Daniel Ingram – A Friend for Life (Snow Swirl Remix) | Drum & Bass

Snow Swirl returns with their first release in nearly a year: a remix of A Friend For Life from Equestria Girls! This DnB rendition creates a warm, tight-knit atmosphere with the beautiful synths and piano tracks along with the original vocals and brilliantly crafted drumlines. Even with the fast pace, the mood is very uplifting and wholesome, and Jerrica Santos’ vocals – much like basically every vocalist on the show – suit the genre very well!


[P@D] Age Of Vinyl & Hay Tea – Moonrise | Liquid Drum & Bass

Age of Vinyl and Hay Tea is the most iconic duo of the so-called “DnB gang”. When they join forces it is hard not to stop everything and admire in awe the formidable achievement of two musicians being in total control and mastery of their craft. This time they gave us Moonrise, available as part of P@D: Eternal. The intro of a liquid drum & bass song is highly important and here it is made up of some slick sampling followed by some bells on top of strings that appear again during the bridge. After this, the main part comes and we hear the insane reese bass that is found in most Age of Vinyl songs which has the ability to catch the listener’s psyche and put them in trance at once. Thereafter, divine arps perfect what had been built just before. That second drop finishes this magnificent song by including the immortal flutterchops. These two musicians proved themselves once more capable of making us experience some of the most intense feelings music can provide. We truly are blessed to have them.


[ASOS] Tw3Lv3 – Aimless Destination | Liquid Drum & Bass

Where are we going? Wherever the road takes us. Track 38 from A State of Sugar: Brownie is Aimless Destination, one of Tw3Lv3’s two appearances on the album. This one is super chill yet fast-paced, the drums and bass taking center stage while some soft and subdued (and reversed-sounding) synths add a nice atmosphere. Liquid DnB is one of those genres that truly have something special.


A State of Sugar – Brownie | Compilation Album | Electronic

It is time again for another incredible ASoS album, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, then get on it! There are so many incredible tracks on this 43 song compilation album that there’s no way to highlight all the greatness in one article! Luckily there will be plenty of individual posts in the coming days on Horse Music Herald!

Brownie is another masterpiece in a collection of A State of Sugar albums which are dedicated to “sweet” themed tracks. Perhaps the most diverse of ASoS albums to date, this one features everything you could want and more!

There’s powerhouse collaborations, bright and uplifting songs, crazy and complex dance tracks, creative and catchy hip-hop, metal-EDM collaborations, and everything in-between! Brownie is high quality and a mega album like this will keep you boppin’ along for hours!



[ASOS] Age of Vinyl & Hay Tea – Calm Of The Sky (Koron Korak Remix) | Drum & Bass

For a song titled Calm Of The Sky, this sure is pretty cathartic and fast-paced. Track 21 from A State of Sugar: Brownie is Koron Korak’s remix of the Age of Vinyl and Hay Tea original! His take is an all-out beautiful piece that keeps the DnB feel of the original while putting an emphasis on the orchestral strings that shine through. Alongside the heavy bass and fast drums are heavenly choirs and bell sounds complete with orchestral string riffs. Just another amazing track in the ASOS and Koron catalogue!


Omnipony – Dragon Greed (Brilliant Venture’s DnB Drive Mix) | Dubstep / Drum & Bass

Dragon Greed is an old Omnipony song, Brilliant Venture remixed it for their album Legacy : In the Mix, and this is a VIP of this remix that was performed live at HarmonyCon. The magical Rainbow Dash vocal chops from Winter Wrap Up of the original are still here, but Brilliant Venture is spicing it up with some additional ones. The song is made up of two distinct parts sectioned off by a short clip from Secret of My Excess, which inspired the track in the first place. The first part is a classic dubstep banger featuring old school wubs and the second an epic drum & bass section that ends with a sweet melodic segment. As a side note this is an epilepsy warning for the neat visuals of the video, which came out the same day Omnipony posted their first pony song in over five years!


Omnipony – I FLARE U STARE | Drum & Bass

In a surprise twist, Omnipony has recently returned to the MLP scene with their first song under the Omnipony alias in quite a long, long time! I FLARE U STARE is a unique banger that showcases their style by mixing DnB with elements of trap, wonky as well as some kooky samples! The second half of the song showcases the latter two elements more prominently, using a disjointed beat in front of some heavy synths and bass before eventually transitioning into a melodic ambient section. What a way to return, eh? I’m sure we can expect great things from Omni in the future.


[ASOS] Niłch’i Poni – Skies Ablush | Liquid Drum & Bass

Prepare yourself for 6 minutes of pure beauty. Track 15 from A State of Sugar: Brownie is Niłch’i Poni’s contribution Skies Ablush, a liquid drum & bass banger that combines soft and heavy elements in a unique fashion. The core of the song revolves around soft piano chords and a melody created with a chopped up female vocal sample while a fast-paced beat surrounds it. During the breakdown, the music turns sombre and shows off the use of oriental-esque instruments on top of the spectacularly crafted atmosphere. It’s so unique and blissful to listen to, like you’ve been transported to another world. This is just one of possibly many beautiful tracks on the compilation, which releases on March 6th!


Brilliant Venture – End of the Era (HeckOfaDecade Mix) | Drum & Bass

Always celebrating the merriments of MLP and the community in so many ways, Brilliant Venture provides a most wonderful tribute once again, and this one has extra dank vocal samples in addition to pony vocal samples! The chiptune-y melodies are giving those very nostalgic vibes once again, and this was definitely another amazing surprise from the musician!


[Equinity] Tw3Lv3 & Niłch’i Poni – Sea Stack | Liquid Drum & Bass

This rare Drumscape Library by Tw3lv3 and Niłch’i Poni is introduced with a collage of high-up plucks backed by continuous pads, faint electric piano, and flute sounds. After a monstrous drum fill to introduce the drums, the reins of the track are taken by vocal chops and spacious electric piano riffs. Then the song undergoes a steep interlude, to be brought back with the support of a massive reese-y bass. Tw3lv3 and Niłch’i Poni did a fantastic job of combining an atmospheric liquid Drum & Bass tone and a deep Neurofunk-like tone in this song, which also has a well-earned spot on the Equinity 02: Catalyst compilation album.