EnergyTone – Пони-почтальон | Rock

Derpy song incoming at high speed, landing on your face! Not pizza. (Show reference intended.) EnergyTone sings an ode to our beloved mailmare in Russian, along a very rocking instrumental. It overall makes for a lovely and fun tune, cheering for Derpy with love and the power of rock music!


Przewalski’s Ponies – Just Tell Me | Alternative Metal

Another masterpiece from the group of Przewalski’s Ponies, Just Tell Me features the ever-gorgeous vocals of Velvet R. Wings. Melancholic piano and powerful guitar are painting an autumn scenery with the help of music as a brush, and the finale with the organ coming in is just the icing on the cake. It’s part of Velvet’s upcoming album Transition!


DoTheDaringDew – DoTheDaringDew EP | Rock

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 11 July 2018.

DoTheDaringDew’s been steadily improving as a musician lately, and another step on that path is this new EP of 5 new tracks, each showcasing what he can do fairly well. His instrumental abilities are certainly a bit more advanced than his vocals, but it’s still a great package of fun with tracks about Daring Do, Starlight Glimmer and more.


Ponysphere & Secret Metal – Apples & Moonshine | Classic Rock

Those who expected Hard Rock or Heavy Metal in this new release from the crazy duo will be surprised! Going for a full Classic Rock twist, “Moonshinesphere” Ponysphere and Secret “Drunk” Metal decided to depict another everyday scene at Sweet Apple Acres in delightful musical ways. May it be apple liquor/schnaps or moonshine, I’m sure the Apple family put some of these sweet apples to extra good use, and nothing beats a good drink at the end of a day’s hard work! Take an invigorating drink along Applejack, Big Mac, Moonshinesphere and Drunken Metal, and reminisce about the gold times of old for rock music as you taste the incredible solos and riffs of this mighty tune. To savor without moderation! No, I wasn’t talking about the moonshine… or was I? hic


FlutterRage – Open Up Your Eyes (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Metal

The momentous Open Up Your Eyes from the movie will never stop inspiring pony musicians to remix it or cover it, and once again it’s time to experience the movie’s masterpiece anew, with FlutterRage’s Metal cover! Bringing a heavy and epic rearrangement, as well as powerful screams for the vocals, it expresses Tempest’s feelings with the power of rock music, and it’s such a wonderful treat!


PrinceWhateverer – Miscommunication | Metal

I keep surprised to how Prince keeps doing it man. Legit, I keep getting these fandom nostalgia trips and think of so many wonderful memories each time he plays his melodies and such. Truly astounding. Its so damn real man, legit I am honored to call you my friend. The guitar playing is marvelous, the lyrics are really relatable and the melodies and emotions mix together perfectly. Prince you rock dude! Keep it up! ❤ Everybody subscribe to my dude and show some love. ❤ Flutter on dude.


Reverbrony – Kraken | Post-Metal

The depths of the ocean are scary and eternal, our ancestors before sailing the seas had fear of the mighty beasts that the oceans may hide. I guess that’s what fellow metal artist Reverbrony thought in making this song. 7 minutes of pure ethereal and atmospheric guitar riffs that put you inside the deep ocean, praying for your life. The “sludgyness” of the track plus with the various textures make this song really outstanding from the others that Reverbrony has produced. Is the Kraken real in Equestria? Did fellow sailorponies fear the depths of the sea? That will be a question for another episode. I recommend this track for fans of Post-Metal or any type of Doom/Sludge Metal. But everyone should listen to this! Keep up the good work Reverbrony!


Quicksilver feat. Hackd – Showmare (Remaster) | Punk

Quicksilver has been on a hot streak releasing tracks over the last month and this time he revisits the time he teamed up with Hackd for something extra special! Showmare is about Trixie in her debut episode, with Quicksilver and Hackd switching off on vocal parts. The track features the upbeat, punk-style feel you know Quicksilver for with a sweet solo in the middle and excellent drums and guitars throughout.