[PP] Payyn & PoniPlague – Utter Flutter Blast | Breakcore

Destructively distorted basses, frenzied vocal samples, and rhythms that leave you speechless are only a few of the benefits of leaving this song on loop. Payyn and PoniPlague come together to bring you a genre this fandom absolutely needs more of. Fortunately, however, there’s an entire compilation album of it just waiting for your ears over at the Pinkamena Party Bandcamp. As a fan, I can assure that this piece will leave any dance floor in exhilarating mayhem. Except for like, a waltz or something. Just to be concise, don’t bring this to a waltz.


[PP] Spikey Wikey – Skinny & Bony | Gabber / Breakcore

Orient yourself for the rave-filled Ponydome VII with this acidic opener! Spikey Wikey introduces you to the oddity of Ponydome with a sample-filled Hardcore track. The song starts off with classic string sampling and ragga-themed vocals, to then progress to a 303-heavy groove over paced amen breaks. Through an interlude of saturated sample looping, the song transitions to a gabber beat with a doubled tempo, embracing the spirit of hardcore. Sprinkled with sampling goodness, this song subdues with a fade-out and will surely make you want to continue your Ponydome VII ventures.


DAϟH – Ground Zero | Terrorcore / Speedcore

Hardcore Pinkamena Party advocate and creator of all things weird, DAϟH returns with one of his extraordinarily hard-hitting contributions to the latest Pinkamena Party album! Featuring everything from pony dialogue to raid sirens and EAS alerts to enhance the atmosphere, it is held together by multiple sections of frenetic speedcore. I was quite impressed with the kicks’ design all over this track and it fits right at home in the PONYDOME!


John Jennings Boyd, Lisette Bustamante & Nick Confalone – Invisible (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

This song has always needed some more love in my opinion. Rod Steven does just that adding a very tasteful flair that nails the Eurobeat aesthetic with its signature basslines and screeching leads. Its a really fun and jumpy take to the original and its great seeing this song getting some love! Excellent work Rod Steven!


Nyancat380 – 7H3 F473 0F FLU773R5HY | Uptempo Hardcore

OMG! This song bangs hard! Nyancat380 bring us an amazing song, a high bpm song, Sampling Fluttershy’s quotes, the artist uses high distorted kicks and an minimal use of synths, since the distortion of the kicks give the harmony of the song, even though chaotic, a thing I love in this. The sound effects used here are also soo good and the breakdowns between aggressive moments are also pretty good.
Nyancat380, an artist in ascension! I can’t wait to have your tracks in the Pinkamena Party lineup!



Crashie Tunez – Interconnect | Album | Nintendocore / Cybergrind has brought to the fandom a lot of interesting material from the hardcore/experimental scene in the brony fandom. This time the label lead by Kakofonous A. Dischord, released an interesting project done by Crashie Tunez.
Crashie Tunez is an interesting musician in our fandom, because he brings a new and weird genre – Nintendocore. A really interesting genre.
The album is full of bangers, I really handbanged in some tracks, my favorites were The Stray, The Ruthless, The Unforgivable, Demon’s Redemption and Flight Zero. Some really interesting audio textures and the vocals of Crashie were well performed!
Keep doing the good work Crashie! Also, is offering solid versions of the album!


Daniel Ingram – Apples to the Core (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

Ever inspired by the OG Eurobeat Brony, Rod Steven has recently taken it upon himself to start developing his own style of Eurobeat. Just a few days ago, he blessed us with a remix of the classic Apples to the Core, which seems like it would be ripe for a Eurobeat remix! This one is about what you’d expect from a solid pony Eurobeat remix: an extremely dancey beat, infectious melodies in the breaks between the choruses and verses, and high energy throughout, so don’t miss out on this one!