Vale & Fl0 – Hyper! Twilight-chan | Happy Hardcore

This track is a great example of one of my favorite types of pony music! It’s a short and sweet happy hardcore song focusing on the Princess of Friendship herself, Twilight, and it has that classic pony song sound/vibe that I just love, complete with Twilight voice samples from the show (and a few anime ones too)! Overall, it’s a wonderful song and fun to listen to!


Daniel Ingram -The Midnight in Me (SpinScissor Remix) | Future Bass

Someone tell SpinScissor that he sure knows how to escalate the feels in his music! As this starts, you feel this deep fear and loathing building up as Sci-Twi sings, This emotional ride inside the anxious mind of Twilight only goes deeper once that drop hits. This chaotic mix of hardcore and future bass symbols the deep conflict inside her mind clashing with midnight sparkle and dreading she will come out and go on a path of destruction! The Experimental elements of this track fit the theme of this remix. You will be feeling emotional along with Sci-Twi too! As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Daniel Ingram – Babs Seed (SpinScissor Remix) | Future Bass

How to be creative, pay tribute to ponies, deliver a heartfelt experience, amaze with crazy sound design, and have a deep backstory to your track all at the same time? Well if you don’t know, you could just listen to this and read all there is to learn about it from both the description and the comments, and get inspired by SpinScissor’s shining example! Spin definitely did wonders going out of his comfort zone! Get ready for a Babs Seed tribute unlike any other!


Tw3Lv3 – One Small Thing | Album | Multi-Genre

When this song hit the fandom back in late 2020, nobody had any idea just how dire we needed this. Yes, you have your fandom anthems about how great and fun the fandom is. But this track that Tw3Lv3, Drummershy, Koa, and MC-Arch did. It spoke a message we needed to hear. The “friendship” part of all of this. The core of it for being a true brony. With how bad 2020 was. The lyrics and energy that rained down from this fandom were a breath of fresh air. This song inspired others again. A song about having that one spark or moment of friendship, support, love, or kindness is all you may need to start turning things around. The message was inspiring and one of the biggest bangers of 2020. How inspiring? Enough of some of the fandom’s best talents today to recreate the power of this track in a list of different genres and styles of expression on how this song inspired them. Suppose you listen to each of these tracks. They will speak to you about how each of them inspired them as it brings out the different strengths of the track. Let’s check them out!

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Wrillez Basics – Freako Way [Hybrid Mix] (feat. Brilliant Venture) | Hyperpop

Now this one’s just unique. 6 years in the making, Freako Way goes hard and doesn’t let up. There’s lots of crazy synths and vocal chops along with hard drops and heavenly atmosphere. Those trance synths in the breakdown along with the pitched vocals just hit me right in the heart. It really is on another level!