Super Trampoline – Welcome to the Dying Brony Fandom (Eagles Parody) | Piano Ballad


OK! How about some hilarious laughs! Super Trampoline has you taken care of. A parody of the rock classic “Hotel California” by The Eagles. With an excellent rendition on classic piano of the melodies. He hilariously talks about every single aspect of our fandom, all the good and all of the cringe of being in this fandom. From the nostalgic 2012 to our present. It’s all there and it’s Brony Cringe at its best. I really don’t need to say more, because its all there. As always, This Qilin unfortunately lol..asks you to judge for yourself.


Toby Macarony – Flutty & Rainy doin’ Picnic | Orchestral

Flutty & Rainy doin’ Picnic is the opener of Toby Macarony’s new album, Shenanigans Two. This track lies among songs from a great variety of genres, just as expected from TM. It is a cute orchestral piece working as a conversation between a flute representing Fluttershy and an oboe for Rainbow Dash with each instrument playing a few phrases followed by the other’s response. The song ends on an ethereal note with a choir and strings.

Editor’s note: Find below an additional writeup by fellow writer Cynifree!

Start of Cynifree’s writeup
A nice heartwarming tale of two friends having a picnic together. Toby has released something a little different than I’m used to, however its a really cute and sweet soundtrack with happy woodwind melodies and soothing harmonizing strings of a wide variety. Things are placed very well through out the song from little chimes and choirs to harpsichords and harps. A very robust orchestral piece and this kind of stuff is my bread and butter!
End of Cynifree’s writeup


TheMusicReborn – A Fair Cleric’s Waltz | Orchestral

Rarity’s regality has been matched with this little tune from TheMusicReborn. The lyrics describe her to a T, featuring a plethora of words that rhyme with Rarity even. The pace of the music is a satisfying orchestral waltz which makes it great to dance to. I bet Rarity herself would love to dance to this graceful track with those catchy harp riffs and percussive rhythms keeping everything in time!


William Anderson – A New Hope (Toby Macarony Orchestral Remake) | Orchestral / Soundtrack

The legacy of all the wonderful BGM tracks from the show will shine forever! And inspire pony musicians to pay tribute to them as well, and that is what our friendly neighborhood Toby Macarony is doing here with this “Orchestral Remake” of the BGM from the S2 finale, that is so nostalgic and emotional with how it brings forward those melodies that you will recognize!