Daniel Ingram – Flawless (Enermatrix Remix) | Drum & Bass

Enermatrix make his comeback with a remix of the most recent song of the most recent episode of Season 7! And this time, Enermatrix experimented the wonders of the Drum n Bass sounds!

The drums that Enermatrix used are really well chosen for this style of music, the acapella treatment is also well done, and that the fading part between the chorus and the Rainbow Dash’s verse is pretty good. The synths and the piano used are also one of the highest points in the remix! What I want now is a longer version of this remix! Because this is really a genius way to re-imagine Flawless! Welcome back Enermatrix!


Daniel Ingram – Hope Shines Eternal (Protocat Remix) (iblank2apples Remix) | Drum & Bass

After DnB god Protocat graced us with his divine remix of Hope Shines Eternal, now another musical god from the community is hopping in and delivers his own spin on the remix? Oh boy, this is crazy. Becoming the playground of giants, the original song gets a breathtaking new life as iblank2apples remixes the remix with the insane musical talent he’s known for, and sublimates Protocat’s vocal chops with a new DnB arrangement. The guitar is the icing on the cake, and completes this extra polished gem full of happy and emotional vibes born from the union of the musicians’ visions.


Tripon – Twilight’s Sweepy Surprise VIP | Drum & Bass

Tripon’s back at it with the first of new releases of VIPs, and this revamped version of Twilight’s Sweepy Surprise is definitely a delight to get! Pushing the community answer to Rainbow Dash’s call for remixes in The Saddle Row Review to an extreme level of talent and devotion, the sweeping madness has just been doubled with this VIP showcasing slick and dark sound design and an amazing contrast with epic choruses, that makes this quite the unique and incredible experience. Tripon forever!


Daniel Ingram – Hope Shines Eternal (Protocat Remix) | Drum & Bass

Master of Drum & Bass and emotional show song remixes Protocat is back with a new amazing take on a song by series composer Daniel Ingram and this time it’s from an EQG movie! Hope Shines Eternal concluded the latest installment “Legend of Everfree” quite wonderfully after the Rainbooms’ performance, and it is such a delight to get an emotionally powerful remix of it by the one and only Protocat. His signature divine vocal chops are present, breathing new life and new dimension to the original vocals, and a dreamy progression with slick DnB percussions and powerful background synths are completing the picture and showcasing Protocat’s unique musical vision and talent.


Hay Tea – Waiting Room | Drum & Bass / Jazzstep

Hay Tea, one of the first artists that I think when someone asks me to name a Drum & Bass brony musician.

Waiting Room” isn’t just another drum & bass experiment, this time I can see that Hay Tea used Jazz elements in the track, reminding of the smooth jazz tracks that are played in the stations while we are waiting for the metropolitan arrives.

I love the track, this is pretty good, be sure to check out more of Hay Tea, Hay Tea is a DnB genious!


[ASOS] Nevermourn – Nighttime Aria | Drum & Bass

Coming from one of the hottest albums of this year: Lollipop by the A State of Sugar Crew, there’s this track done by one of the upcoming Drum N Bass pony musicians: Nevermourn. And I must say, that this track is absolute fire! The vocal chops, the piano, the drums and the synths are absolute chilling and amazing! Adding that to the amazing “liquid” feeling that the track gives and the well done mastering and mixing helps a lot this track for becoming a great tune of ASoS!

Buy or download Lollipop, and give support to the upcoming brony artists!