Hay Tea – Audio Log | Drum & Bass

Another Fo:E inspired song, one of many we’ve seen since the series’ creation years ago, this new track from Hay Tea reminded me briefly of Princess Addictia’s Balefire, but perhaps that was just because of the theme and genre. Nonetheless, Hay Tea’s knack for making great liquid dnb has resulted in another great song from him!


GhostXb – Astrum Vs Krinita | Orchestral

We see songs inspired by other fandom works fairly often, but rarely do we have actual soundtracks to them! GhostXb (along with other musicians, I think including Direct Current) has been involved with the music for the upcoming fan-made game, Ambient.Prologue. This piece comes from the public beta version released last month.


Sonic Rainboom – The Fuck-Up (feat. Francis Vace) | Industrial Pop

Sonic Rainboom teams up with the vocal talents of Francis Vace to deliver a powerful piece of music about the deep inner feelings of Trixie. In fact, in the description of the track SR goes into quite deep detail about his feelings behind Trixie’s behaviour. The way the main part of the song comes in is just raw power, and this track is one of SR’s best in my opinion.