∆•RYZ – Now Is The Time | Happy Hardcore

So many feelings rushing towards you at once. It’s nostalgia, memories of hanging out with old friends, and the sense that horse is ending but it’s only the beginning of your own journey, as you grew up with the show, forged friendships as you learnt how to be a better human being. Just like the Flutters in the cover art, you are carefree and winging it for whatever comes next down the road. Also this is a really great song to dance to. DeltaRYZ (stylised as ∆•RYZ) has come a long way as a musician, we congratulate them on achieving 500 subs and encourages everyone to go and support them and watch as they strive towards new heights!


Daniel Ingram – Being Big is All It Takes (Toby Macarony Remix) | Happy Hardcore / Electro Swing

Toby Macarony is probably my favourite pony musician so I might be slightly biased towards his works, but you have to give this one a listen! It’s energetic and just bursting with happiness, even if it starts off kind of chaotic. In my opinion, it perfectly captures the feeling of when you first turned into a teenager. The vocal chops mixed in during the halfway point of the song is a nice touch and amplifies the euphoric feeling of the track. In typical Toby fashion, there’s sharp, Eurobeat-style techno stabs throughout the song, with a really sweet jazzy saxophone melody to act as a bridge to close out the song.  This is a track that’s sure to brighten up your day!


Spikey Wikey – Party’s Over VIP | Gabber

We’re all mad here… A most tasteful re-imagining of Party Of One, this story-centered renewed take on the collab Party’s Over by Spikey has also got a short fanfic to go along with it (dark content warning!), and by reading it prior you really get to appreciate all the next-level story-telling in the track! This is part of a brand new album from the musician, also titled Party’s Over!


Likonan – The MLP 2019 Re-remixes EP | Album | Electronica

It’s always nice when an old name in the fandom comes back. For those of you who don’t know, Likonan is a music producer who got his start in 2011 when the brony fandom was still in its infancy. His music primarily focused on MLP between 2011 and 2013. After being in the shadows for so long, he’s finally come back with an album full of remastered electronic remixes of popular MLP fan tunes from artists such as WoodenToaster and NotACleverPony! Two of the biggest stand-out tracks are the revamped version of his interpretation of For The New Lunar Replublic and a brand new remix of A Kirin Tale to close out the album. The Kirin Tale remix in particular is a beautifully crafted and fast-paced Eurobeat remix, chosen as the last and freshest track to send off the album as well as the show. FTNLR 2019 is a newer interpretation of the NotACleverPony classic in a drum n’ bass style, giving a fresh take on the old number. Overall, this is a pretty solid collection of remixes and originals, and a great tribute to the show. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also made an emotional 6-part video series chronicling his time with the brony fandom with each song. Likonan is very much welcome back in the herd with should he choose to come back fully!


Daniel Ingram – The Spectacle (feat. Lena Hall) (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

Rod Steven continues to gun for the top of pony Eurobeat with some more impressive pony eurobeat remixes! This time, he tackles the often-remixed Spectacle with an excellent driving groove, some fantastic Eurobeat progressions, and awesome use of the vocals (especially during the “Gimme more…” sections). You may also know Rod for his Odyssey Eurobeat cosplays at conventions, but, following in the master’s footsteps, this guy’s got some serious musical chops and is going places in Eurobeat!


[PP] PhonicB∞m – Rope Swing to Ponyland | Big Beat / Gabber

PhonicB∞m returns to Pinkamena Party, after his amazing Dark Trap track collab with the harsh noise artist DUMB FABRIC, Diane, Phonic returns to the 7th Pinkamena Party and brings an interesting breakbeat experiment mixing the breaks that takes us to the 90’s raves mixed with the aggressivity of the Gabber genre, an interesting take on the concept given by the Pinkamena Party team – oldschool music genres – 90’s breakbeat music mixed with oldschool Gabber, it’s delicious and I love it!
Glad to see Phonic doing music again! Keep it up! 😀


[PP] Pernegyre – DreSSeS In Style | Hardcore / Rave

Coming from the latest Pinkamena Party album, Pernegyre samples one of the classic My Little Pony openings sections Rainbow Dash always dresses in style and builds a rave/gabber feeling track, a really danceable and headbanger track, really fitting into the theme of Pinkamena Party’s album: older generations of My Little Pony & oldschool genres of the hardcore/experimental music spectrum, Perne brought the two of this worlds, the best of the older gens and the 90’s rave hardcore genre, one of my favorite oldschool hardcore genres!
Pernegyre, keep up the amazing work brother! /)


Pinkamena Party – PONYDOME VII: INJECTED WITH PONY | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Ah, the 7th Pinkamena Party Crew project. This time coming in the brand of Ponydome VII: Injected with Pony. Ponydome comes with 50 individual tracks and includes the PPC’s BronyCon 2019 performances. Here are some quotes from my favorite moments of the aforementioned performances:

“Pinkie Pie! Pinkie Pieee!!! PINKIE PIE! PINKIEeeEE PiEE!!!” “Ponyponyponyponyponyponyponyponypony.” “The year was 20 A.D., B.C., simultaneously. For the first time and the last time and the first time only, pingpingpingpingpingpingping.”

The fourth live jam entitled Applejack! also contains a spontaneous freestyle section from community veteran MicTheMicrophone. The album is fitted with a consistent intro, all the way from the think breaks and the atmospheric chords of En Vogue pts I and II to the piano funk of Lickety’s Split. After that, bring yourself to an amen-populated Hooverville with Enuna’s tracks Hooves for the Hoofed and Filly Meal Friends. For only the hardest floors, break necks with the eery Promenade and the ever-inventive diatonic gabber kicks of Pink Elephants at the Rave. Back to back acid tracks Oh Shit! It’s Paw Patrol and cmap.exe provide some very unique atmospheres to the album. For more unique emotions, follow the [non-]fiction of One Night in Cherry Jubilee. There are so many inventive bangers on this compilation that I wish I could cover them all in only this small paragraph. Instead, I strongly recommend listening on your own. If you like EBM, Hardcore, and supporting charity then you won’t be disappointed.