Ponytronic – Cloud Pinkie | Happy Hardcore / Hard Dance

It’s not often that Ponytronic makes a track about Pinkie, and as she’s my favorite pony, I’m delighted! It’s so cute how Ponytronic went to foray into more upbeat genres outside of his comfort zone like Happy Hardcore and Hard Dance, but the resulting track still has that distinct Ponytronic-like mellow vibe to it! In occurences like these, you can really feel a musician’s own unique sound. This track feels like a sugary dream, and it doesn’t fail to pay tribute to the pink pony with a lot of MLP spirit and very Equestrian melodies!


Ponies That Yawn – JUXTAPOSITION DEFENDERS | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The collective that started parodying P@D since the finals of 2016 – Ponies That Yawn – released another album that parodies the newest P@D album: Guardians and also parodies the newest Pinkamena Party album: INCOHESIVE HORSE ADESIVE. The result is JUXTAPOSITION DEFENDERS.

This album is full of very good tunes and includes the NightVapor remix of an ExplodingPonyToast song done by EPT himself! Grab the album, it’s worth to listen!

The album is available as Name Your Price on a bandcamp near you!


fractilx – The Spectacle Remix | UK Hardcore

fractilx is a name I’ve been writing up a lot lately. And I’m quite lucky – their music is really, really good. The drum’s pounding makes it instantly recognizable as hardcore. The blips, though, are the most notable feature here–deliciously short, almost “clicky” synths arpeggiated brilliantly. A great homage to one of the most glitzy songs MLP has ever given us!


[PP] Violin Melody – f0x!n7h380x | Hardcore

Coming from the fifth Pinkamena Party project: INCOHESIVE HORSE ADESIVE. Violin Melody debuts in PP crew making one of the most kickass tracks that she ever did in her musical career.

Everything in this track is incredible, Violin did an awesome job and I love it! The kicks, the synths, the mastering and mixing, the beginning part and the somehow pleasuring change from the soft to the hard! This is a tune from the depths of Pinkamena Party! And the visuals of the song on Violin’s channel provided by her and ObscureDragon are pretty awesome and aggressive! (Also Violin says that this song has a secret, try to find it)

Download or buy (for a good cause) the fifth Pinkamena Party project: INCOHESIVE HORSE ADESIVE.


A State of Sugar – Lollipop | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The team behind the trancey chill pony themed promo channel A State of Sugar have came together around 6 months ago to organise the collaborative’s first album. Now the album is finally ready, featuring both some of the regulars to the channel and a few new artists to the scene too! In total this one reaches 21 tracks, so if you’re still overwhelmed by the size of the Ponies At Dawn albums, this is something a little more digestible but still completely fresh for you to try out.

Lollipop is available to download from A State of Sugar’s Bandcamp page, and keep an eye out for some of the songs from it here on the site.


Sable Symphony – Trepidation | Electronicore

When Sable Symphony (formerly MetalPony) is trying his hoof at Electronicore / Trancecore, and when it’s for a deep track focusing on Starlight’s character depth, you can be sure the result will have many wonders and be quite enjoyable! Overreaching all expectations, the musician comes up with a progressive piece where the musical inspirations are making for amazing experimentations, and where pony feelings and reactions to S07E10 A Royal Problem are giving life to an awesome tribute to our beloved Starlight, who definitely harnessed a lot of fans by showing her emotions and relatable weaknesses so earnestly inside that dream. A masterpiece of a track blending musical genres!