Toby Macarony – Glitchy Vitchy | Jazz / Glitch-Hop

Toby’s got a bit of a reputation with his unique approach to music; transcending and blending genres is what he’s best known for in some circles and this song is no exception! What starts off sounding like a solemn bluesy jazz number quickly transforms into something energetic and spooky. It turns out shuffled walking basslines and punch “tombstone” drums make a great combination – who knew?


Koa x TCB – Background pt. 1 | Pop

NB: mild language warning

A motivating track about Lyra Heartstrings, as told through Koa’s uplifting pop vocals and TCB doing his magic with mixing and creating. Lyra fans are sure to get into a good mood from this collab. Taken from Koa’s “In Your Eyes” Album, this track sends aan authentic message of being yourself, showing others what you bring to the table, and claiming your spotlight. TCB blasts this head-moving and grooving vibe that is NOT shy about being colorful! The guitar-like synths are a nice touch. Those addicting drops will have you bopping your head in rhythm to Lyra’s message of “flipping the perception of your own story!”. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Vylet Pony – F*CK MARRY K*LL | Glitch Hop

Editor’s note: Profanity warning, in case it wasn’t obvious

Is it any surprise that Vylet did a Queen Chrissy track and made it sound like pure violent intent? Even more interesting is that she uses a genre not typically composed by her, yet she captures the spirit of bug queen with complex grinding elements and bass drops that come with ill intent of one vile Queen Chrissy! If those Chrissy vocal chops were not enough for an edge, Vylet’s haunting vocals, singing of Chrissy sucking the love out of you, should send a chill down your poor spine. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


GLIMM, Khaliber & DJSkystorm – Izzy Pop (Dijit Remix) | Midtempo

Originally made for the ‘Izzy Pop remix competition’ hosted by GLIMM and Khaliber; Dijit delivers with a heavy hitting remix that absolutely nails the midtempo nit and grit! Drawn out drones and crisp, glitched one shots adorn this track and accompany the vocal flow in a rather tasty way. Add the nice sprinkling of fast paced breakbeats in the breakdown and you’ve got good fun all around with this one!


JayB – I Love Everything (Toby Macarony Remix) | Glitch Hop / Chiptune

Toby is back at it again! Their signature unique style is on display once again with a crunchy and powerfully melodic remix of another fandom classic! The entire song is vibrantly saturated with 8-bit blips and beeps with a catchy break beat groove and some screaming high and rich chords. Add in the nostalgia trip the iconic flutter vocals bring and Toby’s finesse and you’ve got a really great time ahead!


Cynifree – Sunspot VIP (Depths) | Chill Hop

Always unique in his creations, Cynifree puts a deep, melancholy spin on a relatively recent track. With more focus on the watery atmosphere and a laid-back beat, it makes for a relaxing yet vibe-able journey that’s sure to keep you groovin’.


Cynifree – Sunspot | Glitch-Hop

Let me tell you, I’m always thrilled to cover anything Cynifree does, Not because he is one of my buddies, But he takes the complex and intricate and makes compositions like this! We see Luna here in her realm of dreams looking over how everything threads together as she closely observes. That speaks into what this track is about. We have ambient layered with this gritty bass that has this fantastic pop of energy. It’s ethereal and the wavy effects and mysterious vibe with the beat, I dare say a little bit of lo-fi sprinkled in. It’s all mixed, and it’s well produced. This is Cynifree’s MO, my friends; no one like him does this style. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


SpinScissor – No More Apologies | Midtempo / Alternate Electronic

SpinScissor is honing the unique emotion in his songs even more through practice of the magic that is music, and this new release might just be a new peak! The emotional melodies throughout that incredible progression certainly resonated with me, while the heartfelt vocals are telling the commitment to newfound meanings explained in the description. Ethereal and magical, the piece will take you to higher planes!


Nyancat380 – Clear My Head | Glitch-Hop

What a cool song and lyrics video! The video opens with the viewer flying down a train track with some terrific Rarity art (that Nyancat380 made themself!) in the foreground with a clean but spicy arrangement of synths and percussion that create a classic hip hop vibe in a totally original way. The melancholy atmosphere is reinforced by the lyrics, which tell an unhappy story of Rarity struggling with self-doubt. Things really start to feel out of control when the tempo picks up, and the fantastic instrumental section after the drop is full of glitchy goodness and ends with a perfect vocal chop. All of the song’s elements are then fantastically spliced together in the following section in a way that fits the theme of the song so well. The song finishes dramatically, a fitting end to the psychological storm.


Glimm – PRINCESSES | Album | Electronic

MAGIC!, inspired by and representing every princess in this princess-themed album, is the opener to PRINCESSES by IAmGlimm. Glitch-hop inspired drums and basses accompanied by slap bass guitars ready your ears for this joyous album! The track that follows that swing-y piece is CADENZA, glittered with saw stabs, trap-inspired drums and a lush, reverberant piano that gives this track its sense of wonderous melody. With melodies, basses, and drums that are reminiscent of 90’s era trance, ILLUMINATE MY NIGHT represents Princess Luna in this album, and also acts as my personal favorite track. Last but not least, the sounds from the finishing track ENLIGHTEN emit pure euphoria. With vocal chops, sine sub-basses, and a lively second drop, ENLIGHTEN represents Princess Celestia. Although it’s a relatively small release, PRINCESSES is energetic, bouncy, and fleshed-out enough to gratify a listen or two!