In Memory of MelodicPony


On Friday 24th June, we learned from an article posted on Equestria Daily that MelodicPony, a well-recognised orchestral composer in the fandom, had passed away, reportedly from a stroke. Aged just 27, this Czech musician created pieces that garnered hundreds of thousands of views, and showed an incredible talent for composition. Today, we wanted to make a post in tribute to him and look at the music he left as his legacy; few in number they may be, but known by many and consisting of 2 years of productions. Continue reading for a look at each of his songs that he released.

Many brony musicians have put their own spin on Winter Wrap Up. Being the first major musical number in the show, it bears an emotional significance for so many. This piece follows the core melodies and progression of the song, whilst building on it for a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Love Conquers All. The soundtrack that brought around the conclusion of A Canterlot Wedding, which still remains my favourite episode of the show ever. Based on the original version in the show by William Anderson, this piece adds to the wonderful composition of the original, including new motifs and elements to it.

MelodicPony started to branch out more into original composition with this piece, albeit still based upon some background music from Family Appreciation Day, in his own words he “borrowed some key parts and then just let [his] imagination go.”

The season 3 finale was cause for a lot of creativity among the fandom, and MelodicPony was no exception to this rule. Forgoing his previous methods of basing pieces upon already existing compositions, the Princess Twilight Orchestral Suite was based upon a collection of themes from the episode itself.

Going back to the second season premiere, this Return of Harmony Orchestral Suite is once again based on the themes of the episode. MelodicPony admitted himself that this was probably his most complex piece, and it shows. While it takes more effort, complexity and intricacy is beautiful thing, and I will always admire the extra effort put in by artists into their music.

As much as the early fandom was obsessed with Winter Wrap Up, it was (and continues to be) infatuated with Luna (I am guilty as charged here). Melodic’s aim here was to capture Luna’s character and her delicate personality, and the different motifs of this piece do so in a way unlike so many other songs about the Princess of the Night.

I didn’t know MelodicPony in any sense. I never had any contact with him, nor was I even overly familiar with his music. I knew his extended version of Love Conquers All, but otherwise I’m somewhat ashamed to say my previous lack of attention to the orchestral music made by this fandom left me unfamiliar with the rest of his music. But I still mourn the loss of this wonderful musician. As was the case with SoaringFlight earlier this year, this man had an unimaginable influence and effect on the people of this fandom. But at least we can still look back and see that his work was not for nothing, and his legacy shall live on in the beautiful music he created.

Rest in peace, MelodicPony.

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