Equinity – 02: Catalyst | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

The second installment in Equinity’s power compilation album series, Catalyst blasts sounds from the future and masterpieces all around from many pony musicians and familiar faces. Newcomers participated as well, and in harmony everypony created this wonderful painting of memories shared. From the Zecora-themed Mumbo Jumbo by Cynifree, to the dank Brohoofdab from the duo of TPressleyJ and ShobieShy, to the divine DnB beauty Sea Stack from Tw3Lv3 and Niłch’i Poni, to the mega collab opener of the album… and many, many more inbetween waiting for you to discover them, if you haven’t downloaded the album already! All funds raised will go toward TeamTrees! Kudos to Equinity staff and all the contributing musicians for their dedication and incredible work, certainly acting as a catalyst for even more wonders to come!


Toby Macarony – Shenanigans | Album | Electronic

Toby Macarony makes incredible and unique music that only Toby Macarony can make! For years now, they have been pushing the boundaries of conventional dance music and thrilling those paying attention with a hybrid electro swing/horror style while occasionally dabbing into other genres as well.

Shenanigans puts the full array of talent front and center with a variety of amazing tracks! The vocal chop work is out of this world, with the timing, tuning, and modulation.

The first track The Starlight Glimmer Express has a powerful and very jazzy feel. The beat bounces to a train-like cadence and sets the stage for a crazy album.

Songs like Sunset at the Farm, and AJ’s Muscles utilize some country instrumentation and get a very homely, Applejack feel with the twang from a banjo among other stylized instrumentation.

One of the biggest standout tracks on this album is Forever which is a sound bath of incredible vocal chops, expertly panned. It uses only a little bit on piano, focusing almost entirely on the layering of familiar tidbits from several show songs. The track amazes from very early on and only gets better and better throughout the 6 minute run-time! You do not want to miss out hearing this song and it follows that you should do yourself the favor of listening to the full album. There is absolutely no musician in this fandom (or probably outside of it either!) who does what Toby Macarony accomplishes!


Silva Hound – Live From The Castle (feat. iBringDaLulz and 4everfreebrony) | Electro House

Now this is what you call a supergroup! The opening track from Silva Hound’s newly released album Equestrian Stories: The Prelude is Live From The Castle, a powerful electro house track with vocals from 4everfreebrony and iBringDaLulz. It opens with the a P.A. announcement from Vylet Pony speaking as a flight attendant with the occasional choir before jumping into a quick-fire bragadocious rap verse from iBringDaLulz, followed by Silva’s signature heavy house breakdown style. It honestly feels like something straight out of 2012, and we’re all the more better for it!


7th Stive – Outrun | Synthwave

80s vibes for days! Synthwave is a rising genre in the fandom, and 7th Stive’s take on the genre sees a crossover between the 80s influenced genre with a more modern style of electro house, a combination that works really well. The melodies are beautiful and the modern synths along with the 80s pop drum samples mesh together like they were meant to be. What more could you ask for?


[Helpie’s Corner] TobWie LP – RandoPone | Electro

Released as part of Helpie’s Corner: Other Side Of The Mirror and uploaded on A State of Sugar’s channel, this is TobWie LP’s newest tune. Creativity and a wild variety of samples are the main focus here. Experimentation with sound design can be heard throughout the track but powerful drops are here too. The vocal lines are arranged in such a way they can be interpreted in questionable ways as the interesting art chosen (most likely by Violin Melody) suggests.


Koa – To The Nines (PegasYs Remix) | Electro Pop

PegasYs makes a glorious return with his first upload in nearly 2 years: a remix of To The Nines from Ponies at Dawn: Eternal! This new take on the Koa original is a slower, more laid-back rendition with a slappier bassline and brilliant soft synth riffs while still utilising Koa’s gorgeous voice, keeping the same emotions as the original. It’s as if Rarity and Vinyl Scratch have teamed up to create a hit song in Equestria!


Stablefree – Discord (feat. Replacer) (Covering Odyssey Eurobeat) (Blue Velocity Remix) | Electro Swing

Do you remember Discord? Yes you do. Do you remember Stablefree and Replacer’s cover of it? Well as many great jazz or big band songs in the fandom it got an electro swing remix. Blue Velocity doesn’t upload often but when they do it’s always a treat. To make it work they had to have it sound older and newer at the same time, and Replacer‘s piano playing got a chance to shine anew. You can practically hear Discord’s laugh in the brass, and that beat and pace makes for the perfect mix of chaos and swing!


[P@D] GrazySmash & MEQA – Hoof Shaker | Hard Dance

Track 40 of Ponies At Dawn: Eternal is an amazing collaborative banger between GrazySmash and MEQA, right between the album’s midway streak of other bouncy electro tunes. When these two heads are put together, we have an impressive combination of psychedelic and energetic styles, resulting in a long tune that you won’t get tired of listening to. Good luck trying not to dance to this!