Rarity Advocate – Pavane for a Grey Mare | Piano

Rarity Advocate’s little piece for Tavi here is a solemn and mellow duet for piano and, of course, cello. It goes through various stages, the different sounds of despair broken up by a brief moment of happiness halfway through, before the dark, deep bass notes of the piano toll loudly. So yeah, kinda sad.


Jyc Row – Beauty | Orchestral

Continuing his theme of orchestral tunes for the six legendary pillars, Jyc Row introduces us to his tribute for Mistmane. Learning some new tricks in instrumentation and composition, Jyc Row gives us a nice change of pace with an Asian-themed score, using several instruments indigenous to the continent. The track begins with a very full sound, despite only using a few instruments, then builds into a grandiose, epic soundtrack for the most generous of the pillars. All of the characteristics of a typical JR score are there too, reminding us all why he is one of the premier producers in our music fandom!


Ataraxia – Talisman | Piano

I never thought a simple piano movement could be so moving, yet Ataraxia’s abstract concept mixed with a phenomenal composition makes Talisman a piece of perfection. Written as a score to the inner fascinations of a mare’s mind, the tune is whimsical and light, like her dreams. As her reverie becomes volatile, so too does the score, before finally resolving to the soft beauty of the protagonist standing face-to-face with the crystal heart. Be sure to follow the poetic description of the song as you lose yourself in the aural embrace, and check out Ataraxia’s full EP, skies which includes this track!


ThisSideOfOblivion – The Longest Night (Orchestral)

If you ever wanted to hear a piece that portrays the story of Nightmare Moon in a beautiful way, then here it is! “The Longest Night” is a track in 5 parts, the distinct parts evoke emotions that fit well with the story of the rise and subsequent fall of Luna’s darker side. ThisSideOfOblivion has done an excellent job smoothly progressing this piece through its separate parts. If you are listening for the changes they are noticeable and match the setting very well, but if you are passively listening, the changes won’t be sudden or heavy enough to disrupt the experience. The balance is just right. Well done ThisSideOfOblivion, I’m eager for more!


Elias Frost – Stories Vol. II | Album | Orchestral

Here is the sequel to Elias Frost’s previous EP – Stories Volume I. The release consists of five orchestral songs, with the middle three being the focus of the album and a prologue and epilogue to introduce and conclude the extended play. While Volume I focused on Hearth’s Warming stories, the songs on Volume II all take place in different Equestrian universes including a Daring Do book, a Legends of Equestria Book, and the Diaries of Sunset Shimmer.

“Daring Do and the Temple of Hope” is an epic soundtrack inspired by the Indiana Jones pony herself. The song has an suspense-adventurous feel to it and includes some worldly influence – almost like an Egyptian Mission Impossible track.

“Song of the Sea” has its own sailing adventure score where the danger is further emphasized by great use of choir vocal chants.

“Music in Our Hearts” has a mellow, emotional start before erupting into an epic rock track and teetering between dark rock and symphonic triumph.

Each song has it’s moments of adventurous highs and hero-defining lows which serve to tell great stories through music alone, without a need for words. There is a great arc to the structure of the EP, a strength Frost plays to very well. Make sure to check out Stories Vol. II available now!


[P@D] Lucas Gimeno – Flying On The Ground | Piano / Orchestral

Debuting on the new Ponies at Dawn album, here’s an uplifting composition dedicated to Scootaloo. The instrumentation comprises of a piano melody with orchestral strings for the sentimental harmonies. There is a very strong sense of determination in this piece which makes it easy to think of the crusader for whom the track is written. The simplicity of the instruments are more than enough to convey the raw emotion of the track, making this piece something special. Not overly flashy, but powerful through the use of what little it needs, Flying on the Ground is a perfect representation of Scootaloo herself and a very noteworthy tribute to the hardworking filly!