Proto_ssin and DIϟTORTED DAϟH – iNsAnE ViP | Hardcore

Proto_ssin and DIϟTORTED DAϟH bring us a monolithic and pumping soundscape of deep and grinding kicks, schitzophrenic blasting percussion and haunting organs mashed together like a factory’s assembly line in an industrial powerhouse of hardcore techno, complete with the maniacal ramblings of Miss Pinkamena. What begins as a soft and chilling organ solo ends up thumping and jumping. Adrenaline-shots of quick and glitchy drum loops accentuate the track in unexpected bursts that interrupt the kick drum heavy soundscape and keep you on your toes. This one is definitely meant for louder volumes!


NicDroid – Happy-Dashie-Sky | Hardstyle

  Coming from the fundraising compilation album realized by Crystal Empire Records for SEAPonyCon – Altitude. The Philippines’ artist NicDroid bring us a happy and uplifting Hardstyle track about Rainbow Dash with Rave/Hands Up/Happy Hardcore elements put in the mix! The piano notes are well performed along with the kick preparation! NicDroid delivers an amazing track for dancing all night! Almost 5 minutes of uplifting and emotional chords mixed with some really awesome and crazy kicks and synths! Buy Altitude on Crystal Empire Records bandcamp!


iblank2apples & R3CTIFIER – Phoenix (Chang31ing Remix) | Complextro / Hard Dance

Chang31ing returns with an unexpected remix of the Complextro song done by iblank2apples and R3CTIFIER for P@D:GuardiansPhoenix.

This remix has some really genre changes, in the first drop we can feel a lot of Hard Dance with Complextro elements part and in the second drop we have some Future with Complextro elements part! I really love how Chang31ing makes the genre changes/mixes in this remix! The form that he manages to adapt the song to his image is my favorite part, we some really nice drums and synths done by him plus samples from the original! The original artists should be proud of it! Chang31ing did an awesome job! Check out the remix!


SimGretina – Where The Rich Ponies Go (AWal Remix) | UK Hardcore

First debut on his set at BronyCAN 2017, AWal made an awesome remix of one of my favorite SimGretina tracks! The first part of the remix with that aggressive, but yet happy synths mixed with the drum beats are really good, then the Hardcore part comes in, the distorted kick used in the track is really amazing, and the cymbal/distorted kick relationship is also pretty good! The vocal sampling and processing is also really well made. One of my favorite parts of this remix, is the aggressive, uplifting and happy synth that with the distorted kick makes a really good harmony, then the chords used makes the song even more uplifting! With some really Happy Hardcore vibes and with the build up and the synths of UK Hardcore, genre that AWal mostly does DJ mixes at PonyvilleFM, this remix is worth not to check once, but to check a lot of times and dance to it!


Segments Of Life – Cube | Trancecore / Hybrid Trap

Segments of Life is one that projects that always surprise me, because of the genres that the project brings, this case, Trancecore. Trancecore is a really rare genre on brony fandom, probably you may have hear some Melodic Metalcore with Trance influences on some PrinceWhateverer or Sable Symphony songs. But Segments of Life is a different way of using the Trancecore elements, in Segments’ songs we have more Trance elements that Melodic Metalcore ones, so that’s why I say that Trancecore is a rare genre in brony fandom.

After this introduction, let’s talk about the song, Cube has really amazing guitar riffs, look like some really Djenty or Progressive Metalcore guitar riff. The symphonic pads used are also really atmospheric and give to the song an ethereal aspect. The synths and the drums joint the song and make the song really awesome. And then that Hybrid Trap drop at the end it’s really amazing, I felt chills when I first listened to it! Really amazing mixing of genres.

This song and more other 7 are featured in Segments’ newest album, The Vivid Dream, where the main genre is Trancecore, but it’s mixed with a lot of genres. (Segments even created a track called Don’t Care About Genres.) All the 8 songs are available on youtube or you can listen to the whole thing on bandcamp.


Ponytronic – Cloud Pinkie | Happy Hardcore / Hard Dance

It’s not often that Ponytronic makes a track about Pinkie, and as she’s my favorite pony, I’m delighted! It’s so cute how Ponytronic went to foray into more upbeat genres outside of his comfort zone like Happy Hardcore and Hard Dance, but the resulting track still has that distinct Ponytronic-like mellow vibe to it! In occurences like these, you can really feel a musician’s own unique sound. This track feels like a sugary dream, and it doesn’t fail to pay tribute to the pink pony with a lot of MLP spirit and very Equestrian melodies!


Ponies That Yawn – JUXTAPOSITION DEFENDERS | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The collective that started parodying P@D since the finals of 2016 – Ponies That Yawn – released another album that parodies the newest P@D album: Guardians and also parodies the newest Pinkamena Party album: INCOHESIVE HORSE ADESIVE. The result is JUXTAPOSITION DEFENDERS.

This album is full of very good tunes and includes the NightVapor remix of an ExplodingPonyToast song done by EPT himself! Grab the album, it’s worth to listen!

The album is available as Name Your Price on a bandcamp near you!


fractilx – The Spectacle Remix | UK Hardcore

fractilx is a name I’ve been writing up a lot lately. And I’m quite lucky – their music is really, really good. The drum’s pounding makes it instantly recognizable as hardcore. The blips, though, are the most notable feature here–deliciously short, almost “clicky” synths arpeggiated brilliantly. A great homage to one of the most glitzy songs MLP has ever given us!