[P@D] NeverLastStanding & PegasYs – Hero | Glitch-Hop

Another Ponies at Dawn Enigma pre-release following Piece Of History, this one is being played at the latest Cider Party right now! Come partake in the bliss of NeverLastStanding and PegasYs‘ united talents, along divine pony vocal chops and a deep concept about Spike’s character depth! More in the description of the video!


One Track Mind – All Okay | Glitch-Hop

One Track Mind’s venture into Glitch-Hop is as insane as it gets, with fast wubs, broken beats, and an incredible melodic focus that really makes this piece shine. A progression of many divine wonders, it is another token of the musician’s talent and creativity!


Daniel Ingram & Lena Hall – The Spectacle (Zizkil Remix) | Electro Pop

Shining Star Zizkil is back to blow us all away once again, this time with his first MLP song remix! And oh boy, does it deliver! Countess Coloratura’s hit The Spectacle gets a glorious remix crafted from Zizkil’s insane talent at sound design and benefitting from advanced vocal chopping that works so well in this Electro Pop context. Blasting the power of both Rara’s original vocals and a new Electro arrangement of many divine wonders, this masterpiece of a remix pushes the boundaries and sets a new standard. An absolute delight and feast for the soul, it will keep bringing fire to the party as you replay it! Mad props to Zizkil for crafting something so incredible!!


JayB – I Love Everything feat. Fluttershy (Soundnix Remix) | Complextro

This one is a nice blast from the past! Soundnix re-imagines a classic by JayB with some really, REALLY creative ideas that span the entire 6 minutes and it constantly evolves and brings something new to the mix. Amazing textures and layers, switch ups and chords… I just love everything about this remix and you are definitely missing out if you haven’t already taken a listen yourself!


Brilliant Venture- Celestial Summit VIP | Electro House

Brilliant Venture is finally back! His last release, Moved On, was featured on Cider Party and is a very personal and emotional song. However, he wasn’t inactive due to a lack of inspiration. Far from it, he was preparing ten (count ’em, ten) unreleased tracks for premiere at TrotCon (his set was wonderful, by the way!), and this is the first to go up online. Whereas Moved On dealt with his personal life struggles, Celestial Summit VIP is a pseudo-remix of Celestia’s Ballad from season 3’s finale, sampling it heavily through vocal chops and otherwise. It retains the emotion and the energetic wubs from Moved On, fans will be happy to discover. As usual, Brilliant Venture also draws heavily from the music and overall vibes of the old brony fandom. A treat for any fan of the original or Celestia junkie!


[ASOS] BlackIceMusic – Sweet & Sour | Melbourne Bounce

Fresh from the A State of Sugar: Bubblegum Album BlackIceMusic gives us this funky and fresh gem. Melbourne bounce is something we could always use more of and they nailed the feel perfectly. There is quite a bit going on here and the sprinkling of vocal chops and samples alternating from “sweet to sour” really brings out the sass while keeping things cute  and all in all is a great piece to sample from the album.


A State of Sugar – Bubblegum | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

ASoS Bubblegum! here we go! ❤ Been looking forward to this for DAYS! The talent from this album is so wonderful and open, its extraordinary what people are capable of, and in how many ways the power of music can make its mark. Everybody did wonderful! Truly A-MA-ZING! I am proud and honored to have been a part of this with you all and I look forward to the next album! Everybody please stay talented, beautiful, and awesome. ❤ Please, promise me that. ❤

(And thank you all for having me and Ayydray on. MASSIVE S/O TO AYYDRAY HE’S THE HERO BEHIND THE TRACK! AYYDRAYY WE SEE YOU BRO ❤ )

And let’s stick like the awesome taste of Bubblegum! 😀

Bubblegum is available to download from the ASOS Bandcamp for FREE.


Daniel Ingram – Pinkie’s Present (Vinny Schway Remix) | Electro Swing

We don’t often get pony Electro Swing and this time Vinny Schway got us covered, with a tasteful remix of Pinkie’s Present from S06E08 A Hearth’s Warming Tail! Pinkie is leading the way around town and all the happiness around with her vocals, as punchy beats and jazzy piano are paving the road to a heart-warming time with the ponies.


One Track Mind – Restart | Electro

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 26 April 2018.

One Track Mind’s had some cool tracks in the past, but this is definitely my favourite so far. Whilst it has some pretty cool dubstep-style electro breakdowns through the track, what really stands out to me are some of the vocals. They’ve got some pretty neat effects on them, and I really dig a few of the vocal melodies.