Horse Music Hotspot – May 2017

HMHotstpot main art

Just a soft release this month, while we sort out some complications regarding the PVFM broadcast – we aim to have this up and running again by next month’s show!

Also, for those who were using it, our RSS feed seems to be working again! How come? Who knows!

[NB: Our April episode was also released recently, after unavoidable delays, it’s on the same YouTube and SoundCloud pages as this episode]

Tracklist and embeds available after the break


00:21 Einarx – Not This Time
04:35 StrachAttack – SHAPESHFTR
08:24 Exiark & NekoWolf – Shards of Darkness
13:06 Totalspark – Solaris Imperium
16:24 ShalMusicFX – Starlight’s Demons (Glitch Mob Parody)
21:34 Neon Lights – Paris By Night
26:43 Flittzy & Fluffalo – The Spotlight
30:54 Francis Vace – Generic Club Hit #362 (feat. Spectra)
34:12 DoTheDaringDew – Faster Than You Know (Cover)
38:25 Plum Creek Rhythm Section – That’s Fine
41:48 Jyc Row – The Final Showdown
44:47 Lunar Drift – Of a Free Flying Spirit
48:47 Bluu – Blossom (feat. JoinedTheHerd)
52:44 Ponytronic – Times Like These (Hay Tea Edit)
57:49 Hay Tea & Age Of Vinyl – Iridescence VIP

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