ILLUMNATION – Casting Shadows EP | Dark Folk

Editor’s note: Better late than never…right?

Russian group Illumnation releases a downright amazing pay-what-you-want EP about Princess Luna! The instrumentation in general, and harp in particular, is stellar. Folk isn’t my thing at all, but this was an immediate download because it’s just that good.

But the true heart of the album is its awestriking vocals. Velvet’s beautiful voice is just brimming with passion. And the lyrics are perfect, about Princess Luna guiding our dreams and watching over sleeping ponies all across Equestria.

Casting Shadows is available to download on ILLUMINATION’s Bandcamp for any named price.


DoTheDaringDew – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Acoustic

S07E13 The Perfect Pear sure delivered a torrent of emotions and sparked many musical reactions in the community, and DoTheDaringDew chose to pay homage to Daniel Ingram and Felicia Day’s moving masterpiece with a cover performed with all his heart and pouring out all his vocal talent. A beautiful and lovely tribute indeed, this cover shows a fan’s passion and dedication to do all that they can to express their appreciation to what is sure to become a community classic.


Francis Vace – My Favorite Thing About Horses | Acoustic

The 10th track from his newest album The Old Mare And The Sea, Francis Vace sings about his favorite things about horses, in a humorous and acoustic way in his guitar. You already know that is a Francis’ song just because of Vace’s rough and aggressive vocals,  which are fitting for his ska/punk tracks. But what we don’t know is that his vocals also fit into progressive house tracks, pirate folk songs, or even acoustic songs like this one, with very pleasing guitar riffs.

Also who doesn’t love some ‘topical’ humor?

Download or buy The Old Mare And The Sea from Francis’ Bandcamp page.


Michael Picher – Come and Join the Christmas Party (feat. IMShadow007) | Acoustic

Another piece from Michael Picher made to accompany the Animation Acres fanfiction (following this track that we posted), this one is a happy Christmas song that features IMShadow007 as Pinkie, and let me tell you that she does an amazing job at it! Amplifying the cute vibe of the song, the Pinkie vocals are sure to bring a smile to your face!


4everfreebrony – House of Glass [2017 Re-Record] / Aviators – House of Glass [Cover] | Orchestral

4everfreebrony resurrects an old classic with his 2017 re-record. Opening with a truly stunning melody plays on woodwinds, and progressing into piano, this track is an absolute masterpiece of composition. His singing is kind and passionate (and sounds almost like I think Dusk Shine would, actually). About Trixie and overflowing with emotion, this song moved me to tears.

And Aviators has covered it as well! It’s always a pleasure to see him make pony music again. His vocals, as usual, are expert and soothing. The reverb, too, echoes in the most lovely way. It’s hard for a cover or remix to do the original justice, but Aviators is very good at that.