Totalspark – They’re Coming | Electro

Known to typically make chill beats, Totalspark used the element of surprise to share this electro banger with us!  Reminiscent of the Season 6 finale, Totalspark wanted to give us a bit of a twist, an alternate ending, if you will.  He wanted to make a song about what would happen if Queen Chrysalis came back with an army of changelings.  Pretty creative there!  Now, onto the song itself: the first thing that really hits are the basses, which are insanely rough and tough.  The drums and basses complement each other to make this work extremely hard-hitting.  Lastly, it’s not a surprise that this work is also on Cider Party! Congratulations, Spark!


[P@D] Silva Hound & UndreamedPanic – New King (feat. Chi-Chi) | Electro House

We would now like to recognize the collaboration between UndreamedPanic and Silva Hound, which has been talked about before, but if any of you have wanted to know what they worked on, here’s the final result, a Thorax-themed track, reminiscent to the Season 6 finale!  The synth patches used are beautiful, especially when they’re paired with Chi-Chi’s vocal part.  The drops have a unique style to them, but the occasional bass hits put the cherry on top.  It’s pretty short and sweet, and it puts a nice touch to this community’s music library.  Nicely done!

Go check out the rest of P@D’s Anthology album here!


Notion – A New Pair of Wings (feat. Vylet Pony) (Metapony Remix) | Electro House

I fell in love with Metapony’s absolutely fantastic remix of Notion’s already awesome track in the first five seconds. It starts off packing energy, joy, and vibrance. But then the lyrics kick in about Starlight (who’s still best pony) and her new ascension to alicornhood. And that’s when the song switches from “awesome” to “absolutely fantastic”!


Hirosashii – Journey | Electro House

Time for a huge comeback from this guy; three years since his previous video on his YouTube channel!  Boy, did he deliver the goods!  “Journey” will take you down a nostalgia trip, a journey through the MLP memory lane.  From the “Cupcakes” song to “We’re Not Flawless,” Hirosashii gives us nearly every iconic MLP song in the book!  And to top it off, he puts up a sweet electro house beat, which gives the vocals the background they need!  Quite creative and lighthearted there!

If you want to take a trip down MLP memory lane, click on the video above!


UndreamedPanic & Bank Pain – Night Light (ThatMusicBrony Remix) | Chillout / Electro-Pop

It’s so awesome to get a remix of the collaboration of many wonders Night Light, and by none other than the talented ThatMusicBrony! Taking a resolutely more Chillout direction, this remix reawakens the original Flutterchops in a brand new mood, with heavenly piano, soft and soothing vocals, and a progression filled with so many nighttime wonders! Truly a wonderful remix to listen to on a night stroll, gazing at the beauty of Nature around you, and letting yourself get entranced by the amazing vocals and sounds all around.


Mr. A.M. – Vinyl’s Wake | Electro House

Wubba wub wub! Our own EDM mascot Vinyl Scratch will forever be a pony of choice to dedicate a pony tune to, and Mr. A.M.’s new original release portrays well the kind of morning the producer mare would be into. Blasting beats and headbanging, the track explores in new directions and displays tasty sound design. Upon listening to this song and seeing those visuals, I definitely get nostalgic of Omnipony’s She’s An Alarm Clock which has a very similar concept and also uses a gif of Vinyl headbanging!


[P@D] Crystal Slave – Vibrance | Electro House / Future Bass

Awesome vocal chops, great drumming work, 20% percent cooler and colorful and somewhat aggressive synth work and a awesome featured on the goldie oldies/fresh tunes P@D album: Anthology! Crystal Slave bring the dance and the uplifting feels to the dance floor!

A track that amazed my brain and my ears, with a “synth” solo that remembered me WoodenToaster electronic solos and then a future bass drop that I love soo much! This mixed with the amazing vocal sampling work (and I thumb up for using the amazing Dashie) with the amazing drumming work and with the amazing piano chords and you have this amazing track! Crystal Slave did an awesome job! With some really catchy vibes, I guess this is one of the best electronic tracks from Anthology! Album which I guess you should probably buy or download right now! (Do the second one if you are poor like me and u like to jam to this amazing record, ah and it’s on bandcamp okay).


Virus Ponies – Stay Virused | Electro House

Virus Ponies bringing us a nice Electro House track again. Love it. Every second of it. Reminds me of the times when me and my friends we’re completely wasted and went into the Club and just went absolute crazy. Yeah seriously, I want to hear more stuff like this when I’m in a mode like that again. You see, The Party is a drug, and WE are the dealers! ;D So whatcha waiting for!? Spin this track up and listen! Bounce along and just Jump. Go nuts. Go bananas. Go apeshit. Embrace the Virus. JUST GO!