Cynifree – Solace | Chillhop

Every new release by Cynifree is a feast, with how the musician always manages to bring unique atmospheres and genres to the table! This one is no exception, and the Chillhop treat is full of surprises! Melodic, dark, mysterious, deep, this gem makes us follow Trixie’s hoofsteps in a new world yet unexplored…


F 109 – Turnabout Pegasus | Nu-Jazz / Glitch-Hop

Among F 109’s ever-so-delightful musical endeavors, this one is inspired by Fallout Equestria and delivers some fitting musical accompaniment and tribute to the fanmade world and characters in amazing style. Tasty bass, stunning soundscape and a blissful atmosphere all make this track such a unique gem!


FlutterDash Records – Lend a Hoof (TCB Remix) | Midtempo

TCB is great at targeting the emotion of a song and bringing out the best in it! This remix of Lend a Hoof (originally by FlutterDash Records) pinpoints the loneliness in the vocal melodies and lets it shine with a bit of light piano. When the lyrics brighten up with the theme of helping each other, the piano melody, beat, and signature TCB style kick in and really shine – always through the original vocals. The genius composition of this remix really make you look at the original Lend a Hoof in a different light, further proving the accomplishment and skill of TCB!


BlueBrony – See the World (Open Up Your Eyes) | Chillhop

Be ready for what may be BlueBrony’s magnum opus. This deep track centered around a certain part of Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist’s story and character depth is showcasing a divine musical vision and talent that takes us through an incredible progression of musical atmospheres, soundscapes, melodies, and instruments that all create such a powerful emotion as it unfolds. An otherworldly experience for the soul, this masterpiece is another proof that music is magic. And the icing on the cake, it’s also reflecting a personal meaning from the musician! You can read about it as well as the lovely story behind this track in the description.


One Track Mind – Nightly Mares EP | Electronic

Just in time for the spooky holiday, One Track Mind brings us six great tracks to really get into the Nightmare Night spirit! This extended play uses a great array of dynamics to convey an overwhelming, almost helpless at times emotion throughout a very exciting set of songs.

The first track, Nightfall, does an incredible job setting up the feel of the rest of the EP, introducing an exciting, horror themed soundscape that flows beautifully into the second track.

Edge of the Forest is an exciting track right up until One Track Mind flips it on it’s head and gives the track a somber, chilling finish.

Unloyal starts off like a disco track and runs with that theme, managing to be eerie in it’s upbeat style. About halfway through the soft, terrifying feel of Edge of the Forest comes back to top off the track with that familiar fear feeling.

Fluttering Lullaby is an intense, more powerful track. The synth is on-point with the tense drums, invoking imagery of someone slowly losing their mind.

Black Heart Purple Fur changes up everything with narration over top of a distorted, stop-beat intro. This song is more laid back from the rest of the EP, and utilizes a high, ticking noise to induce anxiety throughout.

Giggles in the Dark wraps up the EP very nicely, like you are racing out of the woods, not knowing if you will make it or not. This track incorporates great dubstep wubs and has several moving parts that keep it interesting and intense!


[PVCF] MC-Arch & bank pain – Let Me Feel This (PegasYs Remix) | Neuro Hop

Played at the latest cider party, it’s PegasYs‘ incredible remix of the original Let Me Feel This by MC-Arch and bank pain¬†from MC-Arch’s If I ever Forget magnum opus album! PegasYs goes all-out and delivers what may be one of his most impressive tracks to date, following up on the smooth and chill vibes from the original with even more emotion, and showcasing an insane sound design work as well. Over its progression, this remix from Ponyville Ciderfest‘s compilation album definitely provides a powerful experience of sounds, and that is certainly one of the things in this world that could make you feel “it”.


[P@D] bank pain & PegasYs – Flipside (feat. Flittzy) | Glitch-Hop

One of the many gems from Ponies at Dawn Enigma that are filled with much emotion, Flipside is a collab that sparkles with the talents of bank pain, PegasYs and Flittzy for a stunning story-driven track with both an expert composition and crazy sound design. Flittzy’s soothing vocals are narrating the story filled with mysteries, and under Luna’s watch, we linger in bliss as the story and divine sounds unfold in a surge of emotion.


Zizkil – Crimson Elegance | Glitch-Hop

Music visionary Zizkil treats us with a special track for this spooky month, delivering Vampire Rarity vibes along a sick instrumental of refined scares! An incredible soundscape is laying out sharp beats, moist sounds and carousel-like melodies reminding of Rarity’s character, as the atmosphere overall conveys the spooky-ness of the theme so well. A new Zizkil masterpiece to savor over and over again!


One Track Mind – Crown Cancellation (Helping Twilight Win The Crown Remix) | Glitch-Hop

Another One Track Mind greatness to bring utter bliss to our ears! Hard to put into a genre indeed, this new take on Equestria Girls (Cafeteria Song)/Helping Twilight Win The Crown is full of the musician’s unique style, blending in several electronic influences into a creative cocktail of sound and vocal chops, for over 4 minutes of tasty heavy bass madness. Sounds like the Fall Formal just got a new princess!