Event HoriXZ0n – Find Your Better Self (feat. Bluebolt) | Complextro

Event HoriXZ0n teamed up with Bluebolt for this subscribers special, and the result is breathtaking! An amazing Complextro-flavored track not lacking of pony samples, it conveys a very MLP-ish meaning and delights with a lovely and happy instrumental as well as beautiful vocals from both singers, and Pinkie quotes that just make you smile, too! The energizing video was made with the help of HWB and Fire Sugar and it is quite awesome as well!


Zizkil – Some cool night club place in Canterlot | Electronic

A wonderful and tasty mix of various genres, Zizkil’s new release amazes as elements from Future Bass, Electro and French House get synthesized to result in an impressive banger of many wonders. Heavy, funky, chill, dark, glitch hoppy… a real masterpiece of senses from Zizkil which would definitely lit Some cool night club place in Canterlot!


Filly In The Box – With Heart | Neurofunk

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 30 March 2017

Filly In The Box is back with some awesome neuro-style sounds and awesome foley in the background. There’s some neat vocal chops as well, and some terrific constract between heavy electro synth design and soft light piano used in the break. The track never gets repetitive as the sound design is constantly switching up its arrangement and tone, but still in a way that sounds cohesive. Give it a listen below the break!


NIGHTCORE – Discord [1 hour] | nitekør

Okay so, fellow horse men, we’re all sick and tired of people saying that the pony music scene is nothing Winter Wrap-Up remixes and Discord, right? Yes, yes, I’m sure.

This is why I proudly present to you a rebuttal for all such claims you may come across in the future. Since we all know that how good a song is is directly proportionate to how fast it is, this is LITERALLY SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL.

If you’re not convinced already, here’s some samples of what the world’s most renowned and knowledgeable critics think of this masterpiece:

when I read discord I thought diacored from my little pony lol 😂😂 anyone with me???
I like the backround picture .3. is that weird? Im like creepy stuff like dat :3

TCB – Keys & Cuts EP | Electronic

Hearing a new song from TCB is fantastic enough, but having an entire EP is quite the treat. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but it really has a perfect variety of songs that all contain really unique vocal chops! I love the fact that there are vocal chops of characters you don’t hear vocal chops of often in here, really makes each song iconic! Read more about it after the break.

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NeoN – Bring The House Down | Bass House

Much to our delight, NeoN has released another very lovely album, and this one is more on the heavy side. Tackling on the powerful Bass House genre after getting inspired from personal musical passion, the awesome musician unleashes a crazy dark bouncy mood along amazing sound design, with even Rainbow Dash keeping it loud. The rest of the album is sick as well, with every track proving to be quite the party material in its own way. I highly recommend grabbing it here! And you definitely want to sub to NeoN if you haven’t already, because you’re in for a wonderful ride!


Einarx – Nightwatcher EP | Electronic

It’s been a good few months since Einarx’s last EP but his latest one, Nightwatcher, sees a real step up in production for one of Magnus Records’ most prominent contributors. We’ve already featured 3 of the 5 tracks on this EP here on the site, so I won’t go into full depth on this post. The songs range from melody-based dubstep and dnb, to some more hard hitting trap and electro house – a good reflection of the range of styles he has to offer. So if your tastes in music include the EDM umbrella, I can definitely recommend this EP to you.

You can download this EP on the Magnus Records bandcamp for absolutely free.

And that art by Marenlicious is pretty awesome too!


Midnight Musician – Cider Party (MrMehster Remix) | Electro House

Rejoice party ponies, because MrMehster treats us with an amazing remix of the memorable recent Cider Party held at Midnight Musician’s! Restarting the party all over again, and this time with a banging Electro House spin, the remix creates much party spirit with a lively instrumental delightfully reminding of the Party With Pinkie days, while also showcasing the vocals from the original track with much style and panache. A perfect remix and party anthem to play during many crazy nights! This one’s on me, my ponies! (Pinkie voice) Also, I’m writing this as I have my coffee in an official Cider Party mug, I think this is the best mug I could have for this!