Glimm – Illuminate My Night | Happy Hardcore

Different song, different princess, different genre! Glimm, a newcomer to the brony music scene. Slides right into the groove with the 2nd track of their Princess EP album. We had Cadenza with Hyper Pop for Princess Cadence. This track, however takes the interesting choice of Happy Hardcore to the theme of Princess Luna as odd as this sounds for her character. We are treated to this bouncy and hyperactive message of poor Luna being trapped on the moon. I have to admit it is quite catchy; Glimm trying to sing for the first time has this playful and hopeful tone to the lyrics as the harmonies have this space-like echo to them, full of spunk and high octane energy! It’s an entertaining track. Please encourage Glimm to keep working hard and encourage them with love. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Daniel Ingram – Awesome As I Wanna Be (Budzy Remix) | Happy Hardcore

Time for an Equestria Girls remix! This track starts out with a thick electronic drum segment, setting a fun and energetic tone for the song. The track quickly ramps up after the drum intro, with more bopping music and the mixing in of the original vocals from Dash herself! The whole song in general is just packed full of energy, and kind of reminds me of early fandom music, which is definitely a good thing!


SeriousDamir – Never Stop Loving You | Eurobeat

No matter where you fall on the legitimacy of the AppleDash ship, you can be thankful that it inspired this absolute banger from SeriousDamir (check the YouTube description/pinned comment for more info on the artist’s inspiration)! The song truly feels like Rainbow Dash Eurobeat as the electric guitar, synths, and bass elements lend an intensity to the song that fantastically compliments its blissfully upbeat delivery. SeriousDamir’s voice is perfect for the song, and their lyrics depict such a wonderful message of love and acceptance. The message that everyone deserves love and that love can find its way through differences (and sometimes because of them) is fantastic. Also, SeriousDamir made the artwork in the video, which is a great touch!


Tw3Lw3 – Simp EP | Multi-Genre

If for some odd reason this is your first time listening to Tw3Lv3 then there are a couple of things that you should know: She is known for her high quality production of music that she seems to do at record speeds, and she is also known for her remixing ability allows her to change canon or fan made songs by adding her creative magic that makes the track even more epic or take it in a direction that makes it her own. Oh, and she is so versatile that she is able to do just about any genre. TCB is one of her close friends and another creative genius producer. And so, my friend,  with this album you get “a journey into a world of pure imagination | take a look around and you’ll see into your imagination,” as Willy Wonka once said. Six of TCB’s best songs remixed and reimagined as only Tw3Lv3 can. If you still have not hear Tw3Lv3’s magic, you are going to find out why she is one of the hottest musicians in the fandom. Now, enough talk. Let’s have a look!

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Daniel Ingram – Best Friends Until the End of Time (Whirly Tail & loophoof Remix) | Happy Hardcore

So, everypony, today we’ve got another awesome show remix. This time Whirly Tail and loophoof try their hands at “Best Friends Until The End Of Time”. This track starts out with a fun hardcore beat and the first vocal chops, and after a bit more things get added until the lyrics start and the beat changes completely and slowly ramps up. As we start with the original chorus of the song the beat continuously ramps up until we get to the drop. And oh, sweet Celestia, the drop is amazing; it’s just a fun Explosion of all sorts of melody and synth amazingness! After that the beat ramps up even more until we get to a second drop, and this one is even more Happy Hardcore than the last one with a heavy drum loop that is sure to make you jump, and it actually continues until the original chorus ends. After that the beat calms down a lot but then immediately ramps up again and we get a third (and again different) drop, this time more tropical sounding. Later on we slow down to pretty much synth supported clapping and muffled lyrics and after the beat ramps up again we get the second, drum loop heavy drop once again. We end this whole thing by returning to the more tropical beat and a few more vocal chops.

Thanks to my friend thecanderson for proofreading!


Daniel Ingram – Raise This Barn (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

Today we’ve got ourselves another remix of a show song. Rod Stevens brings us this amazing Eurobeat Remix of “Raise this Barn”. The track starts out with an instrumental part and a “Yahoo” from Applejack, and then, intro-ed by another “Yahoo”, the lyrics start and pretty much play out as the beat slowly builds up while every now and again an instrumental portion shines for itself. Then as Apple Bloom’s part starts the beat ramps up to 120% awesomeness. Later for the end of the lyrics the beat calms down a bit, and for the grand finale we end on another awesome instrumental portion and a “Yeah” from Apple Bloom.

Big thanks to my friend thecanderson, for proofreading this!


Nyancat380 – Indifferent | Deathstep

A heavy and dirty track about the insane multi-personality Pinkie Pie inspired by “Cupcakes”; this track sure punches you in the face! You know, I’ve come to know Nyancat380 with talks about music with him, about how there is much “method to his madness” and how he seems to do things with his musical arrangement by blending hardcore elements into anything he does. This song is a pretty good example of that! We get one side of Pinkie: her angry, crazy and violent side, and then you get deep and dark drops with heavy dubstep bass that just shows off Pinkamena’s vile and aggressive side. With a giggle from Pinkie, the song then speeds up and these really odd and weird almost D&B elements come into play. Quickly after, everything only gets more crazy as if to tell you that this is the twisted maniac Pinkie talking; she just wants to have fun with her toys with you. Nyancat380 is a mad maestro of hardcore electronic music and this track just tells you that right to you face. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


DAϟH x fanta§y – O҉ | Experimental Hardcore / Speedcore

DAϟH fusing with their other alias fanta§y, you know this is going to be good! And then you look at the track length and think, praised be the Princess of the Sun, for Her holy inspiration descended upon DAϟH to tell them the unspoken secrets that kept the creativity flowing for that long! Maybe Pinkie visited too, with that sweet Speedcore pace… Either way, go taste this experimental beauty and show your support to DAϟH!!


SweetF1RE – Princess of Love | Happy Hardcore

Today we’ve got ourselves a lovely Happy Hardcore track by SweetF1RE, featuring our favourite Princess of Love. The track begins with just a simple crash and then immediately starts with the beat. The beat in the beginning is very video game sounding and makes for a nice intro but quickly changes to something more pop sounding with the earlier beat coming in again later for a lovely combination. After that the beat changes and becomes a bit simpler to make way for the lovely Cadence vocal chops. As a little transition SweetF1RE uses an effect that frankly I’ve never heard before, and after that the beat returns once more to the pop-y beat but still keeps the vocal chops. Later the video game melody returns once more, but then we get a whole other beat making for an amazing progression.
Thanks to my good friend thecanderson for proofreading this.