Brownie – Smile (Pinkie Pie Smile Metal Cover) | Metal


Brownie has an incredible talent for metalcore composition, and this cover of the Smile Song is a great example of his range. Starting out in more of a pop-punk style to match the lightness of the original song, Brownie transitions into metal while playing impressively technical guitar riffs over fast, moving drums. The track features a fantastic metalcore breakdown before bringing all of the styles together for the big finish. Brownie went all out to even make a music video featuring his many play-styles with great effects and humorous scenes.


Quicksilver – Falling Out | Pop Punk

Our beloved Quicksilver went all-out for his birthday and parties hard the musician way, by releasing a rocking and catchy tune on the same day! This one is themed around S06E24 Top Bolt, and the relationship between Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger! Always such a bliss to get such pony feelings expressed along the power of rock music, by a passionate fellow fan!


[P@D] Francis Vace – Breathing Space (Covering DJT & Rusyd Rosman) | Ska Punk

The original Breathing Space from DJT and Rusyd Rosman might be a contestant for most remixed and covered song of the last few years in the community, and it’s so good to get our beloved Francis Vace‘s own spin on it! Along with delightful Ska elements as well as tasty aggressive guitar riffs to bring those Punk vibes, Francis graces the cover with his amazing vocals, bringing in much power in pure rock spirit as well as much emotion. Available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma!


[P@D] StealingShad3z – Red Spinach | Pop-Punk

This Green Day-inspired tune from the versatile StealingShad3z is definitely one to bang your head to! With some tight instrumentation and lyrics about the lonesome Wallflower Blush, it’s no wonder Shad3z went with this sound for the track, as the theme is absolutely perfect for it. Any fans of ’90s punk should definitely get a kick out of this one!
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma.


[P@D] Thrasher – The Other Side Of Fear | Djent / Progressive Metal / Mathcore

It is P@D month! That means amazing music and incredible textures! Enigma promised and the rock/metal/punk scene promised a lot! This track it’s probably the best track that Thrasher ever produced to a P@D album, you know that 2 big bands called Meshugahh and The Dillinger Escape Plan? Well Thrasher actually managed to mix the sound of that 2 bands and make the best track out of P@D! A treat for true metalheads like me that will make you try not to headbang!
And now a public announcement: download Enigma on P@D bandcamp and support amazing artists!


[P@D] Quicksilver & The L-Train – Stolen Time | Melodic Metalcore

The rock/metal/punk scene in Enigma the newest album from P@D is really promising and amazing! This track is an example! The L-Train delivers the amazing riffs and solos with the harsh vocals coming from the brony pop punk legend Quicksilver! The breakdown at the end is soo good, I really want now to go back in time and listen to some Bullet From My Valentine or old school Killswitch Engage!
Download or buy Enigma on P@D bandcamp, you will love it!


Luck Rock – Crowd Pleaser (feat. The Cuyahoga Foals) | Pop Punk

New song by Luck Rock guys!! You know what that means! Awesome rock and pony spirit! Going all-out and gathering the help of many local brony friends, Luck created a wondeful tribute to Trixie and her character development with the power of rock music. Joyful guitar riffs are completing the very lovely vocals for an uplifting blend that represents Trixie’s spirit so well as she goes to perform her shows. Can’t wait to hear this one live and contribute! Let’s cheer for Luck Rock and Trixie everypony! Wooooo!!