Kallo Skull – Sands of Somnambula | Orchestral

OH, OH! Check this piece out, my bronies. Something very, very different for your tastes. A track with more of a worldly and cultural feel. Yes, yes, come on in and listen to this wonderous tale from the Sands of Somnambula! Yes, you know the name. The pony of hope became a legend and pillar of Equestria. But what about her home, its culture. This is a taste of it! Would you please sit down and listen to these melodies that let you feel the energy of ancient land. It is filled with themes and elements that are sure to please it with its exotic percussion, mythic choirs, and mindbending composition. It’s a real pleasure that Kallo Skull has put together! As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Wandering Artist – Happy Memories (feat. Pony Town musicians) | Soundtrack

Who would have thought than an animated show featuring colorful ponies could and would give rise to a gifted and inspiring community that thrives on love, creativity, and the magic of friendship?  Well, to quote my fellow writer, DrakeEmberHeart, once again, “art inspires art,” and MLP has indeed inspired countless artists across the globe to create a bottomless well of artistic creativity that includes visual art and animation, short stories and full-fledged novels, fun games, and amazing musical compositions.

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MathematicPony – Just Waiting (Redux) | Piano Pop

(Listen to the original here!)
Today seems to be a day of me being a brony that is finding new artists. Yes, Mathematicpony is known in the fandom, but hearing something like this redux is perfect for those like me that have not! Hearing a musician’s growth in remakes or redux gives your honest perspective on their talent and passion. MathematicPony sings from Twilights perspective on that faithful first train ride in the season five premiere heading to Starlight’s village, as the princess of friendship for the first time.
The lyrics do set the tone for the rest of the series of looking back. Many fans wondered what would next after the season 4 finale! It where you hear a much more improved composition that adds to the wonder of what’s to come. More drum and orchestra elements that amp of the emotion of excitement that we all felt back then as bronies. Like Twilight, we all did not know where things would take us back in 2015. Improved vocals and mixing along with the core of this song, those smooth keyboard melodies. The song talks about growth and still learning, always looking forward to better days and wonders. What’s fitting is the new vibe of this song plays into things the come, and we all know what Twilights destiny was when it was all said and done at the season 9 finale! MathematicPony well done with the treat of redux and showing how much you have grown in six years. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Optimistic Neighsayer – Potion Nova Boogie | Boogie-Woogie

(Listen to the Pony Life theme song here)
If you want to hear some “Pony Life” love and get your fix in for some handy piano work? Released by Optimistic Neighsayer backs in 2020, The track featured in the very first race of the revived Dustcar Comp! I may take you a few listens; however, you will find nine different variations of the theme song. No interpretation sounds the same and flows smoothly into one! With some crazy dance-happy jazzy melodies, that honesty will give you a real sense of the type of skills Mr. Neighsayer brings. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


RedSpark – The One Who Stole The Sun’s Heart | Orchestral

RedSpark is back with a new pony tribute and that makes me so happy! A fan song about the implied lovey-dovey relationship between Tia and Discord in the show was such a great idea! There’s cute and hopeful vibes presented here, in the grand and beautiful Orchestral ways that RedSpark is now known for! Such a treat, rivaling the sweetness of the cakes that Tia so adores!