Sia – Rainbow (Lavender Remix) | Drum & Bass

Lavender’s classic sound design and energetic beats are applied to Sia’s amazing song from the MLP Movie! I’ve enjoyed many of her previous songs, and it was a genuine pleasure to see her do another fully pony one again. I listened to Rainbow on repeat for several days straight, and I’ll probably do the same with this remix!


Filly in the Box – Then Comes Ice (Sky Runner Remix) | Drum & Bass

Man, this remix is straight up the Bomb. This remix really knows how to get this started. ^^ the techno vibes and drumstep flow is absolutely astonishing. as for the vocal chops; WOW! just, wow. I love this man! It really catches the mood and flow greatly. I think the name is kinda confusing though… How is the ice coming if this is Fire? .3. and yes, this track is fire! I definitly reccomend putting everything on 100% volume and just bouncing on and on on this! ❤ Filly this is amazing man! keep up the good work! everybody, you know what to do. ❤


Tripon – Chrysalis | Drum & Bass

Another upload from Tripon’s masterpiece Villains EP, this one does an outstanding job at reflecting Chrysalis’ traits as the (now former) queen of the changelings. Sick sound design is creating a unique musical setting where you can just picture yourself following Chrysalis in her bug-like movements inside the changeling hive. The very bug-like percs throughout the track are certainly helping that, while the deep bassline is giving that impression of depth from the hive’s tunnels! Big tune, just like the others from the EP! Definitely a must-have!


Tripon – Nightmare Moon | Drum & Bass

Continuing on with uploading songs from his EP, Tripon shows off a very deep dark Neurofunk style with his track Nightmare Moon. The subtle brass hits and the background synthlines really help set up the dark atmosphere here in the beginning, and the Luna vocals are just amazing with how haunting they are. I love the way that the bassline keeps rolling along throughout the whole track, and the main sections are really cool in that the main difference between them and the breaks is what the percussion is doing. Make sure you have a good listening setup when tuning into this one or you’re gonna miss out on a lot of the cool things going on!
Be sure to check out the rest of the EP on Bandcamp!


Tripon – Villains 2.0 | Neurofunk

Some serious DnB wubs coming from Tripon with his “Villians 2.0,” part of his Villians EP!  Golly, this can work as a great example song as to what Drum and Bass can sound like.  The mixing and drum patterns are clean, and the wubs tie it all in.  Tripon also gave a nice contrast to the drops and the breakdown, giving his interpretation as to what a villain would be like from a musical standpoint.
Go check out the rest of Tripon’s Villains EP here!


SayMaxWell – Part of the Swarm (feat. FritzyBeat & ForeverFreest) | Drum & Bass

Just as Fritzy foretold in the description of his latest upload, a new song featuring his vocals has seen the light of day already, and it features not just one but two members of the Cheerilee Nation! It’s an epic track displaying SayMaxWell’s musical skill on the instrumental, as well as the too-cool-for-mule vocal talents of FritzyBeat and ForeverFreest! (no offense to any mule who may be reading this in Equestria wearing Rainbow’s shades) But it’s also a very deep track with an awesome concept revolving around the circumstances of Chrysalis’ advent as a key Part of the Swarm! (It’s all explained in Fritzy’s comment that is pinned in the comments section) Now it’s time to party to this amazing song while cheering for the musicians and singers!