Vylet Pony – Comets | Orchestral

Mostly inspired by great classical composer Frédéric François Chopin (who happens to be my favorite classical composer), Vylet displays the extent of his talent once again with a 2-hours piano improv telling the story of a lovestruck unicorn princess. Masterful and emotional piano play is backed up by beautiful strings, and the mellow track progresses into a besotted and intense climax much fitting to the theme.


Lunar Drift – Discordant Dances of Royal Blood | Orchestral

Lunar Drift’s newest treat is a special one for us Prog Rock fans as it builds around a certain melody from Genesis’ Dancing with the Moonlit Knight (one of the most famous Prog Rock bands of all time that also happens to be my favorite). With much inspiration and passion, Lunar Drift crafted an intense, progressive, psychedelic (as fellow HMH writer Mordecai Mapper commented) piece, always delivering such amazing creativity with the use of rock instruments and electronic elements as well, and the whole track is such a delight of blissful sound!


Mane In Green – Tea Party at Discord’s (Variations on William Anderson’s “Singing Tea Bags” theme) | Orchestral

Interpreting William Anderson‘s BGM from the episode, Mane In Green created a beautiful tribute to S07E12 Discordant Harmony. Covering that catchy melody sung by the “ginsing” tea bags, it adds so much with a masterful progression of different moods and Orchestral arrangements and accompaniments, to end with a mighty finale. A stunning and classy piece with a hint of madness, reflecting Fluttershy’s tea parties as well as what makes Discord be himself.


PEGAPONY – Sonata for Luna | Orchestral

This is the kind of fan songs that I love to see the most. PEGAPONY meticulously crafted an amazing sonata in tribute to our beloved Princess of the Night, and the sheer quality of the result reflects the amount of passion that went through its creation, and is definitely much worthy of Luna. Melodic, gorgeous, and with a certain regal tone to it, the piece does sound like the kind of music a princess would appreciate in her room while drinking some prestigious red vine. A masterpiece full of feelings, this sonata is a wonderful token of passion and dedication!


Jyc Row – Tempest Shadow / Captain Celaeno | Orchestral

Hot off the tail of the release of My Little Pony: The Movie, Jyc Row gives us a fantastic,  theme for one of film’s villains, Tempest Shadow. Commanding strings and percussion paint a vivid painting of sound, perfectly capturing the dangerous mare that is Tempest. The track would fit well in an action scene in the Movie!

Ahoy! Jyc Row ‘ere be giving us a swashbuckling jig based on our favorite Captain’, Captain Celaeno from My Little Pony: The Movie. Rolling organs and flutes usher thoughts of the sea (or clouds in this Captain’s case) and adventure! Jyc Row perfectly capture’s the character’s confidence and awesome attitude.


GhostXb – Self Doubt | Orchestral

Ghost is back! I’ve always loved Ghost’s compositions and how each track he makes has its own style and tells its own story. This piece starts off with some lovely acoustic guitar, moves into some sweeping string arpeggios, then suddenly strips back halfway through to an ambience that leads into a wailing electric guitar solo. This song is part of a double release with Strife, a darker post-rock piece infused with orchestral elements.