[P@D] Lovestruck Brony – Sleepless | Synthwave

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 20 April 2018.

Synthwave stuff is definitely an aesthetic that’s been pretty big on the internet for a while now, so it’s cool to see some HOME-style stuff pop up from a pony musician! Big, nostalgic chords, awesome use of a vocal sample hook, glittering arpeggios and some super funky basslines help to make this an insanely catchy tune from Lovestruck. Not to mention the synth solos in the second half!


Daniel Ingram – The Pony I Want To Be (One Wing Remix) | Synthpop

I think it’s pretty cool how different producers always have completely different interpretations and takes on songs from the show. We end up with some really unique covers and remixes, like this one from One Wing, which is a kinda downtempo housey synthpop…thing. I’m not sure to categorise it but it’s really melodic and chill!


Velvet R. Wings – Cutie-H Equestria | New Wave / Synthpop

With the instrumental produced by the amazing Andy Feelin, Velvet brings the 80’s Pop vibes with this song. The lyrics were amazing and Velvet vocals were on point. A true example of how brony music evolves! Good job Velvet! Keep up the good work!

PS: If you comment on this video and give to Velvet your postal code via private message, you will recive a postcard! The example is shown in the thumbnail of the video!


[P@D] Seapony Olympic Committee – Underwater Basket Weaving Bowl | Synthwave / Synthpop

Coming from Rebirth, Francis Vace and PegasYs join to make an amazing track for the pleasure of our ears! A Synthwave track with Synthpop influences that left me speechless! The instrumental with that smooth synths and with the funny high-snare made my day! Also the robotic vocals of PegasYs were on point! Even if I couldn’t understand the meaning of the song, this will surely take you to places that you never walked through! Maybe to the depths of a lake or an ocean! Normally Synthwave makes your imagination flourish! So listen to it!

Ah! Don’t forget to download Rebirth at Ponies At Dawn’s bandcamp and if you are rich buy the album for support amazing artists! What you are waiting for? What can go wrong? It’s not like that the world will end if you click on the download button!


[P@D] Thrasher – A Hero’s Ascension | Trance Metal / Synthwave

A mix of modern and retro, featured in the most recent Ponies at Dawn compilation, Rebirth. Thrasher makes a kinda cinematic/retro trance metal track with Metalcore and Industrial/Cyber Metal influences that promises to make you dance and headbang at the same time! A mix of aggressive with chill, Metal with Synthpop. A truly experimentatal world in there. Listen to it!

Don’t forget to download Rebirth on P@D’s bandcamp, they are waiting for you. I’m downloading right now, you should also do it! If you are rich, buy the album, it only helps the artists!


Henni – Power of Friendship | Synthpop

“Friendship is all about trusting each other, helping each other, loving each other and being crazy together.”

The mane six have braved many trials, learned hard taught lessons, and begun to help and teach others as they have developed as champions of harmony. Henni’s Power of Friendship brings forth strong retrospective feelings of where things have been, and how they have gotten to where they are today. Beautiful synths and a thoughtful use of ambiance treat the listener to an uplifting impression of nostalgia and perhaps even a reassuring perspective of the future. Things will be fine so long as we have one another….


FruityFusion – Deep Twist | Midtempo / Synthwave

FruityFusion is back with a retro Midtempo track! Taking the listener to the 80’s with that amazing synthesizer work, Fruity also bring modernism with the fast and uplifting beat. Feels like if a female voice was singing on this, would be the perfect mix! This track is really well done, more one to save in the retro files! Good job Fruity!


UndreamedPanic – Hold On (feat. Strigidae) | Synthpop / Electropop

This got me a lot Porter Robison feels! UndreamedPanic everyone! This artist is really prolific, a big name right now! But what jaw drop me the most was the soft and uplifting voice of Strigidae, which I’m a big fan. It was really nice of Panic choosing Strigidae for this vocal work! I can say this is the “Brony Shelter” because the drops, the cute vocal chops and the lyrics and the lyrical theme are all lovely and uplifting that makes you want to dance until you cry of joy. Also, shout-out for that cool Flutterdash drawing choosing, if feel really good for the topic of the song and the textures and flavours of it! Good job you two! You made me smile, a thing that I didn’t made since very long… Keep up the good work!


FruityFusion – Pastelle Colors (feat. Imitator) | Indie Pop

Here is a wonderful chillaxing piece with a sprinkling of 80s vibes brought to us by FruityFusion, with some astoundingly smooth vocals from Imitator! This piece manages to pack in quite the atmosphere and energy for the pace it sets and makes use of some interesting textures and organic soundscapes (my personal favourite is the subtle wooden chimes) that all come together to form a dreamy and serene track that takes hold of you and doesn’t let go until the very end.