[P@D] NeverLastStanding & loophoof – Delusion | Electro

What a great tribute to Queen Chrysalis! I love the description that NeverLastStanding provided for the video, which explains the ebb and flow of the song between its darker, attacking passages where Chrysalis is at the height of her power and the lighter passages where she is biding her time and waiting to strike again. The song begins with the queen bug horse planning her latest attack and sets the table with lovely atmospheric effects, strings, and vocal chops before launching into a frayed, distorted, pounding melee where the synth waves do so well to personify the waves of changelings. The melodic break is a really great counterpoint to the “evil drops” and harder passages, almost allowing a sense of calm and happiness, but there is always something percolating at the edges of this tale, and it’s not long before the progression ramps up, not once but twice, to its final crescendo. The retention of the more blissful elements before distorting them during the final drop is really effective narratively. Though the song ends on a hopeful note, how long will we all be safe from such a tenacious foe?


Zizkil – Zizkil Digs Through His Garbage Can Cuz He Dropped His Keys In The Trash Can | Album | Various Genres

So, everypony, today we’ve got an album full of amazing randomness by Zizkil. The whole album is a compilation of unfinished songs he made over time, and it includes both small pieces of unfinished songs and songs that are pretty much finished but haven’t been released. He himself says that some songs on this album might be considered cringe, but either way there’s a plethora of different genres on it! This article’s intention is to highlight some of these great songs, both short and long, because there really is some good stuff on here!

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[P@D] TCB, Brilliant Venture & loophoof – Chilly Filly (feat. RadRiveter) | Future Bass/Electro

Today we’ve got the first song from P@D’s charity album “Introspection”, a lovely track made by TCB and a whole bunch of other exquisite equines. The song starts out with some amazing Electro melodies, and after some time the amazing viola by RadRiveter joins in accompanied by vocal chops. Then the whole song goes silent for just a split second before we get thrown into the drop where the bass really shows and the vocal chops are ramped up to 120%! After the drop RadRiveter takes center stage with his viola and creates a lovely solo until the beat and vocal chops take over once more. Soon, however, the vocal chops leave us again for a bit of just pure awesome instrumental and another drop, this time without vocal chops, which makes for a lovely progression for the whole song. For the end we go out with a bang by combining the upbeat Electro melody with the viola. Twitter: @TCBpon @BrillVenture @loophoof @RadRiveter

As always big thanks to my friend thecanderson for proofreading!


Ponytronic – Hallow’s Nightmare Night | Electro

Today we’ve got some spooky nightmare night Electro from the amazing Ponytronic. The track starts out with a dark and spooky beat making it clear from the beginning that this is a Nightmare Night song. After that another spooky synth joins in pushing the whole spooky vibe up a few notches. After a while the beat changes slightly making the whole track livelier. Later a drum loop gets added that ratchets up the song’s intensity. Near the end the drum loop drops out and is replaced by an entirely new beat, giving this song a lovely progression which continues as the second beat falls away again and in the end leaves only the main beat and a little surprise…

Again huge thanks to thecanderson for proofreading this article!


SpinScissor – The Vault | Electronica

We’re all equal here! To our greatest delight, SpinScissor made a fan song about Starlight in the S5 premiere and that eerie cutie mark vault! The lyrics are expressing Starlight’s perspective so well and it feels so epic, there’s vocal chops of her voice from the show as well which makes it even more emotional, and the old-school Dubstep-like instrumental feels so nostalgic!


Toby Macarony – Giggle at the Creepy | Alternative Electronic

Toby Macarony goes back to their roots with this horror-inspired, electronic take on Giggle at the Ghosties. Mixing in that far-away, Halloween organ with upbeat synths, percussion, and the trademark Toby Macarony pitched-up pony chops, Giggle at the Creepy is the perfect Nightmare Night party track. While these kinds of songs have always been difficult to describe, it is a fever-dream, a nightmare, and a rave all put into one. The best way to understand is still, of course, to listen for yourself!


[P@D] NeverLastStanding – Fire Heart | Electro House

This incredibly powerful track from P@D: Ignite is one of my favorites, a shining example of the mastery of emotion and sound design held by NeverLastStanding. The strong basses and classic vocal chops evoke a flame, a passion, something powerful and driving and inspiring. Any time you feel your flame dwindling, listen to this song, and push yourself forward.


Daniel Ingram – The Magic of Friendship Grows (Koron Korak Remix) | Electro

Koron Korak is back with a remix of the wonderful song from the series finale! Its got a wonderful rolling progression with the perfect atmosphere to set the mood! The snappy drums and the mixture of string and strong synth leads is a very welcome combo that I’d love to see more of! Every remix I’ve heard of this song is always a treat for me and this one is no exception!