[P@D] Progressive Element – Lost Woods / Bank Pain – Breaking of Dawn | Drum & Bass

The two things I have been looking for, first and foremost in new music lately – before the mixdown, sound design and production – is an element of unpredictability, and that special vibe. You know that one vibe, where you can tell the artist just went absolutely ham and gave no hecks, darns, or tarnations? The kind of vibe where you can just tell they were following their own groove, instead of copy pasting. This track has both in droves. Honestly, I would’ve been happy with it even if the pre-drop was the drop. Those beefed up kicks and that metallic snare are candy to my ears, and then – T H E N he hits you with that fire drop. Hoo boy I need a minute.

Speaking of said vibe and being fresh out of hecks, bank pain also hit us with a bag of audio bricks. (In the good way, don’t worry man). I said it before and I’ll say it again, I love it when I listen to something and have to ask myself, “yo what genre even is this?”. This is that, it’s got reeses that’ll make granddaddy ‘106 shed a tear, a beautiful bridge/outro that’ll make human granddaddy shed a tear, and just that scary-but-pretty vibe that I always seem to float towards like a moth to a lamp. Celestia take the wheel, this stuff is golden. Don’t sleep on bank or Prog, guys.

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