Crystal Slave – Falter (Flittzy Remix/Cover) | Alternative Pop

Heartfelt music is the best, and here our beloved Flittzy delivers a meaningful cover/remix of a meaningful song to him, and that definitely adds another layer of appreciation to the reborn Falter. Taking on one of the most unique singers that the community has seen, Crystal Slave aka ReuelBrony (who has unfortunately deleted his whole channel), is no easy feat, yet the power of emotion and the strong feelings that Flittzy nurtured for the original certainly played a part in resulting in wonderful new vocals from the composer and singer who also gave a new arrangement to the song that, like many of Crystal Slave’s original works, has very deep lyrics and relatable messages for those who shared the same kind of experiences.


Filly in the Box – Still Blind | Dubstep

For celebrating 500 subs, Filly in the Box releases this amazing chill dubstep tune. An atmospheric, ethereal, glitching and bouncing track that we have here. The wubs are really well made and the vocal chops are delicious and fluffy! The pads, the “creepy” instrumentation and the drumming programming!

Congrats on getting 500 subs Filly in the Box! Also, welcome back! Let your neuro and chill wubs inspire more people!


Game-BeatX14 – Changeling Invasion | Dark Electro

Some of you may know Game-BeatX14 from his awesome pony wallpapers on DeviantArt, yet the multi-skilled artist is now taking on the world of pony music on YouTube and his debut track is an enthralling Dark Electro tune about a changeling invasion. Definitely fitting very well to that theme, this onslaught of dark and intricate synths is portraying the assault with sharpness and passion.


Daniel Ingram – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (Jyc Row Remix) | Orchestral

The fateful episode that is The Perfect Pear and its very emotional and gorgeous song continue to inspire with now Orchestral maestro Jyc Row delivering his own tribute to the masterpiece, with the talent he’s known for. Sublimating Felicia Day‘s vocals as Buttercup once again, the Orchestral remix conveys epic and regal vibes, but also the joy, happiness and complicity of the moment shared by the two lovebirds.


[P@D] Jyc Row & Francis Vace – More Cider! | Folk Metal

A prime example of a perfect time to drink the most popular drink down in Equestria. Jyc Row and Francis Vace show exactly how you should do it, with good and strong vocals to guide you through. This absolutely rocks! (no pun intended) Not only that, it’s also the perfect quality of good taste. In other words, it’s also worth giving your ears a listen as they are being drenched in such awesomeness!

This track is available as part of the Ponies at Dawn album Guardians!


VooDoo – Times To Come | Electro / Trance

Enchanted with a very interesting story/concept, VooDoo’s newest tune has got an ethereal vibe backed up with slick melodies arranged through various beautiful synths, and that makes it a piece of choice to convey an exploration into the unknown. Nopony can stop time… and Times To Come does an awesome job at reflecting the many mysteries and paradoxes that wake from the study of journeying through time.


Osoch – Flawless (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Alternative Metal / Metalcore

The recent song from the 14th episode of the Season 7 has inspired a lot of musicians to make remixes and covers. And Osoch is one of that musicians! But why I’m happy about this cover? Because it’s a Heavy Metal cover! So up your irons and get your head ready for some headbanging and moshpits because we’re getting the Metal arena!

Osoch is one of the newest names in the brony metal scene, with only 4 recent songs (all covers, including this one), Osoch has the potential to become one of the hottest names in the brony metal/rock scene. And this cover really shows Osoch talent to re-imagine the song and make by his view!

The drums are really well performed, and that bass flip before the Rainbow Dash verse is really amazing! The guitar riffs performed reminded me of the Modern Metal acts and some of the modern Metalcore acts such as Three Days Grace, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive, Flaw (I’m not kidding here, Flaw is a band) and actually when the symphonic elements of the original song combined with the guitar songs reminded me of Apocalyptica and Lacuna Coil! The philter and the reverb used in Pinkie Pie’s vocals is also very well done and then the headbanging and smashing guitar solo makes everything awesome and cooler! And then you realize that it’s the end of the song and you wanted more. Extended versions for this covers are really requested? If they aren’t, it should be requested!

Also this song is available on Rock Farm! The Cider Party for Rock, Metal, Punk, Jazz, Blues and Folk pony songs!