Daniel Ingram – Theme Song (PONE177 Remix) | Drum & Bass

We don’t get remixes of the official extended version of the Theme Song that often nowadays! PONE177 does us the honors of a brand new remix that gives a fresh DnB spin to our beloved pony anthem. The happy and emotional vocals are amazingly empowered by the bright and uplifting instrumental, and this remix is such a delight!


Ponytronic – New Dawn | Liquid Drum & Bass

Flowing seamlessly deeper and deeper into melodic and atmospheric bliss, New Dawn completes the fluffy artwork of Tia with some smooth vibes all around, even including bird sounds for an extra celestial and relaxing setting. Definitely a delightful new treat from Ponytronic!


Glaze & H8_Seed – Awoken (StrachAttack Bootleg) | Drumstep / Drum & Bass

(I am sure everyone knows this song in our fandom. However for those who are listening to this for the first time. Listen to WoodenToaster’s/Glaze 2012’s Classic Here!)
I’m sure this will please longtime bronies in our fandom! Oh and something Woodentoaster related in about 4 years! StrachAttack’s exciting remix of this golden age classic, to this dragon pony, is very good. I just love this kind of D&B with electronic piano tones mixed in. The song about a rainbow factory worker on the brink of insanity and wants out! The remix has its own identity. The beat flows so well between these haunting dance tones. That picks up in speeds, with the drops being this epic harmony with these amazing piano tones. I will admit this was my first time hearing this fandom classic. I approve!


Tw3Lv3 – Collapse | Liquid Drum & Bass

Tw3Lv3 has released a soothing tune based on a post apocalyptic world and I must say its quite a refreshing change from all of the really dark and gritty songs I often associate with the theme. An ethereal atmosphere is in the forefront with a somewhat somber mood; yet there is still a semblance of hope. This piece does an excellent job at conveying emotion and was a great listen overall!


[P@D] Tripon – Shy Beat | Halftime Drum & Bass

Tripon is at it again with a really heavy and dark track leading in with just an unsettling melody and a wide open space I was expecting something unnerving already, but the vocal sampling and editing is insane and the complex rhythms carve a way for pure chaos and insanity. What I especially like, is the transition halfway through. Everything fades out and you’re left with nothing but the void, from here we get a switch from halftime drums to a more common time rhythm which accelerates the urgency ever more and in combination with all the other intricacies it really is one of my favourite tracks from Tripon and I’m certain you will get a thrill out of it!
Now available as part of Ponies at Dawn Skyward!


[P@D] Age Of Vinyl – Heroes of The Sky | Drum & Bass

Age of Vinyl’s drum & bass creations always impress me, and this is arguably one of his best yet. Creating a gorgeous emotion that pulls you in almost immediately, the drums are smooth and the vocal chops are the absolutely height of what I love about this sort of sound. Combined with the gentle bass and uplifting arpeggiation, it’s well worth a listen and certainly one of my favourite songs of this style to come out of the fandom!


Niłch’i Poni – V’ynuk |Liquid Drum and Bass / Siberian Folk

Niłch’i (F 109) is no stranger to ambiance and sound design and this is no exception! The opening piano chords and pads are rich, deep and carry a weight behind them and that’s only the beginning. The focus shifts most notably with what appears to be a jaw harp(?) of all instruments and a more ethnic, folk sound with some tight and complex break beats to tie in to the main genre of the song. Everything ebbs and flows like water through out from the chimes to the one shots and reverberates so cleanly and mysteriously. I absolutely adore the very deep and gritty bassline that punches through at times and the dynamic range really shines through with these iterations. This is truly a unique masterpiece and truly immerses you into its world!