Segments Of Life – I destroyed, I created | Trancecore

Part of a brand new EP titled My Little Story, this new Trancecore banger from Segments Of Life delights with a heavy progressive instrumental pertaining so well to the darknesss and the depth conveyed by the title and the cover art. Gritty, fast guitar riffs are completing Trance elements, and with many surprises along the way, the track impresses as a unique gem of great and powerful magic.


Henni – Pure Heart | Hard Dance

Henni’s music gives off such mellow and loving vibes, and it is no wonder since it reflects the musician’s feelings about creating music to “make everyone happy”! With such a wonderful and lovely intent behind the song, the emotions felt while listening to the music can be increased significantly. Pure Heart definitely has a very fitting name, and the musical mood, flow, synths and melodies of the track certainly are a bliss. Henni is such a lovely pony musician, be sure to sub and show your support everypony!


Daniel Ingram – Best Friends Until the End of Time (うすうすベア STARMiX) | UK Hardcore

It’s so wonderful witnessing and appreciating all these remixes appearing after a new song happened in a recent episode! Following MCMIAG, Segments Of Life, and JoinedTheHerd, here comes our beloved Ice Bear’s take on the emotional and happy “feel good” song from the S7 premiere! With an enjoyable UK Hardcore spin, it is sure to bring a brand new musical experience to partake in, following what we felt during the premiere!


Segments Of Life – Journey | Trancecore

My favorite track from Segments Of Life’s latest album Everything In Slow Motion, Journey not only manages to display the unique musical style and amazing genre fusioning that the musician is know for, but for me it also creates powerful emotions and especially during the part starting at 2:02. There’s just something in those melodies and sounds that is… something else. I highly recommend the rest of the album as well, literally every track is a gem! Always an amazing moment when Segments Of Life releases a new album.


Eurobeat Brony – Discord | Eurobeat

One of the freshest horse tunes I’ve heard in a while, talented producer Eurobeat Brony brings us what is sure to end up being a rousing success for him. An awesome combination of catchy melodies, excellent vocals and super cool eurobeat sound design, this piece promises to entertain fans for years to come. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get some highly innovative and clever remixes for it?


Dynamite Grizzly – Greater Dawn | Hard-Tech

Starting off with a rather holy sounding melodic vocal hook and jungle-style drum roll you’d expect this track to be a delicious foray into Drum & Bass. However, the track quickly opens up into a much more decadent mix of hardcore meets hard-tech. The further addition of Arabic inspired instruments and Heavy Rock guitars makes this track a very unique listening experience. The seemingly incompatible sounds work very well together making the track just as pleasant to listen to as it is uncommon.


[P@D] EM120X & SDreamExplorerS – Cancel The Spell | Trancecore

Another YouTube release from Amity, let’s welcome EM120X and SDreamExplorerS’ track that certainly stands as a masterpiece of fusion of genres and originality. With such an epic and intriguing title, it blends Electronic and Rock talents from both musicians to create a stunning progressive experience of sounds and melodies that feels like an epic tale, or a spiritual journey. May you be discovering or re-discovering this track, I hope it could have any sort of positive powerful effect to you. It sure has the potential, and it is fan works like these that I live for.


NeverLastStanding – Your Friend | Happy Hardcore / House

We can always count on NeverLastStanding to spread further the wonderful messages of the show and the amazing values of this community, and that’s why I recommend to always check his descriptions! But it’s not just through words. In the heartfelt music that NeverLastStanding is composing, the messages are stronger than words, and the emotions are conveyed through music. This original track is no exception, with Happy Hardcore melodies that seem to shout positive meanings wide and loud, pony vocal chops evoking our feelings for the ponies, and a strong but sweet beat that also just seems to call for emotions. As we get reminded of many “important things”, and as powerful emotions arise from the beauty of both the music and the meanings behind it, we share in joy, united by ponies, what makes us unique as a community. I love you all! And you heard the pony! We need your help!


Seeds of Kindness – A Change of Heart | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

hsg7qvwNB: The following a press release from Bronies For Good. The full release can also be read at this link.

Today is Hearts and Hooves Day / Valentines Day.  It is traditionally speaking, a day for lovers, but it has the potential to be more. On Saturday, Bronies for Good’s seventh charity album, A Change of Heart, was released. The project was the result of months of work from talented musicians artists and organizers, and the release party raised over a thousand dollars in just a few hours!

The release party was just the beginning. It’s an ongoing fundraising effort. When you donate, you can download A Change of Heart, and all of Bronies for Good’s previous albums! Donate here, and you’ll be able to download this album, (and all past albums as well). Continue reading