StealingShad3z – Equine Anarchy (feat. 4everfreebrony) | Pop-Punk

StealingShad3z’s Equine Anarchy gets a solid PMV treatment, celebrating Shad3z reaching 1k subscribers on YouTube. With help from 4everfreebrony, Shad3z crafts a great tune about how fighting the good fight is always better with a friend. With great vocals and fantastic production, this track makes for a great soundtrack for toppling monarchies. Be sure to pick up the track on Bandcamp!


Luck Rock – One Day | Pop Punk / Power Pop

What a powerful song, Changelings need love too! Luck Rock did an awesome punk / power pop anthem, with really catchy lyrics and really awesome guitar riffs and with amazing drumming! The vocals are on point, one of the things that I love from Luck Rock is the vocal harmonies. The lyrics are really deep and I love how it describes the feeling of the Changelings, demanding that they are good and that they demand more love! Good job Luck, keep up the good work!


Pinkamena Party – A STICKY SITUATION AT FLANKSGIVING DINNER| Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Editor’s note: Listener discretion is advised, but not obligatory if you’re hardcore enough.

Hey kids, do you like hardcore music?! Do you like earraping fun?! Do you like celebrating Thanksgiving in a different way?! (And a week late too, oops!) Do you like to support awesome charities?! If so you are in the right place!

Let’s celebrate Flanksgiving, where you instead of thanks everything and everyone, you do naughty things! That’s right! At Flanksgiving we do the craziest things in the world! So yeah, listen to this album for celebrate! The Pinkamena Party Crew gave to birth another crazy compilation full of awesome and hard songs mostly about celebrating the Flanksgiving or stupid situations at Flanksgiving! And you better buy it, because the money will go to support an association that helps children with cancer. Download or buy at the Pinkamena Party bandcamp page.


Crusader! – Let’s go to Ponyville! | Pop Punk

Crusader! is here with a fantastic pop punk anthem for the town of Ponyville. This song just seeps with the sound of those early 2000’s tunes you would find on MTV. All this song needs is a cheesy music video that contains copious amounts of skateboarding and frosted tips. Cheers to Crusader! for capturing that feeling and turning it into a song about our favorite town in Equestria!


Przewalski’s Ponies – Derpy (Live Polish Version 2016) (feat. SDreamExplorerS) | New Wave / Post-Punk

Amazing performance by Przewalski’s Ponies featuring the bass playing by SDreamExplorerS! The song was played with a lot of energy and stage attitude! Singing the song in Polish, makes this live performance even better! I love when people use other languages instead of English! Every member of the band had a lot of energy! Velvet vocals are amazing live and the rap section of Andy is pure awesomeness! The instrumentation done by SDreamExplorerS, 4/3 and Gliss it’s also pretty well played live! Everyone did an awesome job on this live performance and I’m glad that you find someone to record it! Amazing song, amazing performance and amazing band!


Sable Symphony – Forever | Melodic Metalcore

A headbanging and melodic track coming from the awesome Sable Symphony! The track about Twilight’s immortality and the loss of her best friends comes with deep and emotional lyrics, well performed vocals such in the harsh and clean way (Sable does really the 2 pretty well), and the melodic guitar riffs and solos are really amazing and wake you up. This track is really my banger right now, I really needed a New School Melodic Metalcore track with that amazing breakdowns and low-pitched harsh vocals mixed with high-pitched harsh vocals! Kinda reminds me of Metal Core Pony! Sable Symphony, you did an awesome track! Keep doing an awesome work! Stay brutal!


Sable Symphony – Soar | Post-Hardcore

As a nostalgic nod to early community songs made toward the moving setting of Scootaloo’s character, Sable Symphony composed a much enjoyable tribute to the not-so-young anymore filly in his own style. Going for a heavy and fitting Post-Hardcore direction, the musician also graces the song with both soft and harsh vocals, bringing out the concept and the lyrics with much energy and beauty.


PrinceWhateverer – Constellations (Redux feat. Cadie) | Melodic Metalcore / Trancecore

PrinceWhateverer returns with a redux of one of his best songs – Constellations! The King of Brony Melodic Metalcore invited one of my favorite female singers of the moment Cadie for making the beautiful vocals in the breakdown! And her vocals are really sweet and chilling!

Talking about vocals, Prince’s vocals are also pretty good! I really loved his vocal songs, it reminds me of that Melodic Metalcore acts that only have clean vocals aka Scene Punk. The instrumental is the same as the previous song but has a better mastering and mixing! And one thing I love in the instrumental along with the trancecore classical electronic elements, the guitar riffs are really well done. The breakdown is one of the highest points in the instrumental, not just because of the progression to the synths, but because of the drumming! Also the robotic vocals used in some parts are also really awesome, Prince really wanted to do a Trancecore tune! This one rocks! \m/