Spectra’s Top 10 Pony Songs of 2015

Hey guys, Spectra here. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do one of these Top 10 lists, so after purging through my liked videos playlist altering my Top 25 of the year vote to avoid duplicates with the others from this site, I narrowed it down to these 10. Again, they’re not in any particular order, but the last two are kind of my two overall favourites. Catch them after the break!

Plum Creek Rhythm Section – Wouldn’t You Like to Know?

PCRS is without a doubt one of my favourite artists of last year. His song writing is impeccable, his composition has great chord progressions, and his voice fits the songs perfectly. This is my favourite of his, written for the Ponies At Dawn album, Starlit Flames.

Donn DeVore – Don’t Forget

I love electronic music. I love alternative (rock) music. I love it even more when elements of the two are combined. This is a perfect example of that. I don’t need to say any more apart from DAT SYNTH at 2:06!

Strigidae – My Past is Not Today (Vylet Remix)

[EPILEPSY WARNING FOR VIDEO] I really liked Strigidae’s original cover of this song, his voice rocks! Then when Vylet remixed it…wow. He’s got that Future / Porter Robinson sound style nailed and I am LOVING it.

Swiftwind – Foreverafter

This song was casually shown to me in a Skype group chat as a collab between 2 people who had recently been added to said group. I wasn’t expecting to be blown away so much by it! It was this song that inspired my to start my #BronySongOfTheDay feature on Twitter back in April and I’ve been going ever since! Unfortunately, the only other song they released in 2015 was just on a compilation album, but a little birdie told me they’ve got plans for 2016…

FritzyBeat & SoaringFlight – Sky Fire

FritzyBeat and SoaringFlight. Both have been an inspiration to me in various ways over the past few years. This little number was really touching to hear when it first came out, and more recently has had a more bittersweet feel. Rest In Peace, SoaringFlight.

TenderFlutter – Life in Pink

I first came across TenderFlutter’s music in late 2014, to find some very emotionally written pieces that successfully gave me the feels. This piece about Pinkie, reminiscent of “Maps” by Hey Ocean!, gave me the feels too. It’s just so beautifully composed :’)

Tarby – The Other Side

Changing the pace back up, we have an epic song of epic proprtions. “The Other Side”, along with the adjoined track “The Final Trees”, make up the finale of Tarby’s 2015 album “Everfree”. There is so much energy in this song, and again, it’s a great mix of alt. rock and electronic elements, how could I not love this?!

Luna Ticks – The Princess is a Bomb

Luna Ticks are another one of my favourite artists to emerge in the past year or so. A collab project between Francis Vace and idkQuicksilver, this band combines the already amazing talent of both musicians. If I could put their entire Skalestia EP here I would, but for now I’ll give you the song that led me to discover them. I wouldn’t have considered Ska and Punk to go so well together, but this proved me completely wrong. Long live the Princess and long live Ska-Punk!

Metajoker & Respin – Become

I almost missed this song because it was released while I was moving house. I can’t describe this as anything other than a masterpiece. Bringing together Electronic, Acoustic and Orchestral Elements, combined with Metajoker’s stunning voice and Respin’s godly programming and vocal processing skills, this is without a doubt one of my favourite pieces of work to ever come out of this fandom. Without. A. Doubt.

FiMFlamFilosophy – Sinking Ships (µThunder & FritzyBeat Remix)

This song. Where do we begin? … Although I would say some of the other songs in this list are composed better and more creative, this one has the production quality and catchiness to stick with you for months at a time. I’m not sure there’s ever been a when time this song hasn’t been stuck somewhere in my head. Of course, some of that is attributed to FiMFlamFilosophy’s incredible lyrics from the original. Isn’t it funny how a remix of song from a parody of a cartoon show for little girls has such profound lyrics and such a huge impact on someone like me?

Good job music ponies, I’m so proud of you all.

– Spectra

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