Ponies At Dawn – Guardians | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

I wish I could sum up how awesome the songs on this album in a short concise review. Buuut not only are there too many songs to even scratch the surface of this album, but I think the album stream is still going on!

To be honest, there are even some names on here that I don’t recognise myself – and of course some names that everyone will recognise. That’s one of the best things about these albums: not only do you get some of everyone’s favourites, but you can find a chance to discover brand new musicians doing all kinds of different genres, with more than enough creativity to go around.

Guardians is available to download from the P@D Bandcamp for any given price.


Neon Lights – Civil War | Big Room House

N O V U S   O R D O   S E C L O R U M

Neon Lights has already blown me away with some of their other house songs, and it’s fantastic to see them both on the new Ponies At Dawn album and featuring on Cider Party too! This track has a great hard hitting drop with big, full saws, and both deep and growly basses.

This is the last of our Ponies At Dawn pre-releases. The album goes up later tonight and the livestream starts in about an hour!

Ponies At Dawn: Guardians – Album Release Party 23rd June!


We’ve been waiting for this! The new Ponies At Dawn Album, Guardians is being released this Friday, and as per usual PonyvilleFM are hosting a release party to celebrate the event. Live music from a multitude of DJs starting at 11am EDT, with the album premiere as a special episode of Lycan Dese Beats starting at 5pm.

We’ll be there, and we hope you will too!


Various Artists – Horse Music Central Vol. 3 | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

You may remember the two previous albums released by the crew over at Horse Music Central, their last one being released at Christmas with a distinct wintry theme. Now the regulars of the big musicians’ Discord server have another release to offer. Although no specific theme this time, it features some of the more underground artists, as well as a few classic long-running musicians.

I swear I’m getting slowly worse and worse at these writeups

[P@D] DJT & Xavi – Royalty | Future House

WE GOT A DOUBLE WHAMMY HERE IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE. Not only does this mark the first pre-release of the upcoming Ponies At Dawn: Guardians album (to be released 23rd June with the usual release party), but I can finally say that Cider Party is back again! After a reshuffle in management, our Makenshi has taken the reigns as the new barkeep.

And then this collab is something I didn’t see coming at all. While Xavi is definitely already known for great future house, collaborating with DJT only makes it better. The resulting track is packed full of great sound design, with excellent percussion to supplement the drums and just a hint of vocal chops, the sprinkles on the cupcake of hors haus.

I’m off to prepare for P@D and think of more bad metaphors.


Francis Vace – The Old Mare And The Sea | Album | Rock


Shortly before we started the Horse Music Herald, Francis Vace released his first full album (of his current discography that hopefully won’t be deleted from Bandcamp any time soon) – Lost In A Pastel Hue. Now (okay, a couple of months ago) the time has come for a second full-length release. In a similar vein, The Old Mare And The Sea contains a variety of styles, draws from a few different influences, and contains solo work, collabs, and covers. We start off with upbeat pop-punk and ska solo pieces, followed by a long string of collaborative works and covers, with a couple more solo originals bookending the end of the album. In essence, the album works as a showcase for most of the different kind of styles, formats and types of song that you can find on Francis’s YouTube channel. So whether you follow his music for one particular style or for all of them, this album has something to offer everyone.

The Old Mare And The Sea is available to download on Francis Vace’s Bandcamp.