[ASOS] One Track Mind – Post Pone (feat. Xol the Great) | Synthwave

One Track Mind’s style is a force to be reckoned with. Track 31 from A State of Sugar: Brownie is a powerful synthwave track that borrows elements from rock music, making it one of the compilation’s heavier tracks. Starting with a piano intro coupled with a sampled speech from Xol the Great, we’re then thrust into a industrial synthwave track. The driving synthline is reminiscent of a distorted guitar which gives the whole thing a rock edge. The middle breakdown sees everything strip down to just a piano, followed by some picked strings and military drums kept in time with a ticking clock. After some time, everything builds back up full force and we’re back in motion. This track honestly feels like it’d perfectly fit a racing game!


LuckyDragon – To The Sky | Synthwave

For those of you not in the PMV know, LuckyDragon once went by the name TheLightLeavesThee and is best known for making PMVs, but he also makes music, such as The Power of a Queen under the name Hero Pony! His newest song, To The Sky, is an emotional synthwave piece that revolves around Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. The lyrics have an innocent quality to them, with Scootaloo looking up to her mentor and wanting to fly with her once more, for old time’s sake. The backing music matches this emotional scenario as well as Lucky’s processed and soft voice. Gotta hand it to this guy for making something so beautiful!


Knife Pony – Stay (Light Assassin Remix) | Synthstep

80s synthpop meets 2010s dubstep in this fantastic remix of Knife Pony‘s Stay by Light Assassin. This take on the original is faster and blends synthwave and dubstep with Feather‘s vocal track, including a drop that perfectly combines the two genres. The most beautiful part is the breakdown after the drop with rain sounds and soft arpeggiated synths as Feather sings. It’s a nice change of pace from the original, and certainly refreshing to hear Feather’s voice again. If only she’d come back!


Koron Korak – Pony Daki Addict | DarkSynth

In honor of our very own Makenshi’s 30th birthday, Koron Korak has released a song dedicated to him! Pony Daki Addict is an industrial rock/synthwave piece that features plenty of orchestral elements and samples of Twilight along with it! The driving synth sounds like a distorted guitar which definitely helps with the industrial edge this song brings. What better gift could you think of than music?


Vylet Pony – Queen of Misfits (feat. Cabi and Namii) (RottenTotten Remix) | Synthpop

Remember when I said Last Tempest would become the new Discord? Well, Queen of Misfits might have taken that title. RottenTotten’s remix changes the vocal rhythm up a little while retaining the original’s 80s influence with the synths and drums. The drum samples and added piano chords give the song a more natural edge, as if it was recorded in a studio. Just a little change can add so much!


PON – Resonance | Synthwave / Vaporwave

HarmonyCon 2020 is on the horizon, and the anthem for it has arrived, courtesy of Brilliant Venture under their new alias, PON. Resonance is a synthwave track that comprises of ponified versions of classic vaporwave songs to fit with the con’s vaporwave/80s aesthetic. Along with the 80s inspired instrumentation as is typical of vapor/synthwave are sampled and edited MLP vocal chops that recreate the melody of the original songs, and they fit right in. See how many songs you can recognise!


[P@D] UndreamedPanic – The Storm Is Coming VIP (feat. Metajoker) | Synthwave

Get your umbrellas out, because the storm is coming. Track 68 from Ponies at Dawn: Eternal sees UndreamedPanic enter synthwave territory with Metajoker by his side. The atmosphere is bleak with plenty of reverb on the latter’s voice as the 80s-inspired synths and bass paint a picture of the rain falling on a lonely town. As long as you’re inside and cozy with this song, the storm won’t get you.


VibePoniez – Hearth’s Warming EP | Compilation Album | Lo-fi / Chillout

This is a great time for pony music. New faces are are showing up while old ones are returning, already existing labels are developping while new ones are being created. In terms of chill music, 2019 began with Spikey Wikey’s mix showing there was demand for this family of genres that had been previously left aside by the fandom. Later this year, Tw3Lv3, Steryotype and TheTaZe undertook the responsability of building a scene from the ground up in some sense and produced decent amounts of music to relax/study to, to quote the YouTube stream that rose lo-fi to the popularity it has today. In september they created the label VibePoniez that sought to “promote brony artists who make chill music”. They had expected to have 3 to 4 lo-fi tracks overall on their debut album but it went much beyond their expectations as they recieved submissions from a great diversity of genres and even some from big names in the community.
This long EP starts off with meme tracks from the label founders themselves that are nonetheless very pleasent to listen to. Single Purpose‘s track Setbacks is short, sweet and minimalistic and uses a heart wrenching Octavia sample. Palorisi still miss you makes creative use of Twilight vocal chops from I Have to Find a Way and has a great deep bass which creates a terrific chilled out atmosphere. TheChristmasSong(ChestnutsRoasting) from Steryotype is exactly what you’d expect from him: clean classic lo-fi beats. Reflection by Rayne Dear, an alias of PhonicB∞m apparently, uses some nice percussions made up of various sounds they recorded in their dad’s kitchen. Tw3Lv3 made a liquid drum & bass remix of GrazySmash‘s Dream from Helpie’s Corner: Other Side Of The Mirror, which definitly falls under the chill category. :Twi: by TCB will get a post of its own soon. Happy Mood is Insane Domi aka Mr.Sunset’s first ever released track. Even though it didn’t quite make it in Equinity 02: Catalyst, with a few tweaks and help with mastering from Tw3Lv3 it became a rock solid track to relax to. Lorris Power Note‘s Sentiments brings yet another genre to the album being a cute vocal chops-heavy synthwave track. VibePoniez’ first album and sucess ends on an ambient piece by GrazySmash which comes off as a surprise considering Grazy had only made hard hitting music so far.
Now we almost have enough for a 24/7 pony lo-fi radio! Make sure to follow VibePoniez on Bandcamp and YouTube to catch their latest releases!


[VibePoniez] Power Note – Sentiments | Synthwave

Synthwave is becoming an increasingly popular genre in the community and Lorris Power Note being a pioneer in this recent surge kept at it and created this lovely emotional track for VibePoniez’ Hearth’s Warming EP. The adorable vocal chops introduce a beautiful melody right from the beginning relayed by the synths that couldn’t be more on point. The ’80s kick and snare help set the tone too in this delightfully chillaxed track.