PumpkinZ – Lakeside | Liquid Drum and Bass

Take a stroll with your favorite ponies! No, it doesn’t matter if it’s just the Twilight gang or Sunny’s gang. To a rhythm like this, courtesy of PumpkinZ, it’s the perfect evening to take a walk by the lake with a cold cider and one of your best friends under the dancing stars of Luna’s night. As you look up, the heartbeat of this track gives off this charming scene. The D&B with the sparking and enchanting allure to it set the mood of this track to a dreamy summer night. Oh, and the vocal chops; well, you and your friends are having a good time, as you should when hearing this. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] Tw3Lv3 & Doodled – Peak Vibes | Drum & Bass/Hip Hop

Another exciting pre-release for the big Ponies at Dawn release for Zenith, Tw3Lv3 and Doodled went all-out combining their specialties! Peak Vibes combines the chaotic, fast-paced percussion of DnB while Doodled’s chilled vocals and flow provide a soothing atmosphere. The back-and-forth transitions range from wild and uptempo to relaxing on a hot afternoon – truly “Peak Vibes”!

loopy x Koa – Pull Over (Siren Song) | Remix Album

A big hit off Ponies at Dawn’s Oceansong from a year ago was the single Pull Over (Siren Song). While popular in its own right, the collaboration between Koa and loopyy really took off after the duo pair launched a remix contest with the prize including admission to this remix album.

I spoke with Koa recently who said the album was conceived because it sounded like a fun idea. She told me that she really enjoys the diversity in creative elements that come about from such a contest. The number of directions different people can take with the same source is astounding! With 26 initial remix submissions, this winter was certainly full of unique interpretations of the same project!

AnNy Tr3e Remix – You wouldn’t know you are listening to Siren Song at first with this remix. Perhaps the best at subverting expectations, AnNy Tr3e brings a very big room feel to the album.

Payyn Remix – A big buildup at the very beginning lets you know something big is coming! The mix lulls you in with soft space-y vibes right up until it punches you in the face with heavy bass and crazy wubs.


Daniel Ingram – A Friend For Life (Snow Swirl Remix) Remake | Drum & Bass

This is actually Snow Swirl’s second venture at remixing this song – their original version came out a couple of years ago. Like the first version, this has a nice smooth liquid DnB feel to it, and combines piano and string sounds with melodic synths to keep the whole thing super upbeat. It’s not that heavy because it doesn’t need to be! Just happy vibes c:


Tw3Lv3 – Aura | Electronic

Tw3Lv3 has been prolific with her releases over the last few years, with plenty of wonderful album experiences and collaborations to her name, with plenty more sure to come. The culmination of some of that work is on show here in her latest offering, Aura. Featuring 14 different tracks, two of which were initially released as part of P@D’s last compilation album, there’s a lovely mixture of solo and collaborative work, and some cool album art from BL1NKY as well. With plenty to vibe to from d&b rollers to more future bass-oriented dance tunes, there’s also the helping of chill you’d expect from Tw3Lv3 too.

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Ponytronic – Times Like These (VIP Mix) | Drum & Bass

Its been five years since ‘Times Like These’ initially released with the Missed Hearts EP. There’s a notable change in tone from the original with a heavier weight in the emotion. This time around it feels more melancholic with airy and longing vocal chops. There’s a great feeling of nostalgia in this one for me and its always nice to celebrate a key breakout track by revisiting it! All-in-all it’s good tension, and good fun.


SOUND BANDIT – break the cycle / sleepless nights ft. Fetlocked | Hyperpop / Breakcore

Sound Bandit and Fetlocked have teamed up to create a masterpiece! The signature hyperpop-esque vocals with a fast and chaotic breakbeat rhythm while still reigning in that energy with a soothing, beautiful melody leads to an interesting melancholic experience! Break the Cycle / Sleepless Nights somehow gets the blood pumping while managing an atmosphere where the listener can just lean back on a rooftop in retrospect. The Fluttershy vocal chops in the breakdown just add to the overall ambience of this relaxed, yet restless piece. Perfect for a sleepless night.


Violin Melody – Popcorn | Drum & Bass

Violin Melody’s upcoming SWAN album has been in the works for a long time, but she’s been releasing tracks that will feature on it periodically and this one is a bit of branching out from her usual house style. With energetic drum & bass percussion, light synths and vocal sounds some heavy scream energy transitions between sections to add a touch of chaos to the track, worthy of the discordant theming.


Power Note – Sunlight | Melodic Dubstep/Drum & Bass

Power Note has this signature sound design that makes you feel like you’re absorbed into such a big, beautiful space. With Sunlight, the bright synths and additional chops add so much positivity around the vocals from Celestia’s Ballad. The track is powerful, contains beautiful melodies, and expresses great energy through every instrument from the percussion to the piano!

[P@D] PSFMer – Vault | Drum & Bass

PSFMer created this track to match the energy of Chapter 1 of the “Fallout: Equestria” fanfic, and it beautifully captures the tension of the pivotal moments in that chapter. The song was composed without melodic elements and relies instead on variations in reverb, space, timbre, and the construction of the drum arrangement over a consistent bassline. This unique approach to song construction works wonderfully with the bits of dialogue from the FO:E radioplay, immersing the listener in a tense chase through a pulsing environment interspersed with alarms and broadcasted warnings. Whether you’re a fan of FO:E or just enjoy atmospheric, hoof-biting music (or both!), don’t miss this narratively engaging and creative D&B track!