Horse Music Hotspot – March 2018

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March was a great month for compilation albums, with a brand new major Ponies At Dawn album, a new volume of Horse Music Central music, and a winter-themed EP curated by Cider Party. With so many single releases from other artists too, we’ve had a great variety to choose from this month!

Tracklist and embeds available after the break


00:25 PegasYs – Trixie Cannon
04:45 Viricide Filly – Nightmare World (Cynifree Remix)
08:44 Brohoof Studios – Get Up!
12:03 Quadrivia – Filly Seekers (Arturo Host, Quadrivia & MEQA Remix)
17:05 Riovelk – Memories of You
21:18 GeekBrony – Louder (feat. Fluttershy)
25:51 Homage & TCB – It’s Raining Now
30:44 loophoof – Heart Up
35:42 Vylet Pony – Ember
40:56 ThatMusicBrony – Let Me Love You
44:09 BroniKoni – Friendship Express
48:16 Replacer & P1K – Sky Blues
54:44 Flittzy – Am I In Control
59:21 AlicornAcension – Blue (ft. 4everfreebrony)
1:04:29 Homage – Free (Acoustic Version) (feat. SDreamExplorerS, Luck Rock, DoTheDaringDew, StealingShad3z, DaWillstanator & ChordCatcher)
1:07:03 TCB – The Magic Of Friendship


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