PrinceWhateverer – Resilience (feat. Sable Symphony & MantaTsubasa) | Metalcore


That’s right fillies and gentlecolts, it’s Starlight vs Twilight!

Sweet Celestia, this is amazing! PrinceWhateverer brings us a rock song overloaded with the absolute highest level of hype. Themed around Starlight and Twilight’s climactic battle in the Season 5 finale, this is an instant classic. I truly cannot remember the last time a song got me this excited and hyped. The “pony” part of “pony music” is here in force as well. This is truly a 2012 song with 2017 production.

Why are you still reading this? The song is up there, it’s awesome, and it’s about best pony. Go go go!


Francis Vace – The Old Mare And The Sea | Album | Rock


Shortly before we started the Horse Music Herald, Francis Vace released his first full album (of his current discography that hopefully won’t be deleted from Bandcamp any time soon) – Lost In A Pastel Hue. Now (okay, a couple of months ago) the time has come for a second full-length release. In a similar vein, The Old Mare And The Sea contains a variety of styles, draws from a few different influences, and contains solo work, collabs, and covers. We start off with upbeat pop-punk and ska solo pieces, followed by a long string of collaborative works and covers, with a couple more solo originals bookending the end of the album. In essence, the album works as a showcase for most of the different kind of styles, formats and types of song that you can find on Francis’s YouTube channel. So whether you follow his music for one particular style or for all of them, this album has something to offer everyone.

The Old Mare And The Sea is available to download on Francis Vace’s Bandcamp.


Worst Princess – Now We Are Seven | Punk Rock

I’m always so excited when I discover a new pony rock band, as a big rock fan who went to many gigs! With a charismatic and very “Rock” name, Worst Princess gathers musicians from all around the community and make the epic happen. Their newest release, Now We Are Seven, is a wonderfully meaningful one with its lyrics. And the title could also reflect Starlight’s rising popularity! Partake in tasteful and blissful Punk Rock, as all the happy pony vibes from the music flow through you…


MetalPony – Tantabus | Post-Hardcore

A new fine piece by MetalPony, this heavy Post-Hardcore track delivers a much heartfelt and refined tribute to Luna and the events of S05E13 Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep. Through both heavy and soft vocal parts, and an equally amazing instrumental, MetalPony lays out the story in much force and beauty. Once again, the power of fan music made toward an episode that moved you surfaces, and shines bright through the darkness!


[P@D] Luna Ticks – No Explanation | Punk Rock

Blissful bass, drums, and guitar play from Francis Vace merges with the best Punk Rock vocals from Quicksilver to create this delightful piece of Amity now coming with extra narky S1 Twilight greatness. Too often I feel like there is No Explanation for the otherworldly emotions that music can make you feel, and perhaps in the manner of Twilight at the end of Feeling Pinkie Keen, we should just seek solace in the reality of the fact, in this case letting the amazing vocals and top-notch instrumental enlighten the soul as our rock spirit takes us right in the middle of a gig in Equestria where this song is being played. Don’t forget to show your support to the musicians and thank them for this treat!


[P@D] Francis Vace – Walls (covering Flak & NewPatrol) | Rock

This totally not confusingly-titled song by Francis Vace is…well, as it says in the thumbnail, a cover of NewPatrol’s remix of Flak’s song Walls. So kinda hitting 2 birds with one stone in terms of the specifications of the latest Ponies At Dawn album. Not only that, but it combines Vace’s 3 main styles of punk, ska and, more recently, metal. Really hitting all those birds, poor things…