Throwback Thursday | Sunset Shimmer Day Songs!


Sooooo, it’s been a while since we had a TBT here, eh? I thought it might be appropriate to revive it for Sunset Shimmer Day, so catch a bunch of our favourite Shimmy-themed songs below!

One of my favourites from 2015, Vylet’s remix of Strigidae’s cover of My Past Is Not Today, and one of many great synthpop songs from Vy.

From the Ponies At Dawn Christmas mini-album, a trap piece from MrMehster.

Although rather recent, it still counts! StealingShad3Z’s Reforming, from his upcoming album.

Dating back to early 2015 and Exiark’s second EP, him and Fritzy wrote this song together, acting as a duet between Sunset Shimmer and Celestia.

And finally, Cosmic Kingdoms’ debut piece, and one of the few electronic/indie pieces I’ve seen in the fandom. Hope you enjoyed this little selection of Sunset Shimmer themed songs!

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