Agents of Discord & Reverbrony – Chimera (RIEL Remix) | Complextro

Now this is an interesting one. RIEL has taken Agent of Discord’s and Reverbrony’s song ‘Chimera’ and flipped it on its head! A more in your face, foreboding spectacle of gritty synthesis melds nicely with the original melodies. A lot of switch ups in the rhythm plus a pulsing bassline and ominous atmosphere really sells this as a unique take on the original and I couldn’t be happier for it!


LaunchSix – On Top | Electro House

A song about friends, parties, night clubs, bat ponies, and drinks? This hoof-stomping track is full of heavy duty, party-inducing bass and grind-like melodies, with some pretty slick usage of a keyboard for the more uplifting flavor. Plus some hard faceplaning drum beats to get those hooves moving. The setting and lyrics in this track tell the story of what Launch and his friends like to do during a night on the town. It gets quite insane! His friends are Cynifree, Chasing Dawn and Sailor. The concept and composition were inspired by the nonsense these four get themselves into during voice chats. It is such a blaster. Enjoy the Electro House goodness! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


Daniel Ingram – The Magic Inside (Snow Swirl Remix) | Garage / Dance

Snow Swirl is on a roll with show song remixes made with love, and this time it’s the already emotional The Magic Inside from Rara that gets the special treatment! The “live” aspect of the song is represented further here by creative integration of the audience, and Lena Hall’s gorgeous vocals get sublimated anew by the starry DnB arrangement!


SoGreatandPowerful – On My Own (loophoof & Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Electro House

Firstly, if you haven’t downloaded The Rest of Our Lives then you are missing out! This charity album is filled with treasures of many kinds!

loophoof and Tw3Lv3 are a power combo as they build on a key section of SoGreatandPowerful’s original hit, particularly with the standout Applejack vocal chops. Tw3Lv3 brings a great, unique perspective to the track, adding electric guitars to an EDM track for loophoof to build around. His pure EDM sections are tight and add an incredible dynamic to the SGAP-centric sections as well as the trio-parts where Tw3Lv3’s guitars drive the energy. The entire combination is innovative and greater than the sum of the already top-tier parts!

Bonus credit to Osoch for his work mastering the track!


Sawtooth Waves – To The Skies (feat. Chi-Chi) | Electropop

Sawtooth Waves, formerly known as Notion, returns with their first original in nearly 2 years! To The Skies is a cute and bouncy pop track featuring the adorable vocals of Chi-Chi as the part of Scootaloo, singing about the all-too familiar concept of her being unable to fly with her tiny wings and coping with her emotions all the while. Along with this banger comes a brilliant PMV, made by a talented group! Perfection in one single package.


[The Rest of Our Lives] Direct Current – Redshift (feat. Evdog) | Indie Electronica

Hot off the new compilation album The Rest of Our Lives, Direct Current and Evdog really plant one in the feels with Redshift. The sound design and ambiance in this track are incredible. The depth of the instrumental feels like it is coming from another dimension and time. The vocals are heavily processed to really give it a feel that feeling of being something beyond this world. Lyrically the vocals sing about great friendships and memories past and how that time lives on to strengthen us as we venture into the unknown of the future. Slowly paced to really savor the nostalgic emotion, you really get the opportunity to feel all the warm, uplifting, and even somber melodies that come from an incredibly well-crafted song.

All proceeds from The Rest of Our Lives album will go towards the Brony Thank You Fund, which is currently providing supplies to mask makers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Any contribution helps and the album is packed-full with incredible tunes and talent!


Flutter Bully – Party Problems (Dandelion Remix) | Electro House

(Listen to the Original Here from Flutter Bully )

People still make music about Yes yes they do! Sprinkle in some vocal chops, this remix is given a fresh makeover with some jumping Electro House flavor. Imagine Equestria being ruled by a party crazy Alicorn Berry Punch and you will get the theme of this remix by Dandelion. All the pinkie themes are still in the lyrics. What’s better is that there is a much smoother sounding track. Including some old school DJ scrubbing mixed in and the party energy beat amped up. Dandelion seems to know how to control the tempo of that energy to make this track shift from high to hyper beats. It’s a funny and suggestive track that I’m sure you will be dancing around with your plushy. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Camelia – Eastern Power | Electro

Making their debut on Ponies at Dawn: Ignite with Eastern Power is Camelia, an electronic musician from China. This song features plenty of bouncy drums and optimistic synths along with some wholesome Pinkie Pie samples, even including some chiptune synths at one point! One thing about P@D is that you normally get to see some completely new faces next to some bangers, and this is no exception!


[P@D] Silva Hound & GrazySmash feat. Forest Rain – Ponies In Flames | Electro House

Brony DJ producer, and legend Silva Hound is once again back for P@D: Ignite with a heart-breaker of a track!. At 34. On the album, Silva brings the pain with the help of one Grazy Smash. A track about the hardship of friends losing each other. Becoming the worst of enemies. Or lovers clashing over the others actions. Forest Rain brings the emotion of pain with her voice that will give you 3rd degree burns at how hot and painful these lyrics are. The beat by both Silva and Grazy really adds to the adversity of the message. Its adds a lot of confusion and anger to how the melody flows, but the mood really changes once Forest starts to sing. The emotion building of the anger of the track to were the anxiety builds until it’s blows up with some emotional bass drops. The track does a pretty good job with the intensity of the meaning without going really crazy. Fine work by the three of them, and a banger to move too. It kinda has that 80’s techno theme with all the neon lights in the presentation . But you be the judge, as this Qilin will ask you always.