Daniel Ingram – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (Jyc Row Remix) | Orchestral

The fateful episode that is The Perfect Pear and its very emotional and gorgeous song continue to inspire with now Orchestral maestro Jyc Row delivering his own tribute to the masterpiece, with the talent he’s known for. Sublimating Felicia Day‘s vocals as Buttercup once again, the Orchestral remix conveys epic and regal vibes, but also the joy, happiness and complicity of the moment shared by the two lovebirds.


Lunar Drift – Waiting for the Spark | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Lunar Drift’s Soundtrack vibes are always a delight for me, and it works so well in this new progressive track that is inspired from the fanfic A Silent House! Displaying pony-like and amazing melodic parts paying much tribute to Octavia and definitely reminiscing of some OST tracks, the masterpiece takes us on an emotional journey in two parts, as powerful progressive piano, electronic elements, and Octavia dialog lines are all re-enacting the story in blissful musical ways.


Sonic Hooves – Summer Afternoon | Piano Solo

Sometimes the simplest themes are the most touching ones, and this theme of a lazy summer afternoon as well as this picture of Dashie napping her days away are reflected wonderfully here by Sonic Hooves’ composition that isn’t lacking emotion. Very moving piano melodies are chanting an ode to the pegasus we’ll never forget, full of heart and beauty, as we linger in the warmth of the moment.


ILLUMNATION – Casting Shadows EP | Dark Folk

Editor’s note: Better late than never…right?

Russian group Illumnation releases a downright amazing pay-what-you-want EP about Princess Luna! The instrumentation in general, and harp in particular, is stellar. Folk isn’t my thing at all, but this was an immediate download because it’s just that good.

But the true heart of the album is its awestriking vocals. Velvet’s beautiful voice is just brimming with passion. And the lyrics are perfect, about Princess Luna guiding our dreams and watching over sleeping ponies all across Equestria.

Casting Shadows is available to download on ILLUMINATION’s Bandcamp for any named price.


Aurelleah – On Wings of Moonlight (feat. 1004Lights & Megan McDuffee) | Epic Orchestral

A spiritual successor to the impactful Lullaby for a Princess, as well as possibly Aurelleah’s magnus opus, this grand piece was one year in the making and retells the events leading to the fateful banishment of Luna, in a full-fledged orchestral composition featuring the vocal talents of 1004Lights and Megan McDuffee. Let the musical bliss guide you through powerful emotions as feelings toward the two sisters resurface…


Blue Note – The Daughter Of The Winds (feat. Ecila Amaj) | Orchestral

A gorgeous and graceful song, The Daughter Of The Winds is Blue Note’s ode to Nature, encompassing the tale of her OC becoming an alicorn and harnessing the powers of Nature after years of traveling into the wild. Gathering the help of a local singer with a lot of talent, she certainly created quite a masterpiece conveying Nature’s beauty through a soft and tender instrumental full of emotion and graced by heavenly vocals. The video isn’t lacking awesome custom animations and visuals, either!


[P@D] GhostXb – They Mustn’t See Me Cry (feat. BriLizy T) | Orchestral Hip Hop

GhostXb is really getting good at this hip hop-influenced orchestral style, and this is certainly his best track of that nature yet! Featuring gorgeous emotional Sunset Shimmer vocals from BriLizy T, the hip hop percussion combines brilliantly with light orchestral strings and some nice subtle guitar too. The song tells the tale of Sunset struggling with her emotions whilst transitioning from foe to friend to the Mane 6.