[Equinity] Blackened Blue – Maybe (feat. MC-Arch) (Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Hip Hop

A remix of this track already! Well to be fair this single has been out for a bit. But when it comes to Equinity 03: Breach, it is always worth telling people about this amazing album. I wrote an article about the original track for ASOS: Brownie, and you can check that out here. Tw3Lv3, who has frankly been one of the musicians in this fandom that has been on fire most of this year, has yet again remixed a track and given it its own flavor. Blackened Blue’s beats and MC-Arch’s lyrics are now reinforced with a very slick hip hop beat that gives this track a satisfying thump. But wait and watch this video where Tw3Lv3 pops up–this dude can play guitar and play the drums! Talk about throwing the rock back into this track! What a treat. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] StealingShad3z – Living The Life | Pop Punk

In the wake of Pony Life finally seeing a wider release on Discovery Family at long last, it should be no surprise that our fandom’s musicians are looking to it for inspiration. Exhibit A is Living The Life by StealingShad3z, a jumpy pop punk track from Ponies at Dawn: Eclipse. Shad3z sings about the feeling of enjoying life at its simplest: hanging with friends and living in the moment, even featuring some little moments showing off his mastery at guitar and bass. If Dookie-era Green Day wrote about ponies, this would be what they’d sound like. Shad3z impresses once again!


[P@D] Frozen Night & PrinceWhateverer – Lunar Eclipse III (feat. Holly Frances Royle & Andra Stefan) | Symphonic Metal

Track 11 on the freshly released Ponies at Dawn: Eclipse is Lunar Eclipse III, the third in Frozen Night’s series and coincidentally his third collaboration with PrinceWhateverer! Lunar Eclipse III is a 7 minute long orchestral metal epic and some of the two’s best work to date. A minute long string build up opens the song (featuring violins courtesy of Andra Stefan), followed by the inclusion of drums before the heaviness really kicks in. Strings and crushing guitars really dominate the mix here, as if a metal band suddenly just showed up to ambush an orchestral show. Halfway in sees the inclusion of Holly Royle’s beautiful and harmonious voice, really helping this piece shine amongst everything else. Towards the end, things pick up in pace with a brilliant guitar solo and blazing fast drums, before all the other guests join in with the two musical titans to create a powerful climax. Can’t get over how awesome this one is! Easily one of the album’s highlights.


[P@D] Meelz – Twilight Sparkle, You’re My Reason To Live 2020 | Pop Punk

There typically isn’t a lot of pop punk on Ponies at Dawn albums, but there doesn’t need to be when it’s this good! Meelz contributes their genius and good energy to the new Ponies at Dawn: Eclipse with Twilight Sparkle, You’re My Reason to Live 2020. Venturing down memory lane, this track comes in hot with distorted guitars and a drum beat that would make any crowd go nuts. Meelz sings what we have all been thinking in 2020 – their affection and connection to the best book horse is what grants the motivation to keep going each day. It is impossible not to get hooked on this track from the start. The different sections are perfect for boppin’ along and the whole this is too endearing to pass up!


[P@D] L-Train – It Came From Next Tuesday | Surf Rock

It’s Ponies at Dawn time once again and that means all kinds of crazy-imaginative, new songs! The Australian shredder crafted this innovative take on It’s About Time, slapping some Twilight chops from the episode over a very California beach rock instrumental. The main guitar riff sets the tone right away with a classic, low-fuzz tone and a quick beat until suddenly you are right in the middle of a creative blend of fun times and chaos. The synth rounds the edges by adding fuzz and a sense of pandemonium to the track. Before you know what happens, L-Train slams you into a djent-y breakdown and It Came From Next Tuesday speeds out of control to its climax!


MelodyBrony – Better Life | Metal

It is always exciting to get an original track from MelodyBrony. While he is relatively new to the fandom (and young too!), Melody has proven himself a skilled songwriter and producer who is always improving. Better Life was written for the recent DustCar competition centered on Luster Dawn as a theme.

The first things you notice in this track are the metal guitars and the brilliantly mixed drums bringing a ton of energy. Melody sings from the perspective of Luster – curious about Twilight’s friends, the downsides to friendship, and how to become an accomplished unicorn like her mentor. Better Life is catchy, quick, and fun – a great pickup (as long as you don’t mind hearing magic still getting rhymed with tragic after ten years 😛 )


A State of Sugar – Chocolate | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The following collaboration article piece on “A State of Sugar: Chocolate” is presented by Horse Music Herald, and is Co-written by DrakeEmberHeart, Luck Rock, NickRomney, Simon the MadhatterBrony and Makenshi. Article proofread and edited by Canatime.

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James Kelly, Propmaster & Fiaura The Tank Girl – Angel’s Gonna Cut You Down (feat. Jesse Nowacking) (God’s Gonna Cut Em Down Parody) | Country

Today we’ve got ourselves a song by Shotgun Angel Productions, the people working on the Audio Book Fallout Equestria: Dead Tree. This song is a re-imagination of Johnny Cash’s God’s Gonna Cut Em Down and even though some lines are similar it’s nonetheless it’s own track. The lyrics talk about no matter how far you run, no matter what you do to hide it, one day all the ponies who did wrong will get what’S coming to them, the lying gear trader, the evil raider will all get their due. This song is sure to make you whip and sing along, it’s just this great, and not to a small part because of the awesome singing voice of Nowacking.


SlightlyAmiss – Visions | Metal

Metal and alicorns seem to go hand and hand when the narrative is them on the verge of being consumed by the darkness inside of them and all of the magic and power corrupting them into what is deep within them. In a very aggressive and almost mythical arrangement from my Horse Music Herald teammate, SlightlyAmiss. We get inside the heads of Celestia and Luna with this explosive song of pure metal goodness. Let’s take a moment to put aside what they like in the show and even the comics and focus on what Lauren Faust said about them. They’re superpowered ponies with god-like magic to boot; they know what their true powers are and the lyrics that are sang with such power and force, oh boy, those vocal leads into those angry vocals really give you the idea of why the sisters, even after their retirement that even in the most dire and emotional vulnerable moments, still have that feeling of giving into Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker. The lyrics speak of those dark yet fully powered sides of themselves yelling the messages into their minds to remind them that if they ever get the chance, they will take over and true alicorn power will come out. The powerful heavy metal elements of those guitars (that solo, holy Celestia!), the dark and grim melodies and those drums! This is how to tell a story of struggling with your dark side. Brony metal is the best metal. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Vylet Pony – Scapeghosts (feat. PrinceWhateverer & Foozogz) | Synthrock

Strap in fellas today we’ve got ourselves a longer track by the wonderful Vylet Pony. The song starts out with a dreamy beat that really gives it a mysterious yet calming feel, and then the lyrics set in and really steal the show. Later the singing stops and we once more hear the amazing beat this time accompanied by some great guitar tunes until the lyrics set in once more and tell us some more about the scapeghosts but quickly the lyrics are once more replaced by a slightly different sounding beat that shows you even if this is a seven minute track it will not get boring whatsoever, after that the lyrics start once more and to end of the beat takes over once more accompanied by some more stellar guitar tunes. Overall this song might be the longest one I’ve ever done an article on but oh sweet Celestia it doesn’t get boring, in fact the switch between lyrics and just beat make this song feel even more lively than it already is.