Vylet Pony – Brohoof | Pop / Midtempo

Oh you BET I am ready to get groovy! How about you, dear reader of this article, joining me on witnessing the wonder of Vylet Pony’s musical works once again? How does she keep doing it? We get to listen this time to “Brohoof” a certified original gangster greeting if you will. And of course, an absolute classic! I love all the references throughout the track mixed with the extremely hyped up vibe and yet how smoooooth~ everything is. Vylet does it once again, like she ALWAYS does – bringing forward a great track with a great story to tell and bringing forward THE groove! Legit, Stay amazing you… /)


ALostCarolean – Invasion | Darksynth

As the sirens, the first shots, and the first stones crumble and collapse, the Invasion begins. And so, begins ALostCarolean’s track, bringing us a massive darksynth song! I like the contrast of this song, something grimdark is happening. but throughout the melody you hear both hope and determination, to make things right. Such is the tragedy of war, I suppose. The flow of this tune is really smooth where it needs to be, and so it is regarding the intensity. There’s even a nice bit of guitar work in this! So You WILL, absolutely go hard on this. I am happy this track got to invade my speakers and got my attention!


The Wilders – Rule 4 That (EveryDayDashie Remix) | Glitch-Hop

EveryDayDashie has dived straight into the G5 scene with yet another remix, this time of a Tell Your Tale song. Considering it’s the first time they’ve made these kind of dubstep-adjacent sounds, they’ve done a pretty good job weaving all the sounds together to make a cohesive heavy beat!


The Horse Music Herald Very Belated Nightmare Night Extravaganza

What month is it again? We wanted to collate all our NMN writeups into one post this year, but we weren’t as quick off the mark as we hoped to be 😬 But you know what they say; better late than never, right? Catch a selection of songs below from the likes of Jyc Row, Prince Whateverer, Twisty Tunes, Brilliant Venture, Skyshard and more!

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Toby Macarony – In Love With Another Man | Glitch-Pop

The creativity of Toby Macarony is incessant. You felt in love with their previous releases and now you’ll love another new and bouncy release by them. Carefree melodies, a bass bopping miscellaneously and prismatic chords are in joyment side by side that’ll get you prancing! Let love magnify equal as the radiating consonances of this song. Don’t forget to hug your partner today like the lovebirds of the video.


Nyanakaru – Methodic Ways To Break A Mind | Electronic Album

After at least a year in the making, Nyanakaru has finally completed his newest album. As it happens, we’ve actually covered each one of these single releases so far (some under his former alias). You can check those out below. The last addition to this is True Colors, an intensely dark and heavy glitchy drumstep-like song – I’m not entirely sure how to describe it, so I recommend taking a listen yourself!

See our previous posts for; Clear My Head, Falling Apart, Sixty Twenty Twelve, The Brightness and Oneiromancy.


Toby Macarony – Glitchy Vitchy | Jazz / Glitch-Hop

Toby’s got a bit of a reputation with his unique approach to music; transcending and blending genres is what he’s best known for in some circles and this song is no exception! What starts off sounding like a solemn bluesy jazz number quickly transforms into something energetic and spooky. It turns out shuffled walking basslines and punch “tombstone” drums make a great combination – who knew?


Koa x TCB – Background pt. 1 | Pop

NB: mild language warning

A motivating track about Lyra Heartstrings, as told through Koa’s uplifting pop vocals and TCB doing his magic with mixing and creating. Lyra fans are sure to get into a good mood from this collab. Taken from Koa’s “In Your Eyes” Album, this track sends aan authentic message of being yourself, showing others what you bring to the table, and claiming your spotlight. TCB blasts this head-moving and grooving vibe that is NOT shy about being colorful! The guitar-like synths are a nice touch. Those addicting drops will have you bopping your head in rhythm to Lyra’s message of “flipping the perception of your own story!”. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Vylet Pony – F*CK MARRY K*LL | Glitch Hop

Editor’s note: Profanity warning, in case it wasn’t obvious

Is it any surprise that Vylet did a Queen Chrissy track and made it sound like pure violent intent? Even more interesting is that she uses a genre not typically composed by her, yet she captures the spirit of bug queen with complex grinding elements and bass drops that come with ill intent of one vile Queen Chrissy! If those Chrissy vocal chops were not enough for an edge, Vylet’s haunting vocals, singing of Chrissy sucking the love out of you, should send a chill down your poor spine. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


GLIMM, Khaliber & DJSkystorm – Izzy Pop (Dijit Remix) | Midtempo

Originally made for the ‘Izzy Pop remix competition’ hosted by GLIMM and Khaliber; Dijit delivers with a heavy hitting remix that absolutely nails the midtempo nit and grit! Drawn out drones and crisp, glitched one shots adorn this track and accompany the vocal flow in a rather tasty way. Add the nice sprinkling of fast paced breakbeats in the breakdown and you’ve got good fun all around with this one!