lunar_amity – New Generation (feat. Seyden & SnowShovel96) | Pop Punk

Three musicians gathered as a band to play a song for the upcoming G5 ponies and spread some more hype! You can tell the community is ready to explode at the release of the movie and the show, all around the world! This kind of indie rock song is so lovely, with friends having fun making fan works together! Rock out to these lyrics and this instrumental, and get ready for some more incoming Equestrian spirit!


The Dust Car Dash – Charity Grand Prix | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Hello, everypony, and welcome to this amazing undertaking of fandom creativity and goodwill! It’s always special when artists come together for a good cause, and this album, created in part to raise money for the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch, is an amazing effort by the members of Dustcar. More information on the ranch and album downloads are available through the Bandcamp site, so please check that out and support everyone involved in this project. The artists all created songs with the goal of making a song that’s “something that holds a bit of yourself in it”, and it shows in how much heart is in these tracks. Please go grab the album and get ready to experience some exceptional exploits of equine excellence!

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Koron Korak, SDreamExplorerS, & Romeo Nightinamare – Guardians of Canterlot (Parody of Amon Amarth) | Metal

What do you get when you get a metal-head fanatic, an expert collaborator, and the king of European metal bass? Answer: A group cover that was fated to happen. Stemming from Romeo Nightinamare’s desire to ponify Guardians of Asgaard by Amon Amarth, they teamed up with Koron Korak and Soul Strings to give us this powerful story of those who would guard Canterlot from Queen Chrysalis and her “cannon fodder’s army”. The expert guitars really pop out in front of subtly brilliant drums. Mix that with S-tier bass action and some deep, DEEP vocals and you’ve got a cinematic war song!


Derek Spear – This Day Aria (Covering Daniel Ingram) (feat. MIKITANII) | Symphonic Metal

Man, it’s been a hot minute since something covered this song! Brand new to the brony music community, mind you! But, I must be honest, you can not tell that Derek is new at all. Not when You have the mood changing as it does in the transitions between Cadance and Queen Chrysalis! A classic note for note composition of pure pony orchestra for Cadance switches to this brutal, epic metal, and nasty mood for Chrissy! It brings so much the perspective of this song, And I would not be remiss if I did not say that the singing vocals of MIKITANII brings the emotional face-first and on point for both Cadance and Chrysalis with their voice! Just WOW. Listen to this track and a new spin on a classic! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Pipetka – Calamity Theme | Country Rock

Fans of Fallout Equestria. I really should get a kick out of this one! The gun-slinging Mr fix it pony pegasus gets a very character-driven theme that if you never read anything Fallout: Equestria wise raises hoove, you get an idea of the character itself. You listen along to a very sly and hard acoustic guitar that sets the tone for Calamity coming into taking care of business. Then you get a feeling how much an outlaw and formidable guy Calamity is when you get this bass and drum combo with the taste of Harmonical and Tambourine for that “business is about to pick up the flavor.” Calamity character has had it rough by reading the backstory, and this theme sure gives you that impression. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.