Burning Halo – Goodbye | Acoustic

Among the recent tributes to MLP in light of the show ending, Burning Halo wrote a lovely song to say express his own feelings on the matter, and those bright vocals definitely do wonders to bring in the emotion along the comfy and heart-warming guitar performance!


4everfreebrony – Loyalty (Covering AcoustiMandoPony) | Rock

4everfree brings a fandom classic back to the forefront in his new cover album, Copycat. Acoustic Brony & MandoPony’s “Loyalty” has left its mark on the community for years and has had no shortage of covers and remixes. What makes 4everfree’s take so special is how faithful it is to the original, paying its due homages with a very raw, rock style. However, he manages to give the record a whole new breath of life with his own styles and nuances. This is especially evident in the way 4everfree plays out the iconic midsection solo; it’s so familiar yet completely new.


Voodoo Pup & Destiny Howard – I Think You’d Be Proud | Country

Voodoo Pup is a recent face in the fandom’s music scene, as this is his first original tune based on the show. To help out, he’s enlisted the talents of singer Destiny Howard, who sings beautifully here. The song is a calm country number based on The Perfect Pear from the perspective of Applejack, singing about her parents, and how – if they were still around – she hopes they’d be proud of her for how far she and the rest of her family have come. I can tell you for a fact that we are!


Acouste Wholenote – When The Party’s Over | Acoustic Rock

If there’s one good thing I can say about post-con-depression, it’s that it can be a good outlet, as our old pal Acouste Wholenote has demonstrated. Though he never got the chance to go to BronyCon, he still felt the need to give it a proper sendoff with this stripped-down acoustic number. With only his powerful voice and an acoustic guitar, he strums his way through flawlessly and sings with passion, closing off with an electric solo and a fade-out. As sad as it is to see BronyCon go, let’s never forget the good times we’ve all had together.


[ASOS] Heartsong – Mountainsong | Ambient / Orchestral

Heartsong has released a new track, and its just what the doctor ordered! Need to get started on a project and want the inspiration to manifest? You’ll have no problem feeling inspired by this epic ambient showpiece! Its finely interwoven with the spirit and sounds of a blossoming nature. You won’t regret listening to this excellently composed work, let the beautiful melodies paint a photo in your head. So? What are you waiting for? Give it a listen!
This song is a part of a compilation album, make sure to check out the rest the of stunning music that is A State of Sugar!


MC-Arch & SoftieShy (Fluttershy) – Lullaby. | Pop Ballad

(You can Listen to Mc-Arch’s Album Here, and also read my article that talks about the Album Here.)
It’s an honor to do these promotions for fellow colleagues of Horse Music Herald. MC-Arch’s music is not simply Hip-Hop. The man has a set of pipe and very much invokes the pure emotion of love in this wonderful ballad. He’s no alone as SoftieShy joins in this duet. The love for someone you care about,  How it can you through the lowest points of life and gives you SOMETHING to hang onto. It’s wonderful. I don’t think a lot of bronies think that deeply into it at first until you know it’s there, This show gave people something to build on. Friendship is Magic is a building block to work with. With that building block can make a lot of wonderful things happen. Like finding love. This song so much points out what love can build into. Arch and SoftieShy words are so beautiful on touching into that. Folks honesty keep an eye on MC-Arch, I and my other colleagues love him for a reason. This Qilin knows this to be true without any doubt.


Heartsong – Celestia’s Ballad ~ Music Box Lullaby | Music Box

New lovely release from musician of heartfelt compositions Heartsong, and it’s a continuation of the previous music box cover of I’ll Fly! This time it’s the very moving Celestia’s Ballad, and the music box arrangement is just perfect for it, giving such renewed emotion, and nostalgic OST vibes in some way too! But the fact that I use to appreciate the musician’s Soundtrack pieces a lot may help with that, hehe!


Koron Korak – Theme Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Rock

Short yet perfect, this is a magnificent cover of the one and only Theme Song from MLP by Koron, and it was previously hyped with videos of the performances of each individual instrument! Read more about this cover and what it means to the musician from the description, and look forward to future releases from Koron because he sure has been busy with music stuff!