Night Blaze – Theme of the Night Sky | Hybrid Orchestral

Night Blaze is on a roll with their tributes to the now-retired princesses! This one is about Luna, and perfectly captures the feeling of looking at or even wandering about in the night sky! Alongside Night Blaze’s signature orchestral style is the accompaniment of various synths, giving the track an 80s vibe. For the Night!


Radiarc and Frozen Night – Oblivious II | Orchestral

Radiarc and Frozen Night have joined forces to create the sequel to the former’s old track, Oblivious! This also marks Radiarc’s first ever collaboration with another artist. While half the length, it still manages to be epic and emotional all the same. Starting off slow, a soft string and piano riff is the first part to come into play, before building up to a quick pause, a quiet piano bringing everything down to a simmer. Before long though, everything builds up to a crescendo, the familiar piano and strings being joined by powerful percussion sounds, and then eventually simmers down once again. Radiarc can do great things on their own, but it seems like everything becomes better when others are involved!


[PVCF] PrinceWhateverer & Jyc Row – Nightmare Night (Covering Glaze & Mic The Microphone) (2019) | Symphonic Metal

This brings a smile to my face. Prince & Jyc came together for this redux of the cult classic Nightmare Night and has vastly improved from the original cover back in 2011! Jyc’s orchestral and choir elements intertwined with Prince’s vocals and skill on the guitar go hand and hand for this piece with powerful chords, ominous bravado and that sweet, sweet melody, this one is quite a treat!
(even if its over a month late but you didn’t hear that from me)
This song is available as part of Ponyville Ciderfest’s 2019 Official Convention Album.


Jyc Row & Elias Frost – The Demon Child | Orchestral

Third track of Jyc Row’s Legion EP has been uploaded and stands out by its more devious and fright inducing nature. This time he partnered with fellow part-time orchestral producer Elias Frost, and indeed their styles blend admirably. A creative and slick orchestration is backed up by glitched out and distorted sounds. The level of professionalism throughout, in every layer of the piece, makes it sound as if coming out straight from the soundtrack of a horror film starring the utterly cunning Cozy Glow as the main villain.


Frozen Night – Winterheart | Orchestral

Winter is right around the corner, so what better way to welcome it than with a Frozen Night song? This one is the final track from his EP Thorn of the Frozen Star, and it’s another example of his orchestral proficiency, with pianos, strings of many kinds, choirs and the occasional percussion hit all forming a melancholy yet grandiose soundtrack to walking through a snowy plain as the sun shines upon it. As cold as Winter may be, this track will definitely make you feel warm inside!


Jyc Row – The Centaur Lord (feat. PrinceWhateverer) | Orchestral

Jyc Row’s orchestral trailblazing never ceases to amaze me. Track 2 from Legion is absolutely brutal and chaotic, serving as a tribute to the evil centaur lord himself, Tirek. Joining Jyc is PrinceWhateverer, who provides electric guitar to add an even bigger punch to this already heavy piece. The usage of choirs and heavy percussion along with all the other present instruments really helps to give it an apocalyptic feel, as if to signify that Tirek has officially taken over Equestria and nothing can stop him. As expected from the great Jyc Row, he’s done an amazing job here!


Marcus Warner – Reprise | EP | Orchestral

The artist formerly known as Evening Star has returned under his real name, Marcus Warner. As a thank you to the fans who’ve been there for him since day one as well as a tribute to the show itself, he’s put together Reprise, an EP full of ES tracks from way back then, remastered and reimagined in an epic orchestral style. Along with him are a number of guest vocalists and musicians, such as Brione Jackson, who provides live cello to the tracks Octavia and To Build an Army, and Rory Sherman, who in addition to taking part in choir vocals across the EP, also shows off his skills with the flute. In terms of stand out tracks, Starswirl the Bearded definitely hits a high note with its strong atmosphere crafted by a dark choir alongside a viola before building up to add punchy drums and plenty of epic string progressions to top it off. Land of Equestria – the EP’s closer and sole lyrical track – was originally produced a year ago and features fandom musicians Silver Note and Sterling Fusion¬†on vocals. Now it’s back, and with a new beautiful orchestral coat of paint. This EP is nothing short of amazing, and a beautiful way to pay tribute to the show that brought us all together and will continue to inspire. Thanks for the memories, Marcus!


Night Blaze – Free Again | Orchestral

For whatever reason, this track feels inspiring. Maybe it’s the up-beat instrumental, or maybe it’s the fact that, even with the show being over, the community will never stop making masterpieces like this one. Or hey, maybe it’s both. This track’s pretty relaxing to listen to with it’s incredible instrumental music, complete with drums and a whole bunch of other stuff!


Jyc Row – The Changeling Queen (feat. Maria Grigoryeva) | Orchestral

Jyc Row’s latest EP Legion is finally here, and this is just the beginning. Joining him on this track is violinist Maria Grigoryeva, whose musicianship really helps complete this epic piece about the changeling queen herself. Jyc is known for his orchestral mastery, but when joined with another musician in this field, whatever comes out is guaranteed to be amazing. Be sure to check out Legion on Bandcamp and buy a CD if you can!