Toby Macarony – I’ve Watched You | Hybrid Orchestral / Dark Acapella

We’ve come a long way haven’t we? This is a surprisingly sweet tune from Toby as it leads in with a gentle acoustic guitar melody and a soothing backing of strings to harmonize with the iconic vocals from the Season Three Finale, “Celestia’s Ballad” but it wouldn’t be Toby if he left us on that, right? I can assure you as time goes on the track will flip on its head with a masterful use of complex chords and harmonization with a foreboding atmosphere and an almost industrial sound. It threw me for a loop the first time I heard it and I hope the same can be said to those who have yet to listen!


Night Blaze – Happy Ending | Orchestral

Night Blaze really shows off an array of compositional prowess with this track. Happy Ending is exactly what the title implies – a beautiful, uplifting composition evoking warm nostalgia and sentimentality. The score moves seamlessly through different parts from a piano lead-in to light string movements to more intense, grand segments with electric guitar and quickly strummed strings. It’s a little hard not to tear up listening to this wonderfully emotional track!


Chiptune Brony – Date with Pinkie Pie | Soundtrack

A song about dating Pinkie, made with such a distinctive OST-like musical style? Yes please! Chiptune Brony has really done it this time, hitting my musical weak spot once again, all while giving much love to my favorite pony. You could easily see this piece playing as a BGM during a dating scene in some MLP visual novel or dating sim! No, I didn’t say eroge!


Heartsong – Amethyst Hollow | Soundtrack

What is even more incredible than a gorgeous composition crafted with love? The fact that it was made to depict a location from a full-fledged fanfic..! A teamwork with PsychicKid and his fanfic Magisight: Thaumaturgical Ocularity, this new release from Heartsong will make you explore a mysterious, crystal-filled cave that may hold a secret about the origin of magic or perhaps some meaningful message, deep within… And you get all that journey in beautiful musical form, with a delightful arrangement and breathtaking melodic parts full of OST vibes! Icing on the cake, it’s actually inspired by our shared favorite game and OST ever, Final Fantasy 9!


Ocean Melody – Beautiful Land | Orchestral

Ocean Melody’s love letter to the fandom, they bring us a wonderful medley of nostalgia and love spun with iconic songs both from the fandom and the show itself! Each song has a creative twist on the original and the sound stage of the orchestration is really pleasing as well. Some of the songs are very noticeable like “Winter Wrap Up” and “Smile Song” but there are also some subtler nods as well, notably Dawn Somewhere’s “Sinking Ships” and  4everfreebrony’s “Chant of Immortality”. How many songs can you find?


Jyc Row – King Sombra ~ A Final Encounter | Orchestral / Cinematic

In homage to the Season 9 opening, Jyc Row has created a thrilling cinematic & electronic hybrid piece about King Sombra. A choir section fades in to establish the expectation of a slow and droning cinematic piece, only for those expectations to be shattered in the coming movements. Low syncopated synths and pounding drums support the larger-than-life string sections. This masterful composition couldn’t be more fitting for the fallen King himself, with artwork by Margony.


Vylet Pony & Sylver – Harbour (Pts. I & II) | Alternative Rock / Ambient

Yet another release from Vylet’s Homeward Album. They combine both parts of Harbour  and its really cool how seamless both these parts are despite giving off a very different vibe. If you aren’t already aware, this album is all part of an intricate story that really helps bring the world of Homeward into perspective and I highly recommend you give it a read.

Harbour is actually the song Vylet is listening to on his way to visit Sylver in the story specifically in the first part. We get a very upbeat and energetic rock track that Vylet says helps him to “drown the crippling fear induced by being away from home,”  The chorus is infectious and all of the elements blend together to create something truly powerful.

As the song winds down we are met with a *click* and a stark contrast as the atmosphere opens up into the bustle and noise of the Starship Ponyville which signifies the part of the story where Vylet has switched off the song and is waiting for Sylver to invite him inside his suite to reminisce on memories of Equestria and just tell each other stories to pass the time. Now I love these small details, especially when you have the context of the written story, they just breathe an air of immersion and I really appreciate when the little things, be it a conversation from the story, or sound effects are mixed into the music.

From here everything slows down and a soothing piano melody plays followed by some minute glissando and various string and woodwinds with the sounds of the busy life of the starship in the background the polyphony is wonderous and it ends all too soon but is a really touching extension to the song.