Lycan Dese Beats – Season 2 Episode 14

Lycan Dese Beats Vol. 1 - Beats Me!

Lycan Dese Beats brings you the latest and greatest songs of the fandom. This week, we bring you Remixes from Equestria Girls 3: The Friendship Games. The new music this week includes The Wasteland Wailers, fractilx’s “Sweep Sweep Mix”, and Soul Strings.

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Full tracklist after the break


Fandom Classics – starts 0:20

Aviators – One Last Letter (ft. Bronyfied)
The Living Tombstone – Good Girl (ft. Dasha)

Theme – Remixes from The Friendship Games – starts 12:07

Daniel Ingram – Friendship Games Theme (Royalpony House Hardstyle Remix)
Daniel Ingram – CHS Rally Song (174UDSI Remix)
Daniel Ingram – What More Is Out There (XEX Remix)
Daniel Ingram – Acadeca (PonyFireStone Remix)
Daniel Ingram – Unleash the Magic (GhostXb Remix) [ft. Wubcake + Many More]
Daniel Ingram – Right There in Front of Me (Royalpony Trap Remix) [ft. Wubcake]

Requests – starts 41:08

Hydra – Corrupt
Strigidae – My Past is Not Today (Vylet Remix)
Daniel Ingram – Littlest Pet Shop – (GaugeN Pianostep Remix)
Ponysphere – Fluttershy the Dragon Slayer

New Music – starts 1:01:45

Soul Strings – Lost Dimension III
Liquid Harmony – A Friend In Need
The Wasteland Wailers – When The Sun Comes Back
Hydra – Time Warp (Lovestruck Brony Remix)
Arimaspi – µThunder & FritzyBeat (Metapony Remix)
Daniel Ingram – Pinkie’s Present (RoyalX Trapstep Remix)
Comet Glider – Brothers of Steel
Quicksilver – Luna’s Future (Covering Daniel Ingram)
fractilx – SWEEP SWEEP (K.O.G G3 MIX)
Feather – Like Breathing (Buffalo Brony Rework)
Frozen Night – Heartstrings
Sprocket – The Eternal

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