Horse Music Hotspot – April 2018

HMHotstpot main art

Some regular features this month, some not so regular. Check out the latest Horse Music Hotspot, rounding up some of our favourites from April!

Tracklist and embeds available after the break


00:19 Brilliant Venture – Moved On
04:08 Suskii – Top Bug (Einarx Remix)
07:21 UndreamedPanic – The Beach
10:45 One Track Mind – Restart
17:15 Faulty – D.Vee
21:07 Strigidae – Fuzzy Purple Pancakes
23:37 Vylet Pony – Twinkle (feat. Namii)
27:38 4EverfreeBrony – The Great Division (feat. CookieSoupMusic)
32:43 TheMusicReborn – Nature’s Call (feat. Faux Synder)
38:21 Zephysonas – Tavern By the Road
41:03 Shal Music/FX – Open Up Your Eyes (Cover)
45:03 FlutterGoth (Elias Frost) – Scream in a Void
47:28 SlightlyAmiss – Ambition
50:46 Frozen Night – Cosmic Dream

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