[ASOS] Metapony – Land Of The Rising Moon | House

Fresh from the new A State Of Sugar collective album Lollipop, Metapony delivers their classic house sound with what is still imo some of the cleanest mixing I’ve ever heard – and I’m not just talking about the fandom’s music! Apparently the first half of the track actually started as a remix of “Let The Sun Rise” by Morgsch and is meant to represent the day, while the second half of the track was made about Luna and is meant to depict a calm night. And so, with the balance of Sun and Moon, harmony is maintained in Equestria.


FlutterDash Records – Lend a Hoof | Pop

Something simple but sweet to end the day. FlutterDash records is a new duo from the Pacific Northwest just starting out writing and recording some of their own songs. While the production leaves something to be desired here, the songwriting and lyrics particularly stand out here. I guess in that sense it’s similar to how I’d describe Indie Notes‘ music – stripped back but nice, well-written songs. So here’s to hoping we see some more from these two in the future!


[P@D] Frozen Night – Frozen Heart / Fellowship Symphonies – Heroes’ Respite | Orchestral

Two more awesome orchestral tracks from Guardians. We start off with this orchestral / metal fusion from Frozen Night who never fails to impress me with their combination of guitars and epic cinematic strings and drums.

And to follow up, a much more chill, yet also haunting (visually as well as acoustically) piece from the ever-inspired group Fellowship Symphonies. And with great artwork to match, this piece was a great way to draw Guardians to a close.


Ataraxia – Motion Reimagined | Album | Electronic

I hadn’t realised until recently just how much music Ataraxia has put out over the past couple of years. From solo piano sonatas to cinematic electronic pop songs, there’s been quite a variety. But like all good things, the alias is coming to an end, and as a parting gift he gives us Motion Reimagined – deliberately named so as a ‘rework’ of sorts of his previous album Eternal Perfect Motion. The album often takes a more experimental approach to music production than Ataraxia’s previous work, in particular the VIP of Viridescent, and features a couple of other people’s remixes of notable songs too.

It’s a great parting gift. We’ll miss you Ataraxia. Thanks for all the music.

Motion Reimagined is available to purchase on Ataraxia’s Bandcamp.


[P@D] Jyc Row & lia;quo – Bat Pony (ft. Kjellska) | Orchestral / Dubstep

We’ve got a real mishmash of both genres and nationalities in this one here. Jyc and Lia have often been featured both here on the site and on Ponies At Dawn albums in the past, but I believe this is the first time I’ve seen Kjellska’s name anywhere, and her sweet Japanese vocals are a welcome addition to the track! This one starts off as an orchestral piece but drops into some melodic dubstep and flows back and forth between the two for the duration of the song.