[ASOS] Niłch’i Poni – Tàu Kỳ Lân | Neuro Hop

Piano, Neurofunk, and minimalism was a combination I never thought was possible until now. Enjoy an order of motif-loving piano and huge synth stabs, with a side order of Neurofunk-styled drums, and an extra bassy drink paid for by the courteous Nilch’i Pony and served to you by the Waffle branch of the A State of Sugar team. Speaking more on the last part of that semi-serious sentence, this piece holds a spot on the 38 track compilation album ASOS, and it’s no doubt well-deserved.


UndreamedPanic – Cruizin’ (feat. Kozmos) | Hip-Hop / Glitch-Hop

Panic and Kozmos team up in Cruizin’, a very groovy Spitfire tune with a lovely atmosphere of bright and clean licks and riffs giving a rather relaxed indie feel to the whole song. Kozmos’s rapping is very on point and is buttery smooth and laid back, perfectly complimenting the ‘kick-back-and-relax’ energy. Now thats not to say its all smooth sailing, as there are a couple very well laid out switchups bringing on a harsher grit with some superb breakbeats. All in all this is a superb track to listen to on a hot day, when all you want to do, is sit back and have a couple drinks.


Pegasas – Shimmer (Sunset Shimmer’s Adventure) | Glitch-Hop

Now this shocked me out of nowhere! This is the first time I’ve heard of Pegasas and colour me impressed! There is a very chilled laid back hip hop vibe from the get go with lots of intricate plucks and synths mixed in which already on its own is really nice! Now the drop is where it really takes the cake. A very heavy and glitchy syncopated bassline with plenty of complex sliding and stuttering sliced up and regurgitated in a masterful way, mixed in with the melody, powerful chords, and vast array of instrumentation, this is how I always imagined Glitch Hop to be as a genre and this artist knows their stuff!


[P@D] MEQA & Arturo Höst – Amniomorphic Spell | Neurohop / IDM

Hot off the press from Ponies at Dawn: Skyward, we have been gifted with a mesmerizing piece. Opening with a very chill and laid back mood with subtle intricacies and an excellent sound stage there is an air of regal intelligence that is buttery smooth and by contrast the switchup in the song’s climax to Neurohop is down surprisingly well and hits home very hard and heavy while still blending in the atmospheric vibes of the rest of song. Excellent job MEQA and Arturo! Definitely a highlight of the album in my eyes!


Nyancat380 – Rappin’ | Moombahcore

Now this is a fun one! This is a remix of The Wonderbolts Rap that took me by surprise! A genre I haven’t heard much in recent years, its veeery refreshing to here some straight, and solid Moombahcore. Nyancat has done a very good job here capturing the groove of the original while adding some intense flare with some complex vocal splices and fun gritty basslines. This will be a treat for many and I’m looking forward to see what else they have in store!

[P@D] PegasYs – Dental Damn VIP (feat. Midnight Melody & TheMusicReborn) | Glitch-Hop

What a wonderful track from the latest installment of the Ponies at Dawn saga! This VIP of one of PegasYs‘ most iconic tracks really showcases some of the depth of talent in this fandom, from the catchy, boppin’ bass guitar from Midnight Melody, to the jazzy trumpet licks from TheMusicReborn, to the deep neuro basses in the drop. All in all, a wonderful, inclusive track sure appeal to both musicians and listeners alike.


Eurobeat Brony & TheLivingTombstone – Discord (Chang31ing Remix) | Midtempo

Here we have a remix of the defining brony song. Uh oh, you might think. It starts unsuspectingly enough, just as The Living Tombstone’s remix does. However, once the vocals fade out for the first time, one of Chang31ing’s signature tasty basses creeps in and the buildup results in an infectious breakdown befitting any club. It’s extremely hard to make the classics sound fresh, but Chang31ing has definitely discredited that with this short but sweet banger!


[P@D] Zizkil – I Am | Glitch Hop / Fidget House

Deep, gorgeous, and with a dark concept, this new masterpiece by Zizkil shows the extent of the power of darkness, and of mad EDM skill too, with a stunning experience of sound that will make you wander in the mind of the Pony of Shadows. With heavenly melodies and hard-hitting drops, this unique gem (one more to Zizkil’s streak) is part of Ponies at Dawn Skyward, available on Bandcamp now!


Vinyl Scratch – Wubtastic | Complextro

The one and only Vinyl Scratch is back once again, and with a new pony surprise for us! Part of a new EP titled The Untitled Gig (Soundcloud stream here), Wubtastic is a delight for us longtime fans who sure remember about the classic Vinylicious, with nostalgic callbacks and a renewed sick musical experience in the company of Vinyl as well! Also fun fact, I actually dreamed about Scraton/Vinyl Scratch last night! In the dream, he turned out to live in my hometown and I got to introduce him to my parents like “Hey this is a super amazing and famous musician in the community!”. Maybe I had that dream because I started writing up this post last night before going to bed, and was listening to the whole EP too… Or just because I’m so happy about this new release! Vinyl Scratch forever!


[P@D] Single Purpose – Blue Coated Smug Horse | Glitch Hop


It’s time to get excited for a new Ponies at Dawn album and that means lots of fantastic fandom music all at once! Single Purpose takes us into the world of Trixie with this tribute to her personality. Blue Coated Smug Horse has a nice groove and smug vibes with perfectly timed Trixie vocal chops. The track is a great example of the amazing creativity and music on the new Skyward release!