Chord Catcher – Come Home Soon (covering JoaftheLoaf) | Acoustic

Simplicity is nice sometimes. A solo acoustic guitar and a voice are plenty enough to make a song, as Chord Catcher shows here, continuing his tradition of releasing cover songs every now and again 😉 Take a listen for something nice to end the day with.


EnergyTone – BBBFF (Russian Cover) | Pop Rock

I’m glad EnergyTone is back and able to regularly upload songs again, even if they’re in a language I don’t understand! This Russian cover of BBBFF takes much more of a poppy approach than his past works, but the guitars are still on point – I still maintain that EnergyTone does some of the best mixing in the fandom. Go check it out, y’all know what the lyrics mean anyway 😉


GhostXb – Self Doubt | Orchestral

Ghost is back! I’ve always loved Ghost’s compositions and how each track he makes has its own style and tells its own story. This piece starts off with some lovely acoustic guitar, moves into some sweeping string arpeggios, then suddenly strips back halfway through to an ambience that leads into a wailing electric guitar solo. This song is part of a double release with Strife, a darker post-rock piece infused with orchestral elements.


Vylet & VooDoo – TEMPEST (ft. Namii) | Dubstep

(Mild MLP Movie spoilers, nothing more than what the trailers show)

This brand new track from Vylet, VooDoo, and Namii (formerly Cadie) took 3 months to make, and boy does the effort put into it show! Namii’s vocals near the start help shift the song from a melodic moment of calm into the buildup for the drop. And the drop itself – for me the sound design really hits a sweet spot between the regular growls and bass sounds familiar to this genre and the more experimental sounds that Vylet often incorporates into his music. Go check out the song for MLP movie hype!

Also, please consider taking a moment of silence for Fishman, may he drop in peace.