Fellowship Symphonies – A Tale Of Two Sisters | Orchestral

A full day cycle’ worth of tireless work from the two sisters represented in gorgeous musical ways, that’s what you’re in for with this symphony from Blue Note aka Nora! From waking up in the morning, to going on an adventure during the day, to exploring Night’s Domain and venturing through darkness at nightfall, to waiting for the Dawn, find it all and experience it in this symphony, that has a lot of surprises and emotional musical moments in store for you! The first movement, Morning, is embedded in this post. Listen to the other movements Afternoon, Evening, Night and Till Dawn!


Koron Korak – Theme Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Rock

Short yet perfect, this is a magnificent cover of the one and only Theme Song from MLP by Koron, and it was previously hyped with videos of the performances of each individual instrument! Read more about this cover and what it means to the musician from the description, and look forward to future releases from Koron because he sure has been busy with music stuff!


Direct Current – Chroma​.​Voltaic​.​Friendship | Album | Chiptune / Orchestral

How does this dragon pony put this next review of music into words? The very concept of Sunset Shimmer, and Sci-Twi being transported into cyberspace for a friendship problem. Their mission? A super AI that pulled them to this mess. It sounds like a very unique idea even for this fandom.

It works simply because it’s Sunset and Twilight, the geniuses of the group. So the music here by Direct Current is an EP of four songs of Chiptune/8-bit & orchestra joy. It’s very unique, that he’s found a way with these songs to make it feel like Equestria girls. The story told through Direct Current’s music is blissful and imaginative. You feel the equestrian magic happening in the first song, Sunset, and Twilight going into the internet only armed with the magic of friendship. Once there, you can hear in the melodies. The frustration of these two not understanding how an A.I could have this kind of issue at all. I love how I close my eyes and seeing this as this tune plays, this tone of deep thought. It fits right into what Sunset and Twilight are as characters. It’s believable seeing them butting heads over this.

The 3rd track comes in with this uplifting melody of the girls figuring out things for this A.l. The tides are turning in the girls’ favor. You can feel this in the music. that big powerful music number that happens in moments like this. The EP closes in a way that sounds epic. Much like a classic video game when you have beaten the odds. The music is so charming and gentle. The gamer inside of me is yelling for pure joy, I grew up on music like that. I like to add that Direct Current somehow got an 8-bit sounding guitar riff to make me smile so big. I didn’t expect that. This is one of the most clever and creative pieces of music I’ve ever heard in this fandom to date. You can listen to it here on his BandCamp, or start Here the singles on his youtube channel. Go listen, it’s different in a very good way.


[P@D] Mane In Green – Rituals And Dances Of The Pegasi (feat. Koron Korak) | Orchestral

One of my favorites from Ponies at Dawn Skyward, this new progressive musical adventure in Equestria from the passionate duo of Mane In Green and Koron Korak is as stunning as you could expect, with such a rich composition and delightful folk vibes pertaining to the theme! Speaking of, I recommend reading the description and comments for new imagined lore and story around the song, and pure pony love all around!


Koron Korak – Smile It’s Just a Goodbye | Orchestral

A powerful and impactful tribute, this masterpiece from Koron got a deep backstory and meaning, and it’s expressing a lot of heartfelt things too, that you can read about in the description. You can definitely feel it in the music, with such emotion from the violin and a grand composition that was crafted with love! Featuring a gorgeous cover art drawn by Mane In Green!


Etherium Apex – Out On My Own (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Showtune


Etherium Apex has musical talent that transcends a lot of diverse music genres. From brilliant orchestral tracks to big house tunes to punk rock to showtunes, the kid can do it all. A nice mixture of that resume is on display with this cover of Applebloom’s emotional soliloquy, combining fantastic orchestral mixing with big roomy vocals. The piano and violins make a serene backing for a cover that Apex really make all their own!


RottenTotten – At the Break of Day | Orchestral

Oh, Daybreaker. How I shall march for the glory and praise of the fiery sun goddess. There is such a beautiful and soothing melody here. To someone who is so brutal and sinister! I was happy to hear something so fitting of Daybreaker’s character. Her mane of Sunfire blowing around as she stands there. Taking her glory in as she hears “PRAISE THE SUN!” from her followers below. I just love orchestral music because it can tell a story. This song has such a brutal and unsettling undertone feel to it, yet it’s so soothing it fits so well. I guess this is why RottenTotten gets the good word I hear about.


Heartsong – Peacegrove Village ~ Hopeseed | Soundtrack

Cadenza Heartstrong is in my eyes a very Underrated Musician. It therefore does me great pleasure to do a HMH article for him! Today we delve in a nice Legend of Zelda like track developed for the Fanfic; Magisight: Thaumaturgical Ocularity. I really like the vibe this song gives off. Peacegrove Village is a testament to Cadenza Heartsong’s talent to bring in happy and uplifting melodies, and I most definitly reccomend this track. Well done!