Indie Notes – Lucid | Acoustic

Many in the community are making use of the power of passion and have their lives enhanced by ponies, and imagining that Luna herself is guarding our sleep is certainly one of the most common practices! Indie Notes pays tribute to the Princess of the Night and her work with this soft ballad thanking her for everything she’s doing. She definitely needs all the love she can get, and perhaps all of us can send her our feelings as well as we listen to this song and make one with the music!


AntaresPony – a pommel tune | Ambient

AntaresPony, a new pony musician who appeared recently, keeps it up with the wonderful Ambient releases like a real fan! Showcasing a distinct musical identity as well as unique aesthetics in the videos, AntaresPony tells beautiful pony-inspired tales through music, and this one is centered around our beloved Coco Pommel! It is quite emotional with many instruments coming into play and an atmosphere like no other. It even features vocal samples from Coco for added emotion, mixed in with much talent!
Also check out the other delightful tune they released along this one, the starlight i love.


AntaresPony – a luna tune | Ambient

This is a nice surprise from Antares, who appears to be new to the MLP scene. This is a a very relaxing and atmospheric piece about Luna. The song itself really makes you think almost as if in retrospect about all of the hardships our Princess has faced and all of the guilt she holds on to as the world goes by around her. At least; That is how I see it. The artist leaves much of the tune up for interpretation which is quite nice in fact. What do you take away from it?


4everfreebrony – Wandering Eyes (2018) | Acoustic

This is another amazing 4everfreebrony song in addition to having an amazing backstory! Soft, with a fantastic acoustic picking pattern, Wandering Eyes is a peaceful ballad of an older sibling reflecting on their younger sister and her curious intuitions. Already a personal favorite of 4everfreebrony, he remastered this track at the request of an artist, Sea Maas – who agreed to provide the gorgeous cover art for the song. Calming and sentimental, this song is every bit as wonderful as we have come to expect from the fandom veteran!


Koron Korak – Rainbow (Covering Sia) | Acoustic

Time for even more emotions! Koron Korak brings us a wonderful Acoustic cover of the much emotional finale song from the movie, playing violin, drums and guitar himself with much passion and coolness too! Let the emotional sound of the violin reawaken and extend the feelings that you got from the movie’s ending, as we partake in that joy again, being united with the ones we love no matter the distance…
Thank you for this, Koron! I’ll never forget the times we spent rewatching the movie together with Mane, and how you released this now as a tribute. Stay awesome! ❤


JoshSaysStuff & FritzyBeat – Not A Second Late (Acoustic) | Acoustic Pop

FritzyBeat comes back with an acoustic cover of Not A Second Late performed by JoshSaysStuff! And what is greater than have the original artist helping in the instrumental?! The guitar melodies together with the ukulele and the magnificent vocals of Fritzy makes this version a sweet and catchier version than the original! Thank you Fritzy for this version and for being awesome! And thank you Josh for creating such an amazing song!


Turquoise Splash – So Much Left To See | Soft Rock

What an amazing surprise to have a new release from the long-time fandom great, Turquoise Splash! So Much Left to See is exactly as amazing as you would expect from someone who has been a big part of so many fandom hits over the years, featuring incredibly beautiful vocals and a gorgeous acoustic guitar. The track is a love song between Derpy and Doctor Whooves with Splash singing of how much better things are for the ponies to be together. It is difficult to listen to just once and that’s a fantastic quality to have in a song.


Luna Jax – Anxiety | Acoustic

Luna Jax is back again with another profound song with a lot of emotion behind it. Backed by his signature guitar work, Jax tells of his own experience with anxiety, a feeling many of us know far too well. It can be extremely hard to function when those dark shadowing thoughts creep in, and for many, those thoughts come with a loss of motivation or creativity. It’s difficult to live with anxiety, but even harder to speak out and share those thoughts with others. So thanks Luna Jax for having the courage to produce this piece, I’m eager for more.


A State of Sugar – Bubblegum | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

ASoS Bubblegum! here we go! ❤ Been looking forward to this for DAYS! The talent from this album is so wonderful and open, its extraordinary what people are capable of, and in how many ways the power of music can make its mark. Everybody did wonderful! Truly A-MA-ZING! I am proud and honored to have been a part of this with you all and I look forward to the next album! Everybody please stay talented, beautiful, and awesome. ❤ Please, promise me that. ❤

(And thank you all for having me and Ayydray on. MASSIVE S/O TO AYYDRAY HE’S THE HERO BEHIND THE TRACK! AYYDRAYY WE SEE YOU BRO ❤ )

And let’s stick like the awesome taste of Bubblegum! 😀

Bubblegum is available to download from the ASOS Bandcamp for FREE.