[P@D] Francis Vace – Silent (feat. PegasYs) | Ska Punk

The last of the Eternal pre-releases, and it’s a good one! Francis Vace teams up with his usual ska punk fare, with PegasYs joining him on vocals this time. While all the familiar elements of ska punk are recognisable in his sound, the track is laced with 8-bit sounding synths to complete the piece. With great references to Autumn Blaze and her all too familiar song that needs no introduction, this is a piece you can’t pass up. Eternal releases on October 6th!


Crusader! – My Dragon Waifu | Pop Punk

Perhaps echoing the classic Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu, Crusader wrote an upbeat yet rocking tune about the #1 dragon waifu choice Ember! This is sure to please the enthusiasts of Tsundember love, with the catchy anthem conveying all of our feelings in harmony, along Crusader’s lovely vocals!


Forest Rain – The End of the World | Punk Rock

Forest Rain has just put out her second album of the year: a 12 track concept album about an apocalyptic war breaking out in Equestria. It starts out with an eerie spoken word intro featuring the voice of actor Reagan Murdock followed by a dark organ melody along with the voice of a female leader addressing the nation to stay calm before the haunting sound of countless screams can be heard, which is then followed up with the first full track, The Fight. It’s a fast-paced punk rock track coupled with orchestral strings and bells along with Forest’s powerful vocals and amazing guitar work to set the mood for the entire album.

For the first half of the album, the album charges forward relentlessly with uptempo rock tracks with soaring choruses and the occasional guest spot; Borders Fall features guest vocals from Wubcake, Steel Chords and Cyril the Wolf to add character and freshen things up some, and We Stand features Whirlwind, performing live drums. The album’s halfway point – The War – brings things down quite a notch in intensity, turning somber as if to represent the dystopian aftermath of Equestria after the war. Following this track is Beacon in the Dark, one of the more unexpected tracks on the album. It has a more electronic backing, and also showcases Forest rapping with ferocity in each verse.

Overall, this album as a cohesive whole is undeniably excellent and powerful, and tells the story presented with precision. Standout tracks are The Fight, The Battle, We Stand, Beacon in the Dark and In Memoriam, but for the best experience, I highly recommend you listen from beginning to end. The album is fresh off the presses on Bandcamp, and also currently has a limited run of jewelcase CDs, so get them while they’re hot!


Burning Halo – Crash and Burn (feat. Rockin’Brony) | Punk Rock

Burning Halo’s back with his first original song in a year, and what a comeback it is! We’ve got ourselves a fast-paced rock track about Rainbow Dash’s feelings while training to become a Wonderbolt. A fast mare deserves a fast number. As if that wasn’t enough, Halo has also enlisted the help of Rockin’Brony, who provides an amazing guitar solo to make this song a complete package. Welcome back to the fold, Burning Halo! We hope to see more from you in the future.


StealingShad3z – Nine 2 Five (feat. Forest Rain & Luck Rock) | Pop Punk

It seems the last BronyCon has brought out quite a few “we’re not dead” songs lately, this one courtesy of pony pop punk staples Shad3z and Luck Rock, along with the pony pop punk originator Forest Rain! However, make no mistake, Shad3z is the star of the show here and he kills it. The title refers to the transition between season nine and Generation Five, featuring lyrics about what you’d expect with a slight twist (lyrics about never growing up). The song is definitely one you can bang your head to,


Crusader! – Colony (Forest Rain Cover) (feat. Wubcake) | Punk Rock

(Listen to Crusaders! Classic Here)

This cover wow. It’s everything you want to hear from a rock ballad. A punk rock ballad to be exact! About a rocking romance to be. Crusader’s original song’s message. His lyrics and most of all the emotion is still there. But there is something more that makes it this cover. Soo good. Forest Rain and Wubcake turn this a duet with a big flavor of punk rock and sweet riffs. The slight lyrical change make this love song for everypony to enjoy and embrace. This song will fill your heart with all kinds of feels and fun. Forest Rain and Wubcake have wonderful chemistry in their harmony, with smooth punk guitar. Yet with this dreamy melody to create this romantic vibe.


[P@D] Quicksilver – Growing Up | Punk Rock

It’s refreshing to get an instrumental piece from Quicksilver, and no I’m not saying that because of that pool artwork picked by P@D as the cover art for it! The joy and lighthearted-ness of the moment sure does fit the music, with our beloved ska-punk musician doing wonders with those Surf Rock-like guitar melodies and the upbeat atmosphere all around! But of course the track still expresses loudly that heavy power of rock music with some energetic riffs! And if you know the musician, you can bet it has some lovely pony theme behind it! A tasty gem, from Ponies at Dawn Skyward!