[P@D] Feryl DeMarco – Livid | Neurohop / IDM

Jazzy electric piano chords, ambient synths, neuro-inspired basses, and some of the heaviest drums of the century! This is a combination of elements I feel as though I could talk about for hours and hours, for this is Feryl DeMarco’s new track Livid. The absolute best things are short, sweet, and don’t come often, like the enjoyment of a piece of candy. This electronic masterpiece fits that bill better than any song I’ve listened to in the past month or so. The recent album Ponies at Dawn: Ignite features this song, which I feel it absolutely deserves its place. Music like this is where music is headed. Thank you so much, Feryl DeMarco!


Whirlwind – The Friendship Experiment | IDM

Whirlwind returns with another unique electronic piece. Based on Lesson Zero, The Friendship Experiment is an erratic and glitchy track with lots of hefty sounds and NES styled synths. All the craziness brings about feelings of being in Twilight’s underground lab while thinking of ways to create problems to solve. The Aphex Twin influence is very prominent!


[ASOS] Feryl DeMarco – Alterworlds | IDM

Been a while since we’ve heard from Feryl DeMarco, hasn’t it? She’s back with her first track of the year as well as track 16 from the freshly released ASOS: Brownie, Alterworlds! True to its name, the song feels like the soundtrack to an alternate dimension, or a dimension hopping trip. Feryl’s signature electronic style absolutely shines through on this track, particularly the percussion and erratic synth sounds. Just another amazing addition to her discography as well as something to remember from the album!


Whirlwind – Diamond Mine | Ambient

How many of you know Whirlwind? If you answer is that he is one of the premier drummers in the fandom then you are correct. Now he comes in with more surprises. He has made a few steps into the world of Electronica/EDM/Techno. This track is based on a wonderful dream he had. A dream of journey under Equestria he took with Rarity as his guide. The music translated his dream like magic . His OC is traveling in these wondrous caves seeing different styles of mythical and shiny geo’s with a beautiful mare like rarity. Who is more than happy to talk to you about these stones and keep you company. Ambient is about music that tells a story about emotion and environment. This song does remind me of many video games that resemble this mood. It’s calm, mysterious and relaxing. Give Whirlwind some love, he’s had a rough time as of late at the time of the release of this track. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Brilliant Venture – Outstanding Power Play Ms. Hoof! | IDM

Brilliant Venture is great at turning several vocal chops into a mesmerizing, quick melody! His distinctive style and bright, organized compositions are both exciting to hear and ooze that beloved pony-vibe that comes with recognizing the many sound bites from the show. The intricate and ever-evolving beat of Outstanding Power Play Ms. Hoof! keeps you on your toes, a staple of Venture music!


[P@D] MEQA & Arturo Höst – Amniomorphic Spell | Neurohop / IDM

Hot off the press from Ponies at Dawn: Skyward, we have been gifted with a mesmerizing piece. Opening with a very chill and laid back mood with subtle intricacies and an excellent sound stage there is an air of regal intelligence that is buttery smooth and by contrast the switchup in the song’s climax to Neurohop is down surprisingly well and hits home very hard and heavy while still blending in the atmospheric vibes of the rest of song. Excellent job MEQA and Arturo! Definitely a highlight of the album in my eyes!


Seventh Element – In Her Mind | Album | Breakcore / IDM

It’s time to dive deep into another exquisite dark concept experience from Seventh Element! With no less than 15 chapters of an associated full-fledged story on Fimfiction, the album brings forth many dark musical wonders all themed around a mysterious story about Twilight that the musician imagined. The album is also available as Physical CDs on Bandcamp! And one of the tracks from it, Visions, is playing at the Cider Party right now!


[P@D] Seventh Element – Remaining Ichor | Orchestral / IDM

The mix between the orchestral/classical and the IDM/modern sounds make this Seventh Element track one of the best coming from the Enigma album, reminding me of other 7th songs like Shadows and Tetrahedral Memoir, Remaining Ichor looks like a continuation of this song, because in my head and with the amazing capacity of Seventh doing amazing concept albums, I think that more songs, and 7th would release a concept album full of orchestral idm! Remaining Ichor is one of the many proofs that the brony community has talented musicians and are able to experiment with various sounds and textures, creating sound landscapes, waves of pure abstractism! The way the classical sounds change into an electronic sound  it’s simply amazing. If I could say, Seventh Element is like the Boards of Canada and Venetian Snares son, with Godspeed You! Black Emperor beeing the close uncle. Result? Pretty good music.
Download Enigma on the bandcamp near you or something.


One Track Mind – Nightly Mares EP | Electronic

Just in time for the spooky holiday, One Track Mind brings us six great tracks to really get into the Nightmare Night spirit! This extended play uses a great array of dynamics to convey an overwhelming, almost helpless at times emotion throughout a very exciting set of songs.

The first track, Nightfall, does an incredible job setting up the feel of the rest of the EP, introducing an exciting, horror themed soundscape that flows beautifully into the second track.

Edge of the Forest is an exciting track right up until One Track Mind flips it on it’s head and gives the track a somber, chilling finish.

Unloyal starts off like a disco track and runs with that theme, managing to be eerie in it’s upbeat style. About halfway through the soft, terrifying feel of Edge of the Forest comes back to top off the track with that familiar fear feeling.

Fluttering Lullaby is an intense, more powerful track. The synth is on-point with the tense drums, invoking imagery of someone slowly losing their mind.

Black Heart Purple Fur changes up everything with narration over top of a distorted, stop-beat intro. This song is more laid back from the rest of the EP, and utilizes a high, ticking noise to induce anxiety throughout.

Giggles in the Dark wraps up the EP very nicely, like you are racing out of the woods, not knowing if you will make it or not. This track incorporates great dubstep wubs and has several moving parts that keep it interesting and intense!