CAPT – Rest | Drum & Bass

The vibes! This track honestly surprised me: it’s simultaneously chill and energetic! Inspired by the fantastic art piece in the video, it starts with rain sound effects as the music builds up, which sets the tone as nice and chill. But once the music picks up, it gets more energetic, and I couldn’t help but tap my foot to it! These two elements compliment each other very well, and make for a great song!


[P@D] PSFMer – Shrouded Soul | Drum & Bass

Read the full description on YouTube to see all that the musician imbued in the song and meant with it! This smooth and blissful DnB beauty is all about that episode when Fluttershy found her love for singing and overcame her fears, and PSFMer went as far as to intend specific instruments and parts of the song to depict certain parts of the episode, and Fluttershy’s feelings! Read and appreciate it all from the description, and go tell the musician how much you enjoy these kinds of things! And give a fav to the SFM art crafted by PSFMer on DeviantArt, too! This track is part of P@D Oceansong!


Lexie – The Precious Thing | Drum & Bass

I like being a writer for this platform because I get to get caught off guard by artists who I had no idea made music. Lexie is brand new to the music scene. It doesn’t get much better having one of your first tracks featured on cider party (listen here). Keeping things rolling, we have a charming D&B track about little things in life that are precious; I wasn’t expecting kind of rad synth beats and that keyboard solo! However, the pace is solid with these ultra-cute harmonies and basslines. Lexie also does the cute RD artwork, saying, “kick back and enjoy the roses.” I believe we have someone we need to keep an eye on here! As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

Also be sure to check out their new Cider Party track!


A State of Sugar – Biscuit | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Here we go! We’re back with A State of Sugar! This time around Simon aka TheMadhatterbrony, DrakeEmberHeart, GameNotOver, and TheCANderson are going to tackle their newest compilation album “Biscuit”. Find the All-Out-Attack Article down below!

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Algo at All – Wonders | Drum & Bass

Pony music still thrives in the community and that makes me so happy!! Here Algo at All presents us an utterly wonderful and aptly named beauty of a track, showcasing emotional pony vocal chops and an equally emotional instrumental. Reminiscent of SGaP’s stuff all while feeling fresh and unique, this awesomely composed gem is sublimating the voice of our beloved characters and calling for our shared feelings toward them, making a special emotion happen, and resonating with our Passion!


Daniel Ingram – Unleash The Magic (The Empty Tomb Remix) | Dubstep / Drum & Bass

The EQG world has become quite strange. How is one to find her way? This amazing remix by The Empty Tomb provides all the necessary strength to go through the darkness, complementing the mad choirs and dark atmospheres with creative drops and high energy. Let your need guide your behaviour, suppress your instinct to lead, pursue Principal Cinch! *grin*


Respin – Believe (PSFMer Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

Will PSFMer ever stop impressing us with such delightful compositions and remixes? I don’t think so, and it doesn’t stop at the music, the inspirations and choices of songs to remix are an absolute delight as well!! Here the heavenly Flutterchops from Respin’s cherished original are getting sublimated by a new Liquid DnB arrangement, and I will never stop believing in the emotion from the Passion that we feel upon hearing the voices of our beloved characters in music like this!


[ASOS] PSFMer – Train to Tartarus | Drum and Bass

I find it interesting that on this album, I hear many new music ideas from so many musicians, and it seems like that is the trend on ASOS: Biscuit, and one such track is this one from PSFMer! The video that goes with this track (Also done by PSFMer) showcases the theme of this song, a train traveling to god knows where. The music itself makes you feel like you’re on this train, and you’re never coming back. As PSFMer states, The kicks and snares of this track are murderous! This heart-pounding pace of those drum beats is only fueled by these freaky and insidious elements and the ghosty aura of a high-speed train heading black of night! A pretty nifty track, if I say so myself. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


SpinScissor – Everywhere at Once | Liquid Drum & Bass

Today we’ve got ourselves an awesome Liquid DnB / Indie Pop track by the amazing SpinScissor, and this one has everything from awesome vocal chops to amazing original singing. But enough rambling–let’s cut straight to the chase!
After a very short ramp up the song launches into a full arrangement, and we immediately get the vocals accompanied by the amazing liquid melodies, and here’s where I point out the obvious: A Seaquestria song and LIQUID DnB? I love it! Later on we get some pitched Sweetie Belle vocals from the song “Your Heart Is In Two Places” from the episode Surf and/or Turf. Then there is a short instrumental buildup before the vocals join back in. Later on we get a bit of a beat change which is presented in an awesome instrumental part. Shortly after that we get vocals paired with more pitched vocal chops which later take over completely before the song ends with another instrumental section.

This article was proofread by theCANderson, so big thanks to him!