[The Rest of Our Lives] Replacer – season infinity | Indie Pop

The series finale feels continue with a melancholy-themed track from the new collaborative album, The Rest of Our Lives”. Replacer has put on an interesting and unique performance to try to express some of the fandom’s struggles of the “Friendship is Magic” book being closed. The lyrics and vocals are eerie, and they reflect the struggles of many bronies after watching the finale (with the use of a vocoder) to give the message of bronies feeling lost with no more gen 4. The calm piano is so effective and gorgeous in telling this story. You really need to hear this for yourself. It may not be for everyone. Regardless, its message is powerful. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Evershade – The World Above | Synthpop

Evershade takes us to The World Above with this very cuddly song starring their cute vocals! Very Equestrian for sure, the mellow track feels like a warm hug, or like rolling in the fluffy clouds in the sky. With friends in our heart it’s even better, I’m sure thinking about everypony I love so much while listening to this song and escaping in that comfy place!


[P@D] Skron – Maze of Thoughts | Melodic Dubstep

Leave it to Skron, an up and coming producer to make a track with a dreamy and reflecting theme to it. A track that goes into the mind of our newly crowned bookhorse. The melodies effectively make you feel this as the song is right out of the show. It’s right in touch on how twilight would be talking, feeling about being the new ruler of equestria. There are some lovely transitions and drops that take the emotion from, uncertainty to courage, power and overcoming the odds. Skron vocals really drive you into her mind and her sense of wonder. If there was ever a way, really to use Twilight’s character growth over 9 seasons. Skron I’ll say, has done so in this package of bliss and celebration for track 42 on P@D: Ignite. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Various Artists – The Rest of Our Lives | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Another compilation makes its way into the fandom in the form of The Rest of Our Lives, a tribute to the show and fandom. The album contains 13 diverse tracks from various musicians across various genres such as Tw3Lv3, Replacer, Ditherer and Evdog just to name a few. The opening track, Remembering (Origin & Depth) by Space Horse Manifesto is an atmospheric rock song that stretches across 7 minutes and goes from being a spacey, ambient rock piece to having full-on funky electronic pop influences halfway through. The very next track is River of Dismay, Tw3Lv3’s first of four appearances on the album and an emotional drum n’ bass track that utilizes a piano to create beautiful soundscapes, making it one of the album’s highlights. Stand-out tracks are the previously mentioned Remembering and River of Dismay, loophoof and Tw3Lv3’s remix of the SoGreatandPowerful classic On My Own, Evdog‘s Through the Veil, an uplifting rock track with soaring vocals and lyrics with references to the show and its characters, and Freewave‘s Twilight Sleeps Loudly, an ambient piece that feels like the soundtrack to Twilight taking a much deserved rest after earning her title as the ruler of Equestria. Overall, this compilation serves as a lovely sendoff to the show and while it’s not as diverse or prolific as fellow compilations Ponies At Dawn or VibePoniez, there’s enough unique songs that anyone can find enjoyment in. All donations made towards the album will be put towards the Brony Thank You Fund, a charity which is currently providing supplies to mask makers during the COVID-19 outbreak.


One Track Mind – Rainbow Dash Had One Too Many Ciders | Chiptune / Synthwave

I so love it when spontaneous ideas turn into something amazing, and here One Track Mind put that thought explained in the description in musical form and actually made that little story happen with the help of Dashie vocal samples! The instrumental is so creative and mind-blowing over the course of its progression in pure One Track Mind style, and this fun little treat is very appreciated!


MrMehster – Holi (Festival of Colours) (Ricardofr-200 Remix) | Synthwave

ricardofr-200’s first attempt at synthwave is a remix of MrMehster’s submission to ASOS: Ice Cream, Holi (Festival of Colors)! The original was a psychedelic trance piece with world-inspired vocal samples and drops, this remix brings it back to the 80s and slows down gradually, fitting the pace of a night time drive. You know a song is good when you can turn it into a completely different style and still make it sound amazing.


Koron Korak – Face Your Fate (feat. Twilight Sparkle) | Synth Rock

Koron Korak’s back with a brand new song based around the season 4 finale. Face Your Fate takes its inspiration from synthwave tracks while adding distorted guitars to give it some edge. The occasional audio sample from the episode can be heard as a decent callback to the episode that inspired it. Glad to hear how amazing this turned out after a year in the making!


[ASOS] One Track Mind – Post Pone (feat. Xol the Great) | Synthwave

One Track Mind’s style is a force to be reckoned with. Track 31 from A State of Sugar: Brownie is a powerful synthwave track that borrows elements from rock music, making it one of the compilation’s heavier tracks. Starting with a piano intro coupled with a sampled speech from Xol the Great, we’re then thrust into a industrial synthwave track. The driving synthline is reminiscent of a distorted guitar which gives the whole thing a rock edge. The middle breakdown sees everything strip down to just a piano, followed by some picked strings and military drums kept in time with a ticking clock. After some time, everything builds back up full force and we’re back in motion. This track honestly feels like it’d perfectly fit a racing game!