[P@D] Pegskasister – Pegasus Ska Sisters | Ska Punk

So Francis Vace and PegasYs. You love the Mighty Mighty Bosstones so much that you made a Rainbow Dash inspired Ska punk track for P@D: Ignite? Well far out dudes!. At Track 52. The Duo known as the Pegskasisters come flying back with an uptempo track of what it seems like, the Pegasus ponies of ponyville seeing how far Rainbow Dash will go with her flying skill. The lyrics by PegasYs are so fun and catchy. Making references of kinds of RD’s skill of flying over the 9 seasons of the show. Francis Vase does the amazing part of the role of a whole ska band with all of the elements of Big Band and Punk rock. The man is called a legend of instrumentals for a reason, and does not disappoint here. There is even a breakdown of hard punk riffs that ends the track on a Sonic Rainboom! As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Luna Ticks – Alcohol Like Oxygen | Punk Rock

The Luna Ticks made a comeback at the end of last year and submitted a song for Ponies At Dawn – Ignite. Alcohol Like Oxygen is sung from the perspective of a character whose friend tends to go a bit overboard in the alcohol department, Berry Punch for instance. It can be seen as a sequel to Complication that came out four years ago. The instrumental is just what Quicksilver‘s style is: guitars and bass that rock hard, with a special note here on the mixing of the drums that include live-like panning. The vocals from Quicksilver and Francis Vace are full of energy and passion as always — the Luna Ticks in essence.


Luna Ticks – Gamer Girl [Horses IRL #7] | Ska Punk

The power team of Francis Vace and Quicksilver are back at it again with a great punk track all about Equestria’s best gamer princess. The Luna Ticks are known for making the highest quality ska punk music in the fandom and Gamer Girl mixes in a great blend of ska sections with straight pop punk and even a slower interlude. The changing styles allows a great emotional transition from the energetic gaming, to the playful personality, to the sentimental, titular character. The video editing is excellent, allowing the personalities of both members to shine through. Do yourself a favor and check out these guys immediately.


Burning Gryphon – Deevoted To Dee Artist | Pop Punk

WE have a brand new member to join the brony punk rock family. Everyone, this is Burning Gryphon. Please give him a warm welcome. Because he has some pretty good music making talent. What a nice way to show off your talent by making a tribute to a fellow artist that has inspired him to do better things. This song at it core has the grungy hard nosed dirty guitar work. Plus the pace that most punk rock fans will love and will know right away when they hear it. The drums and bass are there loud and clear. His vocals are full of love and heart as it should be. Burning Gryphon is lovely in his singing to the brony artist known as Dripponi. Who helped mold him into the person he is today. His lyrics fondly showcase that devotion in this hard and fast punk rock ballad. Give this guy a follow on his youtube channel, he’s just getting started. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Acouste Wholenote – Stuck | Pop Punk

Acouste Wholenote returns with a song about Roseluck, a song in which the lyrics speak a story of persistence. This rustic alternative piece reminds me a ton of some of the older rock music in this community’s history. That and the melancholic sound consequently makes this song abundantly nostalgic for me. Blue emotions bleed through easily with this bittersweet pop-punk piece, and I do hope that Acouste Wholenote makes more music in the weeks to come.


Maressey – Stretch Out and Wait/Reel Around the Fountain | Post-Punk

Tracks 8 and 9 from The TwiLuna Album are bundled together in this video from Maressey. Stretch Out and Wait is performed by Warbalist and is sung from Luna’s perspective, depicting a scenario where Twilight reflects on her relationship with Luna deeply, while the latter simply tells her to loosen up and enjoy the moment. Warbalist’s vocals capture Morrissey’s dreary singing style with flying colours. The next track, Reel Around The Fountain, is performed by project leader Freewave with vocals from Metal Mare. This one is from Twilight’s eyes, where she finally comes to terms with her love for Luna. Metal Mare’s vocals soar beautifully in front of the somber instrumental, lead by tight rhythm section and a clean guitar. These two tracks are a lovely pair!


MelodyBrony – DreamCatcher | Melodic Hardcore

Another song from MelodyBrony’s debut album ORIGINS has arrived! This one is about Rainbow Dash dreaming about becoming a WonderBolt, cementing it as a sequel to his other song about the latter. Unlike the other songs on the album, this one showcases MB actually singing for once, and his voice sounds somber and fits the tone of the song well. The instrumental is very driving and powerful, and keeps the pedal to the metal, after each verse; it’s a perfect fit for a pony like Rainbow Dash. Gotta hand it to this guy for being as prolific as he is!


MelodyBrony – Origins | Album | Metal

MelodyBrony burst onto the scene in 2019 and quickly gained attention as both a recording artist and live performer. Early on he achieved several high-profile collaborations and even earned a spot in the BronyCon Superband playing multiple instruments for several performers! Origins is a compilation of 5 collaborations he’s completed in just over a year in the fandom.

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