[P@D] MEQA – Null | Neurohop

With an ambient and grand curtain-raiser as the intro, this neurohop track titled Null is a tasteful manifestation of rhythm and neuro-styled sound design. Slow and heavy is the name of the game in the presence of MEQA’s progressions, and before the last beat-heavy section of this piece is an ambiance that is as sonically intimidating as it is suspenseful. This opus also befittingly has a spot on the great Ponies at Dawn album, Ignite! Enjoy!


VibePoniez – Skyscrapers LP | Compilation Album | Chillout

Challenger approaching… VibePoniez – an electronic label formed by TheTaZe, Steryotype and Tw3Lv3 – has recently released their first full-length compilation album Skyscrapers, a collection of 20 songs with chill vibes primarily in the electronic genre. Our opening track is a remix of the Single Purpose song Setbacks brought to you by TheTaZe, featuring heartbreaking voice samples from I Am Octavia. The next track comes from fandom lo-fi giant Steryotype, CafeIn3Parts. True to its name, it goes through three phases of smooth, chilled out lo-fi hip hop as we’ve come to expect from him. The album also features appearances from PeKaNo, GrazySmash, Paloris, TCB and many more. If you like your electronic music to be chill and uplifting, you’re in for a treat with this album.


[P@D] Cynifree – These Thoughts Of Mine | Midtempo

Ready for some fire? Track 62 from the upcoming Ponies at Dawn album Ignite is These Thoughts of Mine, and hoo boy… Using samples from A Kirin Tale, Cynifree’s latest outing is truly something special. The sound design is truly atmospheric and haunting, turning the original song into a brand new piece of art. He really went out of his comfort zone here, and the result is unbelievable. Be sure to check out Ignite when it releases on May 2nd!


Mogul Dash – Get it Started (feat. Pinkie Rose and Niko de Ruiz) | Glitch-Hop

After well over half a decade in the making, Mogul Dash’s collab with Pinkie Rose and Niko de Ruiz (formerly known as Buffalo Brony) is finally here! While a shorter version was uploaded in late 2018, this is the finished product and it was definitely worth the wait. Pinkie Rose delivers fantastic harmonic vocals while Niko puts forth a strong set of rapped verses over a catchy instrumental with powerful bass and drums reminiscent of an 80s track!


Whirlwind – The Friendship Experiment | IDM

Whirlwind returns with another unique electronic piece. Based on Lesson Zero, The Friendship Experiment is an erratic and glitchy track with lots of hefty sounds and NES styled synths. All the craziness brings about feelings of being in Twilight’s underground lab while thinking of ways to create problems to solve. The Aphex Twin influence is very prominent!


[ASOS] Feryl DeMarco – Alterworlds | IDM

Been a while since we’ve heard from Feryl DeMarco, hasn’t it? She’s back with her first track of the year as well as track 16 from the freshly released ASOS: Brownie, Alterworlds! True to its name, the song feels like the soundtrack to an alternate dimension, or a dimension hopping trip. Feryl’s signature electronic style absolutely shines through on this track, particularly the percussion and erratic synth sounds. Just another amazing addition to her discography as well as something to remember from the album!


Hoofy – P!NK GVNG (RIEL Remix) | Glitch-Hop

RIEL returns with his first remix of the year, a more melodic take on Hoofy‘s P!NK GVNG. Gone are the intense wubs and elements from other genres, and it its place are glitch hop elements as well as more heavenly and melodic synths mixed with vocal samples and some hard-hitting yet more restrained wubs. It’s amazing how two different minds can make such different versions of their tracks!