DJT – Lost EP | Electronic

DJT returns with a new 2-track EP of top-calibre electronic music. More after the break!

Track 1 – Lost | Drum & Bass

In the first track of the EP, DJT blends soothing ambient sounds with an impressively smooth DnB rhythm to give the feel of Fluttershy being lost in the eerie feel of the cold forest, but still with an appreciation of its beauty. This track is perfect for letting just wash over you, and it sounds highly professional to boot.

Track 2 – Found | Glitch-Hop

The second, and last, track on the EP is much more classic DJT style. Building up with a catchy melody and warm chords this track is instantly a lot more upbeat than ‘Lost’. And it gets even better when it drops into some energetic glitch-hop goodness.

Overall this EP is a really enjoyable experience, and well worth the free download via BandCamp (or leave a donation if you’re feeling generous!).

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