[Ambient.White OST] Frozen Night – Hope Eternal | Orchestral

My fellow bronies, lend me your attention for just a moment. We have a real honest to Celestia pony inspired video game with a seriously awesome OST! . It’s called Ambient.White, check it out Here. The music however is full of exciting energy. The same energy that good video game music, does to get you to feel invested into the game itself. Frozen Night composes the main theme of this game about two alicorn sisters (Astrum and Krinita) on a dangerous journey for their lives hiding in enemy lands. This Orchestral theme sets that tone very well. from the start. The music pulls you in with a sense of wonder, danger and excitement. This music gives me a Dust: An Elysian Tail vibe seriously. As always, This Qilin asks you judge for yourself.


Night Blaze – Solar Eclipse | Rock / Orchestral Rock

This song manages to be epic in both senses of the word. It’s guitar and drums and other rock elements, as well as it’s orchestral format, mixing together, making for a high energy track about the battle between Nightmare Moon and Celestia! Definitely a great track for people who like orchestral rock music!


GeekBrony – In The Shade | Hybrid Orchestral

GeekBrony’s back with his first original track since 2018’s Last Tempest! In The Shade is a unique song that creates a sense of danger with a blend of orchestral and electronic elements. The middle sees a shift into full electronic territory with a gritty bassline and punchy drums that hit harder than Stygian ever could with Equestria. This song is also slated to be a part of Geek’s upcoming PoniGame, so keep an ear out!


Elias Frost – The Beginning of The End | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Definitely going all-out not just with music but 2D animations as well, Elias crafted another tribute to Twilight and continuation of the story of the upcoming album fittingly named “Stories Vol. III”. An incredible Orchestral progression of more than 10 minutes is a delight to the ear and the mind, as you imagine the epic tales unfolding for the Mane 6 while listening!


Equinity – 02: Catalyst | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The second installment in Equinity’s power compilation album series, Catalyst blasts sounds from the future and masterpieces all around from many pony musicians and familiar faces. Newcomers participated as well, and in harmony everypony created this wonderful painting of memories shared. From the Zecora-themed Mumbo Jumbo by Cynifree, to the dank Brohoofdab from the duo of TPressleyJ and ShobieShy, to the divine DnB beauty Sea Stack from Tw3Lv3 and Ni┼éch’i Poni, to the mega collab opener of the album… and many, many more inbetween waiting for you to discover them, if you haven’t downloaded the album already! All funds raised will go toward TeamTrees! Kudos to Equinity staff and all the contributing musicians for their dedication and incredible work, certainly acting as a catalyst for even more wonders to come!


Brilliant Venture – Ponies Think Sometimes Differently | Electronica

Never have I ever experienced such a dreamlike intwinement of orchestral, rock, and electronica elements before. In this song, Brilliant Venture expertly pairs a crunchy guitar with a warm, gated synth; a pizzicato violin with bowed strings and nature’s own ambience; a detuned, string-like synth with the song’s end. Brilliant Venture then varnishes the song with tight drums and the most bittersweet vocal chops, gluing it together perfectly. No matter what home is to you, this song will bring you to it. For me, despite having a long-running love of electronic music, the huge cushions of bowed strings bring me there. The only other thing I could ask out of this song is for it to be expanded into a huge, 10-minute long electronica project, for this song truly is a brilliant venture.


Toby Macarony – Shenanigans | Album | Electronic

Toby Macarony makes incredible and unique music that only Toby Macarony can make! For years now, they have been pushing the boundaries of conventional dance music and thrilling those paying attention with a hybrid electro swing/horror style while occasionally dabbing into other genres as well.

Shenanigans puts the full array of talent front and center with a variety of amazing tracks! The vocal chop work is out of this world, with the timing, tuning, and modulation.

The first track The Starlight Glimmer Express has a powerful and very jazzy feel. The beat bounces to a train-like cadence and sets the stage for a crazy album.

Songs like Sunset at the Farm, and AJ’s Muscles utilize some country instrumentation and get a very homely, Applejack feel with the twang from a banjo among other stylized instrumentation.

One of the biggest standout tracks on this album is Forever which is a sound bath of incredible vocal chops, expertly panned. It uses only a little bit on piano, focusing almost entirely on the layering of familiar tidbits from several show songs. The track amazes from very early on and only gets better and better throughout the 6 minute run-time! You do not want to miss out hearing this song and it follows that you should do yourself the favor of listening to the full album. There is absolutely no musician in this fandom (or probably outside of it either!) who does what Toby Macarony accomplishes!


[Equinity] Skelter – Airborne | Hybrid Trap

It seems like the sky has become a big source of inspiration for our fandom’s musicians, which makes sense as they’ve got nowhere to go but up! Track 14 from Equinity 02: Catalyst as well as one of two of Skelter’s contributions to the album, Airborne is a fantastic hybrid trap song that really makes you feel like you’re high in the sky. The melodies capture a triumphant mood with its mix of hard-hitting trap synths and drums with orchestral elements and the occasional Rainbow Dash sample, building up and climaxing with a powerful drop. Such a strong blend of genres! On a different note, welcome to 2020! Let’s see what amazing music will await us this year.


Heartsong – Mask of Night | Orchestral

A mashup of My Little Pony and Bionicle! When you think you’ve seen it all … The first half is a cover of William Anderson’s Luna’s theme. It keeps the beautiful harp and the choirs however the main melody is played first by the woodwinds and then joined in by the strings, instead of introducing both at once. This lets the music slowly build up and serve as an extended version of the original of sorts. The astonishing prose poem in the description that accompanies the piece is one of Heartsong’s best works so far and explores the depths of Luna’s psyche. It is as much a part of the whole experience as the music itself.