Various Artists – The Rest of Our Lives | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Another compilation makes its way into the fandom in the form of The Rest of Our Lives, a tribute to the show and fandom. The album contains 13 diverse tracks from various musicians across various genres such as Tw3Lv3, Replacer, Ditherer and Evdog just to name a few. The opening track, Remembering (Origin & Depth) by Space Horse Manifesto is an atmospheric rock song that stretches across 7 minutes and goes from being a spacey, ambient rock piece to having full-on funky electronic pop influences halfway through. The very next track is River of Dismay, Tw3Lv3’s first of four appearances on the album and an emotional drum n’ bass track that utilizes a piano to create beautiful soundscapes, making it one of the album’s highlights. Stand-out tracks are the previously mentioned Remembering and River of Dismay, loophoof and Tw3Lv3’s remix of the SoGreatandPowerful classic On My Own, Evdog‘s Through the Veil, an uplifting rock track with soaring vocals and lyrics with references to the show and its characters, and Freewave‘s Twilight Sleeps Loudly, an ambient piece that feels like the soundtrack to Twilight taking a much deserved rest after earning her title as the ruler of Equestria. Overall, this compilation serves as a lovely sendoff to the show and while it’s not as diverse or prolific as fellow compilations Ponies At Dawn or VibePoniez, there’s enough unique songs that anyone can find enjoyment in. All donations made towards the album will be put towards the Brony Thank You Fund, a charity which is currently providing supplies to mask makers during the COVID-19 outbreak.


RoomVR – Kyradeen’s Melody EP | Piano Solo / Ambient

I am writing this as I experience the EP as a whole for the first time. I have been so excited for this for so long <33 ahhh this intro, so innocent and exploratory, and so evocative, classic RoomVR style ❤ once the lower notes of the piano begin to move, you really start to feel it! And the ambience of the Gentle seaside Breeze just calms your soul and begs you to relax and enjoy it. aaahhh, and when Peace and Quiet comes in, it just washes over you so smoothly ❤ This track was featured on the recent Ponies At Dawn album, Ignite. It’s such a beautiful, uplifting, peaceful seaside melody, just makes you want to get your hooves in the sand and go for a walk! I absolutely love the way she’s able to constantly keep the listener’s attention, even with simply a piano and an ocean ❤ And now as the sun sets, the Orange Skies grasp the listener, using a really beautiful, unique chord structure, adding a little density and color, while still maintaining that wonderfully peaceful RoomVR vibe! as an aside, please note how adorable Kyradeen is!!! Roomie’s OC is just the cutest thing <3333 AH AND NOW THE SUN SETS!!! These ambient pads and strings make their first appearance in this EP, and they could not be more welcome! Lush and inviting, and cool, I can feel the breeze cooling as the heat of the sun dissipates, now below the horizon, and the moon begins to show her face ❤ To wrap up, we’ll Reminisce on the wonderful evening we just experienced… and what a beautiful evening it was! I can imagine lil Kyradeen wandering around, watching the sun set, listening to the sounds of the ocean and the birds flying overhead…

This EP is one I have anticipated for a long time, and one I cannot wait to purchase and own for myself! (you should too!) I’m so glad to see this lovely girl back from hiatus, and I look forward to so much more <3333


Technickel Pony – Pink’s Boutique | Album | Multi-Genre

Please stop by Pink’s Boutique, they have funky tunes! And please savor this new album from Technickel Pony filled with many musical wonders from over the years, awesomely compiled in one stylish album. From Technickel’s awesome and breezy flip on A Kirin Tale, to songs themed and sampling ponies such as Cheerilee, to various remixes sending love to other pony musicians, the album is packed with blissful sounds and will take you in its groove early on! Check it out!


VibePoniez – Skyscrapers LP | Compilation Album | Chillout

Challenger approaching… VibePoniez – an electronic label formed by TheTaZe, Steryotype and Tw3Lv3 – has recently released their first full-length compilation album Skyscrapers, a collection of 20 songs with chill vibes primarily in the electronic genre. Our opening track is a remix of the Single Purpose song Setbacks brought to you by TheTaZe, featuring heartbreaking voice samples from I Am Octavia. The next track comes from fandom lo-fi giant Steryotype, CafeIn3Parts. True to its name, it goes through three phases of smooth, chilled out lo-fi hip hop as we’ve come to expect from him. The album also features appearances from PeKaNo, GrazySmash, Paloris, TCB and many more. If you like your electronic music to be chill and uplifting, you’re in for a treat with this album.


