Lord Sunfyre – Dear Sister | Pop Punk / Alternative Rock

If you want to create epic songs about pivotal themes in MLP, where do you start? On this rockin’ track, Lord Sunfyre takes us back to the first episode of G4 and explores Celestia’s psyche on the 1000 year anniversary of Luna’s banishment to the moon. How does Celestia feel about her time serving as Equestria’s sole ruler? Why weren’t we treated to an epic Celestia vs Nightmare Moon showdown? The artist offers an answer through some great lyrics and guitar work. Accompanied by a nice lyric video to help transport the listener to that moment, it’s a great first offering from a new horse rocker!


MelodyBrony – Stay | Punk Rock

MelodyBrony quickly became one of my favorite rock artists in the fandom, and for good reason. He has a knack for genuine, heartfelt lyrics and this song is a shining example of that spirit. The message is something I personally relate with, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoyed the little homage within a certain line. While a little on the short side, the track gets its meaning across without overstaying its welcome; it being that things are still alive and kicking. A deserving member of the repeat-button club


SlightlyAmiss – Life to Lead (feat. Acouste Wholenote) | Hard Rock

Some musicians really get it. The start of this track has a profound message for many in this fandom. That piano solo paired with Acouste Wholenote‘s gentle vocal) says it all. There has been a dark cloud over the brony fandom since the series finale, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and don’t quit with the brony spirit; keep that vibrant and positive energy going! This is a song the fandom needs to hear; these musicians like Pony Life and plan on keeping the power of brony music going!

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[P@D] Francis Vace & Koa – Pegasissy | Pop Punk

“Pegasissy” is one of the many Koa collabs from Ponies at Dawn Ignite. Here, she teamed up with Francis Vace and together they retold Fluttershy’s struggle to gain self-confidence. The assertiveness in Koa’s voice could not be more fitting and the layering with Francis’ backing vocals works like a charm. The guitar, the bassline and the drum fills are on point and responsible for half of what makes the track so catchy, the other one being the vocal melodies. The fact that Koa draws the background art for nearly all her Ponies at Dawn tracks is also a really nice touch.


LuckRock – Bad Ending (ft. Drummershy & CategoricalGrant) | Punk Rock


I’ve been getting pretty deep and emotional on my articles as of late so let’s dial that back and have some fun. Here for your listening pleasure is a group of my friends using their talents for a bit of silliness. Featuring some suave drumming from Drummershy and punk rock flavor from Luckrock. A track was made from of all things DoTheDaringDo’s choices of his taken in the fanfiction, My Celestia does LuckRock sell in his vocals on how just much fun he is having with these cheeky and taunting voices that is just entertaining until the end of being rejected by RD with a resounding “BAD ENDING” from the author of the fic Categorical Grant in his trademark Deadpan voice that me and LuckRock have come to know from him in our local meetup group. It’s down right funny. Have a laugh and read the fanfic Here. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.



PrinceWhateverer – This Party Never Ends (Ft. Blackened) | Metalcore

Oh boy it’s a Pony Life track! From the reigning kings of brony metal, PrinceWhateverer and Blackened bring us this high-octane bop as a great reminder that This Party Never Ends! The sound design is tight as you should expect from PW by now and the music falls somewhere between metal and pop-punk with heavy hitting drums and riffs mixed in with catchy and upbeat lyrics and guitar rhythms. Add some bells on top to keep things fun and lighthearted and you’ve got a great collaboration that will energize any listener! For those who have been around a while, you might catch some the nifty references to Pinkie’s Brew as well!


[P@D] Pegskasister – Pegasus Ska Sisters | Ska Punk

So Francis Vace and PegasYs. You love the Mighty Mighty Bosstones so much that you made a Rainbow Dash inspired Ska punk track for P@D: Ignite? Well far out dudes!. At Track 52. The Duo known as the Pegskasisters come flying back with an uptempo track of what it seems like, the Pegasus ponies of ponyville seeing how far Rainbow Dash will go with her flying skill. The lyrics by PegasYs are so fun and catchy. Making references of kinds of RD’s skill of flying over the 9 seasons of the show. Francis Vase does the amazing part of the role of a whole ska band with all of the elements of Big Band and Punk rock. The man is called a legend of instrumentals for a reason, and does not disappoint here. There is even a breakdown of hard punk riffs that ends the track on a Sonic Rainboom! As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Luna Ticks – Alcohol Like Oxygen | Punk Rock

The Luna Ticks made a comeback at the end of last year and submitted a song for Ponies At Dawn – Ignite. Alcohol Like Oxygen is sung from the perspective of a character whose friend tends to go a bit overboard in the alcohol department, Berry Punch for instance. It can be seen as a sequel to Complication that came out four years ago. The instrumental is just what Quicksilver‘s style is: guitars and bass that rock hard, with a special note here on the mixing of the drums that include live-like panning. The vocals from Quicksilver and Francis Vace are full of energy and passion as always — the Luna Ticks in essence.