ALostCarolean – Midnight All Day Long | Darksynth

ALC returns here with another suspense-building, fear inducing, 80s-influenced banger. I’ve always thought certain genres like trance are very thematically suitable for Luna, but the darker side of synthwave is also proving very fitting for Nightmare Moon! The strings and organ sounds in the intro in particular are a great setup for a drop into a heavy-hitting song about the endless night.


Evershade – Ponytails (feat. Chuckles & PegasYs) | Electropop

The musicians who make Pony Life songs really go all out on their efforts! Originally featured on A State of Sugar’s Doughnut album, Evershade brings us the long-awaited lyric video complete with Pony Life visuals and featured the vocal talents of Chuckles who adds some hip-hop flair to the verses while PegasYs’ always catchy, modulated vocals make the choruses something you’ll have stuck in your head all day!

ALostCarolean – Starlight’s Last Glimmer | Darksynth / Industrial

Another spectacle of a darksynth tune has been delivered to us, thanks to ALostCarolean. And this tune, tells the story of a falsehood, leading to a betrayal with no escape, fueling a plot of revenge… and finally, Starlight’s last Glimmer. A story told with amazing electronics and sinister instrumental works. I love the flow of it and the overall vibe of a scheme being played out to upmost perfection, just like this tune, with epic build-ups and outstanding blast-offs!


rawrity – PINKIE | Synthpop

rawrity’s first release of 2023 is a nostalgic tale of an interaction with a certain somepony who left a lasting impression, yet whose name the speaker cannot recall (I wonder who that pony could be xD). The track is laced with Pinkie Pie vocal chops, and when the instrumentation drops out to just piano and vocals near the end, it’ll leave you breathless. Throughout, rawrity’s vocal performance captures the longing to be reunited; perhaps you can help them out?


Koa – Rainbow Disaster Pop | Album | Hyperpop

Content warning: This album features adult language and other explicit content.

Hyperpop has been on the rise in the fandom for the past few years, and now Koa contributes a full album worth of crazy, silly, super-boppin’ hits! Every track on Rainbow Disaster Pop is conceptualized through a different episode from Dawn Somewhere’s series Rainbow Dash Presents, a comical video set which retold notable MLP fanfiction through parody. The entire album exudes punk energy with lots of fun vocal effects, subtle audio nods to Dawn Somewhere, chaotic randomness, hilarity, and so much more!

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BGM – Smooth Sailin’ | Synthpop

You might listen to this song and think it’s ironic for My Little Pony. But pony came out in 1983, and the electric graphics and that melody you hear are definitely of that time! As a child of the ’80s, I’d say this song hits all those vintage check marks. BGM perfectly recreates pop songs of the era with these blissful melodies about Trixie enjoying time for herself after a hard day’s work at the School of Friendship. Even that nostalgic hair metal guitar solo and the appropriate use of the Pony AI vocals will make you smile! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. Trixie fans, rejoice!


[Album] Skyshard – The Borderline | Synthwave/Indie Electronic

Right after Christmas, Skyshard dropped this huge, immersive album offering an extended look into their dystopian, Equestria Girls world. Though fully instrumental, The Borderline tells the story of a scientist working in a dark future where he finds the truth behind the shady workings of the tyrannical mega-corporation. The album as a whole explores lots of different styles to the synthwave sound and switched back and forth between melodic and often optimistic tracks versus emptier, more barren soundscapes. Every track is distinct form the last, and it is easy to tell each song is written with a specific purpose in mind as it relates to the story! (continued after the break)

Melochromatic Sunset: The first song on the album does a great job imprinting a large, dismal world and industrial turmoil at the heart of it all. The synth work is both excitingly melodic and heavily burdensome when it needs to be. The attack on the instruments perfectly establishes the oppressive feel of the landscape, especially in the deep, echoing drums.

Numbers: About halfway through the album, this track may catch you off-guard. Among a patch of songs defined mainly for their slower, emptier and more pessimistic atmospheres, Numbers sticks out for its flashier melodies and rhythms which are highlighted in the synths and give off an impression of hope in what has been a largely harsh environment.

The Other Side: The penultimate track on the album really brightens up with flashy strings, bright synths in the background, and quicker, more energy-driven melodies. One of the longest songs on the album, this track paces its message well through differently styled sections which all build beautifully through layering instruments as the piece goes on.

There are a whooping 42 songs included in The Borderline, so it is definitely encouraged to get the full album on Skyshard’s bandcamp, for the wholly immersive and incredible experience!


Kimiko Glenn – Fit Right In (Yellow Tune Remix) | Synthwave

This is a really original take on this track. The synthwave delivery creates a much different emotional dynamic than the silly, fun energy of the movie version. The dreamy, ambient synth opening has a cool retro vibe, and the energy gets boosted by the introduction of percussion and vocals. The vocals are slowed down just a touch to fit the tempo, and the song then works to create melodies that compliment them while offsetting their original energy as we fly over the synth landscapes. I really like the bass heading into the chorus, which adds a satisfying thump, and the bits of effects accents sprinkled throughout the track add a nice depth. The chorus synth melody keeps the vintage vibe going, and a picture of the movie characters in leg warmers and headbands would fit the package perfectly. It’s an interesting and well-done remix, and I hope that you share my enjoyment of this creative approach!


One Track Mind – Nostalgia, Vol. 1 EP | Electronic

One Track Mind is an artist who is continually focused on improving and evolving their music (they recently remastered all of their previous releases!), and this EP is a wonderful example of that. The artist celebrates an oft-revisited motif in its original form and variations, and each one is a full-fledged attempt at something new. It’s honestly no wonder they keep coming back: the original is packed with great melodies and progressions which it continually morph and distort in interesting ways, creating an engrossing soundscape that glitches and buzzes with insistent energy before echoing to a close. The “Repetitive Remix” opens with contemplative keys and drifts through the motif before a fantastic bassline and skittery percussion give the song a futuristic groove. It sounds like something that would play over the opening credits of a sci-fi thriller! “Reprise” bubbles to life over synths and percussion with a nice retro vibe that gets more distorted before a heavy bassline kicks in, creating a nice juxtaposition with the lighter melody. “Ends” starts heavily distorted and drenched with reverb but still feels light; it fades out but then bubbles back to life with a dark groove punctuated with distorted keys. The arrangement lightens at the end and gives the track a more triumphant feeling before it echoes and fades out. “Sunday” has an ethereal quality courtesy of its keys and choir, adding a distorted bassline and light, snappy percussion before building into a fuller arrangement. When it does, it positively springs to life: the melody swirls and builds, and then the now-familiar motif returns in awesome, chippy, scratchy fashion, creating an uplifting, atmospheric progression. It feels triumphant, like reaching the plateau on a long climb, knowing that there’s more to come but being satisfied with the journey so far. Then, just to remind you that this is the artist’s party and they’ll do what they want, the track switches things up at the end, careening to a close like a twist ending in a movie. Kudos to the artist for their inventiveness and for putting this fantastic EP together. To the continuing journey, my fellow musical adventures!


char – Any Fuss | Alternate Electronic

Indubitably among the best and most emotional pony songs ever written in my eyes, char’s tribute released on the 10th anniversary of SGaP’s music is a commitment to the cultural preservation of such pony vocal chops-powered pieces of magic that call upon our Passion. With a progression reflecting Starlight’s character depth and a masterful composition that evokes emotion so well, the song is nothing short of breathtaking, and a gem you don’t want to sleep on!