The multi-skilled and multi-alias musician DAϟH contributed to new compilation album
Instant Welcøme with a SHED.MOV-inspired track, and such thematic flavor is always so good to see! Or to hear, as vocal samples are tastefully included in this crazy and fast Breakcore treat, and it all sounds so refreshing!


Daniel Ingram – Under Our Spell (Rod St3v3n Remix) | Eurobeat

Here’s a fun little track from Rod St3v3n! A short but sweet eurobeat remix of Under Our Spell from Rainbow Rocks. Full of that charm and classic sound you would expect from a eurobeat track, soon you’ll be stomping your feet and wanting to dance, fully captured under the spell of this delightfully upbeat remix from Equestria Girls!


[ASOS] CRUVOD – Reignfall (Whirly Tail Remix) | Happy Hardcore

New upload from Whirly Tail, new occasion to rejoice and bliss out along the positive music! This remix of CRUVOD’s celestial Reignfall is creative and lovely, while of course being very uplifting, Happy Hardcore oblige! The track is one of the many sugary treats from A State of Sugar Ice Cream. Let’s party hard along the bright synths and cute melodies once again!


Dynamite Grizzly – APPLE(HARD)CHORD | Hardcore

Dynamite Grizzly is a no stranger to things fast and hard, and this track is surely a sight to behold. Starting off with some amazing heavy guitar riffs, the breaks that occasionally interject are a hint of what’s to come. I’m always a fan of acid riffs, and this track delivers in style. I would never have expected somebody to turn Apple Chord into a super fast, super exciting hardcore track, but here it is, and I’m glad that it exists!

Aside – Lunar New Year: Trash3D | Compilation Album | Experimental

The collective is back with a new compilation album, this time for celebrate the Chinese New Year. And the music is more experimental than ever! Full of music mostly using chinese/japanese scales – Featuring music from a lot of artists including Agents of Discord, Cynifree, FrostFyre, Kakofonous A. Dischord, Shuffle Horse, DEFORMED STUUFYSH, Crashie Tunez, Enuna, r_chase and flankƨy!
A mixture of aggressive, calm and experimental! You should grab the album and help the label!


Enuna – Nightmare Moon Has a Speech Impediment | Gabber

It’s always a nice surprise seeing niche genres, especially from fresh artists, like this show up on Cider Party! Fresh off’s Lunar New Year: Trash3D compilation, Enuna brings a schizophrenic mix of high-energy leads, hard-hitting distorted kicks, and an onslaught of chopped vocal samples, including several from the titular evil Night Queen!