Harmonic Six – Elemental Heroes | Orchestral

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you this amazing orchestral piece by Harmonic Six that revolves all around the final scene of the Season two premiere! The song has this space orchestra sound to it and evokes a feeling of celebration, fitting very well into the scene that it’s inspired by. Even without the context it makes for an enjoyable listen, because the triumphant nature of the song makes it stick in your head for quite a while!


[P@D] Jyc Row & Kelsey Mira – The Wings of Destruction / Molten Spike (elg. Ziv Shalev) | Epic Orchestral

Jyc Row never disappoints, and for the newest Ponies at Dawn album Zenith he delivered this amazing epic orchestral piece related to his Infinite Eclipse series. This particular song revolving around the evil form of our favourite dragon, Spike! Together with the amazing vocals of Kelsey Mira and the guitar talents of Ziv Shalev, who has a solo in this song, he delivers an amazing track with dark and foreboding strings and vocals together with an epic guitar that will leave a chill down your spine. This song is some of the best orchestral work this fandom has to offer; you should definitely have a listen and support the album it’s from!


Skyshard (and friends) – Beyond the Sky and Sea | Cinematic Orchestra

For this awesome track Skyshard got together with some amazing vocalists to make a track dedicated to the Hippogriffs from the 2017 MLP Movie. The combination of cinematic tunes and African influences together with all these amazing voices makes for an enjoyable song and despite its length it never gets boring!


[P@D] Ethan Toavs – Sol’s Journey | Orchestral

“Sol’s Journey”, Ethan Toavs’ latest orchestral masterpiece, demonstrates this artist’s proven ability to paint epic pictures using a musical canvas. Featuring a colorful medley of majestic horns and drums, and punctuated by airy woodwinds and dreamy string segments, this track offers the listener an emotionally uplifting journey from start to finish, accurately reflecting the song title. “Sol’s Journey” is a pre-release from the upcoming Ponies at Dawn album, “Zenith,” so be sure to listen to this and other amazing tracks on P@D’s next album!

Frozen Night – The Light and Its Shadows | Orchestral

Frozen Night’s latest release shows us a piece written a few years ago for the fan game Ambient.White! This piece seems to narrate the aftermath of a battle, and builds some tension while maintaining a sense of determination. It’s as if, despite the hardships of battle, there’s a way through at the end. Check it out for a short but sweet piece of OST!


Sprocket – Redemptio Lunae | Hybrid Orchestral

Inspired by their piece, “Luna’s Redemption” releasing nearly a decade ago as well as the journey that this fandom has taken Sprocket on through all the years since, “Redemptio Lunae” may bare little resemblance to the former track, but it compliments it very well!

Mournful yet hopeful, this piece makes very good use of tension and has an atmosphere with plenty of intriguing instrumentation that compliment each other wonderfully. From sustained strings to brass folly, emotional and complex piano runs and choir chants there are also some well utilized e-pianos and synth arpeggios that really add to the mood. And don’t get me started on the crisp, low harpsichord in the opening act that’s subtly hypnotic! At six minutes, there’s plenty to unpack with this song and each section has a distinct, yet subtle shift in tone which all flow together seamlessly. Have I mentioned this is their first MLP related track in five years? Its a welcome return and I am excited to see where we go from here!


[ASOS] Night Blaze – We Are Everfree | Hybrid Orchestral

Originally released on ASOS’ 2021 album Eclair, this hybrid orchestral piece from Night Blaze acts as a score to their own story about the Everfree Forest. The arrangement of a combination of orchestral and electronic elements, as well as the occasional modal interchange in the composition, works amazingly to create an atmosphere of something that’s beautiful and grandiose, but not quite natural… The electric-guitar-like lead sound really stands out for me as well! Definitely worth every moment of its almost 8-minute runtime!


EveryDayDashie – 3Pink1Pie (Pi Day Special) | Orchestral

Here we have a nice little piano-and-strings tune here from EveryDayDashie in celebration of 14 March, (Pinkie) Pi(e) Day. Taking inspiration from math YouTuber 3Blue1Brown as well, this song also works like background music, almost like something from a puzzle game soundtrack. We can’t guarantee it’ll help with your homework, but give it a try just in case!


Skyshard – Hearth’s Warming Stories Vol 2: Skyshard in the Multigenre of Madness (Special Pony Edition) | Album | Multi-Genre

Editor’s note: better 2 months late than never!

Suppose you want to talk about a musician who has been on the move. Innovating herself, experimenting, and ever-expanding on her musical talents. Skyshard is known for her abilities in the orchestra brony community, highlighted by making a splash in 2021 with her impressive string of compilation album releases!

Hearth’s Warming Stories Vol 2 shows a different side to her talent pool. Building on her composing talents, we’re treated to a musical dive into mixing her orchestral core with various genres. The tracks are tongue-in-cheek tales of Twilight and her friends trying to plan a late Hearthswarming party highlighted by the Mane 6 poking fun at the brony music community with an amusing use of mane six speaking through as a bonus feature in this version!

(Read about some select choices of songs after the break)

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Skyshard – A Dawn for a New Destiny (Boutique of Rarities: The Demo Session Vol 1.) | Electronic/Orchestral

This release from Skyshard is a little different. Originally an unreleased track from two years prior, A Dawn for a New Destiny is now part of a “Demo Sessions” volume; The Boutique of Rarities: The Demo Session Vol 1. to be specific.

A Dawn for a New Destiny is a piece with a hauntingly clockwork feel to it with a music box taking the center stage followed with strong and tense crescendos and falls of strings and even some subtle crunchy noise to add some additional intrigue and flare. The climax has definitely given me a couple chills!

Another highlight from this collection would be the Dune 3 Sequences. The buttery Smoothness of the synths and constantly evolving nature really stands out to me and how the three of them feel connected in a sense is just a really cool feature of this volume that I HAD to point out.

Beneath The Sea’s’ early draft is a neat piece as well, very ambient in design with a strong yet subtle piano presence and a very mysterious, sci-fi feel. Constantly progressing and you can feel the darkness and wetness seeping everywhere!

Inspired by the good old days of getting the gang together to record a few tapes, ship it off to a label and cry over the wasted time and money when it gets rejected. Filled with a whopping fifty tracks of assorted origin! Ranging from everything from early concepts to live synthesis performances, memes, cancelled EPs, alternate versions or full rejected songs, this sessions volume has a bit of everything! There’s even a strange ambient piece called ‘Let your ears take it” which Skyshard can’t even deduce what its purpose is!