[P@D] Quicksilver – Growing Up | Punk Rock

It’s refreshing to get an instrumental piece from Quicksilver, and no I’m not saying that because of that pool artwork picked by P@D as the cover art for it! The joy and lighthearted-ness of the moment sure does fit the music, with our beloved ska-punk musician doing wonders with those Surf Rock-like guitar melodies and the upbeat atmosphere all around! But of course the track still expresses loudly that heavy power of rock music with some energetic riffs! And if you know the musician, you can bet it has some lovely pony theme behind it! A tasty gem, from Ponies at Dawn Skyward!


MelodyBrony – The Wonderbolts | Pop Punk

An electric theme for the Wonderbolts coming at you at full speed, this new song by MelodyBrony sure does match the cover art, and provides such a rocking tribute to Equestria’s air force! A lovely and delightful Pop Punk fan song of both vocal and instrumental greatness!


EnergyTone – Babs Seed (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Punk Rock

You know what I really enjoy? When someone takes Daniel’s work, then makes it their own. EnergyTone’s cover of this song brings the light guitar in the song to the forefront. If punk rock is your jam, then you’ll love this! This to me has that 90’s punk rock feeling to it. His delivery of the lyrics matches the sound of his cover. So you will sing along just the same as it stays true to the original? Does it improve the song itself? That as always is your judgment. It’s a really fun take on a well known CMC song with a fitting rock sound to it. One that would have anyone dancing and swaying there head around!


Forest Rain – CHRISSY | Pop Punk

I’m so happy that Chrissy is getting some more love all around in the community, and the pony music scene certainly is on it, with Forest Rain doing us the honors of an amazing Pop Punk treat about the Changeling Queen! Spontaneous fan songs echoing feelings for our beloved characters are just the best! Follow Forest along the rocking riffs, inspired lyrics and lovely vocals, and let’s spread our love and passion loud and wide!


Forest Rain – Silverstream / Big Blue | Pop Punk

If you haven’t downloaded Forest Rain’s new album Discovery, then get on it now! One of the amazing songs you’ll hear is Silverstream – this energetic and touching tribute to the most enthusiastic and optimistic of the Student Six. It’s easy to jump around to these tracks with the quick guitars and flowing drum beat that make the genre so much fun to listen to!

Another hit included is Big Blue, a tribute to the softer, often hidden side of Gallus. This track has softer, more melodic parts like the piano lead-in and outro. Of course, this song wouldn’t be complete without the faster, standard pop punk chorus!


[P@D] Blackend Blue – Wrath | Melodic Metalcore

2000’s Metalcore style nostalgia feels are coming with this great track produced by Blackend that it’s featured on the most recent album of Ponies At Dawn – Skyward!
The vocals are on perfection, the lyrics that are about Twilight Sparkle dealing with her inner demons. The breakdown of this song is brutal, I headbanged while listening to this. This surely is a treasure hidden on the entire Ponies At Dawn brand.
Download or buy Skyward on P@D bandcamp.


MelodyBrony – A Song About Sweetie Bot (feat. Luck Rock) | Punk Rock

Come and get that tasty rock sound everypony! It will never get old, and MelodyBrony had such an awesome idea here with this tribute to Sweetie Bot, delving into all the deep themes associated with that fanmade character. What’s more, the awesome Luck Rock got invited to play the bass! I love to see such musical collabs in the community, it feels just like friends in the neighborhood going into each other’s garage to jam and write songs together! Keep it up guys, much love!


Brownie – Smile (Pinkie Pie Smile Metal Cover) | Metal


Brownie has an incredible talent for metalcore composition, and this cover of the Smile Song is a great example of his range. Starting out in more of a pop-punk style to match the lightness of the original song, Brownie transitions into metal while playing impressively technical guitar riffs over fast, moving drums. The track features a fantastic metalcore breakdown before bringing all of the styles together for the big finish. Brownie went all out to even make a music video featuring his many play-styles with great effects and humorous scenes.