Harmonic Six – Someday | Orchestral

Harmonic Six continues their string of crafting heartfelt orchestral tributes to beloved series characters with this beautiful tribute to Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo! The song’s title and first half are reminiscent of the episode “Sleepless in Ponyville” where Scootaloo begins the episode hoping that “someday” Rainbow Dash will notice her and take her under her wing, which is evoked wonderfully through a soft, building orchestral arrangement. The song takes a dramatic turn midway through that echoes Scootaloo’s fall into a river and rescue by Rainbow Dash, who saves her from being swept over a waterfall. The song then returns to a more gentle theme, which seems very appropriate for two daredevils whose love of speed and adventure is ultimately secondary to their love for each other. Overall, the song has a wonderful cinematic feeling that successfully emulates the qualities of the movie scores that inspired it. The result is a really well-made, emotionally satisfying track that should not be missed!


[ASOS] Painters & Poets – Everything Here | Acoustic

Today we’ve got ourselves another song from Chocolate, Painters and Poets bring us this great Acoustic track. The song starts with just the guitar for a bit until the lyrics start and later we get a beautiful lead guitar solo. The lyrics tell us that we have to try to make something great from what we have and that we have everything we’ve ever wanted right here and we just have to discover it. And on a more personal note some of the lines really made my eyes water up simply because of how beautiful this song is and how much nostalgia it brings to me, back in the day when my parents had a CD full with songs like this one when we drove into another country for our vacation and I hold those memories so dear.


Kareniya – Hush Now, Little Sister (covering Daniel Ingram) | Acoustic

Kareniya brings us his amazing cover of “Hush Now, Little Sister” a rather lesser remembered song from the episode ‘Somepony to Watch Over Me’ and no matter what you think about the original you will like his cover of it. Using only a guitar and his voice Kareniya gives this song the feeling of an old classic you listen to when you go on vacation cause you´re parents put it on a CD. The song is perfect too just chill out for an hour or two with it just in the background or as background music for working on anything. The song really conveys the feeling of security the original gave to Apple Bloom.


Round Trip – Pony Life The Musical (warning: very deep) :'( | Piano Ballad

Round Trip is up to their brand of stick pony nonsense again! You have to love their humorous takes on MLP! Pony Life is off and running, and ya knew it was only a matter of time before this was coming. The song pokes fun at Fluttershy’s obsession with the Equestrian celebrity Finn Tastic (Watch: Pony Life episodes “The Trail Less Trotten” and “Death of a Sales-pony” for context), and Round Trip amusingly touches on this subject and adds some clarity. Her obsession drives Flutters to run her friends into the ground getting trail badges and selling insane amounts of cookies. Round Trip just fills in the blanks with what her friends are thinking and their fun singing voice is perfect for having some fun with Fluttershy and throwing in some common sense for the mare “to boot”! Just watch and have a fun time! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

Bonus: Also Please check out MuseScript‘s Cover as well!



NyxTheShield – Flutterwonder (feat. Vannamelon) (Covering PinkiePieSwear) | Acoustic

Longtime fandom music fans likely need no introduction to the original “Flutterwonder” by PinkiePieSwear. There have been many remixes and covers of this fantastic track, and NyxTheShield made an acoustic cover of it themself years ago (with the help of some great vocals by Shiny Song), adding some simple but lovely lyrics in place of the masterful vocal splicing of the original. Definitely check out the previous versions if you haven’t before!
This new version is absolutely beautiful. It benefits from NyxTheShield’s improved production skills, and the acoustic music format is even more immersive than before. The song even features some great recorder (yes, recorder) work! The secret sauce here is that Vannamelon‘s voice suits Fluttershy’s character really well, and, paired with the accompanying art and animation, it transports the viewer to the time of young Fluttershy discovering the wonders of life on the ground. The overall effect is mesmerizing and uplifting. Please give it a listen!


DoTheDaringDew – We Were Here | Acoustic


“An embrace that time cannot erase.”

The whole song is centered around this very line, and the moment in this video with it. Music is such a conduit for putting such raw and powerful feelings or even memories into a flow or output with the right elements and ingredients. Dewie uses all the powerful and natural feeling of folk music, with the epic acoustic guitars being the focal element of the journey. The piano is a seasoning for the happy and bliss, the drum beats for emotional building up in song, and semi orchestral tones for making this song feel like it is telling a tale of legends, those being the legends of thousands of bronies at pony conventions. It brings out the true emotion of Dewie’s songwriting with some really refined production. Everything sounds very vibrant and emotional. Vocally, Dewie sings with his absolute best harmony and power, giving the performance of a lifetime in this track.

