Tw3Lv3 & Koron Korak – I Hear The Birds Singing | Orchestral / Drum & Bass

For those of you who want to start your day on a softer note, or those who want to wind down after a long day, this Orchestral DnB track  that came out of a collaboration between Tw3Lv3 and Koron Korak is sure to perk you up either way. It gives you a feeling of serenity and moderate excitement by combining the mellow sounds of the piano and the pumping beat of the drums. There are no vocals in this track, so just focus on the music and relax!


Tw3Lv3 – Darling | Drum & Bass

I love Liquid DnB, and I always feel like there’s really not enough of it in the fandom. My perception may be skewed, however, as I don’t think there’s really such thing as ‘too much’ Drum and Bass.
‘Darling’ is the first single off Tw3Lv3’s debut pony EP ‘Harmony‘, which is well worth checking out if you’re into Liquid stuff. With its pulsing bassline and crisp drum breaks, this track has all the elements you look for when finding new DnB to listen to. Check it out!


Cynifree – Endless Ages | Liquid Drum & Bass

Paving a stairway to pony Heaven with Flutterchops and letting sparkles of magical light fall down all around you with that crystal-y piano… This is the kind of scene that Cynifree’s latest masterpiece is evoking me, and I hope that you’ll like it as much as I did. With the deep bass to lift you to higher planes and the halftime DnB beats taking you by surprise, there is a lot to appreciate in Endless Ages, a track full of magic!


Tripon – Cascade | Neurofunk

In what might be his most extreme tune thus far, Cascade really feels like Tripon is showcasing the limits of his production and composition abilities. Going along with Out of Limit 4‘s theme of time,  Tripon’s piece alludes to Starlight’s time-altering spells used in the Season 5 finale. The build is long and haunting (as Tripon has shown he’s excellent at creating) and the drop is perhaps what you might expect from Tripon, but cranked up to 11. The tune is frantic, heavily utilizes samples, and is certainly one of the most unique fandom songs in recent memory. Big ups to for consistently bringing out the weirdest from musicians (you can grab the Out of Limit 4 compilation this song is featured on here)!


[Equinity] Proto_ssin & NeverLastStanding – Falling VIP | Drum & Bass

An absolute masterpiece of a VIP and collab with NeverLastStanding, this beauty shows once more how “Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection”, with a breathtaking progression featuring both a smooth DnB arrangement and gorgeous Orchestral elements, taking us through the wild and intense emotion of Falling! It’s available now on Equinity 01: Stellar!


Tripon – Titan (Single Purpose Remix) | Neurofunk

An ominous threat looms.
Single Purpose has remixed Tripon’s ‘Titan’ and has heated things up quite a lot. The drums roll the beat extremely well and the complex neuro basslines are on point. Single Purpose has built a very ominous atmosphere with this and even the breakdowns don’t let up and keep you on edge with the sounds and tension. This one truly is a special one, and you better not sleep on it!


The Experimental Bronies & – Out of Limit 4: The Philosophy of Time | Compilation Album | Experimental

The Experimental Bronies have once again teamed up with to release their fourth entry in the Out of Limit project! There is plenty of interesting and unique tunes by several artists in this one ranging from more ambient and mysterious tracks to dark and filthy tracks as well as some good ol’ hardcore tracks. Viricide Filly’s track, Seconds Into Centuries, I Let My Hair Grow was one of my favourites and I go more in detail with it in the above post, however there are many other cool gems such as Smallish Season by Detra x Danger, which is a very intriguing and groovy twist on lo-fi and hip hop-esque music while Tripon’s Cascade is a very energetic and complex neurofunk style track with their signature style with some complex sampling and abstract design decisions that make for a refreshing listen. All in all if you’re tired of hearing the ‘same old, same old’ and looking for something odd and refreshing, has just what you are looking for!


7th Stive – Princess Chrysalis | Drum & Bass

LONG LIVE THE BUG QUEEN! OH….HELL…YEAH! 7th Stive brings his brand of hardcore, in a tune that is the true essence of what is about her. It’s dark and intimidating. I get this feeling that as I listen to this. Chrysalis feels like she is marching on a tear, hell-bent and wants to snap. The melody has this psychopathic tone to it as it goes on. A very good tune for a beloved villain. Oh and please check TsaoShin for the amazing art.


Hay Tea & Age Of Vinyl – Downpour | Liquid Drum & Bass

Hay Tea and Age Of Vinyl are at it again! Downpour has an incredible outpouring of emotion right from the get go and the balance of energy and weight is astounding! The subtle vibrance and ambiances that support this track have such a deep and profound sound to them and the whole song with its meticulous melodies and whimsical harmonies flow like water. This power duo never disappoints and its always a journey seeing what comes next!