Crystal Slave – Our Flaws | Drum & Bass

A gorgeous swan song of sorts for the brony community, Crystal Slave’s final present is sampling the famous Flawless and showcases much creativity in this instrumental that seems to blend several Electronic genres! You can read this letter from the musician to know more about his feelings, and get an explanation about some things that happened in the past with his music. Let’s wish him the best for the future!


Jessica Vaughn, Jess Furman & John Jennings Boyd – Let It Rain (Ice Angel Remix) | Future House

Some good old future house is always nice to see, and Ice Angel did a great job here with a bright, metallic melody and a very bouncy bass line. This remix is short and sweet, but that’s all it needs as it makes solid use of its time bringing out a much different flavour.


Spikey Wikey – H.O.R.S.E. (The Word Is) [Rokii Remix] | Tech House

A more minimal and techno take on Spikey Wikey‘s bizarre song, H.O.R.S.E; Rokii has taken this song off the deep end. Literally. A very pronounced progression with a powerful deep rolling bassline with little sprinklings of various elements and ominous design, this remix gives off a tense energy and kept me interested till the very end. But most importantly,
Have you heard, the word?


[P@D] Dijit – Pink Fuzz | Electro House

The first of the pre-releases from P@D Eternal, this new masterpiece from Dijit is already blowing us away and showing the kind of quality to expect from the newest entry in the compilation albums series! Deep bass, refined synths, and a rich composition are certainly displaying Dijit’s talent once again! A very hype track, getting you excited about the upcoming album release on October 5th even more!


Silva Hound & StrachAttack – Punk Rocks (feat. Namii) [Chang31ng Edit] | Electro House / Progressive House

This banger from Ponies at Dawn: Skyward is back, except with a newer coat of paint. A good chunk of the song is essentially the same as the original track, although this version is cut in half and includes a couple of new drops with the familiar Chang31ing flair. If you’re familiar with the original track, this should be a new experience.


Daniel Ingram – Best Friends Until the End of Time (NeverLastStanding & Paloris Remix) | Electro House

Teased at loophoof and NeverLastStanding set at EFNW 2019, this remix of Best Friends Until the End of Time by NeverLastStanding and Paloris is finally out! Featuring some lush chords and some amazing vocal chops, we definitely get the best of both worlds from Paloris and NeverLastStanding. This is a wonderful reimagining of the song from the show and it will brighten up your day and put a smile on your face for sure. So what are you waiting for? Dive on in!


[ASOS] Cynifree & Zizkil – From Here To Where (VIP) | Complextro

From Waffle, the latest compilation from A State of Sugar comes a VIP version of Cynifree and Zizkil‘s From Here To Where, originally from Ice Cream! While the original was a jumpy and cheerful progressive house piece that definitely suited the Kirins, this one shows their harsher Nirik side with the use of aggressive synths, harsh leads and a chopped up vocal sample of Autumn Blaze. The two producers have come together once again to make something heavy-hitting and definitely something you can bang your head to!


[ASOS] Zythiria – Manehattan Night Club | Electro House / Chillout

Get up and get ready to jam out to Zythiria‘s new hit, Manehattan Night Club. Audibly pleasing synths, give a traditional Electro house feeling. All the while having a welcome and intuitive offset of a bass guitar. This song is sure to lighten any mood and get the day (or night) rolling. So gear up, mash down on that throttle, and give it a listen!
This song is a part of the compilation album A State of Sugar: Waffle. Make sure to stop by and check out some more of the awesome music!