EPT’s Top Ten Pony Songs of 2015

Hey guys! You might have already seen Francis’ list showcasing his top 10 pony tunes of last year, and now I’m here to show off 10 of my absolute favourites. I haven’t kept an exhaustive list over the year passed of my absolute favourites, so I may or may not be forgetting a track or two, but what I have assembled is a list of 10 of the best that I can remember, and I believe that every track on the list is well worth a listen!

So please, check after the break for the 10 tracks I’ve chosen as the best of 2015.

Pony Music & ThatMusicBrony – Equestrian Territory

As with Francis’ list, the tracks listed are are technically in no particular order, but I have to say this first track is probably number one as it holds a special place in my heart. Hearing that Pony Music and ThatMusicBrony were doing a collaboration for Ponies at Dawn’s breakthrough 5th album Celestial Planes was enough to get me excited, but hearing the final product was something else. The mix of TMB’s vocal hook and the fantastically glitch-hop-y drop help make this a truly awesome piece of music.

Hydra – Fountain

It took me a while to warm to future house, with a lot of the initial offerings I heard not to my taste, but with this absolutely banging track from Hydra, I was utterly converted. He’s made a lot of great music in the last year or so, but this track is a stand out for me.

Exiark – Let There Be Light (feat. Chi-Chi)

Right from the start, I’ve been a massive fan of Exiark’s music. In my opinion he’s the best sound designer of EDM-style music in the whole fandom. This track, the one after which the album is named, is a shining example of what I love about Exiark’s music. The first drop has heavy hitting chords whilst the second showcases the sound design that I love. A word also for Chi-Chi whose vocal work on this track is some of the best I’ve heard from her, no doubt aided by Exiark’s excellent mixing abilities.

iblank2apples – I’ve Been Dreaming of Sunshine and Celery Stalks

Talking of good sound design and vocal mixing, this track from iblank2apples announced his return to the fandom music scene in some style! Initially producing under the name GumsOfGabby I thought I’d seen the last of him until this re-emergence as a very skilled producer. Bursting with nostalgic goodness, this track’s use of vocals from the show is some of the best.

Progressive Element – Spellcaster

The fifth song on my list comes from Progressive Element, a prolific producer who manages to produce at quite a speedy pace, evidenced by the release of over 50 different tracks in 2015. Whilst this often means some of the tracks released feel a bit underdone, his track from Ponies at Dawn’s Starlit Flames album sounds like something right out of Archie’s book – a powerful prog house anthem.

Starlight – Poker Face

Proctra and PegaYs, together as the Starlight project, have created some incredibly good pieces of music over the last few years, and I would be remiss not to include one of them in my list. My personal favourite from the last year is the drumstep track Poker Face. The sound design in the drops is terrific and well-structured, whilst PegasYs’ vocals are on point.

Kadenza – Quell

Kadenza has grown to become almost undoubtedly the best craftsman of hand up and techno style music in the fandom, with high energy beats and beautifully crafted melodies that get me every time. It was hard to choose which track of his to include, but I went with Quell as I’ve enjoyed it so many times in the process of creating my own remix of it.

WoodenToaster – Prototype VIP

I suppose I have to include at least one track from a horse famous producer to make this top ten list somewhat legitimate, but in seriousness I truly do adore this track that WoodenToaster has created. The chorus is one of the catchiest of the last year, and Glaze’s voice is something I’ll never tire of. Of all his releases in the last few years this is probably one of my favourites.

Archie – Main Street

And of course, I just had to include an Archie track in my top ten. Even after all these years he’s still pushing out incredibly good electronic music. This electro track is a super groovy banger, with the voice samples and sax helping to make it one of the best tracks of the year.

R3ctifier & DJT – Prey (feat. PegasYs)

Rounding off my list is a heavy Changeling-inspired track from R3ctifier and DJT featuring the vocals of PegasYs. Building up beautifully into a heavy drumstep drop, this track from Ponies at Dawn’s Starlit Flames album is terrifically well crafted and deserves a lot more attention.

So, that’s my top 10 of the past year, and I hope you’ve enjoyed at least some of my choices. 🙂

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