Elias Frost – We’ve Come So Far (covering Daniel Ingram) | Industrial Metal

You can always count on Elias Frost to cook up something different. Covering the opening song from Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship, Frost takes the happy pop track to a heavy, darker place. Adding some metal beats, a lot of distorted guitars, and a dramatic synth, Elias creates a brilliantly unique take on the original, complete with the video of him performing it.


Brilliant Venture – Moved On | Dubstep

Brilliant Venture’s always had a talent for nostalgic songs, and Moved On is no exception. At once melodic, energetic, and oldschool, this song jumps from genre to genre fluidly. It’s like being taken on a guided tour by a cheerful, helpful, kind pony (Pinkie?) through a world of happiness and nostalgia.


EnergyTone ft. FritzyBeat & ElectroBlitz – Hearts Strong As Horses (covering Daniel Ingram) | Pop-Punk

Here’s an awesome show cover from a very talented trio of musicians! EnergyTone recruited FritzyBeat and ElectroBlitz to be in his Cutie Mark Crusader group for this high-octane version of Hearts as Strong as Horses. All three do a great job vocally and make the track feel very fitting for three guys covering the parts. The distorted guitars and rock drums give a lot of power to the song and make it stylistically amazing and energetic!


SlightlyAmiss – Ambition | Alt Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 12 April 2018.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything from SlightlyAmiss, but it definitely sounds like he’s improved! Coming together with a nice lyric video is a great pop rock tune about Rainbow Dash, the highlight is definitely the catchy and thoroughly enjoyable chorus that has some terrific vocal melodies ably supported by a neat guitar solo.


4EverfreeBrony – The Great Division (feat. CookieSoupMusic) | Prog Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 9 April 2018.

4EverfreeBrony has teamed up with CookieSoupMusic to produce this awesome Rush-style rock tune! It’s been a while since any new material from Cookie, so this is super cool. It’s also a part of 4Everfree’s new 3-part EP about Sombra and the Crystal Ponies, which you can check out here.


Elias Frost – Stories Vol. II | Album | Orchestral

Here is the sequel to Elias Frost’s previous EP – Stories Volume I. The release consists of five orchestral songs, with the middle three being the focus of the album and a prologue and epilogue to introduce and conclude the extended play. While Volume I focused on Hearth’s Warming stories, the songs on Volume II all take place in different Equestrian universes including a Daring Do book, a Legends of Equestria Book, and the Diaries of Sunset Shimmer.

“Daring Do and the Temple of Hope” is an epic soundtrack inspired by the Indiana Jones pony herself. The song has an suspense-adventurous feel to it and includes some worldly influence – almost like an Egyptian Mission Impossible track.

“Song of the Sea” has its own sailing adventure score where the danger is further emphasized by great use of choir vocal chants.

“Music in Our Hearts” has a mellow, emotional start before erupting into an epic rock track and teetering between dark rock and symphonic triumph.

Each song has it’s moments of adventurous highs and hero-defining lows which serve to tell great stories through music alone, without a need for words. There is a great arc to the structure of the EP, a strength Frost plays to very well. Make sure to check out Stories Vol. II available now!