Ardeleiz – Moonchild (feat. Koron Korak and Arabesque Sympony) | Progressive Rock/Acoustic

Ardeleiz is back with a brand new tune, a ponified cover of Moonchild by legendary prog rock band King Crimson! A good chunk of the lyrics have been rewritten to revolve around Luna, and it makes for a good fit. Alongside Ardeleiz is Koron Korak on violin and Arabesque Sympony on vocals, and it definitely wouldn’t be complete without these two backing up this relaxing and emotional piece about the princess of the night!


m2the3rd – Friends | Pop

Sometimes we fall and hit the ground, but M2the3rd will be there to show you that it isn’t that bad. M2the3rd has written a song about friendship and more specifically how friends are always there to lift you up, using the allegory of Twilight and the mane six. It would really be a shame to let it slip under the radar, as its cute melodies and emotional and mellow lyrics are a delight to the ear and very heart-warming. The guitar adds a soft and acoustic homelike feel, and the piano chords will harmonize the elements of your heart.


Ardeleiz – Solelh-còlc | Acoustic

A new treat from Ardeleiz has come out, and it is a delicate Tia inspiered acoustic guitar solo. The title in Occitan translates to “sunset”, and indeed it makes you feel as if you were sitting by the sea, basking in the last amber to scarlet rays of Celestia’s light, waiting for her to gently lower the sun, as gently as the mellow melodies coming from the music itself. The composition is centered around a catchy main theme with variations all the way through. Go check it out if you want to soothe your soul, and admire the blissful art from WolfieDrawie.


Ponyville Ciderfest – 2019 Official Convention Album | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Ponyville Ciderfest, the MLP:FiM convention coming up this week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has just released a new compilation album featuring many of the musicians that will perform at the big concert! This year, the convention is holiday-themed and several of the songs on this album are new or remastered holiday tracks! The range of music is extremely diverse and flows very nicely from start to finish. Here are just a few of the many highlights on the album.

The first track is an unreleased song from Vocal Score and really sets the stage for the whole CD. Extremely festive and flowing beautifully into The Heart Carol from the original Hearth’s Warming Episode.

Prince Whateverer makes a few appearances on the Holiday Album, most notably with his new metal cover of the classic, Nightmare Night. John Kenza and loophoof, who will be performing a back-2-back together, feature remixes of each other’s songs. Galen of the Wonderbolts band and Brilliant Venture release brand new holiday hits. MC Arch also has a brand new and powerful track entitled Oathkeeper.

Other well-recognized names include 4everfreebrony, Black Gryph0n and Baasik, JoinedTheHerd with CadetRedShirt, Seventh Element, Nevermourn & TCB, MelodyBrony, Francis Vace, and more!

All proceeds go to Generations Against Bullying – the Ciderfest charity which aims to reduce childhood bullying through research and education, so be sure to help out if you can!


VocalScorePony – The Magic of Friendship Grows (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Acoustic

Now that thee series finale has come and passed. We finally get to see some wonderful takes on our very last song. VocalScorePony has poured their soul into their cover of this song and the emotion is spot on and the way the choruses come forth and recede is fantastic. The climax of the song with its chorale of voices hits home so well and if it hasn’t been made clear already. The ‘end’ isn’t the end of the story; Its the beginning of the new chapter!


4everfreebrony – Loyalty (Covering AcoustiMandoPony) | Rock

4everfree brings a fandom classic back to the forefront in his new cover album, Copycat. Acoustic Brony & MandoPony’s “Loyalty” has left its mark on the community for years and has had no shortage of covers and remixes. What makes 4everfree’s take so special is how faithful it is to the original, paying its due homages with a very raw, rock style. However, he manages to give the record a whole new breath of life with his own styles and nuances. This is especially evident in the way 4everfree plays out the iconic midsection solo; it’s so familiar yet completely new.