[P@D] ILLUMNATION – Good Night | Dark Folk

Folk music is something that I don’t often see from the fandom, but its always something to cherish when it surfaces. ‘Good Night’ evokes a haunting melancholic mood and tells a tale of the two sisters, from Luna’s perspective as she waits out her isolation on the moon. Its a very soothing piece with Velvet R. Wings‘ signature vocals and some stellar and crisp instrumentation and if you have the time, you should really lend them your ear.
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma!


BlueBrony – See the World (Open Up Your Eyes) | Chillhop

Be ready for what may be BlueBrony’s magnum opus. This deep track centered around a certain part of Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist’s story and character depth is showcasing a divine musical vision and talent that takes us through an incredible progression of musical atmospheres, soundscapes, melodies, and instruments that all create such a powerful emotion as it unfolds. An otherworldly experience for the soul, this masterpiece is another proof that music is magic. And the icing on the cake, it’s also reflecting a personal meaning from the musician! You can read about it as well as the lovely story behind this track in the description.


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Waiting For Twilight | Classic Pop

Waiting in Heaven for your beloved one sure sounds romantic isn’t it? Moon Flame’s new release is quite the masterpiece, and expresses such tender and heartfelt love for the purple princess. It calls back to the roots as it’s the first pony song that the musician wrote, and it goes the extra mile with a very emotional part featuring Dashie’s vocals from the beloved show song I’ll Fly! Definitely a very creative and powerful song, fan work toward Twilight, and token of feelings, that makes for much emotion as we relate to feeling powerful things for the ponies…


Reverbrony – Summer Kiss | Latin Jazz

Now here’s the perfect Sunset Shimmer theme to listen to while chilling in some latino bar. You sit there at the terrace, sipping on some sweet and refreshing cocktail… And then a sexy girl giving off massive cool vibes as well walks from the busy main street in your direction, with a short skirt and eyes burning with desire, and that girl is Sunset! Yep, this is the sort of scene that this song and visuals could evoke, with the blissful acoustic guitars soothing your mind, and the flirty sax bringing in that fragrant sensation from a Summer Kiss!


4EverfreeBrony – Chant of Immortality (Concert Version) | Soft Rock

Chant of Immortality is such a classic from 4EverfreeBrony and it sounds relevant or even obligatory that a live version should see the light of day! The talented musician and singer does us the honor with this “Concert Version” designed to be played by a full band on stage, interpreting the original and its deep meaning anew along the gorgeous vocals. Hearing this live would be just so grand and epic, for an already epic song!


ILLUMNATION – Fiddler’s Green (feat. Koron Korak) | Folk

Off the Paper Boats LP, Fiddler’s Green delights with Folk vibes from many instruments that fit so well to the scene depicted in the album art. Velvet R. Wings does wonders at the vocals once again, and a special guest of the band Koron Korak┬áplays some beautiful violin to complete the instrumental from the band. And you can literally see him play as a pony in the video, from the animated artwork drawn by Velvet herself!


Indie Notes – Lucid | Acoustic

Many in the community are making use of the power of passion and have their lives enhanced by ponies, and imagining that Luna herself is guarding our sleep is certainly one of the most common practices! Indie Notes pays tribute to the Princess of the Night and her work with this soft ballad thanking her for everything she’s doing. She definitely needs all the love she can get, and perhaps all of us can send her our feelings as well as we listen to this song and make one with the music!


AntaresPony – a pommel tune | Ambient

AntaresPony, a new pony musician who appeared recently, keeps it up with the wonderful Ambient releases like a real fan! Showcasing a distinct musical identity as well as unique aesthetics in the videos, AntaresPony tells beautiful pony-inspired tales through music, and this one is centered around our beloved Coco Pommel! It is quite emotional with many instruments coming into play and an atmosphere like no other. It even features vocal samples from Coco for added emotion, mixed in with much talent!
Also check out the other delightful tune they released along this one, the starlight i love.


AntaresPony – a luna tune | Ambient

This is a nice surprise from Antares, who appears to be new to the MLP scene. This is a a very relaxing and atmospheric piece about Luna. The song itself really makes you think almost as if in retrospect about all of the hardships our Princess has faced and all of the guilt she holds on to as the world goes by around her. At least; That is how I see it. The artist leaves much of the tune up for interpretation which is quite nice in fact. What do you take away from it?