Vylet Pony – Mystic Acoustics | Album | Multi-Genre

We are in for a little (no… rather big) surprise as Vylet Pony has just recently released a brand new album! There’s an astonishing 14 tracks in total, so if you are ready for yet another epic adventure with Vylet Pony, catch the write-up about each individual track right after the break!

Vylet Pony kicks this album right off the bat with Forewarning. With a beautiful acoustic guitar and piano by it’s side, a dash of orcestra including the well-written lyrics, it’s a beautiful little song to start off a new album.

The second song off the album, Statera, is also really good to listen to, especially for an interesting RPG game. Honestly at first it sounds like a really cool ambient piece about 20% in the track but turns out something epic! You won’t be disappointed by this one.

The third song, Wonders, features vocalist Chi-chi in a feel good R&B like tune. The strings… and the xylophones… they sure are a really nice touch to the song midway through. Really nice stuff here.

The fourth song now, The Watcher, features two of the oldest brony musicians, Silva Hound and Lavender Harmony. It starts off epic, and launches into a strong section of intense growls at times. That’s something that oughta catch you off-guard! All that aside, It is another masterpiece by Vylet Pony. I could almost picture this being somebody’s theme song.

Continuing from the previous track, World Adrift, is another beaut! At this key along with backing symphonic pads, you can almost feel yourself drifting off into the skies. Just close your eyes and drift away as you let the wonderful synths and beat take you on an interesting journey off into the horizon. Honestly, this one’s one of my favorites!

Warning! Warning!! The sixth song in the album, Deception, should have you prepared for what’s about to go down in this one. Get yourself ready to hear some hard hittin’ dubstep! Still keeping up with the dramatic filmscore theme of the album, the song in question should not let you down, according to the song title anyway.

We’re going to be chillin’ out now with the seventh song, Tales of Conviction. The nice lo-fi touch of the piano takes the cake as the strings and vocals should take you deep into dreamland. Another beautiful piece.

Continuing from the previous track, Fall of the Empire, is another epic orchestral song. Vocals are top notch as usual in something this amazing, the pianos are great as well, it’s something wonderful you don’t want to miss out on.

The ninth song, Inequality, features yet another old musician back in the day, OMNI. Watch er- I mean… listen as they team up to bring us a fusion of the hard hitting heavy growls and orchestral sounds directly to the plate! Definitely a duo that’s worth checking out!

The tenth song off the album, Treachery, features another musician, Chang31ing. Yet another team up, this time, they are bringing future bass to the stage, with the heavy basses, ambient pads, and air guitars in the mix, it’s another great collaboration Vylet has done. You need to check out for yourself!

The eleventh song now, Cadence for the Dying, starts off strong. Again, with more beautifully written lyrics, and more intense filmscore sound designs, despite being a mixture of soft and heavy orchestral is something wonderful. Also, be on the watch for some surprises about halfway through this song. It’s such a powerful track, yeah!

The twelfth song in this album, Death’s Whisper, offers us yet another array of orchestral sounds with a touch of scary and heavy things. First it starts off soft, then a big scary surprise with heavy bass growls to turn things up a notch. If you think you’re strong enough to handle this one, you’ll have the battle of a lifetime with this one!

The thirteenth song, Remember the Words She Spoke.., is a song about morse code. With some ambient touch to the song in general, it’s another interesting track to hear. If you’re real good with morse code, try and decipher what message it’s trying to send out!

The fourteenth and final track of this album, αστέρι, manages to last over an epic ten and a half minutes!! It starts off some parts in this song that reminds me of the good ol’ Zelda games I used to play all the time back in the day. Then the song almost instantly builds up to guitars and those exquisite melody of strings. They are truly a great addition to the song. And then the piano… it is not just a masterpiece, it is absolutely a rare, legendary sound to the rest of this epic song. Also there’s kazoos! Or is it just harmonicas..? Nevertheless, this almost episode length masterpiece is most definitely, a spectacular and amazing finale to finish off yet another masterpiece of an album by none other than the great Vylet Pony himself! :’3

You can get the entire album off of Vylet Pony’s bandcamp page for only $9.99! Check out more of Vylet’s music while you’re there. He’s a very wonderful musician in this fandom! 🐾

Editor’s note: This may be the last of the track-by-track album reviews we ever do for multiple reasons, so we hope you enjoy it and we look forward to bringing you some more bitesize album posts in the future!


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