One Track Mind – Nostalgia, Vol. 1 EP | Electronic

One Track Mind is an artist who is continually focused on improving and evolving their music (they recently remastered all of their previous releases!), and this EP is a wonderful example of that. The artist celebrates an oft-revisited motif in its original form and variations, and each one is a full-fledged attempt at something new. It’s honestly no wonder they keep coming back: the original is packed with great melodies and progressions which it continually morph and distort in interesting ways, creating an engrossing soundscape that glitches and buzzes with insistent energy before echoing to a close. The “Repetitive Remix” opens with contemplative keys and drifts through the motif before a fantastic bassline and skittery percussion give the song a futuristic groove. It sounds like something that would play over the opening credits of a sci-fi thriller! “Reprise” bubbles to life over synths and percussion with a nice retro vibe that gets more distorted before a heavy bassline kicks in, creating a nice juxtaposition with the lighter melody. “Ends” starts heavily distorted and drenched with reverb but still feels light; it fades out but then bubbles back to life with a dark groove punctuated with distorted keys. The arrangement lightens at the end and gives the track a more triumphant feeling before it echoes and fades out. “Sunday” has an ethereal quality courtesy of its keys and choir, adding a distorted bassline and light, snappy percussion before building into a fuller arrangement. When it does, it positively springs to life: the melody swirls and builds, and then the now-familiar motif returns in awesome, chippy, scratchy fashion, creating an uplifting, atmospheric progression. It feels triumphant, like reaching the plateau on a long climb, knowing that there’s more to come but being satisfied with the journey so far. Then, just to remind you that this is the artist’s party and they’ll do what they want, the track switches things up at the end, careening to a close like a twist ending in a movie. Kudos to the artist for their inventiveness and for putting this fantastic EP together. To the continuing journey, my fellow musical adventures!


char – Any Fuss | Alternate Electronic

Indubitably among the best and most emotional pony songs ever written in my eyes, char’s tribute released on the 10th anniversary of SGaP’s music is a commitment to the cultural preservation of such pony vocal chops-powered pieces of magic that call upon our Passion. With a progression reflecting Starlight’s character depth and a masterful composition that evokes emotion so well, the song is nothing short of breathtaking, and a gem you don’t want to sleep on!


Evershade – Come Along With Me | Synthpop

More G5 good vibes incoming! Originally composed as a Dustcar track, this lovely tune takes the listener on a musical tour of the inspiring locations and themes in the film. Evershade’s gentle vocals float over a sweet melody and simple beat, and the vocals, arrangement, and playful lyrics fit together perfectly. The video backgrounds match the locales as they come up in the lyrics, which is a great touch. Such a wonderful, breezy, positive song!


SpinScissor & Nyancat380 – BRUSH ADDICT | Hyperpop

A dream collab that was meant to happen, two of our regulars teamed up for a magical result. Colgate aka Minuette got a new song, and a pretty dank one at that. Not only the cool and light-hearted lyrics are making for an awesome reminder of brony spirit, but the vocals come in all shapes and sizes, with a cuteness overload happening several times during the track. As for the instrumental, it’s sparking from the fusion of the two musicians’ skills! Give it up for SpinScissor and Nyancat380 everypony!


Cantersoft – Six Ponies Flying in a Pink Hot Air Balloon | Synthpop

Cantersoft was right when he said that he achieved something very catchy… Writing this song up a second time right now after I posted it on EQD, I have its vocals stuck in my head even without re-listening to it..! Aside from the catchy-ness, the song is brimming with pony cuteness, and in the video as well since it has got such a fun and delightfully light-hearted PMV/animation to go along with it. You can breathe pony while watching this..!


BGM Pony Degeneracy – Fluttersad | Synthpop

(That title comes from the filename of the downloaded song from the description)
This song might make you cry! With the help of TalkNet, one of the musicians from 4chan made such a wonderful and emotional song where Fluttershy is singing to anon about the regrets she has. “I just wanted to be your mare.” That line alone is just taking me straight to where I want to belong in this community!! Thank you to the musician for this, and shout-out to all the passionate bronies on /mlp/! (If you read this, consider submitting a song to Pony Family, made precisely to showcase pony initiatives like these! Wink!)
Love, love everywhere!


Agatan, BlueBrony & Drummershy – Above the Waves | Synthpop

Today I’ve got something special for you, everypony! For his newest song BlueBrony recruited not only the amazing Drummershy but also the fantastic Agatan for this lovely song about the seaponies. This Synth-Pop masterpiece is sure to get you dancing, and with it being five minutes long you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the sweet vibes! The lyrics focus on the Seaponies’ desire to escape their underwater prison and rise above the waves once more. Did I mention yet that this combination is absolutely perfect for Synth-Pop? Well, now I have.
Proofread by theCANderson; big thanks to him!


One Track Mind – Ends EP | Darkwave / Synthwave

This album is packed with emotion, vibes, bops and bangers, and great songs, and everything else one would need for a brilliant album! The music covers a lot of ground, from quick, energetic hard-hitting electronic songs, like Love & Tolerate, G1GGL3, and Tartarus, to a more chill and trance-y sound, like in tracks like Intermittence and Interlude. The different tracks mix well together, and give the album a unique feel and sound. With seven epic tracks on here, there’s something that everypony can enjoy. I absolutely loved this album, and I’m sure you will as well!