ALostCarolean – The Queen of The Hive | Darkwave

Nightmare Night may be over, but we can keep the theme dark if we want! This latest offering from ALostCarolean takes some 80s-inspired synthwave sounds and combines it with heavily distorted and driving bass to create this imposing theme for Chryssy. But it’s not just another Changeling-themed song we’ve got here, but also the promise of an entire EP dedicated to the shapeshifters coming in about a month’s time! If you like this sort of thing, keep an eye on ALC’s YouTube channel for more…


EveryDayDashie – Equestria Hustle | Hardstyle

Every day we’re dashin’! Back again with a so-called “Chinese hardstyle” track, EveryDayDashie has created something that blends a slightly softer kind of hardstyle with sounds of traditional Chinese instruments and melodies. They imagine how life in an Equestrian city might be, and how it compares to their own experience. You should check this out even if, like me, you’re not typically a fan of hardstyle – it’s much more melodic than you might expect!


Kakofonous A. Dischord & flankƨ​y – flank​ƨ​y / kakofonous a. dischord | Experimental Album

Two friends have decided to blow the dust off their collabs and bring them out to the light for us to enjoy! Kako, aka an experimental/noise musician, founder of the music label and game designer and developer was collabing in the last year or two with secretive street artist flankƨ​y, flankƨ​y’s music is known throughout in Pinkamena Party albums and previously featured on too. Both musicians have chosen the streets as their office work to mark their underground musical art with narcotic frequencies and fresh physic sounds. This illegal album is only available on bandcamp and

flankƨ​y – self titled

flankƨy’s backpack is packed of graffiti cans, the murals and the ambience need visual and musical communication. The drums encompasses the alleyways and the bass and deep tone synths vibrates with the muse of the artist as we witness their street art. A bopping intro for an invite only event.

flankƨ​y – take me down

This is not the Friendship Games, this is an underground jam that’ll bring down your walls as your speakers pump out the grinding bass! The variety of vocal chopping is so dope it’ll make you breakdance with the crew.

flankƨ​y vs kakofonous a. dischord – a soft bed (shared)

Alike the coziness of a bed, this intimate collab song narrates the experience of ponies sharing the bed. Dreamy synths fondle romantically with calmative drums as the bedroom’s ambience is alive with the deep affection of the ponies. Who do you ship and visualize for this endearing scenario?

kakofonous a. dischord – route 3

Kako’s aesthetic style is not described through their productions, but it is felt. A chill pad of wonderment strolls peacefully with outlandish but amorous drums taking the wheel while a coloring melody joins the euphonic ride. You’ll unconsciously be in tune with the route as this jam of aurora plays making the driving a feel in autopilot.

This otherworldly collaborative album is the good stuff that youngsters are vibing to, spread word around to support both musicians if you want another dose. I know and said nothing of this album. *writer disappears in the dark alley*


The Horse Music Herald Very Belated Nightmare Night Extravaganza

What month is it again? We wanted to collate all our NMN writeups into one post this year, but we weren’t as quick off the mark as we hoped to be 😬 But you know what they say; better late than never, right? Catch a selection of songs below from the likes of Jyc Row, Prince Whateverer, Twisty Tunes, Brilliant Venture, Skyshard and more!

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Dat1Pony – Bane (Prod. Pendo46) | Hip-Hop

CW: mild gore

First time feature here for Dat1Pony! The flow of their lyrics in this is almost hypnotic, and combines perfectly with the spooky sounding beat from royalty-free producer Pendo and the artwork. Good to see the brony rap game’s still creating good players.



Sometimes, all you need from a song is a solid vibe, and this SOUND BANDIT release is a prime example. Warm synthy instrumentation and chops from show classic “Winter Wrap-Up” form a uniquely cozy yet peculiar atmosphere, a signature touch of the producer.


EveryDayDashie – Top Zipp-cret | Orchestral

Logging into Zephyr Heights Royal Queen Agency: Access Granted. In G4 we had canon special agent Sweetie Drops, now in our G5 era we have fan dedication of the spy, her name is Storm… Zipp Storm. A musical piece inspired by film figures like James Bond, spy-themed titles like The Incredibles and with custom orchestration. The development of this theme is so well played you’ll feel like a sidekick investigating on a “top secret” adventure. The electronic arpeggiators creating a sci-fi atmosphere is a wise choice of element and the classic guitar is a necessary tool for the task. This is an intense composition and it suits well for the risky pegasus.


Nicolas Dominique – Cloutains | Trance

DJ and musician Nicolas Dominique’s love for trance is essential and what a gift it is their skill when it comes to producing. Maintaining the file since February 2011 being their beginning of releasing music, it is now released and a very thoughtful decision getting the deserving work for this phenomenal song. Rich sounding pluck synths of various tones float soothingly in harmony with the rapturous bass and being in hold with the addictive drums. A natural wonder in the world of trance music. You can also catch them DJing Saturdays from 9PM (UTC) at PonyvilleFM in their show Lantern In The Dark.


Makaryo – Will I Ever Make My Own Mark? (Pony Princesses Remix) | House

The new generation of musicians are making their mark and first time getting featured here on HMH we have Pony Princesses and Makaryo from the Philippines! Makaryo is mostly known for doing animations doesn’t limit themselves; they been rolling out glittering G5 singles and their Misty song got a worthy remix. Crazy to think that from a short indie rock version we have this extended upbeat house version with creative and catchy pre-hooks building up to prismatic drops. The lyrics and singing are precisely the story of our blue Afro-hair friend in her best trying attempts to gain her cutie mark, but still falling down. The Misty fan art spam doesn’t stop, discord users with Misty pfps keep emerging and now you’ll have to do a Misty playlist music. This new generation just keeps on getting better, better, better!


Nugget – Sisters Castle | Orchestral

Deep within the Everfree Forest, the castle of the royal sisters still stands, abandoned and dilapidated, after a thousand years and the unforgotten battle of Celestia and Nightmare Moon. In the middle of the night and rubble it remains untouched a harp and an organ….playing by themselves. In this composition by Nugget, this sinister experience is captured with a deep timbre choir and thunder ringing out in the distance as the shivering piece echoes through the ruins of the haunted castle. Will your heart stay petrified and never come back or will you be a returning guest for more thrilling compositions by Nugget?