Dynamite Grizzly – Trickery (Hyper Mystic Mix) | Hardcore Techno

After the original and the Faith Mix, now comes a Trixie-themed high-speed mix of Trickery! Pushing the original melodies in a brand new direction, the great and powerful mix chants Trixie’s almighty-ness along samples from the show, and delivers Dynamite Grizzly’s Hardcore Techno magic with stunning style and uplifting speed!


Brohoof Studios – Flying Under the Influence | Gabber / Uptempo Hardcore

A really kickass and extreme 220 bpm track done by our friend Brohoof Studios! With a lot of good sampling work, the kicks are really well formatted with that big amount of distortion that we want in a gabber track! Also that hats and cymbals, I love it! The true feeling of flying under influence (some drug lol) That synth is also pretty trippy and with the “breakcore” parts, this songs put the listen in a stage of euphoria! Listen to this if you want to party! Good job on this one Hoofy!


Daniel Ingram – The Magic Inside (MRPPony Remix) | Happy Hardcore

MRPPony is back with a new tribute to a show song, and it’s the memorable and impactful The Magic Inside from Coloratura and S05E24 The Mane Attraction! Matching the joyous outcome of the episode, this Happy Hardcore take on the song brings lots of happy vibes and an uplifting spirit, all while presenting Rara’s beautiful vocals in a brand new format.


Daniel Ingram – I’ve Got To Find A Way (Twitch & Faulty Remix) | Hands Up

The very last Twitch song ever, and it’s a pony song! This one has an interesting history, related in the video’s description. And it’s got those archetypal, lovely Twitch techno sounds, as well as the Faulty feel. I’ve Got to Find a Way has long been one of my favorite songs from the show, and this remix of it is truly inspired.


Riovelk – Daybreak | Eurobeat

A new Eurobeat pony musician surfaces! And Riovelk even plans to make Touhou music in addition to pony music, too! In the meantime, savor this Daybreaker-themed track full of rapid Eurobeat craziness, and it also features Riovelk’s vocals that are definitely very lovely and promising! I recommend checking out his two other pony songs Nightmare Fantasy and Not Giving Up that are very good too!


Brohoof Studios & ∆•RYZ – Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday | Happy Hardcore

Lovely vibes, lovely flow, I love it! Brohoof Studios and Aryz’s collab together proved to be a very cool and hypefull one! The Vocal Chops and happy vibes do the genre of Happy Hardcore proud 🙂 I honestly wish that they would do more Collabs like this. Because I can gaurantee you that I’ll happily do the write-up again. Thank you very much for this Awesome track! Keep up the good work! Everybody, show some love. ❤


Pinkamena Party – A STICKY SITUATION AT FLANKSGIVING DINNER| Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Editor’s note: Listener discretion is advised, but not obligatory if you’re hardcore enough.

Hey kids, do you like hardcore music?! Do you like earraping fun?! Do you like celebrating Thanksgiving in a different way?! (And a week late too, oops!) Do you like to support awesome charities?! If so you are in the right place!

Let’s celebrate Flanksgiving, where you instead of thanks everything and everyone, you do naughty things! That’s right! At Flanksgiving we do the craziest things in the world! So yeah, listen to this album for celebrate! The Pinkamena Party Crew gave to birth another crazy compilation full of awesome and hard songs mostly about celebrating the Flanksgiving or stupid situations at Flanksgiving! And you better buy it, because the money will go to support an association that helps children with cancer. Download or buy at the Pinkamena Party bandcamp page.


[ASOS] BassPon3 – Celestial Rebirth | Eurodance


BassPon3 will get you moving with this fun and uplifting dance track! Fresh off the new A State of Sugar compilation album Candy (available now at whatever price you name!), BassPon3 brings his unique blend of quick eurodance beats, catchy synth lines, and exhilarating builds to put together a piece that will have you on your feet jammin’ along! This is an amazing track, inspired and exceptional, befitting such a celebrated album!


A State of Sugar – Candy | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Sugar, Spice, and everything nice! That’s a close enough reference and it’s time for a new ASoS album! Since the release of Lollipop this summer, the compilation album side of this project has grown alongside the promo channel that they run – this album features 36 brand new songs, and a good 2 hours or so of music for you to enjoy. The album covers a lot of the more melodic side of electronic music, as the ASoS label tends to do. There’s plenty of future bass, trance and chill stuff, but also the fair share of dubstep and bass house, and everything inbetween!

Also dat artwork, amirite?

Candy is available to download from A State of Sugar’s bandcamp page, completely for free (but you can donate if you’re feeling generous).