[ASOS] Budzy – Influences | Drum & Bass

Budzy’s track from A State of Sugar Ice Cream is a tasty Drum & Bass beauty bringing much dreamy vibes, perfectly fitting for some alone time to reflect while gazing at the night sky. That featured line from Applejack sure makes it even more emotional, and it’s such a delight to have on the album!


Daniel Ingram – Luna’s Future (MirroredReality Remix) | Drum & Bass / Acoustic

Luna’s Future is always a fun song to see remixed, and MirroredReality does something a little different here. Setting the scene of desolation with the wind blowing over silence, the song begins with some acoustic guitars playing a fun, yet ominous tune. However, things don’t take long to pick up as Aloma Steele’s signature vocals come in with a blast of energetic, yet not “in your face” percussion and melody, allowing you to focus more on the story and as it progressively builds and wanes, always keeping a nice balance of tension and flow. All in all, this is a nice refreshing take on one of my favourite songs in the series and I’m glad I had the chance to hear it!


Dynamite Grizzly – TECHNOPONE VOL.3 | Album | Electronic

Dynamite Grizzly has been dropping hot albums in this fandom for almost 6 years now and still going! TECHNOPONE VOL.3 is the culmination of lots of time and hard work throughout 2018, and the final result is a great reflection of that effort!

This album features a healthy collection of originals based off season 8 as well as a couple hot remixes from HACKD and Spikey Wikey tracks. There is a good mix of genres from acid to techno to drum and bass all the way to hardcore which keeps the flow of tracks interesting and fun.

Dynamite Grizzly is a big fan of brony music and even gives a nod of appreciation on the bandcamp page for this album! TECHNOPONE VOL.3 is listed as name your own price, and with all the love Griz gives us, certainly we can all give a download back!


[ASOS] MEQA & Pony Killerz – Stygian | Drum & Bass

One of the collabs of many wonders from A State of Sugar Ice Cream, MEQA and Pony Killerz‘s Drum & Bass treat lives up to the depth of its theme with a refined hard-hitting-ness that takes over our senses as we get blown away by the sound! Clean percussions, twisted synths, and an intricate progression are all showing the infinite potential of the pony psyche, and recreating the moment when Stygian gives in to his Shadow, in musical form!


JoinedTheHerd – Shelter (feat. Stellar Eclipse) | Drum & Bass

Who doesn’t love JoinedTheHerd at this point? Shelter is a very relaxing track with a gorgeous soundscape! The synth sets the tone perfectly with its bright chords, the flute keeps the sound light and pretty, the acoustic drums give the atmosphere a trace of nature and rhythm, and finally Stellar Eclipse‘s vocals come in with a soft, calming message. Everything in this track is well-designed and flawlessly executed – which is part of what makes JoinedTheHerd such a talented producer!



Better late than never! As to be expected with PP releases, viewer discretion may be advised.

HO! HO! HO! It’s that (late) time of the year (basically, Christmas ends on the 6th of January, but anyways), and Pinkamena Party delight us with a new album! Taking the concept of “destroying the birth of Jesus” the Crew created, for me, one of the best Christmas related PP album ever! With the likes of yours truly, Dynamite Grizzly, Schatz, Kakofonous A. Dischord, Supersaw Hoover, r_chase, CopyCat, mycutiemarkisagun and some new faces like Koron Korak with an almost 6 minutes dark ambient track, Drixale and Minty Love. We also have the return of Oyama (PeKaNo), and PERNE (Pernegyre).

All for destroying christmas as we know it, and all for amazing charities!

Download the album at Pinkamena Party’s bandcamp!


[ASOS] TCB – Atelophobia (Nevermourn Remix) | Drum & Bass

Remixing TCB’s atmospheric Cutie Cut, drum & bass maestro Nevermourn breaks his way onto A State of Sugar’s Ice Cream! Featuring a more traditional DnB take, this remix adds its own flavor and crunchiness to the original, and the rhythmic use of vocal chops fit like a glove on this tune in particular. Nevermourn continuing to develop his style truly is one of the most exciting things to watch in the brony music scene!


Vylet Pony – Cataclysm (ft. Scraton) | Drumstep

Premiering their upcoming album Homeward, Vylet gives us one heck of a heavy hitter before it’s formally released on January 25th. Vylet and Scraton are no strangers to sound design and it shows in the opening seconds, and only gets better from there! Blending an atmospheric soundscape with complex synthesis there is a sense of urgency in the air and it is all leading up to something HUGE!