Kelvin C. H. Reverie – Frozen Time | Acoustic

Kelvin continues his recent Applejack-themed acoustic streak (in fact, it’s all part of an upcoming album) with this more melancholic piece about wanting to go back to the past and simply remain there.


TheMusicReborn – Nature’s Call (feat. Faux Synder) | Folk

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 11 April 2018.

I have been seriously enjoying ThatMusicReborn’s ‘Mythical 6’ series, and this new Fluttershy track is an awesome way to continue it! Featuring vocals from both himself and Faux Synder, the dual voices fit together terrifically, with the instrumental supporting them to help create a mystical feel to the piece.


Sonic Hooves (Kelvin H.C. Reverie) – Song from the Earth Pony | Acoustic

Sonic Hooves has always been great with composition and emotional impact in his music. Yet every time a new track comes out, there’s a reason to stop and say “Wow, this is really good!” Song from the Earth Pony is a gorgeous piece made up of just two acoustic guitars, yet the melody is incredible. There’s a reflective notion in the style and it really helps emphasize the pride in being a hardworking earth pony. The track itself isn’t particularly long, and there is no excuse not to check it out!


The Shake Ups – I’m the Draconequus | Rock Ballad

The Shake-Ups are still going strong with their latest song, I’m the Draconequus. This track is a nod to the Beatles’ hit “I Am the Walrus” and depicts the master of chaos as he is now. Featuring excellent acoustic guitar work throughout, I’m the Draconequus is a mellow rock track, but not without group vocals and an accompanying violin that add the necessary chaos into the song.If you like some southern rock, country pop, or just some general chaos, then make sure to click on this video!


Anthony McBazooka – Discord (covering Eurobeat Brony) | Acoustic

Here’s something completely different (which I never thought I would say about Discord of all songs). Performed entirely on acoustic guitar with vocals, eurobeat enthusiast Anthony McBazooka demonstrates an array of talents from singing the wide range of the track to providing bass thumps through the body of his guitar. The performance is entertaining to watch start to finish, and McBazooka seems to do something new with every phrase he covers.


[P@D] Homage – Free (Acoustic Version) [feat. SDreamExplorerS, Luck Rock, DoTheDaringDew, StealingShad3z, DaWillstanator & ChordCatcher] | Acoustic

Holy moly collaberoni! This song originally came from another Ponies At Dawn album, Guardians, as an electro-pop piece inspired by the likes of Glaze and the whole kinda Rainbow Factory universe he created. Now, with the help of some friends, it’s been completely transformed into a softer acoustic piece with a ton of vocal harmonies, some sax (always need more sax!) and even an funky little organ solo in the middle. This has to be one of my favourites from Rebirth, great job by everyone involved!


[P@D] Przewalski’s Ponies – I Will Believe In You (feat. Kirya) | Acoustic

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 8 March 2018.

Time for another track from Ponies At Dawn – Rebirth! This is a collaboration between Przewalski’s Ponies and Kirya, with some gorgeous Russian vocals the focus of the track, and supported excellently by some terrific guitar and a super cool video of them performing the song.


[P@D] Spectra – Falter (covering Crystal Slave) | Soft Rock

Spectra is back and as good as ever with his beautifully touching contribution to the newest Ponies at Dawn compilation album, Rebirth. A pleasant, acoustic tone with a somber electric guitar lead set the emotion of Falter. Spectra’s singing compliments the song perfectly with passionate desperation, yearning not to be left alone. The reminiscence and emotion in his voice combined with the gorgeous acoustic elements mix intensely to create an incredible, solastalgic track – perfect for a rainy day!