Horse Music Hotspot – August 2016

HMHotstpot main art

Our monthly radio show took place on PonyvilleFM last night. If you weren’t able to listen in live, you can now play it back on YouTube, on SoundCloud, or using your favourite podcast app.

We have a whole mixture of things for you this month – not much rock music this time, but plenty of “misc” genres such as hip-hop, jazz, and acoustic. Every month brings something new!

To listen in live, tune in to Ponyville FM at 10PM Eastern on the last Sunday of each month!

Embeds and tracklist both available after the break.


0:00:31 Daniel Ingram – The Spectacle (StrachAttack Remix)
0:04:28 R3CTIFIER – Venality
0:08:32 Trixent – Twilight’s Sweepy Surprise
0:13:25 Quadrivia – Royal Punishment
0:17:40 Silva Hound – Egomania (feat. BlackGryph0n) (Vylet Pony Remix)
0:21:49 Filly in the Box – Smog blind
0:25:34 Drixale – Bien Fuerte
0:32:07 Sprocket – Praise The Sun
0:36:54 4EverfreeBrony – Future (What Are The Odds) [Spectra Remix]
0:41:41 Crystarium – Going Nowhere
0:46:14 The Wasteland Wailers – Dare Master
0:51:06 Art Fonseca – Lights Over Canterlot
0:56:26 Vocal Score & Scarlet Harmony – Come With Me
0:59:36 SophiiVA – Nightmares (Sasha Lace Remix [feat. GhostXb & Carret Top])
1:04:02 Ponytronic – Blind Admiration (Metapony Remix)
1:10:51 Hay Tea – For A Change
1:14:44 Seventh Element – Shadows

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