[ASOS] Jalmaan – Confetti | Hands Up

I never really got into Hands Up much before but it’s a pretty fun genre to listen to, and Confetti is no exception to that. With uplifting melodies to fit the classic 4-chord progression, it’s a perfect fit for everyone’s favourite party queen and a great addition to A State Of Sugar’s latest release!


Vylet Pony – No Matter What (ft. Namii) [2018] | Pop

Vylet’s continuing his annual tradition of remaking his 2012(!) track No Matter What, this time making it in the cute indie/electronic pop style that he’s really developed into his own sound in recent years. As in a few previous editions, it also includes Namii’s vocals, and I’m sure we can expect many more versions of these to come!


Daniel Ingram – Open Up Your Eyes (Notion Remix) | Future Bass / House

~   W I D E S C R E E N   F O R M A T   ~

Not content with just one genre, Notion’s put his spin on Tempest’s famous solo piece with a blend of house and future bass. While it’s a shame we still can’t get properly isolated vocals for the track, the concept behind this remix is really interesting and a pretty unique take on the song!