Tw3Lv3 & Koron Korak – I Hear The Birds Singing | Orchestral / Drum & Bass

For those of you who want to start your day on a softer note, or those who want to wind down after a long day, this Orchestral DnB track  that came out of a collaboration between Tw3Lv3 and Koron Korak is sure to perk you up either way. It gives you a feeling of serenity and moderate excitement by combining the mellow sounds of the piano and the pumping beat of the drums. There are no vocals in this track, so just focus on the music and relax!


Liam King – Fragment of Silence | Soundtrack

Short but sweet, Liam King delivers with a somber instrumental piece from the Liam & Darksun universe! With the usage of dramatic percussion and soothing piano tones coupled with the image of a depressed pony, this track definitely brings about a melancholy feeling. This song definitely wouldn’t feel out of place in a video game, and that’s what makes this track stand out.


Event HoriXZ0n – Variations of “Hush Now Quiet Now” in C | Piano Solo

This is just simply beautiful music. Event HoriXZ0n shows a range of classic piano variation that is heavily influenced by great composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and others. Taking a bit part on the first season of MLP: FiM. You listen and hear the many style’s of classic piano and just smile at the skill set of Event HoriXZ0n talent. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


BlueBrony – Shivering Heart | Chillout

A heart beat stirs.
As chimes ring out to an eerie and mysterious calling. It is cold, It is foreboding. A chill is present in the void as life sighs out a slow, soft breath.
BlueBrony has done it again with “Shivering Heart” A very inspiring soundscape based from the MLP season 9 episode “Sweet and Smoky”. This track imagines how the baby dragons from the episode felt during their cold slumber from within their eggs and I must say its quite a clever concept done amazingly well! Its the little things from the show that still get me. From such small thoughts come great things!


Miles Kintner – Driven Beneath the Waves | Orchestral

Another very emotional recent release, this tribute to the Hippogriffs from Miles Kintner is of pure beauty, with a truly magical composition that makes for a lot of emotion. The second half of the track in particular is my favorite and was so powerful for me! And focusing on how this is all depicting the story of the Hippogriffs, makes it even more impactful and special!


Jyc Row – Sonic Rainboom | Orchestral

Instrumentals are wonderful pieces of music. They are pieces of music you don’t have to use lyrics to tell your story, your message, or the emotion you’re trying to emote. For this it’s emotion. Especially if you love a certain sky blue pegasus. Rainbow Dash is a character that inspires people like myself who have had issues believing in themselves. This music by Jyc Row lights a fire inside of you when you been beaten down and dragged through the mud by life. It starts much like that. Then the Melody grows and builds into this mightly theme that screams confidence. For myself, I picture my growth as a person, brony and a fighter. I picture RD landing next to me, Inspiring me like she does, to get up and don’t quit! The song makes you feel like she is there with you, Telling you that you can win!. You find yourself finding a way to overcome the odds! Not bad for making this in an hour or less Jyc Row. This song much like Dashie’s song in the MLP movie, Makes you inspired for greatness. As I always end this. This Qilin asks you for you to judge for yourself.


Evgeniy Doctor – Shards Of Memory EP | Various Genres

A new stunning and complete experience from Evgeniy Doctor, this 4-tracks EP is quite heartfelt as it is a tribute to the impending closing of FiM (but remember, not of MLP nor the community!). Of various genres, the tracks made with love are expressing much emotion, from the Ambient Magia Ex that builds the epic experience to come, to the Psytrance Last Minutes that is almost 8 minutes long, to the deep Voices Of The Past that is a collab with One Track Mind, to a powerful Orchestral finale in Time To Become Infinite. Both very impressive and conveying much feelings, this whole EP is a masterpiece!
Shards Of Memory EP is available from both Bandcamp and Mediafire!


Aelipse – The Old and the New | Orchestral

Master Aelipse is back, and looks like they haven’t lost their hooves at making such emotion-inducing, story-telling music! This one is about the beginning of a new chapter for the community, reflected in Twilight having to say goodbye to Golden Oak while planting the seeds of a bright future. Definitely a masterful and emotional composition, showing the extent of Aelipse’s talent once again!


Narokath – Dead Wings of Grace | Album | Progressive Metal / Orchestral

An interesting concept album, coming from the swedish one-man-band Narokath. An album telling a double story between two worlds: an individual and personal point of view about life and feelings about it, where each listener is invited to do their own understandings of it and a story set in a darker world of Equestria.

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