[ASOS] Various Artists – Bubblegum | Electro

One of the many sugary treats from A State of Sugar Bubblegum, this one sure is special as it’s a super lovely mega collab! It features the different influences and styles of Violin Melody, Jalmaan, Greyfade, Heartsong, Cynifree, IPon3, Periwinkle, and Nevermourn, and everything blends together so well over an awesome progression! It results in such an epic track indeed, giving much emotion, not just from the amazing music in itself but also from the thought of all those awesome pony musicians working together to create this… A token of the power of Friendship and teamwork for sure!


[P@D] bank pain, Tripon & Progressive Element – Ghost In The Dream VIP | Drum & Bass

Here we go again! The original ‘Ghost In The Dream‘ was an amazing collaboration I fell in love with and now as of the recent P@D: Enigma album, we have a stunnning variation of the original. Opening with the aggressive energy from the original, things start shifting and morphing and giving the original a new light and is a great nod to the original. The addition at the climax was something I wasn’t expecting but man, does it ever give it a nice chilling epilogue.
I dream


Ponylution – Falling in Sky (bank pain Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

Falling in Sky has always been a great song and bank pain does an excellent job here giving it a breathe of air. Breaking away from the original’s epic and energetic chord structure and instead going with a more laid back and flowing melting pot of harmonies, bank really brings forward the feeling of ‘falling in the sky’ in a new light and is a soothing take on the original.


SlyphStorm – Nightmare Night (2018 Redux) (Covering WoodenToaster & Mic The Microphone) | Electro

Keeping with the theme of comebacks to pony music, here’s the famous SlyphStorm’s! He’s covered the classic Nightmare Night in the past and recently submitted a reveamped instrumental to Ponyville Ciderfest’s charity album, but it appears he’s gone and tweaked it even further and added vocals! He has truly nailed the vibe and the vocal stylings (effects included!) of the original, and it sounds as fresh as ever in 2018. A kickass guitar solo, a rock-solid organ section, and a distinctly SlyphStorm brand of electro all help make this restyling an absolute delight.


One Track Mind – Nightly Mares EP | Electronic

Just in time for the spooky holiday, One Track Mind brings us six great tracks to really get into the Nightmare Night spirit! This extended play uses a great array of dynamics to convey an overwhelming, almost helpless at times emotion throughout a very exciting set of songs.

The first track, Nightfall, does an incredible job setting up the feel of the rest of the EP, introducing an exciting, horror themed soundscape that flows beautifully into the second track.

Edge of the Forest is an exciting track right up until One Track Mind flips it on it’s head and gives the track a somber, chilling finish.

Unloyal starts off like a disco track and runs with that theme, managing to be eerie in it’s upbeat style. About halfway through the soft, terrifying feel of Edge of the Forest comes back to top off the track with that familiar fear feeling.

Fluttering Lullaby is an intense, more powerful track. The synth is on-point with the tense drums, invoking imagery of someone slowly losing their mind.

Black Heart Purple Fur changes up everything with narration over top of a distorted, stop-beat intro. This song is more laid back from the rest of the EP, and utilizes a high, ticking noise to induce anxiety throughout.

Giggles in the Dark wraps up the EP very nicely, like you are racing out of the woods, not knowing if you will make it or not. This track incorporates great dubstep wubs and has several moving parts that keep it interesting and intense!


Einarx – Nightfall | Dubstep

Einarx has dropped quite the literal bombshell with this one! The atmosphere that is brought in straight from the intro is incredible and gives us a mix of some digital and Japanese anime vibes. Speaking of which by sampling the Japanese Nightmare Moon’s voice it really sets this apart from what I’m used to hearing! It’s clever, refreshing, and hard hitting and that’s what I love about Einarx and is quite the ‘trick’ of Trick NO Treat: Phase 3 from the folks at Magnus Records. If you loved this one then you really should check the rest out. It is quite a treat.

Aside – More Music For the Headless Horse | Compilation Album | Experimental

The sequel to the highly experimental Music for the Headless Horse. More Music for the Headless Horse comes as an amazing show of spooky/funny/experimental songs with the habitual faces of like Kakofonous A. Dischord (the owner), Shuffle Horse (formerlly known as VecodeX), Drixaleflankƨy, CloudbeatSampleMousse and yours truly (yes me). But we also have new faces like Cynifree, RezKue!, Dynamite Grizzly, DEFORMED STUUFYSH, DAϟH & Ponut Pulse and Lois Cook! All of this album is amazing and you should check out! Artwork done by the amazing Cosmic Latte (aka PhonicBoom).


General Mumble & Koa – They’re Up to Something, Gummy | Electro

A wonderful surprise, our friendly neighborhood General Mumble cooked up a new EP for this Halloween, and this is one of the tracks that will be part of it! A collab with Mumble’s fiancée Koa, it samples Pinkie from the fateful S01E25 Party of One, and it’s such a welcomed new musical experience signed with General Mumble’s unique vision. The track fittingly delivers spooky and intriguing vibes thanks to distortion effects on the vocals and mad choirs in the background, that make you feel like you’re walking in a twisted version of Equestria! And this is only the beginning!


Light Assassin – Sucker Punch | Electro

A brand new Full Flavor-like tune has surfaced in the community! Light Assassin does us the honor of bringing the legendary genre back and it is certainly impressive to get such a blend of tempos in a savory cocktail of sound, showcasing Light Assassin’s proficiency and creativity. For those who don’t remember, Full Flavor was made popular by Karetus’ eponymous track, and it was shortly followed on in the community by Trinity and Nexaka’s Poison Joke that also got posted on Cider Party!


[P@D] Exiark – Through Time And Space | Complextro

I always have high expectations for an Exiark track but Through Time And Space is something all its own! Easily one of my favourite tracks from the latest Ponies @ Dawn Album; Enigma this one will definitely take you for a journey and you can feel the tension and chaos that a thousand years on the moon would bring about and the way the tempos and rhythms shuffle and morph, it’s truly awe-inspiring!