VoodooG & ShalMusicFX – Rise Of Luna’s Throne (feat. BriLizy T) | Orchestral Electronic

A labor of love, this masterpiece was crafted from the lovely collaboration of VoodooG, ShalMusicFX and BriLizy T, for a stunning result. Telling the rise of the power of Luna’s Night, the multi-genre song takes us through an epic road of gorgeous vocals, enthralling beats, beautiful strings, mad bells, and emotional choirs. It all works together so well and makes for such an intense experience! Go give lots of love and praise to the musicians everypony, because they sure deserve it with all of their hard work! For the Night!


Mason al’Cat – I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day | Christmas Carol / Epic Orchestral

When Mason al’Cat blends classic Christmas carol style with Epic Orchestral, you can be sure that the result is gonna be sparkling! Gracing the song with his beautiful and powerful vocals, the musician totally nailed this anthem for the end of the year among ponies, all while making it sound so epic with those drums and background choruses!


Arkineer – Prove Thy Courage | Soundtrack

It appears as though progress is indeed still being made on the RPG project Adventure of the Lunarbolts! Arkineer, aka Senjan, has been on board as the project’s composer for over six years and he returns with a totally exhilarating battle theme! With some excellent use of strings and heart-pounding electric guitar, as well as some frantic chiptunes, this will certainly be intriguing to see implemented in the full game and is up there with some of the best battle themes in the fandom thus far.


Frozen Night – Nature’s Frozen Embrace | Ambient / Soundtrack

An undiscovered OST track from the fanmade pony game Ambient.White, Nature’s Frozen Embrace lives up to both the name of the game and the name of Frozen Night, with a delightful Ambient atmosphere that seems to depict a snowy landscape to explore or a mystical place frozen in time where some fateful event happened… or would happen as you visit it in the game.


Zephysonas – The Strange Forest | Soundtrack

Pony songs designed as Soundtrack pieces will always have a special place in my heart, as a massive OST fan! Zephysonas displays his talent for the genre/kind of music once more with a track designed to play as a BGM in a forest area in some RPG, and the result is breathtaking and so fitting! A mighty progression lays out many different instruments and melodies, all creating the perfect atmosphere to explore a forest, grind some EXP on the monsters there, and see what kind of rare items you may find in the treasure chests at the end of alternate pathways. RPGs and OST forever!


Zephysonas – Second Family [For Makenshi] | Orchestral


Wow. Songs in this fandom that are written as a tribute to a specific person are always beautifully and meaningfully deep in ways that most songs simply cannot attain, yet there is something about the love that went into this track that makes it stand out among the other tributes.

Zephysonas orchestrates not just a fantastic composition, but also organized a myriad of heartfelt words from all kinds of brony musicians and promoters to say “thank you” to the biggest fan and best friend of every musician in this fandom, Makenshi. Second Family is soft and uplifting, utilizing light strings and bells to create a supportive atmosphere reminiscent of the person it is dedicated to. Emotionally moving in every aspect and subtly a nod to Makenshi’s favorite pony (Pinkie Pie), Zephysonas really outdid himself with this masterpiece!


Wandering Artist – Ghost | Soundtrack

Created for the popular Pony Town’s¬†Halloween update, Wandering Artist really delivers a fantastic tune with a spooky but whimsical atmosphere. It’s incredibly easy to imagine this in a video game, especially during a night or a graveyard level, and the use of background ambiance, as well as sparse strings is top-notch on this tune!
Available for download on Wandering Artist’s Bandcamp.


Jyc Row & Felicia Farerre – Night Queen VIP (feat. PrinceWhateverer) | Epic Orchestral

Jyc “Epic” Row released a VIP of the masterpiece from P@D Rebirth¬†Night Queen, adding even more awesomeness thanks to PrinceWhateverer‘s guitar performance! Always featuring Felicia Farerre‘s amazing Luna-like vocals, the VIP provides a renewed anthem to ever-lasting Night and rule of Nightmare Moon over Equestria, blending orchestral, electronic, and rock elements!