Arabesque Sympony – Gift | Rock

Arabesque Sympony’s first original pony song is delightfully themed around one of the things that really holds our community together: Love. It is such a gift from life indeed, to be able to feel love for so many people and to even get love in return too (I can tell), and Arabesque performed this sweet rock tune with love and his pony band of full formation, and is sharing it with us all! Isn’t it wonderful? Let’s cheer for the musician everypony!


Reverbrony & Thrasher – Beyond Purpose | Industrial / Metal

Its always lovely to get some Rougher styles of Music on HMH now and then, and therefore I think Beyond Purpose by Reverbrony & Trasher is a good addon for this. Legit, I love this Track! It really speaks forward and straight to the Point with this Melody. The switch from the Synth like vibes to the Guitars and Shredding is very, very well done and placed. I like this. 🙂 Good work!
everybody, show some love. ❤


[P@D] 4EverfreeBrony & Replacer – Piece of History | Classic Rock

The hype for Enigma has been building up for a while, but it’s in full swing now that we have our first real taste of the music! 4Everfree and Replacer have come thru with a magnificently catchy tune about Princess Twilight struggling with her princesshood and longing to recede from the public eye. The vocals (especially the falsetto backing vocals in the chorus) and production, as indicated in the description, is highly reminiscent of Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra’s, which is always a plus for me. The premise of the song is a wonderful juxtaposition with its actual sound and this is truly something everypony can enjoy. Well done, guys!


Blackened Blue – From The Shadows | Metal

What better way to express suppressed feelings than with a Metal song and the power of rock music? From The Shadows deals with Stygian’s Shadow (remember he -spoiler alert- wrote a book about it) and what it represents, and the fitting heavy guitars and drums are so perfectly conveying that theme. The melodic parts are a real delight too and overall this track stands as a masterpiece of heavy metal!


Francis Vace – The Spectacle (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Ska

The Spectacle never ends! Francis Vace enters the stage and performs a lovely and refined Ska cover of Rara’s hit under the Countess Coloratura name. Full of the musician’s signature musical style, the cover is also a wonderful playground to showcase the extent of his vocal talent, featuring incredibly sincere and strong vocals in more ways than one. The “two-thirds time” part near the end is very creative as well and contributes to the many wonders of this perfect cover. One More!


The Beatle Bronies – Did You Know I’ve Got a Secret | Classic Rock

Time for more ponifications of classic Beatles songs courtesy of The Beatle Bronies! Their tribute to Do You Want to Know a Secret doubles as a tribute to S05E19 The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows, and despite being short, the Classic Rock treat is as lovely as it can get, with qdBrony, Wootmaster, and P1K all doing a magnificent job with much passion and skill.



Hey, it’s the 6th Pinkamena Party! (15 albums were released by PP Crew, but the actual path is 6 albums). Go grab your popcorn, plug your headphones at a higher volume and call your family because this is a show for all family! Yes I said a show, in this case a musical. Not like that Broadway musicals because that’s lame but a really funny and headbanging one! Basically the Pinkamena Party Crew in this album decided to make a musical where Trixie and Rarity get ANGERY at each other, the description of the album on bandcamp bring us an amazing and delightful fanfiction (possibly the script of the musical) for all family! If you take a closer look, the text and the dialogue parts are made off the track names! So, in fact, let’s take a look on the songs, the first half you have amazing hard dance tracks done by amazing musicians such as Dynamite Grizzly, Brohoof Studios, zorg, InklingBear, Schatz and many others! And the second half you have the funnie, noisy, hardcore, scary tracks with artists like Kakofonous A. Dischord, Blind Hyena, mycutiemarkisagun, r_chase and the classy Colt do Bad! The thing is that after a concept album where the artists where challenged to do a 2018 bpm track for celebrate 2018, what is better than doing another concept album where we buck up Rarity? Also we have new names in this 27 tracks album! Like securityfurby (shoutouts to the Spanish speaking readers), Complete Disregard For Pony Life, Ponut Pulse, Batouta & Helius and many others! Everything for Rarity’s (anti)sake! An amazing musical which funds will go to cancer research fundations! Grab the album, stay hard! And I unno I’m just gunna get fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked!!!! The album is also on RateYourMusic database, good say some nice words on it! Also shoutouts to Zovi and Dave! for staying awesome and keep creating new albums ideas!


PrinceWhateverer & Sable Symphony – The Swarm is the Law (feat. NRGPony) (The Saw is the Law Parody) | Thrash Metal

The golden combination of Prince Whateverer and Sable Symphony join forces again to bring us this pony parody of Whitechapel’s The Saw Is the Law, this time with guest vocalist NRGPony. PW and friends dive into a heavier, angrier kind of metal to really emphasize the brutality of the changeling hive and way of life. As one would expect with this all-star lineup of collaborators, The Swarm is the Law is an incredible mix, consisting of heavy guitar-work, guttural vocals, and intense drumming.



4EverfreeBrony – Miracles (feat. Haymaker & Koron Korak) | Country

4EverfreeBrony pays tribute to the Apple Family’s hard work with a sweet Country song to play after a good day’s work at the farm while reflecting at the present and the ones we love! Haymaker lends his gorgeous voice to create stunning vocals that work so perfectly with the genre and theme, while the talented Koron Korak performs a heavenly violin part near the end. All while this masterpiece is completed by Cerebre-Arkor’s amazing artwork!