PrinceWhateverer & Jalmaan – Enemy Undefined (Club Mix) | Drum & Bass

Okay, everypony, today we return once more to “Enemy Undefined”, this time the club mix! I already did an article for the original (I call the Version on PrinceWhateverer’s channel the “original” here for lack of a better term) which you can find here, so I’m not going to talk too much about lyrics. Since this is a club mix, the DnB is much more center stage and the metal elements by Prince take more of a backseat as the DnB beat did in the original. This really gives it the perfect club combination: The EDM parts are center stage but the song doesn’t completely abandon the metal elements, resulting in a mix that is perfect to jump up and down to, either in the club or at home!
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Nicolas Dominique – Coffee Rush | Drum & Bass

Today we return once more to Nicolas Dominique, and he brings us this jolly DnB song. Coffee Rush is an upbeat, fast DnB track that will make you dance! The track starts out at express pace with a lovely DnB melody that is quickly joined by all sorts of elements, and before you really notice it the song begins building up. After some time another synth joins in and gives the song a lovely melody. Later an additional synth joins and takes center stage for a lovely progression, and, believe it or not, the track is still building up. Still later the artist teases us with a two minute build up before the track changes and becomes calmer, seemingly finally slowing down. Most of the song’s elements subside, but then most of them gradually return, and the song speeds up again as we return once more to the fully built arrangement which persists until the outro where the track calms down once again.
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SCRATON & Vylet Pony – Wireless (PSFMer Remix) | Drum & Bass

You may be familiar SCRATON’s original “Wireless”, which was a mellow, if sombre, track that mixed some great instrumental elements with electronics and (in my opinion) sounded a bit glum before ultimately ending on a few hopeful notes. Vylet’s remix (also redone on her “Fairytales” album) added great vocals and atmospheric elements while upping the tempo, creating a compelling narrative delivered with scintillating urgency. PSFMer takes those outstanding Vylet vocals and combines them with a more subdued approach that is brighter than the original, incorporating a simple but effective bassline, snappy drums, fantastic atmospheric elements, and dreamy synths while making great use of the vocals. I love the layering of vocals throughout the song, and there are a lot of nice touches where they are tweaked to make them meld with the melody, often emerging and fading out, which adds some great depth to the track. The overall delivery is very chill, introspective, and engaging, and I hope that you will give it a listen and enjoy it as well! I would also like to thank PSFMer for the really great description of their process in the YouTube video comment and for linking to the previous versions of this track! Good on ya!


GeekBrony – Pony Zone: Round Three (feat. 15ai & PVPP) | Drum and Bass

Psst…it’s time.


That’s right – after the first two installations earlier this year, GeekBrony went all out with a full visual video and song 5 months in the making. We return to the pony zone, this time focusing on Rainbow Dash and Applejack whose chops were supplied through show clips and the help of 15ai and the Pony Voice Preservation Project. The instrumental works well with the DnB beat given the quick, heart rate-increasing tempo. GeekBrony makes great use of an added synth to transition measure to measure. While that loops, the focus stays primarily on what the ponies are singing to the listener.

The lyrics and erotic and degenerate.

The visuals on the video are pretty amazing! GeekBrony edited the whole video to have each member of the Mane 6 on screen singing their parts, moving around, and making faces. There are some added flash graphics for those that know. It is really captivating to watch and helps demonstrate just how much work went into this project!


bank pain – The Long Defeat | Album | Electronic

Best known for his work on Ponies at Dawn, bank pain has just unleashed The Long Defeat, a concept album that had been in the works for a year. Accompanying the 11-track release is a booklet containing a lengthy story. Track 1 – “and our hands are…” is a nice lo-fi track that begins with an acoustic guitar with some atmospheric ambient synths behind it. There’s a small build up with light percussion and what sounds like wind instruments before things break down and we hear the sound of a marching drum. Right off the bat, the sound design for this album is something truly amazing. peacekeeper 2020, a remake of the original from 2017, sees a heavy yet atmospheric drumstep style. The juxtaposition of the soft strings and rain sounds combined with the strong bass and hard-hitting drums – especially when it speeds up halfway through – makes for something truly spectacular. The next track is fog in the treetops which features violin from Koron Korak and a continuation of the amazing sound design we’ve seen so far. This track slows things down and lets the instruments breathe. The other songs with guests also stick out, especially shellshock cafe with SDreamExplorerS and nightmares in iron with Burning Gryphon. The latter track features a slightly wonky beat which gives it a chaotic edge. Overall, The Long Defeat stands as one of this year’s best releases, and will leave you wanting more once it’s over. We’ve been through a lot this year, but I guarantee this will lift you up just a little bit!


Violin Melody – Hope (Canvas Remix) | Drum and Bass

(listen to Vio’s original here!)

Violin’s Melody’s message of hope and light urges us to never give up on life, much like she refused to when she was in a dark place in her life. Canvas has given this song a super boost of energy and positivity, but viewed will also be enthralled by the prancing Fluttershy in the video. The power of D&B with bounciness and enchanting beat to this track bring out this infectious feeling of joy and the wonder of the Everfree Forest. The vocal chops with the lovely piano only enhances the positive message and wholesome spirit of this track. Canvas has made something special here by making this Vio track his own. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Totalspark and Tw3lv3 – Orbit | Liquid Drum and Bass

Today, everypony, we’ve got ourselves some lovely DnB tunes by Totalspark and Tw3lv3 straight from Ponies at Dawn’s newest album “Eclipse”. The track starts out with a muffled beat and a beeping timer counting down to the song, which fully embraces the beat after some lovely singing. The main theme is a faster DnB beat that really can’t be described other than saying it’s absolutely awesome. After the beat fades out we get some more lovely singing, and you can very slowly but surely hear the beat building up for the drop again. Another round of vocals then transitions the song back to the faster beat. But wait, there’s more! Rather than simply fading out, the song concludes with a lovely bit of piano that is at once calm, atmospheric, and gripping.

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[P@D] Tripon – And In Darkness May She Reign | Dark Ambient Technofolk

My second favorite from P@D Eclipse, And In Darkness May She Reign is the kind of dark beauty from Tripon that we all wished for when we saw that name in the tracklist. Atmospheric, deep and mysterious, its progression is a real journey into unknown and faraway territories, and also a trip into fascinating lore that the musician crafted and that you can read from the description!


Witch of Despair – Celestial Protectress | Drum & Bass

Witch of Despair hits the scene again with an ethereal track about Celestia entitled Celestial Protectress. I can just imagine that scene in Magical Mystery Cure where she leads Twilight down a path showing off some memories here! The harps, choir and synths all work with the drums to create a track that sounds peaceful while also remaining speedy. Takes a lot of work to do something this special!


Single Purpose – Nightmare Night | Neurofunk

Single Purpose has come out with something truly freaky. True to its name, Nightmare Night sets out to spook its listener with samples from the fearful Nightmare Moon and dark-sounding synth chords. Once we’re given time to breathe after the DnB-esque drop kicks in, a group of haunting organs and choirs permeate the air, as if to really drive home that she’s taken over and there’s nothing Equestria can do. Truly a haunting piece, this one!