Top 10 Brony Songs of August 2022

Last month’s top 10 is out! Without giving too much away, I’m surprised that we have a such a strong representation of rock subgenres! The rolling releases from P@D: Zenith are still ongoing, but will they take the top spot? You’d better watch the video to find out!


SCR4TCHK4T – Dance Party (feat. SOUND BANDIT) | Hyperpop

CW: explicit language

Straight from her latest album, Melodies of Equestria, SCR4TCHK4T joins forces with SOUND BANDIT to bring us the ultimate party song! This short but sweet song brings a few different styles to the table; a bit of a hardcore beat, some hyperpop, and a sick wonky breakdown to wrap things up. It just transitions so well between each part too! Check it out for your next dance anthem.


[P@D] 4everfreebrony – Save Me | Pop

If I had a dollar for every time 4everfreebrony surprised me with a excellent take on an unexpected style of music, I could probably buy his whole Bandcamp discography! Save Me, featured on the latest P@D album, explores Starlight’s self-doubts and troubles in an ironically upbeat 80s pop style. Not only is it incredibly catchy, but touches on the ever-important topic of mental health as well.


Eastquestria Records – Vol. 1: Prelude | Compilation Album

Disc A
Disc B

It’s not every day you find a double compilation album in your inbox (thanks Drixale), so this was a very pleasant surprise. Eastquestria is a new pony music collective from China, who last month launched their first compilation album, Prelude. The album spans two “discs”, each one featuring over an hour of music. There’s mostly a mix of electronic and orchestral/soundtrack – some of the latter even includes the sound of some traditional East Asian instruments. If you’re looking for some artists you don’t normally see anywhere else, this double album is a great place to begin!


The Wilders – It’s the Pony Hip-hop (EveryDayDashie remix) | Electro House

I still haven’t seen any G5 stuff since the movie, but songs like this might just convince me to get round to checking it out! EveryDayDashie’s remix of It’s the Pony Hip-Hop puts a dancefloor-filling spin on this song from Tell Your Tale. The use of lots of effects on the vocals are a great little touch too!


Koa – forget me not | Piano Ballad

The final track from Koa’s 2021 album, In Your Eyes, takes a lovely little turn from the more upbeat and danceable songs that precede it. Stripped back of all instrumentation but a piano, Koa’s vocals really get a chance to shine here, in terms of both her singing and songwriting. She presents a bittersweet story of forgotten friendships, but hints a hopeful resolution – that maybe sometimes we can pick up where we left off…

Voting opens for the Top Ten Brony Songs of August 2022

Can I get a yeehaw? The voting for the monthly top 10 is open again! You can once again vote using this form and check Luck’s August playlist to view the entire selection of music available. Voting’s open until 3pm Eastern on 8 September, so get to it!


4everfreebrony – Breathless (feat. FrizyBeat) [covering Ruiness] | Soft Rock

Time for a bit of a throwback for this one! As part of 4EFB’s newest collection of brony cover songs (also just released!), he and Fritzy decided to create their own version of Breathless by Ruiness. The original is a bit of a cult classic – Ruiness are (justifiably) revered in certain brony music circles – so hopefully these two can help shine some light on their work. This rendition sees a nice blend of electronica, acoustic elements and electric guitar work, and 4EFB and Fritzy’s soft, soothing vocals suit it perfectly.

HMH submissions form open!

Want to submit a song or album to HMH? Now there’s a new and easier way to do so! Traditionally, we’ve been reliant on our staff members scouting for songs to post about. However, it’s easy for us to miss something in our YouTube subscriptions and we might not spot new artists immediately. So we made a submissions form for anyone to submit their music to HMH!

You can submit your own music or someone else’s at this online form.

Submitting guarantees that we will check out the music and consider it for a post. All submissions will be subjected to our usual review procedure.

EDIT: We are unlikely to accept anything over a month old. If you do submit something older than a month, we will make sure we follow the artist to catch their next release.

Ponies at Dawn: Wanderlust open for submissions

It’s already been 3 months since their last album, Zenith, was released, so it’s time for Ponies At Dawn to gear up for another one! You can read the full announcement with all the details in their official press release, but below you’ll find the highlights.

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