[P@D] BlueBrony – Imperfection | Orchestral Pop

BlueBrony has always excelled at making songs in ways no one else could think, while maintaining a very high quality to the track – in any genre! Featured on the most recent Ponies at Dawn release, Enigma, BlueBrony manages to standout among the fandom’s best of the best with Imperfection. The chord progression and choices are perfect, controlling emotion as it swings between anguish, confused, and hopeful. The song is a narrative from Sweetie Bot’s point of view and despite being about a robot, is perhaps one of the most relatable songs this fandom has produced. The vocals sings of how Sweetie Bot wants her programming reset and memories flushed because it does not work correctly; her circuits and functionality creating limitations she feels the need to exceed. This masterpiece is beautiful, touching, and guaranteed to move you – just try to listen without tearing up!


AstralAmity – For Harmony (feat. Sable Symphony) | Indie Pop

Another track from AstralAmity’s upcoming magnum opus album, For Harmony is a beautiful collab with Sable Symphony that not only has his unique vocals adding much personality to the track, but also has electric guitars and makes for a very creative fusion of electronic, rock, and orchestral elements. The choruses in particular are very emotional for me, and with Sable’s vocals it makes it even more powerful.


[P@D] RoomVR, Mufaya & jetty – Will Of The Wind | Epic Orchestral

One of my many favorites from Ponies at Dawn Enigma, RoomVR’s collab with Mufaya and jetty lives up to its epic and poetic name with a fittingly epic and progressive track of over 7 minutes that showcases the magic of every musician’s talent so well. Not lacking in terms of emotion, the divine piece makes us reach new planes of consciousness as we loose ourselves to the magical melodies and atmosphere, and let the Wind Guide Us… (Reference to Wind Guide You intended.) Because yes, this track also has a deep concept about embracing the unknown, following the wind, to find the place where you belong… And you can read all about it in the comments section (thanks RoomVR for explaining <3). With such a concept and instrumental wonders, this masterpiece certainly makes us feel we’re right where we’re supposed to be as we listen to it!


[P@D] Wandering Artist – Magic Water | Soundtrack

John Doe’s streak of blissful OST-like tracks continues, and his Ponies at Dawn Enigma contribution wonderfully depicts that place at Mount Aris in the movie and its Magic Water. Such an ethereal and fantasy-like concept is painted beautifully here, and emotional violin just like heavenly piano are doing wonders to create this powerful experience. It would fit so well as a BGM during a certain important scene in a RPG where the characters learn about a tragic situation and new ordeals to overcome, or as a field theme when exploring that mysterious cave filled with entrancing wonders!


[P@D] Frozen Night – Unity | Orchestral

Enigma has been giving us some really amazing bangers! In the side of orchestral music, for example, we got a lot of contributions! Frozen Night’s Unity is one of them! A complex and epic song with amazing instrumentalization and sound design process! The composition behind this song is really amazing, probably one of the best orchestral tracks coming from all P@D catalog!
Download Enigma on a bandcamp near you!


Mane In Green – Miss Shy and Miss Rarity’s Secret Dates | Orchestral

One could have seen it coming, but I actually didn’t! Mane In Green delights us with yet another pony-themed beauty, this time portraying the cute ship of Fluttershy and Rarity and the cuddly things they do during their Secret Dates… Going side by side with the fluffy artwork drawn by Mane himself, this playful piece delivers frilly melodies while reflecting both ponies’ personalities, and even subtly covers the MLP Theme Song at some point. More cute things in the clouds with ponies!