Nicolas Dominique – Dreamshaper | Album | Ambient/Chillout

Nicolas Dominique’s latest ambient album Dreamshaper has just hit the internet, and it features 13 tracks of spacey ambient goodness. Every track features beautiful soft synth pads that really capture the atmosphere of travelling through space and beautifully hypnotic dreamscapes no doubt crafted meticulously by the princess of the night. Being an ambient album, there’s a distinct lack of percussion save for a few moments here and there, although the geneva convention is broken tracks such as Space Walk and the album’s closer, The Worlds Upon Us, which feature catchy drum sequences while remaining atmospheric and trippy. Standout tracks are the title track, The Woolen Incident and the aforementioned Space Walk and The Worlds Upon Us. Linked above is a YouTube embed, so you can listen to a seamless stream of the whole album!


Steryotype – ’05 EP | Lo-fi

A month after his ’04 EP, Steryotype has released his second EP of the year, as well as the second EP from his Till ’10 EP Collection! Just like the last one, this EP consists of 10 lo-fi tracks with samples taken from old records, mostly from the 60s and 80s. While none of the tracks contain original lyrics, they utilise their samples in a unique fashion, some of which taking on a strong hip-hop influence. My personal favourite tracks are StuffStartinToHitDifferentNowadays, IStartedToCry, DoneWrong and You’veBlessedMeForever; Stuff features a chilled atmosphere while feeling naturally aged, serving as a grand way to open this collection, while the other three combine hip-hop drums with the prominent samples at a perfect balance. In times like these, you’re probably looking for something calm and chilled out. Why not spin this a few times?


Tw3Lv3 – Waves | Album | Lo-fi

It is fairly safe to say that pony music has reached another level in terms of quality. Furthermore, the speed at which new musicians in the fandom get better can inspire nothing but awe. The names of GrazySmash, Niłch’i Poni, Single Purpose to name a few and of course Tw3Lv3 come to mind. He can now rival with Drum & Bass giants such as Hay Tea and Age of Vinyl, ventures in a plethora of heterogeneous genres (and be good at it!) and at the same time produce some of the best lo-fi out there.

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A State of Sugar – Brownie | Compilation Album | Electronic

It is time again for another incredible ASoS album, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, then get on it! There are so many incredible tracks on this 43 song compilation album that there’s no way to highlight all the greatness in one article! Luckily there will be plenty of individual posts in the coming days on Horse Music Herald!

Brownie is another masterpiece in a collection of A State of Sugar albums which are dedicated to “sweet” themed tracks. Perhaps the most diverse of ASoS albums to date, this one features everything you could want and more!

There’s powerhouse collaborations, bright and uplifting songs, crazy and complex dance tracks, creative and catchy hip-hop, metal-EDM collaborations, and everything in-between! Brownie is high quality and a mega album like this will keep you boppin’ along for hours!



Hackamore – twilight sparkle you got some bad ideas | Album | Alternative

[Content warning: profanity]

Hackamore shows up every now and again with touch-ups of old classics. This most recent compilation album is an interesting take on several well-known originals from when they went by Jeff Burgess. The instrumentals have undergone a noticeable improvement, but that’s not what you’ll notice about this album. twilight sparkle you got some bad ideas appears to be an increasingly drunken Fern trying to remember the lyrics to old hits and laughing over memories of performing them live.

Of the songs on the album, many are renamed for the joke based on recognizable tracks like Aphelion (we are all luna on the moon), Beyond the Rainbow (doctor scootaloo), Chaos is My Lullaby (discord), and of course Manehattan Nights (manehattan). In addition to the retouches of originals, Hackamore included a cover of well-known classic The Rescue by Cherax Destructor.

If you’re looking for something between a stroll down memory lane and a meme-type post, then this album is up your alley.


Steryotype – ’04 EP | Lo-fi / Chillout

If I had to use one adjective to describe this album, I’d pick “Vibin’.” This EP is 100% Lo-Fi music, and each song is just a little different. There’s some jazz elements in tracks like 1998, and some hip hop and rap music elements used in songs like Projectz and HearYouInTheBackground. Throughout the album, there are bits of dialog mixed in with the music as well that add to the whole feel of the album as well as the songs individually. Overall, a great album if you love chilling out to some Lo-Fi hip hop!