Thrasher – false_code | Album | Metal / Electronic

You can always count on Thrasher to deliver intense excellence, and here they have created an entire album’s worth of awesome, hard-charging music based around a fantastic concept! A hacker is trying to save society from the malicious clutches of the “desync reality”, a virtual world that promises salvation but instead exploits its inhabitants. The album follows the unnamed protagonist’s progress by delivering song after song of inventive and merciless metal encapsulated in finely crafted tracks that meld fierce guitars and traditional metal arrangements with electronic components through dynamic progressions. It fits the theme perfectly, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. I’ll give a rundown of the songs next, so please join me below the break if you care to. Either way, go grab this album and get rocking!

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Maddie Tourmaline – Princess Tiffany | Progressive Rock 

This is an awesome concept realized with breathtaking execution! Noble disagreement simmers amongst a group of Pony princesses on a boring, beautiful summer day in Paradise. The shared designs of the budding royals are related over a dreamy soundscape of gentle acoustic instrumentation which is paced by calibrated percussion, accented by light ambience, and crowned by silky sweet vocals. The instrumentation choices are ridiculously fantastic throughout the song, and the little nudges and rumbles of bass throughout hint at lurking danger. The progression percolates impressively to life, especially at the antagonist’s entrance. The arrangement darkens, and synth melodies swirl and soar before the bass-heavy downfall of the kingdom. I hope that you enjoy this journey as much as I did–I would love a whole album of this fantastic musical storytelling!

Deavas – Flutterborn (Covering Twitch) | Progressive Metal

Deavas reworks an EDM classic into a progressive rock tune and replaces the smooth, laid back delivery of the original, creating an intensity that matches the awesome background art! The guitars are fantastic throughout as Deavas shows off their chops and rock production skills, and the Skyrim-influenced viking vibe is awesome. It’s great hearing Fluttershy’s vocals floating above the fray of the churning guitars and rock percussion. This track is so packed with rock goodness and hoof pumping attitude that by the end you’ll be convinced that the seemingly demure pegasus is actually moonlighting as a rock goddess! (She totally is.)


Deavas – Eternal Night | Metal

All hail Nightmare Moon, ruler of one of the best times of the year for Pony music! Deavas doesn’t mess around with this tribute, opening with some hard charging guitar riffs and percussion and a clip from the Mare of the Hour herself tormenting the citizens of Ponyville. The song launches into full effect after Nightmare Moon shouts “the night will last forever”, and the dueling guitar melodies do an awesome job of embodying the storm of fear felt by the witnesses to this auspicious event. There’s awesome guitar work throughout the song that mixes with nice changes of pace, and ending with Luna’s evil laugh is the perfect culmination for this rock maelstrom.


Koron Korak – Applejack is so Busy at the Farm | Country Rock

Ok, first of all, before I get into the music, This video is fantastic. Green Screening yourself in the video to perform the song with an overlapping clip of the show! Koron, that was cool with a double image of yourself playing along!
As for the music, you may hear some Applejack Stage music vibes from Fighting is Magic with the banjo and hard rock guitar combo inspiration. It fits due to what this song is about the Episode “AJ’s day off” how she can’t seem to pull herself away from her work. This song is fast with how the melodies work with each other. Oh, that excellent violin of Koron’s gives this song just the correct country energy to fit everything else. The song is short but packs a lot going on in that time frame for a busy mare with too much to do! The video presentation was charming and only added to how fun this track is! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Osoch – Gonna Be My Day (Cover) | Metal

For those of you that happen to join the fandom after watching the G5 movie, Welcome to this crazy fandom and the brony music scene, we’ve been around LOL. If this is your first taste of brony music, Then your got yourself a real treat. One of our fandom’s resident guitar gods Osoch, flex’s his musical talent with this cover. Oh my, and I didn’t think this be this Epic but it is!. How in the Equestria do you amp up the energy and message of this song? Well, in this man’s case throwing down some sweet hard punch-filled guitar and drum work! This man knows his production skill to make Sunny’s message sound even more magical and fill with the sweet sound of METAL! He even plays with the words with his sounds. Pay attention to the part where Sunny talks about inside and walls. He is pretty slick there!
On top of that is a taste of his guitar solo bliss, which is so good and adds to this track’s fantastic structure. Just listen to it you will not be disappointed if you like Metal and hard rock! Osoch, you killed this! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


TheHeatRush – Chromaticity | Pop Rock



  1. the quality of color, independent of brightness.

You want to talk to musicians ready and able to show their excitement about MLP G5. How about up and comer “The HeatRush” (I dig the OC from one dragon pony to another, LOL). Anyway, this song hits the ground running as you get the vibes that the pony bards and musicians of the modern Equestria are spreading stories already about Sunny Starscout’s feats. You could make the case that this song could be at the end G5 movie. Surprisingly enough, the song’s message is backed by a solid arrangement of positive and uplifting rock with lyrics inspired by G5’s mane 5, overcoming all of the lies, propaganda, racial stigma’s and conspiracy theories to bring back the magic for modern Equestria. Sometimes you need others that feel the way you do to inspire real change. As always, The Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. Let your colors burn bright like the title of this song!


BinExis – Distant Farewell | Progressive Rock

BinExis has gifted us a few wonderful Pony songs over the years (check out the innovative “New Old Beginning” with its awesome instrumentation (complete with flute) and the warm, dark sparkle of their first MLP musical foray, “The Night and Elements“), and now we get their most epic creation yet! This prog rock adventure launches quickly into full flight, a fantastically melodic combination of synths, guitars, and percussion. It combines with the amazing video art to set the table for some most excellent rock vocals (the full lyrics are in the video description! Woo!), which tell a tale of Celestia and Luna traveling through space in a search of a new home for all of the creatures of Equestria. The many parts of this composition feel so well-tuned to the others, calibrated and balanced for maximum narrative impact, which is highlighted nicely by the shift in tone midway through the song that is accompanied by a shift in the video’s artwork. I especially appreciated the great guitar work in the second half which was both accomplished and perfect for the story! This song feels like a snapshot from a sci-fi saga, and I hope that we get more of this story in the future!


Luck Rock – We’re Meant to be Friends | Power Pop

Luck Rock has combined awesome, riffy guitar goodness and the positive messages of the MLP G5 movie to create this fantastic, uplifting song! Opening with an awesome sounding classic power pop arrangement, the song becomes strataspherically fantastic when Luck Rock’s amazing vocals join in. The lyrics encapsulate the premise of the movie and the artist’s love for it so well, and the whole song is unbelievably full of goodness. The end got me right in the feels by drawing out the word friends and echoing a song that we all hold near and dear. We’re not worthy!