These words ring out with profound truth of bronies withstanding the test of time and public opinion. The song hits you right in the personal core of these bounds and memories being in a state of unbreakable legend. From my personal standpoint as I write this, the lyrics with the moments played in the video brings this sense of being overjoyed with a fandom that saved my well being. The feelings of being at a pony con and nothing else matters in the world, that the pure fun, laughter and warm and life changing fellowships that happen in those halls. Many, many bronies have found life saving happiness and renewed passion learning new skills and learning new things about themselves. The kinship you form at these cons are magical, standing in panels and in unity singing a song from the show, dancing with the person next to you, reacting to special moments that only happen at these pony cons. Watching a friend that worked so hard for years to get there do and living a dream, and you getting to be there share the moment with them! Standing arm and arm at the brony music concerts emotionally crying as a song that means so much to you and others is being played to you live, right in that moment. Or something as simple as playing a game or having lunch with someone that means a lot to you and you becoming closer. This song hits all of those buttons. I can honestly say that this song is so heartfelt to me and a lot of other bronies who found a place where they could find real friends in such a harsh world that is not fair. But for a special weekend at a pony con, the world is right. Not bad for such a niche fandom.

If you shed a few tears listening to this song, then you know. The song has an amazing sax solo with this super emotional melody about never forgetting what Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy have done for us. Never let the brony spirit go out. Remember that feeling and never forget that “We Were Here”. Please check out Dewie’s album Reflection, where you get this song and history of his journey as a musician. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[The Rest of Our Lives] Le Soldat Pony – Reunion [Artemis Epilogue] :: Coming Out | Progressive Pop

The 12th track on The Rest of Our Lives is Reunion, the first brand new track from Le Soldat Pony in 5 years. Reunion is a unique piece and also stands as the album’s longest track, clocking in at 12 minutes long. It opens up with a minute long intro with glitchy beepy synths before adding a reverberant beat with 80s-inspired synth lines. Soldat’s voice is ethereal and haunting yet perfectly fitting for this kind of music. Halfway in, the song completely changes course, leaving us with some faint ambient background noise before a raw recording of an acoustic guitar fades in. This, combined with him singing sounds truly beautiful and haunting. As much as I’d love to see him return fully, it’s unlikely that he ever will, so let us cherish this moment while we still have it. Either way, it’s definitely a big highlight from the album!


Ardeleiz – Chant of Selflessness (Guitar Duet & Vocal Cover) (Covering 4EverfreeBrony) | Acoustic

(Listen to the original Here )

There’s a charm to every style of vocals in music. This cover of 4everfreebrony’s Chant of Selflessness by Ardeleiz. Exhibits the art of medieval era style vocals, that really bring out the feeling of Rarity’s character. The song is pretty and charming with lovely acoustic guitar melodies with a flow that is just so pleasant to listen to. The cover itself speaks so well of Rarities character, A lovely woman with goddess beauty and grace. A willingness to give to those around her to simply make those around her happy. Ardeleiz well done. As always. This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Ardeleiz – I Will See Them Fall (Covering Francis Vace) | Acoustic

The ska song I Will See Them Fall by Francis Vace, released on Ponies At Dawn – Celestial Planes was a delight. Ardeleiz made an acoustic cover of it, their voice solely accompanied by the sound of an acoustic guitar, which they manage to make a great diversity of sounds come out from. The energy of the original is still here, conveyed through the stunningly high quality vocals, but more controlled, serener. A pleasing common trait both the songs share are the Hispanic vibes emanating from them.


[P@D] 4everfreebrony – Fly My Kite | Soft Rock

Glimmer song! The 24th track from Ponies At Dawn: Ignite is Fly My Kite, one of four appearances from 4everfreebrony on the album! The song showcases a mellow nature of what it’s like to just sit back and fly a kite through Starlight’s perspective, thinking of her friends and coming to terms with her flaws, past and present. The music is calm and oddly cheery, including xylophone sounds and even a mandolin solo. Glimmer song!