Koron Korak – Goodbye Can Also Be A New Hello | Hybrid Orchestral

To say that the official reveal of MLP’s fifth generation has inspired people to create many forms of art would be a massive understatement. Even between the accidental reveal of a bedspread containing three of its main characters and the official reveal showing screenshots from the upcoming movie, fan creations came out in droves. Songs have been one of these forms, notably MelodyBrony’s Onward, and Koron Korak’s latest outing, Goodbye Can Also Be A New Hello. The latter song is a trance piece that oozes optimism to the nth degree. Many of the instruments work in harmony to capture that feeling of moving on to great things. Piano and synth sounds permeate through its two and a half minute length and really cut through the mix right next to the punchy drums. The hopeful melody is created by strings which also adds a sense of adventure, something I’m sure we can all feel now that we’re heading into new territory. The future ahead of us is filled with hope and possibility; if we’re already bombarded with fan content that’s this good when we barely have anything to work with at all, who knows how far it’ll go when the movie and show come out?


Aurelleah – Lex Aeterna | Hybrid Orchestral

I want to start off this article by telling you that as someone who fights with my own brain and being familiar to the issues of having ADHD and anxiety and what comes with those battles, I can very much understand Aurelleah’s own struggles. I found out from a friend of mine that Aurelleah has had to face those same issues and more. However as he had said, he fought hard with determination and fortitude, and he has finished his first piece of fandom music in 3 years! Given how epic this piece is, I say it’s a very inspiring thing to do; mental illness doesn’t wait for you, it just hits and affects you at any time. Pushing on and keeping going is not easy. After I heard this piece of music, I heard the love and passion in it. There are so many elements blending together in the work itself; you’re treated to a soft opening of light and soft melodies of pianos, acoustic guitar, and soft vocal harmonies along with some lore to the song in the video, and then you get the start of the song.

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Thunder Dash – The Overcomers | Piano Solo

This encouraging new track from Thunder Dash embodies the message of overcoming life’s many obstacles.  The piece is divided into three distinct movements, all representing different phases of the life’s journey.  A light and happy melody, introduced at the beginning and played throughout, produces an overall feel of positivity and optimism.  This melody, however, falters deliberately at times, suggesting that life is not perfect, but it’s important to keep on going despite obstacles and mistakes.  A darker section in the middle of the piece seems to represent the times when life’s struggles can feel almost overwhelming; the times when doubt and fear obscure our vision of the light at the end of the tunnel.  However, joyful and encouraging tones quickly return, reminding us that life’s obstacles do not represent the end of the road and do not need to be permanent roadblocks that define us.  For all of us who falter or fall at times, the message of this piece is to always get back up and to keep pushing forward with hope and determination.  With major and minor key shifts and changes from higher to lower registers on the piano, life’s hills and valleys is clearly depicted, but the piece ends on a high note of victory over life’s struggles. 


Dandelion – Art Of The Dress (feat. Aleksey) (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Orchestral

So, everypony, today we’ve got something a bit different. Dandelion got together with a friend (Aleksey) who isn’t actually a brony and got him to play the show’s “Art of the Dress” on a big great grand piano and the result sounds fantastic. Afterwards Dandelion only re-recorded the last part to make it a bit more fortissimo. The entire song is completely without the lyrics and it actually works pretty well! Dandelion also added a subtle bit of orchestra that gives the whole song this beautiful background, and that orchestration also closes the song, making for a great outro.

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[VibePoniez] Skyshard – Season Fantasy | Chillout

Today we return once more to the newest VibePoniez Album, “Overcast“. Skyshard’s contribution is “Season Fantasy”, a lovely Symphony full of happy melodies and all-around great music! The song begins with a happy and calming melody which is later joined by additional instruments fronted by some upbeat strings. A bit later on the song changes and we get a slightly different melody but it still keeps its happy, calming feeling. Closer to the middle the song calms a bit and most of the instruments drop off while only some strings and a synth play. Later those other elements are slowly added back in, and the song gradually returns to its previous form, giving us this lovely progression. Later on the song gets even fuller, and let me tell you–this fullness, especially as the song is nearing the end, is something you see very rarely. It’s this perfect combination of many things happening at the same time and not overloading the track. We end this beautiful piece with an outro of just the strings and a synth.
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Night Blaze – The Night the Lunar Ground Shifted | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Night Blaze creates a beautifully powerful mood in this orchestral piece that conveys an epic, interstellar feel from start to finish.  The track skillfully balances the deep and dark elements of the night with the nighttime’s lighter elements of majesty and peace.  The track begins with heavy, sustained piano chords that establish a weighty atmosphere.  Soon, a twinkling melody casts forth the warm glow of a sky filled with constellations.  Later, this light melody falls away and is replaced by emotional strings and majestic choirs undergirded by tympanic drumbeats of war in the heavens. Finally, the orchestra pulls away to highlight the piano and return to the beginning melody, creating a more peaceful, “the storm has passed” mood.  Still, the solemn piano chords continue to the end, hinting that behind the curtain of beauty painted by the peaceful night, the storm has left much sadness and pain in its wake.


SeriousDamir – Army Of The Moonlight | Orchestral

Today we’ve got ourselves something a little bit different from SeriousDamir. “Army of The Moonlight” is a dark, interesting orchestral piece. The piece starts out with deep, dark strings giving a sense of dread. Soon those strings are joined by epic drums, and the song becomes a bit lighter but no less intense. A bit later on we get a complete change as a sinister choir joins the mix, and the song ramps up quite a bit and gets fuller which makes for a nice effect. Later on the choir stops and the song calms down again giving everything this lovely progression before the song calms even more down and a lot of the instruments leave with only the drums and dark strings remaining. After a while the rest of the arrangement is added back in before we end on a piano solo.


Frozen Night – Nymerion | Epic Orchestral

Frozen Night’s new release, Nymerion, brims with the promise of heroic adventures that are sure to ignite the inner hero in us all!  Nymerion is the first track to be released from Frozen Night’s upcoming album, Time’s Arrow, which will have its own novel like story and will serve as a prequel to his previous album, Thorn of the Frozen Star. In this story, Nymerion is the capital city of a land of dragons, and the oriental sound design in this piece perfectly fits this concept. A gentle melody flows like epic wind throughout the piece. Peaceful woodwinds backed by majestic strings and choirs create a truly awe-inspiring mood. Seamless transitions between minor and major chords create a sense of a peaceful time gone by, while still hinting at conflict to come. If this is only the first taste of the new album, then we can expect great things to come, and be sure to follow along with the story, as well!


Whirlwind – Thank You | Piano Solo

This right here is just precious, done by my friend Whirlwind in honor of the day he found this show and this fandom. My word, what a lovely piece of music. Just close your eyes and think about how this show and fandom have shaped you. Whirlwind and myself talk about music all the time, and I gotta tell you, when he says this show changed him for the better, it shows in these sweet, friendship filled piano notes with a hint of the sunshine and birds chirping. You can’t help but picture you and your friends at a pony con, at a meetup or in a Discord server just talking about the characters that have meant so much to us all. Have a listen and take in Whirlwind’s joy, and as always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.