[P@D] PegasYs – Dental Damn VIP (feat. Midnight Melody & TheMusicReborn) | Glitch-Hop

What a wonderful track from the latest installment of the Ponies at Dawn saga! This VIP of one of PegasYs‘ most iconic tracks really showcases some of the depth of talent in this fandom, from the catchy, boppin’ bass guitar from Midnight Melody, to the jazzy trumpet licks from TheMusicReborn, to the deep neuro basses in the drop. All in all, a wonderful, inclusive track sure appeal to both musicians and listeners alike.


Eurobeat Brony & TheLivingTombstone – Discord (Chang31ing Remix) | Midtempo

Here we have a remix of the defining brony song. Uh oh, you might think. It starts unsuspectingly enough, just as The Living Tombstone’s remix does. However, once the vocals fade out for the first time, one of Chang31ing’s signature tasty basses creeps in and the buildup results in an infectious breakdown befitting any club. It’s extremely hard to make the classics sound fresh, but Chang31ing has definitely discredited that with this short but sweet banger!


[P@D] Zizkil – I Am | Glitch Hop / Fidget House

Deep, gorgeous, and with a dark concept, this new masterpiece by Zizkil shows the extent of the power of darkness, and of mad EDM skill too, with a stunning experience of sound that will make you wander in the mind of the Pony of Shadows. With heavenly melodies and hard-hitting drops, this unique gem (one more to Zizkil’s streak) is part of Ponies at Dawn Skyward, available on Bandcamp now!


Vinyl Scratch – Wubtastic | Complextro

The one and only Vinyl Scratch is back once again, and with a new pony surprise for us! Part of a new EP titled The Untitled Gig (Soundcloud stream here), Wubtastic is a delight for us longtime fans who sure remember about the classic Vinylicious, with nostalgic callbacks and a renewed sick musical experience in the company of Vinyl as well! Also fun fact, I actually dreamed about Scraton/Vinyl Scratch last night! In the dream, he turned out to live in my hometown and I got to introduce him to my parents like “Hey this is a super amazing and famous musician in the community!”. Maybe I had that dream because I started writing up this post last night before going to bed, and was listening to the whole EP too… Or just because I’m so happy about this new release! Vinyl Scratch forever!


[P@D] Single Purpose – Blue Coated Smug Horse | Glitch Hop


It’s time to get excited for a new Ponies at Dawn album and that means lots of fantastic fandom music all at once! Single Purpose takes us into the world of Trixie with this tribute to her personality. Blue Coated Smug Horse has a nice groove and smug vibes with perfectly timed Trixie vocal chops. The track is a great example of the amazing creativity and music on the new Skyward release!


FlutterDash Records – Lend a Hoof (TCB Remix) | Midtempo

TCB is great at targeting the emotion of a song and bringing out the best in it! This remix of Lend a Hoof (originally by FlutterDash Records) pinpoints the loneliness in the vocal melodies and lets it shine with a bit of light piano. When the lyrics brighten up with the theme of helping each other, the piano melody, beat, and signature TCB style kick in and really shine – always through the original vocals. The genius composition of this remix really make you look at the original Lend a Hoof in a different light, further proving the accomplishment and skill of TCB!


BlueBrony – See the World (Open Up Your Eyes) | Chillhop

Be ready for what may be BlueBrony’s magnum opus. This deep track centered around a certain part of Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist’s story and character depth is showcasing a divine musical vision and talent that takes us through an incredible progression of musical atmospheres, soundscapes, melodies, and instruments that all create such a powerful emotion as it unfolds. An otherworldly experience for the soul, this masterpiece is another proof that music is magic. And the icing on the cake, it’s also reflecting a personal meaning from the musician! You can read about it as well as the lovely story behind this track in the description.