Japkozjad – A Journey In Two Steps | House

Worlds collide in this song from Japkozjad as he steps from one genre into another. What starts as some orchestral sounds in a very relaxing mood ends up as his signature melodic house style, with a recurring motif tying the whole thing together in a short but sweet song. The concept also comes from a music raffle he hosted recently!


EveryDayDashie – A Bridlewood Paradise | Folk Orchestral

If “jungle” weren’t a breakbeat-infused genre, it might sounds something like this! Dashie takes a walk in the woods here with this rhythmically laid-back orchestral piece laden with some folky woodwind and string instruments carrying the melodies of the song. Perfect for a jaunty jungle adventure!


Jyc Row – Sombra’s Empire Attacks! | Orchestral

Returning from a musical break, Jyc’s also breaking from his Infinite Eclipse series to bring us a song portraying the return of Sombra. It imagines a G4 movie where he returns to conquer Equestria, with this acting as the soundtrack for the trailer, evoking the same kind of excitement and tension from many a blockbuster! Check it out for some wonderfully cinematic orchestral music.

Voting opens for the Top 10 Brony Songs of April 2023

New month, new voting – and I’m making sure to report it in good time! This time round there’s still well over 100 different songs released for you to choose from, just check out Luck’s April playlist for a plethora of choice! You have until 3pm Eastern time on 8 May to place your votes so pick your faves and fill out the form to cast your ballot!


Elias Frost – Full Moon | Cinematic Orchestral

The king has returned! Elias Frost is back, not just with new music, but a whole new series. This Luna-themed composition draws upon the history of Old Equestria, drawing you in with soft piano and gentle strings before unleashing the might of full choral and orchestral sounds. Check it out and stay tuned to Elias’ channel for more releases from this series!


ALostCarolean – Midnight All Day Long | Darksynth

ALC returns here with another suspense-building, fear inducing, 80s-influenced banger. I’ve always thought certain genres like trance are very thematically suitable for Luna, but the darker side of synthwave is also proving very fitting for Nightmare Moon! The strings and organ sounds in the intro in particular are a great setup for a drop into a heavy-hitting song about the endless night.

Burning Mare presents Volume VIII: INFINITE

What started as the second edition of their smaller events “Tales” has become a whole new main edition of Burning Mare’s signature virtual festivals! And it starts today! From 1:30 Eastern time, 24 different acts perform across 2 days. To join in, you can either watch live on Burning Mare’s Twitch channel or join in the VRChat instance for full immersion, the link for which will be posted in the BM Discord server.

This time around, Burning Mare are also fundraising for the Trans Empowerment Project (TEP), an organisation that focuses on ensuring that all Trans people – especially disabled queer and trans people of color – can “reach their full potential free from oppression and marginalization”. You can donate to this campaign here.

Voting Opens For the Top 10 Brony Songs of March 2023

It’s voting time again – it comes around so fast every month! This time you’ve got at least 150 songs to choose from, according to Luck’s March playlist – check it out if you need some inspiration. The voting form – available here – is open until 3pm Eastern time on Saturday 8 April, so get your votes in within the next 3 days, quick! Do it! Cozy Glow commands you!