New affiliate – Cider Party returns!

Cider Party, the promotional channel for electronic brony music, is back after a few months’ hiatus, now powered by the HMH team! Consequently the channel will now act as a sub-entity of the Horse Music Herald, an advanced affiliate of sorts.

Cider Party


Cider Party was founded by Spikey Wikey, AKA Tacos, in September 2014 as a way to promote electronic songs and artists in the brony music scene. It originally ran, posting multiple songs each week, until September 2015, when Spikey felt he needed to step down from the channel, as ultimately the task of following the entirety of the brony music collective, managing video uploads, and hunting for the best art to use is a far greater commitment than any individual should be expected to so consistently carry out. But while it’s been dormant, we have managed to construct a means of putting the channel back on track for regular uploads of the best electronic music the fandom has to offer, and we hope to do just that. You can find the channel right here.

To kick things off, we’re taking a track from the last Ponies at Dawn album that was never released on YouTube. So sit back and enjoy Morgsch – Let The Sun Rise (Exiark Remix).

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