitely reflects Toaster’s style. The bassline is bright and clean cut, and it pairs well with the upper register elements. The chord progression is simple, but it also is interestingly well-put together in context, especially with the vocals, which sound exactly like how Wooden Toaster made his, which is a job well done on Homage and Fritzy’s part. But here’s a final question: are the lyrics referring to Sweetie Bot? The world may never know.

Check it out on P@D’s “Guardians” here!