[P@D] PVNK – Exterminatus | Electronic

PVNK shares my interest in Warhammer 40k, and this song takes inspiration from that setting’s biggest way to fix problems. Equestria is being invaded by Changelings, and ponies decide to activate a countermeasure of sorts. Gritty, lo-fi, noisy, and discordant, this is the auditory equivalent of watching a supervolcano erupt. I loved every second of it.

Editor’s note: Bonus P@D: Awakening mémé at the end!

[P@D] Del Rom – Battle Ready / PEGA & DJT – Pewter | Glitch Hop

Del Rom kicks things off here with great drops, vocal chops, and sound design. It’s a perfect feel good song especially when you prepare for those battles such as those online shooter games or role playing games. The song is definitely something you would not want to miss out on.

Another great song from the recent Ponies at Dawn album is PegasYs and DJT (no surprise since he’s on this album six times). They team up together to combine chiptune with some glitch hop! There’s good, crispy clean sound design along with a really sweet animation that Ice bear’s sure you’ll definitely enjoy watching throughout the entire song.


[P@D] DJT & ThatMusicBrony – Saviour / NeverLastStanding – Helios | Glitch Hop

The opening song for an album carries an immense responsibility, like the first sentence of a book: it has to hook the listener in and convince them to keep listening.

At this, Saviour excels. Right off the bat, DJT’s joyous melodies and wubs set the mood. ThatMusicBrony provides some truly amazing vocals. The lyris are waterlogged with emotions, and the effects (reverb and delay) on the vocals are unbelievable. All throughout, the sound design shines through brightly. What a way to kick off P@D!

And here’s some more traditional glitch hop from NeverLastStanding! With oldschool vocal chopping, complex sound, and a banging beat, this is an instant classic. It’s such a danceable tune, the kind that you hear and think “This is rave music right here.” But then, around 3:50, the song takes a sudden, unexpected, and delicious turn with very touching melodies. A total masterpiece all around!


A State of Sugar – Lollipop | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The team behind the trancey chill pony themed promo channel A State of Sugar have came together around 6 months ago to organise the collaborative’s first album. Now the album is finally ready, featuring both some of the regulars to the channel and a few new artists to the scene too! In total this one reaches 21 tracks, so if you’re still overwhelmed by the size of the Ponies At Dawn albums, this is something a little more digestible but still completely fresh for you to try out.

Lollipop is available to download from A State of Sugar’s Bandcamp page, and keep an eye out for some of the songs from it here on the site.


Totalspark – Downstairs | Jazz / Glitch Hop

This innovative track pairs glitch hop with jazz in a groovy, swingy and absolutely superb way. The hoofstep intro leads into a well-produced and very fun track. The beeps, growls, and bzzts are organized like a classic jazz piece, and the saxophone-esque synth halfway really drives the point home. Anyone who likes either glitch hop or jazz should give this a listen – or 5!


BlueBrony – Roomies | Electro Swing

We don’t often get Electro Swing in the community, and it’s such a shame considering the bliss of the genre! BlueBrony got us covered though, and here’s one elegant and cool piece delivering the musician’s take on the genre with all the jazzy instruments and melodies! Imagining that this could be the result of Vinyl and Octavia’s combined efforts and passion, feels awesome too!


StrachAttack – SHAPESHFTR | Hybrid Glitch Hop

New Chrysalis-scented StrachAttack banger, everypony!! Second track of the recently released Burnout EP, this new VIP of the classic Shapeshifter deserved a labeling as an original, as it redesigns the whole track with new sound design and progression and comes up with original ways to blend genres, while keeping the melodies and original concept. Never has our bug queen sounded (and looked) so sexy! Also props for the amazing visuals!