StealingShad3z – Neglect the Chicken (feat. Blackened Blue) | Pop-Punk

Shad3z has blessed us with another kickin’ pop punk tune, this time about teenage Scootaloo! The lyrics evoke Green Day’s Jesus of Suburbia, though not as melodramatic, with its theme of a rebellious Scoots leaving home to live a greater life with her friends. The production (including some vocal production from 4everfreebrony!) is rock-solid and Blackened Blue’s guitar chops are as impressive as ever. You can grab this one at Shad3z’ or at Ponies at Dawn’s Bandcamp page and support a great cause!


Francis Vace – AJ’s Honest Apples | Ska Punk

Let’s take a moment of silence for the people who ate apples in 1982… Alright, now that that’s over, let’s listen to the third track from Horses In Real Life by Francis Vace. This nearly 3 minute long song is full of tasty ska goodness, just like the apples AJ sells. She’s fallen through the TV and made her way into human civilisation, where she makes a living through selling her signature honest apples. At least she’s doing well for herself, unlike another certain pony… For a challenge, try and count how many apples fall to the ground in the video. Good luck!


Francis Vace – Horses In Real Life EP | Ska Punk

It’s never too late to release an album on our favourite sextuplet of pastel coloured horses, which is exactly what Francis Vace recently decided to do. Horses In Real Life is a 6 track EP of all original catchy ska punk songs based on the concept of the Mane 6 living in the real world. Track 1 is My Rainbow Horse and Me, first released on Ponies at Dawn: Eternal, and depicts a scenario where Rainbow Dash is living in someone’s house after popping through a TV. She’s said to be a messy freeloader, living with no job and using the character’s utilities for herself. AJ’s Honest Apples tells the story of a new brand of apples reaching town, with the chorus being sung from her point of view. These apples are free of pesticides and taste like no other apples you’ve ever had! Interview With A Fashion Icon tells the story of Rarity being interviewed about her time in the human world as well as her fashion endeavours. While keeping the familiar ska elements, it’s a slower number that feels like something Rarity would have no problem singing. The fastest track on this album, Bright Pink Horse, is about Pinkie simply dancing in the street, with the fast pace capturing Pinkie’s hyperactive personality with flying colours. Overall, with six fast tracks about our six favourite ponies in six unique scenarios, this is an EP you can’t pass up. If you’ve enjoyed Francis’ work over the years, this will be a great addition to your collection!


[P@D] Forest Rain – Chrissy (Nightmare Mode) (feat. Cyril the Wolf and Whirlwind) | Punk Rock

Track 4 from the fresh Ponies at Dawn: Echoes as well as one of the exclusive tracks from the album, Forest Rain appears on the P@D catalogue for the second time with a new version of her song Chrissy! Enlisting the help of Cyril the Wolf and Whirlwind on bass and drums, they’ve all come together to recreate the track, making it feel more in vein of The End of the World. It begins with a new intro featuring spoken word over an organ before jumping right into the song with a new key, stronger drums and truly menacing vocals. To add to that, the rhythm section gets a chance to truly shine, especially Whirlwind, who shows some amazing drum chops in a brief yet memorable drum solo. Easily one of the stand-out tracks on this new release!


MelodyBrony – The King (2020) (feat. PrinceWhateverer, Drummershy, KriZzZ and Luck Rock) | Progressive Rock

Get stacked ‘cuz you know the king is back…

MelodyBrony‘s grand debut song from April of this year is back with a fresh coat of paint. As is the case with the original, PrinceWhateverer takes lead vocals, with the rhythm section consisting of Drummershy and Luck Rock, as well as KriZzZ’s brilliant keyboard chops. If you’re familiar with the original then this should be no surprise to you. MelodyBrony also has an album in the works, set to be released on December 21st, so keep an eye out!


dBPony – The Journey Never Ends | Punk Rock

It’s been just over a month since the show ended, yet the tributes don’t stop pouring in. His second release since returning to the dBPony moniker, he delivers a fantastic tribute to the show’s legacy by way of a fast-paced punk rock track with glitzy synths and his amazing voice and harmonies. Enlisted to help him are a group of bronies contributing gang shouts throughout certain points of the song to drive the message home. With callbacks to the show and fandom such as a segment from the show with Celestia’s voice as well as references to Forest Rain’s Great To Be Different and closing the song with a soft rendition of the show’s theme tune, this fan tribute is everything you could ever ask for!


Luna Ticks – Ring the Bell | Punk Rock

Fan songs in response to certain episodes are always so lovely to see, and the awesome duo of Quicksilver and Francis Vace is back again as Luna Ticks for the most wonderful take on S09E16 A Trivial Pursuit! With meaningful vocals sung in such a lovely and heartfelt way, powerful guitar riffs reaching to the heavens, and just perfect lyrics accompanied by fitting scenes from the episode in the PMV-like visuals, Ring the Bell is an essential piece from Luna Ticks that is such a delightful gift and token of pony passion!


[P@D] Francis Vace – My Rainbow Horse And Me | Ska Punk

The king of pony ska punk is back at it with this standout track from the newest Ponies at Dawn: Eternal compilation album. My Rainbow Horse And Me is a comedic narrative about Rainbow Dash appearing out of the tv and living as a lazy roommate. The song is super catchy, boasting expertly crafted horns, top-notch guitar work, and a silly, romantic theme that only Francis could craft!