Jyc Row – Deep Forest (Stage 1-2) (Friendship is Epic) | Soundtrack

After clearing the Forest’s Entrance map, you go deeper in the woods and stronger enemies start appearing in relentless assaults, and you know what that means! BGM change!! Jyc Row displays his talent as a Soundtrack composer once more with this new stage theme, delivering a fitting tense mood and cool fighting vibes with even an electric guitar, delightfully reminiscent of the harder Fighting is Magic BGMs and making for a blissful OST addition to the game on standby.


Mane In Green – Belle De Nuit | Orchestral

Mane In Green displays his incredible talent and very potent magic once more with a new heartfelt piece, this time inspired from an adorable dream he had involving Fluttershy, and Belle De Nuit flowers that only bloom at night. Perhaps that dream was a gift from Luna… The piece certainly feels magical from the intense emotions I got while listening to it, and through the course of its progression, the piano, bells, winds and strings all contribute to guide the soul to a beautiful place in a flower garden filled with those flowers. The finale of the song brings the emotions to their pinnacle with a very powerful moment taking you by surprise. A much emotional piece from the green-haired maestro that shows once more how music can convey much more than what words alone can.
Also on a personal note, I got to listen to this track for the first time with the musician himself being next to me IRL, and that was such a wonderful and amazing experience ❤ Keep it up Mane!!


One Track Mind – Piece Myself Together | Piano

Piece myself together. A fitting title for a Fitting melody Imo. And quite frankly, I can really relate too. as I myself am still trying to piece myself Together. Its human we make misstakes, but we learn of humanity when we cope with those misstakes. Celestia banishing Luna to the moon for a thousand years must’ve had a horrible impact on her Mental state. (But thank fate the story had a happy ending regarding that.)
It’ll never cease to amaze me though, how a story such as this involving non humans still feels the most human. And I take full pride and saying I recognise and feel this feeling. ❤ Well done Track, everybody show some love!


Lukas Vokrinek – I am Alive | Orchestral

Those who played Detroit: Become Human might enjoy this release in a special way, as it was inspired by an artwork by DiscordTheGE that ponifies it! Lukas’ piece musically represents Sweetie Belle and Rarity’s elegant aura, as well as the “becoming pony” moment from the story. It thus provides a delicate experience perfectly matching the concept, with gorgeous Orchestral instruments as well as subtle electronic additions reflecting the more futuristic/sci-fi vibes.


AstralAmity – The Harmony Overture (Intro feat. Whovian) | Orchestral / Electronic

AstralAmity’s powerful experiences have led her to imbue much depth in her works, and it is certainly palpable in this intro track from an upcoming album! From the inspired experimentation and progression, to the use of different instruments and styles, to the epic storytelling, this moving Overture is delivering much emotion and depth, and shows what you can expect from the album!


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Rainbow Dash (Soar Into The Blue) | Synthpop / Orchestral

I like this, thissa good track :3 I like the lyrical arrangement and that playing together with the melody. As someone myself with feelings for somebody I care about a lot (and like, truly love) I can relate to this track. The symphony is performed marvelously and I really enjoyed listening to this. Rainbow Dash is proud of y’all ❤ Well done guys, great work!


[ASOS] RoomVR – Let’s Go For A Walk | Orchestral

RoomVR’s heartfelt new masterpiece moved the audience a lot during the live release party of A State of Sugar Bubblegum, and its storytelling intent and personal meanings are certainly a part of what made the track to be so impactful. Music is magic, and in times like these it can not only make you feel powerful and otherworldly emotions, but also convey the creator’s feelings and being thus empowered by that. Insane talent, beautiful creativity and musical vision, personal feelings, and an intent to share them, all contributed to make this divine experience of sound possible. Truly an amazing tribute to what you can feel while being surrounded by the beauty and peace of Nature, during a walk in the woods…


Elias Frost – While My Yovidaphone Gently Drones | Traditional Yak Music

Playing on the name of the classic While My Guitar Gently Weeps from The Beatles, Elias Frost follows up on the early-released new episode with more yovidaphone play that would impress more than one yak. Complete with mighty percussions representing the pride of the yak kingdom, and other traditional instruments, the song is a much welcome continuation to the episode’s lore and pays much tribute to it.
Yak happy! Yak smash!


[ASOS] Heartsong – Cavorting the Castle | Soundtrack

One of my faves from A State of Sugar Bubblegum, Cavorting the Castle takes inspiration from the kind of BGM you’d hear in castle-like areas in RPG games, with fitting regal and medieval vibes, and hints of a playful side too! Heartsong (formerly DoctorSympony) displays their talent once more by perfectly emulating that style using various instruments, and creating a piece that would fit so very well as an OST track.


Zephysonas – My Little Pony: Sunset Shimmer Simulator (Original Score) | Orchestral

Those of you feeling powerful things for MLP characters might be able to relate to the story unfolding in this track, and for me it certainly made it so very emotional. Zephysonas signs a conceptual masterpiece with this original score composed to fit the progression of the story of the comic Sunset Shimmer Simulator, and it does it so very well, representing every part with the corresponding mood, and always with such musical talent. If you cried while listening to this piece and watching the video, know that you aren’t the only one…