Horse Music Hotspot – November 2017

HMHotstpot main art

Another month another…belated edition. We had some technical difficulties, as you might expect when working with an international team. Check out our selection of tunes for November!

Tracklist and embeds available after the break


00:20 Radiarc – Sweet Dreams
04:02 Zizkil – She Only Comes Out At Night (TCB Remix)
08:37 Daniel Ingram – Welcome to the Show (Brilliant Venture Remix Feat. Wubcake)
15:01 Suskii & DJT – Spooky Ghost Buggos
19:50 GhostXb & Wubcake – Extraction
23:30 Filly in the Box – Hoofprints in the snow
27:50 R3CTIFIER – Break the Silence
32:34 iblank2apples – Not Safe For Books
36:26 eksoka – Advanced Magic
41:29 Mikuma – Raindrops (feat. Namii)
44:54 MC-Arch – She’s Real To Me
48:51 BlueBrony – Namby Pamby
51:32 BroniKoni – MMDW
56:36 The L-Train – Rainbow (covering Sia)
1:00:39 174UDSI – Heroes
1:02:47 Cloud Hop – Legends of Magic

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