BlueBrony – in between | Chillhop / Liquid Drum & Bass

Time to rejoice, for BlueBrony is back with a new original pony-inspired tune! BlueBrony has some of the most unique and welcomed themes in the pony music scene, and this track is about that part of S08E06 Surf and/or Turf when Terramar is torn between his earthy home and his aquatic home, unable to choose and sitting on that tree branch in mid-air. Delightfully capturing that scene and those feelings in an experimental piece, BlueBrony reflected beautifully the many shades of the moment with distorted leads, an arrangement of fitting sounds representing both the sea and the earth, and an inspired progression that will make you wander in the depths of Terramar’s thoughts! Truly an amazing and very lovely initiative.


Lycan Dese Beats – Beats 4 Everfree | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Three years ago, after running a successful radio show about brony music for several months, Lycan got a bunch of musicians to pitch in some songs to make a compilation album featuring them. Fast forward to now, and this annual album is now in its 4th edition with the release of Beats 4 Everfree. The primary difference this time round is that the album is dedicated to Everfree Northwest, for which Lycan is the musical coordinator this year, and the funds raised from the album sales will go to EFNW’s chosen charity, the Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy. 14 tracks from a group of consistently solid musicians and producers take this album through all sorts of genres – electronic to orchestral – so there’s something in here for everyone’s tastes!

Beats 4 Everfree is available to download for any given price from the Lycan Dese Beats Bandcamp.


Daniel Ingram – One Small Thing (JoinedTheHerd Remix) | Electro

JoinedTheHerd’s newest song is a remix of one of the songs from the MLP Movie! He takes the already upbeat lyrics and adds a bouncy, uplifting beat. Pinkie and Skystar’s vocals carry that special exuberance they did in the movie itself, and herein they’re accentuated by the glorious melodies. JTH never disappoints, and this is no exception!


[P@D] RKDM – Perspective | Glitch Hop

Another great contribution to the most recent Ponies at Dawn compilation album, RKDM brings us this unique, bumpin’ track. The song begins with a great chiptune intro that builds into a mighty glitch hop piece. Perspective is a testament to how well chops can be used! The Fluttershy snippets sing along with the track and add an incredible melody as an additional layer to the song. RKDM changes up the different phrases and sprinkles the chiptune back in halfway through to keep the track fun and interesting. Make sure to check out this great standalone addition to a fantastic album.


Omnipony – Amplifyre (StrachAttack Bootleg) | Glitch Hop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 16 April 2018.

Amplifyre was a song made a long time ago by Omnipony featuring a couple of vocalists, but here Strach’s bottlegged the instrumental of it into some awesome glitch hop. A solid build up quickly launches into some high energy wubs, arranged really nice with some terrific sound design some some nice melodic sections in between too.


[P@D] Arturo Höst – Paper Monsters | Electro / IDM

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 11 April 2018.

Arturo makes some pretty killer glitch-influenced music, and this track has a whole heap of that, as it delves into intricate and deep soundscapes to confront some nightmares. It’s got some pretty awesome sound design throughout, with just enough melodic content to help drive the craziness.


Crystarium – Brother | Glitch-Hop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 6 April 2018.

After a while since any new music from him, Crystarium returns with some melodic vocal glitch hop-y goodness. It’s one of my favourite genres, and the groove is present throughout the track with some lovely composition complementing plenty of sound design that orients itself around the strong chord progressions.


FruityFusion – Deep Twist | Midtempo / Synthwave

FruityFusion is back with a retro Midtempo track! Taking the listener to the 80’s with that amazing synthesizer work, Fruity also bring modernism with the fast and uplifting beat. Feels like if a female voice was singing on this, would be the perfect mix! This track is really well done, more one to save in the retro files! Good job Fruity!