Daniel Ingram – This Is Our Big Night (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

Rod Steven is an underrated gem in this fandom. While most people only know 1 name for eurobeat bangers, Rod has been cranking out fantastic show remixes for quite some time! This Equestria Girls remix injects a lot of energy and traditional genre synths into the original track, fusing with the movie vocals to an excellent result. If you aren’t subscribed to Rod yet, then you’re doing yourself a disservice!


BassPon3 – Life Goes On | Hands Up

Just the beginning plucks in this song should be enough for this dance tune to pull you into its dreamy nature. Soon afterward the reverie of an intro, there are offbeat basses and gated saws playing the song’s catchy main melody. And don’t miss out on the trancey interlude, characterized by a modulating synth backed by even more basses! It’s easy to find yourself hitting replay with this spatial dance piece, so don’t miss out!


[P@D] GrazySmash & MEQA – Hoof Shaker | Hard Dance

Track 40 of Ponies At Dawn: Eternal is an amazing collaborative banger between GrazySmash and MEQA, right between the album’s midway streak of other bouncy electro tunes. When these two heads are put together, we have an impressive combination of psychedelic and energetic styles, resulting in a long tune that you won’t get tired of listening to. Good luck trying not to dance to this!


Feryl DeMarco – Cyan Eyed | Breakcore

Who is this Feryl DeMarco and where did she come from?! Whatever the case, this is her debut track, and what an impression she’s left. Cyan Eyed is an erratic breakcore piece, filled to the brim with crazy drum patterns along with unpredictable synth sounds as well as the inclusion of what sounds like wind instruments. Since this is DeMarco’s first release, we can only imagine what’ll come next. Keep your eyes out!


[PP] Seventh Element – Darkness Falls | Breakcore

This track is about King Sombra’s madness but it’s hard to know who’s the more insane of Seventh Element or Sombra. Fast drums and a variety of strings, even incuding a harpsicord, make the music dense and intense, even though calmer, more laid back parts are mixed in to let you realize what just happend, only to go hard again. Nevertheless, creative sound design is the constant, and the general feel of the track is reminiscent of Radiarc‘s style at times, only more fast paced.
This track is available as part of this Pinkamena Party album.


[PP] Dynamite Grizzly & Enny – If, By Midnight, I Do Not Have a Fourth Pony Keg… | Gabber

Featured on Cider Party, this Gabber treat from the lovely duo of Dynamite Grizzly and Enny is definitely bringing the right vibes considering the theme of the album! Playing with vocal samples from an earlier gen on MLP (notice the mention of Scorpan), the hard-hitting track is featuring an awesome guitar work by Enny as well as Dynamite’s high-speed Gabber greatness for a killer combo! Available now on GABBA​-​CA​-​DABRA FOR PONIES!


Pinkamena Party – GABBA-CA​-DABRA FOR PONIES | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

It’s Nightmare Night, and the Pinkamena Party crew got a bag full of treats for you all to savor, in the form of a compilation album themed for the occasion and featuring Abra-ca-dabra on the cover art! The contributing musicians did awesome venturing in the roads less traveled once again, while having heaps of fun, and you can definitely hear it! Gabber, play on pony vocals, experimental endeavors, eerie atmospheres, ambient adventures… So many lovely initiatives are so wonderful to see, as we celebrate the shenanigans of this spooky night along with everypony on the album! And if you missed the live release party, you can watch the recording of it!

Aside – Music for the Headless Horse III | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

For Nightmare Night, we can always count on the #1 pony music label venturing in the obscure and dark musical roads less traveled, to bring us something tasty to bite! The organizers went all-out and so did the contributing musicians who deliver many treats and creative musical experiences to savor while trick and treating. Many familiar faces as well as regulars of the experimental music scene had fun joining and partaking in the madness for all kinds of spooks and silent walks in dark forests and abandoned amusement parks, empowering the experiences with the power of music! Get the album from Bandcamp here, check out the recording of the live release party here, follow’s Twitter to stay updated, and go follow all the contributing musicians too!


[Music for the Headless Horse III] Tw3Lv3 – Trick Or Treat | Happy Hardcore

Nightmare Night is just around the corner, and the folks have been busy preparing for it with a brand new compilation album, Music for the Headless Horse III, available now! Tw3Lv3’s contribution to it is as lovely as it gets, with cute Pinkie samples and a callback to Luna Eclipsed in Happy Hardcore style, pertaining to both the theme and the musical pioneering welcomed by the label. A sweet treat to give to those knocking at your door at Nightmare Night!