Lenich & Kirya – Piano Hero | Soundtrack

Groovy soundtrack piece incoming! Raycord Legends is an in-development fan game and it may be worth checking out! This OST track certainly promises a quality OST of tasteful influences, and as a huge OST fan I can’t help feeling psyched upon listening to this!


GhostXb – Take Me Away | Ambient / Orchestral

Get ready to travel into another world completely with this 32 minute track! GhostXb experiments with new techniques to create a truly moving piece, using unpredictable instrumentation and subtle dissonance to maintain a well-controlled chaotic, yet calming feel. The uplifting, peaceful ending is a perfectly satisfying finish to the largely ambient track. Brilliant and atmospheric, “Take Me Away” is perfect to put on in the background and lose yourself into.


Rarity Advocate – Pony Piano Sonata | Piano Sonata

Rarity Advocate is back with a new piece of many wonders, and this sonata in three movements is covering various well-known songs and BGMs from the show. First are the classic melodies of Hush Now Lullaby from S01E17 Stare Master. Then the bliss of Luna’s gorgeous Night takes us away, as William Anderson’s Luna’s Theme gets covered in a beautiful way in the second movement. The last movement is a free improvisation on the Theme Song, and there couldn’t be a better finale!


Alexey Kotlyar – Raven | Orchestral

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 25 November 2017.

A haunting beginning to this track from Alexey Kotlyar sets the scene with some ambient sounds and the crow of ravens before spooky strings start to play an eerie waltz. A bit of a character piece, this definitely has a defined dark atmosphere throughout, and makes great use of foreboding yet playful melodies.


LoneBrony – Midnight Dreamscape (feat. JBrony) | Orchestral

LBP paints a beautiful picture of the Canterlot skyline at night with his “toy box” style bells that transition gorgeously into a full orchestral ensemble. JBrony adds a fantastic piano composition which brilliantly compliments the lead bells and creates an atmosphere you can close your eyes and get lost in. The simple rhythm mixed with an excellent use of instrumental builds creates dream-like wonder in a way that is reminiscent of Tchaikovsky.