DJT & Rusyd Rosman – Breathing Space + Jastrian Remix | House/Electro Pop

NB: Originally posted on EQD

Every so often something comes along that blows my mind with how professional-sounding and awesome it is, and this is one of those times! DJT has been one of the most consistently good producers of recent times, and he’s teamed up with exceptional vocalist Rusyd Rosman to make this incredible house banger that has a fantastic combination of strong melody, tight sound design and very well sung lyrics.

NB: Originally posted on EQD

Jastrian returns to the spotlight with a remix of DJT’s recent house banger, Breathing Space. This is Jastrian’s first remix of a fandom song, and hopefully not the last if this is any indication of what he can do with them! Making excellent use of Rusyd’s vocals from the original, there’s a terrific combination of vocal chops, prominent basses, piano and pluck-y synths that help make this an awesome complementary version to the original.


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