Maressey – Stretch Out and Wait/Reel Around the Fountain | Post-Punk

Tracks 8 and 9 from The TwiLuna Album are bundled together in this video from Maressey. Stretch Out and Wait is performed by Warbalist and is sung from Luna’s perspective, depicting a scenario where Twilight reflects on her relationship with Luna deeply, while the latter simply tells her to loosen up and enjoy the moment. Warbalist’s vocals capture Morrissey’s dreary singing style with flying colours. The next track, Reel Around The Fountain, is performed by project leader Freewave with vocals from Metal Mare. This one is from Twilight’s eyes, where she finally comes to terms with her love for Luna. Metal Mare’s vocals soar beautifully in front of the somber instrumental, lead by tight rhythm section and a clean guitar. These two tracks are a lovely pair!


Rinnie – Legend You Were Meant To Be (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Rock


I’ll never get tired of such blissful rock covers, extending the feeling from the movies! And songs from the Rainbooms in EQG have a distinct charm and emotion to them, ever since Rainbow Rocks, that can definitely be felt here in this awesome new rendition of the closing song from Legends of Everfree by Rinnie!


m2the3rd – Belong (feat. Koron Korak) | Soft Rock

Remember Terramar from Surf And/Or Turf? m2the3rd’s latest song is about his struggle of choosing which land and parent to live in. The dry land with his father, or the wet underworld with his mother? The soft sounds of water can be heard behind the soft music, mainly consisting of his truly melancholy voice, soft piano keys and violin, the latter of which was provided by the multi-talented Koron Korak. There’s a noticable 80s influence here, from the production to the vocals. I’m sure some of us have gone through a similar situation at some point in our lives.


SDreamExplorer – (Path)(Ethic) | Latin Jazz

Ready for a cultural mishmash? Track 11 from SDreamExplorerS’ Ephemeral II: Parallels is (Path)(Ethic), a unique piece that blends jazz with different types of ethnic musical sounds to represent different cultures. The whole song has a festival vibe to it, with an acoustic guitar taking lead while the drums and bass occasionally burst in with fast fills and riffs. Makes you want to go out and check out a food festival, doesn’t it?


Painters & Poets – It’s Only Rain (feat. Brownie) | Metalcore

Painters & Poets return with another song, and it’s a drastic change from their last song. While Follow was a soft acoustic rock ballad, It’s Only Rain starts off with a similar dynamic with a more mellow feeling before suddenly bursting into a full on metal track with heavy guitars and synths reminiscent of PrinceWhateverer. The song is said to be about Trixie going through a sad period of self-reflection, and it shows in the powerful vocals on display. It also features Brownie on bass and SlightlyAmiss‘ sister bringing some harmonies throughout the middle. The start of this duo’s career is very hopeful!


Dusk – The Magic of Friendship Grows (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Heavy Metal

I don’t think we’ll ever forget about this song. Dusk has created a metal cover of The Magic of Friendship Grows, keeping the original vocals to give it a ballad-like feeling. While it remains heavy, the instruments play with a laid-back dynamic so as not to overpower the vocals or create a clashing feeling. Everyone’s voices fit the instrumental, especially when they’re all singing together towards the end. If you like his music, go see him at TrotCon if you can!


PrinceWhateverer – Old Phantoms | Post-Hardcore

Coming off his streak of tracks from REIMAGINE, PrinceWhateverer bursts back onto the scene with a completely new track! Old Phantoms is a fantastic display of his particular style of rock, featuring soft verses next to powerful and soaring choruses while a piano adds to the emotions exhibited. Thematically, this is a sequel to his earlier track Better Tomorrow, depicting Twilight thousands of years into her reign as Equestria’s ruler. This far in, she can barely remember who she was or who went on the journey with her, but believes everything was still worth it in spite of that. With this new tune, it’s clear Prince hasn’t lost his touch!


Hackamore – twilight sparkle you got some bad ideas | Album | Alternative

[Content warning: profanity]

Hackamore shows up every now and again with touch-ups of old classics. This most recent compilation album is an interesting take on several well-known originals from when they went by Jeff Burgess. The instrumentals have undergone a noticeable improvement, but that’s not what you’ll notice about this album. twilight sparkle you got some bad ideas appears to be an increasingly drunken Fern trying to remember the lyrics to old hits and laughing over memories of performing them live.

Of the songs on the album, many are renamed for the joke based on recognizable tracks like Aphelion (we are all luna on the moon), Beyond the Rainbow (doctor scootaloo), Chaos is My Lullaby (discord), and of course Manehattan Nights (manehattan). In addition to the retouches of originals, Hackamore included a cover of well-known classic The Rescue by Cherax Destructor.

If you’re looking for something between a stroll down memory lane and a meme-type post, then this album is up your alley.