New Reverian – Altitude | Drum & Bass

This was New Reverian’s submission for P@D and, while it didn’t make it on the album, he’s blessed us with this lovely DnB tune! The atmosphere on this one is fantastic with some lovely use of reverb and a catchy lead perfectly encapsulating the feeling of soaring through the pegasi-laden sky. I have personally not heard his music before, but I am definitely looking forward to what New Reverian has in store in the future, as his music can only go up from here. Cheers!


Inkwel – From The Moon | Drum & Bass / Future Bass

Inkwel bringin’ us a track from the Alicorn EP. And a very good one too, I love the Pads and synth vibes on this track. They go very well with the Atmosphere and all around theme of the Track. The night life can be felt really well during this song and I really enjoy it. Its upbeat vibe while at the same time calming and exciting mixture is a piece well thought out and very enjoyable. Ink you’ve done well my friend. Keep it up! ❤ show some love everybody.


[HMC] Intersekt – Conchorde | Drum & Bass

Another lovely release from Drumscape Library, this one featuring a tune from the Horse Music Central, Vol. 5 compilation! Seemingly paying tribute to the fandom DnB songs of old (Style and Speed anypony?), this has got to be one of the best feel-good pony Drum & Bass songs. With tasty breaks, uplifting chords and driving leads, cool experimentation with different basses and inventive Rainbow Dash vocal chops, this might even be my personal favorite tune from Intersekt!


Tripon – Memories | Drum & Bass

One of my favorite producers in the fandom making a song inspired by my favorite pony, what could be better?! Tripon’s song inspired by his first joining the fandom back in 2012 features a completely different vibe than we’re used to from him. However, many of the staples of his other music remain. In addition to a beautiful backing piano melody, Tripon’s reese bass and energetic breaks lend this tune a very unique energy quite befitting of Cadance.



Hey, it’s the 6th Pinkamena Party! (15 albums were released by PP Crew, but the actual path is 6 albums). Go grab your popcorn, plug your headphones at a higher volume and call your family because this is a show for all family! Yes I said a show, in this case a musical. Not like that Broadway musicals because that’s lame but a really funny and headbanging one! Basically the Pinkamena Party Crew in this album decided to make a musical where Trixie and Rarity get ANGERY at each other, the description of the album on bandcamp bring us an amazing and delightful fanfiction (possibly the script of the musical) for all family! If you take a closer look, the text and the dialogue parts are made off the track names! So, in fact, let’s take a look on the songs, the first half you have amazing hard dance tracks done by amazing musicians such as Dynamite Grizzly, Brohoof Studios, zorg, InklingBear, Schatz and many others! And the second half you have the funnie, noisy, hardcore, scary tracks with artists like Kakofonous A. Dischord, Blind Hyena, mycutiemarkisagun, r_chase and the classy Colt do Bad! The thing is that after a concept album where the artists where challenged to do a 2018 bpm track for celebrate 2018, what is better than doing another concept album where we buck up Rarity? Also we have new names in this 27 tracks album! Like securityfurby (shoutouts to the Spanish speaking readers), Complete Disregard For Pony Life, Ponut Pulse, Batouta & Helius and many others! Everything for Rarity’s (anti)sake! An amazing musical which funds will go to cancer research fundations! Grab the album, stay hard! And I unno I’m just gunna get fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked!!!! The album is also on RateYourMusic database, good say some nice words on it! Also shoutouts to Zovi and Dave! for staying awesome and keep creating new albums ideas!


Suskii – Hivemind (Ponytronic Remix) | Halftime Drum & Bass

Suskii and Ponytronic back at it again with the muhfuckin’ bugg music man. Always a pleasure to listen too! relevant to the many holes changelinges have… This track will make EVERY, SINGLE, OPENING, TREMBLE with IMMENSE PLEASURE and HYPE! If this doesn’t let you feel like you’re shaking, THIS TRACK WILL MAKE YOU! And with every huff and Puff while the drops keep coming in, you’re gonna feel it. HARD, INSIDE YOU! ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) Legit this track is dope af bro you’ve done amazing! Keep it up! everybody, show some love! Support the bug queen!


[ASOS] Nevermourn & Paloris – Night Time Lullabies | Liquid Drum & Bass

Drumscape Library is back with another new release, one from A State of Sugar’s Bubblegum, this time by channel regular Nevermourn and the wonderfully talented Paloris. This track is very appropriately titled, as the soft piano hits, vibrating bass, and snappy breaks backed by the sweet strings are very evocative of the Princess of Night. It’s at parts highly energetic and, at others, very soothing. Check it out if you’re a fan of more chilled DnB.


iblank2apples – Flutterwander (NeverLastStanding Remix) | Drum & Bass

It’s always such a treat for the ears with every Drumscape Library upload. Isn’t it amazing how timeless those vocals from So Many Wonders are? With this tune, NeverLastStanding flips the synthwave-inspired Flutterwander on its head, while still retaining the beyond-catchy vocal chops from iblank’s original. The lead in this song is infectious in catchiness and in how friggin’ happy it is (something NLS specializes in). The song never feels like it takes a break energy-wise, which is something I personally love in any drum and bass song. The punchy kick in the breakdown, coupled with the clean-as-usual mixing from NLS, make this track sure to please any fandom DnB connoisseur!
This track is available as part of A State of Sugar Bubblegum.


[ASOS] Single Purpose – It’s Ok | Drum & Bass

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 26 July 2018.

Single Purpose’s music seems to be pretty consistently cool, and this tune builds upon his initial releases on his channel in all the right ways. Melding together soft piano and strings with a consistent flow given through the percussion, there’s also a nice use of vocal samples to add some atmosphere.