Zatslol – A Thousand Melodies | Soft Rock

Zatslol has produced some pretty awesome fandom tunes in the past, but his time with ponies seems to have finally run its course. The lyricism behind this track is really quite beautiful, singing about some stuff that I’m sure a lot of us musicians can relate to. If you want to support Zatslol’s last pony music hurrah, make sure to check out this and the other songs available in his Songs From Equestria EP on bandcamp.

One thought on “Zatslol – A Thousand Melodies | Soft Rock

  1. BlueDragonAura says:

    Hello there! (Too lazy to look “send comment to admin function.”) So I take it that this thingamabobby was started January? Nice site ya got here, responsive n’ ev’rything. Hope ya’ll do alright.

    For commenters:
    Ironically, it’s only with Zatslol’s grand finale that I found his stuff. A darn tootn’ shame.


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