[P@D] DJT – Horse Code / BL1NKY – Parades | Glitch Hop / Dubstep


The 2nd track from the P@D album is delivered here by DJT, with a super high energy vocal-sampling filled glitch hop track that also serves as a pre-cursor to his Basking in the Earthlight EP. Here DJT shows that he is continuing to refine his sound and able to make each release arguably better than the last.

The second track we have here is a new track from BL1NKY, previously known as CoRe-Ridor, with a track full of the signature bass sound design those who regularly to P@D and balloon party compilation albums would be well-accustomed to. Somehow, he always manages to make each song sound unique still, even with this high crossover of sound design, and here he delivers a fun bouncy track about gay horse pride. What’s not to love!

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