Nicolas Dominique – Miracles of the Midnight Sky | Chillout

Praise the moon! Nicolas released this yesterday as a present for Thorinair, one of the fandom’s longest-running trance DJs and producers. Sweet downtempo drum patterns and smooth plucked synths match the nocturnal theme nicely too.


Nicolas Dominique – Cuando La Luna Camina En La Noche | Ambient

¡Sí, se habla español aquí! But we mostly stick to English for the writeups. Nic’s working on a new album full of chill goodness, and this is one of the songs that will feature on it. Published just after the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, it works as a counterpart to Le Soleil, which was released at the Summer Solstice. Clever, that.


Etherium Apex – Raising the Moon | Piano Sonata

Originally briefly featuring in their own animation (because one talent is never enough!), Etherium Apex also published the full-length version of this nice little piano piece that honestly sounds to me like something from a cool indie game soundtrack. Simplicity sometimes works best, and it certainly does the job here – well-executed piano and strings is all it takes to catch my attention.