Exiark – Otherworldly Journey | Album | Electronic

After two big years of development and collaboration, Exiark gifts us all with an incredible electronic album! Utilizing the talents of many exceptional fandom musicians like Chi-Chi, FritzyBeat, Freest, NekoWolf, Flittzy, Namii, Megaphoric, and Lia Quo, Otherworldly Journey is comprised of a whopping 19 tracks exploring Princess Luna’s journey throughout her exile on the moon.

The tracks range in genre and encompass a great variety of electronic music while still appealing to most everyone. No matter what type of music you prefer, there’s something special on this album for you!

Aside from the obvious vocal talent featured on Otherworldly Journey, Exiark’s use of expertly crafted synths and beat tracking is on full display, and will transport you to another world! There is an excellent sense of a lunar atmosphere in the instrumentation which ranges from symphonic to synth-heavy, and the subtle space vibes will make you feel as though you are dancing with the Princess of the night herself. There is no excuse not to check out this outstanding album!

Author’s note: While I don’t like to compare fandom music to time periods for several reasons, if you had told me that several of the tracks on this album were big hits from the early days of the fandom, I would absolutely believe you. Exiark really makes the music his own style, discernible from other early fandom musicians but there’s something about the quality and energy that takes me back in time with a giant smile on my face.


Jyc Row – Bravery | Epic Orchestral

The second track on Jyc Row’s forthcoming Heroes EP, Bravery is about Flash Magnus and how he outsmarted the dragons. It’s orchestral at its best – powerful, moving, epic, and spectacular. Much like a movie score (or MLP’s own fight scene background music), it exemplifies courage and strength!


Radiarc – Denouement | Soundtrack

Radiarc’s new piece is hitting right in my weakness, with such clear Soundtrack focus and inspiration. It is blending many different instruments and serving a complex progression and a rich atmosphere fitting for the many shades of depth of a story unfolding in a game where this would play. A polished gem of many wonders, to savor while going on an adventure, or relfecting with nostalgia at all the journeys walked with fellow party members!


Sonic Hooves – Silver Light | Piano Solo

Fresh from his new album, Sonic Hooves (aka Kelvin C.H. Reverie) brings us this beautiful piano solo tribute to the princess of the night herself. Using a gorgeous combination of the high keys and bright counter melodies, this calmly paced track will both relax and delight in its serene brilliance. If you didn’t already know Sonic Hooves for his talent in composition, you will after listening to Silver Light!


Jyc Row – Flower of the Wastelands | Orchestral

Season 6’s finale was definitly awesome. The transformation of the changelings was also a very amazing event in the Show. And I think it’s really Cool Jyc did an homage to that with this Orchestral Track. It sounds very enlightening and gracefull as it really grabs the Attention regarding the Thrill. Let friendship be once more the sentiment for a new Beggining, a New alliance, a new Bond.
Jyc this is amazing my man. Keep up the great work bro. I love writing for you. ❤ everybody you know your Job man.


Zephysonas – Poni Poni Literature Club | Soundtrack / Video Game Music

really pleasuring experience done by Zephy! Imagine DDLC ponified… this would be the result! I’m already imagine I think… Fluttershy is Yuri, Natsuki is Dashie, Sayori is Pinkie Pie and Monika is Rarity. I started playing DDLC yesterday and I must say, this song would fit in a ponyfied version of it! The amazing guitar, the piano and the other magnificent sounds make this a chill experience for the virtual romance game! Zephy, this is really good, hope you make more commissioned pieces like this!


Daniel Ingram – I’ve Got To Find a Way (Modern Bard Remix) | Orchestral

From one to another, another to one. A mark of one’s destiny singled out alone, fulfilled.” Twilight could only express hopelessness at her accidental corruption of her friend’s destinies. Modern Bard delivers us a re-imagination of this tragic moment by pairing it with a taste of the 80s. New levels of emotion augment this classic song with somber guitar notes, and an ambient backing of percussion, brass, and beautiful synths of a bygone era. Truly an epic take on Twilight’s emotional struggle to save her friends.