Blackened Blue – Self-Titled EP | Metal

Another genre within the fandom that needs more love is talented hard rock and metal musicians within the fandom. You have your guys like PrinceWhateverer and Cyril the Wolf. There is so much more out there for everyone to check out. Like this dude from the UK. Fellow colleague Blackened Blue. He put his best hoof forward in his first official EP featuring 5 tracks of pure heavy metal goodness.

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MelodyBrony – Origins (feat. CadetRedShirt) | Pop Punk

We’ve got ourselves the first and title track from MelodyBrony’s debut album, Origins. This track is a speedy rock piece about Starlight Glimmer, with CadetRedShirt providing vocals. The drums hit hard and the overall tone of the guitars suits Cadet’s voice well, like an early Paramore song. MB keeps proving to be one of the fandom’s upcoming heavy stars.


Francis Vace – Bright Pink Horse | Ska Punk

And so, we’ve come to the sixth and final track from Francis Vace’s Horses In Real Life EP. With Pinkie being as hyperactive as she is, a pony like her deserves a fast track, and that’s exactly what Bright Pink Horse is. Pinkie’s brought her rambunctious party animal attitude to the real world and can’t seem to stop dancing! The music is fast paced and full of crunchy guitars and trumpets that fit her hyperactivity perfectly. An exciting end to an equally exciting EP!


Francis Vace – A Horse Chained To A Tree | Ska Punk

She’d like to be a tree. Track 5 on Horses In Real Life is A Horse Chained To A Tree, a crunchy ska punk song about a very determined Fluttershy who absolutely refuses to let it be turned into land by way of cutting down the trees. For such a shy pony, the verses are very fast-paced as well as having a loud chorus! This song does a great job at showing her assertive side.


Koron Korak & StableTwoStallion – Ein Funkeln im Zwielicht | Industrial Metal

Who would’ve guessed these two would come together to create something fantastic? Ein Funkeln im Zwielicht is an industrial metal collab about Twilight Sparkle featuring StableTwoStallion‘s signature Rammstein-influenced vocal delivery in German while Koron plays drums and even the digeridoo at one point. Fantastic composition skills on display here from these two. Hope to see more collabs from them in the future!


PrinceWhateverer – Betrayer | Metalcore

Ready for some heavy Prince goodness? Track 13 from his third album REIMAGINE is Betrayer, the third in a series called Luna’s Caps Lock! Easily the heaviest track on the album, the song builds up with a distorted drum and synth line before briefly stopping and jumping into a speedy and heavy section that annihilates everything in its path. The lyrics showcase Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker in a “we’re not so different, you and I” situation, and PW’s harsh vocals – which have never sounded better – perfectly represent Luna’s feelings towards the latter. Can’t go wrong with a bit of heaviness every now and then!


4EverfreeBrony – Life Outside (A Fandom Anthem) (feat. BlackGryph0n, Aviators, dBPony, Luna Jax, MEMJ0123, Poni1Kenobi, MantaTsubasa & PrinceWhateverer) | Alternative Rock

Time for a big treat. Life Outside is 4EverfreeBrony’s love letter to the fandom, and he’s brought a slew of guest vocalists along with him! BlackGryph0n, Luna Jax, Aviators, P1K, MEMJ0123, dBPony, MantaTsubasa and PrinceWhateverer all contribute a few lines each, and all fit the song’s positive tone with flying colors. The song starts out with the ambient noise of crowd chatter followed by 4EFB’s voice accompanied with soft piano chords before the chords repeat and quickly transition into an acoustic guitar riff.
We’re then subjected to a heavier segment with orchestral instruments and distorted guitars. BlackGryph0n leads the chorus with his soaring vocals and PrinceWhateverer sings on the bridge after the second chorus, while all the guests have a couple bars each during the verses, with the first three singing about Equestria, and the other half about some of the mane 6.
After all’s said and done, the song ends with a guitar solo and simmers down with some piano, a final vocal line from 4EFB and the sound of nature. This track is honestly one of the finest he’s ever produced, and honestly rivals PW’s own Solidarity. Our fandom can still produce emotional music, and this is a prime example!


Francis Vace – Interview With A Fashion Icon | Ska

More horses are finding their way into the real world. Track 4 from Horses In Real Life is Interview With A Fashion Icon, which details exactly that. Rarity’s interviewed by someone who’s intrigued by her arrival in the world as well as how she’s accommodated her fashion skills to fit the humans; she goes on to note that she likes the women around there! Musically, the track showcases the EP’s usual ska style, but the guitar and drums take a backseat to Francis’ strong vocals, which cut right through the mix. As usual, try and count the amount of heels that fall to the ground and pile up!


Maressey – This Night Has Opened My Eyes | Indie Pop

Maressey proves that you don’t need to change much to make a great ponification! Track 4 from the Twiluna album is This Night Has Opened My Eyes, a ponified version of the Smiths track. Maressey’s interpretation depicts Maud going through a lonely time while living without her younger sister, Pinkie. FritzyBeat takes lead vocals here, and fits the tone of the music like it was meant for him!


Blackened Blue – If I Were To Fall (2020 Remake) | Metal

Part of an upcoming EP, this remake of Blackened’s original track and vocal version of it is breaking Twilight’s fall further, with both clean vocals and screaming vocals reminding her of the power within her soul to get up again, reminding us in turn. Another perfect example of the power of Metal doing wonders to inspire, and express pony hardships… the heavy way!