[LDB] BlueBrony – Reborn | Orchestral Electronic

BlueBrony always delivers with something that only he could, and Reborn is incredibly well put together and performed. The track takes the perspective of Sunset Shimmer and tackles the difficult concept of forgiveness from her own point of view. After a tense, paranoia-inducing intro, the song transitions into a beautiful and delicate piano piece and continues to expertly meld other musical styles throughout the piece. BlueBrony does a top-notch job at conveying the joy and almost relief that comes from e forgiveness and acceptance of her friends.



Cloud Hop – Dreams of Distant Stars | Orchestral

Hold onto your flank because this track is going to take you on a ride to the outer reaches of space! Based off of a fanfic about probing the galaxy until there is nowhere left to explore, Dreams of Distant Stars is the exciting overture of the trip to places never seen before. The song alternates from soft instrumentation to a building sense of adventure, and ultimately peaks with exciting drums which drive the choir voices and other instruments with fierce energy. Both intense and beautiful, this track makes you feel the great ambience of space and not just from the perspective of someone gazing and admiring, but as the protagonist zooming through the infinite realm as an explorer!


Toby Macarony – Welcome to the Academy | March

Toby Macarony is great with a good mashup and this time he combines a couple of songs used as backing tracks in “Wonderbolts Academy” with some of his own flair to make a spectacular march. The first part of the song is immediately recognizable from the show when Rainbow Dash approaches the Academy. Toby adds a great drum intro with embellished low brass to really solidify the rhythm before tying the pieces together in a big hit with an awesome synth added in. Unique in composition and genius in composition, be sure to taste the sky when the Wonderbolts say Welcome to the Academy.


Repent In Reprise – Becoming Popular (covering Daniel Ingram) | Orchestral

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 3 June 2018.

If you’re familiar with the old works of Dr. Dissonance, you’ll be excited to see something like this! Repent in Reprise’s rendition very much works off the same sort of style, with many industrial steampunk elements adding a nice unique flavour to the orchestral rendition on show here.


Frozen Night – Tears of The Evernight | Orchestral Metal

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 30 May 2018.

Frozen Night’s works are always lovely to listen to and this beautiful piece is no different. The instrumentation throughout the track evolves in an especially gratifying way and there’s some pretty epic progressions as well. As is often the case with Frozen’s works, there’s a nice touch of metal guitar meshed together with the powerful strings and percussion.


New Reverian – “Civilizations” | Orchestral / Electronic

Here we have an uplifting song by New Reverian, paying tribute to “Anthropology”; a fanfic by JasonTheHuman this one is about the crossover of the pony and human civilizations and has that “awaiting discovery” feel to it. It’s hard to put into words when describing the atmosphere in this track. The orchestral arrangements are answered by a euphoric assortment of synths and help to paint this picture and I just love how they all come together.


[P@D] Seventh Element – Tetrahedral Memoir | Orchestral / Breakbeat

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 14 May 2018.

Seventh Element’s music can get exceptionally deep at times, especially when he forays into combinations of orchestral elements with breakbeat percussion and electronic synths. The result here is a gorgeous meld that tells a story of Twilight’s journey into her own mind to face some inner demons.