Eurobeat Brony – Discord (StarBomberX remix) | Reggae / EDM

StarBomberX, a brand new musician to the fandom, is starting out by remixing the classics. Their remix of Discord by Eurobeat Brony fuses Reggae and EDM genres, and the result is stunning! The synths are dark and piercing, creating a very sinister vibe matching Discord’s character perfectly, and the shrill pads which come in later are haunting! The vocals uses are the same as from the Living Tombstone remix, but pitched down, also contributing to the dark and moody atmosphere. Can’t wait to hear what you make next!


[P@D] General Mumble – High Horse | Reggae/Rock

As Monty Python once said, “now for something completely different!” This song perfectly speaks about Tree Hugger’s vibes of peace and inner chakras, and it’s not something you often hear in the brony music scene. Mumble, the ever-surprising musician he still is, manages to bring something fresh to P@D: Zenith. The merging of reggae with 80’s style rock is far out and rad. Mumble’s vocals bleed style and flare, drawing your mood into this relaxation bliss. General Mumble shows why he lasted so long in this music scene by reinventing himself with music such as this! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] General Mumble – Bliss Out (feat. Koa) | Reggae

General Mumble and Koa‘s collab from Ponies at Dawn Ignite is such a welcome tribute to Tree Hugger, and my third favorite from the album! The unusual musical genre that is so fitting for the theme, the amazing vocals, the chill atmosphere, and the emotion from the bass, all make this a timeless masterpiece to savor without moderation! We love you Tree Hugger! Thank you General Mumble and Koa for this treat!


Spikey Wikey – Ragga Muffin | Drum & Bass / Reggae

What happens when you blend DnB with Reggae influences, and then add Derpy to the mix? Unpredictable musical wonders! With only the finest musical tastes, Spikey Wikey delivers in style with this piece from the recently released Party’s Over that’s infused with our community pony mascot… And we are happy to hear her, even if she seems to be causing trouble again! I just don’t know what went wrong!


The Wonderbolts – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Reggae Rock

Among the great news of the Wonderbolts performing at BronyCon (the gig should be happening around now), they also had another surprise for us, and it is a mighty sweet and tasteful Reggae Rock cover of the emotional You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song! Galen’s gorgeous vocals are leading a blissful instrumental where many influences collide for a result full of passion and dedication from the multi-talented pony rock band. Wonderbolts groupies unite!


Francis Vace – Hope Shines Eternal (covering Daniel Ingram) | Reggae

Part of his recent Everfree EP, Francis Vace has covered the ending credits song from Legend of Everfree in a reggae style, something we only see on occasion. The style really fits the song though, and has a nice blend of reggae with Francis’ signature ska style too.


Francis Vace – Everfree EP | Rock

Not for the first time, Francis Vace has made a nice little EP of cover songs, in a variety of his favourite styles. Last year he performed his favourites from the 3rd Equestria Girls movie, and now he’s taken on the 4th – Legend of Everfree. 4 songs from the film ranging in genre from punk to reggae, and of course with a bit of his signature ska sound twisted in here and there. If you’re a fan of his original work, you’re sure to enjoy his take on these songs too. And best of all, you can download it entirely for free from his bandcamp page!


Midnight Musician – Let The Nightmare Begin (Drixale Remix) | Reggae Hybrid

Drixale’s much anticipated new release is out, and it is a much welcomed Reggae remix of Midnight Musician’s Night track, with an interesting spin! Rejoice in musical bliss while the positive and gentle vibes surround you along the enthralling rythms and beautiful guitar solos, then witness the power of a certain Night mare taking over for some extra musical inventiveness… Let The Nightmare Begin!


Coconeru & Steven, A.D. – Tavi and Scratch (A Tropical Octav3) (Drixale Remix) | Reggaetón

A completely unexpected and very refreshing new take on A Tropical Octav3, here is Drixale’s Reggaetón remix, bringing tropical vibes and all the fun stuff we’re not used to hear. Don’t mind the cover art, though – I’m sure she’ll be fine!