Quicksilver – Not The Same | Hardcore Punk

Quicksilver charges back onto the scene with his first solo song in nearly a year, Not The Same! Just under a minute in length, this story about Moondancer takes off at full blast and doesn’t let up until the end. He sings with raw power and conviction in front of a heavy punk instrumental with elements of ska thrown in for a nice change of pace. Pony punk is always a treat!


Maressey – Stretch Out and Wait/Reel Around the Fountain | Post-Punk

Tracks 8 and 9 from The TwiLuna Album are bundled together in this video from Maressey. Stretch Out and Wait is performed by Warbalist and is sung from Luna’s perspective, depicting a scenario where Twilight reflects on her relationship with Luna deeply, while the latter simply tells her to loosen up and enjoy the moment. Warbalist’s vocals capture Morrissey’s dreary singing style with flying colours. The next track, Reel Around The Fountain, is performed by project leader Freewave with vocals from Metal Mare. This one is from Twilight’s eyes, where she finally comes to terms with her love for Luna. Metal Mare’s vocals soar beautifully in front of the somber instrumental, lead by tight rhythm section and a clean guitar. These two tracks are a lovely pair!


MelodyBrony – DreamCatcher | Melodic Hardcore

Another song from MelodyBrony’s debut album ORIGINS has arrived! This one is about Rainbow Dash dreaming about becoming a WonderBolt, cementing it as a sequel to his other song about the latter. Unlike the other songs on the album, this one showcases MB actually singing for once, and his voice sounds somber and fits the tone of the song well. The instrumental is very driving and powerful, and keeps the pedal to the metal, after each verse; it’s a perfect fit for a pony like Rainbow Dash. Gotta hand it to this guy for being as prolific as he is!


MelodyBrony – Origins | Album | Metal

MelodyBrony burst onto the scene in 2019 and quickly gained attention as both a recording artist and live performer. Early on he achieved several high-profile collaborations and even earned a spot in the BronyCon Superband playing multiple instruments for several performers! Origins is a compilation of 5 collaborations he’s completed in just over a year in the fandom.

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MelodyBrony – Origins (feat. CadetRedShirt) | Pop Punk

We’ve got ourselves the first and title track from MelodyBrony’s debut album, Origins. This track is a speedy rock piece about Starlight Glimmer, with CadetRedShirt providing vocals. The drums hit hard and the overall tone of the guitars suits Cadet’s voice well, like an early Paramore song. MB keeps proving to be one of the fandom’s upcoming heavy stars.


Francis Vace – Bright Pink Horse | Ska Punk

And so, we’ve come to the sixth and final track from Francis Vace’s Horses In Real Life EP. With Pinkie being as hyperactive as she is, a pony like her deserves a fast track, and that’s exactly what Bright Pink Horse is. Pinkie’s brought her rambunctious party animal attitude to the real world and can’t seem to stop dancing! The music is fast paced and full of crunchy guitars and trumpets that fit her hyperactivity perfectly. An exciting end to an equally exciting EP!


Francis Vace – A Horse Chained To A Tree | Ska Punk

She’d like to be a tree. Track 5 on Horses In Real Life is A Horse Chained To A Tree, a crunchy ska punk song about a very determined Fluttershy who absolutely refuses to let it be turned into land by way of cutting down the trees. For such a shy pony, the verses are very fast-paced as well as having a loud chorus! This song does a great job at showing her assertive side.


MelodyBrony – Trixie (feat. Djohn Mema) | Post-Hardcore

MelodyBrony is a rising star in the MLP metal scene. Enlisting the help of Djohn Mema on vocals and PrinceWhateverer on production, Trixie is a truly hard-hitting track. The guitar riffs are simple yet effective, and the rhythm section is locked right in, especially during the breakdown towards the end. Mema’s vocals are powerful and show off his range when it comes to both clean and harsh vocals. Be sure to check out MB’s recently released debut EP, ORIGINS!


StealingShad3z – Neglect the Chicken (feat. Blackened Blue) | Pop-Punk

Shad3z has blessed us with another kickin’ pop punk tune, this time about teenage Scootaloo! The lyrics evoke Green Day’s Jesus of Suburbia, though not as melodramatic, with its theme of a rebellious Scoots leaving home to live a greater life with her friends. The production (including some vocal production from 4everfreebrony!) is rock-solid and Blackened Blue’s guitar chops are as impressive as ever. You can grab this one at Shad3z’ or at Ponies at Dawn’s Bandcamp page and support a great cause!


Francis Vace – AJ’s Honest Apples | Ska Punk

Let’s take a moment of silence for the people who ate apples in 1982… Alright, now that that’s over, let’s listen to the third track from Horses In Real Life by Francis Vace. This nearly 3 minute long song is full of tasty ska goodness, just like the apples AJ sells. She’s fallen through the TV and made her way into human civilisation, where she makes a living through selling her signature honest apples. At least she’s doing well for herself, unlike another certain pony… For a challenge, try and count how many apples fall to the ground in the video. Good luck!