Daniel Ingram – Welcome To The Show (Closer) (Whirly Tail Remix) | Happy Hardcore

Welcome to the show is simply one of the most beloved songs of The Equestria Girls side of MLP. It’s one of those songs that is in many of the fandom opinions. That came out in 2014-2015. The years some of Mr Ingrams best work released . It’s a song that really drives in the message of unity and friendship. Whirly Tail has taken it on himself to put his brand of hyper insanity into this remix. MY CELESTIA! Did he just inject something powerful into this song. It builds and drops over and over again. He took one of the most powerful moments of the movie, and revs up the bass and put his foot on the gas and JUST GOES!!!!. The main melody of the song is soo epic and high energy that you are jumping up and down cheering for mane 6 and sunset to KEEP GOING AND WIN!. The composition with mr ingrams melody just makes you feel so emotional with the song’s message but you want to mosh with your friends until you got nothing left. This track just hits with nitro and just goes so hard and is just so sweet. It’s really no shock that Whirly is talented with his work. He just made it on his very first appearance on the upcoming P@D: Ignite album, collabing with none other than John Kenza!. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


DAϟH – Gates to Tartarus | Gabber / Speedcore

Bringing guitars to his Speedcore game, DAϟH definitely rocked the hay out of Tartarus and I’m sure the friendly critters taking up residence there appreciated the gig and display of musical craziness that even they can’t fathom. Some ominous vibes as well in the slashing rhythm, and this was definitely a successful experiment!


PrinceWhateverer – Old Phantoms | Post-Hardcore

Coming off his streak of tracks from REIMAGINE, PrinceWhateverer bursts back onto the scene with a completely new track! Old Phantoms is a fantastic display of his particular style of rock, featuring soft verses next to powerful and soaring choruses while a piano adds to the emotions exhibited. Thematically, this is a sequel to his earlier track Better Tomorrow, depicting Twilight thousands of years into her reign as Equestria’s ruler. This far in, she can barely remember who she was or who went on the journey with her, but believes everything was still worth it in spite of that. With this new tune, it’s clear Prince hasn’t lost his touch!


Daniel Ingram – Legend You Were Meant To Be (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

Eurobeat still lives, and no, it is just not one well known musician that can do it. Rod Steven comes at us with a rush of dance magic. Taking the heavily uplifting sound of Mr. Ingram’s song, “Legend You Were Meant To Be” and supercharges the sound of fast and fun eurobeat remix. The song we all know from EQG about finding your true self and inspire to be better. Rod just injects the mood a bit more, throwing in rad and fast melodies to a already positive song. You will be dancing back into a great mood. It’s a really fun and great effort of Rod’s work. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. Also catch Rod making his main stage debut at Whinny City ponycon 2020!



DAϟH – Bet Against The Fire | Gabber/Speedcore

Released on Equestrian Terror Corps (a reference to Rotterdam Terror Corps), a hardcore pony music label, Bet Against The Fire is DAϟH’s latest tune. The title is a quote from Dawn Somewhere’s adaptation of the fanfiction The Star In Yellow by Blueshift. The music gives the same sense of unease the story does, and this is mainly due to the weird melody and the myriad of sounds used, as well as the sample from the aforementioned animation.


MelodyBrony – DreamCatcher | Melodic Hardcore

Another song from MelodyBrony’s debut album ORIGINS has arrived! This one is about Rainbow Dash dreaming about becoming a WonderBolt, cementing it as a sequel to his other song about the latter. Unlike the other songs on the album, this one showcases MB actually singing for once, and his voice sounds somber and fits the tone of the song well. The instrumental is very driving and powerful, and keeps the pedal to the metal, after each verse; it’s a perfect fit for a pony like Rainbow Dash. Gotta hand it to this guy for being as prolific as he is!


Mr. A.M. – Vinyl’s Wake (AWal Remix) | UK Hardcore

(Listen to Mr. A.M’s/Reil Tunez Original here)
This would be a pretty good example of a remix that’s night and day from the original Mr. A.M. who now goes by Reil Tunez song was a deep and prowling threat level of a banger. This however turns that up with fast but simple beats that adds an enjoyable pace making more of  a high energy boost . Both songs remind you of the different moods of Vinyl. One would be she is putting on a show in an upscale Canterlot club. The other is Vinyl’s house party style. With her loud boosting, and over the top fun with her vocal chops making sure its a good time for everypony. Enjoy these bangers for yourself. It’s a good effort from AWal with fun music. This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Pinkamena Party – PONY DO ME | Compilation Album | Hardcore

Get ready for another lovely long play release by the notorious Pinkamena Party Crew! Released in celebration of this year’s Hearts and Hooves Day, this avid electronic collage contains 16 hardcore, gabber, and breakcore pieces. Jump right into it with the classic acidic gabber emotion of Dynamite Grizzly’s Genuine Pony Music. For flavors incorporating slightly more complex music theory, check out Pudding Vision by Neu KatalYst and 10 minutes is a long time by Facade of ages. For the addictive syncopations of the amen break along with a couple suggestive remarks, check out Enuna’s semi-serious track named Of Mares and Manchildren. Of course, an album of these stylistic themes wouldn’t be complete without some classic acid techno! For that aspect, listen to acid for twilight sparkle by aimaiiponyshitsu. In this album, Supersaw Hoover also reads a bittersweet goodbye to the Ponydome series in an ominous tone. And finally, Duskfall brings a wonderfully fitting close to the album with his sample-mangling song I WANNA BE WITH U. Once again, the PPC presents an electronic album fit for even the lightest electronic listeners. For the bigger fans of hardcore and breakcore, be careful, you might hurt yourself headbanging! And as always, proceeds from this album go to CLIC Sargent to help children with cancer.


[Equinity] NeverLastStanding – Your Friend (Whirly Tail Remix) | Happy Hardcore

(Listen to the Neverlaststanding’s Original here)
You know my friend Whirly Tail is the kind of musician that seems to be full of surprises. Somehow he took a song like” Your Friend”. Then he found a way to remix it to be even happier for Equinity 01: Stellar. The original was full of light hearted feelings and energy of the fandom itself. Whirly then upped the tempo. Adds some deep pounding bass and what I like to call digital bongo’s. He slows the sound down in breaks then break backs into the energy of meaning “a true true friend indeed”. It’s a lovely remix that has all the feels of the original with his own brand of happiness and trust me HE’s a happy GUY!. I expect nothing less from a goof ball like Whirly Tail but guy with talent also. As always this Qilin asks you for judge for yourself.


DAϟH – Equestrian Terror | Gabber

Don’t let the rickety rhythms of the introductory ambience scare you, for this mad gabber piece takes on the literal meaning of Hardcore music. This piece also incorporates samples from multiple classic pony animations, such as the Rainbow Dash Presents series from Dawn Somewhere, and the .mov series from hotdiggedydemon. DAϟH makes this track a very good opener and title track for his and Payyn’s album Equestrian Terror: An Introduction. The album also includes songs from DAϟH such as Blood Moon in the Everfree, Dream Demon, and Deadline Darling.