Toby Macarony – Drifting off to Sleep | Electro Swing


Toby Macarony always delivers something entirely unique, and this spooky groove is in a league all of its own! The upbeat swing-style mixed with nightmarish Sweetie Belle chops makes for an exhilarating sound. There is a break in the middle that shifts to a slower, half-tempo that really drives home the terror in the track. Drifting off to Sleep has a wide appeal for anyone who enjoys electro house, electro swing, or just scary-themed music, but be warned: the imagery is a bit dark as well!


BlueBrony & PegasYs – Jelly Roll! | Electro-Ragtime

BlueBrony teamed up with PegasYs to create this tasty experience reviving the Ragtime genre in a brand new electronic format, reminding of Electro Swing! PegasYs imagined the track to be about Bon Bon, while BlueBrony did amazing with these pony visuals that fit the music so well! A much creative and groovy piece overall!


[P@D] EnsionD – Wide Skies (feat. Francis Vace) | Progressive House

EnsionD always brings something nice to the table, and this is no exception. Re-imagined from their first major hit, Open Skies this take on the classic has buttery smooth progression and Francis‘s signature vocals; though something I wouldn’t expect add a new perspective and life and together they form what I’d say is a very worthy take on the classic!
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma.


Vylet Pony – Whisper of Her Soul | Synthpop / Breaks

Now this is special. The energy and emotions Vylet conveys is absolutely stunning and the syncopated rhythm and retro-esque feel really brings some life to this story. It opens on a very soothing note and boy, does it ever grow on you in an unexpected way! This song in particular  is actually one that was commissioned by Draco Schaeffer, and tells a story of Brash and Golden’s relationship “in an age and universe where Equestria’s sewers are just as colourful as the streets” which personally I think is a very interesting concept for a story and its world. I’m really impressed in how this commission turned out and am very curious to see what else is brought to the table!


Voltex Pixel – We are the One (feat. Princess Twilight Sparkle) | Melodic Dubstep

Now this is a breath of fresh air. Voltex Pixel brings the feel of something old but something new with “We are the One” gives us a taste of intricate melodic vocals from Twilight Sparkle chopped up and creatively spliced throughout the song as well as as some really nice piano melodies and saw chords that remind me of the days back in 2011 where EDM as a whole had that “signature” sound which still holds a special place in my heart. I see some great things coming from this artist in the future 🙂


[ASOS] MrMehster – Holi (Festival of Colours) | Psytrance / Electro

From the recent A State of Sugar: Ice Cream album Mehster brings us “Holi” and a bright and vibrant festival of colours it is! Psytrance is always an interesting bout of fun and there is a healthy dose of variation that even pull from various genres throughout to truly bring out a festival like feel in the song. One thing I have to note especially are the vocals. They bring a sense of life into the fold and overall, this song has something for everyone! 🙂

Saffron Showers is the OC shown in the video and is the mascot of Project Saffron and is a community effort by SEAPonyCon to help reach out to the bronies of India and to get them more involved as well as share what we love as well! If you’re interested in getting involved you should check it out!


Eurobeat Brony – Luna (Knife Pony Remix) | Big Room House

Coming back after more than a year, Knife Pony brings us their take on a classic! Bigroom has always had an infamous reputation but this remix has an excellent groove and vibe to it, and a sprinkling of future bounce vibes here and there add to the atmosphere and bring out a side to ‘Luna’ I wouldn’t have expected but most certainly am glad to have heard!


[ASOS] Various Artists – Bubblegum | Electro

One of the many sugary treats from A State of Sugar Bubblegum, this one sure is special as it’s a super lovely mega collab! It features the different influences and styles of Violin Melody, Jalmaan, Greyfade, Heartsong, Cynifree, IPon3, Periwinkle, and Nevermourn, and everything blends together so well over an awesome progression! It results in such an epic track indeed, giving much emotion, not just from the amazing music in itself but also from the thought of all those awesome pony musicians working together to create this… A token of the power of Friendship and teamwork for sure!


[P@D] bank pain, Tripon & Progressive Element – Ghost In The Dream VIP | Drum & Bass

Here we go again! The original ‘Ghost In The Dream‘ was an amazing collaboration I fell in love with and now as of the recent P@D: Enigma album, we have a stunnning variation of the original. Opening with the aggressive energy from the original, things start shifting and morphing and giving the original a new light and is a great nod to the original. The addition at the climax was something I wasn’t expecting but man, does it ever give it a nice chilling epilogue.
I dream


Ponylution – Falling in Sky (bank pain Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

Falling in Sky has always been a great song and bank pain does an excellent job here giving it a breathe of air. Breaking away from the original’s epic and energetic chord structure and instead going with a more laid back and flowing melting pot of harmonies, bank really brings forward the feeling of ‘falling in the sky’ in a new light and is a soothing take on the original.