Synthis – Dance the Night Away | Electro Pop

Synthis is back with a great reminder that sometimes you just need to have some fun! Listening to this track, you just feel like you are in a great club moving in rhythm and dancing your cares away. This song has a great beat with a bright synth which sets the tone for Synthis’ excellent vocals to carry you out of all your troubles!


FruityFusion – Going for a fly | Chillout / Synthwave

Editor’s note: Today we have a motivational speech by our writer Arch…oh and a song writeup too!

Going for a fly is always a useful and wise move to make when you’re in a very stressed situation. I myself can relate to this and find this track a very nice one to transition into a peaceful mindset, but of course one with motivation and determination. The feeling of needing to go out sometimes can be intense, but sometimes also necessary. You can either let it all eat you up from the inside with all your doubts and worries taking the best out of you, or you can use that energy to make a difference and prove you CAN do it. REGARDLESS of what others say and think of you! It’s always the same routine and it might hurt at first but justice will ALWAYS have the final laugh! Because first they laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they fight you, and then you win. So go for that fly, don’t let ANTYHING stop you and simply just break the norm. Don’t do it however to prove them wrong, do it to prove yourself right. Your time is now… (So cya on P@D guys :P) As Fruity describes in his description that he needed to leave for various reasons, I welcome him back with open arms. The guy makes awesome music and deserves some love and recognition for that. So people, you know what to do. 😉 ❤


Przewalski’s Ponies – Derpy (Live Polish Version 2016) (feat. SDreamExplorerS) | New Wave / Post-Punk

Amazing performance by Przewalski’s Ponies featuring the bass playing by SDreamExplorerS! The song was played with a lot of energy and stage attitude! Singing the song in Polish, makes this live performance even better! I love when people use other languages instead of English! Every member of the band had a lot of energy! Velvet vocals are amazing live and the rap section of Andy is pure awesomeness! The instrumentation done by SDreamExplorerS, 4/3 and Gliss it’s also pretty well played live! Everyone did an awesome job on this live performance and I’m glad that you find someone to record it! Amazing song, amazing performance and amazing band!


Ponytronic – Times Like These (Lorris Remix) | Synthwave

Oh My God! The feels! The feels! Lorris bring the feels with this emotional and retro Synthwave remix from one of my favorite tracks produced by Ponytronic!

I’ve always loved Lorris’ Synthwave producing, it’s emotional, plus it’s really danceable and sometimes even uplifting, but this time, the remix bring the tears to the eyes, because of the sampling of the dialogue between Octavia and Vinyl that it’s really well done! It’s an amazing song, it’s an amazing remix, amazing artists, amazing fandom, amazing everything! I’ll always love you!!!

And with Times Like These (ah, pun alert), a really emotional Synthwave track is the right way to express the feelings and dance while the world it’s watching us.


Elias Frost – In the Rain | Rock / Metal

A delightful treat, Elias Frost’s own response to Punk Rarity’s determination and beauty of the inside in S07E19 It Isn’t the Mane Thing About You is a Gothic-inspired rock piece with blissful riffs and fitting synths reflecting Rarity’s strength and passion as she shines from the inside out. The guitar solos are top-notch and overall In the Rain is quite the choon to jam and headbang to, giving homage to Rarity! Definitely a piece that she would listen to, to remind her of her fabulous self!


Nicolas Dominique – Fast n’ Magical | Synthwave

Inspired by this amazing artwork done by Ruhisu, Nicolas Dominique delivers another amazing retro song for dancing through the night. I can really imagine this song in a superhero or a crime investigation series, the really awesome synths and the great drums with some sweet pads made this track a banger! Nicolas did an awesome job on this track, dance in the night till you can’t hold it anymore! Be a bad cop in Equestria and this will be your soundtrack. Good job Nicolas!


Nicolas Dominique – Everlasting Hope | Synthwave / Chill

Nicolas Dominique comes back with a really awesome Synthwave song! With some Psychedelic influences on the track, Nicolas delivers a trippy experience mostly in one of the synths, this trippy effects mixed with the minimal and retro arps & leads made an incredible mix that resulted in the Everlasting Hope. Also, it’s a Fallout: Equestria track! And what is better to make a track about that themes with a retro/nostalgic feeling?! Synthwave is a good choice! One of my favorite things from the track is how the synth chords are uplifting and emotional. Gosh, I really love Nicolas Dominique’s compositions and Fallout: Equestria tracks!


Vylet Pony – Cadence For The Dying | Orchestral Electronic

Another release from Vylet Pony’s Mystic Acoustics album, Cadence For The Dying is an ambitious amalgamation of a wide variety of ideas, with orchestral, synthpop, soundtrack, EDM and ambient themes all well represented here. Orchestral swells, a strong vocal performance and a powerful chord-filled drop section all combine to make a really cool piece.


Various Artists – Horse Music Central Vol. 4 | Compilation Album | Electronic

You might have seen a couple of songs from this out already, but in case you missed it, Horse Music Central released their 4th edition of their seasonal compilation albums. The general theme of summer covers the album, but as per usual each artist gets to showcase their own style. With a mix of long-time staple artists and some slightly newer faces, it’s a great chance to check out some new artists.