[ASOS] PSFMer – Train to Tartarus | Drum and Bass

I find it interesting that on this album, I hear many new music ideas from so many musicians, and it seems like that is the trend on ASOS: Biscuit, and one such track is this one from PSFMer! The video that goes with this track (Also done by PSFMer) showcases the theme of this song, a train traveling to god knows where. The music itself makes you feel like you’re on this train, and you’re never coming back. As PSFMer states, The kicks and snares of this track are murderous! This heart-pounding pace of those drum beats is only fueled by these freaky and insidious elements and the ghosty aura of a high-speed train heading black of night! A pretty nifty track, if I say so myself. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


SpinScissor – Everywhere at Once | Liquid Drum & Bass

Today we’ve got ourselves an awesome Liquid DnB / Indie Pop track by the amazing SpinScissor, and this one has everything from awesome vocal chops to amazing original singing. But enough rambling–let’s cut straight to the chase!
After a very short ramp up the song launches into a full arrangement, and we immediately get the vocals accompanied by the amazing liquid melodies, and here’s where I point out the obvious: A Seaquestria song and LIQUID DnB? I love it! Later on we get some pitched Sweetie Belle vocals from the song “Your Heart Is In Two Places” from the episode Surf and/or Turf. Then there is a short instrumental buildup before the vocals join back in. Later on we get a bit of a beat change which is presented in an awesome instrumental part. Shortly after that we get vocals paired with more pitched vocal chops which later take over completely before the song ends with another instrumental section.

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[Equinity] Ebunix – Fallstreak | Drum and Bass/Neurofunk

Versatile producer Ebunix returns to Equinity Project with this epic drum and bass piece from Equinity’s latest album, Immersion!  The track starts off with a muted beat and melodies that hint at future action. It quickly picks up speed and drops into an upbeat DnB section featuring an inspiring melody that brings to mind images of soaring through the sky above the clouds.  The track then takes a breather for a moment before launching into some super cool neurofunk sound design! Finally, it all crescendos, as the inspiring melody and DnB section from earlier return with neurofunk elements that add an extra layer of fun.  In keeping with the track title, “Fallstreak,” it’s easy to visualize Rainbow Dash diving through the air for a sonic rainboom.  The bouncy neurofunk sound design simulates the winds that buffet and resist her; the encouraging melody, drums, and bass overlaying it portray her determination and perseverance despite the resistance. Plunge through the stratosphere with Rainbow Dash in this upbeat piece from Equinity: Immersion!


[Equinity] PSFMer – Coffee Beans | Drumfunk

Equinity’s latest album, Immersion, has just been released! Along with many epic new tracks comes Coffee Beans by PSFMer.  Powerfully introspective and rhythmic, wafting waves of base undergird the track throughout.  A call-of-the-wild, ambient atmosphere replete with bird cries and other exotic animal sounds creates a sense of being transported into the jungle in the midst of a mystical, magical safari.  Complex rhythmic drum patterns add to the feel of an epic journey into the wild, where both danger and the promise of high adventure intermix and irresistibly beckon.  Some sweet bass work adds to the deep, almost underwater feel of the piece, very appropriately in line with Equinity’s theme, Immersion!


Tw3Lw3 – Simp EP | Multi-Genre

If for some odd reason this is your first time listening to Tw3Lv3 then there are a couple of things that you should know: She is known for her high quality production of music that she seems to do at record speeds, and she is also known for her remixing ability allows her to change canon or fan made songs by adding her creative magic that makes the track even more epic or take it in a direction that makes it her own. Oh, and she is so versatile that she is able to do just about any genre. TCB is one of her close friends and another creative genius producer. And so, my friend,  with this album you get “a journey into a world of pure imagination | take a look around and you’ll see into your imagination,” as Willy Wonka once said. Six of TCB’s best songs remixed and reimagined as only Tw3Lv3 can. If you still have not hear Tw3Lv3’s magic, you are going to find out why she is one of the hottest musicians in the fandom. Now, enough talk. Let’s have a look!

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[Equinity] TCB – Only One (Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

As a power move, Tw3lv3 has released a smooth and fast remix of TCB’s quite popular tune “Only One” not only to Equinty’s 4th album, but also their own Simp EP! Keeping in line with the ambience and scope of the original we get a taste of a faster yet laid back version of this tune with some really fun changes and twists especially near the end where some surprising but welcome textures and vibes. This one is a wonderful addition to the album and Tw3lv3 really knows how to string a vibe together!


SpinScissor – Goodbye | Drum & Bass

I don’t think I’ve heard a track about “Tanks for the Memories” before! I’ve got to the say, SpinScissor, you did the episode justice with the mood of this track. As you listen to the flow of the track, if you listen closely to the vocal chops from “I’ll Fly” with the awesome pounding beats with the speed effects, you hear them flow like the harmonics of the track. The pace is perfect for a Rainbow Dash track; the drums are a nice touch to a beat that I’m sure is going to get you out of your seat movin’ around. Then there are the heartwarming parts of the song with the vocal chops of Rainbow Dash expressing her feelings about Tank needing to go away for the winter… Those chops give the song such great depth and feeling. SpinScissor, please keep working on your craft–you got this! As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. On a personal note, that episode is one of better (and underrated) Rainbow Dash ones because it shows that she is not just this super powerful and confident pony! Rainbow DASH fans, am I right!?