CainbowRrash – Relaxing Sunny Day | Soundtrack

CainbowRrash always creates such unique tracks full of sweet ideas, and this new release blends in both acoustic and electric guitars, trumpet, and even piano for a wonderful result that is as soothing as it is delivering a very enjoyable OST vibe. This sounds straight from the OST of a J-RPG, and that is big for me to say considering how much I’m a fan! The progression of the track and the addition of all those instruments and melodies are truly making for a delightful treat, and it is perfect for a Relaxing Sunny Day.


4everfreebrony – Three’s A Team | Acoustic Pop

NB: Originally posted on EQD

4everfreebrony released this track originally some time ago, but he’s put together a new 2017 version for his upcoming album, Silhouette Games. The new version is definitely an awesome example of how he’s improved over time, with some awesome vocals complimenting piano and guitar. The chorus is especially catchy, and this is certainly a song worth checking out!


Celestial Throne ft. Elias Frost – A Tale Of The Frustrated Housemare | Folk Metal

It looks like Cadence has a drinking problem XD! Well at least that’s the theme to this song. Celestial Throne gives us a humorous metal song about a frustrated house mare. I guess the life of a Princess, mother, and wife can be rather stressful! Featuring some familiar names in the brony metal scene with vocals by Elias Frost and mixing by Ponysphere.  With a chugging guitar rhythm and some catchy lyrics that follow the beat, it has a bit of a pub vibe to it similar to Alestorm for those familiar with them. Not bad for his first venture into lyric writing, and I hope to see more from him in the future!


Daniel Ingram – You’ll Play Your Part (Elias Frost Swedish Cover) | Folk Metal

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 13 March 2017.

You’ll Play Your Part is one of my favourite songs from the show, and Elias Frost has done it up in a pretty awesome way! With Swedish vocals, and a terrific build throughout the piece, this is certainly an awesome rendition. Starting out pretty soft and folk-sounding, it steadily gets more metal through the piece, as Elias’ voice helps to build the tension too. The breakdown at 2:35 when it all comes together is especially gratifying.


[SoK] Indie Notes – Tales of a Bad Seed | Acoustic

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 12 March 2017.

Indie Notes returns with another track from his recent mini album Under Equestria’s Skies. Also available of Bronies For Good’s recent charity album, this piece is pretty stripped back instrumentally, with the main element being acoustic guitar. The vocals drive the majority of the piece, with some great lyrics sung in a really nice soft voice. Give it a listen below if you want some nice easy listening!


SlightlyAmiss – Beyond Time and Space | Acoustic

It’s never too late to make a heartfelt tribute to a character you love, and we are delighted to get a wonderful Acoustic piece from SlightlyAmiss dedicated to Derpy and her fan-cherished relationship with Doctor Whooves. Beautiful and genuine acoustic guitars and even piano lull the sweet couple to a tender cuddling moment as the lovely vocals sing to a strong and lasting bond, Beyond Time and Space. I just love to see this kind of fan songs the most!


Tina & Damien – Mon Éclat ~ My Cadence (Covering Matthew Mosier) | Acoustic Pop

We don’t often get a quality French Cover of a brony song that’s for sure, so this right here is an awesome surprise! Damien, who was once known as the very promising pony musician Selenys, is back and teamed up with Tina to bring us an amazing French Cover of My Cadence from Matthew Mosier and originally having Megaphoric and ismBoF providing the duet. This new duet not only shines with beautiful vocal work from both singers, but it also features brand new lyrics to fit with the love song in French, and not just a literal translation of the original lyrics! It’s definitely adding a much enjoyable creative aspect to the cover for me. Here’s hoping for more releases from them!