[PF] Avery – Avery Mare-ry Medley | Acoustic / Acapella

Okay, everypony, I’m so happy that I can finally say this: I present to you the first song of the Pony Family album, “Busy Having Fun“! This absolute beauty is by the amazing Avery, and yes, this is a six and a half minute song about ponies and the fandom!

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Toby Macarony – I’ve Watched You | Hybrid Orchestral / Dark Acapella

We’ve come a long way haven’t we? This is a surprisingly sweet tune from Toby as it leads in with a gentle acoustic guitar melody and a soothing backing of strings to harmonize with the iconic vocals from the Season Three Finale, “Celestia’s Ballad” but it wouldn’t be Toby if he left us on that, right? I can assure you as time goes on the track will flip on its head with a masterful use of complex chords and harmonization with a foreboding atmosphere and an almost industrial sound. It threw me for a loop the first time I heard it and I hope the same can be said to those who have yet to listen!


Homage – In A Rush (Covering Vylet Pony) | Acapella

Another new release from Homage, this is a very creative take at Vylet Pony’s In A Rush! Relating to the meaning of the original, Homage used himself as the sole instrument to create a cover full of heart, and marvelous vocals and accompaniments are paying much tribute to Vylet’s song.

Note: Since the original video got deleted, you may find the MP3 file of the song here.


[P@D] 4EverfreeBrony – Chant of Benevolence (feat. Chi-Chi) | Choral / Acoustic Pop

4everfreebrony, 4everfreebrony! You came back on strong! Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, one of the best tracks from the latest Ponies At Dawn album: Guardians!

We know how imaginative and productive is 4everfreebrony and how many good music he bring to us during this years, but, there’s a series that will come along with his name. That series is The Chant Series, in that series, 4everfreebrony bring a genre of music that is rare in the brony fandom. Choral Music. Always counting with the female vocals of the great Chi-Chi! Her vocals are soo amazing, that I can’t describe how it sounds because it’s really amazing! First we got Chant of Immortality talking about Twilight, then we receive Chant of Mirth and now we got Chant of Benevolence that is about Fluttershy. The last is pretty amazing! The vocals of Chi-Chi always gave me chills down my spine and 4everfreebrony’s singing and instrumentals are really well performed and with a great mixing quality!

At the end, I think that 4everfreebrony came again to rock on and live forever! Also, hoping that he will make the chants for Dashie, Rara and AJ. Don’t forget to buy or download the full P@D album: GUARDIANS!


4EverfreeBrony – 1 Brony, 28 Fandom Voices | Acapella

Something mighty impressive even from famous pony musician and singer 4EverfreeBrony, this right here will be pretty interesting especially to those who are familiar with this community’s many singers and talents. Covering parts of songs and vocal styles from no less than 28 pony singers, 4EverfreeBrony doesn’t fail to amaze and it certainly made me smile so much as I recognized songs and vocal styles from so many of my beloved pony singers, re-enacted like this. Awesome job 4EverfreeBrony!


4EverfreeBrony – Just Another Day In Ponyville | Acapella

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 26 February 2017.

Something we don’t get a whole lot of in the fandom, 4everfree has released some a capella music! His vocals work beautifully here, and there’s some great extra mouth noises and layering of the vocals to help give it a pretty full sound. As with a lot of a capella songs, this is pretty upbeat, and it’s nice to see 4everfree continue to give different styles a go.