Blurain – Ponies And Powerchords | Alt. Rock Album

It’s always a delight when a new musician shows up in the fandom demonstrating a lot of talent and potential! Working off limited production resources, 17 year-old Blurain comes out swinging with this inspired alternative rock debut pony album. Here are just a couple of the highlights from this 11-track premier!

Oh Equestria: The first full song off the album, Blurain makes a great, charismatic choice to lean into his inexperience by starting the track with feedback from plugging in a guitar and a metronome playing before ever strumming the first notes. Once the intro is over, it is clear that he knows what he’s doing as he professes his love for the technicolor world we all came to love. The chorus hits with a catchy hook singing the name of the song as full harmonies fill out the soundscape. Driving guitars, bass, and drums keep things energetic and fun.

A Princess You’ll Never Be: Blurain goes all-out with a blend of screams and full, harmonized vocals; switching between the two as if to both narrate and illustrate the plight of Chrysalis in this epic track. The guitars have sections of heavy breakdowns, further emphasizing the anguish. As the final song on the album, Blurain gives a stunning performance and really leaves you wanting more.


Zythiria – Dear Father | Alternative / Indie Rock

This song is intended as a little ode from Sunny to her father, and it hits this sombre angle perfectly, both in lyrics by Zyhtiria herself and in instrumental, somehow I teared up even before the vocals set in! Definitely give this one a listen, but be prepared with some tissues.


The Wilders – My Bananas (EveryDayDashie 3.0 Remix) | Hybrid EDM

I don’t even know where to start with this track, this is an amazing mish mash of everything from Orchestral to Hardcore, so no matter what you’re into, there’s gonna be a section for you! Dashie did a great job mashing all these genres together and the result is a fun and entertaining chaos that’ll get stuck in your head for a while!


El Nulevoe – Tax of Vengeance (ft. Blackened Blue) | Thrash Metal

Yes, this is a pony song about taxes, but on the contrary to the pain that is filing taxes this song is a joy! Full of energetic and hard hitting melodies and lots of angry screaming vocals this song is exciting and really conveys the hate they feel in Griffonstone for paying their taxes, which is something I’m pretty sure barely anyone has thought about yet xD


Thrack – Friendship Under Control (Feat. Jesh, Namii, Canto, Ocean, and more) (The Longest Johns ponified) | Folk / Acoustic

Yep, this is exactly what you think it is, we now have horse shanties! Together with loads of friends Thrack put together this lovely and hilarious take on the episode “Every Little Thing She Does” from G4, summing up the whole episode, or at least Starlight’s missteps, in an upbeat form full of melody, harmonies and heart!


Blackened Blue – Wasted and Broken | Metal

[Trigger Warning: Mentions of Death and Murder]

Today I’m happy to bring you the latest of Blackened Blue’s commissioned songs! Blackened brings us a hard song with a hard topic and lots of screaming! The track is focused around the OC of the commissioner going on a killing spree, and the song is as intense as you’d guess from this description, so if you’re into the hard and gritty of metal, definitely give this one a listen!


Frozen Night – Zuriak’s Resolve (ft. Yoed Nir) | Orchestral

Today Frozen Night brings us another of their amazing orchestral tracks, this one heavily featuring the Cello and even some metal elements! Definitely give this epic piece a listen and let the sounds of strings and guitar course through your veins cause I can promise you will enjoy!


HARMONY BOP – TIME TO LET GO | Metal / Alt. Rock

NEW MUSICIAN ALERT! HARMONY BOP’s debut track, “Time to Let Go”, tells the tale of Princess Luna reflecting on her actions after being on the moon for so long. It opens with the sound of a gnarly guitar and is joined by Harmony’s excellent vocals. The middle gets heavier and breaks out of meter into a really cool solo section with some other instruments coming in, then jumps into a faster, swing-like section, before returning to its triumphant final chorus. Fantastic work, and I can’t wait to hear what Harmony Bop cooks up next.


Blurain – The Tale Of Nightmare Moon | Alt. Rock

Today Bluerain brings us a banger track focused around Nightmare Moon! Clocking in at just over five minutes this track is on the longer and but it never gets boring! Combining his amazing vocals with fire guitar riffs and banging drums this track will be stuck in your head for quite some time! The track has some amazing variation with both soft verses and a hard hitting chorus, definitely give this one a listen!


SnowShovel – Luna (Alt Mode) 2023 (feat. Forest Rain) | Metal

It is 2023 and Eurobeat Brony’s famous track “Luna” still reigns as one of the most popular songs in the fandom, spawning many remixes and covers over the years, including Forest Rain’s ever-popular “Luna (Alt Mode)” that brought us a special fresh take to the original Eurobeat track in the “Rock” side of music. It is this version that inspired ShowShovel to make their original cover at the end of 2020 with a fresh vocal recording from Forest Rain, and this new “2023” version as well. ShowShovel really is one of the most talented guitar players in the fandom, from sweet, melodic style on parts like the introduction/solo guitar parts, to his deliciously punchy guitar sounds on the classic secondary melodies, and even the fast-paced driving melodies in-between. I still can’t get over that increasing drive at the end of the piece where it keeps going up to the next step in the bar. As far as I am aware, that wasn’t present in any of the previous two versions of the “Alt Mode,” but it fits perfectly before the melodic fall at the end. I know SnowShovel mentioned that it is hard for them to make music these days, but I hope they keep going strong and produce more amazing pieces like this one in the future.