Brohoof Studios – Surrender | Psystyle

After his recent(ish) release from the latest Horse Music Central album, Brohoof Studios has made a song in another genre that I never knew existed until now. This Sombra themed track seems to combine elements from hardcore, trance, and hardstyle to make a neat drop that thumps hard with a rolling bass.


[P@D] fractilx – Requiem | Hard Trance

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 30 March 2018.

fractilx is back after a while since their last stuff, and it’s a welcome return with an energetic and smooth trance tune that has some great production throughout. A nice combination of pad and piano-based breaks with heavy hard trance synths makes for a nicely structured track.


Riovelk – Memories of You | Eurobeat

Riovelk is one of those artists I really want to see gain more traction. Memories of You tells the tale of when Celestia Banished her Sister to the moon with some stellar vocals and a very catchy mix throughout that exudes those glorious 80s vibes complete with complex melodies and power chords and it takes me back to “the good ol’ days” of Super Ponybeat and just love how they breathe new life into an aspiring genre such as this.


Various Artists – Horse Music Central Vol. 5 | Album | Electronic

It’s been quite a while since HMC’s last album, but the Discord community is back again with the 5th edition in their series of compilation albums. 18 tracks in varying electronic styles – drumstep to future bass to chillout – there’s music for every electronica taste from established names and up-and-coming artists alike!

You can download the album on Bandcamp for any given price – that includes for free!


Exiark – Otherworldly Journey | Album | Electronic

After two big years of development and collaboration, Exiark gifts us all with an incredible electronic album! Utilizing the talents of many exceptional fandom musicians like Chi-Chi, FritzyBeat, Freest, NekoWolf, Flittzy, Namii, Megaphoric, and Lia Quo, Otherworldly Journey is comprised of a whopping 19 tracks exploring Princess Luna’s journey throughout her exile on the moon.

The tracks range in genre and encompass a great variety of electronic music while still appealing to most everyone. No matter what type of music you prefer, there’s something special on this album for you!

Aside from the obvious vocal talent featured on Otherworldly Journey, Exiark’s use of expertly crafted synths and beat tracking is on full display, and will transport you to another world! There is an excellent sense of a lunar atmosphere in the instrumentation which ranges from symphonic to synth-heavy, and the subtle space vibes will make you feel as though you are dancing with the Princess of the night herself. There is no excuse not to check out this outstanding album!

Author’s note: While I don’t like to compare fandom music to time periods for several reasons, if you had told me that several of the tracks on this album were big hits from the early days of the fandom, I would absolutely believe you. Exiark really makes the music his own style, discernible from other early fandom musicians but there’s something about the quality and energy that takes me back in time with a giant smile on my face.


HACKD – The End is Neigh | “Dad Rock”

From the CH32RISTMAS Pinkamena Party album, HACKD delivers a headbanging and kickass Terror track. The End is Neigh is full of amazing sampling work, good work with the distorted kicks (that make the typical sound of Terror). A great piece of dad rock, that speeches are really funnie! The synth work is replaced with the amazing vocal chops! Good work on this HACKD! Just as I like from you, a memerable track with funny jokes as samples!


Riovelk – Running of the Leaves | Eurobeat

Riovelk is back with a new lovely Eurobeat pony tune, this time inspired by the eponymous race from S01E13 Fall Weather Friends! I still remember fondly the happy and heart-warming ending of that episode. Riovelk’s track reflects the high-speed and uplifting mood of the competition between the mares, with wonderful vocals , and Eurobeat being a very fitting genre! Reminds me of that certain scene in Initial D…