Omnipony – Amplifyre (StrachAttack Bootleg) | Glitch Hop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 16 April 2018.

Amplifyre was a song made a long time ago by Omnipony featuring a couple of vocalists, but here Strach’s bottlegged the instrumental of it into some awesome glitch hop. A solid build up quickly launches into some high energy wubs, arranged really nice with some terrific sound design some some nice melodic sections in between too.


[P@D] Arturo Höst – Paper Monsters | Electro / IDM

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 11 April 2018.

Arturo makes some pretty killer glitch-influenced music, and this track has a whole heap of that, as it delves into intricate and deep soundscapes to confront some nightmares. It’s got some pretty awesome sound design throughout, with just enough melodic content to help drive the craziness.


Crystarium – Brother | Glitch-Hop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 6 April 2018.

After a while since any new music from him, Crystarium returns with some melodic vocal glitch hop-y goodness. It’s one of my favourite genres, and the groove is present throughout the track with some lovely composition complementing plenty of sound design that orients itself around the strong chord progressions.


FruityFusion – Deep Twist | Midtempo / Synthwave

FruityFusion is back with a retro Midtempo track! Taking the listener to the 80’s with that amazing synthesizer work, Fruity also bring modernism with the fast and uplifting beat. Feels like if a female voice was singing on this, would be the perfect mix! This track is really well done, more one to save in the retro files! Good job Fruity!


BlueBrony – Namby Pamby (PegasYs Remix) | Glitch-Hop

The original Namby Pamby by BlueBrony was such a treat, with that rapping in the perspective of Pharynx and all the funky-ness, and to our great delight, Glitch-Hop master PegasYs remixed it in his own style! Classy funk and groovy sounds ensue, and always completing BlueBrony’s original vocals and Pharynx repping the hood! Also, if you like the shirt that this rule 63 of Pharynx by Kevinsano is wearing, you can grab one here!


Starlight – Glimmer (Soundnix Remix) | Glitch-Hop

It’s so cool to see some more love not only for our beloved Glimmy, but for the memorable pony band Starlight as well! Soundnix does the honors of remixing Starlight’s Starlight-themed track, and it’s quite stunning! Renewed Starlight vibes and new Glitch-Hop progression inspired by Proctra‘s original instrumental are composing this remix, along the forever gold vocals by PegasYs. I also highly recommend Soundnix’s latest original track, the amazing Love For Ponies!

Also, I just played this remix at tonight’s Cider Party, come join!


SayMaxWell – Part of the Swarm (feat. FritzyBeat & ForeverFreest) (Lily Stilson Remix) | Glitch Hop

Ooh, some dirty wubs coming from none other than Lily Stilson here! The big thing with this is the sound design; it’s straight-up in your face one hundred percent of the time during the drops. The rap sections and the drops complement each other, and the post processing on the vocals is well-done! This is a nice remix!
Go check out the original by SayMaxWell, FritzyBeat, and ForeverFreest here!