Tw3Lv3 – time flies. | Ambient

Tw3lv3’s had a string of releases this month, but I wanted to feature this one in particular as it’s always nice to see a bit of ambient music. Over its course, time flies ebbs and flows like the tide between deep bass with cinematic drums and ethereal pads, interspersed with birdsong. It’s incredibly relaxing, and BL1NKY sums it up better than me in a simple comment on the video: “song for make me sleep”. Go listen if you want it for make sleep too…


Ponies At Dawn – Zenith | Compilation Album

Following a release party over 13 hours long, including a 7-hour album showcase, P@D’s newest album Zenith has been released! As their 25th album in just over 9 years, it’s an incredible milestone to have reached! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you many of the songs from this album as and when the artists decide to release them. But that’s not all – we plan on doing a showcase of some of our personal staff favourites too at a later date. Until then, the album is available to purchase on P@D’s Bandcamp and to stream on a number of platforms.


[P@D] 4EverfreeBrony & Drummershy – Angels In Disguise | Progressive Metal

There’s always something that blows me away on each Ponies At Dawn album, and I’ve found what Zenith has brought to the table. 4EverfreeBrony is no stranger to prog rock, having previously taken inspiration from Rush, but bringing Drummershy’s influence from Dream Theater into the mix has resulted in this masterpiece! You experience a full range of dynamics, from atmospheric guitars with precisely detailed percussion, to full punchy riffs with synths and string orchestration. Go take a listen for an epic 6 minutes of prog goodness!

It’s P@D Day!

Today’s the day: Ponies At Dawn are releasing their latest album, Zenith, this evening and have the usual day full of events scheduled to cover it! The fun kicks off at 1pm EDT with 5 different DJ sets before the album showcase at 6pm, followed by a couple more DJs performing afterwards.

But that’s not all – we’ll be bringing all of the pre-releases from P@D’s YouTube channel throughout the day leading up to the mane event this evening, so watch this space for some previews of what’s in store for the rest of the album!


Frozen Night – The Light and Its Shadows | Orchestral

Frozen Night’s latest release shows us a piece written a few years ago for the fan game Ambient.White! This piece seems to narrate the aftermath of a battle, and builds some tension while maintaining a sense of determination. It’s as if, despite the hardships of battle, there’s a way through at the end. Check it out for a short but sweet piece of OST!

Top 10 Brony Songs of April 2022

It’s so strange to see that The Standard Model is now a decade old… But let’s not live in the past; let’s celebrate the present and celebrate current brony music with April’s top 10! Check out the winners from this month’s community voting!


SpinScissor – Marshmallow Girl | Electro Pop

I’m far from the first person to say this sounds like Owl City, but it really does seem like a track off Ocean Eyes! Even though the upbeat and danceable instrumentation is fantastic in itself, it’s SpinScissor’s vocal performance that really shines through on this song. The dynamic range between the soft-spoken verses and shouted choruses, the tastefully tuned vocals, the little touches of call and response lyrics; it all comes together to make an excellent song!


PSFMer – Pontextual | Techno

I’ve been reliably informed that this is actually techno, not just an outdated label for EDM! It feels close to a trancey beat, but there’s something about the way the arrangement slow progresses and how the bass repeats the same pattern that makes it feel very eerie and unnerving. The image used probably helps to convey that feeling too! Check it out for something a bit different to normal from PSFMer.


Vale & Fl0 – The Legend of Somnambula (Dubstep Remix) | Dubstep

There’s something almost nostalgic about dubstep that samples clips from the show… Vale & Fl0 nail this classic style in this short but sweet piece about the legendary sphinx-busting pony. It’s full of deep and heavy modern bassy sounds, with a nice use of the harmonic minor scale to hint at a Middle Eastern vibe.

The Equestrian Selection

Here’s something a bit different. Skyshard has just launched a new set of curated playlists (one on Spotify, one on YouTube) to help get some fandom music more frequent, more continuous plays. They explain it in more detail at the link below, but it’s essentially showcasing a rolling selection, updated weekly, of songs by brony musicians. They’re looking for both musicians and listeners in the fandom to submit suggestions for it, so check it out at the link below!

Submission form & more info

Spotify playlist

YouTube playlist