Night Blaze – Power of Harmony (2020) | Soundtrack / Orchestral

Everypony you have got to read the amazing description that Night Blaze wrote about this track!! Not only it’s telling such a heartfelt personal backstory about his creative endeavors and what the community means to him, but it’s also explaining all the lore and backstory to the Equestria he’s imagining for his pony songs! It actually has a dark past, and there’s such an awesome, deep, philosophical and positive message about being in harmony with the darkness (facing your Shadow), leading to peace and the utopia we’re looking for! And the rework of the 2014 MLP tribute is expressing all that depth and those meanings, better than ever!


RedSpark – Forgotten Destiny | Soundtrack

Even more RPG vibes in this story-centered musical cinematic experience from RedSpark (I wish we could have it in gameplay too!) starring Starlight and her battle against evil general Solis! The mighty composition is showcasing character themes and the impending epicness of the battle! Will Starlight manage to unseal the abilities of her ancient magic and awaken to her Forgotten Destiny?


[P@D] Osoch – A Longing Introspection | Orchestral

After a year of quietness, Osoch returns with a beautiful song, A Longing Introspection. Track 69 (nice) from Ponies At Dawn: Eclipse, it’s very different from what you’d normally expect of him. The entire piece is orchestral and slow, with plenty of room to breathe. I love how calm the piano and strings come together, and those faint little bell sounds that really give this piece a strong atmosphere. Glad to have you back, Osoch!


[P@D] Radiarc – Of Shadows and Nightmares | Orchestral

Anime theme song, anyone? Track 38 from Ponies at Dawn: Eclipse is Of Shadows and Nightmares from Radiarc, an orchestral piece with some power! This one is sprinkled with goodness from each string instrument to the quickly plucked strings, to even the piano; it all comes together to form something that would fit well in a movie trailer or anime opening. I get chills every time that piano riff comes in. You know, there’s a reason why Radiarc is regarded at the top of the MLP music scene, and this song is a great example!


[P@D] Wandering Artist – Nocturne | Orchestral

Today we’ve got ourselves another calm song, this time by Wandering Artist. The song is a beautiful piece inspired by romantic music. It has a great progression but stays calm all the way through making it the perfect song for lying down and closing your eyes for a second. It’s easy to imagine yourself relaxing in the Golden Oak Library after an exhausting day and drifting off to sleep to the sound of rustling leaves.

This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!


Whirlwind – The Mission EP | Liquid Drum & Bass / Orchestral

Encompassing love for space and space music in an EP full of starry and dreamy DnB beauties, Whirlwind showcased his skill at a genre full of wonders, all while telling a story about his OC exploring space. Much emotion and story-telling in the tracks, that will make you follow him on the journey. Such a display of musical skill and passion is very inspiring and amazing, and it’s definitely an EP worth the listen! My personal favorite from the EP is Solar Surf!
Embedded here is the video of the full EP, but you can also find it on Bandcamp and find the individual tracks’ uploads on Whirlwind’s channel!