The Seapony Orchestra: A Brony Orchestra Project


Yeah…that post from the other night? Let’s just ignore that and read this one instead. The Seapony Orchestra, a group of musicians based in South-East Asia, are planning a performance at SeaPonyCon in Bangkok this August, and are looking for more musicians to join in! If you’re in the Asian community or even keep slightly up-to-date with this, then you may have already heard about this, but hey, signal boosting never hurts. Have a copypasta below on the details…

Hey there everypony, we are The Seapony Orchestra – a brony orchestra project, currently we are still lack of members and wish to getting some volunteered musician that can play instrument and able to visit SEAPonyCon for the Tribute to Melodic Pony performance.

Currently we are lacking :-
Violins and octavias
oboe, clarinet
all brasswinds
(piano and other instrument also welcome to join!)

If you are interested in it, feel free to hop into our group to see more details:3

Our Discord Group:

Project SEAPonyCon Official website:


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